One Life to Live

Season 40 Episode 105

Ep. #10080

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Ep. #10080
Moe, Noelle and Gigi are surprised to see Charlie drunk. Marcie begins working at the diner. Viki visits Dorian and they talk about everything that has been going on since Viki left. Viki thanks Dorian for the talk they shared at the vineyard a couple of months ago. Starr and Langston assure Dorian that they won't get involved in the search for Cole, and then they both go to Langston's house where Cole is hiding. Gigi informs Viki that Charlie has fallen off the wagon. Natalie questions John about who shot Miles, but John doesn't say anything. Starr is surprised when Miles tells her that he knows that Cole shot him. Michael is brought back to the Llanview police station, and he requests to talk to his brother. Ramsey tells Bo that John knows who shot Miles. Talia tells Antonio that she prefers they'd have a professional relationship only. John lies to Bo that he was the one who shot Miles.moreless
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      • Dorian Cramer Lord: So you long to return to a city where -- unless I'm missing something -- you have no friends or family.
        Viki Lord Davidson: I have no intention of abandoning my loved ones. I'm trying very hard not to make the same mistake that you've made, which is to try and run everyone else's life instead of living your own.
        Dorian Cramer Lord: Oh, dear. I've run out of time. I can't entertain you any longer. I have things to do.

      • Dorian Cramer Lord: Think about it, Viki. You did the same thing to him when the two of you were married.
        Viki Lord Davidson: "The same thing"?
        Dorian Cramer Lord: Yes. Only then, it was far more egregious because you were breaking your marriage vows, which is why he had zero tolerance with what he perceived of as my infidelity.
        Viki Lord Davidson: "Perceived"? Didn't he actually walk in on you and David? Didn't he actually see you two in bed together?
        Dorian Cramer Lord: It was his inability to listen to reason, to accept the fact that it was his actions that had caused this problem, and that was all attributable to you, Viki. Yes, because of what you did, he just assumes that all women are just as fickle and unstable as you are.

      • Viki Lord Davidson: I spoke with David. He told me all about your adventures in Texas.
        Dorian Cramer Lord: You've been in contact with David?
        Viki Lord Davidson: Well, yes. David and I are friends, we stay in touch.
        Dorian Cramer Lord: And what did he tell you about our time in Texas?
        Viki Lord Davidson: Ah, well, he told me all about your breakup with Clint. It must have been very embarrassing to have Clint find you in-flagrante with David.
        Dorian Cramer Lord: I found Clint kissing another woman. So, naturally, I took solace in the arms of another man.

      • Noelle Ortiz (To Marcie McBain): You'll be fine, Sally Ann. Moe is all bark, and he can't make a pie crust to save his life.
        Moe Stubbs: I heard that.

      • Dorian Lord (To Viki Lord Davidson): Oh. I envy you. I -- I really do. To have the courage to make a change like that, to get out of your rut.

      • Michael McBain: Excellent use of manpower, Talia, dragging me all the way back here from Texas.

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