Season 3 Episode 14

Kidnapped! Naruto's Hot Spring Adventure!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Jul 21, 2007 on TV Tokyo



  • Trivia

    • When Naruto gets the bag out of Tsunade's room, he is in his white bathrobe. But after the suitcase is taken away, he is in his orange clothes.

  • Quotes

    • (Three young ladies come to the hot spring and stop when they see Jiraiya, scream, and run off)
      Jiraiya: (Delusional from being in the water so long.) Must be hearing things, I thought I heard the women were here. (Sinks into the water as the episode fades out.)

    • Jiraiya: At last I've got women and plenty of them. But still...
      Old Lady: Aren't you cute?
      Jiraiya: I hoped for women who still had their own teeth you know! Ugh!

    • Naruto: Huh, so it's really Grandma Tsunade who owes you the money?
      Senta: Right, she's called the Legendary Sucker. She always loses and she lost at our village too. She was broke, so we took her I.O.U.
      Bunzo: Right here, this is what she owes us. (Hands the I.O.U. to Naruto)
      Naruto: Gahhh! Whoa! That's... That's a lot of zeros!

    • Jiraiya: Well I wanted humans and I got humans. If wasn't a bunch of fat guys.
      Fat men: Who you callin' fat, grandpa?
      Jiraiya: Are there any human women in this town? Ugh!

    • Jiraiya: Well they're female, I suppose. But uh.... The only problem is they're the wrong species! (Jiraiya is surrounded by monkeys) This, uh, isn't quite what I had in mind.

    • Naruto: Cannonball!!
      (Naruto dives into the hot spring with Jiraiya)
      Jiraiya: I can't say I'm having much fun here. Just me and the knucklehead... When is the mixed-bathing going to start?

    • Jiraiya: Things just go from bad to worst. When they said mix bathing, I did not know they meant this.

    • Jiraiya: Hot springs?
      Tsunade: Yeah. There's a town with nice hot springs just off the main road.
      Shizune: The "Hot Water Village" hot springs. The hot springs heal fatigue and is good for your beauty.
      Naruto: Hey, weren't we supposed to go straight back to the village? Everyone is waiting.

      ~Japanese version

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