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  • Season 1
    • Married with Children: Valentine's Day Massacre
      Bundy = Romance. When Al forgets to get Peggy a Valentine’s Day gift, he finds himself at a heated chocolate auction with the other forgetful husbands… But can he afford that truffle Peggy always had her eye on? Ladies, get out your tissues.
    • Married with Children: Build A Better Mousetrap
      It’s furry, has a tiny brain and smells like cheese. But enough about Al. After Peg spots a mouse, she sends her husband down to the basement to deal with it. Armed only with his male ego and a loaded shotgun, the guy is clearly out matched.
    • Married with Children: Shes Having My Baby Part 2
      Peg and Marcy are difficult under normal circumstances. Add the hormones of pregnancy and they become world-class awful. So Al and Jefferson cut their losses and run off to the bus station. Don’t worry, they’ll be back. These guys live for misery.
    • Married with Children: Shes Having My Baby Part 1
      Goodbye, Steve, hello Jefferson. Marcy’s replacement husband Jefferson D’Arcy (making her officially Marcy D’Arcy) wastes no time getting his sugar momma pregnant. Not wanting to be outdone, Peggy has an equally disturbing announcement for Al.
    • Married with Children: All In The Family
      Peg's not exactly from good stock. And now her hick relatives are coming to town. The unholy guest list features Uncles Erwin and Otto, her mother and the singing "Wanker Triplets." On the bright side, Al's family is looking fine in contrast.
    • Married with Children: Whose Room Is It Anyway?
      TAX DAY - So 'The Man' wants to separate you from your money? Crackle knows today can be a little stressful, so let us brighten the gloom with some hilarious tax-related episodes.
    • Married with Children: Life's a Beach
      Is Bundy family quality time possible? Al thinks so, and so he brings the clan to the beach. All he wants is a family photo to prove he’s a decent dad. What he gets is what you’d expect from a road trip with Kelly, Peg and Bud. Disappointment.
    • Married with Children: Weenie Tot Lovers...
      Kelly's a rock and Bud's a hard choice, but Peg and Al must decide which one deserves their last $100. Bud is offered a trip to the White House to meet the President, but Kelly has a shot at the “Miss Weenie Tot” title. Both require the cash. Hmmm.
    • Married with Children: Rock and Roll Girl
      MARRIED...WITH CHILDREN MINISODES - Kelly Bundy is a rock slut, decked out in leather and handcuffs. Does it get any hotter than this? Seriously.
    • Married with Children: Fair Exchange
      Passive aggressive chick fights rule. It’s Kelly versus Milla Jovovich as an exchange student. The Bundys take her in for a $500/month stipend, but she’s also hot. Hot enough to steal Kelly’s limelight and a few boyfriends too. Here come the claws.
    • Married with Children: My Mom, The Mom
      Al teaches Bud the value of money, and the power of women. It begins when Bud loses his jacket and breaks Steve’s window. Hoping to teach Bud something, Al takes him to the shoe store to observe him at work, unfortunately that’s when a woman arrives.
    • Married with Children: Dead Men Don't Do Aerobics
      Back in the day, they had tacky fitness gurus… just like today. In between butts Peg’s favorite is Jim Jupiter's. When she wins a private workout, Jupiter hopes to show her the finer points of fitness. He has no idea who he’s dealing with.
    • Married with Children: The Great Escape
      Grounding a rocker chick on the eve of a big concert is like trying to put toothpaste in a tube. So don’t worry Al, Kelly will surely find a way to sneak out. Even if you make her sleep in the shoe store at the mall.
    • Married with Children: Rain Girl
      Trampy daughters are a nightmare for a dad. Especially if they earn more money. Kelly lands a six figure job as a weather girl, and Al wallows in his $5/hour raise. But soon Al sees the bright side of an airhead being the chief earner in the family.
    • Married with Children: The Agony of DeFeet
      The parade of stinky feet that Al calls a life is starting to look up. In a stroke of fine luck, a gorgeous girl appears in the shoe store and asks Al to judge a beauty contest. Could something good actually happen to Al Bundy? Think about it.
    • Married with Children: The Bald and the Beautiful
      Just when a married guy thinks life can’t get worse, they lose their hair. Al and Steve are familiar with the concept. Alarmed by the fast progression of their foreheads, they try tonic, but eventually resort to a support group for bald dudes.
    • Married with Children: I'm Goin' to Sweatland
      Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration, and Al is a big proponent of the latter. Oddly enough Peg is inspired by an image of Elvis in a sweat stain on Al’s shirt. Will she wash it, or use it as a means to fame and fortune? It’s a no brainer.moreless
    • Married with Children: Earth Angel
      The neighborhood has a homeless problem. Her name is Tiffany. After Bud brings home the world’s most beautiful street person, Al begins having very impure thoughts. Peg, of course, finds a way to turn her husband’s revived libido into her advantage.
    • Married with Children: He Ain’t Much But He’s Mine
      After a discussion with an adulterous woman at the beauty salon, Peg suspects Al of cheating. Everyone knows that Al Bundy too lazy for that, but Peg remains suspicious and enlists Steve to spy at Al’s bowling night. You’re a good pal, Steve.
    • Married With Children: Desperately Seeking
      Not fully grasping the sacred nature of a man?s vintage pornography collection, Peg sells Al's magazines in order to buy an idol for good luck. Which she'll certainly be needing when Al finds out.
    • Married with Children: Tooth and Consequences
      Hygiene is not Al Bundy’s strong suit, so a toothache was just a matter of time. Pain forces Al to make a dental appointment and the site of his mouth draws both horror and professional excitement from his dentist. Not quite the reaction he wants.
    • Married with Children: Just Married
      Hey, it’s the Isuzu ad guy. That’s right, David Leisure (a.k.a. Joe Isuzu) guest stars as the game show host of “How Do I Love Thee?” The show tortures newlyweds, so Peg and Al simply steal the identities of Marcy and Steve to become contestants.
    • Married with Children: Peggy Turns 300
      What do you know, Al is good at something! Bowling. Unfortunately so is Peg, and with her skills she’s threatening Al’s chance at setting the alley record. Peg has a small streak of kindness. Maybe she’ll let him hold the record for a minute or two?
    • Married with Children: What Goes Around
      Bud tries to get revenge on a girl who humiliated him years ago.
    • Married with Children: He Thought He Could
      Al Bundy once read a book. It was a children’s book, and he never returned it to the library and ignored the late notices. It’s now 31 years and $2,163 overdue, but the point is he once read a book. Well done, Al. Now all you have to do is return it.moreless
    • Married with Children: A Taxing Problem
      TAX DAY - So 'The Man' wants to separate you from your money? Crackle knows today can be a little stressful, so let us brighten the gloom with some hilarious money-related episodes.
    • Married with Children: We’ll Follow The Sun
      There’s something ironic about Peg, Kelly and Bud celebrating Labor Day. That’s the plan, though, as Al takes the family out for a weekend trip and right into Chicago traffic. Needless to say, the vacation soon becomes a disaster on wheels.
    • Married with Children: If Al Had A Hammer
      The Bundy hammer has been smashing dreams for decades. Al finds the thing in the attic and, ignoring its dark power, decides to build a private room for himself. Sure, the man den is sweet. But unlucky guys should never tempt the fates.
    • Married with Children: 976-Shoe
      Horrible ideas come naturally to Al. This time, our domestic hero goes into considerable debt to create a shoe hotline. The business plan is fairly simple. Phase 1: charge callers $2 for expert shoe advice. Phase 2: fail miserably, like always.
    • Married with Children: Three Job No Income Family
      Pauly Shore alert. This is a rare find featuring Pauly as the manager of a burger joint…and Al’s boss. See, Peggy starts making big bucks selling cosmetics, and Al’s forced to take another job to regain his manhood. But, manhood is hard to find here.
    • Married with Children: Requiem for a Dead Barber
      For a man, there is no greater pain than losing a barber. Al is faced with a dreadful decision after the death of his hair cutter. Should he go with the unkempt hippie look or find a fancy salon. You’d think Al would be used to making bad choices.
    • Married with Children: Al … With Kelly
      Sometimes you need to see your mother in law. To avoid visiting Peg’s mom, Al and Kelly feign illness. They’re about to celebrate when Kelly really does get sick and her cold starts getting in the way of Al’s favorite imaginary, and creepy, pastime.
    • Married with Children: Johnny Be Gone
      Bud and Kelly are two solid reasons to never have kids. This time our favorite siblings’ needs are keeping Peg and Al from attending a going-out-of-business party at their favorite burger joint. No matter what happens, you know Al’s gonna lose.
    • Married with Children: I Didn't Shoot the Deputy
      Every dog has his day, with one exception. The trouble begins when a crime in the neighborhood prompts Steve and Marcy to buy a guard dog. Al opts for a gun, and being who he is, it’s only a matter of time before the two new purchases get acquainted.
    • Married with Children: How Do You Spell Revenge
      That Kelly sure is a model daughter. Now she wants to get her boyfriend’s name tattooed on her arm. Fortunately, she goes through boyfriends faster than the line at the local tat parlor. Saved by the bell, as they say.
    • Married with Children: For Whom The Bell Tolls
      Every so often, Al takes a stand. He always loses, but at least he’s trying. Here he refuses to pay an erroneous phone bill and ends up losing his service, angering his family and friends, and prompting a visit from his, GASP, mother in law.
    • Married with Children: A Bundy Thanksgiving
      What does James Brown, pie, and a murdered turkey have in common? A Bundy Thanksgiving that's what. Al will stop at nothing to get his hands on Maddy's famous pie.
    • Married with Children: You Better Watch Out
      It’s a very Bundy Christmas. Which means a local mall stunt goes bad and Santa Claus falls to his death in Al’s backyard after a parachute failure. Sure, it’s horrible news for the kids of the world, but all-in-all, a fairly typical day for Al.
    • Married with Children: The Camping Show
      Generally a fan of the great indoors, Al uncharacteristically agrees to go fishing with Steve. Unfortunately, Steve invites Marcy, and Marcy invites Peg and Peg invites the kids. And that’s pretty much how a good camping trip goes bad.
    • Married with Children: Peggy Loves Al, Yeah, Yeah
      Although sex is the traditional Valentine’s Day gift, Peg is hoping for something more. Something new and different and entirely impossible for Al. She wants him to say “I love you.” C’mon Peg, that’s why man invented the Valentine’s Day card.
    • Married with Children: Poke High
      It’s not wise to live in the past. Unless you’re Al Bundy and that’s all you have. His high school touchdown record is about to be broken by a boy that Kelly’s been flirting up. Maybe, just maybe, his daughter will do something worthwhile for once.
    • Married with Children: Master The Possibilities
      What goes up must come down. The only exception is credit card debt. Al should know this, but when the family dog Buck is sent a credit card in the mail, the Bundys take the opportunity to live the good life. Yeah, like that’s going to end well.
    • Married with Children: Kelly Bounces Back
      The Kelly-centric episodes never let the guys down. Here’s a perfect example: Kelly tries out for a modeling gig and invents a new move called the Bundy Bounce. Obviously, the move involves Kelly and bouncing, so it’ll probably work.
    • Married with Children: Take My Wife, Please
      Death, Al Bundy, & The Village People. The Grim Reaper has come for Al, taking the form of Peg. But if we've learned from Bergman, Death can't help but make wagers. If Al's Family, currently impersonating the Village People, need him, he can live.
    • Married with Children: I Can't Believe It's Butter
      Everything tastes better with Butter unless of course Butter is actually your mother-in-law. Al tries to cheer up his pal Grif with a Christmas gift that is bound to bring him a big smile.
    • Married with Children: God Help Ye Merry Bundymen
      Which is a more glamorous career, shoe salesman or elf? Al and Grif are fired after two young protégées outshine the older shoe salesmen. But what happens when the youngsters get a glimpse of the future?
    • Married with Children: The Worst Noel
      Do my eyes deceive me? Kelly & Bud have gotten Al something for Christmas?! Has the world gone mad?! No it's true, after spotting a jukebox that had fallen off a truck, the Bundy Children have decided to give it to their parents for the Holiday.
    • Married with Children: Christmas
      Al Bundy: Father, Shoe Salesman, Department Store Santa. For the last 20 years Al has been able to skirt getting Christmas presents. A system to keep Kelly, Bud, & the Redhead at bay. But this holiday season it seems they've figured him out.