One Life to Live

Season 40 Episode 100

Ep. #10075

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Ep. #10075
Talia assures Antonio that she isn't hurt after what happened, and she wants him to forget everything that she said the other night. Rex and Adriana talk about Christmas gifts. Waking up with a hangover, Charlie realizes he's fallen off the wagon after 10 months of being sober. He then recognizes Marcie from a picture at Michael's place and Michael rushes off to Texas to get his wife, and decides to blow off his court hearing. Viki gives David a lottery ticket and wishes him luck. She learns about Marty's death on the television. Gigi suggests Marcie should get a job at the Bonjour Café. Cole is dealing with his mother's death on the plane back to Llanview. Markko, Langston, Starr, Blair and Dorian celebrate Langston's freedom, as she is finally allowed to move in with Dorian. Starr is surprised when a sad Cole and John arrive at her doorstep.moreless
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      • Viki Lord Davidson: Oh. So I guess this is goodbye?
        David Vickers: Well, until you regain your sanity and hop back on your throne at Llanfair.
        Viki Lord Davidson: Ah, "uneasy lies the head that wears the crown," David.
        David Vickers: I like quotes.

      • David Vickers (about Charlie): He's a lucky guy. I hope he treats you well.
        Viki Lord Davidson: Thank you.
        David Vickers: Because if he doesn't, I'm going to kick his butt! Or if he's bigger than me, I'll find someone who can.

      • Viki Lord Davidson: OK, so what happened?
        David Vickers: You.
        Viki Lord Davidson: Why me?
        David Vickers: Yeah, you were sitting up here on my shoulder in wings and a halo, just like you were when I gave the 10 million back to Clint.
        Viki Lord Davidson: Are you kidding -- you're blaming me?
        David Vickers: You're damn right I'm blaming you. Mini-me was on the other shoulder in red and horns making a very convincing argument, but he didn't stand a chance with you over here strumming on your harp.

      • David Vickers: I got a better idea. What do you say you and I play diner? You can be the sexy waitress and I'll be the customer who orders the "daily special."
        Viki Lord Davidson: How about you play busboy instead.
        David Vickers: Oh, come on, not that again. Can you really see me bussing tables?
        Viki Lord Davidson: I've already seen you in an apron.
        David Vickers: And not much else, if I recall.
        Viki Lord Davidson: Yeah, it was better than nothing.

      • Michael McBain: Hair-of-the-dog theory doesn't work. You know, it gives you a quick buzz, but it lowers your electroles, puts toxins back in your system. I'm a doctor.
        Charlie Banks: Hmm. Oh, more booze never did me any good, anyway.

      • Michael McBain: You were in no condition to drive. I offered you my couch.
        Charlie Banks: Oh. Hmm. Oh, you can forget the coffee. Because the best thing for a hangover is a little hair of the dog that bit you.

      • Viki Lord Davidson: David, I hope you saved me some hot water!
        David Vickers: We would have saved more hot water if we'd showered together.

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