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  • Woman Suffers from Rare Medical Condition Leaving Her Constantly 'Lost'
    Sharon Roseman of Denver has been suffering from the medical condition called developmental topographical disorientation, or DTD, her entire life. “TODAY” explains that with this condition, Roseman will find herself lost in the most familiar surroundings, like her own home. Roseman told the New York Times, she remembers the condition affecting her as young as 5 years old. She was scared to tell anybody because her mother told her if she did, others would call her a witch and burn her.moreless
  • Womans Illinois Home Voted Scariest for Halloween
    Fox & Friends” said an award winning haunted house was voted the scariest in all of Illinois. The home’s owner, Yvonne Shurley, has been decorating the over-the-top attraction for the past 14 years. She told WTVO it has even been called the Rolls Royce of Halloween. KHON spoke with visitors, whose reactions were mixed. Some were terrified, while one brave little boy said it wasn’t scary at all.moreless
  • Baby Thrives One Year After Sandy Hospital Rescue
    Networks followed the premature NICU babies as they were carried down nine flights of stairs during Superstorm Sandy. The event happened after NYU Langone Medical Center’s backup generator died during the severe weather. Jackson Shepherd was one of 20 babies who survived a harrowing journey to the ground floor. “CBS This Morning” checked in on the adorable toddler.moreless
  • Baby Dresses Up Like KC Chiefs Coach for Halloween
    Fox & Friends” featured what might be the most adorable baby dressed up for Halloween ever. It is a photo of a baby dressed up like Kansas City Chiefs coach Andy Reid. A writer for CBS Sports discovered the baby is named Graham Leeper and his family is from Kansas. Graham’s mother says the costume was her husband’s idea. The anchors on HLN called the resemblance between the real Reid and “baby Reid” uncanny. Graham’s parents would love to get a picture of their son with the NFL coach.moreless
  • WWII Vets Shocked When Makeshift Parade Greets Them at Airport
    HLN says 16 World War II veterans were surprised when they were greeted by a makeshift parade in the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport after flying home from seeing their memorial in Washington D.C. WSVN spoke with a girl who took it upon herself to bring her cheerleading friends since her great-grandfather never received the homecoming he deserved. The Sun Sentinel helped put the word out the program was looking for a “world-class” crowd to show up on October 27.moreless
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  • Vonn Promises Olympic Medal, Credits Tiger in Comeback
    Despite a devastating knee injury only a year before the 2014 Winter Olympics, Lindsey Vonn says “you better believe” she’ll take the medal stand. She also says her boyfriend golfer Tiger Woods gave her the patience to understand recovery would be long and difficult.
  • Fans in Ringo Starrs 64 Photo Reunite, Recreate Pic
    Next month, Ringo Starr will release a book of personal photos and memories titled “Photograph,” but one picture in particular is making headlines. While leaving in a limousine at John F. Kennedy International Airport, Starr asked some teen fans to roll down their window and then snapped a photo of them. USA Today called for any information on the subjects, and ultimately the group was found and reassembled. “TODAY” did a recreation of the now famous photo, taken 49 years ago.moreless
  • Worlds Tallest Man Gets Married
    Fox & Friends” reports the world’s tallest woman gets married, and his new bride barely reaches his waist. 30-year-old Turkish farmer Sultan Kosen married his 20-year-old bride Merve Dibo on Saturday in Turkey. In 2009, Kosen claimed the record as the world’s tallest man at 8’ 3”. As for his bride, there are some conflicting reports about exactly how tall she is, but majority are reporting Dibo to be 5’8”. Even though that is above average height for a woman in Turkey, it is still more than 2moreless
  • Giant Marlin Jumps On Boat, Fisherman Jumps Out
    "TODAY" reports a giant marlin launched itself on board a boat, and one of the fishermen ended up in the ocean. The whole ordeal was caught on camera. The fisherman appears to be running out of the boat to avoid the marlin’s pointy bill. “Fox & Friends” reports the three fishermen were trying to catch the marlin before it jumped on board.moreless
  • Al Rokers Vine From the Drake Concert Goes Viral
    Over the weekend, Al Roker, was the most awesome dad in the world and took his daughter, Leilia, to a Drake concert. During the concert, he posted a Vine video to his Twitter account with the hashtag #TooOld that has since gone viral. And Roker’s “TODAY” cohosts couldn’t help but poke fun at him, asking if he’d gotten his hearing back yet. While Roker admitted his hearing came back about a day after the concert, he said there was another incident that made him feel extremely old.moreless
  • Steve Irwins 9-Year-Old Son Gets TV Show
    HLN reports the son of late crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin, is getting his own television show. He’s only 9, but Robert is going to host “Wild But True” on Discovery Kids Asia. E! reports the show will highlight the parallels between nature and science. Robert has said he hopes to carry on his father’s passion for nature. "Wild But True" is set to premiere across Asia in 2014.moreless
  • Missouri Woman Might Lose Job Because of Dreadlocks
    HLN says one Missouri woman’s dreadlocks could potentially cost her her job. Ashley Davis works for Tower Loan, whose new company policy states dreadlocks are against company guidelines. Davis told KTVI the company implemented this policy after she started working there as a secretary. News One says Tower Loan would not comment specifically on Davis, but said it’s appearance policy is clearly defined in its training manual.moreless
  • Mirrors Provide Light to Norwegian Town in Darkness
    Fox & Friends” reports Rjukan in Norway is left in darkness from September through March will finally see the light this winter. The town is below a mountain that obstructs sunlight during that time. Local artist Martin Andersen drew up plans and raised money to install three giant mirrors to reflect sunlight into the town square. Rjukan, about 100 miles north of Oslo, is home to about 3,500 people.moreless
  • James Taylor Flubs National Anthem at World Series
    Legendary singer James Taylor was all set to sing the national anthem before game two of the World Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox. But “Fox & Friends” says he messed up the beginning of the song. “TODAY” says he started out with “America The Beautiful” before quickly transitioning to the national anthem. Fans were quick to jump on Twitter to support the singer.moreless
  • Woman Gives Man Kidney, Marries Him 3 Years Later
    Three years after a central Indiana woman donated her kidney to a man she hardly knew, the two got married. Chelsea Clair met Kyle Froelich in 2009. He was 19 and she was 22. That day, Clair discovered Froelich was suffering from a life-threatening kidney disease and promised to give him one of her kidneys. As fate would have it, her kidney was a near-perfect match for Froelich, and she was a perfect match for him. The two were married on Oct. 12th.moreless
  • Ridiculously Photogenic Running Back Cam McDaniel Talks to TODAY
    Notre Dame’s football team may have gotten the victory over USC last Saturday, but it’s Irish running back Cam McDaniel who’s been winning the Internet ever since. A photo of him was taken after his helmet was knocked off during a tackle and it has since gone viral. Even during the hit, he looked like a model, seemingly posing for the camera. Unfortunately, he is taken and showed a picture of him with fiancé Stephanie during his “TODAY” appearance.moreless
  • CEO Tweets Woman Wearing Stilettos to Work Is Dumb
    HLN says one man’s tweet has sparked the conversation about whether or not sky- high heels are appropriate for the workplace. Healthcare CEO Jorge Cortell tweeted that a woman must have left her brain behind when she wore stilettos to work. Cortell’s tweet really got people fired up, and soon some were even calling him sexist. Cortell later tweeted he wasn’t being sexist, just logical, saying high heels are bad for a person’s health.moreless
  • Controversy Over Proposed Redesign of Marine Uniform Hat
    Fox & Friends” reports a proposed redesign of Marine uniform hats has caused quite a controversy. Many are claiming the hat design is too “girly.” The original hats have been a fixture in the uniform since 1922. Switching designs would cost an estimated $8 million. One senior Marine told the New York Post that the Department of Defense can barely provide funding for bullets and the Marines “deserve better.” Officials have until Friday to vote whether or not to adopt the modifications.moreless
  • Caught on Video: Humpback Whale Punches Photographer
    Fox & Friends” says one humpback whale got a little rough with a photographer, and the whole thing was caught on camera. In a video uploaded to YouTube, the whale can be heard seemingly trying to communicate with the photographer, Chris Coates, and then hits him in the head. The Inquisitr says Coates admitted to being scared when he saw the whale come close to him, but he told GrindTV he doesn’t believe the whale was intentionally trying to hurt him.moreless
  • Student Suspended Over Poem Insulting High School Football Team
    A 16-year-old high school football player from Ohio was suspended for a classroom assignment he completed. “Fox & Friends” says Nick Andre was told to write a poem for his composition class about what makes him angry, and he chose to write about his school’s football team. USA Today says Rittman High School’s principal felt that Andre’s work was harassment because it was “disrespectful” about the coach and another student. Andre told WJW-TV he believed he had a right to express how he felt.moreless
  • Surprise Marriage Proposal on TODAY
    Simone Jinghoor, a writer for a nonprofit for a nonprofit called Women’s Housing and Economic Development Corporation, thought she was on “TODAY” to talk about the organization. While Simone was talking about the nonprofit’s efforts, Al surprised her by bringing out one of her supporting staff on the show, who turned out to be her boyfriend, Chirag Shah. Then, another surprise for Jinghoor –– Shah dropped to one knee and proposed to her outside on Rockefeller Plaza. She said, “yes.”moreless
  • Man Finds Owner of Wedding Album Found in Flood Waters
    HLN reports one Colorado man saved a wedding album he found in last month’s flood waters. Jason Breeding reached out to KUSA to help find the people in the photos, telling the station it was important to him because he knew so many people who lost so much. Ironically, the owner claims she never lived in Colorado, and instead lost the album during a recent move from Alaska to Florida. She saw the story on HLN Thursday morning, and said she was grateful the album was found.moreless
  • WATCH: Koala Wanders Into Hotel Bar in Australia
    Fox & Friends” shows a koala was caught on camera wandering into a hotel bar in Australia. The hotel was just outside Melbourne, in Hamilton. Even though the little guy was unbelievably cute, he was still an unwelcomed guest. Wildlife officials were brought in to escort the koala out of the hotel and return it to the wild completely unharmed.moreless
  • UC Davis Pepper Spray Officer Receives $38K Settlement
    The former University of California Davis police lieutenant who was caught on video pepper-spraying a group Occupy Wall Street protesters was awarded a $38,000 workman's compensation settlement from the school last week. John Pike claimed he suffered anxiety after pepper spraying the students. His payout ended up being around $8,000 more than each of the demonstrators received in a settlement from the university last year.moreless
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  • Man Dangling From Hot Air Balloon Scares Colorado Residents
    Fox & Friends” say residents from Longmont, Colorado were frantically calling the police after seeing a man dangling from a hot air balloon. “TODAY” says the man, Dan Vinson, wasn’t in any danger: he was simply doing some pull-ups for an exercise commercial. The “Good Morning America” anchors thought Vinson could have put a little more thought into his actions before going up in the air. Vinson ended up doing more than 30 pull-ups while dangling from the hot air balloon.moreless
  • Wrong Nike Marathon Complaint Number Leads Callers to Sex Line
    Fox & Friends” reports San Francisco city employees accidentally directed people complaining about noise at the Nike marathon to a sex hotline. Instead of a 1-866 number, officials gave a 1-800 number that leads to a Pennsylvania-based sex hotline. Oops. The event itself is called one of the largest women’s marathons in the world, and it has helped contribute millions of dollars to cancer research.moreless
  • Northwestern Coach Suprises Walk-On Basketball Player with Scholarship
    HLN says a walk-on basketball player at Northwestern University was surprised with a full scholarship in front of his entire team. A writer for NBC Sports noted that senior James Montgomery isn’t exactly a star player on the team. He’s seen just 124 minutes of playing time and scored 17 points in his college career. A YouTube clip shows coach Chris Collins making the big announcement to the hardworking team member. A scholarship at Northwestern is reportedly worth more than $63,000 a year.moreless
  • Royal High School Fan Wins $20,000 for 40-Yard Field Goal
    Invictus Igwe received a phone call that he’d been selected to make the 40-yard halftime field goal kick for a chance to win a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro. HLN has the video where you see him kick the ball so hard, his shoe flies into the air with it. He made the goal, but didn’t take the car. He opted instead for the $20,000 cash prize to pay off his debt and help take care of his mother in Texas.moreless
  • Countrys First Upper Body Amputee Graduates from Police Academy
    HLN reports a Tennessee man is the first person in the country to graduate from police academy with only one arm. A decade ago, Jared Bradford lost his right index finger and had part of his left arm amputated after he was almost electrocuted on the job at a utility company. Bradford told WTVF his prosthetic made some tasks more difficult for him, but he was determined to graduate. He’s now a full-time officer for Cowan Police Department.moreless
  • Florida Cop Buys Shoplifter Groceries
    HLN reports a Florida police officer not only let a shoplifter go, but she also bought the woman $100 worth of groceries. This was after alleged thief Jessica Robles told officer Vicki Thomas she was in desperate need of food for her hungry children. WSVN reports rather than arrest Robles, Thomas decided arresting the mother wouldn’t solve the problem, so she bought Robies the groceries.moreless
  • Pig Nicknamed Kevin Bacon on the Loose
    An adopted 2-month-old pet pig, appropriately nicknamed Kevin Bacon, has gone footloose and is on the run! “Good Morning America” reports seniors at Kingsway Regional High School in Woolwich Township adopted the little guy to represent their class of 2014. Two weeks ago, he escaped, and while he has been spotted around, no one can catch him! The swine even has a Facebook page with close to 700 followers!moreless
  • Lee Harvey Oswalds Wedding Ring Going Up For Auction
    John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963, and as the 50th anniversary of that date looms near, a possession of shooter Lee Harvey Oswald is going up for auction: his wedding ring. “CBS This Morning” says on the morning of the assassination, Oswald left his ring on the dresser. RR Auction says the ring was given to the Secret Service ten days later. The ring was eventually returned to his wife, Marina, in 2012. Oswald’s wedding ring will be auctioned off in Boston on October 24th.moreless
  • High School Football Team Accused of Bullying After 91-0 Win
    Fox & Friends” reports the Aledo High School football team won a game against Fort Worth Western Hills 91-0. One parent felt the blowout was more like bullying, and filed a formal complaint. Western Hills Coach John Naylor said he thinks the allegations that his team was bullied aren’t true, and the Aledo High School Coach Tim Buchanan mentioned it was tough because you don’t want to tell the kids to stop trying. The coach used tactics like leaving the clock running to help even out the game.moreless
  • Are You A 'Sentence Hijacker'?
    TODAY” investigated ‘sentence hijacking’, which is when somebody interrupts and finishes a thought before you do. While often annoying, Grammarphobia says there are two types of interruptions; dominating and supportive. Some use the sentence finishing as a way to steer conversation. But a sociologist says that’s not always the case, citing people may overlap others to show enthusiasm and active participation. Sometimes, it can even be a sign of intimacy or part of clever banter.moreless
  • Studies Show First-Born Kids Really Are Smarter
    TODAY” highlighted a study done by two economists with the U.S. National Bureau for Economic Research that shows the first-born children are consistently the smartest, citing higher IQ and better school performance. The Atlantic featured several theories as to why that is, highlighting factors like the divided attention of their parents, the idea that youngest siblings have nobody they get to teach and that disruptive events like divorce happen later, most strongly affecting younger kids.moreless
  • Missouri Woman Brings Baby with Her to Jury Duty
    Good Morning America” says Laura Trickle, a Missouri mother, is facing contempt of court for bringing her baby with her to jury duty because he’s breastfed and no one could watch him. She tried to get exempted from jury duty, but was denied. “Fox & Friends” spoke with two attorneys who are on either side of the fence when it comes to this issue. KCTV says 12 states exempt breastfeeding mothers from jury duty and a senator is working on a bill to pass the law legal in Missouri as well.moreless
  • 6-Foot Gator Shuts Down Florida Walmart
    Some Florida residents weren’t so psyched to find the greeter at their local Walmart was a 6-foot long alligator. “TODAY” reports the gator kept triggering the glass doors to open and close so employees locked the doors so the animal wouldn’t wander in. Wildlife officials were called, but before they came, the gator wandered off.moreless
  • Cemetery Says Spongebob Monuments Inappropriate for Murdered Daughter
    A family wanted to honor their late daughter’s love for Spongebob Squarepants, so they made sure she was buried with him by her side. HLN reports Kimberly Walker’s mother, Deborah, and her family, ordered two Spongebob monuments for $13,000 each. A Spring Grove Cemetery employee approved the design, but WLWT says just one day after the monuments were installed, the family was told it was inappropriate.moreless
  • 8-Year-Old Attempts to Stop Purse Thief
    A thief tried to snatch a purse from a woman’s car when she walked into a gas station in Houston, but her 8-year-old son Jose Alonso just wasn’t having it! HLN had the surveillance video, where you see Jose jump out of the car with only one shoe on and chase after the robber. KPRC says he managed to obtain his mother’s wallet, but the thief made off with her purse and keys. Jose said he wanted to save his mom’s wallet so his sister could still celebrate her upcoming birthday.moreless
  • WATCH: Ohio State Marching Band Pulls Off Incredible Michael Jackson Tribut
    The Ohio State Marching Band is making headlines for their incredible halftime routine over the weekend; they paid tribute to Michael Jackson by playing a collection of his greatest hits. Halfway through their performance, the band’s 192 members also pulled off one of his greatest moves, by creating the outline of the king of pop and moonwalking across the field. The crowd went insane during the unique formation and many viral videos of the show have popped up since Saturday.moreless
  • Sole Survivor of Kansas Plane Crash Pens Memoir About Recovery
    TODAY” featured Hannah Luce, who last year, flew with friends from Okla. to Iowa for a Christian Youth Rally when smoke started filling the cabin. The plane went down in a Kansas field. Luce was the sole survivor of the tragic accident. The Christian Post says Luce sustained burns on 30% of her body, and her clothes had melted onto her skin following the crash. She has recently published a memoir about her experiences surrounding the horrific accident and her recovery, called “Fields of Grace.”moreless
  • Soldier Mom Surprises Daughter at School
    2nd grader Kambria thought troops were coming to talk to her second grade class at Vineville Academy about the military, but HLN reports she was in for an even better surprise. Her mother, Air Force Tech Sergeant Jocelyn Foster, who had been serving in southeast Asia for six months, had come home early to surprise her. WGXA showed Foster tearing up waiting for the reunion with her daughter, who was thoroughly surprised. Kambria even playfully told her mother she was mad she tricked her.moreless
  • Man Drives Through Australia Fire Lines to Check on House
    HLN says more than 55 fires are burning across Australia, and one volunteer firefighter and his wife braved the inferno to make sure their house was still intact. CNN spoke with Michael Green, who said he and his wife could feel the fire’s heat through their windows while they risked their lives to see if their house and dog were okay. Thankfully, they were. “Fox & Friends” says another video from inside a daycare shows a wall of flames trapping people inside the building.moreless
  • Female Turns Into Male Model for Long Career
    31-year-old female supermodel Elliott Sailors decided to reinvent herself as a man. “TODAY” explains now she hides her curves and accentuates her strong jaw. She told New York Post the move was to ensure she would have a long modeling career. In the female modeling world, 25 can be considered middle-aged. Daily Mail reports Sailors is happily married to Adam Santos-Coy, and he was very supportive of his wife’s career decision.moreless
  • Boy Scout Leaders Topple Historic Rock Formation
    HLN says three Boy Scout troop leaders are in trouble after filming themselves toppling a 20 million year old rock formation at Utah’s Goblin Valley State Park. “Good Morning America” says Glenn Taylor, Dave Hall and Dylan Taylor posted the video to Facebook. The Salt Lake Tribune spoke with a Utah State Park spokesman who said the men’s actions will have consequences. The men say they toppled the rock formation because they were worried a little kid would wander over to it and get injured.moreless
  • Dog Rescued After Trapped in Sewer Four Days
    HLN reports residents of a St. Louis neighborhood refused to give up on a dog that was stuck in a sewer for four days. After loud cries got their attention, they fed the pitbull and checked on it until they were able to figure out how to get him out. The owner supposedly moved away, leaving two dogs behind. The other was able to hop out of the sewer after falling in. A volunteer for Stray Rescue said they planned to take him to their shelter to recover before being put up for adoption.moreless
  • Daughter Unknowingly Saw Birth Mother Every Day for 7 Years
    Fox & Friends” says one British woman didn’t realize she had been seeing her daughter Carole she gave up for adoption every day for 7 years. Freda Pickering was Carole Davies’ bus driver while she was at Tadcaster Grammar School. Daily Mail says the two don’t recall ever having any conversations, and Daily Express says Carole found Pickering and wrote to her in 2005. They have been in touch ever since.moreless
  • Abandoned Zombie Car Completely Covered in Ivy
    TODAY” reports an old blue van’s owner abandoned it in a parking lot in China about a year ago. The vehicle became completely covered in ivy. After complaints from neighbors, police tried removing the vines, but they were reportedly so thick and thorny they decided instead to simply tow it.
  • Woman Arrested After Sending Granddaughter to School with Cocaine
    HLN reports a 58-year-old woman sent her 9-year-old granddaughter to school in Arizona with bags of cocaine, allegedly because she wanted custody of the girl and thought the drugs would be blamed on her father. After being arrested Wednesday, Sanjuanita Carbajal is now being held on bond at Estrella Women’s Prison on child abuse charges, where she maintains her innocence and sent her granddaughter a tearful message. Currently, the girl’s father has custody.moreless
  • Asteroid 'Narrowly' Missed Earth During Government Shutdown
    HLN reports an asteroid was discovered close to Earth on October 8, but no one heard about it until now because of the government shutdown! CNN reports the asteroid’s name is 2013 TV135. If the space object would have collided with Earth, it would have felt like a couple thousand atomic bombs going off. CNN says the asteroid is set to make another loop around in 19 years, but NASA says it’s 99.998% certain it will pass us again in 2032.moreless
  • Great White Shark Circles Paddleboarder
    HLN says a paddleboarder got quite a scare when he up got an up close and personal encounter with a great white shark. Mike Durand was at Manhattan Beach in El Porto, California hoping to get footage of great white sharks when one swam right under his paddleboard. He put the video on YouTube. Durand told KABC he was “shaking like a leaf.” Lifeguards don’t plan to issue any warnings to beach goers because the shark did not attack Durand.moreless
  • Colorado Man Attacked by Three Coyotes Walking to Work
    Andrew Dickehage’s car broke down, so he was walking to his job in Colorado. “Good Morning America” reports that’s when a group of three coyotes attacked the man. KMGH reports the attack lasted about a minute, and Dickehage said all he could think to do was hit one of them with his flashlight so it would let go of him. KCNC says that eventually the coyotes gave up. Two of them have been killed, and authorities are tracking the third.moreless
  • Grandfather Makes $200,000 Betting on Soccer Star Grandson
    Tuesday, 16-year-old soccer phenom made his debut on the Wales national team and made his grandfather a lot of money. HLN explains that Harry Wilson was just 18 months old when his grandfather was so confident he would be a star, he went to a bookie and bet on it. The betting house gave him 2500-1 odds that his grandson would eventually play for the national team. When he cashed in, he made about 200,000 U.S. dollars.moreless
  • Women Suing Unilever Claiming Suave Product Left Bald Spots
    A Kentucky federal judge has rejected Suave’s parent company, Unilever’s request to throw out a class action lawsuit brought by women claiming a hair-straightening product damaged their hair. “Good Morning America” says the lawsuit, which was filed in 2012, claims Suave Professionals Keratin Infusion 30-Day Smoothing Kit contains harsh chemicals that burned the women’s scalps and melted their hair. The lawsuit is asking for damages for negligence and deceptive advertising, among other charges.moreless
  • Family Lives Like Its 1986 for One Year
    TODAY” featured one Canadian family that went to an extreme for quality time together. They’ve ditched all their modern technology to live like it’s 1986 for one year. The McMillans started the project in April, trading in DVDs for VHS tapes and shutting down their social media and cable. They chose ‘86 because it was the year parents Morgan and Blair were born and wanted to see what it was like to raise their kids the way they were raised.moreless
  • Brotox: More Men Opting to Look Younger
    Botox, long popular among women, is now trending with men. “TODAY” reports the number of males, especially baby boomers, trying medical procedures like Botox has spiked 22% between 2000 and 2012. The Wall Street Journal says from 2011 to 2012, men’s use of Botox and other minimally invasive cosmetic procedures rose 6%. One doctor says the reason his male patients seem to want “brotox” is because men like to look good. Others says there’s also a pressure to look good to find employment.moreless
  • Eye Exam Helps Save 12-Year-Old Girl's Life
    Fox & Friends” says 12-year-old Carly Linder was seeing spots so her mother, Stefanie, took her to get an eye exam at Walmart. The doctor found she had a swollen optic nerve and could have a brain tumor. KTTV says Carly was rushed to the hospital where a brain tumor was ruled out; doctors found she had excess fluid surrounding her brain, which could have led to her going blind. The Wichita Eagle says eye exams can show signs of cancer, diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular problems.moreless
  • Jilted Bride Donates Reception to Charity Group
    HLN reports one bride turned her wedding nightmare into a dream come true for a local charity organization. Her dream wedding was all set for October 19th, and it was the day they were supposed to send out invitations when Michelle Marxen’s groom-to-be called her, ending the engagement. She donated her already paid-for party to the Creative Care for Reaching Independence Organization, which helps people with disabilities. Instead of a wedding reception, it will be a Halloween party.moreless
  • Picking Favorites Could Benefit Moms in the Long Run
    Fox & Friends” anchors may say their parents didn’t play favorites, but a new study from Purdue University finds moms are more likely to prefer children for years to come if they have similar beliefs and values. According to the researchers, moms tend to favor these children because they might be good caregivers to them when they are older. HNGN reports researchers believe this could help health practitioners make caregiving arrangements in the future.moreless
  • Georgia Man in Hospice Married in Back of Ambulance
    62-year-old Carl Peyton Williams III was married in the back of an ambulance. HLN reports that just two weeks ago he was diagnosed with late stage lung cancer and his health quickly deteriorated. WSB-TV spoke with Williams’ 67-year-old wife Ruth Terry, who says getting married was the last thing on their to-do list. The man’s daughter. Tracy Hazen, even flew in from Alaska for the big event.moreless
  • Newtown Scammer Will Serve Jail Time
    In the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, a scammer was exposed for trying to capitalize off people’s sympathy and grief. 37-year-old Noel Alba pretended to be the aunt of Noah Pozner, one of the 20 children who was killed in the shooting. Alba set up a Facebook page, a Paypal account and sent out an email blast asking for money, but never gave any of it to the actual family. She has since been sentenced to 8 months in federal prison for wire fraud and lying to the government.moreless
  • Spirit Airlines Passengers Panic After Engine Explodes
    A Spirit Airlines plane engine exploded after take-off, sending people into a panic. HLN reports one man even texted his wife saying the plane was on fire and he loved her. WGCL spoke with passengers on the flight, who described it as traumatic, and said the huge explosion then caused smoke to fill the cabin. “Good Morning America” reports no injuries were reported and the plane safely returned to Dallas where passengers boarded another plane and landed safely in Atlanta.moreless
  • Ohio Man Says Beer Helped Him Deal with Autism
    HLN says a man from Ohio is saying beer has helped him deal with his autism, but he’s not drinking it. 55-year-old Lance Rice began collecting beer cans as a kid because it helped him relax. Now he’s a beer historian and a YouTube video shows him being told by a documentary film crew that they’re talking him on a brewery tour around the Midwest. KCTV says Rice is also writing a book about beer, which will hit shelves in 2014.moreless
  • 8-Year-Old Stays Calm, Calls 911 During Moms Medical Emergency
    HLN reports Denver woman Jolene Saiz is thankful after her daughter stayed calm during a medical emergency on the highway. She was suffering from a migraine that caused her seizure-like symptoms, including shaking and paralysis. It set in while she was driving 80 miles per hour, but fortunately, she was able to cross three lanes and pull over safely. Her 8-year-old daughter Rhett was with her and was able to call 911 and stay on the phone until an ambulance arrived.moreless
  • Viral: Longest Parallel Parking Job Ever?
    Fox & Friends” says one woman had a difficult time parallel parking after trying for 14 minutes. This took place in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and some nearby students decided to film the poor woman and put the 14-minute long video on YouTube. New York Daily News reports the students say the woman actually took more than 30 minutes to park her car successfully, but they only decided to start filming after she declined their offer to park her vehicle for her.moreless
  • WATCH: Teen Captures Dangerous Lightning Bolt 200 Ft. Away While Fishing
    Tucker Owings was heading back to shore in his boat, but not before he caught an epic, and dangerous, sight on video. “TODAY” reports it happened on Lake Athens just outside of Dallas. A powerful lightning strike can be seen on video just 200 feet off the bow. “CBS This Morning” says the pro bass angler is just 16 years old, but KLTV reports he’s been fishing professionally for two years. Owings says he wouldn’t have had the shot at all, he accidentally left the camera rolling.moreless
  • New Video Shows Felix Baumgartners POV During 2012 Skydive from Space
    HLN says new video shows exactly what it was like for daredevil Felix Baumgartner to jump from the edge of space and break the sound barrier. The Herald Sun says Baumgartner rose to an altitude of around 128,000 feet in the air before jumping. While falling, he reached a top speed of 1.24 times the speed of sound. It took him a little more than 9 minutes to touch back down to Earth. Metro says Baumgartner is currently training to be a mountain rescue pilot.moreless
  • WATCH: Driver Fails at Exiting Parking Lot
    A video of a driver failing at leaving a parking lot has gone viral, garnering more than 2 million views on YouTube. The security footage was initially uploaded to Reddit and has plenty of responses, with more than 2,000 commenters posting, many wondering how somebody could be that bad at maneuvering. The anonymous driver takes more than four minutes just to exit a parking lot, trying many times, unsuccessfully, to back out.moreless
  • Moose Dying in Minnesota Alarm Scientists
    HLN reports moose across the country are dying at an alarming rate, and in Minnesota it has gotten so bad moose hunting licenses have been suspended. The New York Times reports scientists aren’t sure why exactly this is happening, but many hypothesize reasons are related toward climate change. British Columbia also did a recent study and pinned the decline of moose on bark beetles killing forests. The beetles seem to thrive in warm weather and with fewer trees, moose are exposed to both human anmoreless
  • Letters Reveal President Taft Tried to Lose Weight
    Newly analyzed letters say President William Howard Taft tried to lose weight with the help of a specialist, who told him to focus on lean meats, vegetables, and avoid sugar. “CBS This Morning” reports most people don’t know he’s the only person to serve as president, Secretary of War and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, but they do know he was rumored to have gotten stuck in his bathtub. Taft is reportedly the heaviest president in U.S. history.moreless
  • Dog Rescues His Cat Best Friend from Two Coyotes
    Fox & Friends” says a dog named Jack rescued his best friend, a cat named Kitty, from two coyotes that were trying to eat her. WTVT says Jack got the coyotes to drop Kitty. She was rushed to a veterinarian and was treated for brain swelling. Daily Mail says Jack and Kitty are both rescue animals adopted by Sherrie Lewis and her son, Peter, who is deployed in Afghanistan. Lewis says Jack now stands guard over Kitty, vigilantly watching to make sure the coyotes don’t come back.moreless
  • Escape-Artist Canine Houdini Reunited With Owners
    Fox & Friends” reports a dog known as the “canine Houdini” escaped from his home and wound up in a shelter, where he also escaped! The pup even opened doors. Footage of the dog escaping from the Colorado humane society was seen by his the owners. Turns out Houdini’s real name is Rope, and the family says he escaped a few days before the shelter’s video was taken.moreless
  • Rugby Players Petrified by Snake in Locker Room
    Fox & Friends” reports some tough New Zealand rugby players were squirming when a certain reptile slithered into the locker room. One of the men in the video was New Zealand’s burly rugby star Sonny Bill Williams, who ran from the snake half-clothed. TVNZ reports two of Williams’ teammates smuggled the snake into their World Cup preparation camp - hence why it looks as though Williams was on a massage table when the event happened.moreless
  • Macys Plans to Open on Thanksgiving For Early Black Friday Sales
    HLN says Macy’s is breaking with a 155-year-old tradition of staying closed on Thanksgiving Day and opening its doors at 8 p.m. on Thanksgiving night. Chicago Sun-Times says Macy’s is one of a few retailers that hasn’t been opening its doors during Thanksgiving. Macy’s employees have mixed reaction about opening the stores a day early. Some are happy to have the money from working those extra hours, while others would rather be spending the time with their families.moreless
  • Ellen Brennan Only Female to Compete in World Wingsuit Championship
    TODAY” highlighted one woman who is breaking down stereotypes with her daring high-flying act. Ellen Brennan is part of the the World Wingsuit League and many hail the sport as the most extreme in the world. The inaugural competition was last year and it returned last week on China’s Tianmen Mountain. During her jump in this year’s competition, she was the only woman and got one of her personal best times. Unfortunately, she failed to qualify for the finals.moreless
  • Man Proposes in Middle of Zombie Haunted House
    Nick Showman decided to propose to his girlfriend Stephanie Hill at, of all places, a zombie-infested haunted house! The 13th Floor Haunted House is Arizona’s largest indoor attraction, and KPNX reports it couldn’t have been more perfect for the couple, who both love Halloween. The couple entered the scary house and at one point were surrounded by zombies on a bridge. One swung by and dropped an arm that contained the ring. Hill said, “yes” before the zombies chased them out.moreless
  • Vegas Family Surprised With Quintuplets
    TODAY” shows Evonne and Deon Derrico from Nevada got quite a surprise when they found out they were pregnant earlier this year. Two days after hearing they were expecting quadruplets, the doctor revealed it was really quintuplets. The couple didn’t use fertility drugs or treatments. The newest additions, three girls and two boys, were born September 6th, expanding the already big family overnight. The couple already has a 7-year-old daughter, a 3-year-old son and 1-year-old twin boys.moreless
  • WATCH: NBA Cameraman's Foot Falls Asleep During Game
    Most everyone hates that tingling feeling in their foot after it falls asleep, but one NBA cameraman had no choice but to walk it off. Barstool Sports brought the video to the public’s attention, where you see the cameraman stand up and then nearly topple over from the pins and needles in his right foot. It happened at the Bulls-Pacers pre-season game. Anchors on Global Toronto gave the man props for not dropping his very expensive camera.moreless
  • Idaho Teenager Survives Rare Flesh-Eating Bacteria
    An 8th grader from Twin Falls, Idaho is lucky to be alive after battling a rare flesh-eating bacteria. HLN says it started in September when Slade Dill scraped his knee and the bacteria made its way into his system. Dill went to the hospital when his leg swelled up. Once the swelling spread, he was airlifted to Salt Lake City where Dill immediately had several surgeries to stop the disease and save his life. Fortunately, he was able to keep his leg and is expected to make a full recovery.moreless
  • Texas and Oklahoma Fan Friends For 20 Years Despite Rivalry
    HLN’s Rivalry Express traveled to Dallas, Texas for this week’s rivalry that dates back to 1929: the Texas Longhorns vs. Oklahoma Sooners! While reporting, HLN’s sports reporter Carlos Diaz met Bob Beams and Malcom Robertson, two men who have been friends for 20 years, but rooting for the opposite team! Beams explained his parents got married on the way to one of the famous OU vs Texas games, because his mother said she wouldn’t sleep in the hotel room with his father until they were!moreless
  • Colorado Woman Uses Facebook to Find Long Lost Brother
    24-year-old Julia Mauer hadn’t seen her younger brother Isaiah in more than a decade. The two had the same mother, but different fathers and became separated when they were just kids. On Tuesday, Mauer posted a photo to Facebook asking for help in finding Isaiah. Within 24 hours, the photo was shared 2,000 times and TV stations were calling to interview her. By Wednesday night, Mauer had found him. Turns out Isaiah only lives 30 miles away from Mauer. The two plan to meet in person soon.moreless
  • Nonprofit Program Building Homemade Rocketship
    TODAY” highlighted two men in Denmark who are building actual full-sized rocket ships from materials bought at local hardware stores. Founder Kristian Von Bengston left Nasa for this project and says their approach sparks new technology and ideas. He teamed up with Peter Madsen to found Copenhagen Suborbitals, a nonprofit, open-sourced space project. They now have more than 20 specialists to join the team which has been recognized for building the most powerful amateur rocket ever flown.moreless
  • Iconic Afghan Girl Photo Wasn't Supposed To Be National Geographic Cover
    Steve McCurry is the man behind the camera that captured the iconic photo of a 12-year-old child titled “Afghan Girl.” But “TODAY” says that photograph almost didn’t make the cover of National Geographic. The Telegraph spoke to McCurry about working with this young girl, who he found within a refugee camp in Afghanistan in 1984. National Geographic says McCurry eventually found the girl again, now a 30-year-old woman, in 2002.moreless
  • Paramedic Helps His Wife Give Birth in Ambulance
    HLN says an Atlanta woman named Tinsley Stevens knew she wouldn’t make it to the hospital in time to give birth so she rushed to her paramedic husband Danny’s ambulance station. Soon into their drive, she gave birth to baby Owen. WSB-TV says this unconventional delivery didn’t come without challenges. Owen was born with the umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. The EMT who also helped wrote on the station’s Facebook page that the couple did a fantastic job. Owen weighed 7 pounds, 7 ounces.moreless
  • Orlando Roller Coaster Trapped 12 People on Ride For Hours
    Fox & Friends” reports the roller coaster billed as the tallest in Orlando came to a sudden stop Tuesday night, leaving riders stuck in a vertical position for hours. It happened at Universal Studios on the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit. Officials say a glitch caused the computers to go into safety mode which then locked the ride in mid-air. WKMG reports the Orlando fire department was quick to respond and get everyone out safely.moreless
  • McDonalds Replacing Happy Meal Toys With Books
    McDonald’s is replacing Happy Meal toys with books for the two weeks in November. “Good Morning America” reports the messages in the books promote healthy eating, but USA Today says critics aren’t loving it, because kids might associate the fast food chain with healthy eating. Happy Meals first rolled out in 1979, and since day one, have always included a toy. McDonald’s has had at least 15 series of books since 1982.moreless
  • Woman Flown to St. Louis By Craigslist Robber
    One Wisconsin woman says she was actually robbed in an elaborate scheme. HLN says Emily Graham posted about a diamond ring she wanted to sell on Craigslist and a man responded, posing as a potential buyer. He even bought her a flight to St. Louis and a car service, saying they would go get it appraised together. He and another man then robbed her. Currently, no arrests have been made, but police are investigating the credit cards used to buy Graham’s plane ticket.moreless
  • Where You Sit at Work Affects Mood
    WDAF reports up to 60-percent of interaction at work is with co-workers. Depending on how much you like the person, that may be a good or bad thing. HLN reports some companies are taking this into account, and are changing seating arrangements to boost productivity and keep workers happy. It’s being called the ‘musical chairs’ policy. Some companies making staff change seats every few months, others are doiing a “first come, first serve” policy, where there is no seating arrangement.moreless
  • Marylands Womans Haunted Garden Receives Restraining Order
    During the Halloween season, Donna Kerr opens her yard, which she calls “The Haunted Garden” to the public. However, “Good Morning America” says some of Kerr’s neighbors aren’t so happy with her decorations because of all the visitors it attracts. On Oct. 4, the District Court of Maryland served Kerr a temporary restraining order, which said she was not allowed to open her decorated yard to the public this year. A hearing to consider a permanent injunction is scheduled for Oct. 15.moreless
  • Couple With Live IVF on National TV Is Pregnant
    Jessica Menkhausen and her fiancé Derek Manion had an in vitro fertilization, or IVF procedure, done on live television in September, and now, the results are in. The happy couple received the call from their doctor saying Menkhausen is, in fact, pregnant. “TODAY” had the emotional moment, and Menkhausen says she’s so blessed. The next question is whether or not the couple is expecting twins.moreless
  • WATCH: Super Excited Dog Greets Owner After Long Deployment
    Fox & Friends” has a video that gives new meaning to man’s best friend as one faithful pooch awaits the return of his owner. The little guy’s name is Odie, and according to the Welcome Home blog, his owner, a U.S. Airman, was deployed on Christmas Eve in 2011. He eagerly jumps to the window when asked “Is that your daddy? Is your daddy home?” When his owner finally comes in, Odie is so excited he can barely contain himself, jumping all over the soldier.moreless
  • Maria Shriver Shares Rare Photos of Kennedy Family
    On “TODAY,” Maria Shriver showed never before seen photos from the family album of her grandmother, Rose Kennedy, the mother of the president and two senators. Shriver said Kennedy’s nine children adored and respected her. She also said her grandmother took motherhood very seriously. Kennedy died in 1995 at age 104. She outlived her husband, four of her children, and three of her grandchildren.moreless
  • Massive Flooding Brings Mini Gold Rush to Colorado
    CBS This Morning” reports major flooding that wreaked havoc on parts of Colorado last month has brought a mini gold rush to some of the state’s oldest gold panning sites. KDVR says the rain apparently washed gold down from the mountains and into the rivers and streams. When the flood waters knocked rock and dirt loose around the river beds, those panning for gold suddenly had a lot more river mud to use for panning. One man even says he’s going to pan enough gold to supplement his retirement.moreless
  • Study Finds Airport Noise Linked to Heart Attacks and Stroke
    HLN reports a new study published in the British Medical Journal found that those over the age of 65 that live or work near an airport are at more risk of having a heart attack or stroke. According to Fox News, the researchers found a significant association between aircraft noise exposure and hospital admissions for heart diseases. The New York Times reports 2.3 percent of all hospital admissions they studied were attributable to airport noise.moreless
  • Corset Diet Helping Women Slim Down?
    A unique “diet” is the talk of the Internet, and it doesn’t involve calorie counting. “Good Morning America” reports the corset diet involves just that: a corset. Diane Gonzales went through corset training and hopes she can turn her 26 inch waist into a tiny 23 inch waist. The idea behind it is that the corset trains your stomach to be smaller by compressing your bottom ribs. Not all doctors are on board, however, and say it can cause joint pain and can restrict the lungs.moreless
  • Armed Guards Prevent Tourists From Taking Pictures of Yellowstone
    A visitor to Yellowstone National Park told “Fox & Friends” she experienced quite a shock when armed rangers prevented her tour group from taking pictures. She was part of a 9-day tour of western parks with about four dozen senior citizens. Yellowstone was supposed to be a highlight, but they arrived just as the government shutdown was going into effect. The bus stopped along the road and at a nearby inn to get decent photos of the park, despite barricades. This, they were told, was not allowed.moreless
  • WATCH: Truck Hauling Boat Slams Into Height Barrier
    Fox & Friends” had a video that shows those pesky height restriction barriers on the road definitely have a purpose. One truck hauling a boat found out that boat was just a little too big and slammed into a height restriction barrier just feet from an overpass. The video was reportedly shot in South Korea and has garnered almost 70,000 views in one day on LiveLeak. No word on any injuries from the accident.moreless
  • Husband Fakes Kidnapping to Allegedly Go Party
    34-year-old Regelio Andaverde was with his wife when two armed men barged into their home. KTVI reports the hysterical wife, Maria Hernandez, called police. Officers began the search, and San Antonio Express-News reports a helicopter was even used. The Huffington Post says the Texas man came home a few hours later and claimed the kidnappers had taken mercy on him and set him free. Andaverde has since been charged with filing a false report, which is a Class B misdemeanor.moreless
  • Hundreds of Newborns Potentially Exposed to TB in Vegas Hospital
    HLN reports Summerlin hospital in Vegas is experiencing quite a scare, reporting that more than 100 newborns in the ICU couple have been exposed to Tuberculosis, or TB. Hospital officials are refraining from calling the situation an “outbreak,” referring to it instead as a cluster, which implies fewer possible cases.
  • Iconic Hollywood Memorabilia Up For Auction
    It’s a dream come true for Hollywood superfans. Iconic memorabilia from the wedding gown Julie Andrews wore in “The Sound of Music” to William Shatner’s “Star Trek” uniform and even Marilyn Monroe X-rays will go on sale in November. Julien’s Auctions’ executive director showed the keepsakes during “TODAY” on Tuesday. All the items are part of the auctions’ “Icons & Idols: Hollywood” set. The director told The Inquisitr Marilyn Monroe’s X-rays may prove she had plastic surgery.moreless
  • Star Volleyball Player Sent Home With Fat Letter
    A Florida law requires students to have health screenings, but “TODAY” reports one mother was appalled after her 11-year-old daughter Lily Grosso was sent home with a “fat” letter. The letter from the Collier County Health Department said she was overweight. Lily’s mom, Kristen, says her daughter is a star volleyball player and eats right. A spokesperson with the health department told WFTX parents can opt-out of the program, but Kristen said she didn’t think the screening would include BMI.moreless
  • Minn. High Schoolers Punished For Patriotic Senior Prank
    WCCO reports that more than a dozen students at a Minnesota high school were suspended for drawing on doors and scattering American flags throughout the school. One student in particular, Bryce Reps, claims he was being punished for being patriotic. He was suspended for five days while others were only suspended for two. He defended the actions as a harmless senior prank, but the school claims students caused thousands of dollars of damage to school property.moreless
  • Malibu HS Teachers Concerned Cancer Outbreak Tied to Renovations
    Good Morning America” reports three veteran teachers at Malibu High School were recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer and 20 have signed a letter to the school district citing cases of migraines, skin rashes that only flare up during the school year, unexplained hair loss and other maladies. In 2010, more than 1,000 carcinogen-contaminated cubic yards were dug up from a quad during renovations. The school has hired researchers to investigate a possible link as well as current conditions.moreless
  • Dog Saves 4-Year-Old from Potentially Fatal Blood Sugar Drop
    Christi Smith and her 4-year-old son Peyton Anderson fostered a pitbull named TatorTot from Minneapolis Animal Care and Control. “Fox & Friends” reports the dog returned the favor, and alerted Smith something was wrong with her son. She went to check on him, and KMSP says he was barely breathing. After being rushed to the hospital, the toddler tested negative for diabetes. Smith is now making Tator a permanent member of the family.moreless
  • Patriotic Streaker Shocks Crowd at Presidents Cup
    Well, this is certainly one way to liven things up on the golf course. A nearly naked woman rushed onto the 18th tee during the Presidents Cup on Sunday sporting nothing but a U.S. flag, a thong and some pasties.
  • Elizabeth Smart Reveals the Moment She Was Rescued
    Kidnapping victim Elizabeth Smart stopped by the ‘Today’ show and spoke about her ordeal. Ten years after being rescued, she’s been able to write about it in a new book, “My Story.” She spoke on NBC about the moment police rescued her, and the advice her mother gave her when she was brought home.moreless
  • Student Catches Fire During Chemistry Demonstration
    Students at a Georgia high school were in the middle of a chemistry demonstration when suddenly it ignited into a ball of flame. One of the senior girls who was working on the project caught on fire. WBOC reports a teacher tried to extinguish the flames by tackling the girl to the ground. WXIA reports that’s when senior Will Wheeler smartly wrapped his classmate up with a fire blanket. She was rushed to the hospital with burns on 25 percent of her upper body. Her family says she is recovering.moreless
  • Police Ticket Barbie Jeep Left in Road
    Fox & Friends” shows that some police officers in Utah seem to have quite a sense of humor about their ticketing duties as they cited a pink Barbie Jeep that was left in the middle of the road, charging the owners with illegally abandoning a vehicle. The owners are two little girls who reportedly left it out when the battery died. Fortunately, police say it is all a joke and their dad says it's his favorite ticket he's ever received.moreless
  • Government Shutdown Forces Elderly Couple Out of Home
    The ongoing government shutdown is forcing 77-year-old Joyce Spencer and her 80-year-old husband Ralph out of their vacation home on Lake Mead in Overton, Nevada. The Spencers were told they had 24 hours to leave their house because it sits on federal land. They are allowed to check on their property during the day, but are not allowed to move back into their home until the government reopens its doors. In the meantime, the couple has been spending a lot of time at their family-run restaurant.moreless
  • Long Island Man Grows 1,456-Pound Pumpkin
    HLN reports long island man Scott Armstrong grew a pumpkin the size of a baby elephant. The 1,456-pound pumpkin won a competition held by a local nursery. His grand prize winner earned him $500, a plaque and a blue ribbon — and he won by a landslide, as the second place winner was more than 1,000 pounds lighter. Armstrong has been growing pumpkins as a hobby for 15 years.moreless
  • Couple Celebrates 70 Years of Marriage
    Fox & Friends” reports a Nevada couple, William and Mercedes Parsons, is celebrating a rare milestone this week — their 70th wedding anniversary. They married during World War II, just three days after they met, and they have since renewed their vows a few times over the years. They say that the secret is to take it one day at a time. Together, they have four kids, six grandkids and four great-grandchildren. The couple’s eldest daughter says her dad still calls his wife his bride.moreless
  • Tiger Woods Girlfriend Lindsey Vonn Pranks Him With Squirrel
    Tiger Woods wasn’t impressed at the President’s Cup Golf Tournament, but it wasn’t from the other players performances, it was from his girlfriend Lindsey Vonn. “TODAY” had video where you see Vonn borrow a pet squirrel from Davis Love III and put it on her boyfriend’s back. He wasn’t amused, but maybe the squirrel was a good luck charm, he and his teammate scored for Team USA.moreless
  • Government Shutdown Could Cause Supermarket Bills to Increase
    HLN says the government shutdown could cause supermarket prices to increase because Congress never passed a new Farm Bill. The Durango Herald says the USDA will be required by law to increase prices on January 1. The New York Times says a new Farm Bill was never passed before the government shutdown because the Republicans and Democrats in Congress haven’t been able to compromise on the amount of money to cut from the food stamp program.moreless
  • $140,000 Raised by Good Samaritan For Homeless Man Who Returned Money
    Homeless Mass. man Glen James made headlines last month for doing the honorable thing after finding an abandoned bag full of money. James was later honored by the Boston Police and the commissioner even handed James a certificate of appreciation. “TODAY” reports a Virginia man who saw his story thought he deserved more than that. Ethan Whittington started a crowdsourcing page to help raise money for James. So far, he and more than 6,000 people around the world have raised more than $145,000.moreless
  • Florida Residents Fined For God Bless America Yard Signs
    Fox & Friends” says residents in Bartow, Florida are being fined for having “God Bless America” signs in their yards. The signs were handed out by a church after a Fourth of July sermon. Now, the City of Bartow’s Code Enforcement says since the signs are put out during a holiday, they technically fall under the “temporary” sign ordinance, which means they’re illegal any other time of the year. WTVT says residents have three days to get rid of the signs or end up paying $25 a day.moreless
  • Cop Asked to Not Wear Uniform When Dropping Off Daughter at School
    According to “Fox & Friends,” an Arizona police officer was told not to wear his police uniform when he dropped his daughter off at school because other kids might tell parents that they saw a man with a gun at school. Officer Scott Urkov posted on Facebook to express his disbelief and many parents have come to his defense. Since the incident, the school has asked Urkov back for a special presentation in full uniform to talk about police work in the community.moreless
  • Ohio High School Cheerleader Shatters Backflip World Record
    TODAY” reports 16-year-old Marie Klein completed 40 back handsprings, and claimed the Guinness World Record for the most consecutive backflips. The high schooler says she almost passed out, but the crowd kept her going. WJW reports Klein practiced a lot in her backyard over the summer, and the cheerleader would also do 20 at every high school game.moreless
  • Kitten Hiding in Car Engines Is Finally Caught

    HLN reports a driver found a kitten inside the engine of his car. When he opened the hood, the cat took off and hid inside other cars. WSVN reports it all took place at a shopping center in Pinecrest, Florida. Good Samaritan Brett Werner ultimately caught the black cat and handed it over to authorities who are trying to find it a good home.

  • Pipeline Worker Finds Huge Dinosaur Fossil in Canada
    HLN reports a pipeline worker in Alberta, Canada uncovered a rare fossil of a dinosaur tail while digging. According to Time, the tail is part of a 100-foot long skeleton and a backhoe operator accidentally broke off the tail while digging, but immediately stopped to call around for any dino experts. Paleontologist Matthew Vavrek emphasized just how rare the find was, saying normally fossils are found broken and spread over a large area. Researchers are now scrambling to excavate before winter.moreless
  • Susan G. Komen Turns Down Topless Dancers Donation
    Popular breast cancer foundation, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, actually turned down a donation from Crazy Girls Cabaret in Las Vegas. The show wanted to donate money from its 26th anniversary show, but a spokesperson for the organization said it’s not a partnership it can support. KPHO reports it’s against national policy for Susan G. Komen to partner with any organization that may sexualize women.moreless
  • Woman Brings Cake Into Courthouse; Man Steals and Eats It
    Good Morning America” says an incident occurred at a security checkpoint in the Cowlitz County courthouse in Washington. A woman had brought her child’s birthday cake into the courthouse and after it went through the metal detector a man stole the cake and started eating it! “TODAY” says deputies tackled him and charged him with theft. “Fox & Friends” says the woman had brought the cake inside because her dog was in her car. The local grocery store made the woman a new cake for free.moreless
  • Sailor Dad Surprises Daughter With Corn Maze Reunion
    10-year-old Bella McComas hadn’t seen her dad in six months, but “Fox & Friends” reports she got the surprise of a lifetime when First Class Petty Officer Scott McComas hid in a corn maze and holding flowers. According to WPTA, management opened the maze that day especially for the surprise reunion. Bella told reporters she was “very happy” to see her dad again.moreless
  • Man Uses Girlfriends Pinterest to Plan Surprise Dream Wedding
    Dallas Romeo Ryan Leaks pulled off a destination engagement and wedding all in one day! “Good Morning America” reports the 27-year-old overheard his girlfriend say she thought it would be cool to be proposed to and then married in the same day. Leaks took to his girlfriend’s Pinterest page for inspiration and spent one year planning the nuptials before he popped the big question in Miami.moreless
  • Judge Marries Man to Fiancee After Murder Conviction
    Judge Patricia Cookson sentenced Danne Desbrow to 53 years in prison for murder, then turned around and married him to his fiancée. HLN reports it happened in San Diego, and the killer was uncuffed so he could hold hands with his bride. The judge even gave the couple a vanilla bundt cake she baked. KGTV spoke with the sister of the man Desbrow murdered in 2003, April Santos, who was appalled and upset by the nuptials.moreless
  • Video of Maryland School Buses Running Stop Signs Posted on YouTube
    Fox & Friends” says several school buses in Maryland were caught on camera blatantly running stop signs. When school officials didn’t do anything to stop it, one parent, Troy Lucas, videotaped the buses running stop signs and put it on YouTube. WTTG says within a few hours of the video being posted on October 1, school officials from Prince George’s County Public Schools released a statement saying they were investigating the incidents.moreless
  • 3-Year-Old Has Encyclopedic Knowledge of Seahawks Roster
    Good Morning America” may have found the Seattle Seahawks biggest fan, and she’s just three years old. However, that doesn’t stop her from knowing her team like the back of her little hand. In a video, Kaylee Beutow rattles off the names of players at every position her dad asks, even knowing their numbers and backup players, as well as coaches. Her dad told KOMO that she just kept asking about players and coaches and is able to remember all of them.moreless
  • Man Jumps In Water to Help 300-Pound Bull Shark
    While catch-and-release shark fishing, one Florida man saw the bull shark he’d caught was having a little trouble swimming away, so “Fox & Friends” shows the man jumping into the water to help the 300-pound fish. The Huffington Post explains that gently moving fish forward through the water helps push oxygen-rich water over their gills, reviving them. Thankfully, the man was not injured.moreless
  • Elderly Couple Stranded For Two Nights in GPS Mix Up
    Dorris and Charles Garton were headed to an RV rally in Oregon when their GPS system told them to turn onto an unpaved back road. “Fox & Friends” reports, they ended up getting stuck in thick mud and stranded for two nights. Deputies eventually rescued them, but Daily Mail reports their motor home unfortunately suffered some damage.moreless
  • Company Facing Lawsuit For Allegedly Trashing Houses by Mistake
    Safeguard Properties is one of those companies banks hire when someone’s house is foreclosed. “TODAY” reports the problem is that Safeguard has been breaking into the wrong homes! One woman came home to find men ransacking her house, even though it was fully paid off. The workers had gone to the incorrect address. These mistakes have been a problem with more companies than Safeguard, and back in September, ABC reported on a couple whose house was cleared out not once, but twice by mistake!moreless
  • Soldier Dresses Up as Opposing Team, Surprises Son
    HLN reports Air Force Master Sergeant Joseph Martel surprised his son at his high school football game by dressing as a member of the opposing team. When his son realizes who he is, he breaks down and hugs his father while sobbing. Martel’s unit flew F16s in support of ground operations. He said in an emotional interview he’s excited to see his son.moreless
  • Suspicious Bag Leads to Bomb Scare Near Seaworld
    Fox & Friends” reports the bomb squad detonated a suspicious bag near Seaworld Wednesday morning. The bag was found wrapped in electronic cord by a security guard around 3 a.m. WESH reports the bomb squad felt the need to detonate the bag because they couldn’t pinpoint the nature of the electronics inside. The Orlando Sentinel reports later investigations found the bad belonged to a homeless man.moreless
  • E-Cigarette Explodes Like Firework in Couple's Home
    E-cigarettes are growing in popularity, but “Fox & Friends” reports wife Renae Leslie is now warning people about the product. Her husband Chris, an e-cigarette owner for four months, says he was shocked when the e-cigarette exploded and shot like a rocket after charging on the couple’s computer. KRIV spoke with an e-cigarette shop owner, who says batteries without overcharge protection are to blame.moreless
  • 10,000 Walruses Huddled on Alaskan Beach
    HLN reports thousands of walruses, which can weigh up to 4,000 pounds each, are huddling together on a beach in Alaska. “Fox & Friends” reports scientists predict the lack of ice in the area may be to blame for the cluster. Los Angeles Times says walruses used to have ice in the northern Chukchi Sea to rest between dives for food, but now there’s a lot less ice in the area, forcing walruses to rest on beaches instead.moreless
  • 8-Year-Old Saves Neighbors From Fast-Moving Fire
    HLN reports 8-year-old Jonathan Bent sprang into action after a fire started in his neighbor’s apartment. He was sleeping at his neighbor’s after keeping an eye on her when her cigarette got too close to her oxygen tank, starting a fire. He tried to put it out himself, but when that didn’t work, he went door to door waking people up. The New York Daily News reports the local police chief praised the boy. Two people were treated for smoke inhalation, but no other injuries were reported.moreless
  • Missouri Mom Gives Birth to 13-Pound Baby
    A couple in Missouri received a big bundle of joy last week. “Fox & Friends” reports the mom, Jessica Helmers, gave birth to a 13-pound, 8-ounce baby girl named Karsyn Raleigh on Friday. KFVS says both Jessica and her husband, Wesley, were quite surprised. Wesley told KTHV his family didn’t believe the news at first. As for Jessica, though, she’s looking forward to future arm workouts with Karsyn.moreless
  • Acapulco, Mexico Overrun by Crocodiles
    Mexican resort town Acapulco is being overrun by crocodiles. ”Fox & Friends” reports eight of the crocs have been captured, and were swept into town by recent flooding. KQFX says many of the crocodiles were 10 feet long, and in one area, a little boy was killed while playing with brother. The mass flooding is due to tropical storms Ingrid and Manuel sweeping across the area.moreless
  • Crowd Sings Star Spangled Banner After Mic Fails
    Fox & Friends” reports after the microphone system failed at a Sporting Kansas City vs Philadelphia Union game, the crowd stepped in to help. In the video, you see the crowd singing the Star Spangled Banner in unison. YouTube videos from patrons of the game have popped up online, receiving hundreds of thousands of views each. The singer was supposed to be Dr. Cameron Smith, who never had his chance to shine, but at least the crowd certainly did!moreless
  • Daring Rescue of Woman by Police Officer Caught on Video
    Police officer Armando Rodriguez is being hailed a hero after he pulled a woman from a burning car. “Fox & Friends” had the video, where you see the officer arrive on the scene and immediately leap into action. KNBC reports both he and the 22-year-old woman he rescued were treated for injuries. He had minor burns and suffered from smoke inhalation. The woman was in stable condition as of Monday.moreless
  • Hospitals Want Patients to Ask Doctors Have You Washed Your Hands?
    TODAY” reports hospitals are taking a surprising measure to ramp up cleanliness amongst its staff by asking patients to make sure their doctors have washed their hands. Compliance with hand washing rules in hospitals is only about 50% and can be as low as 30% without outside encouragement. Infections picked up in hospitals affect 1 million patients and are linked to 100,000 deaths per year. This is one of many strategies being implemented across the country.moreless
  • 11-Year-Old Donates Birthday Gifts to Foster Children
    11-year-old Kyleigh Bermudez had just one selfless birthday wish: to give to those in need instead of receiving gifts herself. KVAL reports she came up with the idea and told her mother, Melissa, about a month and a half ago. The family is working with A Family for Every Child, an organization dedicated to finding forever homes for foster children.moreless
  • Dog Helps Nurse Tiger Cubs at China Zoo
    KSTU reports a doggy looked beyond her breed and helped baby South China tiger cubs in China. The mother tiger rejected the cubs, so KAUT says for the first time, a family dog was brought into the China Zoo to nurse the cubs and her own puppy. Of the 120 South China tigers left, all are in captivity. The breed was classified as endangered in 1996.moreless
  • Army Sgt. Surprises Son at Kindergarten
    U.S. Army Sgt. Chad Chudoba has been deployed in Afghanistan for nearly a year leaving behind his wife and two kids. He was able to make it home a few days early, so he decided his 5-year-old son Isaac at school. Chudoba dressed up as the school’s mascot, and made the big reveal after reading a book to his son’s kindergarten class. Isaac claims the costume didn’t fool him though. He says he recognized his dad’s voice and hands.moreless
  • 7-Year-Old Could Be Virginia Techs Homecoming King
    For the very first time in the history of Virginia Tech, a 7-year-old could be crowned Homecoming King. 23-year-old royalty candidate Chris Atkins has chosen cancer survivor Nathan Orban as his running mate. Atkins and his fraternity hope sharing Nathan’s story will help raise $10,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Nathan’s cancer had prevented him from attending any Virginia Tech football games, but Atkins will escort him onto the field Saturday, October 5 in hopes of crowning him the kmoreless
  • Cheerleading Squad Helps Man Propose to Coach During Halftime
    HLN shows a high school cheer squad in added a routine to their halftime show by helping their coach’s boyfriend propose over the weekend. Crystal Escobar thought she was being recognized for the team’s performance at state when she was surprised by her boyfriend. The cheerleaders flipped around signs that said, “Will You Marry Me?” Her boyfriend, Trevor Julo even had their families hiding behind the bleachers. Crystal told the Kansas City Star it was perfect.moreless
  • Baby Born in Wisconsin Police Station Parking Lot
    A father named Doug Nemec pulled over so his wife Amy could deliver their baby. Luckily for him, he just happened to pull over in the parking lot of a Marshall, Wisconsin police station! HLN reports Officer Kristine Quam and Office Assistant Deanna Chadwick helped deliver Miranda, a healthy 7 pound, 11 ounce baby girl. WSVN reports the couple is already planning another big first for Miranda, a first birthday party at the police station!moreless
  • Mom Finally Receives Slain Sons Dog Tags Two Years Later
    Specialist Douglas Jake Green was killed in the line of duty at just 23, but his grieving was never reunited with something important to her: his dog tags. “Fox & Friends” reports Suni Chabrow received and unexpected package in the mail with her son’s dog tags. The letter was from an anonymous soldier who said he found the tags in the dirt while he was on a mission. He held onto them for two years.moreless
  • Bride and Groom Zip Line to Wedding
    Lauren and Ben Youngkin tried something different for their wedding ceremony in Asheville, North Carolina. They rode in on a zip line. The couple says it was all about making the wedding the most fun for themselves and their guests. Ben told WHNS, "Ziplining isn't omnipresent in our life, but, we have a good time. We like to laugh, and we like for everyone else to laugh, too.” The bride also sported rainbow socks with her beautiful gown.moreless
  • Falling Tree Narrowly Misses Russian Soldiers
    A group of Russian soldiers are likely thanking their lucky stars this morning. “Fox & Friends” reports a tree narrowly missed a group of soldiers during a military ceremony. The video was published on YouTube in August, and you can hear a slight crackling sound throughout the video, but it’s not apparent whether or not it’s from the tree. At the very end, you hear the loudest crack, and then see the soldiers scramble!moreless
  • Teen With Cerebral Palsy Stands During Homecoming
    HLN reports a Minnesota teen with cerebral palsy surprised his fellow Coon Rapids High School peers by standing during the homecoming ceremony! Dakota Forness gave a speech to the student body about being a victor, then he surprised everyone by standing and walking. The gymnasium exploded, and KARE says the teen practised for weeks. Forness’s steps were inspiring, and he said that all four years people were told to stand for the school song, and he never could until that very moment.moreless
  • Man Steals Marathon Winners Finish Line Moment
    One of the great parts about winning a race is being the one to break that finish line ribbon, but “Fox & Friends” shows one Kenyan runner had that moment stolen from him when a man ran out and crossed first. That show stealer was wearing a shirt advertising a prostitution website that reportedly helps men find escorts. No reports on whether German police arrested the man. Still, runner Wilson Kipsang set the world record at the Berlin marathon, a goal he said he has dreamed of for years.moreless
  • Seven High School Tuba Players Trip and Fall During Halftime Routine
    One Texas high school marching band can probably start a blooper reel after this weekend’s mishap. “Good Morning America” showed the video where you see one tuba player trip while walking backwards, and then six more falling on top of him. The seven-tuba pile up has racked up almost 200,000 views on YouTube. It was the Lake Travis High School Cavalier Marching Band out of Austin that toppled over one another.moreless
  • Man Rescued by Strangers After Falling Onto Subway Tracks
    TODAY” says good Samaritans are being praised for helping a man who fell onto subway tracks in Boston. The man is a doctor and admitted to having a few drinks to celebrating passing his medical board tests. NECN spoke with one of the rescuers, 16-year-old Duncan Ketter. Boston Herald says a Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority employee made sure to halt all nearby trains so the man wouldn’t be run over. The man was taken to a hospital with a minor head injury.moreless
  • The Leaning Tower of Pisa Is Slowly Straightening
    TODAY” reports that the ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa’ is no longer actively leaning and has actually begun to move the other way at a rate of about two millimeters per year. In the last decade, it has moved nearly an inch. Some wonder if that will affect tourism to the famous monument, but Pisa has been renovating much of the city in hopes of keeping their impressive attractions. “TODAY” interviewed several visitors who said they would still love the straighter version of the tower.moreless
  • Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Pilot Suffers Heart Attack
    A United Airlines flight had to make an emergency landing after the pilot suffered a heart attack. “CBS This Morning” reports the plane was heading from Houston to Seattle, but was forced to land in Boise, Idaho. “TODAY” reports medical crews met the plane upon landing, and there was help in the air as well from a first year resident doctor. KBOI spoke with passenger Ken Martin, who said the doctor told him the pilot was a very heavy man, who later died at a hospital.moreless
  • Teen's Dying Wish For Pumpkin Latte Goes Global
    18-year-old Alyssa O’Neil had wished for a pumpkin spice latte before her untimely death from an epileptic seizure on September 4. WJW reports on the day of her death, she texted her parents asking them to buy her one the next day. Her parents went to the chain two days after her funeral and bought 40 strangers latte’s in their daughter’s memory. The baristas were so touched, the staff bought another 50 for other Starbucks patrons, and the generosity has been spreading around the world.moreless
  • Visa Subsidiary Cuts Off Store For Selling Guns
    Larry Hyatt, owner of a North Carolina gun store says a subsidiary of Visa cut off his business because it sells firearms. “Fox & Friends” reports the owners of Hyatt Gun Shop received an email announcing the sudden end to their 4-year business relationship with The move was reportedly in response to the Washington Navy Yard shootings and a call to action by President Obama. Visa and its subsidiaries have yet to comment.moreless
  • Cinnabons Kat Cole Named One of Fortunes 40 Under 40
    At 35, Cinnabon’s Kat Cole was named one of Fortune Magazine’s 40 Under 40, a list that highlights the most important young people in business. She went from being a Hooter’s girl to heading the now $1 billion company. At just 26, Cole became the Vice President of Hooters, after helping the company open stores overseas. Currently, Cinnabon has locations in 50 countries worldwide.moreless
  • Topless Protesters Crash Fashion Show in Paris
    A YouTube video shows two topless protesters made a scene at Nina Ricci’s show during Paris Fashion Week on September 26th. And model Hollie-May Saker told Liverpool Echo she accidentally punched one of the protesters, but later wished she had pushed them off the stage. Metro says the topless women are part of a Ukrainian feminist protest group that aims to protect women’s rights and fight against patriarchy. Despite the interruption, Ricci’s show was still called a success by fashion reviewersmoreless
  • Half-Marathoner Wins Full Marathon by Mistake
    TODAY” reports Meredith Fitzmaurice entered a half marathon as training for a full marathon, but halfway through, she missed the turn off and ran the entire thing by mistake. Eventually, she noticed she was the only woman running on the course. So, not only did she run twice as long, she finished in 3:11, which was fast enough for her to win the women’s category and qualify for the Boston Marathon. She said she didn’t do it on purpose, and was “in the zone” when she made the mistake.moreless
  • Arizona Jails Switching to Vegetarian-Only Meals
    Maricopa County, Arizona jails are saving money by serving inmates meals entirely made of soy. “Fox & Friends” reports controversial sheriff, Joe Arpaio, says soy is going to replace meat on the menu. HLN reports this move will save Arizona taxpayers $100,000. Arpaio has done other eyebrow raising moves as well, like 1993’s Tent City, where he obtained military tents and no longer had to release inmates due to overcrowding.moreless
  • Admitted Rapist Released After Serving His 30-Day Jail Sentence
    A Montana teacher admitted to raping a 14-year-old girl in 2007 and was sentenced to just thirty days in jail back in August. HLN says Stacey Rambold’s jail time is now up and the victim’s mother, Auliea Hanlon is beside herself. Before the trial began, Cherice Moralez was tormented by people bullying her and eventually committed suicide in 2010, just weeks before her 17th birthday. CNN says the judge handed down the short sentence saying Moralez was partly responsible for what happened.moreless
  • Two Pilots Admit to Falling Asleep While Flying an Airplane
    Good Morning America” says two pilots admitted they fell asleep at the same time while flying a plane operated by a British airline on August 13. “TODAY” says the pilots agreed to take turns taking naps. International Business Times says a plane can be flown in auto-pilot, but no one would be able to take control if an emergency were to happen. Britain’s Civil Aviation Authority says it would be “very surprised” if any disciplinary action is taken against the two pilots.moreless
  • Woman Yanks Ball from Little Girls Hands
    A video from a 2011 Arizona Diamondbacks vs Houston Astros game has just gone viral. WJXT had a startling video of a grown adult stealing a ball from a little girl. The little girl is visibly upset after the woman yanks it out from her hands and goes to sit down and high five her friends. The video was posted on YouTube with the title, “Evil woman steals ball from little girl” and it has racked up more than 1.8 million views.moreless
  • Home Intruder Caught on Security Camera
    A Montana woman named Jacqui Duffy says she had two break-ins in five years, and she really wanted to know how thieves kept breaking into her home. She installed a security camera, and literally caught an intruder on video. Duffy didn’t want her face shown on camera, but shared her story to warn others, and posted her footage on YouTube. The crook had broken in through her window air unit. She is now investing in central air.moreless
  • $60,000 Worth of Drugs Found on Alabama Shore
    HLN reports $60,000 worth of cocaine has washed ashore on an Alabama beach! Sergeant Jason Woodruff explained two couples were walking along the beach when they found the drugs wrapped in plastic and garbage bags. WKRG reports it was the second bag of drugs to wash ashore this week. Forensic testing will try to determine the purity of the drugs found, but authorities say it’s unlikely they will find the original source.moreless
  • Florida Man Finds, Returns $6,000 to Elderly Owner
    Fox & Friends” reports a Florida man named Robert Croft found $6,000 on the street and was determined to track down its rightful owner. Croft found the bag of dough on Sunday, and told WTTG that while he needed the money, he just couldn’t keep it. He returned to the scene with a reporter and found a piece of paper with a number on it. He called it, and the home health nurse on the other end called the family. The money was rightfully returned to 97-year-old Maluk Singh.moreless
  • 12-Year-Old Becomes Youngest NCAA Recruit Ever
    HLN reports earlier this week, 12-year-old Trey Couch became the youngest prospect ever to sign an NCAA letter of intent with Xavier. A few years ago, Couch was diagnosed with a chronic neurodegenerative disease that affects balance and coordination and will eventually lead to muscle deterioration. Sadly, there is no cure. The non-profit Team Impact, which aims to improve the quality of life for kids with chronic illnesses made the day possible.moreless
  • Wild Hogs Frighten Residents in Atlanta Suburb
    Fox & Friends” says residents in Georgia were surprised to see wild hogs had taken over their neighborhood. Students are even missing school because they are afraid to leave their homes. HLN says the 300-pound hogs have been roaming Lithonia, a suburb of Atlanta, since at least Monday and parents are worried for their children’s safety. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution spoke with a specialist who says the hogs can be become aggressive if they feel their food source is being taken away.moreless
  • TODAY Features Popular Online Character BatDad
    TODAY” profiled 29-year-old Blake Wilson, a father of four who catapulted himself to social media stardom with his “BatDad” persona, racking up more than 300,000 followers on Vine. In his short videos, he uses the famous Batman voice to share parenting tips and teach his children lessons like chewing with their mouth closed and brushing their teeth. As you can see in the videos, his wife isn’t always laughing, tho she does think it’s a funny concept. He got his trademark mask at Target.moreless
  • Kenya Mall Hostage Shares Emotional Homecoming on TODAY
    North Carolina woman Bendita Malakia was among hundreds of people trapped in a mall in Nairobi, Kenya that came under siege over the weekend by an al-Qaida-linked militant group. 72 hours after she was rescued, she was home in Washington and “TODAY” featured her emotional homecoming. 30-year-old Malakia moved to Nairobi in July to work for World Bank. The Interior Ministry said in a Twitter post Wednesday that five of the terrorists were killed by gunfire and 11 are currently in custody.moreless
  • Reader's Digest Experiment Identifies World's Most Honest City
    Reader’s Digest conducted an experiment it called the "Lost Wallet" test, where it dropped 12 wallets in each of the 16 cities selected by the publication. Each wallet had a card with a name and cell phone number, a family photo and $50. “TODAY” says the most honest city was Helsinki, Finland, where 11 of the 12 wallets were returned. New York City tied Budapest, Hungary for third, where 8 of the 12 dropped wallets were returned.moreless
  • Study: Mothers Are Addicted to Smell of Babies
    A new study says mothers are addicted to their babies because of the way they smell. “Fox & Friends” reports when new moms smell their baby, the rewards section of the brain lights up, and this is similar addicts react. The researchers also say that this reaction helps create a stronger bond between baby and mom. “CBS This Morning” says it even happens with babies that don’t belong to the woman. HLN points out researchers did not study the effects on fathers.moreless
  • Atlanta Braves Fan Creates Parody of Robin Thickes Blurred Lines
    The Atlanta Braves are going to the playoffs and HLN says one enthusiastic fan is celebrating by teaming up with members of the Braves organization to create a parody of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines.” Aaron Chewning uploaded the video to YouTube on September 23rd and it has already received more than 200,000 views. Chewning told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution it’s a lot easier to sing along with Thicke on the radio than it is to actually record a song.moreless
  • Apple Users Fooled by Fake Ad Claiming iPhones Waterproof
    A new ad is circulating the web claiming that Apple’s new operating system has a waterproof setting. Unfortunately, that’s not true, but “Fox & Friends” explains several people have been fooled by the fake ad. Many of those users have expressed their frustration on Twitter. The Daily Mail reports though, if you are looking for a waterproof phone, there are several on the market.moreless
  • Study Finds Marriage Could Help People Survive Cancer
    HLN says a new study found married people with cancer are 20% less likely to die of it than those who are single. USA Today says social support may actually be the secret to survival, not a wedding ring. NBC spoke with breast cancer survivor Sue Stone, who believes her husband’s support helped her beat the disease. CNN reports single people were 53% less likely to receive the appropriate therapies for their cancer.moreless
  • Soldier Surprises His Kids in School
    Fox & Friends” says Staff Sergeant Corey Humphrey came home and surprised his kids, Corey Jr. and Courtney, while they were in school, and first he stopped by his son’s classroom. His son looked up when he was tapped on the soldier and yelled, “Daddy!” Next, Humphrey stopped by the cafeteria, where Courtney was having lunch. Humphrey told WFOR he was nervous his daughter wouldn’t recognize him since it has been a year and a half, but she definitely did.moreless
  • Man Attached Flamethrower to Automated Wheelchair
    Fox & Friends” has video of a flamethrower attached to a motorized wheelchair. The chair was created by Lance Greathouse for his brother, Brent, after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. KNXV spoked with 52-year-old Greathouse, who showed off his creation and said it’s also equipped with lights, horns and fake guns. Sadly, Brent passed away in 2004, after battling the disease for five years. Still, Greathouse was inspired to start his company specializing in building anyone’s dream chair.moreless
  • Retailers Starting to Hire Help For Holiday Season
    HLN says the holidays are bringing some good cheer to Walmart employees because it’s adding more hours for its current employees. KLAS says it also plans to hire 55,000 new employees for the holiday season. Los Angeles Times says both Kohl’s and Toys 'R Us have decided to hire close to the same number of workers as it did during last year’s holiday season, while Target will hire about 18,000 less workers than last year. USA Today says it’s because consumers are still not buying as much.moreless
  • Security Guard Accused of Setting Fires in Hotel to Get Free Room
    Fox & Friends” says a hotel security guard in New York set small fires in the hotel to close it down and get a free room. WCBS says Mariano Barbosa, Jr. allegedly set five fires in the hallways and stairwells at YOTEL, as well as three fires in the SoHo Grand Hotel. A fire official told The New York Times the FDNY believes Barbosa had become weary of the people at the hotel’s bars and parties. Barbosa was arraigned on arson, criminal mischief and reckless endangerment charges.moreless
  • Man With Blue Skin Dies of Heart Attack and Stroke
    62-year-old Paul Karason, the man with blue skin, passed away Monday. Inside Edition reports he died of a heart attack and stroke in a Washington hospital. Karason drank a solution of silver and water to treat dermatitis, and used a silver preparation on his skin. He produced the silver in colloidal form himself, using electrolysis. He was made famous by “TODAY,” and it was apparent his health was wavering in one 2009 interview where he discussed stents in his arteries.moreless
  • Man Meets 911 Dispatcher Who Saved His Life
    HLN reports Michael Fitts called 911 when his home became completely surrounded by flames. Gail Hyatt was on the other end of that call and calmly encouraged him for 35 intense minutes. He says without her, he would be dead. HLN says after the ordeal, he got to meet the hero on the other end of the line. Fitts calls her his “guardian angel.” Thankfully, nobody was hurt in the fires and Fitts is glad the department is getting the recognition it deserves.moreless
  • Couple Undergoes IVF on Live Television
    TODAY” featured couple Jessica Menkhausen and Derek Manion who turned to IVF after struggling to get pregnant. Not only that, they decided to show it live on national television. Prior to the show, Jessica did weeks of successful IVF pre-treatment. Live on the show, doctors harvested and fertilized the eggs. If the procedure yields viable embryos, she will return to the hospital Friday to have them implanted in her uterus.moreless
  • Pennsylvanias Naked Haunted House Exposes Different Fear
    TODAY” reports a haunted house is exposing people to a new kind of fear. The deal is, the participant gets nude and goes through the haunted house! It’s called the “Naked and Scared” challenge and is an event at Pennsylvania’s Shocktoberfest. Participants must be 18 years or older and sign a waiver to take part. The naked event isn’t open on Sundays, and costs $20 to have your pants spooked off.moreless
  • 13-Year-Old Shocked When Soldier Mom Surprises Her at Football Game
    During every home game during football season, the Wisconsin Badgers feature a special salute to a military family, and on Saturday, one 13-year-old girl received an unexpected surprise. Bella Lund was surprised to see her mother come running to her on the field. Captain Jane Renee Lund, who is a veterinarian in the U.S. Army Reserve was on a 6-month tour in Afghanistan, and she wasn’t expected to be home until October. Mother and daughter shared a very long emotional hug.moreless
  • Bird Strikes on Airplanes on the Rise, Are You Safe?
    TODAY” reports this time of year with migrating birds can cause a serious risk to aircrafts. Bird strikes happen nearly every day in American skies, and the number of them has soared. “TODAY” reports Atlanta reported a whopping 100 in 2012, up 45% in four years. According to Nick Carter of the Birdstrike Control Program, airlines aren’t doing much about it. WJLA says a 30-page 2012 Department of Transportation report indicated the government isn’t doing enough to stop the bird strikes, either.moreless
  • Minister Halts Wedding Ceremony to Shout at Photographers
    TODAY” says it wasn’t a bridezilla who stopped a wedding in Pennsylvania, it was the minister! He halted the ceremony to yell at photographers who were getting too close to him and the bride and groom. “Good Morning America” spoke to one photographer, who said he didn’t want to interrupt the ceremony, but was shocked when the minister yelled at him. The bride, Noelle Ruehle, told Daily Mail she and her husband were shocked by the incident, but the minister tried to smooth things over later.moreless
  • Rookie New York Mets Players Forced to Dress as Bridal Party
    Fox & Friends” says baseball season sometimes goes hand in hand with a little lighthearted rookie hazing and the New York Mets did not disappoint. The rookies were forced to dress up as a bride and her bridesmaids. One Mets player posted lots of photos of the rookies on Twitter, noting pitcher Zach Wheeler was the blushing bride. New York Daily News published photos of the rookies in their purple bridesmaid dresses.moreless
  • New Mexico Teens Can Text Hotline For Sex Questions
    If any kiddos in New Mexico have a question about the birds and the bees, they now can get their question answered by simply sending a text to a special hotline. Opinions about the program have been pretty split. KOAT reports certified health professionals with years of experience answer the texts within 24 hours. The program also has a fun name as well, BrdsNBz. The end of every text encourages the teen to also chat with their parents or another trusted adult about the issue.moreless
  • Californians Surprised by September Snow
    HLN reports the mountains in California went straight from summer to winter over the weekend when they were hit with surprise snow. There was so much snow in the Sierra Mountains, that I-80 was shut down. It was so out of the blue that many were in summer clothes, and some people had even planned pool parties for the weekend! WTVY showed that the snow actually accumulated on the ground. At sea level, it was rain, but turned to snow at the higher elevations.moreless
  • Wheel of Fortune Contestant Who Mispronounced Phrase Stops by Late Night
    Paul Atkinson missed out on a million dollars when he mispronounced a phrase on the game show “Wheel of Fortune.” “TODAY” says Atkinson stopped by “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” where he was given a corner curio cabinet, which just so happened to be the phrase he mispronounced. Atkinson said he messed up on the game show because he was nervous and had never heard the word ‘curio’ before.moreless
  • Amanda Knox Refuses to Return to Italy For Retrial
    Amanda Knox and her then-boyfriend first made headlines in 2009, when they were convicted for the murder of her roommate Meredith Kercher. Knox served nearly four years behind Italian bars before her 26-year murder conviction was overturned in 2011. The Italian Supreme Court overturned the acquittal this March, and it looked as if Knox was going to head back to Italy, but she told “TODAY” that wasn’t the case. Knox said she isn’t returning and that’s a sign of her innocence.moreless
  • Fourth Grade Homework Assignment Includes the Word Pimp
    Louisiana mom Brittney Badeaux says the word ‘pimp’ was used in the name of a rap song in her son’s assignment wording. “Fox & Friends” reports Badeaux said she couldn’t believe the words “pimp” and “mobster” came out of her 9-year-old son’s mouth. This all went down in Vermilion Parish, Louisiana, and after she confronted her son’s teacher, who apologized and told her the assignment wouldn’t be used again, she also told her the assignment was part of the curriculum.moreless
  • Pirates Catcher Makes Unbelievable Grab Before Flipping Into Dugout
    The Pirates won a big one against the Padres Thursday, but it’s not the score anyone’s talking about. “Fox & Friends” has the unbelievable play from the game that’s making headlines. Pirates catcher Tony Sanchez made an incredible grab and then fell into the Padres’ dugout. He was a bit woozy from the flip over the railing, but stayed in the game and received a standing ovation. The play took the top spot on SportsCenter’s Top 10 countdown.moreless
  • Beauty Queen Receives ROTC Scholarship
    HLN profiled a hard working teen with an unusual resume; she’s a beauty queen with a military background. 18-year-old Wendy Martin needed a gown for her first pageant, but her dad told her he would only buy her one if she went to an ROTC camp. She did and she fell in love with it, saying she hopes to be a Blackhawk pilot one day. She has gone on to win several beauty competitions and received a 4-year Army ROTC scholarship to attend LSU, where she is a freshman.moreless
  • New Jersey Judge Gives Up Bench For Comedy
    On Thursday, New Jersey judge Vince Sicari was told by the state’s supreme court he had a big decision to make: keep his job as a part-time municipal judge or his nightside job as a comedian? The court ruled Sicari’s acting and comedy career were incompatible with the Code of Judicial Conduct. Sicari chose to quit his job as a part-time judge. Though the court is allowing Sicari to continue practicing law while keeping his side entertainment jobs. Sicari had been working as a judge since 2008.moreless
  • California Residents Urged to Stay Inside After 300-Pound Black Bear Seen
    Good Morning America” reports residents of San Luis Obispo, California spotted a furry intruder in their college town! Police sent out a text message to residents urging them to stay indoors after a 300-pound black bear was spotted roaming the streets. KCOY reports the situation was still ongoing in the early hours of Friday morning, but “GMA” says the bear was safely returned to its natural habitat.moreless
  • Robin Roberts Celebrates One Year Anniversary of Bone Marrow Transplant
    Robin Roberts celebrated the one year anniversary of her successful bone marrow transplant on “Good Morning America.” New York Daily News says it was exactly one year ago that Roberts underwent the transplant to treat a rare blood disorder called MDS. The entire “Good Morning America” crew took to Twitter to tweet a happy first birthday to their friend and coworker. In a blog post, Roberts said she wished everyone going through an obstacle will find the strength to push through it.moreless
  • Awe-Inspiring Grand Canyon Photo Goes Viral
    TODAY” had an inspiring picture from the Grand Canyon that is so beautiful, it almost looks too good to be true! It is a scene over the Grand Canyon with multiple strikes of lightning in the frame at once. Metro reports photographer Rolf Maeder is behind the shot, and he used a long exposure to capture the multiple lightning strikes seen. “TODAY” weatherman Al Roker sent out the picture via Instagram, and thousands of people took notice and “liked” it.moreless
  • Miss World Contestant Called Imposter
    Good Morning America” reports one of the contestants of the Miss World competition is being called an imposter. Rakima Ganieva’s official profile says she won a beauty contest in July, but Uzbeki officials told a news outlet there has never been a Miss Uzbekistan competition of any kind. The Telegraph reports the controversy hasn’t stopped the so-called beauty queen from actively updating social media accounts with pageant pictures. Neither she nor pageant officials have commented.moreless
  • Wheel of Fortune Contestant Loses $1 Million After Mispronouncing Answer
    Fox & Friends” says Paul Atkinson, a contestant on the game show “Wheel of Fortune,” had the chance to win a million dollars; all he had to do was solve the phrase. He correctly guessed the phrase, but he mispronounced one word and lost the money. “TODAY” says the next contestant said the phrase correctly and won $1,000. “Good Morning America” talked with Atkinson, who said it was his worst nightmare and he was really nervous at the time.moreless
  • Firefighters Rescue Woman Trapped in Well For 15 Days
    HLN says firefighters in China rescued a woman who was trapped in a well for 15 days. Global Post says Su Qixiu fell into the 12-foot well when she was searching for medicinal herbs in a cornfield on September 1st. She spent the next two weeks eating the raw corn from the stalks that had fallen into the well with her and drinking rain water. NBC says Chee-show weighed just 80 pounds when firefighters pulled her out of the well; she had previously weighed about 115 pounds.moreless
  • Teens Trash Ex-NFL Stars Home, Then Tweet About It
    TODAY” says ex-NFL star Brian Holloway was shocked to learn via social media that teens were partying in his vacation home in upstate New York. “CBS This Morning” says his house was trashed: holes were punched in walls, carpets were ruined, and graffiti was everywhere. “Fox & Friends” says Holloway created a website to publicly out the teens. Holloway says he’s had some apologetic phone calls since outing the teens on the Internet.moreless
  • Experts Call Food Expiration Dates 'Random'
    HLN reports a new study released by the National Resources Defense Council and the Harvard Food Law and Policy Clinic shows that expiration dates on food are largely random and unreliable. Sometimes people throw away food that is perfectly fine or eat food that may not be okay. 40% of food in this country goes uneaten, so the study laid out a plan to regulate food dating and combat waste. Time Healthland put together a video illustrating the real lengths of time food is safe to keep.moreless
  • Bloomingdale's Fights Illegal 'Wardrobing' With B Tags
    ardrobing is the term retailers use when customers buy clothing, wear them once or twice and then return them. According to “TODAY,” the practice is costing the industry almost $15 billion a year. Retail giant Bloomingdale’s is taking a stand by using three-inch black plastic devices on all merchandise over $150 in visible places like the hemline, so wearers can’t hide them.moreless
  • Politicians Defeat Reporters in National Press Club Spelling Bee
    CBS This Morning” reports the National Press Club hosted a spelling bee between nine politicians and nine reporters on Wednesday. That Centennial Spelling Bee was commemorating a 1913 showdown between the two groups. After correctly spelling "nonpareil," Virginia Senator Tim Kaine won the individual title and went home with a dictionary as his prize. Still, the press took home the prize for team victory.moreless
  • Family Kicked Out of Applebee's For Loud Toddlers
    HLN reports a Texas family is saying they were kicked out of a restaurant because their children were too “active.” Eli Gau and his wife, Lillian, have a 1-year-old and a 3-year-old. Gau said his son wandered away from the table, and as he was coming back with him, the manager told them to leave and called authorities. KHOU reports the family was given a warning for criminal trespassing.moreless
  • Zimbabwean Man Wakes Up to Find a Crocodile Under Bed
    It was a close call for a man staying at a lodge in Zimbabwe. “TODAY” explains Guy Whittall slept all night without even noticing a 300-pound crocodile was under his bed. The Daily Star reports he did not realize it until the housemaid screamed when she saw the 8-foot-monster under the bed. “Good Morning America” says Whittall was most concerned that his feet were only centimeters away from the croc when he woke up that morning.moreless
  • Video Shows Baseball Player Sliding Into Teammates Butt
    Usually in baseball, stealing second base is a good thing, but a “TODAY” video shows Cincinnati Reds Second Baseman Brandon Phillips getting a face right into his left butt cheek. The culprit was the Astros Jonathan Villar, who was trying to steal second when he slid right into the opposing player’s rear end. This reminds us of New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez’s now infamous, and very familiar looking, butt fumble into Brandon Moore.moreless
  • Student Suspended For Doing the Right Thing
    16-year-old David Schaffner III accidentally brought his pocket knife to a school football game. “Fox & Friends” reports he thought he was doing the right thing by voluntarily turning himself in. KDKA reports, instead he got a 10-day suspension. Schaffner’s father says that sends a worrying message about honesty, so the family has hired a lawyer to try to get the school to reconsider.moreless
  • Kentucky Pastor Finds Father After 38 Years Searching
    HLN says a pastor in Kentucky has been searching for his father for 38 years, but now they’ve finally been reunited. James Squires found out his father, Bobby Squires, had been living as a homeless man in Florida. Bay News 9 says the Bobby had a mental breakdown in 1975 and left his wife and children. WAVE spoke to James about the emotional reunion, and he said it meant a lot to know his father was still alive.moreless
  • University of Alabama Sororities Face Racism Allegations
    Racism allegations are putting the University of Alabama’s sorority recruitment process in headlines. The school’s newspaper, The Crimson White, claims two black women are both ideal candidates for sororities, but were kept out because of their skin color. One sorority in question, Alpha Gamma Delta, released a statement from its national headquarters saying it prohibits racial discrimination. Still, several sources at Alabama have admitted segregation is a major problem within its Greek system.moreless
  • 12-Year-Old Bone Cancer Patient Scores Heartwarming Touchdown
    After four surgeries in one year, including the amputation of his arm, doctors say 12-year-old Trey Sampson is coming to the end of his battle against a rare bone cancer. They say they are out of treatment options. HLN shows that didn’t stop him from accomplishing his childhood dream of scoring a touchdown for his middle school. He told WFAA he credits his team with keeping him strong and that the moment was “awesome.” His team won and his number 88 jersey was retired after the game.moreless
  • Fans Ruin High School Football Would-Be Victory
    Fans rushed a Columbia River High School vs Skyline High football game a little too early. “Fox & Friends” reports Skyline High players thought they had sealed the victory when the team blocked a game-winning kick by Columbia River, however, the ball was still live when the fans came rushing the field. Columbia River seized the opportunity and went on to score a winning touchdown after all. The video of the entire ordeal is definitely going viral, with more than 90,000 views in just two days.moreless
  • Video: Man Ignores Warning, Almost Gets Hit By Train
    "TODAY" reports an Australian man had a close call while walking across some train tracks. He ignored the warning signs and walked right in front of an oncoming train. He made it across just in the nick of time. WTTE says the man wasn’t suicidal, he just really wanted to get across those tracks. WDJT says the man was fined $2,000. The train’s driver was traumatized and had to go to the hospital.moreless
  • 11-Year-Old Makes Meaningful Donation to Wisconsin Police Department
    TODAY” says Wisconsin’s Greenfield Police Department received a meaningful donation just a few days after the anniversary of 9/11. A young boy came in and donated $10.03. The department thanked the little boy on its Facebook page, saying he left without giving his name. Later, 11-year-old Max Siepert was revealed to be the donor. He told WITI he donated after learning about all the work the police and fire departments did during 9/11 in his social studies class.moreless
  • Wheelchair-Bound Louisiana Teen Scores Touchdown For High School
    Shae Stelly has always dreamt of playing football for Cecilia High School in Louisiana, but because he has muscular dystrophy he’s stayed on the sidelines. However, "Fox & Friends" reports that dream finally came true. KATC says Stelly’s coach, Terry Martin, put him in after getting the idea from the University of Nebraska. Martin told KATC it’s the best thing he’s ever done.moreless
  • Army Staff Sergeant Surprises Son at Football Game
    Fox & Friends” has the heartwarming video of Army Staff Sergeant Brandon Pickett surprising his son at a football game. When his son realizes it’s him, he begins sobbing and runs into his father’s arms. Pickett had just returned home from his third deployment in Afghanistan and hadn’t seen his son in nine months. Now that he’s home, KAMC says Pickett has plans to play video games with his son.moreless
  • Butterball Hiring Men For Its 2013 Holiday Helpline
    HLN says it’s a first for Butterball--it is now hiring men to staff it’s holiday helpline. The company says it’s embracing the shift in cooking responsibilities. Butterball made this announcement on its Facebook page on September 16, saying it was looking for men who are at least 25-years-old, love to cook and have experience cooking turkey. And the anchors on the “TODAY” show got in a good laugh when talking about using the helpline. Butterball’s helpline will be 32 years old this winter.moreless
  • Elderly Couple Loses Dream Home in Colorado Floods
    HLN reports a Colorado couple that has been married 54 years came home to find their farm destroyed by recent flooding. The Denver Post reports the couple’s house flooded within 30 short minutes. 71-year-old Olga Salazar and her 74-year-old husband, Ramon were rescued by their daughter and grandson, but everything was destroyed. KUSA reports they lost years of photos, their car and many animals. Still, they say they have been through a lot in their marriage and will get through this.moreless
  • Womens Heart Attack Symptoms Very Different from Mens
    HLN reports a new study shows women often have no chest pain and fewer symptoms during a heart attack, making them more likely to be misdiagnosed and raising the risk of death. Canadian researchers looked at 1,000 patients, age 55 and younger. The symptoms women feel are easily mistaken for side effects of stress or even indigestion. Doctors recommend that women be proactive about their health and have a good relationship with their doctors, as most heart attacks are completely preventable.moreless
  • Frightening Fire Rescue Caught on Video
    An amazing fire rescue was caught on video from a fifth floor apartment in Washington Heights, Manhattan. “TODAY” reports a man was dangling from the window of the burning apartment and it looked like he was even willing to jump. Thanks to the help of strangers, WNBC reports the man was saved after they grabbed a ladder and he used it as a platform. One of the heroes, Roscindo Lopez, says he didn’t think twice before rescuing the frightened man:moreless
  • Miss America Responds to Racist Tweets
    A new Miss America was crowned Sunday she made history by becoming the first Indian American to win. As Buzzfeed points out, there was an almost immediate racist backlash on social media. Some mistakenly called her an “Arab,” implied that she was a “foreigner” and even called her a “terrorist.” 24-year-old Nina Davuluri responded saying it is “something she will have to rise above” and that she’s always thought of herself as “first and foremost, an American.”moreless
  • Homeless Man Returns Backpack With $42,000 Inside
    Fox & Friends” reports a man in desperate need of money did a very honorable thing when he found a backpack full of cash, he returned it! WBZ reports the bag contained $2,400 in cold hard cash, $39,500 in traveler’s checks and was found at South Bay Mall in Boston. WHDH reports police have not identified the good Samaritan, and he could only tell police his name and the address of the shelter where he lives, but many hope some good karma is coming his way.moreless
  • 19-Year-Old Couple Dies in the Colorado Flood
    Good Morning America” says 19-year-olds Wesley Quinlan and his girlfriend Wiyanna Nelson have been tragically swept away in the Colorado flood when they were driving to a party. “TODAY” says two other friends were also in the car, and watched as Wesley dived in after Wiyanna after she was swept away from the car. The Denver Post says their bodies were found close to each other. Wesley and Wiyanna had had their first date on Valentine’s Day of this year.moreless
  • Caught on Video: Police Accidentally Shoot Two Women
    TODAY” says a cell phone video caught the exact moment police officers accidentally shot two women near Times Square. The police were actually firing at a man identified by New York Daily News as 35-year-old Glenn Broadnax, who was running through traffic and acting like he had a gun. HLN spoke with a witness who said three shots were fired. ABC News says both women were taken to Bellevue Hospital and were treated for non life-threatening injuries.moreless
  • 85 Fifth Graders Rescued After Being Stranded in Colorado Mountains
    Good Morning America” says a group of 85 fifth graders and their 14 chaperones have finally been rescued from the Colorado mountains three days after the flood washed out their campsite. HLN says the teachers planned to have everyone hike down the mountain if a rescue was not possible because of the weather. The Wall Street Journal says the students from Fireside Elementary in Louisville were in the foothills of the Rockies for a field trip.moreless
  • Austrian Climber Scales 900-Foot Building Without Harness
    TODAY” has the video of one Austrian daredevil who used only his bare hands to scale a 900 ft. skyscraper in Central China on Sunday. Once he reached the top, he jumped, relying on a parachute he wore on his way up. Fortunately, he landed safely; a perfect ending to the impressive stunt. According to Time Magazine, the thrill seeker is 23-year-old climber Michael Kemeter, who also has videos of him slacklining and base jumping.moreless
  • Man Meets Siblings After 67 Years
    Anthony Leonard, who is from England, spent nearly 7 decades searching for his biological family. Well, his wish finally came true over the weekend in Portland, Oregon. He tracked down two of his siblings in Oregon with the help of an investigator. Their mom gave him up for adoption during World War II and moved to the U.S. shortly after. She never told anybody about him before she died.moreless
  • Man Recovers Diary from Vietnam Soldier, Hopes to Return to Owner
    Fox & Friends” reports Michigan man Larry Wallace found a diary detailing a soldier’s time in Vietnam and hopes to find its rightful home. In addition, Larry Wallace found a 1939 wedding album, jewelry, and a Vietnam war ring. The wedding album was of Robert Currie and Lois Wright. The Wallaces have said they believe the items are very important to somebody out there and hope to return the items to the owners or their family. WJBK asked for anyone with information to call its news hotline.moreless
  • Samantha Geimer Tired of Being Called Victim
    Samantha Geimer was raped by famed film director and producer Roman Polanski, and following the release of her tell-all book on the incident, is publicly speaking about the details for the first time in three decades. Still, Geimer recently released a book on her experiences with the director. It’s titled “The Girl: A Life in the Shadow of Roman Polanski.” She hopes it will help change the “victim” image of her she feels has been sensationalized by the media.moreless
  • Former Plural Wife of FLDS Prophet Speaks Out
    TODAY” previewed a Dateline piece about the fascinating story of Rebecca Musser. When she was 19, she became the 19th wife of the late Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints prophet Rulon Jeffs, who was 85 at the time. After his death, she escaped the church and helped federal authorities convict his son Warren Jeffs in 2011. Musser now serves as a motivational speaker and activist.moreless
  • Utah Man Has Eaten 12,000 Big Macs Over 30 Years
    Good Morning America” says a 64-year-old man from Utah is claiming he’s eaten about 12,000 Big Macs over 30 years. KSL-TV spoke with Dennis Rosenlof who said he started eating the burgers when he became a salesman, after serving in Vietnam. He says he eats 10 burgers a week. At 550 calories a burger, it’s more astonishing that Rosenlof is actually pretty healthy. He eats 700 fewer calories than the average American man. Rosenlof estimates that he’s spent $60,000 over his lifetime on Big Macs.moreless
  • WATCH: Water Raft Gets Airborne Behind Jetski
    TODAY” featured an amazing video making its rounds on the Internet. It shows a thrillseeker in Russia riding an inflatable raft behind a jetski. When he tilts the raft a bit, it takes flight! Some may doubt its authenticity, but this guy wouldn’t be the first to take flight. There are plenty of similarly high-flying videos popular on YouTube. The “TODAY” anchors said as far as they could tell, there were no special effects used.moreless
  • Toddler and Adult Rescued After Falling in 10-Foot Hole
    Good Morning America” says a dramatic rescue took place Thursday night at a park in Louisville, Kentucky after two-year-old Miana Moore fell into a 10-foot hole. WDRB says a football team was practicing nearby and one of the coaches went in after Miana to comfort her. WLKY spoke with a football player’s mother who says people have known about the holes from a long time. Rescue crews rushed to the scene and were able to get both Miana and Washington out of the hole in a little over an hour.moreless
  • School Named After KKK Leader Gets Pressure to Change Name
    A high school in Jacksonville, Fla. is getting pressure to change its name. The school is named Nathan Bedford Forrest High School. Forrest was a lieutenant general for the Confederate army who also served as the first grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. An online petition supporting the name change has nearly 80,000 signatures. It would be up to the school board to make the decision on a name change. Five years ago the school board voted against a change 5-2.moreless
  • Louvre Targeted in Ticketing Scam
    The Louvre in Paris is the most visited museum in the world, but “Good Morning America” reports the iconic spot has fallen victim to a ticket scam. Authorities believe organized crime groups in China are behind the circulation of counterfeit passes. France 24 says thousands of high-quality fakes were seized by Belgian customs at the end of August. The museum does not yet know the actual scope of the crimes, but some estimate the fakes have cost the museum hundreds of thousands of dollars.moreless
  • Proms Gets First Female Conductor in Its 118 Years
    Proms, a classical music festival, marked the end of summer in the UK and CBS This Morning says guests also got to hear the sounds of shattering glass ceilings. Marin Alsop became the event’s first female conductor in its 118 years. BBC says Alsop was told by her violin instructor growing up that she could never be a conductor because she is female. But that didn’t stop her: She was the first woman to lead a major American symphony and the first conductor to be awarded the MacArthur fellowship.moreless
  • Woman Texting While Driving Ends Up In Lake
    A 25-year-old Maryland woman admitted to authorities she was distracted by a text message when she drove her car into a lake. KGTV reports the woman told police she was looking at her phone when she lost control of her car, smacked into a tree and ended up in a lake. Luckily the woman was able to escape through a car window and swim to safety. There is a text messaging ban in Maryland. Authorities say charges against the driver are still pending.moreless
  • Kmart Airs First Holiday Ad 106 Days Before Christmas
    It’s more than 100 days before Christmas, but “Good Morning America” says Kmart is already airing its first holiday ad for its layaway program. The ad started aired multiple times on September 9th, nearly seven weeks ahead of Kmart’s first Christmas ad in 2012, which ran on October 28th. Outraged consumers took to Kmart’s Facebook page to complain. But Ad Age says Kmart might have the right idea with advertising early because 12% of consumers start their holiday shopping before September.moreless
  • Boston Logan Airport Officials Apologize For Poorly-Timed Fire Drill
    Passengers at Boston’s Logan Airport saw a plane on fire on the runway on the 12th anniversary of 9/11. Turns out, it was a scheduled fire drill. Some were upset, and online outrage at the poorly-timed decision led to an apology from airport officials. In a Facebook post officials agreed the drill shouldn’t have taken place that day.moreless
  • Texas Roller Coaster Reopening After Woman Falls to Death
    Six Flags near Dallas is set to open a roller coaster this weekend, just two months after a woman fell to her death while riding it. Fox & Friends reports the ride will have new seat belts in order to enhance safety. But now, Rosa Esparza’s family is suing the park for $1 million in damages citing poor safety on the ride. KXAS adds the park won’t show off the ride’s new features until it reopens this weekend.moreless
  • Study Links Male Menopause to Low Levels of Estrogen
    CBS This Morning” says a new study has discovered menopause in men isn’t only linked to a lack of testosterone--low levels of estrogen cause problems too. Headlines & Global News says this study by Massachusetts General Hospital comes out at the same time testosterone supplements are being widely advertised. Medical Daily says the study was setup to determine the required levels of testosterone needed for health and help doctors decide when to prescribe the supplements.moreless
  • School District Bribing Students to Stay In School
    HLN reports the Houston Independent School District has turned to bribery to lower its staggering dropout rate. They are offering students hundred dollar gift cards if they can get a dropout back in school. The dropout must be between 13 and 21 and has to stay for the full semester for the student to get paid. They can make up to $500 in gift cards. The concept started in Sharpstown High School and was just adopted by the whole district.moreless
  • Frog Photobombs NASA Rocket Launch Photo
    KDFW says a NASA photo taken of a rocket launch was photobombed by a frog. “TODAY” says the agency confirmed the photo was legitimate and not photoshopped. The launchpad is surrounded by a pool of water, which is likely why the frog was around the launch. NBC News explains this isn’t the first animal oddity to take place at a NASA launch. Sadly it’s not known what exactly happened to the frog.moreless
  • WATCH: Great-Grandmothers Amazing Foul Ball Grab
    Fox & Friends” has the awesome video of a great-grandmother making a clean catch of a foul ball at a Giants game Tuesday. Virginia Smith had played softball for 39 years, so it was nothing new for her. Now, she is the mother of 9, the grandmother of 16, great grandmother of 15 and a great catcher! According to KGO, Giants announcer Mike Krukow called it his favorite play of all time. Unfortunately, her home team San Francisco Giants lost that game 9-8 to the Colorado Rockies.moreless
  • Husband Defends Viral Videos Authenticity on TODAY
    Jason Mortensen became a viral sensation after his wife, Candice, recorded him waking up from surgery and falling in love with her all over again. The couple was live on “TODAY” and Mortensen admitted he didn’t remember anything from the video. Candice says she finally pulled out her phone after her husband had already been acting oddly for 20 minutes. CNN called Mortensen’s surgeon, Dr. Paul Robinson, who confirmed he really did have the surgery and the video is not a fake.moreless
  • Controversial Truck Decal Gets Ripped Off, Burned
    Hornet Signs in Texas came under fire recently for a tailgate sticker that was so realistic it looked like a woman was tied up in the back. Owner Brad Kolb says there was so much negative feedback he took the sticker off and burned it. He then donated $2,500 to the Advocacy Center for Crime Victims and Children in Waco.moreless
  • Watch: Trooper Crashes Into Couple on Motorcycle
    Fox & Friends” has the dashcam video that shows an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper smash into a couple on a motorcycle. Amy Waldman suffered a concussion, while Corey Waldman had a broken foot. WLWT reports the crash happened in August, but the video was only just recently released. The incident is under investigation.moreless
  • Abercrombie & Fitch Loses Discrimination Suit
    HLN reports Abercrombie & Fitch lost a discrimination lawsuit regarding former employee Hani Kahn. When working at a California store two years ago, the 19-year-old Muslim was reportedly asked by a manager to remove her headscarf because it conflicted with the chain’s “look policy.” When she refused, she was fired. The judge found that the policy violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, and ruled in the teen’s favor. The jury still has to decide on how much the company owes in damages.moreless
  • Raccoon Crashes Into Alabama Police Station
    An unexpected guest dropped in at the Gardendale Police Station in Alabama. HLN reports a raccoon crashed through the ceiling of the station’s lobby, but unlike most intruders, this one didn’t want to leave. WBRC reports officers tried leading the critter out of the building but it grabbed ahold of the door, wanting back inside. The incident is all caught on video by a security camera.moreless
  • Good Samaritan Rescues Mom, Daughter from Flash Flood
    A dramatic flood rescue in Colorado was caught on camera. “Fox & Friends” has the video of 25-year-old Stephanie Liddick and her 6-year-old daughter McKenna, who had climbed onto the roof of their car to escape rising waters. Merle Cordova was driving by and stopped and pulled them to safety. He dropped them off and went back to tow their car. Intense hail has plagued the Denver area this week and when both hail and debris clogged a drainage gate, and that flash flood was the result.moreless
  • Some Argue Sweet Treats the Trick to Promotion
    Are sweets the key to success? “Fox & Friends” reports a new poll found 25% of adults bake treats in hopes of making friends in high places. The Telegraph took a closer look at the study and found even those who can’t bake bought store-made cakes and passed them off as their own. What’s more is that men are more likely to use sweet treats to get a promotion than women.moreless
  • Huge Hawaiian Molasses Spill Killing Fish in Harbor
    A huge molasses spill is killing fish in a Honolulu harbor. HLN reports health officials say as much as 1,400 tons leaked out from a Matson pipeline that was filling a tanker Monday. The molasses leaked from the pipe and sank to the bottom of the water, forcing fish to come to the surface for more oxygen. KITV reports authorities are warning people not to get in the water near the dead fish because as the fish die there will be an increase in sharks and even barracudas in the area.moreless
  • Students and Teacher Burned After Science Experiment Catches Fire
    Fox & Friends” featured a story about a chemistry experiment that caught on fire at Roach Middle School in Texas. One of the students was airlifted to the hospital for first and second degree burns. KXAS reports the chemical used in the experiment is the same one that causes the red in fireworks displays. WFAA says the teacher put the fire out.moreless
  • Man Falls in Love With Wife All Over Again on Morphine
    A man named Jason Mortensen fell in love with his wife all over again, and didn’t even realize it! “Fox & Friends” has the hilarious viral video of this husband just waking up from surgery and definitely high on morphine. When his wife, Candice, spills the beans they’re married, Mortensen’s eyes grow wide and he goes, “you’re my wife?!” He also asked if the two had kids and if they’d ever kissed before.moreless
  • Denver Receives Feet of Hail in September
    Colorado residents had quite the wintery surprise, though it’s obviously the middle of September! “TODAY” reports temperatures were in the 90s when the massive hail storm hit in Golden, Colorado. HLN says dense fog also started to rise once the icy hail melted and the warm air temperatures reacted. KMGH spoke with an eyewitness, who says he thought there must have been a tornado in the area, especially since there were also reports of some pretty crazy lightning.moreless
  • Canadian Baseball Fans Catch UFO on Camera
    Good Morning America” reports fans at a baseball game in Canada caught what looks like it could be an alien spaceship on camera. So far, no one has come forward to explain the flying phenomenon. “Fox & Friends” theorized it could be a light-up kite or a small drone. One thing that is a bit questionable about the video, the people recording it don’t seem to react to what they’re seeing. So, that has some saying it’s a hoax.moreless
  • Study Shows Brushing Right After Eating Is Dangerous
    Fox & Friends” reports there’s a new study out that suggests brushing immediately after eating may do more harm than good. Dentists say that once you’re done with the meal, the best thing to do is just to rinse your mouth out with water. The New York Times explains brushing after eating acidic or sugary foods can actually push those chemicals deeper into enamel, expediting the harm they do to teeth. Waiting 30-60 minutes after eating is much safer.moreless
  • Son of Alleged Mugger Makes Amends With Victim
    In August, an elderly woman was mugged in an Oklahoma cemetery. KWTV says the alleged mugger’s 15-year-old son tried to make amends by giving back the money. Police arrested Shane Lunsford on September 6th after he was caught trying to use one of Tona Herndon’s credit cards, which was taken when she was mugged while visiting her husband’s grave. Daily Mail says Lunsford’s son, Christian tried to give Herndon $250. Herndon was touched by the gesture, but wouldn't accept his money.moreless
  • Woman Battling Cancer Denied Possibly Life-Saving Drug
    Andrea Sloan has been battling cancer for seven years, but her oncologist thinks her best chance for survival is an experimental drug created by Biomarin Pharmaceuticals. “CBS This Morning” says Sloan was unable to get into a clinical trial; she asked Biomarin for the drug via the FDA’s “compassionate use” which allows drug companies to offer experimental drugs outside of trials to desperately ill patients. KXAN says Biomarin denied the request, so she is fighting to get it to change its mind.moreless
  • Ice Cream Truck Driver Attacked by Gunman
    HLN has the startling story of a female ice cream truck driver named Lisa Moorer in Charleston, South Carolina, who says a man holding a gun came running at her and screaming profanities! The suspect told authorities he was angry because there are no soliciting signs posted around the neighborhood. The accused man is named Richard Hill, and WCBD spoke with Moorer, who reports everything happened so quickly. Hill is charged with pointing a firearm.moreless
  • Father, Son Recreate Historic Walk 50 Years Later
    HLN reports this week, a father and son in Alabama recreated a historic walk they made 50 years ago. At 6 years old, Sonnie Hereford IV was one of the first African Americans to enroll in an all-white school, marking the end of segregated schools in the state. Before that walk, his father, Dr. Hereford, recalls getting threatening calls. People even spit at him and threw rocks at him. This week on that same walk, he received medals and plaques. As he said, “We have come so far.”moreless
  • Veteran Suffers Vicious Beating After Coming to Aid of Bullied Teen
    Retired Marine Captain Wen Jones was leaving Florida’s Juno Beach Park back in May when he noticed a teenager surrounded by bullies. “Fox & Friends” reports, he stepped in to help, and was viciously beaten. He suffered broken bones and a concussion, but says he is proud to have done the right thing. He is now speaking out about the ordeal.moreless
  • Wrong House Demolished After Man Allegedly Switched House Numbers
    Demolition crews in Pontiac, Michigan tore down the wrong house, but it may not have been Oakland County’s fault. “Good Day Orlando” explains the man who owns the house slated to be demolished allegedly swapped house numbers with his neighbor, and the neighbor’s house was destroyed instead. Those living near the site of the demolished home told WXYZ they are actually grateful, and say the property was an eyesore.moreless
  • Pope Francis Responds to Several Letters With Personal Phone Calls
    Good Morning America” reports some have dubbed Pope Francis “the cold-calling pope” as he’s been responding to letters with personal calls. A recent one was to Anna Romano, who wrote saying she was pregnant and found out her boyfriend was married. He told her she was brave for keeping her baby and even offered to baptize it. Reportedly, she was one of about a dozen calls Francis made recently. Since becoming pope in March, he has made efforts to bring the church into a more modern, informal agemoreless
  • Unusual Car Decal Boosting Sales and Controversy
    Hornet Signs in Waco, Texas wanted to attract business, so it made a very unusual truck decal. HLN has the video where the tailgate decal on a Hornet employee’s truck looks like there’s a woman tied up in the back of a truck. It’s an optical illusion, but it looks so real that some have ever called the police after seeing it. KWTX spoke to Brad Kolb, the business owner himself, who says he is surprised by the intense backlash.moreless
  • Parents Using Secret Chat Rooms to Give Away Adopted Children
    An underground world has been uncovered where unhappy parents of adopted children are finding new homes for their kids. “TODAY” spoke with Nora Gately, who was “rehomed” just one year after she was adopted. Her adopted parents dropped her off with a family in Tennessee and never looked back. Parents post messages in underground chatrooms, pleading for others to take unwanted children off their hands. Reuters says 261 children were advertised over five years in one secret group on Yahoo.moreless
  • 5-Year-Old Piano Prodigy Recites Songs from Memory
    A typical 5-year-old is gearing up for Kindergarten and maybe even learning their address and phone number, but how about playing Beethoven from memory? “Fox & Friends” reports that’s just what Jacob Velazquez of Florida can do, despite his feet not even being able to reach the piano pedals. The little legend was also on “Good Morning America” over the weekend, showing off his skills and his photographic memory.moreless
  • Man Gives His Wife 55,000 Dresses Over 56 Years
    Daily Mail says Paul Brockmann bought his wife a new dress to wear every time they went ballroom dancing, which over the span of 56 years added up to 55,000 dresses. On Brockmann’s website, he says his love for his wife Margot resulted in the huge collection. He told KCBS he spent every dime he had on new dresses, while Margot admits she hasn’t worn every dress her husband has bought for her. Being that both are now in their 70s, the couple has decided to sell some of the massive collection.moreless
  • Veteran Reporter Says Live Shot Will Be Death of Him Live On-Air
    Veteran WMAZ reporter Randall Savage apparently isn’t a fan of live shots, and he let his audience know it on accident, too. Not realizing the shot was live, Savage mumbled, “this is gonna be the death of me.” Savage is WMAZ’s Special Assignment Editor, and even won a pulitzer in 1985. Next, we hear a WIN anchor say she’s going to sound like a drunk, also not realizing the cameras were rolling.moreless
  • Missouri Mom Allegedly Assaults Sons Teacher
    On September 6, a meeting between a mom and her 6-year-old son’s teacher turned violent at a school outside Kansas City. KSHB reports the child allegedly came home with scratches on his neck and when he blamed the teacher, his mom went to school and allegedly assaulted the 46-year-old teacher. HLN reports the boy later admitted to making up the story about the teacher scratching him. Police say they have charged the 24-year-old mother with assault. Baker is due in court October 22.moreless
  • Third Ever Survivor of Brain-Eating Amoeba Conquers Fear of Swimming
    HLN reports 12-year-old Kali Hardig is making a stunning recovery after months of battling an extremely deadly, brain-eating amoeba. She was diagnosed in July after contracting the bacteria in an Arkansas lake. She is working on her speech and memory and should be able to walk on her own soon. That progress is nothing short of a miracle. Of the 128 diagnosed cases recorded by the CDC since 1962, Kali is just the third person to survive. She has even gone swimming again in the hospital pool.moreless
  • Hinese Father Faces Criticism Allowing 5-Year-Old Son to Fly Plane
    Chinese father He Liesheng is facing some tough criticism after letting his 5-year-old son, He Yide, or Duoduo, fly a plane. “TODAY” reports it was an attempt for the record books as the world’s youngest solo pilot. Duoduo became famous for enduring extreme challenges from his father Liesheng, who calls himself “Eagle Dad.” Last year, a video of him forcing his son to do exercise in the middle of winter went viral.moreless
  • Afghan War Veterans Reunited With Battlefield Dogs
    National Guard soldiers from New York met Sheba on patrol in Afghanistan. When the mixed breed had puppies, they helped her care for them, even giving up some of their rations to help feed them. HLN reports, the soldiers and the pups were reunited at JFK Airport after a rescue group brought the dogs 8,000 miles to the U.S. The soldiers, and the dogs, were really happy to see each other again.moreless
  • Truck Carrying 80,000 Pounds of Sand Crashes
    Good Morning America” says a semi-truck delivering 45 tons of sand to a golf course in Utah crashed into a home while residents were having breakfast. WFXT reports the driver reportedly lost control of the gears and the brakes before it slid backwards downhill! A brand new car and a retaining wall were also damaged in the incident. Fortunately, no one was hurt.moreless
  • MSU Professor Makes Anti-Republican Comments During Class
    William Penn, an award-winning author and a creative writing teacher at Michigan State University, is in some hot water after making anti-GOP comments during one of his classes last week. A student reportedly recorded the rant and posted it online, where it has since gone viral. Once the university found out about the rant, they reassigned Penn until further notice and have apologized for his comments. Many of the 400 students in Penn’s lecture during the rant were deeply offended by his words.moreless
  • Miracle Baby Survives Being Born Without Kidneys
    U.S. Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler gave birth to a baby girl in July who is nothing short of a miracle. She told “TODAY” it was the worst moment of her life when doctors told her her baby wouldn’t live because there was no amniotic fluid in the womb to help kidney and lung development. Daily Mail says doctors performed an uncommon procedure that saved Abigail’s life. KOMO says doctors do not know of another baby who was born with this condition and survived.moreless
  • Will Americas Biggest Bacon Company Be Purchased by Chinese Company?
    HLN reports you better hoard your bacon, America’s biggest bacon company, Smithfield, may be bought out by Shuanghui International Holdings Ltd. The U.S. government is expected to give the green light and approve the deal for the Chinese company, which is responding to its country’s growing demand for pork products. One shareholder, Starboard, hopes to stop the buyout and bid more per share than the international company.moreless
  • Wild Turkey Causes $7,000 Worth of Damage to Womans Home
    A panicked woman in rural New Jersey called 911 and explained a wild turkey had crashed through her second-story window and she was hiding in a bedroom! HLN played the 911 audio where you hear a frantic 70-year-old Marie Manco say she’s afraid to come out. WCBS reports the turkey cause $7,000 worth of damage, and CNN says Manco is having difficulty getting her insurance provider to cover the costs from the feathered felon.moreless
  • Manhattan Speeder Posts Online Video That Leads to Arrest
    Police have been on the hunt for the driver of a video posted on YouTube showing a person making a loop around Manhattan in 24 minutes. Authorities were able to use evidence in the video to arrest 30-year-old Christopher Adam Tang. He will face a slew of charges including reckless driving, following too closely and speeding. Police also seized his 2006 BMW Z4, which is believed to be the vehicle in the video. If you follow all of the proper traffic rules, the Manhattan loop takes 41 minutes.moreless
  • Woman Held Captive In Somalia Releases Memoir
    Journalist Amanda Lindhout was kidnapped in Somalia in 2008, along with her friend Nigel Brennan, and held captive by Islamic rebels for 460 days. “TODAY” says in her memoir, “A House in the Sky,” Lindhout chronicles the atrocities she was dealt, including being tortured and repeatedly gang-raped by her teenage captors. International Business Times says they were captured just a few days into their trip and held for a ransom of $3 million. Lindhout’s memoir will be released on September 10th.moreless
  • Rare Photos of Royal Family Going Up For Auction
    Some very rare, candid photographs of Britain's royal family are going up for auction. “TODAY” talked to the photographer, Ray Bellisario, who is considered London’s first paparazzo. Omega Auctions says the photos span a 25-year period and all the money raised will go to charity. Daily Mail says Bellisario first started taking photos of the Royal Family in 1954, when he was just 18 years old and Elizabeth had just been crowned queen. The photos are expected to sell for $1 million.moreless
  • Man Nearly Hit by SUV Says Credit Card Helped Save Him
    HLN reports an SUV came crashing through a gas station in Australia, and a credit card may be responsible for saving Carlo Spina. Spina was reportedly a little annoyed he didn’t have enough cash to buy a magazine, so he had to pay with his credit card. In those few seconds he stayed inside, an SUV came crashing through the station and may very well have killed him if he were outside. Daily Mail reports Spina is also getting married in a few weeks.moreless
  • Sulking Kid Gets Baseball From Kind Stranger
    At Sunday’s Diamondbacks vs. Giants game, “TODAY” reports an older kid caught the foul ball leaving younger boy standing behind the older, disappointed. Then the young man walked over and gave the sulking child his own souvenir ball, apparently from the gift shop. Fox Sports called the unidentified young Giants fan “a true Robin Hood.” Broadcasters saw what he did and a Diamondbacks employee rewarded him with a new ball. Babble says the incident might restore your faith in humanity.moreless
  • Man Helps Wife Get Kidney By Wearing Sign
    78-year-old Larry Swilling from South Carolina was determined to save his wife’s life and find her a kidney. HLN reports he wore a sign around his body that asked for a kidney for his wife and also gave a phone number to call. Daily Mail reports a number of donors offered to help, but none were a match for Swilling’s wife, Jimmie Sue. However, good things come to those who wait, and WTOC reports the Swilling family’s wait is over and a match has been found!moreless
  • Dogs Being Trained to Detect Ovarian Cancer
    CBS This Morning” says researchers at the University of Pennsylvania are using an unconventional system to detect ovarian cancer: dogs. Penn Vet Working Dog Center posted a video to its Facebook page, showing the dogs are trained to sniff out the cancer. American Cancer Society says about 70% of patients are diagnosed with ovarian cancer too late because there’s no standard screening test. ABC News says prior research shows dogs are able to detect breast, prostate, and bladder cancers.moreless
  • Family of Alleged Sextortion Victim Suing For $2.5M
    An Oregon family has filed a lawsuit against five teenagers and their parents for their alleged involvement in the sextortion and bullying of a teen girl. Sextortion is when an explicit photo of someone is used as blackmail to demands more from the victim. Josi Harrison says her nightmare started in 7th grade, when she sent her then boyfriend a nude photo. Afterwards, she claims he demanded for more. Then, Harrison says others started harassing and bullying her.moreless
  • Limes Burn Five Young Girls Skin
    Five young girls were burned by limes. Parents noticed the girl’s softball size blisters on their hands, arms and legs. Doctors were reportedly stumped at first, but later discovered the girls were diagnosed with Phytophotodermatitis, which is a chemical reaction that will make the skin hypersensitive to the sun. The girls developed the condition by smashing some limes for fun while at a pool party. Doctors have told the young girls to stay out of the sun for at least six months.moreless
  • Jennifer Convertibles Customers Complain of Peeling Leather Sofas
    TODAY” reports customers who bought sofas from the Jennifer Convertible company say there’s a major defect with the leather, which clumps and peels right off. Rossen Reports highlighted one customer, Rose. She bought a couch that cost $1,700 in 2005, but was reportedly falling apart within a year. The company states the warranty for the couches does not cover cracking or peeling. NBC reports the company is also currently under investigation by the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs.moreless
  • Michigan Romeo and Juliet Run Away Together
    Good Morning America” has the latest on the two Michigan freshman who ran away more than a week ago after their parents told them their relationship was too serious. 13-year-old Jayden Thomas and 14-year-old Braxton Wood had a relationship so intense, their families stepped in, and that may have lead them to stealing Wood’s parents’ Ford Explorer. The teens went missing Monday, August 26, and haven’t been heard from since.moreless
  • Rhode Island Man Suing Because Church Bells Ruined Marriage
    Usually ringing bells symbolize a marriage or a church, but one Rhode Island man named John Devaney, says the church bells in his town ruined his marriage. “Fox & Friends” reports Devaney says the bells ring up to 700 times a week and the noise lead to so much tension between he and his wife, it ultimately lead to their divorce. The church did respond and said it will pray for peace and understanding on the matter.moreless
  • Man Spends $1,000 to Complain About Airline on Twitter
    Hasan Syed was so upset with his service from British Airways, he tweeted about it! HLN reports he paid $1,000 to make sure the Tweet was promoted to as many people as possible. Syed was irked with British Airways for losing his father’s luggage and causing him to stay an extra night in Paris and cancel a trip to Dusseldorf, Germany. WPEC reports the airline responded 19 hours later and said the luggage had been found.moreless
  • Marketing Technology Firm Lets Consumers See Their Data
    Acxiom is a marketing technology firm and a leading player in an industry called data brokerage that mines potentially useful information on consumers. Now, Acxiom is letting consumers take a peek behind the curtain with their new website,
  • Puppy Missing For 65 Days Finally Reunited With Owner
    Fox & Friends” says a puppy who has been missing for more than two months has finally been reunited with her owner. KPHO says Rose Sharman was in an RV crash, which was when Ily ran away. Since Sharman was injured, a group of 100 volunteers searched for the missing dog. Sharman told KNXV that she never gave up hope that Ily would be found. Sharman says that besides some weight loss and dehydration Ily, which stands for ‘I Love You’, is in good shape.moreless
  • WATCH: Politicians Outburst At LegoLand Last Month
    TODAY” has the newly released video of county commissioner Terrence Maddox’s Legoland outburst that led to his arrest last month. It shows him knocking items off the counter and chest bumping an employee. He has since apologize, but maintains that his actions were criminal. Since then, KSHB has uncovered several more times Maddox ran into trouble with the law, including a dash cam video that show him threatening another driver. He is due in court next month for his most recent arrest.moreless
  • Surfboard Narrowly Misses Mans Face as It Smashes Through Windshield
    Jerrin Ching, who was driving on a Honolulu highway, is counting his blessings this morning after he was nearly killed by a flying surfboard. HLN reports eyewitnesses say the red surfboard bounced off a bus and then crashed through the glass. Ching told KHON he was actually driving his girlfriend’s Honda, but she was more worried about him than the vehicle. Ching only had minor scratches on his arm and face.moreless
  • Best Time to Nap Is Between 1:00 and 4:00 P.M.
    HLN says the best time to take a nap is in the afternoon. “TODAY” says sleep scientists found that the most useful nap depends on what the napper needs. For example, a 20-minute nap boosts energy and a 90-minute nap increases memory and creativity. “Fox & Friends” says dreaming during a nap is a sign that you’re sleep deprived. The Wall Street Journal says sleeping partially upright, such as in a recliner, or falling asleep on a few pillows, allows the napper to wake up more easily.moreless
  • Mom Discovers Toddlers All Covered in Diaper Cream
    Good Morning America” had a video where you see mom Kristie checking on her two toddlers who she thought were being a little too quiet. Good thing she checked, the two were covered in diaper cream! The 3-year-old, Lindsie Garvin, was trying to show off how to protect her little brother from the sun, thinking it was sunscreen. Lindsie slathered the diaper cream all over her little brother’s face while her mom was using the computer in the other room for just a few minutes.moreless
  • 9-Year-Old Psyched About Shark Bite
    A 9-year-old Florida boy named Connor Baker was bitten by a shark over Labor Day weekend. Instead of showing pain, the boy was excited about the bite. That’s not the reaction you normally expect from someone who has just been bitten by a shark. Connor and his family had been cast netting off the shore of St. Augustine in Florida when the shark came up. Connor told First Coast News he is pretty happy it wasn’t a big shark, at least.moreless
  • Wedding Ceremony Interrupted by Beach Boys Soundcheck
    Ohio bride and groom, Jaime and Mark Kent were staring lovingly into each other’s eyes in the middle of their wedding ceremony when “Good Morning America” reports it was interrupted! The Beach Boys were actually doing a soundcheck in downtown Cleveland on August 4, at the exact same time as the wedding ceremony! WHBQ reports the bride thankfully didn’t go Bridezilla on the boy band, and the entire wedding party was invited to the concert.moreless
  • NFL Sideline Reporter Suffers Concussion After Getting Hit in the Face
    FOX Sports reporter Pam Oliver was hit in the head by a football during the pregame warmups for a game back in August. “TODAY” says she woke up to a blinding headache the very next day and found she had a concussion. Sports Illustrated says Oliver started suffering from memory loss right after she was hit. New York Daily News says after she was diagnosed, Oliver spent five days in total darkness before feeling better. She returns to the sidelines on September 8.moreless
  • Utah Couple's First Skydive Ends in Proposal
    Utah couple Adam Frei and Kenzie Bouwhuis went on their first skydive together, and HLN reports it ended with a proposal! The couple’s families set up a special pink landing pad that asked, “Will you marry me?” Frei’s father had the ring at the end, and told KTVX he almost forgot it! Bouwhuis was so excited about everything, she posted a lot of pictures of the event on her Facebook page.moreless
  • Author Talks About Raising Young Gender Non-Conforming Son
    TODAY” featured parents Matt and Lori Duron whose 6-year-old son is what they call “gender creative.” Though he loves being a boy, he also likes girl clothes, colors and toys every since he discovered a Barbie. Lori started documenting stories about raising him on an anonymous blog which got a million views from across the globe. She has since written a book called “Raising My Rainbow: Adventures in Raising a Fabulous Gender Creative Son,” released September 3rd.moreless
  • Wristband Created to Advertise the Person Wearing Is Single
    HLN says a new company is selling wristbands, called MY Single Band, to signal to others that you are single. The silicone wristband was designed by Rob Young and Rina Mardahl who said the concept was based on their own love story. Young told New York Daily News it is hard to meet people if you are not always going to bars and clubs. So he wanted to create something to help connect singles in everyday life. The wristbands are currently only sold in the U.K.moreless
  • Speeding Police Boat Crashes Into Parked Boats and Flees Scene
    A speeding police boat crashed into two parked boats, and as HLN reports, then it took off! The entire event was caught on video, and witnesses say it looked as if the officer was trying to show off to the crowd. D.C. Harbor Police would only say they are investigating the incident. WUSA spoke Shawn Kuykendall. He was borrowing the boat from a friend when it was sank by the police officer. Crews spent hours bringing the boat back to shore and towing it away.moreless
  • Near-Fatal Crash Survivor Talks About Divine Intervention
    Katie Lentz was almost killed in a head-on collision on a Missouri highway in early August. “Good Morning America” reports, she’s speaking out for the first time about the “mystery priest” who prayed over her body minutes after the accident. She says she’s glad so many people have been touched by her story.moreless
  • WATCH: Female Elephant Charges Safari Jeep
    Fox & Friends” has frightening footage out of South Africa that shows what happens when some feisty female elephants get a little too close for comfort. A safari in Kruger National Park was actually charged by the massive animals and the incident was all caught on camera. The guide has 23 years of experience and says it is very unusual for an elephant to charge a car like that. After the charge, the Jeep did flip over, but was otherwise unharmed. Amazingly, nobody was injured.moreless
  • Two Kittens on Tracks Stop NYC Subway For Hours
    Two kittens who somehow found their way onto a New York subway line ended up stalling service to the station for hours. “Fox & Friends” says the furry duo was spotted frolicking on the tracks, and officials cut power to the subway lines immediately. Workers tried to catch them, but they kept playfully running away from them. Some commuters weren’t too happy about the long delay. But luckily, they were eventually caught safely, and are reportedly up for adoption.moreless
  • Miracle Baby Survives, Despite Four Months Premature
    Good Morning America” checked in on a baby born four months premature in March. Doctors didn’t expect her to survive, and said she would likely suffer complications like cerebral palsy if she did make it. But baby Faith is now almost ten pounds, and mom Marie Massey says she’s growing stronger every day.moreless
  • 105-Year-Old Woman Gets Brand New Car from Anonymous Admirer
    Edythe Kirchmaier may be 105 years old, but she acts much younger than her age. She loves to volunteer at her favorite charity every week, but she loves driving the most. Kirchmaier has been behind the wheel for 86 years now, and she’s never gotten so much as a parking ticket. Her impressive accomplishment got her national attention, and she appeared on several talk shows to talk about it. So when her fans found out her mini van had broken down, one anonymous admirer actually gave her a new car.moreless
  • Mother Says She Killed Autistic Son Out of Desperation
    Alex Spourdalakis, a boy with severe autism was found dead and his mother, Dorothy, and his godmother, Agatha Skrodzka, were charged for killing him. “CBS This Morning” spoke to the president of an autism advocacy group who said ”a lack of help is no excuse for murder.” A forthcoming documentary by CBS and Autism Media Center helped shed light on Alex’s death. WMAQ says the women planned to take his life in an act of desperation over his deteriorating health.moreless
  • Woman Brought To Tears When Surprised With Wedding Video
    Stefanie Kostewa was brought to tears when she finally saw her wedding video months after her big day. She thought it had been lost forever after the nationwide company hired to produce their video, Urbane Wedding Company disappeared. Its offices were abandoned and phones were disconnected. One KNXV investigator, Joe Ducey, took it upon himself to help couples reunite with their lost footage, and surprised Kostewa with her never-before-seen wedding video. She was brought to tears.moreless
  • Family Sues Hospital After Nurse Threw Away Donated Kidney
    Sarah Fudacz is now fighting back against University of Toledo Medical Center after a shocking mistake left the 24-year-old without a vital transplant. Her brother Paul thought he was giving her the gift of life after she was diagnosed with chronic kidney failure last March, but a nurse mistakenly threw his kidney out with medical waste. Months later, the hospital found Sarah another kidney in Colorado and paid for the family’s travel there. Still, the Fudacz family has now filed a lawsuit.moreless
  • Denver Zoo Rhino Bites Woman's Finger
    A woman paid $60 to have a close encounter with a rhinoceros at the Denver Zoo. “Fox & Friends” reports the mammal wasn’t too thrilled with the idea, and it bit her finger! The zoo says the rhino, whose name is Mshindi, has been fed thousands of other times without incident. As WGHP reports, it’s safe to say the bite was pretty out-of-character for the 20-year-old rhino. The Denver Zoo has suspended its rhino meet-and-greet program, which had just started earlier this year.moreless
  • Rx Companies to Sue Boutique Over Controversial T-Shirts
    TODAY” reports popular boutique Kitson LA is under fire this week for t-shirts they rolled out printed with the names Xanax, Adderall and Vicodin. Critics call them irresponsible, citing deadly consequences of drug abuse.The designer has released a statement defending them as “pop culture parody” and Kitson said they would donate some of the proceeds to the Medicine Abuse Project. Still, TMZ reports the three major pharmaceutical brands are considering suing to get the shirts off shelves.moreless
  • Grown Man Screams Like a Baby on Amusement Park Ride
    A man decided to brave a slingshot ride at an amusement park, and from the looks of the video “CBS This Morning” aired, he immediately regretted his choice. As soon as the ride started, he screamed non stop until the ride screeched to a halt. However, at least one person had fun on the roller coaster; the woman next to him was laughing and smiling the entire ridemoreless
  • Shark Pulls Fishermans Kayak Half a Mile Into Gulf of Mexico
    Texas fisherman Roger Proulx was out on the Gulf of Mexico on his kayak when he unexpectedly hooked a 7-foot shark. He didn’t notice what he had hooked on his line until he saw the horizon getting smaller as the fish dragged him further out into the water. He ended up a half mile away from his original spot. Once Proulx realized he had hooked a shark, he was determined to bring it back on shore, but his line snapped before he made it back.moreless
  • Worms Invading Oklahoma Towns Water Supply
    HLN says Colcord, Oklahoma’s water supply is being invaded by worms. The Department of Environmental Quality isn’t sure how the blood worms got into the water supply, but KJRH spoke with residents who were all pretty unanimous with their reactions to the situation: they’re grossed out. The Washington Times says the worms, which grow to be a half-inch in length, can’t be filtered. There has been no word on when the worms will be gone from the town’s water supply.moreless
  • Good Morning America Anchors Show Off Old-School Pictures
    For all those social media mavens out there, Thursday means one thing: throwback photos. This week, the hosts of “Good Morning America” took part in the tradition. They showed off old school pictures of themselves on a fashion segment where the guest “updated” their vintage looks. And not to be left out of the morning show fun, “Kathie Lee & Hoda” also posted some embarrassing #TBT pictures to Twitter and the show’s website.moreless
  • 17th Century English Castle Renovated With Slide For Exit
    Good Morning America” reports during current renovations on 17th century English manor, Cliveden Estate, the doors had to either be shut to visitors, or a second exit needed to be in place. The second option was picked, and now a huge slide is in place over the stairs! A webpage on the castle explains the south terrace, where the slide is located, is the oldest part of the entire estate and was in “desperate need of attention.”moreless
  • Husband and Wife Arrested After Allegedly Torturing Mans Teen Brother
    HLN has the shocking details of a Georgia teen who was sent to live with his brother and sister-in-law in Seattle where he allegedly suffered months of horrifying abuse. KOMO reports 13-year-old Jordan Gunn told investigators he was burnt, denied food and water, tied up and tortured with various tools until about two weeks ago when he escaped after chewing through duct tape. Brandon and Viviana Gunn were arrested and are being held at the Kitsap County Jail; their bail has been set at $500,000.moreless
  • Teen Survives Rare Wolf Attack in Minnesota
    This week in Minnesota, 16-year-old Noah Graham survived an incredibly rare wolf attack while camping. “Fox & Friends” reports wildlife officials called the attack freakish and unprecedented, as it was the first recorded wolf attack in the state. He ended up with a gash on the back of his head that required 17 staples. Authorities were able to to track down the wolf that was believed to have attacked Graham. It has been put to sleep and is now being tested for rabies.moreless
  • Honest Store Patrons Pay For Purchases Without Sales Clerk
    Four college students went into a convenience store called Buddy’s Small Lot and found no sales clerk. HLN reports surveillance cameras caught them doing a very honorable thing, they paid for their purchases by leaving money on the counter and walking out! The four good Samaritans men are all students and football players at William Paterson University. Their names are: Kell’e Gallimore, Thomas James, Anthony Biondi and Jelani Bruce.moreless
  • Familys Dog Found Amidst Home's Fire Rubble
    While out at lunch, the Trafton family got a phone call saying their entire house was engulfed in flames, but as “Fox & Friends” reports, one amazing find in the rubble helped restore their happiness. The Traftons thought they lost their dachshund, Peanut, in a fire that burned down their home. However, when an insurance inspector came to do a routine inspection, she made a huge find. Peanut was alive! The dog suffered smoke inhalation and dehydration, but is expected to make a full recovery.moreless
  • 4-Year-Old Leukemia Patient Gets Standing Ovation at Fenway
    Fox & Friends” showed a video of 4-year-old Darla Holloway singing “God Bless America” at a Boston Red Sox game. She is suffering from leukemia. New England Sports Network says Darla practiced every day for her performance. She received a standing ovation when she finished singing. Darla’s performance was part of the Jimmy Fund Radio Telethon, which is a 2-day event that raises money to help fight cancer.moreless
  • Victory Dance Almost Loses Triathlete His Race
    It’s not over until it’s over, and as “Good Morning America” reports, one French athlete almost had to learn that lesson the hard way. French triathlete, Jérémy Jurkiewicz, was about to finish first in the Ironman Brazil race when he decided to do a little victory dance. Little did he know, a Brazilian competitor was on his heels! Luckily for Jurkiewicz, he was able to reach the finish line before this competitor and finish the triathlon in first place.moreless
  • Man Writes Proposal In Adorable Storybook
    Good Morning America” has the sweet story of a man who wrote a storybook about a gorilla who falls in love with a giraffe and proposes to her. Paul Phillips said he wanted his proposal to his girlfriend Erika Ramos to be as memorable as possible. So he wrote the story, got it illustrated, printed and put it on a shelf of a local public library, where he had an undercover photographer ready when he popped the question. She said yes and the story was shared thousands of times on Reddit.moreless
  • Japanese Television Prank Involves Dinosaur Chasing Office Workers
    A Japanese TV show that’s known for pulling some outrageous pranks went to Jurassic proportions this time around. “Fox & Friends” has the raptor-riffic video, where you see a man walking down the hallway suddenly see a huge raptor run at him from around the corner! The man runs and even spills his coffee everywhere when he falls. A writer for the Huffington Post wrote: “Had this been us, we never would have recovered.”moreless
  • 11-Year-Old Starts College at Texas Christian University
    Good Morning America” says 11-year-old Carson Huey-You scored 1770 on his SAT and is now attending college at Texas Christian University. “Fox & Friends” says Carson, who wants to be a quantum physicist, is TCU’s youngest student ever. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram says Carson was reading chapter books at 2 years old, attended 8th grade when he was 5 and was also co-valedictorian last year when he graduated high school. He plans to graduate with a PhD by the time he is 20.moreless
  • Mysterious Drone Crashes Into Crowd
    Spectators at Virginia Motorsports Park were watching the historic bull run on Saturday, but as HLN reports, they got an entirely different show. A mysterious drone was flying above the crowd shooting video of the event, when it suddenly dropped from the sky and plummeted into the crowd! No one was seriously injured, but one man who was hit by the drone said it knocked the wind out of him. The FAA is investigating the incident and the operator of the drone has not yet been identified.moreless
  • : Wall of Dust in Phoenix Blown Hundreds of Feet Into Air
    A huge wall of dust is making the news. HLN reports winds peaked at 60 MPH during an Arizona dust storm near Phoenix. Thousands were without power, but thankfully it has now been restored. The weather follows days of severe flooding and other storms for the area. WHDH reports on all the problems a wall of dust will bring you, like limited visibility. The storms are actually called haboobs, and are common in the area, though KPNX reports this particular storm was more widespread than others.moreless
  • 80 Pound Cat Roaming Streets of Detroit Killed
    TODAY” says a large cat, weighing up to 80 pounds, has been roaming Detroit. WJBK spoke with some Detroit residents about the animal. The animal is actually a Savannah Cat, which is an exotic hybrid of a domestic house cat and the wild African serval and is a medium-sized feline. Detroit Free Press says the cat was shot and killed. After days of searching, its body was finally found in a neighborhood trash can.moreless
  • Veteran Leaves Retirement Community Due to Flag Bylaws
    A Georgia veteran was told by his retirement community that he could not fly both an American flag and a Marine Corps flag outside of his home. Homeowners can only fly one flag, which means one of his flags will have to come down. Since he can't afford to pay the $25 fine, he’s decided to just move. The veteran says he doesn’t want to live somewhere that tells you, you can't be patriotic.moreless
  • Picture of Double Amputee and Wife Goes Viral
    Good Morning America” says a picture of Kelley Cottle giving her husband Jesse, a double amputee, a piggyback ride is going viral. He lost his legs when he stepped on an IED in Afghanistan in 2009. KTVB says the couple became an inspiration after the photo of the two racked up thousands of comments, shares and likes. Daily Mail says the viral photo was taken during a recent trip to visit Kelly’s parents in Idaho. Jesse says the photo as a symbol of their relationship.moreless
  • Little Girl and Baby Ape Kiss Through Glass
    Good Morning America” showed the adorable video of a little girl coming face-to-face with a monkey. Well, almost. The two were separated by a glass wall at the zoo, but that didn’t stop the little primate from following her around and trying to kiss the adorable little girl through the glass. Popular pet video channel Petsami posted the affectionate unlikely couple on YouTube a week ago, and it racked up more than 299,000 likes.moreless
  • Study Finds Store Brands Equal to Brand Names
    If you’re looking to save a few extra bucks at the grocery store, you’re in luck. According to “CBS This Morning,” Consumer Reports found 33 store brand items out of 57 tasted just as good, and sometimes better than big name brands. Buying store brands can also save the consumer upwards of 50 percent at the grocery store. While Walmart, Costco, Sam’s Club and Target were on the cheaper end of the store brand list, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s brands sometimes cost more.moreless
  • 2-Year-Old Viral Video Sensation Stops by Fox & Friends
    Fox & Friends” is highlighting the year’s most popular viral video kids and 2-year-old Ethan Anderson made the cut! He racked up nearly 2 million views on YouTube when he ran out on stage during his dad’s New Year’s performance in Texas and busted some moves onstage. Coffey Anderson, who’s a musician himself, made a brief appearance on Season 2 of “American Idol,” and in 2008 made it to the final 4 on “Nashville Star.” Looks like he might have a little star on his hands now.moreless
  • Little Boy Bawls When Brother Catches Foul Ball
    CBS This Morning” reports a little boy named Max was all tears at a Padres vs. Cubs game Sunday night in San Diego. WINK reports the ball girl gave his big brother a foul ball, then a little girl from a different family. Both instances made the little boy bawl. Eventually, he was given a ball, too, and was all smiles for the rest of the game. He might have gotten a ball, but he didn’t get the win he probably wanted. The Padres beat the Cubs 3-2.moreless
  • Humpback Whales Surface Right Next to Surprised Kayakers
    Two people got a surprise of a lifetime while touring California’s Monterey Bay. “CBS This Morning” says an 80,000 pound humpback whale surfaced and dove under Karen Hatch’s kayak. Biologist Giancarlo Thomae and Hatch were out kayaking in hopes of seeing a whale, because repeated sightings of humpback whales had been made the week before. Hatch told San Jose Mercury News that once the other whale-watching boats left the area, the whales became even friendlier and approached their kayaks again.moreless
  • WATCH: 350-Pound Marlin Nearly Impales Fisherman
    A fisherman named Beecher Jacobsen was nearly impaled by a blue marlin on his 62-foot fishing yacht! “TODAY” showed the video, where you see a 350-pound blue marlin jump onto the boat narrowly miss the fisherman. “Good Morning America” reports the Florida-based fisherman typically catches and releases, but the marlin died of self-inflicted injuries. The fish was donated to local fishermen. The YouTube video racked up more than 389,000 views in just four days!moreless
  • Soldier Surprises Family at Florida Baseball Game
    CBS This Morning” says four children were surprised at a Fort Myers Miracle minor league baseball game when they threw out the first pitch and the catcher was their father! WINK says Sgt. Freddy Herrera had returned home from a nine-month tour in Afghanistan and wanted to surprise his children in a big way. WBBH says Herrera didn’t just want to surprise his family, it was actually a requirement. His children had told him before he deployed that they wanted to be shocked when he came home.moreless
  • Woman Had Sex With Husband Every Day For A Year
    riter and humorist Brittany Gibbons decided to conquer her fears surrounding intimacy head-on, vowing to have sex with her husband every day for a year. She talked about the experiment with “TODAY” saying that it initially felt like a chore because of her own insecurities, but she realized that her self-esteem was her own responsibility. She also wrote about the year for the Huffington Post and said that it was great for her confidence and marriage.moreless
  • Alabama High School Cheerleaders Spell Responsible Wrong
    Fox & Friends” says Alabama’s Hoover High School cheerleaders misspelled the word “responsible” on a football banner! Fans had shown up to the game to watch the Hoover Bucs defend their 2012 state championship title in a preseason game against the Florence Falcons, but it was cheerleaders’ spelling error that got fans talking on Twitter. This error is strangely reminiscent of a certain Snickers commercial from 1996, where “Chiefs” is misspelled as “Chefs.”moreless
  • Anonymous Teacher Dishes on Classroom Secrets to HLN
    In honor of back to school season, HLN featured a segment with one anonymous teacher dishing on her classroom secrets and behind-the-scenes stories. She taught in Miami public schools for 17 years and says parents should be careful what they say at home, adding “they’ll come back and tell teachers everything you said at home.” Reader’s Digest also interviewed teachers and found that’s a common complaint, noting teachers have heard about everything from politics to dad’s vasectomy.moreless
  • Farmer's Almanac Calls For a Snowy Super Bowl
    The Farmer’s Almanac predicts football fans better bring their long johns and seat warmers to the Super Bowl next year. “Fox & Friends” reports the Almanac has been around since 1818, and this year it claims the nation could see below average temperatures and snowy conditions, right around Super Bowl time. WHAM reports the Farmer’s Almanac isn’t scientific, but can boast that it’s accurate about 80% of the time.moreless
  • Rescuers Save Toddler In 13-Foot Hole
    A toddler in China fell down a 13-foot deep hole that was also only 10-inches wide on a construction site! HLN has the dramatic rescue footage, where you see workers had to use a rope to lasso the little girl and pull her to safety. Chinese State Television released the video of the rescue, and XETV reports the little girl was rushed to the hospital. Doctors says she’s fine, but in shock. No word on how the child fell in the hole yet.moreless
  • Couple Arrested For Planning to Kidnap and Torture Police Officers
    Good Morning America” says police arrested a couple who might be part of a domestic terrorist plot. They were planning to kidnap, torture and kill a police officer. “TODAY” says police arrested David Allen Brutsche and Devon Campbell Newman after an undercover investigation, which lasted several months. “Fox & Friends” says Newman is denying that she ever wanted to harm or kill anyone. Both have been charged with conspiracy to commit murder and attempt kidnapping.moreless
  • Man Pretends to Get Electrocuted to Scare Wife
    Fox & Friends” reports a prankster husband decided to give his wife the shock of her life with a mean, but funny, practical joke. He set up a camera, gave it the thumbs up and pretended to get to work on a nearby electrical outlet. He then asked his unsuspecting wife to turn on the lights in the next room, and when she does, he drops on the floor screaming in fake agony. When she discovers the whole thing was a joke, she turns into a boxer and teaches him a lesson.moreless
  • Monster Fog Rolls Over Canadian Mountain Range
    A giant wave of fog was on caught on video in Canada. As “Fox & Friends” shows, the fog literally looked like the ocean! RightThisMinute called the fog “Armageddon-like” and it happened at the Long Range mountains in Newfoundland, Canada. The Huffington Post says it’s nothing to worry about, though, nature is just moving the fog over the mountains.moreless
  • 1,500 Pounds of Cocaine Worth $330M Hidden in Yacht Engine
    Good Morning America” reports 1,600 pounds of cocaine was found on a yacht in the South Pacific. That’s $330 million. Al Jazeera reports that the US drug agents were part of a bigger international operation to shut down trafficking. Authorities have reportedly been watching this particular yacht since last month as part of a three year sting. Thus far no arrests have been made. Police say the drugs will be destroyed.moreless
  • Lightning Strikes a School Bus With Children On Board
    TODAY” says lightning struck a school bus in Kentucky and the on-board surveillance camera caught the whole thing. WKYC says the lightning struck the tree and then ricocheted off in a few directions, hitting the school bus. The four children on board described seeing some reddish-purple light and heard a loud explosion when the the windows shattered. WLEX spoke with Lucas Morris, one of the children on the bus at the time, who said the whole incident was frightening.moreless
  • General Mills to Return Rare Halloween Cereals to Shelves
    General Mills is releasing Frankenberry, Count Chocula and Boo Berry like usual around Halloween, but “Good Morning America” reports there will be two new-but-really-old additions this year: Fruit Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy! Fruit Brute was swiped from shelves after an eight year howl in the grocery stores, and was discontinued in 1982. Fruity Yummy Mummy only spooked the cereal aisle for about 5 years, then was unraveled in 1992.moreless
  • Nancy Kerrigan Speaks Out For First Time Since Fathers Death
    For the first time since her brother was put in prison in connection with the death of her 70-year-old father, ice skating legend Nancy Kerrigan spoke out about the incident in an interview with “TODAY.” She defended Mark Kerrigan, saying it wasn’t his fault that their father passed away, and that the entire family has stood by him through this difficult time. Kerrigan also spoke about her life as a mother to three kids.moreless
  • California Couple Says They Were Defamed By Cheating Site
    Good Morning America” reports a couple in Sacramento, CA is suing, a website designed to out unfaithful people and warn others of their cheating ways. They say the site published a post about them, saying the husband was gay, married, having affairs with other men, and looking for sex on Craigslist. The couple says the post is not true, and they are shocked and angry about the false accusations. They have filed a lawsuit against Cheaterville, claiming they have been defamed.moreless
  • The Key to Making More Money Is ... Sex?
    There’s an interesting new study out by Germany’s Institute for the Study of Labor that says the key to making money is to have lots of sex. “Good Morning America” explains people who have sex four times a week or more made 5% more money than those who didn’t. The experts say sex itself doesn’t lead to higher paychecks, but more sex can lead to more confidence, which can influence someone to be more productive at work.moreless
  • Woman Says Weight-Loss Pictures Stolen by Diet Company
    Good Morning America” talked to mother-of-one Roni Noone, who says despite the fact it took her a year to lose 70 pounds, an unnamed diet company stole her pictures to advertise a 30-day weight-loss program. Noone says she lost the weight the old-fashioned way, through diet and exercise. She told ABC she doesn’t want people to be duped by the false claims of some diet companies.moreless
  • Massive Hovercraft Lands on Crowded Russian Beach
    Fox & Friends” reports beachgoers on a Russian beach got the swimsuits scared off of them when a massive military hovercraft pulled up onto the shore into a crowd of people. Luckily, no one was injured by the 500-ton vessel. The Russian government says the beach belongs to the military and that it's common for hovercrafts to land there. A ministry of defense official claims this particular landing was part of a routine training exercise.moreless
  • Ohio Man Comes Back from Dead After 45 Minutes
    HLN says an Ohio man was declared dead by doctors at a hospital, but then came back to life about 45 minutes later. 37-year-old Anthony Yahle had coded for 45 minutes when his 17-year-old son came to view the body and told him he wasn’t going to die. After that, trickles of activity were registered on Yahle’s heart monitor, so doctors tried yet again to revive him. He came back with no added complications, which both family members and doctors are calling a miracle. He is at home recovering.moreless
  • Kids Find Creative Way to Return Lost Phone to Rightful Owner
    Good Morning America” reports that after Kimchi Ho lost her phone while biking, three kids got creative when it came to getting it back to her. The group of kids who recovered the lost phone recorded an Instagram video saying “we found your phone” and “call this phone” to the owner’s page. Her sister saw it, called the phone and arranged to meet them at a nearby skatepark. They say the phone didn’t even have a scratch on it.moreless
  • Scoot Airline Bans Kids from Sitting in Parts of Plane
    Fox & Friends” says Scoot Airlines now has a “Scoot in Silence” cabin where kids under the age of twelve are not allowed to sit. Herald Sun says the airline isn’t banning children from the entire plane, just the one cabin. NBC says AirAsia began not allowing children under the age of twelve to sit in the first seven economy class rows in February. Although families might not like the no-kid zones, AirAsia says guest feedback has been “overwhelmingly positive.”moreless
  • Rutgers Appealing Kerwin Okoros Denied Hardship Waiver
    After his freshman year, Kerwin Okoro transferred from Iowa St. to Rutgers to be closer to his mother after both his father and brother passed away two months apart. He asked the NCAA for a hardship waiver so that he could play immediately without sitting out a year, but was denied. Rutgers has appealed that ruling and many, including Dick Vitale, have shown support for Okoro. A decision is expected soon.moreless
  • Norris the Cat Burglar Steals Bras, Baby Clothes from Neighbors
    Good Morning America” purred over Norris the cat burglar, who yes, is actually a cat. The fuzzy feline has stolen so many items from his neighborhood in Bristol, England, that his owner is apologizing, sending letters to his neighbors. BBC spoke with one the sticky-pawed kitty cat’s owners, 26-year-old Richard Windsor, who guessed his beloved pet turned into a kitty crime lord because there may be a lack of actual wildlife to hunt, so Norris instead raids the neighbor’s homes.moreless
  • American Airlines Trainee Fired After Found on No-Fly List
    A man training to be an American Airlines flight attendant no longer has a job. “TODAY” says Patrick Cau was fired after he was discovered on the TSA no-fly list for phoning in bomb threats to United Airlines. KXAS says Cau was indicted and taken into custody in May and has now pleaded guilty in a California federal court. KVUE says the hoax calls caused United to cancel and delay flights and the airline estimates it lost more than $260,000.moreless
  • 64-Year-Old Man Wins $10,000 Funeral Package
    HLN highlighted a sports giveaway from the Lehigh Valley Ironpigs that was a little unusual. 64-year-old Steve Paul won a free funeral. He said it was perfect because he had just been diagnosed with ALS, or Lou Gehrig's Disease. WTTE reports Paul had to write a 200-word essay in order to win, and he beat out more than 50 other contestants. Pennsylvanian Paul was diagnosed in June. The local funeral home will donate the casket, headstone and flowers. That’s a package worth just about $10,000!moreless
  • 'Floating' Hotel Room Goes For $50,000 a Night
    If you happen to have $50,000 to spare, “TODAY” reports a floating hotel room in Denver might be for you. The inflatable hotel is 20 feet in the air over a parking lot. There’s a full working bathroom, a sofa and a bed. The chamber is 5-foot-by-7-foot and sits above the roof of a van, that’s the whole “floating” part. According to, guests also get a Tiffany diamond necklace and earrings, an iPad mini loaded with the StarGazer app and butler service from a robot named Lloyd.moreless
  • Brooklyn Bathroom Leaves Little to the Imagination
    HLN says a Brooklyn couple installed a shower that has a see-through wall to the outdoors, meaning anyone walking past their house can see them. WCBS says many of the neighbors are less than pleased with the new look, that has fueled plenty of gossip and chatter in the neighborhood. The Atlantic even notes there’s been a bit of protest in response to the see-thru shower.moreless
  • 11-Year-Old Invents Musical Old Spice Deodorant
    HLN reports pre-teen Quinn Sheeran, who dreams of being an engineer, is already well on his way to making something of himself with his first invention: musical deodorant! The 11-year-old took apart a father’s day card and rigged it so the Rocky theme song would play when the Old Spice deodorant lid came off. Quinn also rigged up another singing deodorant for your pits, but this one plays Indiana Jones. KDNL says that’s quite the way to spice up some old spice!moreless
  • 85-Year-Old Betty Halbreich Is Bergdorf Goodman Legend
    85-year-old Betty Halbreich has had quite the life, and as “TODAY” reports, that includes an incredible career as a personal shopper at Bergdorf Goodman. She says her job is to take care of people and says she has often been called a clothes therapist. You could say fashion is just in her blood, Betty’s father, Harry, was the president of Mandel Brothers Department Store in Chicago. Betty says she has never turned down a client - and why should she?moreless
  • Poll Reveals Children Start Acting Like Their Parents at Age 32
    Fox & Friends” says a new poll found age 32 is when kids turn into their parents. The reason is because people usually have their own children by that age. The Telegraph says the poll was completed by parenting website Netmums and it found that career pressures and buying a house also caused the change. A third of the people surveyed said they were “more tolerant” and more concerned about the community after becoming more like their parents.moreless
  • Unarmed Florida Man Shot in Own Driveway by Police
    HLN reports Florida man Roy Middleton was getting a cigarette from his own car in his own driveway, but a neighbor mistakenly thought that he was a thief and called police. He feels they should have done more questioning or run his license plate before officers assumed he was a suspect in his own yard. Officers wound up firing 15 shots at him and he was hit twice in the leg. The officers are on paid administrative leave and the incident is under investigation.moreless
  • Couple Weds 35 Years After Falling in Love at First Sight
    Daily Mail says a couple who fell in love instantly when they met 35 years ago and have finally tied the knot. Gay Cioffi and Mark Obenhaus met in the Hamptons in July, 1979 and began a whirlwind three-week romance. They even moved in with each after only knowing each other for a few hours. However, life separated them and they ended up marrying other people. The New York Times says they reconnected in 2012 on Facebook and Obenhaus popped the question a month later. They married on August 3.moreless
  • San Francisco Giants Ball Girl Collides With Joaquin Arias During Catch
    During the Red Sox vs Giants game Monday night, a ball girl found herself in an embarrassing position. “CBS This Morning” played the video, where you see San Francisco’s Joaquin Arias trip over the terrain and the ball girl when she tried to catch the ball instead of getting out of the way of the play. Luckily, or unluckily, depending on who you were rooting for, Arias was still able to make the grab despite the ball girl’s attempt to become a San Francisco catcher. The Giants still lost 7-0.moreless
  • Parents Upset After School Bus Leaves Students in Wrong City
    WTVJ reports bus full of Florida students were supposed to be dropped off minutes from their school, but were left at Pompano Beach, which was 17 miles away from the correct location. Of course, some parents are furious after they claim several kids tried to tell the bus driver he had missed their stop. Ironically, the school district went to great lengths this year to avoid bus fiascos that plagued the area last year, when drop-off mix-ups were common. This incident is being investigated.moreless
  • Nuns Release First Studio Album
    A group of nuns with golden voices came together and made their first studio album. “CBS This Morning” reports the sisters released their first studio album, called Mater Euchariste. The Michigan-based community to which the sisters belong, The Dominican Sisters of Mary, was founded in 1997. The album debuted at No. 2 on the iTunes classical chart - and within 24 hours of its release, it was the No. 3 album overall on
  • WATCH: Water Bomber Putting Out Truck Fire Goes Viral
    Usually fire trucks are the devices used to put out fires. However, a rural town in Canada opted for something a little bigger for a recent highway fire. “TODAY” highlighted a viral video shot on the Trans-Labrador highway in Newfoundland, Canada. The transport truck and a heavy piece of road equipment crashed and caused a fire. The location of the crash was rather remote, and the fire could spread to the nearby wilderness. The Huffington Post reports that’s why a water bomber was sent instead.moreless
  • Electroconvulsive Therapy Sees Resurgence in Popularity
    TODAY” reports electroconvulsive therapy has seen a rise in popularity and is being used to treat mental conditions like depression and bipolar disorder. An expert told the show, “ECT is now being recognized as something that’s an effective treatment as opposed to something that’s barbaric.” According to him, 70 to 80 percent of people respond favorably and some have a complete remission of symptoms. It still has some critics who see it as little more than intentional brain damage.moreless
  • Parents Outraged Over God Is Dead Artwork in High School Classroom
    A poster featuring a line from “The Crucible” declaring “God is dead” is hanging on a wall at Georgia’s Alcovy High School, and is upsetting some parents. Scottie Spence told “Fox & Friends” he thinks the poster should be removed if the students aren’t going to be taught religion in school. WAGA spoke with a spokesperson for the school system, who said the artwork based on “The Crucible” has actually been created for several years. The school refuses to remove the artwork.moreless
  • Unknown Substance Sprayed in Walmart Leaves People Struggling to Breathe
    A Walmart in west Houston is back open Monday after more than 100 people were evacuated Sunday night. KHOU reports two men allegedly sprayed an unknown substance inside the store, causing people to have trouble breathing. Customers reportedly felt nauseous and felt headaches. Authorities say they don’t know what exactly was sprayed but said the perpetrators, believed to be in their late teens or early twenties, were seen on security cameras using cannisters.moreless
  • Sideline Reporter Pam Oliver Nailed in Head With Football
    Sideline reporter Pam Oliver is likely asking for a raise this morning after she was pegged in the head by a football! “Fox & Friends” reports she was hit by Colts quarterback Chandler Harnish, who was making the throw during a pregame practice. HLN reports Harnish felt so bad about the incident, he Tweeted out the reporter should be expecting some flowers from him soon. Twitter followers of Harnish definitely responded to the Tweet, it was retweeted 848 times and favorited 544.moreless
  • Thousands of Teachers Flock to Sugar Daddy Website
    Fox & Friends” reports on an alarming new trend among teachers, who are turning to an unlikely source on the Internet to help pay their bills: a “sugar daddy” website called The website reported that as many as 40,000 teachers had joined the site recently. The website’s CEO points to diminished budgets, overcrowded schools and a need for school supplies as reasons for teachers looking for supplemental income.moreless
  • Teen Goes From Homeless to Howard University
    Along with his mother and two siblings, James Ward had been homeless since he was around 14. “TODAY” reports now, 19-year-old James Ward is starting college at Howard University thanks to the help of an online fundraising campaign. The campaign was started by Jessica Sutherland, a volunteer who had herself once been homeless. Ward says he wants to be an astrophysicist or genetic engineer.moreless
  • Female Russian Runners Kiss Following Race
    TODAY” says pictures of two female Russian runners kissing have some people wondering if the kiss is part of a celebration or an act or protest against their government. The Toronto Sun says a controversial law bans all public displays advocating gay rights and discussion of homosexuality with children younger than 18 years old. The Washington Post says many other athletes have been speaking out against the law, including Nick Symmonds and Johnny Weir.moreless
  • Police Bust U.S. Surf Open Rioter After Facebook Post
    Fox & Friends” reports a teen linked to the Huntington Beach Surf Riots was arrested after liking a picture on Facebook. The photo was actually posted by police hoping to catch the unidentified riot suspects in the picture. 18-year-old Luis Rodriguez was tagged in one of the photos by a friend and then he himself “liked” it! He was booked on charges of felony vandalism, participating in an unlawful assembly and refusing to disperse, according to the police statement.moreless
  • Attorney Suggests Wedleases as Alternative to Wedlock
    One Florida attorney is trying to change the way people look at marriage by proposing people enter into wedlease instead of wedlock. “Fox & Friends” explains that couples would agree to a contract for a set number of years and then decide to renew or not renew at the end. Attorney Paul Rampell argues that by making ending a lease as simple as vacating a rental unit, the messiness of divorce could be avoided entirely. Even pre-nup advocate Donald Trump was quick to say this isn’t very romantic.moreless
  • Flight From London to New York Turns Into 27 Hour-Long Journey
    A flight from London to New York became a 27-hour nightmare for the passengers aboard a Virgin Atlantic flight. “Good Morning America” says the flight was forced to make an emergency landing in Canada due to a suspected fuel leak. People reported their plight on Twitter saying they were stranded and asking the airline why they weren’t put in hotels. Daily Mail says passengers were told another plane was en route to take them to New York, but that plane didn’t come until the next morning.moreless
  • 911 Responder Loans Robbed Bride Her Wedding Dress
    On her big day, one bride-to-be was missing a crucial part of her wedding-day get-up. “TODAY” reports bride-to-be Amanda’s wedding dress was stolen from her car on the day of her wedding. Amanda called 911 and the responder, Candice, offered her more help than she expected. Candice offered Amanda her wedding dress! Luckily, they were the same size! Candice’s husband dropped the dress off at Amanda’s fiance’s house and the wedding went off without a hitch!moreless
  • WATCH: North Carolina State Trooper Almost Hit by Semi
    A terrifying moment for a North Carolina state trooper A.G. Knight was caught on video. “Fox & Friends” reports the trooper was nearly hit by an 18-wheeler while he was in the middle of a traffic stop. Thankfully, no one was injured and the semi jackknifed toward the median instead of toward the officer. WTVD reports the highway patrol is making the video public to emphasize the important “Move Over” law.moreless
  • Video Proves Apes Can Swim
    Good Morning America” says a new video of apes swimming in a pool is the first documented evidence of apes being able to do so. Researchers observed a young chimpanzee named Cooper, learn how to swim and dive. Within minutes of being in the pool, he was already diving more than 6 feet underwater. This was surprising because apes were previously thought to be afraid of water. Cooper adopted swimming styles similar to the breaststroke, rather than the doggy-paddle style other land mammals use.moreless
  • Firefighter Says He Was Handcuffed For Waving
    Indiana firefighter and youth pastor,George Madison Jr., says he was put in handcuffs and threatened with a taser for waving at two officers on August 14th. As WFIE reports, Madison told the city’s police chief he thinks the officers thought he was flipping them off. Madison said the policeman was confrontational and when Madison tried to call the police chief, the officer told him to get on the ground, threatened him with a taser and handcuffed him. An investigation of the incident is underway.moreless
  • 123-Year-Old Man Shares Secrets to Live a Long Life
    A man thought to be the oldest living man in history was recently found in Bolivia. His name is Carmelo Flores Laura, and “Good Morning America” reports the 123-year-old cattle herder was born in 1890, according to public records. He says his secret is a lot of walking. Mr. Laura told Mirror he attributes his long life to could also be his diet, although it’s a little eccentric. He avoids things like sugar or pasta, and eats things like skunk and fox meat.moreless
  • Fathers Ferrari Expected to Fetch Millions at Auction
    Following his father’s death, “CBS This Morning” reports Eddie Smith Jr. decided to sell one of his dad’s most prized possessions: his extremely rare N.A.R.T. Spider. The specific model is one of just ten ever made. WNCT reports Smith remembers his dad in the ferrari, and says the money for it is going to charity. Smith says his father loved giving back, and this is the perfect way to honor his memory.moreless
  • 9-Year-Old Tornado Survivor Goes Back to School in Moore
    CBS This Morning” had an exclusive interview with 9-year-old Kai Heuangprasueth, a survivor of the tornado that devastated Moore, Oklahoma earlier this year. He was famously photographed being pulled from the rubble of Plaza Towers Elementary School, which was in the epicenter of the devastation caused by the storm. He turned a corner this week and went back to school, but says he’s sad he won’t get to see some of his classmates. Seven of his classmates were killed by the storm.moreless
  • Woman Banned From Paralympics For Being 'Not Paralyzed Enough'
    Victoria Arlen is a gold-medal winning Paralympic athlete and a world record holder, but now her athletic career could come to an end. “Good Morning America” reports she was recently banned from swimming over a ruling that basically says she is not permanently paralyzed. Doctors have said with years of therapy, there is a slim chance she could walk again, which sparked the ban. She says she is “heartbroken” and is trying to fight the decision, but the thus far the appeals have been denied.moreless
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  • Bride Has 80 Bridesmaids
    Planning a wedding can be stressful in and of itself, but one bride decided to remove some of the stress when it came down to choosing bridesmaids. “Good Morning America” reports Katie Dalby, a dance teacher from Essex, England, had her pupils begging to be a part of her wedding. Unable to choose, Dalby invited all 74 of them and they all showed up! Rounding out the pack were her three sister-in-laws, her best friend, a cousin and her niece. No word on the number of groomsmen.moreless
  • Rare Firenado Spotted in Utah
    Fox & Friends” had a picture of something called a firenado in Utah! A firenado isn’t actually a tornado, it happens when a fire forms and then a vortex of flames is sucked up and it produces the funnel of flames. The other way a firenado forms is when there’s a very heavy concentration of heat in a small area, like from the wildfires we’ve seen in Utah. Since the air heats up - it rises and firenados can be formed. The firenados can rotate clockwise or counter clockwise.moreless
  • Homeowner Wakes Up and Finds Black Bear on Porch
    A homeowner woke up to find a beary uninvited guest in a home near Naples, Florida! A bear was fast asleep on the back porch, and “Good Morning America” reports it’s not the only brazen bear around. Authorities in the area are now warning homeowners to be on guard. WZVN reported another bear tore a hole in a screen and made a babysitter run for cover in the same area! Also, and this one is common sense, but it’s highly suggested you don’t feed the bears if you see them.moreless