Season 8 Episode 21

The Missed Target

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Sep 20, 2008 on TV Tokyo



  • Trivia

    • Neji's Byakugan is supposed to only be able to see for a 50 meter radius, but is still able to determine that the whole of the village is mapped in explosive tags.

    • When Neji traces the thread from inside the dojo it splits off into three parts. One goes to the classroom upstairs and the other two head outside. But when Neji and Hinata trace the threads from outside only one is seen coming from the dojo.

    • When the wooden post is shown, after a kunai hits it, the leaf symbol surrounded by the circle, that is cut off on the sides, can be barely seen. But when another one of the kids throws a kunai at it, after Lee's advice, the post is shorter and wider then it orginally was and the leaf symbol, with the circle surrounding it, can be seen clearly seen without the circle surrounding it being cut off on the sides.

    • When Neji sees the post with his Byakugan, after tracing the thread attached to the explosive tag, there are two kunai in it. But when it is shown, after Neji tells Naruto that the post is the explosive device, when a kunai is thrown at it there are none in it.

    • When the Shadow Clone Naruto are collecting the papers the bird dropped watch when one lands in front of the screen, in front of the four people. If you look closely you can see that the background for this image is almost the exact same thing for episode 176 when Naruto was searching for his fake after the fake ate all Naruto's favorite ramen. Also, when all of them are in the air it is the same thing and when they are going across the roof tops.

    • Shikamaru calls the papers falling from the sky the blueprints in the previous episode. But Shizune tells Tsunade that they are copies of the introduction letter written to the head carpenter in this episode.

  • Quotes

    • Naruto: (Shouts) Hey, did you find anything?
      Hinata: There are paper bombs all over the village, and they're all connected!
      Neji: Not just ten or twenty paper bombs either, but dozens of them...hundreds of them...too many to count! (Everyone gasps) The entire Leaf Village is a giant nest of paper bombs.

    • (Everyone is examining the target post at the Academy)
      Shikamaru: A triggering device hidden inside it, huh?
      Neji: Cleverly set to be activated by a direct hit on the target.
      Kiba: We were just lucky that none of those little snots were good enough to hit it before we got here.
      Tenten: It's a good thing that they hadn't had any more training.
      Shikamaru: We got lucky, that's for sure.

    • Naruto: (Spots Hinata and Sakura) There she is. Hey, Hinata!
      Sakura: What is it?
      Hinata: What's going on?
      Naruto: Hinata, you're the one I want.
      (Hinata and Sakura gasp not realizing that Naruto is just asking for her help and not asking her out on a date)
      Sakura: What the heck is wrong with you? You idiot, saying stuff like that right now!
      Hinata: I never knew. I don't know what to say.
      Naruto: I need you, Hinata.
      Hinata: Oh Naruto, I never knew you could be so impetuous.
      Naruto: (Gets frustrated and sees Neji) Never mind, I'll ask Neji. See ya!
      Hinata: Huh?!

    • Naruto: Look at them; they're really training. Remember when we were at the Academy? We used to skip class and hang out here all the time. It was the last place teachers ever thought of looking for us. It was great. I used to read manga here or take a nap.
      Choji: A nice quiet place to eat a snack.
      Lee: I would not boast about that. You could learn something from them. Look at them, training hard even when the teacher is not watching. The picture of the ideal student! (Starts to tear up) Such drive and dedication! It is inspiring to watch! I only wish I could go through training all over again with them!
      Naruto: Heh?
      Lee: We must not interrupt them. Let us be off!

    • Lee: Naruto.
      Naruto: Yeah?
      Lee: Those kids, the ones heading off to the practice hall just now. What do you think they're up to?
      Naruto: Don't know.
      Choji: I heard him say something about some kunai training.
      Naruto: That's right. Yeah, yeah, I think I heard something like that.
      Lee: A strange place indeed for kunai training.

    • Shizune: We only suspected him because of the fake letter of recommendation, and it was only by sheer coincidence that we discovered the letter.
      Shikamaru: Was it a coincidence? It was convenient that a real letter of recommendation was found in the very house Gennou was working at. A little too convenient if you ask me.
      Tsunade: All right then, what is he really after?
      Shikamaru: If we knew that, we wouldn't be sitting here sweating would we milady?
      Tsunade: Shikamaru!

    • Sakura: Lady Tsunade!
      Tsunade: (Angry) Yeah, what is it now?!
      Sakura: The body that the ANBU Black Ops thought was Gennou's...
      (Cut to scene with Ino, Naruto, Shikamaru, and Choji)
      Shikamaru: What?! It's not Gennou?!
      Choji: What do you mean it's not him?!
      Naruto: But wait, I thought Old Man Gennou blew himself up when the Black Ops had him surrounded?
      Shikamaru: Maybe he was ready for that. Maybe he had someone else's body ready to switch for his own.

    • Kotetsu: Lady Tsunade, we've just had word from the forces we sent to the border.
      Tsunade: Well, what's the news?
      Kotetsu: It seems the troop movements we detected were just part of a training exercise after all. The Village Hidden in the Waterfalls had no intention of invading us.
      Tsunade: They what?
      Kotetsu: They finished their training and the troops withdrew without incident. All's quiet on the border.
      Tsunade: So there was no connection between that and Gennou after all? Suspend the security alert and order everyone back! All our forces are to return to the village!
      Kotetsu: Right. (Leaves room)
      Tsunade: Just what is our friend, Gennou, up to?!

    • Shizune: Lady Tsunade, we've got trouble!
      Tsunade: What is it, Shizune?
      Shizune: Those papers falling from the sky are actually the stolen plans we've been looking for! Shikamaru and his squad have been collecting them from all over the village and gathering them together. It appears they've recovered all of them.
      Tsunade: So, what do you think it means?
      Shizune: Who knows.

    • Shikamaru: Naruto, Chouji, collection time!
      Naruto: I got it. Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!
      Shadow Clone Narutos: All right! Let's go! Here we go! Where does this go? Oh no!
      Chouji: Bubun Baika no Jutsu: Arm!
      Shikamaru: Where is that bird? Damn it. Did I overlook this?
      Shadow Clone Narutos: Got it! Just a little more. That's why I'm saying this is a mission! This is a very precious item, so... Let it go!
      Shizune: This is bad, Tsunade-sama!
      Tsunade: What is it?!
      Shizune: The thing that's been scattered around the village is the introduction letter that was stolen from the head carpenter. Right now, Shikamaru's group is collecting them, but... it seems like they've all been recovered.

      ~Japanese version

    • Shikamaru: So this is the explosive device.
      Neji: It's set up so that when you hit the center, the academy would have blown up.
      Kiba: So no one has gotten a bull's eye up until now.
      Tenten: That was really lucky.

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: They're really practicing. I always skipped practice when I was in the academy. Hiding where sensei couldn't see us...That was the best, wasn't it? Reading manga, taking naps...
      Chouji: Yeah, yeah, and eating potato chips!

      ~Japanese version

    • Naruto: Hey, Hinata!
      Sakura: Naruto?
      Hinata: Naruto-kun...
      Naruto: Hinata, can you help me?
      (The phrase Naruto uses also means to ask someone on a date. Sakura and Hinata think he's asking Hinata out)
      Sakura: What the hell are you saying in a time like this?!
      Hinata: Umm...Go out with you...
      Naruto: You can't?
      Hinata: It's not that...
      Naruto: Well then, I'll ask Neji. See you!
      Hinata: What?! (She thinks Naruto is asking Neji out for a date)

      ~Japanese version

    • Rock Lee: You're all playing Hookey!

      ~Japanese version

  • Notes

    • YTV Airdate: September 12, 2009

    • Original Title: Missing the Mark, The Visible Target

    • Original Airdate: August 30, 2006

    • At the site of the explosion there was a tunnel, hidden behind a fallen tree, that Gennou escaped through. This tunnel could only be seen with Neji's Byakugan and was made to naturally fill with dirt. Which meant that if it had been searched for a week later it could not have been found with the Byakugan.

    • Naruto asked Hinata to help him in manner that is sometimes used to ask someone out on a date. That is why Sakura got ticked off and Hinata was embarrassed.

    • Gennou set up a map of explosion tags all over the village, and would blow up, if one of the students hits the bull's eye of the target painted on the wooden post, in the dojo, with a kunai.

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