Lizzie McGuire

Season 1 Episode 4

Pool Party (a.k.a. Pilot)

Aired Unknown Feb 02, 2001 on Disney Channel



  • Trivia

    • We learn that Kate, Lizzie, and Miranda used to be friends, but when Kate went through puberty, she became popular and outgrew them.

    • After Danny Kessler invites Lizzie and Miranda to his pool party, Miranda looks directly at the camera, this shouldn't have made it to the final cut.

    • When Gordo talks to Lizzie about a girl who he wanted to take to the party, he says she couldn't make it because of her grandmother's birthday. Lizzie says that's an amazing coincidence. Actually, it wasn't really a coincidence, this is the first sign that Gordo loves Lizzie.

    • When Lizzie is thinking to herself "It's okay. It's okay. I don't need my mother. I don't need my best friend," the book open next to her is The Golden Book Encyclopedia, Volume III - Boats to Cereals. Pictured are Lewis Carroll, George Washington Carver, and the Caspian Sea. When Lizzie says "I don't need anybody," the same book is open to an earlier page. It shows the illustrations from the article about candy.

    • When Kate walks toward Miranda in the school hallway, the shoulder strap on her bag is in across her chest, in the next shot it is beside her chest and in the following shots it's once again across her chest.

    • The exterior shots of the McGuire house show a white fence around it, but the fence seen on the soundstage has the natural appearance of wood.

    • Nitpick: The calendar hanging on the refrigerator is turned to the month of May instead of one of the fall months. This seems odd since the early episodes make it appear that the first season begins with the start of the school year.

    • Lizzie is shown in a camera shot from the inside of her locker, where she takes off a bracelet and hangs it up. In the next shot from a camera angle outside the locker, the pictures and other contents of the locker are different. Then when the camera goes back to the inside shot, the bracelet is no longer hanging there.

    • In this episode, the girls' gym uniforms are grey, but in others they are blue.

    • Lizzie says she'll feed Matt's book to his gerbils, but there is never any mention of gerbils or any pet after that.

  • Quotes

    • Lizzie: Yeah, I was standing right there and you just blew me off.
      Miranda: I did not!

    • Toon Lizzie: Is it just me, or do they all look like they're posing for Gap ads?

    • Jo: No. That's it, end of discussion. Dinner's ready.
      Lizzie: And I'm also not hungry! (storms upstairs)
      Matt: Be thankful you have one easy child.

    • Gordo: Am I a complete and total germ?
      Lizzie: No.
      Gordo: Scale of 1 to 10.
      Lizzie: Gordo, I am not going to give you a germ rating!

    • Lizzie: I can't believe Danny Kessler spoke to me.
      Sam: And this is important because?
      Jo: Kind of a hunk in training.

    • Sam: Will this take long, or should I bring trail mix?

    • Matt: MOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Lizzie then takes her hand and places it over his mouth)

    • Miranda: (to Lizzie) Your parents are so Blair Witch.

    • Lizzie: Ooh, she's such a total hypocrite, which she will never admit.
      Gordo: Well, you can't really admit to being a hypocrite, because, well, then, you're not a hypocrite.
      Lizzie: Gordo, what goes on in your head? Is it just like one continuous game show?

    • Miranda: So are you speaking to me?
      Lizzie: Do I have to call you 'Randa'?
      Miranda: Not unless you have a death wish.

    • Gordo: What's my germ rating?
      Miranda: Seven.
      Gordo: Better than I expected.

    • Miranda: So is he your new best friend?
      Lizzie: You know what? I decided I don't really like that term. The only time you ever really use it is when you're mad at someone for not acting like your best friend and you never have to say they are when you're not mad.

    • Toon Lizzie: So maybe I missed the defining event of my adolescence. But then again, maybe the defining moment is realizing that there really is no such thing.

    • Toon Lizzie: See, that's why it pays to let your parents yammer. Every once in a while they hit on something you really need to hear.

    • Lizzie: Does anybody care about me or my happiness?
      Matt: Can I answer that?

    • Matt: Can I go?
      Lizzie: No!
      Matt: Mom?
      Jo McGuire: No
      Matt: Well I guess there's no point in asking you, huh?
      Sam McGuire: I guess not.
      Matt: When I have a family, there's gonna be a whole different balance of power.
      Sam: I wish you a lot of luck with that, son.

    • Toon Lizzie: Kate Sanders. She used to be our other best friend--until she bought a bra. Now she won't speak to us.

  • Notes

    • Terri Minsky was nominated for the 2002 WGA Award (TV) for "Children's Script" for this episode.

    • In this episode, Gordo's voice is higher. It wasn't developed like in all the other episodes. It's likely this one was shot a few months before the others, so his voice deepened during those months.

    • Toon Lizzie is based on Greek Chorus, whereby she informs the audience as to what is going on in the show.

    • Stan Rogow based the editing style used in Lizzie McGuire on the German film Run Lola Run.

    • This episode can be found in the Lizzie McGuire Cine-Manga Volume 1 and in it Kate's last name in listed as Christopher instead of Sanders.

    • According to Jo McGuire's calendar, Danny's pool party was supposed to be on May 20, 2000.

    • Character without lines: Nana, Jo's mother and Lizzie's grandmother who is seen in still photos.
      Unseen characters: Julia, a girl whose name is mentioned on the bus; Marian, the woman Jo is on the phone with.

    • The stock footage of the exterior of Lizzie's school has also been used in 7th Heaven and Even Stevens.

    • This is the last episode featuring Danny Kessler (Byron Fox) and one of only three he appeared in. Actually, it was filmed before the other two, "Rumors" and "When Moms Attack," but it wasn't shown until they had already aired. After this, Ethan Craft moved into the role of the girls' heartthrob.

    • A real house was used as the McGuire's home in the filming of the pilot episode. It also served as the home of the Burnham family in the movie, American Beauty (1999). A different set was used for the filming of subsequent episodes.

    • This episode, the first Lizzie McGuire ever made, is only one of two episodes that doesn't contain a "blooper reel" of outtakes at the end of the show, the other being "Between a Rock and a Bra Place."

    • Gordo mentions that both his parents are psychiatrists.

    • Lizzie says she's known Gordo "since I was one day old," indicating that his birthday comes before hers.

    • The song heard at the show's end while Lizzie and company are romping around is "Why Can't We Be Friends," done here in a version by the California rock band Smash Mouth. (Thanks to a Lizzie viewer for the ID.) It was originally a hit (#6 on charts) in 1975 for the funk/soul/rock band War.

    • Disney's Lizzie McGuire website listed this "Pool Party" as episode #3. See also the notes for "Rumors" and "Picture Day." When "Pool Party" was originally broadcast, many TV listings identified the episode name as "Pilot," and it does appear that this was supposed to be the first show of the series, as all the characters are identified by name and description in the first few minutes. This is the only episode of Lizzie... on which the show creator Terri Minsky is also listed as executive producer.
      Also, according to one viewer, filming of this episode was from Mar. 20-24, 2000.

  • Allusions

    • Lizzie: (thinking to herself) I'll be a loner...independent...a woman who runs with the wolves!
      Women who Run with the Wolves is a 1992 book written by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. In it she asserts that women must recognize their repressed instinctual memories of their womanhood to be whole again; and she examines many myths, legends, fairy tales, etc. of the "wild woman" from the past.

    • Jo McGuire: They have entered themselves in the World Series of Poker!
      This is an annual event that brings together the top poker players in the World for a competition at Binion's Horseshoe Casino in downtown Las Vegas, Nevada.

    • Lizzie: Listen, Judge Judy...
      Judge Judy is Judy Sheindlin, a former New York judge who has had her own TV show, Judge Judy, since 1996. On it she mediates various small-claim legal disputes between two parties. This is one of the many "judge" shows that followed in the wake of The People's Court.

    • Gordo: My mom's idea of fun is watching CNN on the treadmill.
      CNN (Cable News Network), which began broadcasting in 1980, is the world's first 24-hour all-news channel.

    • Miranda: Your parents are so Blair Witch.
      A reference to the 1999 suspense movie The Blair Witch Project, a psuedo-documentary about three young filmmakers who venture into the Maryland woods to explore the local legend of the Blair Witch and who are plagued by unseen tormentors.

    • Lizzie: Back off, Major Dad!
      Major Dad (1989-1993) was a prime-time television show about a bachelor who was a conservative career officer in the Marine Corps and who meets and marries a young, liberal, free-spirited widow who has three daughters. Gerald McRainey played Major John Gillis, the title role, and Shanna Reed played his wife, Polly Cooper.

    • Toon Lizzie: I'm the only person who knows she has little dress-up outfits for her Beanie Babies.
      Beanie Babies were small stuffed animals which enjoyed tremendous popularity as collectibles for a while in the last half of the 1990's.

    • Toon Lizzie: Is it me, or do they all look like they're posing for Gap ads?
      The Gap is a nationwide clothing chain that is oriented towards younger shoppers although it carries clothes for all ages. Its advertisements are usually filled with young, trendy-looking models