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Naked in a Fishbowl

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Naked in a Fishbowl is an improvised sit-com performed live at the Soho Theatre in New York City; episodes are also available online. The show stars four female actresses who are given only the opening setting for each episode; using only this information, they must continue the story arcs that they have created in earlier episodes. The cast portrays four thirty-somethings: Bonnie (Lauren Seikaly), Sophie (Brenna Palughi), Jean (Lynne Rosenberg), and Lucy (Aubrey Bemis) who regularly meet in each other's apartments to discuss life and current events. No other characters are ever seen on stage, although they are sometimes referenced; the most frequently mentioned off-stage character is Lucy's husband Todd, who is almost always naked. The content of each show is entirely improvised, the cast often includes elements of current events and relevant pop culture in the plot. For example, during the most recent World Cup, the women played vuvuzelas on stage.

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Season 2012 : Episode 05.23.12

  • Reconcilable Differences

    S 2010 : Ep 20100729

    Aired 7/29/10 (59:00)

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