One Life to Live

Season 40 Episode 98

Ep. #10073

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Ep. #10073
David confronts Marcie and then starts blackmailing her. She begs him for mercy, so he agrees to keep her secret safe, just as long as she delivers the amount of money that he could have gotten if he had chosen to expose her to the police. Starr and Michael discuss about their loves ones. Jared confronts Charlie about being a bad father and he refuses to let him in his life again. Natalie is shocked at the thought that she's related to Jared. John and Ramsey find Marty, but they aren't able to locate Cole. Dorian overhears Jared and Charlie's conversation about Jared's future plans concerning the Buchanans.moreless
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    Tuc Watkins

    Tuc Watkins

    David Vickers

    Recurring Role

    Jacob Cook Clodfelter

    Jacob Cook Clodfelter

    Tommy McBain

    Recurring Role

    Luke Kendler Clodfelter

    Luke Kendler Clodfelter

    Tommy McBain

    Recurring Role

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      • David Vickers (To Tommy): You're probably wondering why I didn't tell your mother that Viki Buchanan's staying right next door. Viki might have come up with the million dollars. But then again, she might have told her brother-in-law -- ex-brother-in-law Bo Buchanan, the police commissioner -- that I had done wrong and he'd send me back to Statesville. Our Viki's a loose cannon with work ethics -- all kinds of ethics. It's a bad combination. You know what? I'm doing this for you so you can stay with your mother. There's something I want you to know, Tommy -- everlasting happiness does not come from our friends and family, because they can betray us, and if they don't, they abandon us when they die. Everlasting happiness comes from money, because money is forever.

      • Marcie McBain: I owe you?
        David Vickers: Look, I -- I meant what I said, OK? I -- I'm not heartless. I'm not going to turn you in, but this little guy doesn't really belong to you and you can't expect me to just give up a million dollars, so I tell you what. The million dollars doesn't have to come from Todd -- it can come from any source you like. But if I don't get it, that little monkey's going back to his natural dad.

      • Marcie McBain: You shot at my husband's father. Your brother killed him. Do you really want to cause this family any more pain?
        David Vickers: Oh, guilt doesn't work on me, especially since I already paid for it. Did I pay for it? I feel like I paid for it. Anyway, I remember feeling bad about something.

      • David Vickers: Marcie, this is all about values.
        Marcie McBain: You're talking about values?
        David Vickers: Tommy is of value to you. And you've had a good long run of it, all the way here to Paris, Texas. And there are things that I hold of value. Um -- handmade shoes, poolside massages, fresh flowers -- the kind that I don't have to grow or cut or bring to the table. I just like them to be there when I turn my head.
        Marcie McBain: Well, you know something? It's really good to know that you'll have something to do in that paradise you buy with my son's life!
        David Vickers: Marcie, I appreciate beauty, and a million dollars allows me to appreciate a lot of beauty.

      • Jared Banks: Well, I needed you once, too, but you didn't give a damn.
        Charlie Banks: That's right. And I was a pretty miserable excuse as a father. But I've changed.
        Jared: Oh -- what -- what, what, what, from bourbon to vodka, huh?

      • Marcie McBain: David, don't do this, OK?
        David Vickers: Oh, Marcie, don't try to appeal to my soft side. I don't have one. What I do have is an empty bank account and a bad reputation. You know, this is really a win-win situation for me. I get to fill my pockets and prove to my erstwhile friends that I'm a hero.
        Marcie McBain: No, but you won't be a hero, David, OK? Not to that little boy. You turn me in, and then he will never see me again. I mean, do you really want to do that to him? Do you want to tear him away from the only mother that he's ever known? Is that what you want?
        David Vickers: Is that it? That's the best you got? I mean, I heard the violins, but they weren't playing my song.
        Marcie McBain: Do you have any idea what I have been through, David? Do you have any idea how far I have traveled, all the risks I have taken to save my son from that man?
        David Vickers: Well, I'm sure you'll get another book out of it.
        Marcie McBain: Oh, my God -- is everything a joke to you?

      • David Vickers: Got to say, you had me going. With the new do, flawless local accent.
        Marcie McBain (in a Southern accent): I really don't know what you're talking about.
        David Vickers: Oh, come on, Marcie, give it up. That's Todd Jr you're holding there. And since Todd Sr is offering a million-dollar reward for his return, I'm here to collect.

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