One Life to Live

Season 40 Episode 95

Ep. #10070

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Ep. #10070
Sarah is convinced that Cristian kissed her only because Evangeline isn't available, and she suggests they should just stay friends. Talia kisses Antonio and then admits the truth about having a crush on him for a long time, but he, although he likes her, doesn't seem to be ready to be with anyone yet. Talia keeps still until Antonio leaves, and then she starts crying. Charlie and Chuck bring Dorian back to the ranch, where Charlie and Dorian talk about life, and Dorian realizes that she knows who Charlie's son is. David thinks that Viki is actually Niki Smith and he starts fighting her, but Noelle saves the day by knocking out David. Once he awakes, Viki explains the truth to David and he promises to keep her secret safe.moreless
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    R. Brandon Johnson

    R. Brandon Johnson

    Chuck Wilson III

    Recurring Role

    Tuc Watkins

    Tuc Watkins

    David Vickers

    Recurring Role

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      • Dorian Lord: See, I never would have slept with my ex if I hadn't seen this man kissing this slut.
        Charlie: You caught him with a hooker?
        Dorian Lord: No, actually, she passes herself off as a pillar of the community, but it doesn't matter! The fact is, I was so outraged, I couldn't see straight, let alone think straight. And there, suddenly, was my ex, with open arms, and -- well, what was I supposed to do?

      • Dorian Cramer Lord: I loved a man with all my heart, and he cheated on me. And then he had the audacity to break up with me because I went to bed with somebody else.

      • Noelle Ortiz (To Viki): Oh. I just came back here to practice my pie crust in the kitchen and I heard the commotion, and then I see you being manhandled by the same guy you were hiding from the other day! Next thing I know, I've got a skillet in my hand and I'm going to the pokey.

      • Viki Lord Davidson: I am not Niki Smith. Do I sound like Niki?
        David Vickers: Amusing -- Niki acting like Viki acting like Niki.
        Viki Lord Davidson: Stop this!
        David Vickers: You are a horrible actress. What are you going to do? You going to try to jump my bones just like you did the last time you came out to play? Huh? I want you to know something -- I have way too much respect for Viki to let a gutter tramp like you have your way with me.
        Viki Lord Davidson: How dare -- listen, I am not Niki Smith -- oh!
        David Vickers: Come on, Viki. I know you're in there somewhere. Look what this floozy has you doing now -- nickel and diming it le a truck stop hooker waitress. Fight it!
        Viki Lord Davidson: David!
        David Vickers: With all the blue, patrician blood you have in you, fight it, I say!
        Viki Lord Davidson: Stop it! This is ridiculous.
        David Vickers: Not on your Yankee pot roast. You're coming with me, you trollop.

      • Viki Lord Davidson: David, I'm not...
        David Vickers: Oh, save it, Niki. I'd know you anywhere -- the trailer-trash getup. All that's missing is a wad of chewing gum, which you probably swallowed as soon as I walked in here.

      • (Entering the café)
        David Vickers: You're not Dorian.
        Viki Lord Davidson: David. Where did -- where did -- how did you get in here?
        David Vickers: Well, the door was wide open. I just -- oh, my -- are you wearing clogs?

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