One Life to Live

Season 38 Episode 148

Ep. #9613

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Ep. #9613
Todd tries to get answers from Paige so that he knows exactly why she's there. He realises that Spencer must be behind everything, but Paige tells him he's on his own. Natalie has a bad feeling about John going on the escort mission with John, and Bo and Dr. Crosby's faith in John don't reassure her. Although injured, Antonio finally manages to get out of the bear trap so that he can go after Jessica, but it's Nash who finds Tess hitch-hiking by the side of the road. Asa and Matthew drop by the hotel to see Renée where Asa is chagrined to realise it's also his wedding anniversary. Michael plans to propose to Marcie, as David and Roxy watch the two of them.moreless
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      • (David and Roxy watch Michael and Marcie kiss in Angel Square.)
        David Vickers: I can't let him do this.
        Roxy Balsom: Stop that, they're ga ga over each other. They have been ever since they knew it.
        David Vickers: Yeah, well, Dorian and I were ga ga over each other too, all the way to the altar.
        Roxy Balsom: Listen, you took off on her. I read all about it in the society pages.
        David Vickers: There was more to it than that.
        Roxy Balsom: Listen, if you two were meant to be together, you'd be sipping bubbly at Creme Brulee talking about your future together. You blew it so don't take it out on these two love birds.

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