One Life to Live

Season 40 Episode 93

Ep. #10068

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Ep. #10068
John discovers a secret part of the book that could give him a clue about Marty's whereabouts. Lee refuses to share any of his insights on the case with John. Marty admits to Cole that his father was murdered. She can't give any details to the kidnapper because she claims Patrick never shared any info with her. Blair and Todd comfort their daughter, who's shaken by Cole's disappearance. Jared confronts Nigel with the info on David being Asa's son, and he suggests they should present himself as Asa's son, because Nigel doesn't seem to want anyone to know who David actually is. Alex tells David that she's broke, and then she takes off, leaving him behind. Clint tells Dorian that it's definitely over between them. Nash warns Natalie to be careful because Jared could trick her. Clint kicks David out of the ranch. Alex accidentally runs over a person and then storms off, not realizing that she ran over Dorian.moreless
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    Dara Coleman

    Dara Coleman


    Guest Star

    Tonja Walker

    Tonja Walker

    Alex Olanov

    Recurring Role

    Peter Bartlett

    Peter Bartlett

    Nigel Bartholomew-Smythe

    Recurring Role

    Tuc Watkins

    Tuc Watkins

    David Vickers

    Recurring Role

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      • David Vickers: Don't you try to wiggle out of it. There's no adultery clause in there for either one of us, so what's yours is now half mine.
        Alex Olanov: I suppose you want your half.
        David Vickers: Fork it over, chica.
        Alex Olanov (laughs): There's your copy. Is everything in order?
        David Vickers: Uh... far as I can tell.
        Alex Olanov: Good. The only problem is, 50% of nothing is nothing, isn't it?

      • Alex Olanov (after crashing into Dorian without realizing who it was): I don't see anything. Oh. What's one more dead coyote?

      • David Vickers: Now what the hell am I going to do?
        Alex Olanov: Maybe you could ask the Buchanans for a loan. I mean, you gave half of your liver to Jessica already -- you're practically family.

      • Natalie Buchanan: And what exactly do you think you're going to tell me about Jared that I don't already know?
        Nash Brennan: Well, I guess that depends if you've bunked with him yet.
        Natalie Buchanan: Okay, we've all bunked with him the last couple of nights.
        Nash Brennan: Yeah -- no, I've been living under the same roof with him. If you bunked with him, you know that he snores. You'll know that he leaves the lid open, and chews with his mouth open, that he eats anchovies on his pizza, that he watches golf on TV.
        Natalie Buchanan: Great, thanks for the heads-up.

      • David Vickers: Oh, but, honey, I only slept with Dorian because I was respecting your sexual addiction issues.
        Alex Olanov: My issues pale in comparison to your issues.

      • Nash Brennan (To Natalie Buchanan): Your father and the "previously undressed now well-dressed" Dr. Lord are in there together.

      • Lee Ramsey: Where's my peanuts?
        John McBain: Haven't you heard? Airlines are economizing.

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