One Life to Live

Season 38 Episode 212

Ep. #9677

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Ep. #9677
Kevin holds Duke as he laments the loss of his son, then calls Duke's mother to tell her that their son is dead. Adriana is shocked to hear that Duke is dead, and tells Rex and Dorian. Blair sits with Kelly as they discuss what led to her sleeping with Duke. Evangeline doesn't want Layla telling their family about her blindness yet. Layla is devastated to learn of Duke's death. Denton tells Margaret and David that Spencer has put a contract out on him. John is angry with Natalie for following him to Bangkok.moreless
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      • (David talks to Spencer on his cell phone.)
        David Vickers: Alright Spencer, it's time to deal. I keep your secret, you keep mine.
        Spencer Truman: You would wouldn't you? You would really watch Todd Manning fry just to save your own ass.
        David Vickers: Todd Manning may not have killed Margaret, but he is far from innocent.
        Spencer Truman: Oh I see. I'm not the only Truman boy who enjoys playing God.
        David Vickers: The difference is I know I'm not God, although he probably looks like me.

      • (Layla is visiting a sightless Evangeline in the hospital)

        Evangeline Williamson: Will you stop it. Are you crying?
        Layla Williamson: (sniffling) No.
        Evangeline Williamson: (listening) What are you doing?
        Layla Williamson: (goes to get something and hands it to Evangeline)
        I brought this, from home to make you feel better.
        Evangeline Williamson: (caressing it to see what it is) It's Nala. (smiling)
        Layla Williamson: (also smiling) I promise I won't tell anyone, "Miss Power Attorney," keeps a stuffed animal from Lion King on her bed.

      • (Denton is holding a gun on David and Margaret when a bystander enters.)
        Denton: (eyes the bystander) You! Get over there. Get over there!
        David Vickers: Hey easy. Take it easy. You don't want three murders on your hands do you?
        Denton: With what your brother's paying me, I don't care how many years I gotta take down.
        David Vickers: Whatever he's paying you, I'll double it and divide it by half.

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      • Evangeline Williamson: Is this Nala?
        Layla Williamson: I promise I won't tell anyone this power attorney keeps a stuffed animal from The Lion King on her bed.

        The Lion King is more than just a popular Disney film, it is also a Broadway hit. At one time, Renée Elise Goldsberry played Nala in the Broadway version.

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