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Lila, Long Distance Web Series

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Lila, Long Distance Web Series is a new web video series starring Amiee Conn, Dawn M. Green, and Jordon Krain in a story about a young dreamer whose life in Los Angeles hasn't turned out the way she hoped, so she decides to use her creativity to pursue a new line of work-creating fantasies with lovers over the telephone. Amiee Conn plays Lila, a young actress living in LA whose imagination has always gotten the best of her. Lila has the ability to see a stranger from across the room and invent an entire life with them, a fully-developed world of make-believe that she can escape to. When Lila's real life reaches a dead end, with no money or prospects, she decides to try to cash in on the make believe lives she's so used to indulging. This inventive series comes from the mind of creator Dawn M. Green, who aimed to create a new series that would capture viewers with a mixture of touching stories, fun characters, and steamy passion, similar to the style of Sex in the City.


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AIRED ON 6/7/2011

Season 1 : Episode 105

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