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  • Funny

    Very funny and hilarious.
  • He's the reason why people have bad tastes in film nowadays

    Nostalgia Critic is a big fraud. He does nothing but give movies bad names. One such he did by saying how Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is far superior and better than it's truer to the source and realistic remake. Thus, he is the reason why people think that Charlie and the Chocoltae Factory by Tim Burton is one of the worst remakes made.

    He also branded Captain Planet, a proper educational series as propaganda, causing everyone to think the same. He is film criticism's counterpart of a mullah (a term referring to Islamic extremists).
  • One sentence review

    He's good, but I'm only writing this review because I hate my old one so much.
  • This guy is AWESOME

    I love his reviews on movies. I also like his new theme song and I also love how he acknowledges tht whenever he wants to make a change, people would complain (example: his review of The King and I). A lot of people have complained how his show might be going downhill since his revival, but I do not share this view. I think he is awesome and his reviews are honest and he even knows people might not like what he says.

    Now I know he does what he does out of satire, but he does make valid points about why a film or show is terrible and he even gives praise where praise is due. Also I don't always agree with his reviews. His Independence Day review did not change my mind about how much I love the movie although I did respect his opinion. In fact, he was the reason I resumed when I stopped for a few years.
  • Good web series!

    Not as good as The Angry Video Game Nerd, but is still a good web show.
  • NC is amazing

    He's both funny and smart.
  • Very Fantastic Series!

    This is one of my favorite movie critics. He knows the difference between good & bad very well.
  • Ignore the losers who gave this a 1.5 and 4.5, they're probably just trolls because this is a great internet series

    This guy is very funny and his reviews are great. This pretty much this generation's MST3K!
  • This guy is a friggin genius.

    Even though I don't always agree with his opinion, he breaks it apart in such a clever and hilarious way, episodes of the Nostalgia Critic are really enjoyable. I'll really miss Doug.
  • z-agent, i urge YOU to think twice before posting shitty reviews.

    sorry z-agent but reading your review made me facepalm. and here's a couple reasons why: "I find it shameful that people buy the lies he tells them" kid, he's a Critic! critics are people who give their OPINIONS on Movies, TV Shows,ect. Critics are not people who tell facts on movies, shows, ect. please do your research! & do you even know whats an opinion? ",pokemon (doesn't deserve ANY harsh criticism)" *Epic Face Palm* kid, EVERY show in the world is going to have harsh Criticism, there's never going to be a show with no negative criticism, deal with it!
  • Where Have I seen this Before?

    I like the nostalgia aspect, but it's pretty much presented to the viewer like every other brand in the nostalgia department.
  • This "critic" is an assault on the mind, the common sense, the memories we cherish, and the human desire to remember and be entertained.

    I have a problem with lots of satire, it often crosses the line that it angers. This loser is no exception. I find it shameful that people buy the lies he tells them about the things they grew up with. Don't people have any sense? He gives all the good things a bad name (Captain Planet, Pokemon (doesn't deserve ANY harsh criticism), Space Jam, etc.). Memories are something dear to us, they help us get through hard times. So why tarnish them with someone who shamefully mocks them? I urge whoever reads this to think twice before giving me a thumbs down or continues to have their conscience stolen.
  • This is a guy who started watching all the old shows and movies he used to love. Upon realizing how much they actually suck. Angered at the ruined childhood memory, he gets his video camera and sets out to ruin it for everyone else

    I saw one of these episodes and now they're like crack to me. Doug Walker is a hilarious comic, but also a serious and intelligent critic with an eye for what builds the structure of a solid movie or show. We all grew up loving things like Space Jam and Captain Planet, but now, looking back on them, we realize that they had none of those things. Shows like Full House we remember for being a touching family comedy that moved your heart and made you laugh. When we looked back on it, we all saw it was a poorly written time-killer devised to make a quick buck, with cheesy, unbearable attempts at humor and a lack of any real structure, which it tries to cover up with cute family images such as babies and puppies. It's the equivalent of breaking your leg and then putting a bunch of Smiley-Face band-aids over it

    The Critic isn't only interesting an intelligent, he's also downright hilarious. His insane use of odd analogies, obscure media references and explosive anger at cinematic fails is bound to provide a good time. 10/10
  • Amazing!

    This show has a basic idea... review old movies. So what's so awesome about it? Well, it's as funny as Heck, he tears the movies to shreds, there arn't seasons, so you can expect an episode once a week, sometimes two times a week. But my favorite thing about this show is that it dosn't have an age group. You could be a teenager or an adult and still laugh, even if you passed up the movies when they originaly came out.
    But heres another thing, the website itself you can never get tired of it. There are a ton of shows that star Doug Walker that are hilarious and epic, but also some other people like the Nostalgia Chick (who I never really liked, but everybody else seems too.) among others. If you don't burst out laughing watching the Nostalgia Critic or any other video on the website, consiter yourself helpless.
  • Best internt show ever!!

    There is always something funny when watch the nostalgia critic. Even if you never seen the movie or like it a little it still funny to watch this guy make fun of bad old tv shows and movies. I always find something to laugh when I watch him. It actually better then alot of tv shows you seen on tv today. Plus he is always surpising people with new ideas and crazy idea. You never know what you are going to get when you watch so the show is always fresh and new. Just never meation the show "Doug". He was psycho episode when you do.
  • I just love this guy. He just makes my week every Wednesday. Why? Well, read on.

    Okay, so the Nostalgia Critic reviews movies and sometimes cartoons from 1980s to the year 2000, hence the term Nostalgic and does so in a very comedic, satirical and even sketchy manner.

    The way he reviews a movie is by going through the whole plot and picking up on certain aspects along the way. Such as the characters, the actors who play them, plotholes, the tropes used, etc. So this does give us a good insight into the movie and therefore a good review. Along the way, he does his review in a comical and satiral manner which also makes you laugh as well as appreciate his critique. Although, this is not to say that the humour can overlap the critique itself. Then on the other hand, if you end up not entirely agreeing with some of his critique, it would have been funny and entertaining at the least.

    Although most of his reviews are negative, NC does also give rather than just take. For example, in Captain America, although he thought it bad, he did admid the Superhero himself was hard to pull off and so difficult to make a good movie out of. So yes, he gives as well as takes.

    He has also done a few specials called "Top 11" and "Old vs New". He's done Top 11 Villains and "Old King Kong vs New King Kong", for example. In these episodes, he really goes go into depth with his critique, for example, in the Kong episode about the portrayal of Kong and the plots, the movies and the affects. So overall, Nostalgia Critic gives a funny and a lot of times reasonable review of a movie. You may not always agree with him, but you can still get a damn good laugh out of an episode. So give it a watch. You may really end up loving it.