Meet Me In The Graveyard

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Meet Me In The Graveyard

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Meet Me in the Graveyard, a web series created by Milly Sanders is a chilling, gothic thriller that airs semi-weekly on the internet. Sanders explains how she uses MySpace as an "immersive Web experience," and a vehicle for Graveyard meta-fiction. The two characters in the series, Viola and Ace are both facing problems on their own until Viola, a girl in a mental institution finds a video posted by Ace, a recovering alcoholic that has her mother's headstone in the background. Viola and Ace fall in love, and we see a series of video love letters between the unlikely couple. Although they become more attached over time, the idea of meeting face to face is never brought up. The series is has two separate directors, one for Viola and one for Ace to help provide a distinction between the two characters. The show is very entertaining, real, and very original.

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AIRED ON 4/22/2008

Season 1 : Episode 19

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Teen, dead parents, self destruction, shock value, suicidal tendencies