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Four Los Angeles women ditch a boring book club to let a little real-life adventure into their lives in this highly-addictive web series.
  • Pathetic, patronizing, blatant commercial "in disguise" (or so they would hope). Bad writing, Bad direction, Ridiculous dialogues.

    Completely obvious commercial b.s. talking down to women to buy their products, in such a ridiculously setup fashion I as a woman am mortified.

    Do brand really believe we are THAT stupid??!

    Interestingly enough, the only person who wrote a positive review for this moronic marketing operation is a completely new member who never commented on anything else, and oh surprise works as a "buzz agent" in "new media marketing".

    Dear ashleykingsley, I work in an ad agency too, and when we send plants to websites to write positive reviews for the swill we sell our clients, we don't use the word "plant" as a nickname.

    This would be about as blatant and obvious as your ridiculous infomercial for LA rich suburbian housewives.

    Next time try to A/ hire a real writer - one who doesn't write in 1980ies slogans like "so LA", or one who'll find a more clever way to instill product benefit than writing in a 30 sec recital in the middle of a scene B/ hire a real director, for crying out loud - the beach scene looks like a Coke ad!! And more than anything, please buy yourself a book to learn about new media (or type "blog + new media" in google - it's a website) and try to use it in an innovative way instead of shoving old media commercials down our throat in technOcolor.moreless
  • A heavy handed commercial for cars targeting women in a serial form

    Complete garbage. I originally watched because I like webshows and this one boasts an interesting cast but I was disappointed to say the least? It's like watching an infomercial with bad dialogs in between commercial parts. The ads (I can't even fathom to call this a show) obviously targets younger women in such a condescending tone it's downright insulting. The direction is so bad it must have been the marketing dpt of Saturn calling the shots. I don't mind brands paying for shows or advertising in that form but this is bad advertising plain and simple mixed in with a bad show just for the pretense of it. Awful...moreless
  • Seeing Novel Adventures gave me a sense of freedom.

    I wanted more. I thought the characters were well balanced and the concept is fresh and fun! I understood and could relate to all four characters and felt compelled to draw comparisons to my own life and why I would want to be part of their 'book club.' I can't wait to watch more! Looking forward I hope to see the women progressing in their friendships with one another and their "journey" through their unique experiences. This is a ride I want to go on as a woman and as a viewer. It is exciting and really refreshing to watch joy, laughter and women having a good time together. It is really nice to see a show about women without women competing against one another with undertones of jealousy that we so often see in the media today.moreless
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