One Life to Live

Season 39 Episode 206

Ep. #9926


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  • Rex is crazy but i gotta love him!!!

    The writers have outdone themselves with this episode! Oh I like the way they handled the school situation. I hear that there was a main story line that dealt with something similar to the VA tragedy, but they altered it out of respect for the families of those who suffered loss. Ok now the whole R T A triangle. Rex outted Tate on national television. The news reporter who was beautiful by the way even looked stunned! We all were!!!! Tate, ok maybe that whole knee up thing with Rex was a little weird but I didn't think he was gay Not that there is anything wrong with it. It was just no real sign or basis for it. But it was hilarious watching Rex clown on Tate like that without any guilt or shame. I know he's lying. He has to be. But I must say I love this show because the writers can write, the actors can act, and everyone is GORGEOUS... Even the news people!!!!!