Mad Men

Season 1 Episode 12

Nixon vs. Kennedy

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 11, 2007 on AMC



  • Trivia

    • While getting a massage, Bertram Cooper makes a comment about Daley having the dead vote for Kennedy. This is reference to Mayor Richard J. Daley and the vote fraud that took place in Chicago and Texas that helped swing the tight 1960 election to Kennedy. Daley was the political boss of a large Democratic machine that could deliver the vote in Chicago wards, precincts and large areas of Cook County via patronage, party loyalty, graft and voter fraud. The situation got so bad that the then Republican Illinois Senator Everett Dirksen discovered that some Republican voters, who had died, were now registered Democrats with addresses that were empty lots in Chicago and voting straight Democratic tickets. Using the Senate's free mail privilege, Dirksen wrote some of the dead Republicans asking why they were now alive and registered as Democratic. After Dirksen displayed the cancelled envelopes with the PO's "No Such Address" stamp, the machine in Chicago accused Dirksen of abuse of his franking privileges. In the 1980's one machine hack exposed the fake vote system when a promised patronage job was not delivered to him. Nixon wisely did not call for a recount or comment about the vote fraud that took place in Texas or Illinois. Illinois elected Kennedy by only 8000 votes, but Cook County delivered a 450,000 Democratic majority that supplied Illinois's 27 electoral votes to Kennedy. Nixon lost the national election by only 112,000 votes.

      Theodore White revealed in The Making of the President 1968 that Hubert Humphrey did not expose the fact that Anne Chennault, a Republican of Asian decent, played a crucial role in the wrecking of the 1968 Paris peace talks by the Nixon campaign. She had advised then South Vietnam President to kill the peace talks and wait for better times under President Nixon and arranged a meeting between Nixon and the South Vietnam ambassador. This event helped elect Nixon in the 1968 presidential election that was also a close election.