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Living with The Infidels

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Living with the Infidels, a hilarious comedy by Aasaf Ainapore, is a sitcom with five wannabe terrorists as main characters. Living in the UK, our team of five shares an apartment close to Bradford, planning and scheming an unbelievably long series of failures and hilarious misunderstandings. A highly controversial series for black comedy lovers, Living with the Infidels owes its popularity to the unusual and controversial topic, which offers to the spectator a unique mix of fun, laughter and farcical situations. During the series, the wannabe terrorists will be challenged in their beliefs. Discovering that after all the West is not as bad as it seems and their strong commitment to the cause of Jihad will be put at risk by western girls and football. Will the wannabe terrorists finally become real terrorists? Will they get the 72 virgins their Imam promised them? Or will they give up their beliefs to embrace the western way of life?

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AIRED ON 2/11/2010

Season 1 : Episode 5

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Sitcoms, Parody & Spoof, Dark Comedy