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  • Season 3
    • Mountain Dog/Lucky the Bamboo Chopper
    • The Six Swans
      The Six Swans
      Episode 33
      An evil stepmother turns six brothers into swans. Only their sister can free them from the curse, but she must neither speak nor laugh for six years. Do you think she can do it? (Mrs. P would have trouble going six minutes without laughing!)
    • Puss In Boots / Androcles and the Lion
      A clever and dashing cat stylishly dressed in boots helps his master win everything his heart desires. After you hear the adventures of Puss, you’ll think your cat is a total slacker. / A man helps a wounded lion by pulling a thorn from his paw. Much later, the lion will be given a chance to repay the kindness. An old and wonderful story about the good things that can happen when we look past our differences.moreless
    • The Gold Children
      The Gold Children
      Episode 31
      A poor fisherman catches a fish made entirely out of gold. The fish promises the man great riches if he will set him free and never tell anyone their secret. The fish keeps his end of the bargain, but the fisherman does not. You won’t believe what happens next!
    • The Brave Tin Soldier/The Butterfly
      A toy soldier given to a boy on his birthday falls from the safety of his bedroom and is sent on an incredible adventure. As he faces danger from a giant rat and a huge fish, he never stops thinking of the beautiful paper ballerina he left behind with the other toys. A butterfly searches for the perfect flower to fall in love with and call his bride. He finds many beautiful choices, but can’t make up his mind. Will he ever decide before summer ends and it’s too late?moreless
    • The Brave Little Tailor
      One day, a quiet, little tailor squishes seven flies with one swat. Everyone thinks he killed seven men, and it leads him on a journey battling giants and courting the most beautiful girl in the kingdom.
    • Pretty Princess and Funky Frog / Spattered Mud and Crushed Petals
      Grand Prize winners in the first annual Mrs. P "Be-a-Famous-Writer" contest. A comic Fairy tale "Pretty Princess and Funky Frog" and a poignant tale of an elderly gardner "Spattered Mud and Crushed Petals."
    • Aladdin
      Episode 27
      A rip-roaring adventure about a young man who finds a magic lamp that grants wishes – and the people who want to steal it from him. This story is so old, no one knows exactly where it came from. Mrs. P thinks a genie made it appear.
    • Rikki Tiki Tavi
      Rikki Tiki Tavi
      Episode 26
      Evil snakes plan to kill a family in India, and only the family's little, furry pet – Rikki-Tikki-Tavi – can stop them.
    • Little Match Girl and The Gift of the Magi
      A poor, sick little girl is all alone in the world. Can a wish upon a star finally bring her to someone who loves her? / Would you give up the thing you love most in the world for someone you care about? A handsome young man and beautiful young woman do. Watch what happens...moreless
    • The Cat That Walked By Himself
      Ever wonder how dogs and cats first came to live with people and be their friends? This story explains it all for you.
    • The Hand and Nightmare
      A man keeps a shriveled human hand chained to a wall in his house. But that's not the weird part. The man is convinced the hand is trying to kill him. / This is a funny poem about the scariest nightmare you ever had – the kind where you wake up tangled in your sheets and covered in "fear juice."moreless
    • The Goose Girl
      The Goose Girl
      Episode 22
      A sweet and lovely princess journeys on her talking horse, Falada, to a faraway kingdom to marry a handsome prince. During the trip, her wicked handmaiden steals her clothes, and declares herself the princess when they reach the kingdom. The true princess is given a job tending geese. Will the wicked handmaiden's lies ever be discovered?moreless
    • Thumbelina
      Episode 21
      A tiny, beautiful young woman, no bigger than a butterfly, travels near and far in search of happiness and a place where she might finally belong.
    • Listen Up Kids
      Listen Up Kids
      Episode 20
      Mrs. P rocks the Magic Library when a mysterious troubadour appears and sings the catchiest tune this side of Snow White's castle. And when Mrs. P joins in, they really blow the roof off the place.
    • The Elephant's Child
      Everyone's spanking a young elephant for asking too many questions. So he runs away, gets attacked by a crocodile and, believe it or not, his life becomes much, much better. You'll never guess why!
  • Season 2
  • Season 1