The Nostalgia Critic

Season 2010 Episode 10

Top 11 Villain Songs



  • Trivia

    • The title card for this episode shows an image of Mr. Oggie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas, yet his song wasn't even mentioned in the countdown.

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    • Nostalgia Critic: (about In The Dark of The Night from Anastasia) Now here's a funny thing about this song, at least from my point of view. When I first heard it, I heard it on the soundtrack, without any visuals. And naturally, I thought it was awesome. When you hear it alone though, what images come to your head? See, I think of something out of a Meatloaf cover like monsters singing, skeletons on guitar, something really really cool like that. But then, when I finally saw the movie, what did I get? (shows a scene from Anastasia of Rasputin singing and various bugs are hopping up and down) Prancing pink bugs.....FAIL!

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