NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 1 Episode 21


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 04, 2010 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Kensi calls Callen about the resignation letter she found, Callen asks "What's her name?" At that point, he had no way of knowing the worker was a woman.

  • Quotes

    • (Hetty has set up a meeting)
      Sam: What do you mean she didn't give you a name? What agency is he with?
      Callen: She didn't say.
      Sam: We're wasting time!
      Callen: This guy could be with animal control for all I care. I trust Hetty.
      Man: How is the Duchess of Deception?

    • Man: Oh, uh, tell Hetty that they still have her picture up in that bar in Vela Cruise. (laughs) She'll get a kick out of that.

    • (Eric is frustrated trying to get information from a wet computer)
      Hetty: You know I despise your wardrobe, particularly those flip-flops, not to mention you surfboard leaning preciously close to my car. The sand you track into the OPS center or the millions of dollars of top-secret technology you use to play your frivolous video games.
      Eric: I only left my surfboard near you car once… twice. I don't do it anymore.
      Hetty: But I tolerate it all, for the most part. And, do you know why, Mr. Beale?
      Eric: My playful kitten-like personality? I-I don't know why I just said that. I make jokes when I'm nervous… using humor as a defense mechanism. It's a bad habit. I don't even know why I'm still talking.
      Hetty: I tolerate it because you are unequalled at what you do. I am the way I am because I demand the best. This is an elite unit whose unparalleled success rests on the superior skills of those who work here. And that's why I know if anyone can fix this, it is you.

    • Hetty: I don't think I can go through this again.
      Callen: We're going to find him, Hetty.
      Hetty: Do you really believe that?
      Callen: Yes, because we're not going to stop looking until we do.
      Hetty: Extreme situations occasionally require extreme measures, Mr. Callen. But at the end of the day, one's methods are seldomly questioned when they bring the necessary results.

    • Callen: Sam, he's gone, Sam.
      Sam: I ain't giving up on him, G.
      Callen: You didn't. None of us did.

    • (Eric is working on a computer that was thrown in the pool)
      Hetty: So, what's the veredict?
      Eric: Don't take your computer swimming.

    • Eric: Can you stop hovering?
      Kensi: I'm just trying to help.
      Eric: Well, you aren't. It's a computer, it only takes one person to work it.
      Kensi: Apparently not.
      Nate: Guys, I haven't been able to find anything on this Ala Adin character
      Kensi: Neither can Eric.
      Eric: Or you.
      Nate: Pointing fingers is not going to help.

  • Notes

    • Music:
      I Grieve by Peter Gabriel

    • International Air Dates:
      Canada: May 3, 2010 on Global
      United Kingdom: May 31, 2010 on Sky1/Sky1 HD
      Australia: June 22, 2010 on Channel Ten
      Norway: July 26, 2010 on TV3
      Sweden: September 14, 2010 on TV3
      Germany: November 27, 2010 on SAT 1
      Finland: January 5, 2011 on Nelonen
      Czech Republic: March 11, 2011 on AXN
      Slovakia: October 27, 2011 on Markiza

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