One Life to Live

Season 38 Episode 256

Ep. #9720

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Ep. #9720
Todd begins to get his revenge on Spencer when he gives him a taste of his own medicine.
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      • David Vickers: Natalie, what are you doing here? Do you enjoy spending time with people you despise?
        Natalie Buchanan: I need you to draw me a picture.
        David Vickers: Absolutely. Do you want the turtle, the deer, or the pirate from the mail-in art school application? I excelled in all of them. I was accepted, you know.

      • (Natalie is visiting David in jail.)
        David Vickers: Do you, like most women ages 18-49, find me charming?
        Natalie Buchanan: (flatly) Oh, yes.

      • (Starr is walking out without permission.)
        Dorian Lord: Wait a minute, young lady. Does your mother know where you're going?
        Starr Manning: Oh, so now we're going to pretend like she cares?
        Dorian Lord: She does care, more importantly I care, alright. I want to know where you're going and what you're going to be doing.
        Starr Manning: I'm going to the Country Club to lie near the pool and wish I was an orphan.
        Rex Balsom: Upbeat little thing, isn't she?

      • (Starr opens door to find Rex standing there.)
        Starr Manning: Oh, it's you.
        Rex Balsom: Nice to see you too.
        Starr Manning: I thought you were Langston.
        Rex Balsom: Who?
        Starr Manning: My friend. We're going to the Country Club.
        Rex Balsom: Aw, how young, rich, and white of you.
        Starr Manning: Yes, I live a very privileged life. Envy of all who know me.
        Rex Balsom: Right. Sorry.

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      • David Vickers: Do you want the turtle, the deer, or the pirate from the mail-in art school application?

        The Mail-in Art Application is a popular item that can be found in magazines and matchbooks that asks the applicant to draw the depicted pictures for a chance to be accepted to an art school.

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