My Roommate the Cylon

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My Roommate the Cylon

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My Roommate the Cylon is a fan-created web series based on the the sci-fi thrilling series, Battlestar Galactica (BSG). Shot in a similar style to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, watch as Bennett (Alex Enriquez), Peter (Tyson Turrou), and Dale (Kenny Stevenson), three degenerate roommates, attempt to once and for all prove to each other that they are the true evil killing skin job. Who (or what) sent the letter from Cylon HQ? Can one them really have super powers? Who's turn is it to pay the water bill? Bennett's live in girlfriend, Jessica (Dorien Davies) decides to get to the bottom of this witch hunt by putting each roommate through subhuman, gruesome, and hilarious tests. All for the sake of ousting (and humiliating) each other as the Cylon and in the process, saving the rest of humanity. Whether you're into BSG, Caprica, or robots, My Roommate the Cylon is sure to at least give you some good ol' fashioned roommate humor.


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AIRED ON 4/3/2009

Season 1 : Episode 6

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Comedy, Science Fiction


frat guy humor, for geeks, cheap special effects, geekcentric, short lived series