NCIS: Los Angeles

Season 1 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 26, 2010 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Karaoke:
      Callen sang To All the Girls I Loved Before
      Sam sang My Funny Valentine
      Nate sang a Everybody (Backstreets Back)
      Hetty sang Wanted Dead or Alive

    • Dom has a hand drawn picture on his refrigerator to "Uncle Dom".

    • At the end of the episode, Callen has Dom's Alpha Centauri Imperial Class Guardians Bobble-head on his desk.

    • During the end montage sequence, Eric is seen dealing with his stress by playing a video game. He is playing "Mass Effect 2", a game that was released to the public on January 26, 2010, the day of the original airing.

  • Quotes

    • Callen: (About karaoke the night before) Nate, friends don't let friends sing boy bands.

    • Kensi: Has anyone seen Dom?
      Sam: No, but that's one way to avoid a hangover, don't show up for karaoke.
      Callen: Yeah. Don't show up for work… in thirty seconds he's going to be rookie meat.
      (Hetty walks up)
      Hetty: Your watch is slow, Mr. Callen.
      Sam: Bravo!
      Kensi: Hetty, alright!
      Eric: Wow! The crowd goes wild.
      Callen: Wanted Dead or Alive, an inspired choice, Hetty.
      Hetty: Well, there's no magic quite like a quixotic combination of Messner's Cognac and Bon Jovi.

    • Ty: (to Kensi about Dom): He's a pretty good geek, you know, for an agent.

    • Hetty: Let's open our books to page one and begin.
      (Phone beeps)
      Kensi: Sorry, (Turns phone off), off.
      Hetty: Mm-umm, a safe work environment is not just a goal... (Phone rings)
      Callen: That's me, sorry phasers on stun.
      Hetty: Does the word vibrate mean anything to you people! (Sam's phone beeps) If your behind this Mr. Beal…
      Eric: What? (sighs) It wasn't me, promise. (Hetty's phone beeps)
      Hetty: (embarrassed) Oh.

    • (Kensi is upset over Dom, feeling guilty)
      Hetty: You listen, guilt is the strongest emotion, the most powerful emotion that we exhibit. It's so easy to feel and it's impossible to dismiss. It's also a strong motivator, but it tends to cloud our judgment. I'm talking from experience.
      Kensi: Agent Sullivan?
      Hetty: (nods head) Oh, God, I don't know how many days I second guessed myself after we lost him. Remember that you are a strong woman.
      Kensi: Sometimes it just gets to be too much, you know.
      Hetty: (grabs her hand) Yeah. Sometimes. But don't think for a minute that they can do it without us.

    • (Sam leaves the boathouse and Callen follows)
      Sam: (About Dom) If I'd only ridden him harder.
      Callen: If you'd ridden him any harder, he would have washed out.
      Sam: Either way, this wouldn't have happened.
      Callen: Maybe, maybe not.
      Sam: I don't know how you keep a lid on your feelings.
      Callen: I just focus on the case.
      Sam: It's not natural, G.

    • (About the beach)
      Sam: Why you choose to live in this area is yet another Callen mystery.
      Callen: Well, the atmosphere stimulates my brain.

    • (Kensi hands over the on-board camera from Dom's car.)
      Kensi: Ty, could you look at this?
      Ty: Aw, poor little fellow. Who'd want to shoot you?
      Kensi: You talk to your computer parts?
      Ty: Do you talk to your plants when you water 'em?
      Kensi: Just my orchids, but they can be tricky.

  • Notes

    • International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: April 5, 2010 on Sky1/Sky1 HD
      New Zealand: May 3, 2010
      Sweden: May 11, 2010 on TV3
      Norway: May 31, 2010 on TV3
      Germany: October 2, 2010 on SAT 1
      Finland: November 10, 2010 on Nelonen
      Czech Republic: February 4, 2011 on AXN
      Slovakia: August 25, 2011 on Markiza

    • Music:
      See Me by Rob Giles

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