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  • Season 1
    • Artistic License
      Artistic License
      Episode 12
      Mark seduces women, by showing off his erotic artwork, and flattering them by, telling them he wants to paint them. It works like a charm, with young naive Stephanie, until Mark's roommate, Naomi, shows up unexpectedly. Naomi and Stephanie bond, and Mark's world is about to take a turn for the worse.moreless
    • Detective Dad
      Detective Dad
      Episode 11
      Billy and Taylor are two carefree teenagers having a little fun in the hot tub. They are having a little too much fun for Taylor's dad, who looks mean and carries a gun.
    • Man's Best Friend
      Man's Best Friend
      Episode 10
      Claire likes Rodney. Rodney likes his dog, BooBoo. BooBoo likes to watch.
    • A Mother's Love
      A Mother's Love
      Episode 9
      Emily and her boyfriend, Jason invite Emily's mother along for a picnic at the beach. Mom and Jason get along well. Really well. In fact mom just made it to the top of Jason's MILF list. What's a girl to do?
    • Parental Units
      Parental Units
      Episode 8
      It can get pretty crowded on a date when both people bring along a parent, even if it is only in their heads. Will Marcy and Charles be able to break free from ghastly Parental advice? Or are they doomed to repeat? Stay tuned.
    • Flash
      Episode 7
      Nothing fazes Courtney. She has seen it all. So when Alan tells her he has to reveal something to her, she figures he's married, kids, house in the suburbs. No big deal. She'll just move on. But his little secret takes her by surprise. She gives him props for being courageous enough to tell her. But, maybe courageous isn't the right word. Idiotic is probably a better way to put it.moreless
    • Over Her
      Over Her
      Episode 6
      We've all dated someone like Marcus. He will tell you he is totally over his ex-girlfriend, Susan. But self–awareness in this matter is not his strong suit. Matched up with Marcus by well-meaning friends, Andrea does her best to drag him out of the past, into the present, but it's a losing battle.moreless
    • Shannon's Late
      Shannon's Late
      Episode 5
      When his blind date, Shannon, finally arrives, a half hour late, Ryan thinks he has died and gone to heaven. She's gorgeous, funny, sexy and exuberant. Perfect. But nothing's ever perfect. Is it? As Shannon relates her adventures on the way to their date, Ryan realizes that some people don't understand the concept of "too much information."moreless
    • Bodyfat
      Episode 4
      Cynthia and Bill meet for the first time, after an internet introduction. Cynthia has not had too much luck with men. She's meeting Bill for the first time, and has high hopes. After all, he seemed really charming and intelligent in his e-mails to her. But meeting in the flesh is a whole different game.moreless
    • Big Mitch
      Big Mitch
      Episode 3
      Naked in the hot tub with a beautiful woman, Kevin thinks it's going to be a hot night, but Carolyn cools things off with her weird sense of humor. She thinks it's fun to tease Kevin about the size of his equipment. Kevin doesn't think it's funny at all.
    • Head Department
      Head Department
      Episode 2
      Sandra and Tony meet for a coffee date, and are immediately attracted to each other. Because of an unhappy situation with his last girlfriend, Tony thinks it is appropriate to question Sandra about her oral sex skills. She is appalled, and lets him know it. Whether or not they can get past this awkward beginning remains to be seen.moreless
    • Trevor & Heidi & Roger & Sam
      Two couples, close friends, watch a provocative French movie featuring orgies and swapping partners. The guys get the idea that it would be fun to try this with their girlfriends. At first the girls are appalled, but after a time, they get into the idea. The men don't question their good fortune, as the two girls strip down and throw them onto the bed. But the two women are really out to teach them a lesson. The evening does not go as planned.moreless