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  • 2011
    • Motherboard Meets Errol Morris
      There are plenty of things that make Tabloid newsworthy – sex, Mormons, kidnapping, cloning – but it was by total chance that Errol Morris’ documentary opened in theaters just as the tabloid-worthy “British hacking scandal” was descending upon a slice of Rupert Murdoch’s tabloid empire.
    • The Thorium Dream - Trailer
      The Thorium Dream - Trailer
      Episode 20110712
      After the Fukashima disaster, nuclear energy faces it’s biggest questions in decades. But a ragtag band of Internet enthusiasts is on a mission to spread their answer: more nuclear power than walt Disney could have dreamed up, green enough to save the climate (the energy secretary and NASA’s chief climate scientist are curious) and safe enough that if you walked away from the reactor it would calmly turn itself off. There’s just one problem: the idea was already killed by the government forty years ago. Bringing it back won’t be easy. But some are staking their whole livelihoods on it. That’s just what life’s like with the thorium dream.moreless
    • Kellam Clark
      Kellam Clark
      Episode 20110601
      Move quickly through the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, down the main thoroughfare Eastern Parkway, past a conflicting intermingling of beautiful terraced homes and marred vacant buildings, and you could easily miss a modern cultural landmark. Hidden in plain sight, packed inside a shuffle of industrial architecture, is the wondrous workshop loft space of Kellam Clark and some half dozen other artists and makers who call his whimsical live-in, work-in reliquary, home.moreless
    • The Creature Shop
      The Creature Shop
      Episode 20110502
      Motherboard has always been fascinated by the (black) arts, but combine our interest with gore and some awesome puppetry, then set the stage in South Africa and we’re really cooking with gas. We traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa to visit the dudes behind the country’s leading horror factory, The Creature Shop.moreless
    • Chris and Cosey
      Chris and Cosey
      Episode 20110411
      It’s not everyday you get to meet two of your favorite, honest to god heroes. But on a recent trip to Norfolk in the United Kindom, we got the chance to spend some time at the country house of the music making powerhouse – and long time couple – Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti.moreless
    • The Sakawa Boys
      The Sakawa Boys
      Episode 20110405
      While Nigeria’s 401 scammers may have written the book on West African internet fraud, their shtick looks like Compuserve compared to what’s going on in Ghana. Unsatisfied with the meager winnings from emailing thousands of random Westerners in hopes of convincing one poor sap they’re the treasurer of the Ivory Coast, Ghana’s scammers decided to stack the odds in their favor the old-fashioned way—witchcraft.moreless
    • Electric Independence: John Foxx
      We went to visit John Foxx deep in the darkest depths of Shoreditch, East London, at the studio of his latest collaborator, Benge. The studio isn’t far from where Foxx’s infamous “The Garden” studio once laid (on top of multiple Roman graves no less) and it’s also the location where the duo cut Interplay, the latest album by John Foxx and the Maths.moreless
    • Electric Independence: Ceephax Acid Crew
      There’s no one quite like our mate Andy Jenkinson, aka Ceephax, aka Ceephax Acid Crew. He’s one of the last great D.I.Y masters working in electronic music and he’s a full-on modern day renaissance man, who still uses the same old school tools (remember Amigas? Me neither) to ply his many trades.moreless
    • Electric Independence: Ulrich Schnauss
      When post-shoegaze magician – the peerless electronic wunderkind – Ulrich Schnauss invited us to his apartment in London, he specified it would have to be at night due to his predilection for ‘nocturnal’ activities.
    • CMD & CTRL: Tim Wu
      CMD & CTRL: Tim Wu
      Episode 20110315
      We know that technology carries with it all manner of problems, but one of our biggest pickles tends to slip right by us.
    • Electric Independence: Emeralds
      It’s not everyday we get to (or want to) go to Cleveland, but when the opportunity came along to hang with one of the most exciting young synthesizer-based acts in the world, we put our snow boots on and headed (mid)west.
    • Electric Independence: Morton Subotnick
      In its early days, electronic music wasn’t very musical. Painstakingly put together with wave generators or tiny bits of tape spliced together on splicing blocks by music professors and hobbyists, it was often highly abstract, largely concerned with pitch and timbre, and lacked much rhythm or pattern.
    • Electric Independence: Matmos
      If there’s a word for the sort of post-genre electronic music Matmos creates it might be “slippery.” Maybe it’s bending vintage ARP synth sounds into tumbling psychedelia, contact mic’ing a cow’s reproductive tract, or turning human skin into skittering IDM (don’t ask): the important thing is that there’s no way in hell you would have thought of it.moreless
    • Motherboard TV - Listening To The Universe
      Motherboard travelled to the English countryside to check out the UK’s contribution to the massive LOFAR radio telescope: a clever EU-wide installation that uses low-tech antennas and high-end data processing to transform into a giant mega-telescope.
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