Season 7 Episode 3

Raiga's Counterattack

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Apr 12, 2008 on TV Tokyo



  • Trivia

    • In the last episode, lightning hit the rock pile that covered Raiga and blew it away, and Ranmaru was at the bottom of the pile. In the beginning of this episode, the rock pile is back and Ranmaru is at Raiga's feet.

    • When Naruto first uses the shadow clone jutsu to distract Raiga in the beginning of the battle the second time he does it, look closely: Naruto does the wrong handsign to perform the jutsu.

  • Quotes

    • Tenten: Was it good? What you're feeling, that's what it feels like to live.
      Ranmaru: Raiga, I want him to eat this curry too.

    • Ranmaru: Why? Why are you helping me?
      Tenten: Do I need a reason to not let you die? Grandma Sanshou and Karashi put their heart and soul into making this curry. They did it to save you. Don't you feel anything seeing the two of them try their best for you like that? Because if you don't feel something, you're just a horrible human being.

    • Grandma Sanshou: This stupid son of mine did what now? (Hits Karashi with metal spoon)
      Karashi: Ow! It's not like I had a choice.

    • Neji: If he can draw upon the power of nature itself, truly harness it, there's no stopping him.

    • Raiga: Don't go yet, Ranmaru. I'm going to lay their corpses at your feet.

    • Tenten: People help each other. Whether it's saving their life or just lending a hand, if someone needs help, don't you just naturally step in?

    • Raiga: Ha, ha... You brat, are you really that dumb? This isn't ordinary chakra I'm blasting you with, it's actual lightning. Ha, ha, ha, ha! You really are that dumb!

    • Tenten: You're going to live. And you're going to take some responsibility for all those people whose lives you cut short.

    • Neji: Maybe my eyes were clouded?
      Naruto: No way, it's him!

    • Raiga: You're an annoying little gnat, so buzz off already!

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