Season 8 Episode 24

The Top 5 Ninja Battles!

Aired Thursday 7:30 PM Nov 01, 2008 on TV Tokyo



  • Trivia

    • When this episode was first announced and aired, it was titled Episode 202 by Studio Pierrot. Minutes after airing, it was announced as a non-mainstream episode, and was to be dubbed as "Episode 201 1/2". Shortly after, it was changed back to Episode 202, much the confusion of fans.

  • Quotes

    • Sasuke: Hey, are you going to go on all day? I came here to train, not waste my time, Orochimaru.
      Naruto: Sasuke.
      Sakura: It is you. It is you, isn't it?
      Sasuke: I'm going to head over to the training hall right now. Don't make me wait.
      (Sasuke leaves)
      Sakura: Wait!
      Orochimaru: Well, goodness now, you've gone and angered my young protege. I'll have to bid my farewell then, I guess. (Stops transmission)

    • Orochimaru: What a shame you didn't invite me to the studio.
      Sakura: You can't be serious. As if we'd ever invite you here!
      Orochimaru: Right you are. We would have been too busy anyway, what with all our research and massing of jutsu. I'm sure that you understand. After all, I need Sasuke to advance his strength as quickly as possible.
      Sakura: If he's there, then let us see him.
      Orochimaru: Believe me, I tried to get your young friend to participate a little. What with today being a special occasion and everything. But sadly, he's ignoring me and has chosen to mope the day away.

    • Sakura: And now the moment has arrived; it's time to meet our special guest. We bring you live and on location to our correspondent, Master Jiraiya.
      Naruto: Ah!
      Sakura: Can you hear me out there, Jiraiya?
      Jiraiya: Absolutely, I'm picking you both up loud and clear.
      Sakura: Now tell us, are you able to talk about where you are at the moment?
      Jiraiya: I'm kind of in a tricky spot here. I can't divulge the details of my location. The most I can tell you is that I'm in a certain someone's secret lair.
      Naruto: What's the deal here, Pervy Sage? What are you doing outside the village? I thought you were supposed to be overseeing my training about now.
      Jiraiya: Oh come on, Naruto. This is a special episode. Stop being such a stick in the mud, will ya?

    • Naruto: I bet it's an appearance fee you're after. It's too bad for you then, we're doing this as a thank you for all the fans out there. So your appearance is pro-bono buddy.
      Neji: That isn't a problem. I have spoken with the Hokage and she's deemed my being here as a mission. I had no choice but to show up, and since it is a mission I, of course, am being compensated.
      Sakura: Boy, practical as ever, aren't ya, Neji?

    • Sakura: And now a few words from our second finalist, Neji of the Hyuuga clan.
      Neji: Hm, this is just silly. You're free to evaluate my battles, I suppose. But participating in this farce is utterly beneath me.
      Naruto: Heh, whatever. At least you get to preen like you always do.

    • Sakura: Our third place finalist folks, a man and his dog. Why don't you face the camera and offer a few words to everyone watching back at home.
      Kiba: Oh... Uh... Thanks a million for tuning in every week. We could never have done it without all your support. I know we came in third and all, but you can expect some real butt-kicking in the future. Ha! So don't you count us out yet.
      Naruto: (Laughs) That's pretty big talk there, dog boy. I don't recall any other moment of greatness lately.
      Kiba: I said in the future, didn't I? That's it, I've had enough of you. Sick him, Akamaru!
      (Akamaru jumps on Naruto and bites him)
      Naruto: Ah!

    • Sakura: The bite on the hand helped his master make a tough decision. Akamaru's popularity went through the roof after this fight. What a man!
      Naruto: Huh? Man my butt, he's just a mangy mutt of dog with beady little eyes.
      Kiba: You got a problem with my dog, you nitwit?!
      Naruto: Ah! Kiba? How long you been standing there? I didn't even see ya.
      Kiba: Shut it! Is this how you treat a guest on your show?

    • Sakura: And now the moment you've all been waiting for, the mega three.
      Naruto: Starting with the third, ;et's see which battle busted through to the upper ranks.
      Sakura: Look, it's the Kiba and Akamaru dynamic duo.
      Naruto: Huh, big deal. Those two are all bark and no bite.

    • Naruto: What did you have to have to go and clock me in the eye for, Sakura?
      Sakura: Couldn't help myself, I got too excited.

    • Naruto: Yeah, here we go! (Talking about his first battle with Sasuke) I'm the first one on the board. Just what you'd expect from the hero of the story. I've got the audience in the palm of my hand.
      Sakura: (Shrieks in excitement) You're so right! The poetry of Sasuke in motion is indescribable. His destructive power is mind blowing. Cha!
      Naruto: Hey... Uh... Sakura, we're not really on the same page here, you know?
      Sakura: Oh, zip it for once, will ya?
      Naruto: (Dejected) Right.

    • Naruto: All right, thanks for waiting everybody. To celebrate this show's blockbuster run, we bring you the top five ninja battles to date full of blood, sweat, and tears and plenty of extras packed in to boot. It kinda gives you butterflies inside, doesn't it?

  • Notes

    • YTV Airdate: September 26th, 2009

    • Original Title: Announcement Today! Sweat and Tears of the Best Five Bouts

    • Original Airdate: September 27, 2006

    • Naruto and Sakura re-announce the move to Thursdays in Japan.

    • All grudges seem to be put off in special episodes like this, because Jiraiya and Orochimaru would normally be fighting, but now they're next to each other peacefully and friendly.

    • Naruto and Sakura briefly see both Orochimaru and Sasuke via satellite.

    • The Top Five Fights Were:
      #1: Naruto vs Sasuke: The End's Ravine
      #2: Neji vs Kidomaru: Byakugan vs. Kumo Nenkin
      #3: Kiba/Akamaru vs Ukon/Sakon: Howl! Two-headed Wolf
      #4: Choji vs Jirobo: Fatty vs Fatty
      #5: Sasuke vs Naruto: Hospital Rooftop

      The Side Battles Were:
      Kakashi vs Zabuza: Wave Country Arc
      Kakashi vs Gai: Rock-Paper-Scissors Arc

    • A clip show featuring the top 5 battles from the series and two side battles.

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