One Life to Live

Season 38 Episode 186

Ep. #9651

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Ep. #9651
Rex warns Evangeline on Todd's behalf, then gets into an argument with Natalie. Cristian is there for Evangeline when she needs someone. Dr. Crosby realizes something.
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      • David Vickers: (on the phone at the hospital) Have Dr. Truman and his lady friend left the hotel? Hmm? This is his pharmacist, Dr. Charles Dillman. He had requested an ointment for a rather urgent and personal matter, if you know what I mean. I can't seem to reach him on his cell phone. Oh, he is? He's still there? Oh? Maybe the problem has cleared up on it's own, although that's highly unlikely. Thank you. Great, he's still there. The 'Miracle Doctor's great at you know what. (to a passing physician) Excuse me, my name is David Truman. I'm Dr. Truman's younger yet taller brother. I wonder if I could have a moment of your time Dr. Shapiro (pronounces it shah-per-roe).
        Dr. Shapiro: (corrects David's pronounciation) Shapiro. Sure, I'm on a break in fact.
        David Vickers: Oh, great. See, here's the deal. Spencer's about to receive an award. They've asked me to say a few things about his accomplishments. There's so many accomplishments to cover. I'm very proud of my brother and my parents thought that his chronic bed wetting as a teen would lead to nothing but embarrassment for our entire family. He sure showed them, didn't he.

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