Season 7 Episode 12

The Death Of Naruto

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM May 10, 2008 on TV Tokyo



  • Trivia

    • In the English dub, the Wandering Ninja refers to Gaara's technique as Sand Funeral, when it was previously referred to as Sand Burial.

    • When Kakashi summons Pakkun, he performs no hand signs and doesn't draw any blood.

  • Quotes

    • Koumei: Mousou... It's clear that his fiendish plan was first to dispose of me and then gain control of the Land of Birds by disposing of Lord Sagi.
      Naruto: And all the time playing the good guy. I can't wait to get my hand on him.
      Sagi: No, Naruto. You've done well. However, from this point on, I act alone.
      Naruto, Neji, Tenten, & Koumei: Huh?
      Naruto: But, what do you mean?
      Sagi: Understand that I must settle this myself. Until I've done this, my heart is as broken as this watch! We are both stopped forever in the past.

    • (Koumei winces from pain and grabs his chest)
      Naruto: (Steadies Koumei) What's wrong? Are you okay?
      Koumei: I'm all right, just a bit weak. You see, Mousou was quite persistent in squeezing a confession out of me. (Shows several scars)
      Naruto: Look at you. Mister, you've been beat up pretty good.

    • Neji: When we went in pursuit of the Cursed Warrior, a second shinobi started following us.
      Tenten: Wonderful! So I'm the only one who didn't know, and I was actually worried.

    • Naruto: You're probably all wondering what I'm doing in this...(Tenten slaps him) Ow! Tenten, what the heck was that for?!
      Tenten: Let's just say I don't like being kept in the dark.

    • Neji: All right, don't you think this is far enough?
      Tenten: Huh?
      Naruto: (Dressed as the Cursed Warrior) Yeah, you're probably right. We should be in the clear. (Takes off mask)
      Tenten: N-No way! Naruto?!
      (Naruto laughs)
      Neji: I thought as much.

    • Pakkun: This guy's tougher than he seemed at first bite.

    • (Hokusin notices something funny about the way Kakashi, Neji, and Tenten are acting)
      Hokushin: Wait a minute... (Throws some shuriken at them and they turn back into monkeys) Of course, a substitution. Think you're clever, eh, playing me for a fool!

    • Hokushin: Do you really believe they're headed back to their village, Nagare?
      Nagare: Could be.
      Hokushin: The one in the mask who joined them later worries me.
      Nagare: If you want me to follow them, I will.
      Hokushin: No, leave that to me. Go on and report back.
      Nagare: Right.

    • Tenten: (Speaking to Neji and referring to Naruto being dressed up as the ghost) How long have you known that?!

    • Neji: Well, we know one thing, he's no more of a ghost than what I am.

    • Pakkun: Hey, you in there! Hide and seek is over. You can come out.
      Wandering Ninja: Ha, ha, ha... Even I can't fool a dog's nose. Very clever.

    • Kakashi: Sacrifice is an unavoidable part of the shinobi way.

    • Koumei: That Mousou! He must of thought after doing away with me, he could kill Sagi-sama and ascend the throne of the Bird country!
      Naruto: Acting like he's the good guy! I ought to beat him up!

      ~Japanese version

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