Lizzie McGuire

Season 1 Episode 2

Picture Day

Aired Unknown Jan 19, 2001 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • It's unlikely that a household would have two television remotes for one TV. Especially when the household only has one TV.

    • The can of jalepeno peppers in refrigerator has black marker drawn inside the name to hide it.

    • Nitpick: In the scene where Miranda and Kate see that they have the same outfit, the screen says same blouse, same skirt, uh-oh! But during that moment, Miranda's pom-pom is on her left side of her head, then when she goes to talk to Kate, it's on her right through the rest of the episode. This occurs because when the screen was split with the two images, a 'flipped image' of Miranda and Lizzie was used.

    • Nitpick: Why on earth couldn't Lizzie just wear a shirt underneath the sweater so she could take it off? Then when it came time to take the picture she could put the sweater back on. Also, why doesn't she just go get another shirt after her original gets paint on it? Gordo does have others in his locker.

    • When Matt is faking sick, Mrs. McGuire takes the thermometer out of Matt's mouth and walks away with it in her hand. But when she's peaking around the corner talking to Mr. McGuire on the phone, Matt now has the thermometer and is holding a flashlight against it. Editor: See the Notes section for more information on this scene.

    • Mrs. McGuire asks Matt to go up stairs so that she can take his temperature, however, he is down stairs when she takes it.

    • The closed-captioning refers to Sam McGuire as "Simon." This mistake recurs frequently in other episodes.

    • When Lizzie is speaking to Miranda about her clothing crisis, Miranda describes the "Shania Twain" outfit as "your denim thing," but the black hip-huggers appear to be spandex.

      Also, Lizzie describes her red halter top as having a bare midriff, but in "Rated Aargh" she says that her mom won't let her buy tops that show her stomach. The Shania outfit as pictured does have a bare midriff.

  • Quotes

    • Lizzie: (On the phone with Gordo) Gordo, I am in the middle of a fashion meltdown.

    • Kate: You're not wearing that!
      Miranda: I'm not? It feels like

    • Lizzie: Snot-faced snot-head?
      Miranda: Okay, but I think I made my point.

    • Lizzie: Hey Gordo!
      Gordo: No luck finding an outift, huh?
      Lizzie: Plenty of luck. (rolls eyes) All bad. Oh--Bethany Adelstein says I can borrow her sunglasses so maybe people won't know who the poor little she-geek is.
      Gordo: You gotta trust me. This picture is not important.
      Lizzie: It's not important to you, but it's important to me.
      Gordo: I just don't see why we should give in to peer pressure!
      Lizzie: Because we have peers! And they put pressure on us! If it was just you and me, I wouldn't care how I look, but I have to live in this world.
      Gordo: You look fine!

    • Toon Lizzie: If you're wondering what happened to me, we have to go all the way back to this morning. But basically what happened is School Picture Day.

    • Toon Lizzie: Okay?! This is not okay. Believe it or not, when I got ready for school this morning. I wasn't aiming for the leprechaun chic.

    • Lizzie: So, as long as I'm a good person, it's OK that I still wanna look pretty?
      Gordo: Yeah, it's OK.

    • Gordo: I may not even have my picture taken. I'm gonna tell my teacher I grew up with Kalahari desert bushmen, and I believe if someone takes my picture it'll steal my soul away from me, and I'll be doomed to eternal wandering.
      Ethan: (pause) You're weird.

    • Toon Lizzie: Like Gordo says, I'd rather be a good person than look good in a picture. Besides, I liked the way I looked--even if my parents won't be that enthusiastic.

    • Jo McGuire: You loved it (the sweater) when you got it. Why wouldn't you wear it?
      Toon Lizzie: Maybe because it's hideous. And it makes me look like a cookie elf.

    • Miranda: It is not just a picture. We're in middle school now. These pictures don't just go home in an envelope. These pictures get published--in the yearbook...These pictures will be seen by everyone...forever.

    • Toon Lizzie: I can't believe it, either. But Miranda would jump on a paint grenade for me. Besides, green's very in this season.

    • Jo McGuire: (watching Matt fake illness) Where do they learn these things? From some kid handbook we don't know about?

    • Miranda: (about Lizzie's sweater) That's not really 'Oops I did it again!' That's just 'Oops!'

  • Notes

    • Ethan Craft, future Lizzie and Miranda crush, first appears in this episode.

    • This is the first episode of many which gives evidence of the fact (emphasized later on in the series) that Gordo really likes Lizzie as more than a friend.

    • Toon Lizzie appears dressed as Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) in the film Mission: Impossible (1996) when he's breaking into the vault. She also appears this way in "Aaron Carter's Coming to Town."

    • This episode can also be found in the paperback novelization book Picture This and the Lizzie McGuire Cine-Manga, Volume 1.

    • Parker McKenzie (played by Chelsea Wilson), a minor recurring character, makes her first appearance here.

    • Some real-life photos of Hilary Duff are shown when Lizzie is describing her previous school pictures.

    • In this episode, Toon Lizzie says "Your shoes suck!" to a big cartoon pair of shoes after Lizzie's scene with Parker McKenzie. This is only one of two times this mild profanity has been used on Lizzie. The other: in "I've Got Rhythmic."

    • Characters without lines: Ed (Aaron Fors, listed in the credits), who threw the paint on Lizzie; Rudy Velasco, the boy who gets "nose milk;" Bethany Edelstein, Lisa Chung, Allison Gendel, Tamara Scarpatti, girls who Lizzie considers asking to borrow clothes from: Mrs. Furnilius, the woman whose backyard Miranda got paid to clean up, seen in stills.
      Also, Jennifer Nicole Freeman, who played Alix in "Pool Party," is seen in the confrontation scene in the hall between Kate and Miranda, but she has no lines. We think it is possible that Freeman was originally intended to appear semi-regularly as a friend of Kate's, but for some reason she did not continue on the show and her character was renamed Claire (played by Davida Williams).
      Unseen character: Danny Kessler, mentioned by one of the girls.

    • This is the one of only two Lizzie episodes to date to use foreshadowing, i.e. opening with a scene that reoccurs later in the story, then flashing back to tell the story. The other one: "Clue-less" in season two.

    • We learn that Sam's mother Gammy McGuire (Lizzie's grandmother) is 61 and she teaches windsurfing.

    • Adam Lamberg's (Gordo) voice sounds significantly lower than in the previously filmed episode, "Pool Party," which leads us to believe that either his voice changed in the few days between filmings or that there was something wrong with the recording of "Pool Party."

    • Lizzie mentions that she wore braces in the 6th grade.

    • On the original broadcast, Matt tried to raise his temperature by putting a penny in his mouth. On subsequent showings, the scene was changed to one where Matt used a flashlight on the thermometer to increase his temperature. This change was probably made for safety reasons, as Disney no doubt didn't want any children imitating Matt by putting small objects in their mouths. (Thanks to sharp-eyed viewer Let'sGo2LinconRoc for catching this.)

    • Music in this episode includes the song "Absolutely (Story of a Girl)" by the New York rock group Nine Days from their album Madding Crowd, played when Lizzie gets on the bus wearing the unicorn sweater. (Thanks to the_sinoran_knight for pointing this one out.)

    • Filming dates: September 7-10, 2000. The clapboard on the blooper reel at the end of the show is dated September 7.

    • Disney's on-air promos that were broadcast on January 19, 2001 identified this episode as the premiere of a new series, even though a sneak prevue of "Rumors" had been aired the week before. Disney's Lizzie McGuire website also listed "Picture Day" as episode #1. See also the note for "Rumors."

  • Allusions

    • Gordo: I'm gonna tell my teacher I grew up with Kalahari Desert Bushmen.
      The Kalahari Bushmen are native to Botswana. Supposedly, they believe that if their picture is taken, this also takes their souls away, so Gordo is claiming (not really seriously) that he can get a religious exemption to Picture Day on this ground. The tribe has apparently gotten over this belief (if they ever really had it), since Web sites about them include pictures now, for which they appear to be willingly posing.
      [ Read More]

    • Gordo: I'm studying John Wilkes Booth in history. He looked good in pictures and he was kind of a jerk.
      John Wilkes Booth (1838-1865) was a very popular stage actor of his day. Booth was the younger son of the acclaimed English actor Junius Brutus Booth (1796-1852) who immigrated to the US in 1821 and settled in Bel Air, Maryland. John's stage career began in 1855 and it was stated in some reviews that he was "the handsomest man in America." His fame as an actor would be eclipsed by his actions ten years later. Booth sympathized with the Confederacy and with a small group of people had plans to kidnap President Abraham Lincoln in exchange for enough Confederate prisoners to win the Civil War. Those plans ended with the surrender of Gen. Robert E. Lee and the Army of Northern Virginia on April 9, 1865. The group then decided to assassinate Pres. Lincoln, Vice Pres. Andrew Johnson, and Sec. of State William Seward on April 14, 1865. Only Booth succeeded by shooting Lincoln at Ford's Theater as he and his wife Mary Todd Lincoln watched a performance of the play Our American Cousin. Booth made it out of Washington D.C. but was tracked down and shot while hiding in a barn in Port Royal, VA on April 26, 1865.

    • Matt: Thanks a lot, you muggle!
      Muggle is a term meaning a non-wizard in the Harry Potter book series written by J.K. Rowling.

    • Miranda: I wanna draw *Nsync.
      *Nsync was a mega-popular "boy band" which was founded around 1996 and who were near the peak of their popularity when this episode was made.

    • Matt: I don't care if Angels in the Outfield was on last night!
      Angels... is a 1994 movie in which a boy (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) gets a chance to help his beloved California Angels baseball team win the league championship, through the aid of some heavenly angels. It's a remake of a 1951 movie of the same name.

    • Lizzie: Gordo turned out great. All moody and troubled like Freddie Prinze Jr.
      Freddie Prinze Jr., son of the famous comedian, starred in such films as I Know What You Did Last Summer and She's All That. He's a favorite of female fans.

    • Miranda: Perfect outfit. Very Kirsten Dunst meets South Beach.
      Kirsten Dunst is a young actress whose credits include the movies Interview with the Vampire, Bring It On, Crazy/Beautiful, Drop Dead Gorgeous and Jumanji. South Beach is a trendy part of Miami featuring lots of art deco-style buildings and frequented by tons of models, celebrities and other "beautiful people."

    • Toon Lizzie: She hates me since I sat on her Titanic lunchbox in the fifth grade.
      The lunchbox with a design or logo of a favorite movie, TV show, actor or musical performer has been around since the 1950's. The movie Titanic, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, became the biggest moneymaker of all time.

    • Lizzie: It'd be so "Oops I did it again!"
      Oops! I Did It Again was Britney Spears' second album, released in 2000. It was a multi-million seller.

    • Matt: Mom! Dad! Lizzie's talkin' about about dressing like Britney Spears!
      Britney Spears, the mega-popular singer, is well-known for her provocative style of dress, which many people considered inappropriate for a teenage girl. Parents everywhere have fought numerous battles with their daughters trying to imitate her look.

    • Lizzie: I was thinking more like a Sarah Michelle Geller thing, powerful but still cute. Or something more classy, like Gwyneth at the Oscars.
      Sarah Michelle Geller is the young actress who stars in the TV series Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where she is often called on to fight various evil demons with her martial arts skills. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow was very elegantly dressed at the 2000 Academy Awards ceremony, where she won the Best Actress Oscar for Shakespeare in Love.

    • Miranda: What about your denim thing?
      Lizzie: Too Shania Twain.
      Shania Twain is a country/pop singer who gained great popularity in the latter half of the 1990's.

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