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Lilyhammer follows former New York mobster, Frank Tagliano (Steven Van Zandt), who must join the witness protection program after he testified in a trial against a Mafia boss. Tagliano chooses to relocate to Lillehammer in Norway after the 1994 Winter Olympics sparked his interest. Going from being a respected and feared gangster in New York, to becoming an immigrant in Norway is tough for Tagliano. The transition proves to be even tougher when he realizes he may have to resort to his old ways to succeed in rural Norwegian society. Can Tagliano stay on the straight and narrow in his new life?

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AIRED ON 11/21/2014

Season 3 : Episode 8


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    Netflix Cancels Lilyhammer After Three Seasons, Says Star

    The Norwegian-American series won't be back for Season 4, according to Steven Van Sandt.

    • love, love, love!

      I am hooked! It was great seeing Pauly Walnuts (the brother/priest) and Bruce Springsteen as other brother in last episode of season 3. I watched all episodes over past weekend and couldn't get enough. I hope they renew for season 4.

      Also, great to hear Little Steven sing
    • The 3rd season has destroyed it all..

      I used to love this show. The first two seasons were delight to watch: funny, witty, with some clever action and situations. Steve Van Zandt was perfect in the role of the exiled mafioso, just his facial expressions were worth thousand dollars. And then... came season 3. At first me and my wife were very excited to finally get a new season of our beloved show. But then, after watching first three episodes we looked at each other and said, "What the heck is going on with it?" It looked like a good dish (still with Steve in the major role), where chef forgot to add salt and pepper. The taste was - bland. Or, without the metaphors, slow, boring and plain stupid. God, save us from the idiots who destroy excellent smart phone apps and good TV shows. :-(

      My grade for Season 1 and Season 2: 9.5

      My grade for Season 3: 2.0

    • This was great!

      And then came season 3, that started less impressive than the first and second and went all down hill from there. Season 3 was such a slap in the face for a series that had two incredible seasons.

      It's like they fired all the funny writers and producers and just started doing random sh*t because they got bored.
    • Best show there is

      Just finished watching season 3 and I can say that this show has it all for someone who wasn't born in US. This show requiers thinking.
    • Great norvegian show

      Steven Van Zandt leads an amazing cast. About mafia boss Frank the fixer that goes into witness protection program and moves to Norway. The way things work in Norway takes a lot to get used to, and it doesnt take long before he goes back to his old mafia methods to get what he wants. Great show, wich tells lots about how the Norvegian social security system works.

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