Novel Adventures

CBS (ended 2008)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • But You've Got to Have Friends
      The girls have their final adventure before their holiday. They give Secret Santa presents for each other while having lunch at Comme Ca, and there are highlights of all their adventures so far. Lizzie then takes the girls to a special location.
    • The Prince and the Perfect Taco
      The girls plan a trip to the book fair at UCLA where they could potentially meet some famous authors. Laura has to pick up her son first so they take a larger Saturn vehicle. On the way to the fair, they find a stranded limo and end up meeting author Kate Jacobs. Later on they all get stuck in traffic and Lizzie uses OnStar to locate a taco stand. Joanna gets a message from a secret admirer; could he be a prince?moreless
    • Bare Essentials
      Bare Essentials
      Episode 6
      The girls discover their book club is reading an autobiography of a feminist named Betty Friedan. Laura recounts her perspective on things. Lizzie gets worried that Mike is on the computer a lot and ponders what a feminist adventure could help that. Amy gets an idea and they end up going to a pole dancing studio.moreless
    • If You Can't Take the Heat
      Amy and her husband have been planning to start a family, but so far nothing's happened yet. The girls talk about the latest cooking book. Amy decides to take the girls to Comme Ca, where they enjoy a fabulous lunch. But when dessert comes, the chef doesn't have the usual pear tart dessert they all crave. The pastry chef arrives and has an idea.moreless
    • Spy Girls
      Spy Girls
      Episode 4
      The girls talk about the new Robert Ludlum novel The Bourne Sanction and secret agents, but they all seem to be either guys or Angelina Jolie. Hoping to represent kickass women, the girls take on some training at a spy school.
    • Whodunnit? Wedunnit!
      Lizzie is reading a book at Laura's driveway when a card falls out and she thinks about her birthday. Joanna arrives but Amy hasn't arrived, so they debate on where to go. They end up going to a place that has "grotesque murder and mayhem" which is the CSI studio.
    • The Fab Four
      The Fab Four
      Episode 2
      The girls talk about Sheila Weller's novel Girls Like Us, which is about leading female music stars. After a brief discussion about age and musical tastes, Joanna invites the girls to a recording studio where they pretend to play until they receive a surprise visit by singer Keaton Simons.
    • The Sand and Sea Club
      It's the first day of book club for Lizzie. She feels rather uncomfortable, and tries to excuse herself to the restroom, when she meets three women who invite her to live out some of the adventures by going fishing and surfing at the beach.