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Man's Best Friend

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Man's Best Friend is an original comedy web-series from Nestle Purina PetCare that takes the typical sitcom formula and pushes it even further. A premise based on the simple thought: if your dog could talk, what would he say? Gordon, a young man recently out of college, hasn't quite found his dream job, dream house or dream girl. What he has found, however, is a new best friend, Freddie. Only Freddie is a rescued dog - a talking dog with a great sense of humor and a way with words. Gordon and Freddie are as opposite as oil and water. Gordon likes things to be planned, stacks his coin change according to year and never misses a night of brushing his teeth. Freddie, on the other hand, is a bit more laid back. He enjoys lounging on the couch, chillin at the beach and occasionally rummaging through someone else's meal. Gordon's main dilemma is keeping his landlord from finding out he has a dog or risk being evicted. With the help of his neighbors Eddie and Dylan they keep Freddie a secret. But for how long? Ultimately, what we see beyond the laughs and hi-jinks is the beautiful bond between a dog and their owner.


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