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  • 2011
    • Meet Weakness
      Meet Weakness
      Episode 20110909
      We caught Weakness as they took over the stage of MOTR Pub in Cincinnati and proceeded to level everyone in attendance. The flailing frame of front man Kevin Doyle zipped around like a marionette whose puppeteer had gone mad with power. Awash in sweat and spit, Weakness ended the set like punk bands should: a giant squeal of noise followed by a dead stop and direct exit from the stage.moreless
    • Meet Big Business
      Meet Big Business
      Episode 20110909
      In 2006, Jared Warren and Coady Willis won the metal jackpot. The pair, respective bassist-vocalist and drummer of the Seattle duo Big Business, had been asked to join the Melvins. Nevermind that the Melvins, one of the most innovative and influential bands of the heavy rock landscape, already had a percussionist. Warren and Willis would link up with Melvins principles Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover to form a double-drum-kit juggernaut, an alt-metal Voltron.moreless
    • Meet Wampire
      Meet Wampire
      Episode 20110902
      Wampire showed us around Portland as we crisscrossed the bridges of the northwest indie rock capital. Later that night the psychedelic dance-rock trio turned their hometown crowd into a sweaty, ecstatic mass riding blissed-out beats deep into the night.
    • Purple Rhinestone Eagle
      Purple Rhinestone Eagle
      Episode 20110829
      On this week’s episode of Uncapped, Purple Rhinestone Eagle, the black clad high volume three-piece coven hailing from Portland, OR, convened at the Woods in their hometown to blast out a potent brew of fuzzed-out mystical psyche-metal. Ditching the flying broomstick for a Flying V, singer/guitarist Andrea Genevieve’s Valkyrie war cry rode the thunder churned up by bassist Morgan Ray Denning and drummer Ashley Spungin. Headbanging and air guitars were on full display as the packed audience was transported across dimensions and time.moreless
      Here it is! The director’s cut of Dell & Intel’s first ever Special Engagement! Live from the Lustre Pearl in Austin, TX with the Brooklyn-bred hip-hop prodigy Theophilus London, hosted by none other than Telli Federline from Ninjasonik! Enjoy the show!!
    • Meet The Offset: Spectacles
      Meet The Offset: Spectacles
      Episode 20110816
      The Offset: Spectacles are probably the most stubborn band in Beijing. Their brand of precisely overblown Cantonese rock n’ roll condenses the urban scream of their native Hong Kong into blasting surrealist bangers that are as captivating as they are uncompromising. In concert, the band dispenses with pleasantries like stage banter or directly facing the audience and challenges the clangor of the Chinese capital with their own cathartic racket.moreless
    • Meet Younger Lovers
      Meet Younger Lovers
      Episode 20110816
      The Thermals-tapped Younger Lovers guide us through their creamerie-turned-house/recording studio/practice space/sometimes-DIY-showspace and explain their family history with Eli’s Mile High blues club. Later on, they take us into downtown Oakland, where frontman/drummer Brontez gets his ‘fro clipped and we’re shown the iconic local theaters like the Fox, the Uptown, and the Paramount before being treated to an über-lo-fi set at Café du Nord.moreless
    • Uncapped - Meet Bare Wires
      Uncapped - Meet Bare Wires
      Episode 20110815
      In this week’s episode of uncapped, we followed the Oakland “smooth punk” three piece Bare Wires across the Bay Bridge to capture their show at San Francisco’s Café Du Nord. Described by the Thermals as “unrefined and slightly dangerous,” Bare Wires look like they swiped the street clothes of Murph and the Magic Tones while they were busy at the Ramada Room. The Oakland band has the swagger of a gang composed entirely of cooler older brothers. Although they don’t have a single bank account between them and they fall somewhere between drifters and scallywags on the scale of sketchiness, you can bet if they experienced even the slightest of windfall there would be a classic Camaro in need of almost constant TLC in their very near future. Seeing Bare Wires on stage, it makes perfect sense that singer/guitar player Matthew Melton was raised in Memphis, home of Graceland, Stax, and Goner, and found a place to flourish in Oakland, the grittiest and most malleable point in the Bay Area — it can be a rough and tumble area but it is still just a stone’s throw away from the city that gave us the Grateful Dead and the Dead Kennedys.moreless
    • Meet Shabazz Palaces
      Meet Shabazz Palaces
      Episode 20110811
      Seattle’s Ishmael Butler, A.K.A. Butterfly of the Digable Planets, has effortlessly transformed himself, departing from the golden age roots that he’ll eternally be known for. Fifteen years after “Rebirth of Slick,” Butler emerges with an evolved take on his format. His new project Shabazz Palaces is lyrical and abstract, but it’s not pushing for artsy appeal. The music is trippy and tasty, and the only intentional intrigue lies in the promotion (the band forgoes interviews, explanations, and social media for sheer mystery).moreless
    • Uncapped - Meet Ale Mania
      Uncapped - Meet Ale Mania
      Episode 20110805
      This week vitamanwater headed South to San Diego to gaze across the Mexican border with synth-powered post-punks Ale Mania. Driven by the same duo that propelled the late great San Diego garage act the Sess (as well as the all too brief blogoshpere darlings Beaters), Ale Mania is the newest project from guitarist Jeremy Rojas and drummer/vocalist Andrew Montoya. Over the course of their set they transformed the usually laid back San Diego audience into a dancing, head-bobbing mass.moreless
    • Meet Ruido Rosa
      Meet Ruido Rosa
      Episode 20110804
      Just looking at them, some people might not expect Ruido Rosa to produce bone-crunching rock ‘n’ roll. But that’s just because they’re sexist jerks. This tough-as-nails all-girl four piece throws Zeppelin riffs in a meat grinder, with monstrous guitars towering over brain melting drumbeats.
    • Noisey Uncapped - Meet Tijuana Panthers
      We join surf rock aficionados Tijuana Panthers as they cram in a full day of fun in the sun around their hometown of Long Beach, CA. After a visit to the salon, a round of Frisbee golf, and a quick record store stop, they manage to make it to Costa Mesa’s Detroit Bar right when they’re scheduled to play.moreless
    • Meet Katy B
      Meet Katy B
      Episode 20110728
      In the last eighteen months, Kathleen Brien—better known as Katy B—has killing it on the blogs with a classy take on British underground dance. She’s been hyped as the breakout star of the “UK funky” scene and the ‘Florence of dubstep’. OK, critics like her. But those comparisons fail to account for what exactly makes this 22-year-old South Londoner such a unique and interesting entertainer.moreless
    • Meet Audacity
      Meet Audacity
      Episode 20110722
      We stop by Audacity’s practice space and their favorite local spots to pick up records and vintage gear in their hometown of Fullerton, CA. Then the group cranks out a set of their slacker punk anthems to an eager crowd at Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa.
    • Meet Marvin
      Meet Marvin
      Episode 20110721
      Somewhere along the way, “instrumental” blurred into "arty"—a catchall tag for otherwise unclassifiable bands like Tortoise and Explosions in the Sky. To get a good sense of Marvin, try reorienting your thinking to the early 60s, when vocal-less outfits like the Ventures privileged high-energy fun over introverted experimentation. This Montpellier, France trio layers Emilie Rougier’s vintage Korg synth tones—and the occasional Vocoder episode—over guitarist Frédéric Conte and drummer Grégoire Bredel’s writhing riffs, yielding a noisy throb balanced precariously between New and No Wave.moreless
    • Uncapped: Birthday Suits
      Uncapped: Birthday Suits
      Episode 20110714
      Twin Cities punk rock duo Birthday Suits take us cruising around town to their favorite record store before bringing their high voltage live show to the stage of First Avenue, the legendary Minneapolis venue.
    • Spector
      Episode 20110714
      London five piece Spector have only been together for a short time but are already making waves with a sound, look and attitude aimed squarely at kick-starting a new pop scene right at the centre of British indie music.
    • Mannequin Men
      Mannequin Men
      Episode 20110708
      Mannequin Men, Chicago’s garage rock fixtures, took us on a tour of the Second City. After a quick peek at their 9-to-5s and favorite local haunts, we made our way to the Viaduct Theater. Packed with friends and fans, the band brought the house down with a batch of explosive new songs.moreless
    • Mujeres
      Episode 20110708
      The Black Lips may be responsoible for kickstarting the garage-rock movement in the US, but Mujeres is spreading that rough-hewn gospel across Spain.
    • Mujeres
      Episode 20110708
      The Black Lips may be responsoible for kickstarting the garage-rock movement in the US, but Mujeres is spreading that rough-hewn gospel across Spain.
    • Austra
      Episode 20110630
      Formed in 2010, Austra is built around singer and principal songwriter Katie Stelmanis’ bewitching voice. The band’s moniker, taken from Stelmanis’ middle name, is nod to the Latvian goddess of light. That might sound weird for a goth-pop act, but it’s that back and forth between darkness and light that sets this Toronto brooder apart.moreless
    • Uncapped - Last Year's Men
      Uncapped - Last Year's Men
      Episode 20110624
      In early March of this year, Noisey and vitaminwater took a trip down to Chapel Hill, North Carolina to hang with über-talented rising band, Last Year’s Men. Handpicked for our Uncapped series by local legends The Love Language, the fellas showed us where they work, where they play, and how to have fun in this Southern college town. After a day of pounding the pavement, we made our way to The Cave, an iconic local venue, where we caught the punky garage rock outfit crank out explosive jams to a room packed with eager fans. The day was a fantastic success; but with a great crowd, sunshine, and a great band, how could it have been anything else?moreless
    • Giggs
      Episode 20110623
      NWA’s notorious anti-cop diatribes targeted life in South Central LA in the late-80s. Sure, that’s a long time ago. But for the UK rapper Nathanial “Giggs” Thompson, the sentiment still rings true.
    • Uncapped - Gross Ghost
      Uncapped - Gross Ghost
      Episode 20110617
      This past March, Noisey and vitaminwater were lucky enough to catch up with lo-fi garage rockers Gross Ghost, a band handpicked to participate in our Uncapped series by local legends The Love Language, in their quaint hometown of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. In this episode, the band’s frontman Mike Dillon takes us on a tour of legendary venues and local record shops, giving the viewer a behind-the-scenes look at the lives, the music, and the hometown of these up-and-comers. Later on at The Cave, a well-known rock-and-roll venue in the heart of downtown, Gross Ghost captivated us with their catchy tunes and charismatic personalities.moreless
    • PK 14
      PK 14
      Episode 20110616
      P.K. 14, often described as China’s most influential band, plays a blend of straight-up punk dosed with a sensible hit of experi-rock play. They’ve been affectionately described as “Sonic Youth meets Gang of Four in China,” or, more succinctly, Nation of Ulysses singing in Mandarin.
    • The Future Now
      The Future Now
      Episode 20110613
      In late February of this year, vitaminwater and Noisey fled the frigid Northeast and flew South—Gainesville, Florida, to be exact. While we were enjoying the sunshine, we also got the chance to enjoy an amazing local band by the name of The Future Now. With the Bobby, Salmon and Tim as our ad hoc tour guides, we explored the grunge rock trio’s favorite local spots, their studio, practice space, and city, all the while learning firsthand about the band’s history and how they came to establish their dynamic. Friends and neighbors with local punk legends Against Me! (who handpicked the band to be featured for our Uncapped series), the two garage punk outfits reflect on each other and the music scene in Gainesville. We capped off our day about town with The Future Now by catching their set at The Atlantic, a cozy venue deep in downtown Gainesville, where we could appreciate a night of great weather and even greater tunes.moreless
    • Bo Ningen
      Bo Ningen
      Episode 20110609
      While most of the East London scene spent the last few years falling in love with their parents 80s record collections, Bo Ningen has risen up to tear a sonic hole through the heart of live music in the UK capital. Their shows are already legendary experiences that invariably conclude with a finale of destruction as the band merges into a mess of hair, limbs, and guitars.moreless
    • Uncapped - Averikou
      Uncapped - Averikou
      Episode 20110606
      From their doubled-up vocals bouncing around in an echo chamber to their guitars blown out to the walls with a million springs of reverb, Gainsville, Florida’s Averkiou is proudly spearheading a new lineage of shoegaze bands. Naturally, as the next in line to inherit the dream-pop crown, Averkiou is in many ways indebted to My Bloody Valentine and the dense guitar tracking of frontman Kevin Shields. But perhaps the band’s closest contemporary match is UK shoegaze quartet Yuck. Whereas Yuck polishes their pedal-powered songs to a pop finish, Averkiou leaves their edges rough. That said, Averkiou’s strongest suit may be their ear for a perfect hook, densely layered under pounds of guitar and distant drums. With the 2009 release of their debut LP, Throwing Sparks, Averkiou established themselves as the shoegaze-revival circuit’s band to beat. Audience members at the quartet’s live gigs can expect to be slammed with a wall of sound built by three guitars, drums, and a whole mess of feedback.moreless
    • Hedgehog
      Episode 20110602
      What if you went back in time and drained that angsty gloom from the early-90s alt-rock scene, leaving only bittersweet joy? You’d end up with a bunch of bands that sound a lot like Hedgehog. This Beijing trio’s jangly, noise-kissed rock descends from grunge and artier elders like the Cure and R.E.M., but Hedgehog trades the world-weariness for some serious wide-eyed enthusiasm.moreless
    • Criolo
      Episode 20110527
      Criolo built his reputation in the São Paulo hip-hop underground. Alongside DJ DanDan, he’s been financing and hosting the Rinha dos MC’s, an infamous local freestyle battle. His first record was released in 2006, quickly becoming a favorite for local hip-hop heads. The songs focus less on favela culture and more on daily life in less crime-ridden streets. His career has taken a turn lately, as he attempts to incorporate singing into the potted style of Brazilian rap.moreless
    • Noisey Cheveu - VBS
      Noisey Cheveu - VBS
      Episode 20110519
      Anyone who’s watched Jean-Paul Belmondo mimic Humphrey Bogart in Jean-Luc Godard’s Breathless knows that the French have a thing for US culture. Parisian electropunks Cheveu are no exception, but the band fixates on kitsch rather than cool. Since coming together in the summer of 2003, the trio has routinely channeled the mundane into something charmingly surreal. “Charlie Sheen,” from Cheveu’s 2010 sophomore record 1000, zips from sing-songy to manic, pausing long enough for Lemoine to inquire, “What can I do for you, Charlie? Anything to go with your fries?” Along similar lines, the band’s pseudo-cover of “Ice Ice Baby” swaps out Vanilla Ice’s smooth cadences for driving dance-rock abandon.moreless
    • Mogwai
      Episode 20110512
      The Scottish post-rockers in Mogwai have built a career that’s spanned over fifteen years, standing firm as the UK’s sonic landscape oscillates from guitars to synths and back again. It’s not a mad thought to call them the most influential band of their kind. Their legacy can be felt all over, from the abstract stylings of Sigur Ros to the prose of crime writer Ian Rankin, who credits Mogwai’s discography as the primary soundtrack to his writing process.moreless
    • 2UP
      Episode 20110505
      Editor’s Note
    • Bun B
      Bun B
      Episode 20110426
      When the history of Texas rap is written, its authors will need ten chapters to cover Bun B. As a high school student in Port Arthur, Texas, Bun partnered with his buddy Chad Butler (A.K.A. Pimp C) to found the incalculably influential rap duo Underground Kingz, or UGK. Founded in 1987 and signed to Jive Records five years later, the group is widely praised for drawing national attention to the Texas rap scene.moreless
    • Das Racist
      Das Racist
      Episode 20110421
      Das Racist exists in a climate where emerging rap crews are picked up and sucked dry overnight, but that kind of success doesn’t interest these guys. Still unsigned, they’ve been on their grind for three years now and they’ve got a range of floors to sleep on all over the country to prove it. Unless they’ve been kicked out of a venue, they’re loved wherever they go, and Seattle is no exception.moreless