My Best Friend is My Penis

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My Best Friend is My Penis

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My Best Friend is My Penis is a web series written by Jon Togo and Will Carlough. It is from about a man who talks to his penis. Jon Togo talks to his penis about everything. They even argue and debate movies and actors. Sometimes it's not just your mind talking to you and answering your questions, it's your penis! While debating about an actor, the penis becomes violent when a man gives a different opinion. If you think you will feel guilty, you won't because the penis will talk you out of it. At a job audition, the penis is the one who does all the acting. Jon's friend even becomes best friends with his penis, leaving Jon to feel like the one who is left out. When you're on a date and are ready to take the next step, see how uncomfortable it gets when your penis actually talks to your girlfriend and ruins the moment for you. Watch these and many more funny and uncomfortable moments on this web series.


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AIRED ON 12/2/2008

Season 1 : Episode 4

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