One Life to Live

Season 40 Episode 103

Ep. #10078

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Ep. #10078
John jumps into the river and brings Miles out of the water, but when he can't find any pulse, he performs CPR. Cole stares in shock over what he's done. Blair and Todd kiss and finally bond as a couple. Langston comforts Starr. Cole arrives at Starr's and tells her that he murdered Miles. David and Dorian realize that they are better off as friends, but Dorian suggests they should stay friends with benefits. While talking to Rex, Roxy realizes that she cares for Miles. Marcie and Tommy hide when Michael starts banging on the hotel door. Gigi covers for Marcie and tries to convince Michael that his wife isn't around, but Michael is convinced that she's there. He starts talking about his feelings for his wife and child, and just as Marcie is about to show herself, the police bursts into the room.moreless
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    Tuc Watkins

    Tuc Watkins

    David Vickers

    Recurring Role

    Hunt Block

    Hunt Block

    FBI Agent Lee Ramsey

    Recurring Role

    Ilene Kristen

    Ilene Kristen

    Roxy Balsom

    Recurring Role

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      • Todd Manning: Alex Olanov?
        David Vickers: 51 hours of wedded bliss.
        Todd Manning: Huh. How much did you walk away with?
        David Vickers: You think I married her for her money?
        Todd Manning: Oh, you didn't get a dime, did you?
        David Vickers: I have options, Todd.
        Todd Manning: Oh, yeah. Renée is on the market now, isn't she, now that Asa's kicked it?
        David Vickers: Huh.
        Todd Manning: Oh, yeah, she's right in your wheelhouse. Better hurry along, though, because she might be shopping for a younger model. You're getting a little long in the tooth.
        David Vickers: I'm a little surprised to find you here.
        Todd Manning: Why is that?
        David Vickers: Well, I saw on the news that you were on an all-out search for little Tommy McBain. Are you already tired of looking for your own son?

      • Blair Manning (interrupting): What is going on?
        David Vickers (to Dorian Lord): That's another reason this would never work out. A little too crowded for naked tai chi.

      • Dorian Lord: And what would be so bad about people thinking we're back together?
        David Vickers: People, or one person in particular?
        Dorian Lord: I don't care what that two-timing cowboy thinks.

      • Dorian Lord: Everyone will find out that Dorian and David are back. (Glasses clink) And even our detractors will find out they cannot keep us down.
        David Vickers: Sort of an "up yours" party, right?
        Dorian Lord: Crude, but that's exactly what I had in mind.

      • David Vickers: Did you receive an extra-large bump on your head when you were mowed over by that car at rancho Buchanan?
        Dorian Lord: No, just a little old average bump.
        David Vickers: Well, I thought maybe you're acting a little loony, and that's why you're being so nice to me.

      • Dorian Lord: And I couldn't help thinking about all the good times we had together, and we did have some good times, didn't we?
        David Vickers: Let's see -- the kitchen counter comes to mind.

      • Rex Balsom: Look, I want you to help me figure out what to get Adriana for Christmas.
        Roxy Balsom: Well, money's not bad.
        Rex Balsom: And personal, too.

      • Dorian Lord: There is only one David Vickers.
        David Vickers: Actually, there are six David Vickers in the United States, and four across the pond with bank accounts exceeding $3 million -- not that I would ever take advantage of a mistaken identity.
        Dorian Lord: You see? Your style, your wit -- those are two things a Buchanan man wouldn't know if it was branded on his butt.

      • Blair Manning: I know exactly what I meant. You know, Todd, when we got married this last time, it may have been for other reasons. But when I took those vows that day, I meant it, it was real. I love you. I always have and I always will. In all these years, you didn't know that? Well, now you do. And you know what? If the fact that my love for you and those two beautiful children in there love you isn't enough reason for you to stick around, then you know what? Maybe you should go.

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