One Life to Live

Season 40 Episode 94

Ep. #10069

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Ep. #10069
Cristian and Sarah find themselves interrupted again when Layla shows up with news about Evangeline. Later, Cristian tells Sarah that it's time to move on, and he kisses her. At the restaurant, Antonio and Talia talk about his past, and then Talia finally finds courage to kiss Antonio. Jared takes a hair sample from David's head. Renée, Nigel, Jared and Natalie share a toast in Asa's memory. David confronts Clint and Nora for hurting Dorian. Neither of them are aware that Dorian is lying in the bushes after being hit by a car driven by Alex. Clint and Nora agree to live together in the mansion, with Matthew. Nigel decides to continue working at the Buchanan mansion. Charlie receives good news about his son's whereabouts while eating dessert with Viki. David arrives at the Bonjour Café and is shocked to find Viki there. Charlie goes to the Buchanan mansion and finds a hurt Dorian lying the bush.moreless

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    R. Brandon Johnson

    R. Brandon Johnson

    Chuck Wilson III

    Recurring Role

    Tuc Watkins

    Tuc Watkins

    David Vickers

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    Peter Bartlett

    Peter Bartlett

    Nigel Bartholomew-Smythe

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      • David Vickers (To Nora Hanen and Clint Buchanan): So you two uptight types are going to stand here and tell me that kiss didn't mean anything? You guys don't blow your nose without thinking it through first, making sure it's the right decision. So, in my book, that kiss that you were having was private and it was passionate and it was one hell of a big deal!

      • Nora Hanen: I don't hear anything.
        Clint Buchanan: Probably a coyote or a prairie dog.
        Nora Hanen: Coyote? There are coyote here? Don't -- don't coyotes attack human beings?
        Clint Buchanan: Well, in rural areas, they usually run when they see people.
        Nora Hanen: "Usually"? OK, that's an operative word -- I'm going inside.

      • Jared Banks: OK, will you just let me explain?
        Natalie Buchanan: How about I explain it since I seem to be the only one who's sane here? I don't back off of situations or people because I'm afraid it's not going to last forever, because life doesn't last forever and I'm not going to stop living. If it feels good right here, right now, I am all about it. I don't ask for guarantees and I certainly don't give them. So, why can't we just have a good time together, you know? Hurt each other -- so be it. We'll just do our best not to hurt each other -- does that work for you?

      • Nora Hanen: I didn't say that you and Dorian were a match made in heaven -- that would be a big, fat lie -- but you care a great deal about her and I'm sorry you had to end it. I'm even more sorry that I had something to do with it.
        Clint Buchanan: That garbage that she was spouting -- I hope you didn't take any of it to heart.
        Nora Hanen: Oh, for god's sake, Clint. She did see us kiss.
        Clint Buchanan: Yeah, but she could've confronted me and handled the situation like, oh, let's say -- an adult.

      • David Vickers: Oh, man. I was hoping to catch a ride with her out of here. You see, Natalie, my wife, Alex, and I have been married for over a week, so we're taking a little bit of a break. And your dad unceremoniously dumped Dorian after he realized that she was a woman of very little willpower, to put it delicately.
        Natalie Buchanan: Your point?

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