One Life to Live

Season 38 Episode 43

Ep. #9508

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Ep. #9508
Kelly tells Kevin that there may be a way for them to have a child after all. Layla and Natalie have another confrontation at the diner, and Natalie begins to wonder if John really will decide he made a mistake. Kevin can no longer keep the truth from Kelly, so tells her about Asa housing Margaret, and Margaret being pregnant with Todd's baby. Nash tells Tess that she needs to put Jessica in the past, where she belongs. Starr promises Todd that she won't tell anyone about what Margaret said, even though Dorian does her best to get it out of her. Antonio officially introduces Layla to Carlotta as the new woman in his life.moreless
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    Patricia Mauceri

    Patricia Mauceri

    Carlotta Vega

    Recurring Role

    Doc Dougherty

    Doc Dougherty

    Jackie McNaughton

    Recurring Role

    Tari Signor

    Tari Signor

    Margaret Cochran

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      • Dorian Cramer: I have known your father longer than you've been alive, and believe me, he has done awful things to people I care about.
        Starr Manning: Is that right? He's done awful things, huh? Well, at least he didn't sneak into my Aunt Viki's desk drawer and forge signatures on checks in order for her to get fired. Nobody likes a snitch, Aunt Dorian. And I'm not going to be one unless I have to.

      • (The whole scene is run like two people sharing juicy gossip and rumors.)
        Kelly Cramer: I don't believe this. Asa brought Margaret back to his house to use as leverage against Blair, and I have been to the house when Margaret was there? I mean, oh, Todd getting stabbed?
        Kevin Buchanan: Margaret.
        Kelly Cramer: Why didn't you go to the police?
        Kevin Buchanan: Because not just Margaret would have gone to jail. Blair and Asa would have gone, too. Blair had already lied to the police and the D.A. About Carlo and he was doing time because of it.
        Kelly Cramer: I don't even know how to process this.
        Kevin Buchanan: There's more. Margaret's seven months pregnant.
        Kelly Cramer: No.
        Kevin Buchanan: It's Todd's.
        Kelly Cramer: Oh, my God. Oh.

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