One Life to Live

Season 40 Episode 97

Ep. #10072

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Ep. #10072
Clint and Bo are shocked when Nigel reveals that Jared is Asa's long lost son, and they are both convinced that it's a scam. Natalie is shocked to learn about this, and Jared fakes his shock over the news. Charlie talks to Nash about Jared. Todd uploads a video of Cole on the net, on the missing people site, and then asks Viki to help him publish Tommy's picture too. David realizes that he knows Marcie from somewhere, but she closes the door and then plans her next destination before anyone catches her. David questions Viki about the mysterious woman, and when Viki mentions Marcie McBain running away with Tommy and a reward posted for the person who finds her, David puts the pieces together and catches Marcie just as she is about to run away. John and Lee confront Simon and his thugs, while trying to rescue Marty and Cole, who are kept in a truck. Lee causes a riot that ends with the van dropping over the edge of a cliff.moreless
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    Don Harvey

    Don Harvey

    Simon Ryerson

    Guest Star

    Hunt Block

    Hunt Block

    FBI Agent Lee Ramsey

    Recurring Role

    Tuc Watkins

    Tuc Watkins

    David Vickers

    Recurring Role

    Peter Bartlett

    Peter Bartlett

    Nigel Bartholomew-Smythe

    Recurring Role

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      • Viki Lord Davidson (To Noelle and Gigi): Hey, guys, I would advise both of you to steer clear of him. David is a very handsome and very charming package of trouble.

      • David Vickers (tasting food): They're both excellent.
        Gigi Morasco: Good answer.
        Moe Stubbs: Some critic. He can't tell a work of genius from a homegrown wannabe...
        Noelle Ortiz: Well, you just want to be something you're not. That's just a mess, that concoction you call a pie. Who in their right mind would put a coconut with a lemon?

      • David Vickers: Oh, come on, Viki. This is my last clean shirt. If I don't get some money by sundown, I'm going to have to start wearing polyester.

      • Viki Lord Davidson: Guys, he's an old friend who needed a place to stay, that's it.
        Noelle Ortiz: Oh, but you just got the one room.
        Gigi Morasco: Unless you count the bathroom, Noelle. Although, I can't really picture Mr. tall, dark, and funny curled up in the bathtub.
        Noelle Ortiz: My couch pulls out if he needs a place to stay. You just have a dirty mind, that's all I have to say!

      • Gigi Morasco (To Viki): You going to tell Charlie about that hunk you've got living with you?
        Noelle Ortiz: What hunk?
        Gigi Morasco: The hunk I heard you knocked out with a frying pan.
        Moe Stubbs: Is that why my best pan isn't in its usual spot?

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