One Life to Live - Season 35

Hulu (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • Ep. #8950
    Ep. #8950
    Episode 243
  • Ep. #8949
    Ep. #8949
    Episode 242
  • Ep. #8948
    Ep. #8948
    Episode 241
  • Ep. #8947
    Ep. #8947
    Episode 240
  • Ep. #8946
    Ep. #8946
    Episode 239
  • Ep. #8945
    Ep. #8945
    Episode 238
    After Carlotta refuses to allow Adriana to go listen to Sheyne play in the band, she takes off and runs into River at the bus station. Kevin encourages Joey to go for Jen if that's what he wants rather than think of all the reasons they shouldn't be together, and later Rex walks in on Jen and Joey in bed together. With Natalie's support, Jessica confesses to Cristian that she encountered Mitch on the docks that night, but with Antonio's help she realizes she saw someone else there as well.moreless
  • Ep. #8944
    Ep. #8944
    Episode 237
    As Llanview celebrates the fourth of July, many citizens engage in harmless fantasies. After turning down Al's invitation to the dance, Marcie fantasizes that she is Cinderella and Rae her faerie godmother, with Al as the handsome prince. After she gets her prince, Marcie decides to put a damper on her weight worries and accept Al's offer. Matthew envisions himself as Aladdin with three wishes from Rae as the genie, and wishes that Bo could be his father. Jen sees herself as Little Red Riding hood, torn between wolves in the form of Rex and Troy, with Joey coming in to save the day.moreless
  • Ep. #8943
    Ep. #8943
    Episode 236
    After Lindsay admits to Bo that it was her scarf found near Mitch's body, she tells Troy that they can no longer see each other, then has to cover when Nora walks in on them. Antonio tries to help Jessica, but Jessica only becomes convinced that he thinks she killed Mitch, which Rae later helps Antonio understand. Cristian, however, is convinced Jessica is hiding something. Evangeline is disappointed in R.J. while she watches him take advantage of Rex, whom Natalie believes made a mistake when she married Jen. Keri shows up at Antonio's apartment with Jamie, determined to get him back.moreless
  • Ep. #8942
    Ep. #8942
    Episode 235
    Asa quickly gets off on the wrong foot with Flash during his unsentimental reunion with his great-granddaughter. An enraged Blair storms into the Banner and accuses Kevin of libeling her on the paper's front page. Bo finds a dead cop on the docks and guesses that the rogue officer helped Mitch escape from his jail cell. Meanwhile, Lindsay shudders to realize that she dropped her scarf near the scene of a crime. After a preliminary autopsy report reveals that Mitch died of arsenic poisoning, Daniel urges an irked Nora to place Blair under immediate arrest. Jen begins to worry that her mother might be implicated in Mitch's murder. Dorian lobbies for a change at the Sun but her ideas are vetoed by Blair and Walker. Nora is dismayed to learn that Flash has been recording tracks with Midnight Logic despite her doctor's orders to refrain from singing altogether. Facing Lindsay's skepticism, Jen defiantly insists that she's happy being Rex's bride.moreless
  • Ep. #8941
    Ep. #8941
    Episode 234
    Summoned by Flash, Bo and Antonio find Mitch's lifeless body on the docks. Blair, Walker and Dorian circle warily around one another as each covers for an unexplained absence. Asa commends Kevin for turning out so tough but Joey can't help wondering why his brother left Texas so abruptly. After making love to Lindsay in her bed at St. Ann's, Troy starts to slip away but is forced into hiding when Jen arrives. Bo speculates that Mitch's killer staged the scene to make it appear that the fugitive committed suicide. Meanwhile, Nora breaks the news to a stunned Jessica. Jen announces her spur of the moment marriage to her mother, then leaves to continue her night of heavy drinking. In Atlantic City, Max makes another wager with Asa in an effort to win Renee the romantic proposal she desires. Jessica faints into a concerned Antonio's arms. Joey bumps into an unhappy Jen and ducks the drunken bride's kiss. Max defeats Asa, who finally finds the right words to convince Renée to say yes.moreless
  • Ep. #8940
    Ep. #8940
    Episode 233
    Lindsay awakens gasping from a nightmare about Mitch assaulting Jen. Following their slapdash wedding, Rex informs his irked new bride that he's off to join a men-only poker game. Viki happily welcomes Kevin home, then is startled when he announces that he's taking charge at the Banner. Walker gleefully informs an enraged Mitch that since he's going to rot in prison he no longer needs any of his valuable assets.moreless
  • Ep. #8939
    Ep. #8939
    Episode 232
    Unable to stop daydreaming about Jen, Joey decides to have another talk with her. Meanwhile, Marcie gets nowhere trying to dissuade Jen and Rex from tying the knot. Jessica balks at attending Asa's party to celebrate her safe return. A fuming Starr blasts Blair for allowing Walker to move into the penthouse. Dorian pays a call on her incarcerated husband, who hisses a sinister warning about retribution. Natalie convinces her twin to stop moping around the house and join the family at Asa's bash.moreless
  • Ep. #8938
    Ep. #8938
    Episode 231
    Keri entreats Antonio to give her a second chance, for Jamie's sake if not her own. Unable to shake memories of Mitch, Jessica becomes painfully withdrawn around her family and friends. Blair tells Nora she's now willing to testify against Mitch when he comes to trial. Bo tries to console his unhappy niece but Jessica continues to blame herself for Brian's death. Antonio admits to Cris how he wants his baby daughter to know both of her parents. Meanwhile, R.J. warns Keri that Antonio has already moved on to a new love.moreless
  • Ep. #8937
    Ep. #8937
    Episode 230
    Al tells Marcie he'd like to move their relationship up a notch. Natalie and Cris celebrate a rave review of his first gallery showing. Matthew gives Nora a dance lesson as Bo looks on. Hoping to help Jessica recover from her recent trauma, Antonio invites her to the loft for a romantic dinner. Declaring that she's not ready for intimacy, Marcie tearfully informs Al she can't bear to disappoint him because she's not thin like other girls. Adriana slips away to The Garage, where she's intrigued by her first glimpse of Shayne. Riley shyly confesses to Flash that he wrote the love song with her in mind. Nora and Bo ponder the best way to break some big news to Matthew. Joey reminds a fuming Jen why they must remain just friends. Jessica is haunted by flashbacks of her time with Mitch as she dances with Antonio. As the "Voice of the Night", Al encourages Marcie to believe that she is beautiful and desirable. Jen impulsively agrees to elope with Rex. Al and Marcie declare their love for one another.moreless
  • Ep. #8936
    Ep. #8936
    Episode 229
    Jen continues to secretly videotape Troy as he seduces a series of women. Flash confides her real identity to Nora but begs the attorney to keep mum. Natalie orders Jen to stay away from both of her brothers. Though Bo instructs him not to enter Lion's Heart until back-up arrives, Antonio elects not to wait for reinforcements. Jessica begs her mother and Walker to leave but Viki grabs the Badhra diamond and hurls it at Mitch. Cristian is on cloud nine after learning he's been hired at the hospital. Jen discovers that C.J. and Sarah Roberts are actually brother and sister. Joey and Rex face off again on the subject of Jen and her considerable inheritance. Walker gets the drop on Mitch but finds he doesn't have the heart to shoot his own brother. Antonio bursts in and leaps on Mitch, pummeling him until Bo arrives and places his suspect under arrest. Troy gives Clare the brush-off, curtly reminding the startled woman that she was simply a one night stand. Nora hurries Flash to the hospital after the girl has another violent coughing spasm. Mitch promises Bo that no jail cell will ever hold him. Troy urges Flash to stop using the throat spray prescribed by some quack.moreless
  • Ep. #8935
    Ep. #8935
    Episode 228
    Antonio and Walker head into the forest in search of Victor's mansion. At Lion's Heart, Brian promises Jessica he'll soon have her miles away from her demented father. Meanwhile, Mitch brings Viki to her father's Shangri-La and asks his shuddering hostage to call him "Victor." Flash apologizes to Joey for lying to him repeatedly, then is relieved when he assures her they can still be friends as well as cousins. Brian falls dead in a horrified Jessica's arms after Mitch severely punishes his henchman for his betrayal. Walker becomes separated from Antonio and encounters one of his brother's followers. Anguished to see Mitch injecting Jessica again, Viki implores him to let their daughter go. Later, Mitch and Walker come face-to-face once more. Jessica overpowers her guard and slips out of her room. Flash tells a skeptical Joey how Tina tried to derail her musical career. Holding a shard of glass to her own throat, Jessica warns Mitch to release her mother or else watch her commit suicide.moreless
  • Ep. #8934
    Ep. #8934
    Episode 227
    Antonio finds a yellow rose on his desk at the station house. Walker introduces himself to a wary Viki and offers to help the family locate Jessica. Meanwhile, Mitch injects Jessica with another syringe when he catches her trying to break free. Hank blasts his brother for his part in the cruel trick Keri played on those who loved her. Displaying the Badhra diamond, Mitch informs his daughter that they're going to share everything from now on. Walker's mention of the "Lion's Heart" strikes a chord in Viki. Keri blurts out to an astonished Antonio that she wants him back. Rae offers to help Renee and Nigel by prodding Asa to break up their wedding. While dancing with Jessica, Mitch frightens his daughter by calling her "Victoria" and referring to himself as Victor. Keri lends a hand to point Antonio and Walker in the right direction in their search for Jessica. Asa calls a halt to Nigel's nuptials, then grudgingly admits that he still loves Renee. Mitch appears at Llanview with a gun and orders Viki to leave quietly with him if she ever hopes to see her daughter again.moreless
  • Ep. #8933
    Ep. #8933
    Episode 226
    Bo advises Antonio not to miss another moment with his little daughter. Jessica begs Brian to deliver a yellow rose to Antonio so he'll know she's still unharmed. Nigel is taken aback to discover that Asa has hired a new butler to replace him. Appalled to learn of Jen's wedding plans, Joey refuses to perform the ceremony and warns the would-be bride that Rex is simply using her to get at her substantial inheritance. Max coaxes Asa to sell Foxy Roxy's Hair Haven to him. Antonio holds baby Jamie for the first time. Joey and Natalie argue about who's really exploiting whom in the Rex-Jen relationship. Hank snaps at Nora when she tries to defend R.J.'s decision to help Keri fake her death. Jen decides to use an unsuspecting Troy as the subject of the documentary she's shooting for her summer film class. Keri prevents Antonio and R.J. from coming to blows. Renee and Nigel finally admit to an astounded Roxy that they've been faking their hypnotic state. Jessica works to loosen a bar on one of the mansion's windows.moreless
  • Ep. #8932
    Ep. #8932
    Episode 225
    Cris keeps mum when Antonio wonders what's bothering him. Meanwhile, Keri's appearance at the precinct house sends shock waves through Nora. Brian privately tells Jessica he knows she doesn't deserve the treatment she's been getting from her father. Mindful of his promise to Flash, Joey avoids revealing the girl's true identity to Viki. Later, Joey admits to his mother how he can't get Jen out of his mind. Jessica convinces a reluctant Brian to deliver notes to Viki and Antonio. Bo confides to Hank the secret of Matthew's paternity. Viki begins to wonder why Flash reminds her of someone from her past. Stunned to find Keri on his doorstep, Antonio joyfully embraces her as she reveals that the baby is also alive. Jessica swipes a cell phone and makes a quick call to Viki before Mitch returns. Antonio flies into a rage after Keri explains how she faked her death and Jamie's. Riley grows even fonder of Flash but is too shy to proclaim his love. Jen and Rex board a train for Atlantic City. Antonio is shaken to finally hear the truth about Jamie's parentage.moreless
  • Ep. #8931
    Ep. #8931
    Episode 224
    Starr makes a surprise appearance in Llanview. Joey tries to reassure Natalie that their sister will soon be home safe and sound. After knocking Antonio cold, R.J. douses him with liquor and drags him out of the motel room. Mitch informs a woozy Jessica that they've come home to stay. Joey is pleased when Natalie asks him to perform her wedding ceremony. An angry Cristian comes face to face with Keri, who apologizes for faking her death and promises to right a wrong with Antonio.moreless
  • Ep. #8930
    Ep. #8930
    Episode 223
    Flash's latest performance draws rave reviews from the crowds at the club. Afterwards, Jen quizzes the members of Midnight Logic about their lead singer's mysterious past and comes to the conclusion that Flash is married. Viki reports to Bo, Asa and Joey that Jessica is alive but Mitch's prisoner. R.J. is forced to introduce his daughter and granddaughter to a confused Evangeline.moreless
  • Ep. #8929
    Ep. #8929
    Episode 222
    Natalie pushes her way into Keri's apartment and upbraids her former teacher for so cruelly deceiving the people who loved her. A jubilant Max informs R.J. he's had a change of luck and is once again rolling in dough. Later, R.J. offers his surprised former business partner the chance to buy Capricorn outright.moreless
  • Ep. #8928
    Ep. #8928
    Episode 221
    Certain that faking her death was a mistake, Keri tells her father she wants to come home but R.J. insists that returning to Llanview is not an option. Heeding Mitch's written warning, Jessica hides her father's note from Antonio. Meanwhile, Mitch drags a protesting Viki to the Llantano Bridge. Rex provides Natalie with an address in Toronto for the mysterious "Kay Randall."moreless
  • Ep. #8927
    Ep. #8927
    Episode 220
    Holding a gun on Dorian and Viki, Mitch informs his estranged wife that her judgment day has arrived. Keeping his private agenda to himself, Rex advises Jen to stop squandering her inheritance. Joey is troubled by recurring erotic fantasies featuring Jen. Al celebrates his graduation with family and friends. Nora questions Troy after finding him lurking outside Blair's door. Rex overhears a juicy tidbit about Max and wastes no time relaying the information to R.J. Jessica reminds Antonio why she can't let her father's antics dictate her life. Mitch presses the gun into Dorian's hand and orders her to shoot Viki. Outraged to learn how Max double-crossed him, R.J. confronts his former friend. Blair gently gives Troy his walking papers. After Dorian refuses to kill Viki, Mitch calls Antonio and instructs him to hurry to St. Jude's. Max stumbles over a winning lottery ticket in Angel Square. Antonio and Jessica rescue Dorian from a locked confessional as she shakily reveals how Mitch took Viki hostage. R.J. grudgingly decides to let Rex invest in his new club.moreless
  • Ep. #8926
    Ep. #8926
    Episode 219
    Jen is irked to spot Joey dining out with Flash at the Palace. Dorian guesses that Troy is jealous about Blair's apparent interest in Walker. In the basement of the abandoned theater, Walker frantically appeals to his brother for mercy but Mitch remains fixated on revenge. Roxy enlists Natalie's help in salvaging the Hair Haven. Viki decides to allow Asa to submit her name for consideration as president of Llanview University. Bo and Antonio rescue Walker, who reveals how out of control his crazed sibling has become. Meanwhile, Mitch does battle with the mocking vision of his late father. At the hospital, Blair is relieved to see Walker in one piece. Concerned about Flash's latest coughing fit, Joey convinces her to see Troy. Bo arranges to hold a phony funeral for Walker in hopes of flushing Mitch out into the open. Dorian and Viki rehash their problematic history but agree to join forces to bring Mitch down. Troy again warns Flash to stop singing before she does permanent damage to her voice. Cristian evicts Rex for trashing the house. Mitch lures Viki and Dorian to St. Jude's.moreless
  • Ep. #8925
    Ep. #8925
    Episode 218
    Dorian fears that her niece has become Mitch's latest victim following the explosion at the lake house. Meanwhile, Walker comes to in the theater's cellar and rails at Mitch for killing Blair. Jessica confides to Viki how conflicted she is about her father.
  • Ep. #8924
    Ep. #8924
    Episode 217
    Joey orders Rex to help trap Brad or else earn himself a one-way ticket to Statesville. Across town, Flash and Riley agree to assist Al and Marcie in their quest to get the goods on the local drug dealer. A shuddering Jessica tells Antonio she's certain Mitch was responsible for all the photos of her with her eyes scratched out.moreless
  • Ep. #8923
    Ep. #8923
    Episode 216
    Al thanks his parents for posting his bail. Asa presses Roxy to name the tune which will break the spell for Nigel and Renee. Flash happily informs Joey that the specialist cured her throat problems. Dorian fumes to learn that her membership at the country club lapsed two years earlier.
  • Ep. #8922
    Ep. #8922
    Episode 215
    Using the cash he stole from Jen, Rex enters a high stakes poker game and begins losing big. Rae coaxes Hank out for some fun on the football field. Bo informs Walker that his brother is not only still in Llanview but has begun terrorizing the people on his personal hit list.moreless
  • Ep. #8921
    Ep. #8921
    Episode 214
    Marcie urges Hank to believe that Al has been framed. At St. Ann's, Lindsay howls in fright to see a doll resembling her daughter hanging from a noose. Bo signs guardianship papers giving him custody of Matthew in the event of Nora's untimely death.
  • Ep. #8920
    Ep. #8920
    Episode 213
    A defiant Dorian tells Blair she won't be evicted from Llanfair no matter what. As she nervously dresses for her date with Joey, Flash thanks Nora for all her support. Viki happily announces to her children that their entire estate has been returned to its rightful owners. While flipping through Mitch's Bible, Dorian unearths a clue which leads her to an important find. Admitting how he was expelled for cheating, Rex asks Natalie to let him move in with her and Cris.moreless
  • Ep. #8919
    Ep. #8919
    Episode 212
    Blair and Dorian finally tell Bo what really happened at the theater the night Mitch fell in the river but Dorian decides to keep Jessica's name out of it. At the same time Jessica confesses the truth to Viki. Dorian and Viki face off later when they arrive at the judge's chambers for the final ruling on Victor's will. Dorian threatens to send Jessica to prison with what she knows if Viki doesn't end her claim on Victor's estate and allow her to stay at Llanfair with all of Victor's money. Unimpressed, Viki issues her own threat and later hands Dorian a court order that demands she move out of Llanfair.moreless
  • Ep. #8918
    Ep. #8918
    Episode 211
    Bo and Antonio question Walker who leaks that Mitch is not only alive but he has also regained his eyesight and is now out for deadly revenge against Dorian, Lindsay, Jessica and Blair. Antonio runs back to the loft to keep an eye on Jessica. There, he warns her that Mitch is still alive. Jessica heads to the station house where she thanks Walker for not telling the police that she was at the theater the night Mitch fell into the river. She and Antonio return to the loft where they find the word "traitor" scrawled across Jessica's portrait. Meanwhile, Walker offers to use himself as bait to draw Mitch out. Lindsay secretly listens as Blair tells Troy that Mitch was the person who tried to kill Addie. Troy advises Blair that Lindsay is there. She pulls Lindsay aside and warns her not to tell anyone what happened at the theater but Lindsay fears for her life. Troy offers to let Lindsay spend the night at his place. As he sleeps, Lindsay slips into bed next to him. Thanks to Brad planting the drugs in his dorm room, Al is arrested. Assuring Al she knows he's innocent, Marcie vows to help him prove Brad famed him. Insisting that Keri and the baby are dead, Cristian convinces Natalie to forget about her suspicions.moreless
  • Ep. #8917
    Ep. #8917
    Episode 210
    Anxious to make enough money so he can set a wedding date, Cristian prepares for the opening of his art show. Asa serenades an annoyed Nigel all over town in hopes of finding the right tune which will break the hypnotic spell. Jen discovers her mother hiding in the gallery and decides to call Troy for assistance. Evangeline offers to help R.J. finance his new club. Walker explains to a wary Dorian and Blair why he's trying to help them avoid becoming his brother's next victims. Cris is surprised but pleased to learn that his big brother has hooked up with Jessica. Walker tells a disappointed Blair he knows nothing about Todd's vanishing act. Antonio and Jessica share a passionate kiss. Stunned to overhear R.J.'s phone conversation with Keri, Natalie reports to Cristian that Antonio's baby is alive. Walker swears to Blair that he won't let Mitch hurt another soul. Asa offers to give Roxy full control of the Hair Haven if she'll break up Nigel and Renee.moreless
  • Ep. #8916
    Ep. #8916
    Episode 209
    Today's episode mainly takes place in Angel Square celebrating newcomer Adriana's 15 birthday. Meanwhile, Walker tells Bo and Nora he went to see Lindsay in hopes of learning more about his brother's death. Thinking about Keri and his daughter and reflecting upon Carlotta's recent heart attack, Antonio confides to Joey how he doesn't think he can bear losing another loved one. Jessica snarls at Jen for leveling false accusations against her brother.moreless
  • Ep. #8915
    Ep. #8915
    Episode 208
    Blair and Dorian panic after hearing about the murder attempt on Addie. Bo and Nora investigate the murder attempt and learn that a man named Walker Flynn visited St. Ann's earlier in the day. Bo remembers that Mitch had a brother with the same name who supposedly died as a boy and decides to find this mystery person. Anxious to find Mitch, Walker heads to the station house. Viki and Dorian argue over the hearing concerning the validity of Victor's will. Back at home Dorian panics when she finds the words "heed the messenger" scrawled on her front door.moreless
  • Ep. #8914
    Ep. #8914
    Episode 207
    Asa plans a party to celebrate Clint's homecoming. Dorian fears that Walker has come to Llanfair to stir up trouble in the wake of his brother's death. Clint gently reminds a grateful Jessica that she will always be his little girl no matter what her biological ties to Mitch might have been. At St. Ann's, Walker questions Lindsay about her relationship with his "late" sibling. As his vision returns, Mitch vows to exact his revenge against the four women who betrayed him. Antonio discovers that the button he found in the abandoned theater matches the ones on Jessica's jacket. Joey snaps at his startled sister when she teases him about keeping secrets. Walker introduces himself to Blair, who's unnerved by his comment about making amends. Sick and tired of Asa's constant bellowing, Cristian abruptly resigns from his post as chauffeur. Natalie confides to a pleased Viki how Clint has already made her feel like one of the family. Unaware that Addie has crawled into her friend's empty bed, Mitch sneaks into Lindsay's room and presses a pillow over the sleeping woman's face. Later, a terrified Lindsay escapes from police custody. Walker is alarmed to learn the true extent of his brother's thirst for vengeance.moreless
  • Ep. #8913
    Ep. #8913
    Episode 206
    Andrew drops by the community center for a talk with Joey, who's stunned to learn that Jen has leveled some serious charges against him. Walker cautions Mitch that his daughter may not be as loyal as he believes. Cris accompanies Natalie to the airport as she nervously prepares to meet her father for the first time. Rex complains to Jen about being forced to spend a night in jail. Clint greets Natalie warmly and the two quickly begin to form a bond. Joey assures Andrew he never had sex with Jen but admits that his attraction to her has complicated their counseling sessions.moreless
  • Ep. #8912
    Ep. #8912
    Episode 205
    Jessica is haunted by a nightmare about her father returning from the dead. As things go further and further with Jen and Joey, the rev pulls back and insists they must maintain a professional relationship even though they both want each other. Flash is touched when Nora hands over the keys to her house and invites the girl to stay as long as she likes. Walker finally introduces himself to Mitch, who learns that his little bro is alive. Dorian angrily accuses Jess of hiring a Mitch impersonator to make a phony phone call. Later, Jessica confides to Natalie how she's partly to blame for the incident and then tells all. Recalling how Marty misinterpreted Andrew's kindness years ago, Nora cautions Jen not to make the same mistake with Joey. Walker promises Mitch he'll bring Jessica to him.moreless
  • Ep. #8911
    Ep. #8911
    Episode 204
    Mitch tells his mystery rescuer how Lindsay, Blair and Dorian tried to kill him. Meanwhile, Dorian reminds Viki that she's not vacating Llanfair because she's contesting Mitch's will. Natalie gently tends to helps calm Carlotta who is having a heart-attack. Cole finally consents to release Troy and Carlotta. Jen admits to Rae how there is one man in her life who seems loving and caring. Realizing he was drugged, Cole orders Nora and the others to help him stay awake by telling stories. When her turn comes, Flash sadly shares how an abortion cost her the man she loved. Walker Laurence introduces himself to his startled sister-in-law, then Dorian explains how Mitch committed suicide. Nora persuades Cole to let a terrified Marcie leave. A friendly hug turns passionate for Jen and Joey. Antonio sneaks into the diner and gets the drop on Cole. With the crisis over, Nora confides to Bo how the danger made her think hard about Matthew's future. Al and Marcie kiss. A grateful Carlotta sees Natalie with new eyes. Mitch calls a shocked Dorian.moreless
  • Ep. #8910
    Ep. #8910
    Episode 203
    Cole comes to the diner in hopes to find Antonio. Then tired of waiting for him to appear, Cole pulls out his gun and orders Carlotta, Marcie, Natalie, Flash and Nora not to move. When Antonio phones, Carlotta tries to carefully drop a hint to her worried son as Cole holds his weapon to her head. Natalie attempts to calm Marcie's fears by reassuring her and Flash that their predicament will end soon. Cole forces Carlotta to empty the register, and all the girls to give up their wallets and jewelry. Nora tries to convince Cole to do himself a favor by not using anyone as a shield. Certain something has gone terribly wrong at the diner, Antonio calls again and gets Cole on the line. Meanwhile, Natalie text messages Cristian which gives the police valuable information on the tense situation. When Carlotta clutches at her chest and collapses, Cole reluctantly agrees to let Nora call for a doctor. As Troy examines Carlotta, Antonio arranges for Cole's anguished mother to speak to her son. And Troy gives Cole some "aspirin" which was really something else, for his bloody wound where Natalie attempted to knock him out.moreless
  • Ep. #8909
    Ep. #8909
    Episode 202
    Cris admits to an alarmed Natalie that his brother knows nothing about him infiltrating Cole's gang of thieves. Meanwhile, R.J. is dismayed to learn that the sibling of his least favorite cop has been recruited to drive the getaway car. Keeping the Badhra diamond well hidden, Blair urges Troy not to give up on her despite her "mood swings." R.J. pulls the plug on the planned heist and advises a fuming Cole to hop the next bus out of Llanview. Dorian rails at Jessica for stealing Mitch's estate out from under his "loving" widow. Fearing for Cristian's safety, Natalie goes to Antonio for help. Jessica admits to Viki and Joey how guilty she feels about inheriting Mitch's fortune after playing a part in his demise. Antonio and Natalie persuade Cris to try another tactic to save Rex from his worst instincts. An enraged Dorian vows to keep Llanfair from falling into Viki's hands. Gabrielle asks Bo to give Marcie a job at the precinct house. Viki prevents Dorian from swiping valuables at Llanfair. Blair asks R.J. to find a buyer for her diamond.moreless
  • Ep. #8908
    Ep. #8908
    Episode 201
    Evangeline extends an official invitation to Viki for the reading of Mitch's will. Troy tells Blair about his strange conversation with an agitated Lindsay at St. Ann's. Inside the lake house, Mitch begins to slowly regain his eyesight but is unable to identify the mysterious person who rescued him. Natalie confides to Cris how worried she is about her twin sister. At Llanfair, Jessica tearfully reminds her mother how terribly Mitch suffered as a child but Viki insists that it doesn't excuse the horrible crimes the man committed during his lifetime. Blair convinces Troy that Lindsay fabricated her entire story. Meanwhile, Bo encourages Lindsay to tell him whatever she can remember about Mitch. Dorian gleefully looks forward to getting her hands on the Lord fortune at last. Natalie cautions Rex that his hunger for easy money is leading him astray. Blair uses Addie to steer Bo away from Lindsay before she can blurt out any secrets. As her father's will is read, Jessica is shocked to learn that she has inherited the entire estate. Blair surreptitiously pockets the Badhra diamond after the police fish Mitch's jacket from the river.moreless
  • Ep. #8907
    Ep. #8907
    Episode 200
    Viki overhears Natalie asking Jessica if she had anything to do with Mitch's death. Over at St. Ann's, Dorian reminds Lindsay to keep quiet about their trip to the theater. Hank tells Nora and Bo that vehicles look like Blair and Dorian's. Jess nervously avoids questions from her mom and sister. Asa fires Nigel but Renee promises him he'll always have a home with her. Later, Roxy laughingly reveals to Asa the real reason why his ex-wife and his former butler think they're in love. Dorian warns Jess not to break their pact. Lindsay grows agitated when Nora brings news of Mitch's death. Fished alive from the river by an unseen accomplice, Mitch is returned to the lake house to begin his recuperation. Lindsay tells Troy everything. Roxy offers to release Renee from her hypnotic spell in exchange for one million of Asa's dollars.moreless
  • Ep. #8906
    Ep. #8906
    Episode 199
    Matthew gives his mom a special Mother's Day gift. Then Cris and Antonio surprise Carlotta with a home-cooked breakfast at the diner. Will and Jen visit their mom over at St. Ann's, while Cassie brings Starr and Jack to their mom. Jessica asks Natalie to cover for her. Al invites Marcie to spend Mother's Day with him and his parents. Joey, Jessica and Natalie present Viki with a bracelet and three charms representing each of them. Riley shows Flash the recording contract they've just been offered, then tells her she should contact this special doctor he heard about who can cure her throat problems. Later on, Joey has Nora look over Flash's contract. Flash makes a big hit with Matthew. After hearing Flash's sad story from Joey, Nora invites the girl to stay in her spare room. After a argument about Mitch with Cassie, the cops enter and tell Dorian Mitch is most-likely dead. Meanwhile, at the diner, Roxy surprises Natalie by remembering a card she gave her in fourth grade.moreless
  • Ep. #8905
    Ep. #8905
    Episode 198
    After everyone leaves Foxy Roxy's, Cris and Natalie begin to talk but are interrupted by a call from Rex. He tells Cris to get their and talk to Cole immediately. Meanwhile at Capricorn, Rex, Cole, and Cris go over the plan. At Blair's, Joey, Viki, and Antonio discuss Jessica. They all try to figure out whats going on. Then they realizes Mitch and all are probably at the theater so Antonio heads over. Shortly after, Joey and Viki follow, At the theater, Dorian, Blair, and Jess do their best to get Mitch to confess. They tell him both he and Jess are 100ft. over the Llantanal River, even though only he is. The more they threaten the more he confesses.moreless
  • Ep. #8904
    Ep. #8904
    Episode 197
    Joey comes in his room and finds Flash. Before he can say anything, he sees her holding Jen's bra. About to leave, he stops her and she says its okay and what he and Jen do is his business. She says she doesn't want to know about his sex life. He asks her why she came back, and she sadly says she thought she left something there, but she was wrong, and ten she storms out. Putting Jen's bra in his pocket, Joey also leaves.moreless
  • Ep. #8903
    Ep. #8903
    Episode 196
    Cole calls and says to meet him in and hour, but he hangs up and says its a bad time. Afterward, Cole calls Rex who says both him and Cris will be right there. Then Roxy leaves for Atlantic City after some girl says Burbon. Back at the theater, Lindsay and Dorian bring in Jessica who they chloroformed and when she wakes up Dorian tells her that she knows they both want Mitch gone. Soon after, Lindsay calls Mitch and says she has Jessica. Flash stops by Joey's room and finds Jen's bra in his bed.moreless
  • Ep. #8902
    Ep. #8902
    Episode 195
    Rex introduces Cris to Cole. They talk and Cole says just know of he messes up, he's dead. Cris asks some questions and then Cole leaves and says he'll be in touch. After Cris leaves, Renee comes over and kicks Rex out. At the lake house, Antonio and Jess argue. He says she can stay but he's NOT going to let her get hurt. Meanwhile, Mitch receives a call saying, "Do NOT go back to the Lake House".moreless
  • Ep. #8901
    Ep. #8901
    Episode 194
    After Cris leaves with the excuse Asa needs him for something, Natalie asks Nigel what it was and he says that's impossible Asa is asleep. Antonio walks in the lake house and finds Jessica and immediately asks her where Mitch is. Meanwhile Mitch calls Dorian from a pay phone, and says he doesn't tolerate betrayal, goodbye and then hangs up, just then the door bell rings and Dorian turns and is shot by Johnson in the back of the shoulder.moreless
  • Ep. #8900
    Ep. #8900
    Episode 193
    At the hospital Flash screams and struggles because she has to sing, but Troy won't let the exremely ill girl go. Back at Capricorn, Rex offers Cris a 'driving job'. Antonio tells Jessica he can't let her go because he promised Viki he would keep an eye on her and NOT let her go back to Llanfair.moreless
  • Ep. #8899
    Ep. #8899
    Episode 192
    Joey stops at Jens' and asks her to talk about what he said. She thinks he said he can't see her anymore because he has a thing for Flash, but he wants to tell her the truth. He says he is sorry and from now on they should only meet in public places. Then she leaves. Over at the garage, Flash and Riley discuss their gig for that night at Capricorn.moreless
  • Ep. #8898
    Ep. #8898
    Episode 191
    Over at Rodi's Blair talks to a bartender and says she took a chance tonight. She says got caught up in her life and her 'relationship' with Troy. At her dorm, Marcie writes in her diary about Al, his recovery, and much better he is. She also writes how proud of of him she is.moreless
  • Ep. #8897
    Ep. #8897
    Episode 190
    Joey waits outside as Troy examines Flash. He tells her that she's suffering from walking pneumonia and it is VERY serious and she also is anemic. Because all her coughing her throat's swelling around her vocal cords, and she shouldn't sing for a while. Later on, Andrew comes to the hospital and him and Joey talk. Over at Capricorn, Rex asks Jen why she didn't turn him in.moreless
  • Ep. #8896
    Ep. #8896
    Episode 189
    Mitch is extremely angry with Dorian. and when she insists it was her he made love to he holds the knife he used to stab Craig and demands to know what she's really up to, Meanwhile, downstairs, Jessica and Natalie continue to look around, but are interrupted when Blair quietly sneaks in.moreless
  • Ep. #8895
    Ep. #8895
    Episode 188
    Riley walks in on Flash coughing and tells her someone called his cell looking for her. She asks if it was Joey and he tells her it was the hospital and they want to run some more tests, and they called his cell because he's her emergency contact. Over at Llanfair Mitch tells Dorian to make love to him, but once again she gets out of it. Then Antonio takes an unwilling Jessica over to Viki and Natalie's house and tells her if she wont stay there he'll arrest her to keep her safe.moreless
  • Ep. #8894
    Ep. #8894
    Episode 187
    Jen goes to her hearing after asking Marcie to come for support, but she refused. Between Sam's good name and Nora's encouragement, Judge Fitzwater gives Jen leniency with only one year community service. When she goes to tell her friend the news, Jen is shocked to find Al and Marcie in bed together. Though Marcie was just trying to help Al with his continued withdraw, she refuses to tell Jen the truth about what she saw.moreless
  • Ep. #8893
    Ep. #8893
    Episode 186
    At the Place waiting for Asa who tells him he is in a meeting, but Renée later tells him hes playing poker, Natalie stops by and starts asking him all these questions about him and Jess. He tells her he'll love her forever and he'll call Jessica and say he can't do the art show, but she stops him from doing that, Later on Asa comes back and invites them both to dinner since he just won a lot of money, and needs some one to celebrate with.moreless
  • Ep. #8892
    Ep. #8892
    Episode 185
    In prison, Jen dreams that her mom is her shrink and telling her she is just like her crazy mom. Flash's band, Midnight Logic, has their FIRST gig at Capricorn and they're a big hit. Later she thanks Joey for his help, and they finally share a long awaited kiss. Mitch catches Dorian in the chamber beneath Llanfair, but she pretends that she doesn't know anything about the Badhra Diamond and just followed him, so he explains what hes doing.moreless
  • Ep. #8891
    Ep. #8891
    Episode 184
    Viki reports tells Natalie that Jessica is staying with Mitch at Llanfair. Natalie later tells Jessica to use her time with Mitch to gain his confidence and then turn on him, but Jessica lets her know she doesn't appreciate her idea, and wouldn't do it. When Dorian tries to return to the stolen diamond, Mitch finds her in the secret room. Marcie accuses Al of being addicted to drugs. Needing another pill, Al heads to Angel Square to make a buy but is beaten until he's unconscious. Al wakes up later in Marcie's room, and she tells him she is saving his life. Troy and Blair share a dance, and a kiss. Nigel schemes to find some time alone with Roxy and is forced to cover when Asa overhears him declaring his love to an almost-speechless Roxy. The two hypnotized lovers decide they should elope.moreless
  • Ep. #8890
    Ep. #8890
    Episode 183
    Viki tells Carlotta to give Natalie a chance. After Marcie gives her the cold shoulder, Jen's day worsens when Rex disses her. Dorian asks R.J. if he knows anyone who can make a discreet transaction involving a large gem. Jessica has a dream that shes passionately kissing Antonio, but wakes up when her dream becomes a nightmare when Mitch comes in it, and after she wakes up Antonio stops by to check in on her to make sure she's okay after the indecent with Cole.moreless
  • Ep. #8889
    Ep. #8889
    Episode 182
    At Hair Haven, Roxy tells Natalie not to tempt fate by inviting her beautiful high-class blond sister to be a bridesmaid. Joey warns his guilty sis that Mitch doesn't deserve a second chance or any forgiveness, and hes more dangerous now that he's gone blind. Meanwhile, Dorian visits Mitch and he warns her not to betray him.moreless
  • Ep. #8888
    Ep. #8888
    Episode 181
    Awakened by Marcie, a slightly confused Al claims he came to the radio station to find out who e Voice of the Night is. An overwhelmed with guilt Jessica promises newly-blind Mitch she won't let him go through this alone. Dorian finally puzzles out the mystery of the secret chamber's sliding door and escapes with Blair and the diamond.moreless
  • Ep. #8887
    Ep. #8887
    Episode 180
    Antonio tells Carlotta to give his brother and Natalie her blessing. Marcie apologizes to Al, who promises her the only thing he has a lot of is caffeine and stress, and is definitely not taking any drugs. Blair injures herself as she and Dorian try reopen the box so the door to Llanfair's secret room will let them out.moreless
  • Ep. #8886
    Ep. #8886
    Episode 179
    Lindsay is rushed to the ER after falling down stairs at St. Ann's, where the nuns said she ways trying to escape. Al more speed from Brad. Blair fears she's stumbled over Todd's grave when she finds the large box in the chamber. Jessica's arrival at Llanfair distracts Mitch while Dorian seizes the opportunity to slip away and check on her niece's progress in the chamber.moreless
  • Ep. #8885
    Ep. #8885
    Episode 178
    Joey and Jessica bring Flash to the hospital after finding her unconscious. Mitch continues to try to open the box, Dorian sneaks into the chamber, but can't find Mitch, and when she hears him she scurries off. Flash wakes up, but does not answer Troy's questions about her cough. Roxy agrees to hire Natalie to the Hair Haven. Flash sneaks off before Troy can run some tests. Viki visits "Foxy Roxy's" to talk to Natalie. Dorian tells Blair about the chamber, and tells her she'll occupy Mitch, while she can search Llanfair. Blair begins looking around, and finds the chamber where she thinks Mitch might have Todd's body. Later on while Blair continues searching, Mitch and Dorian arrive home. Joey tracks down Flash yet again, who cons him into believing that Troy gave her a clean bill of health. Viki tells Natalie just how much Cris loves her.moreless
  • Ep. #8884
    Ep. #8884
    Episode 177
    A jealous Natalie has a problem with Jessica and Cris at the gallery but hides her true feelings. Roxy warns Natalie to be careful of Cristian's old feelings for Jessica return, because you know what they say about your first love. Joey visits with Flash and gives her his old guitar, but then has to leave when a worried Renee calls asking him to come and check on Jen.moreless
  • Ep. #8883
    Ep. #8883
    Episode 176
    Keri calls and R.J. tells her daughter that Antonio has already moved on to another woman. Promising Mitch she's worth the wait, Dorian succeeds in putting off sleeping with the monster. A shocked Natalie tells Cris she wants have Carlotta's blessing before they can be wed. Joey comes over to Flash and gives her CJ's phone number.moreless
  • Ep. #8882
    Ep. #8882
    Episode 175
    Nora returns to the loft to confront Gabrielle, who admits breaking into the attorney's house and speaking to Matthew. After Gabrielle leaves, Bo stuns Nora with the news that he is Matthew's father. Cassie icily informs Dorian that she won't stay in Llanview and watch her self-destruct. Mitch finally succeeds in finding a large box buried deep in Llanfair's secret chamber. Antonio warns Cole to stay away from his family or risk earning a one way ticket straight back to Statesville. Joey apologizes to Marcie for their misunderstanding and asks her if they can be friends again. Cris leaves a trail of romantic messages for Natalie to follow. Marcie's growing obsession with the Voice of the Night begins to worry Al. Bo suggests to Nora that they keep the truth from Matthew for a while. Blair agrees to act mad her aunt to keep Mitch in the dark. Cristian's asks Natalie to marry him.moreless
  • Ep. #8881
    Ep. #8881
    Episode 174
    Dorian tells her daughter and niece that she's marrying Mitch because she truly loves him. Jen catches Rex steeling things from her purse, and he says it was just once, then Jen tells him to make love to her, but then she changes her mind. Viki slaps Dorian across the face as the two old enemies come face to face once more. Jen tells Rex with her dad gone she no longer cares what anyone thinks of her behavior, and when Renee comes in she covers for Rex then informs him she'll be his new partner in crime. With some help from Max, Gabrielle decides to tell Bo that he is Matthew's biological dad. Dorian later explains to Blair how she's secretly planning to destroy Mitch.moreless
  • Ep. #8880
    Ep. #8880
    Episode 173
    Cassie returns and is happily greeted by Blair, but Dorian is not so happy to see her daughter. Jen locks herself in her hotel room, and won't talk to either Troy or Renee, but Renee decides to take matters in her own hands and goes over to Asa's and asks Joey if he can help the saddened girl, he then hurries over to The Palace.moreless
  • Ep. #8879
    Ep. #8879
    Episode 172
    Jessica strongly lectures to Antonio after he overreacts to an accident with mom at the diner. Flash tries to steel another wallet but its owner catches her red-handed and starts being very scary. Will and Jen visit Lindsay at St. Ann's. Meanwhile Blair pushes her way into Llanfair and demands some answers from Mitch. At Rodie's Antonio begins to realize that Jess was rite. Joey makes Cole let Flash go. R.J. taunts Antonio. Gabrielle is petrified when she finds out a copy of Sam's letter went to Nora as well. Joey tells Flash he's already rescheduled her audition with R.J, and as long as she auditions, she'll give her C.J.'s Hawaiian Naval Base address. Apologizing for his mistakes, Antonio gets back his badge and gun.moreless
  • Ep. #8878
    Ep. #8878
    Episode 171
    Joey asks Jen to stay at Asa's house, and she excepts. Troy tells Blair she's in the clear now that Lindsay has confessed to Sam's murder. Mitch and Dorian celebrate their victory but she reminds him to leave Blair alone. After Dorian departs, Mitch continues studying the blue prints of Llanfair. At St. Ann's, Dr. Bonner observes Lindsay to see if shes truly lost it. Viki asks Mitch to keep her staff when he owns the Banner, then he forces her in his own way to keep being chief editor of The Banner. Positive Lindsay is faking, Nora decides to get a second evaluation after Dr. Bonner says she has temporary insanity. Dorian asks Addie to become friends with Lindsay and tell her sister everything she learns. Mitch finds a secret passageway in the stairs over at Llanfair.moreless
  • Ep. #8877
    Ep. #8877
    Episode 170
    After a while, Dorian finally convinces Blair to give her the gun. Jen goes with her mom to talk to Bo, and Lindsay calmly says she killed Sam, then she starts talking to him, and everyone present Troy, Nora, Bo, and Jen think shes lost her mine. Later on Nora highly doubts shes seriously lost her mind, and swears she won't get away with it. Nigel and Roxy are all over each other, but when Asa snaps they wonder what they are doing. Cristian thanks Natalie for wanting Carlotta to except her, and treating her so nice, after how Carlotta has treated her. At his dorm Al gets his mom to give him money for "textbooks" when he really is going to get more drugs. Dorian lets Mitch go as soon as Blair goes to answer the door then tells Blair that she did it to keep her from going to jail. Back-to-her-old self, Gabrielle burns the letter from Sam's.moreless
  • Ep. #8876
    Ep. #8876
    Episode 169
    Asa forces Nigel to go with him and Roxy to Atlantic City to see Mysterio, whom Roxy used to work for, for hypnosis to rid him of his cigarette addiction. When the party dinner is over, Carlotta tells a stunned Natalie, dinner was grat, and she enjoyed it. After Blair and Troy!!!!! remains determined to find Sam's killer and clear both Todd's name as well as her own. Asa, Roxy and Nigel take ringside seats for Mysterio's stage show.moreless
  • Ep. #8875
    Ep. #8875
    Episode 168
    Gabrielle is over at Capricorn, when Max trots over and tells her he's the new manager of it. He can tell is depressed then the teary-eyed Gaby tells Max about the letter from Sam that states Bo as Mathews biological father. Meanwhile, Blair goes over to Llanfair to speak with Viki and is mad when Mitch states he owns Llanfair and everything and that there's some things missing that he now owns from Todd and asks Blair if she knows anything about it.moreless
  • Ep. #8874
    Ep. #8874
    Episode 167
  • Ep. #8873
    Ep. #8873
    Episode 166
    A frantic Jessica tells her mom Mitch just can't take everything and when they go down to the courthouse, the judge rules in Mitch's favor and declares Victor's last will to be valid. Mitch gets The Sun, The Banner, and Viki's life-long home Llanfair. Later he calls a mystery person saying everything will soon be theirs. Lindsay continues to be haunted by images of Sam.moreless
  • Ep. #8872
    Ep. #8872
    Episode 165
    An anxious Blair who is a hundred and ten percent positive Todd is buried alive with the late Victor Lord, she tries to lift of the lid, but it is too heavy, so she calls 911 and they do not believe her so she gets a crowbar, yet still the coffin will not open, so Blair decides to call Troy. Over at the funeral a guilty Lindsay stands up and says Troy should have died, and not Sam.moreless
  • Ep. #8871
    Ep. #8871
    Episode 164
    Jessica is at Megan's grave, when Will comes over, he is back in Llanview for his dad's funeral. They talk about their late daughter and how she would almost be 4, and Will tells Jess that he thinks his mom may be losing her mind. Meanwhile preparing for the funeral Andrew helps Joey while he prepares to do his first funeral service.moreless
  • Ep. #8870
    Ep. #8870
    Episode 163
    An excited Roxy shows leads a blindfolded Natalie into her new beauty salon (that needs a lot of work before its even close to complete). She asks Natalie to be her partner, but Natalie tells her she, like Roxy, has no money and that the saloon needs close to 50k worth of work! Then up in front of Jen's room at The Palace Hotel, Joey offers her some company because she shouldn't be alone after what happened to her dad.moreless
  • Ep. #8869
    Ep. #8869
    Episode 162
    Joey asks R.J. to let Flash and her band audition for a gig at the Capricorn. Right when they start to preform the system messes up then they fix it then as Flash begins to sing, an pissed off Antonio demands to know why R.J. never told him about the memorial service held for Elisabeth, Keri and his newborn baby girl, Stephanie. Jen tells her mom that they owe it to Sam to find his killer.moreless
  • Ep. #8868
    Ep. #8868
    Episode 161
    Though Cris tries to dissuade her from lying on the stand, Natalie continues to insist that she did sleep with Mitch and deserves a large settlement. Mitch tries to calm a guilt-ridden Lindsay by assuring her that all the evidence will point directly to Todd. Meanwhile, Nora tells Bo she doesn't believe Todd is guilty of Sam's murder.moreless
  • Ep. #8867
    Ep. #8867
    Episode 160
    Joey and Flash get a tip from Al that C.J. may be living in Hawaii. Jen whines about being forced to do community service at the teen center. Bo finds an hysterical Lindsay weeping outside of Blair's house after the coroner removes Sam's body.
  • Ep. #8866
    Ep. #8866
    Episode 159
    Bo calls Antonio on the carpet for his rough treatment of Flash. Viki assures her children she has no intention of letting Mitch take anything away from them. Lindsay screams to find Troy standing over her when she awakens. Meanwhile, a weeping Blair cradles Sam's head in her lap as the awful truth sinks in. Troy tells Lindsay how worried her daughter was that she had become self-destructive.moreless
  • Ep. #8865
    Ep. #8865
    Episode 158
    Certain she's killed Troy, a weeping Lindsay drops the gun and flees from the scene of her crime. Though Nora expresses skepticism about her tale, Natalie claims she did consummate her marriage to Mitch so she's eligible for a large settlement in the divorce. Cris urges his brother to take time to grieve but Antonio insists on staying on the job. Mitch slips into Blair's bedroom and is stunned to find Sam lying dead.moreless
  • Ep. #8864
    Ep. #8864
    Episode 157
    Jessica offers a grieving Antonio her condolences. Natalie admits to Cris how she can't seem to forgive her mother for favoring Jess. Caught off guard by Blair's come-on, Troy suggests they slow things down a bit. After Mitch's hidden goon knocks Todd out and handcuffs him to the wall, Mitch removes Victor's ring from Todd's finger. As they move into Antonio's apartment, Natalie promises Cris that a happy future awaits them both. Cornered again by Lindsay, Nora tells her no one will ever love her. Gently turning a drunken Blair down, Troy puts her to bed and leaves the house.moreless
  • Ep. #8863
    Ep. #8863
    Episode 156
    Jen watches approvingly as Rex cons his way into a free drink at Rodi's. Sam finds Blair arguing with Todd. Meanwhile, Mitch toys with Lindsay as he plants vivid images in her mind of Troy's latest betrayal. Unable to believe R.J.'s terrible tale, Antonio insists there must be some mistake but Nora sadly confirms that Keri and the baby are dead. Todd accuses Sam of turning Blair against him. Mitch urges Lindsay to end her agonizing pain and humiliation by killing Troy with Todd's gun. Marcie informs an annoyed Al that his parents have hired her to tutor him. Taken aback by Todd's revelation, Sam cautions Blair to watch her step with Troy. Later, Blair issues a seductive invitation to Troy. Tired of her "best friend's" constant clinging, Jen asks Marcy to give her some space. Mitch finally persuades Lindsay to take her revenge. Across town, Jen warns Sam that her mother is armed and upset. Blair greets Troy wearing only a smile and a skimpy negligee.moreless
  • Ep. #8862
    Ep. #8862
    Episode 155
    Stunned by his devastating loss, a grieving R.J. returns home. Unaware of the tragedy which has befallen him, Antonio tells Cris and Natalie he's determined to be a part of his infant daughter's life. Viki questions her brother after noticing Victor's ring on Todd's finger. Declaring that the Lord family is the only one he has left, Todd assures Viki he won't rest until he takes care of Mitch.moreless
  • Ep. #8861
    Ep. #8861
    Episode 154
    Blair laughingly welcomes Troy into the Lonely Hearts Losers club as they commiserate about their disrupted love lives. Holding a gun on Mitch, Todd informs his enemy he has nothing left to lose now that he's been stripped of his wife, his children and his home. R.J. agrees to help Keri and her daughter leave town on a chartered flight.moreless
  • Ep. #8860
    Ep. #8860
    Episode 153
    Jen and Rex awaken with hangovers after spending the night together. Fed up with Starr's tantrums, Blair angrily informs her fuming daughter that nothing will ever convince her to take Todd back. Across town, Todd presents Sam with a videotape purporting to be Victor's new will but Viki refuses to play along with her brother's scam. Jen tells a disapproving Marcy that she willingly slept with Rex.moreless
  • Ep. #8859
    Ep. #8859
    Episode 152
    After Flash vehemently proclaims her innocence, Joey urges Renee to give his new friend another chance. Though Viki orders him to leave her house, Mitch gleefully reminds her that Llanfair and all the rest of Victor's holdings now belong to him. The party at the student union gets kicked into high gear when the Voice of the Night begins emceeing the event from a remote location.moreless
  • Ep. #8858
    Ep. #8858
    Episode 151
    Al tells Joey he thinks C.J. relocated to a small town in Michigan. Nora promises Bo she won't let Mitch walk on a technicality. From his hospital bed, Victor weakly agrees to dictate a new will. Antonio complains to Jessica about the way Liz and Keri have conspired to keep him away from his baby daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #8857
    Ep. #8857
    Episode 150
    Though Viki entreats her daughter to move back to Llanfair, Natalie refuses to even entertain the idea of going home. Cris snarls at Todd for endangering Natalie's life. Joey explains to Flash how his family lost touch with his Aunt Tina and her children years ago. Revealing that she and C.J. traveled together to Nashville last year, Flash tells Joey she became separated from his cousin but balks at disclosing any details about the nature of their relationship.moreless
  • Ep. #8856
    Ep. #8856
    Episode 149
    Flash cuts short her soulful song when she spots Joey listening to her. Mitch watches Troy working to restore Victor's heart to sinus rhythm. Evangeline warns Todd he'll be crushed if he takes on her client. Troy hurries Victor to the OR to be prepped for the implantation of an artificial heart. Facing ejection from college for his failing grades, Al waits impatiently for Rex's dealer friend to arrive.moreless
  • Ep. #8855
    Ep. #8855
    Episode 148
    Nora learns that her first case as prosecutor will be Mitch Lawrence's arraignment. Troy tells Victor his best chance for survival will be the implantation of an artificial heart. Tipped off by Renee that a hotel guest was robbed of cash and jewelry, Joey cautions Flash that she may be questioned by the police.moreless
  • Ep. #8854
    Ep. #8854
    Episode 147
    After Al sleeps through an important exam, Rex offers to hook him up with the materials he needs to never miss another test. Todd returns to the jail and presses Mitch for the truth about his alliance with Victor. Meanwhile, Viki confronts her father with the heinous crimes he committed against her years ago. As R.J. brings Keri and the baby home to his apartment, Liz arrives and demands her child. Cris asks Carlotta if he and Natalie can live with her for a while. At Llanfair, Jessica urges her twin not to move out but Natalie continues to pack. Liz is stunned when Keri reveals her baby's true parentage. Victor tells an enraged Viki he's done nothing wrong. Keri icily informs her mother she will never let Antonio near her child again. Evangeline reports success to Mitch. Al agrees to meet Rex's drug dealer friend. Todd breaks into Evangeline's office and finds Victor's will. R.J. helps Keri keep Antonio in the dark. Viki returns to Llanfair and burns her father's trunk.moreless
  • Ep. #8853
    Ep. #8853
    Episode 146
    Warning his mother he won't support her, Rex advises Roxy to either find a job or con another sugar daddy into marrying her. Todd slips into Victor's hospital room and introduces himself to his father. Summoned by Renee to Brad's room at the Palace, Joey finds an inebriated Flash passed out on the bed.moreless
  • Ep. #8852
    Ep. #8852
    Episode 145
    Blair tells a petulant Starr that Todd is out of their lives for good. Victor greets his shocked daughter, who gapes at her "late" father in disbelief. Meanwhile, Mitch pressures the surgeon to begin the operation at once. Brad brings Flash up to his room in the Palace Hotel and orders a bottle of champagne.moreless
  • Ep. #8851
    Ep. #8851
    Episode 144
    Antonio and Cris press Sanders to explain Mitch's connection to his clinic. As Bo and Nora make their case to an astounded Viki, Todd arrives and asks why everyone is discussing his late, unlamented father. Meanwhile, Mitch gleefully informs a groggy Natalie that the time has come to give away her heart. As Joey bemoans the fact that he can't rescue all the teenagers he's met at the community center, Andrew encourages his curate to remember that saving even one young life will be a victory in itself.moreless
  • Ep. #8850
    Ep. #8850
    Episode 143
    Though Starr gives Todd a hero's welcome, Blair icily reminds her ex how his actions always wind up hurting innocent bystanders. Antonio catches Cristian trying to hot wire a police car. A rattled Viki confides to Jessica how the monogrammed scarf Mitch gave Jen was exactly like the ones Victor used to wear. Meanwhile, Mitch hands a groggy Natalie over to the surgical team.moreless
  • Ep. #8849
    Ep. #8849
    Episode 142
    Fan Fantasy Day begins with Viki sitting in an old theater house looking at old movie posters. Each of the stories shows today were tailor-made for the fans.
  • Ep. #8848
    Ep. #8848
    Episode 141
    Starr tells Viki her dad is going to be a hero. At the abandoned theater, Todd comes to and finds Bo standing over him. Meanwhile, alarmed to see his brother lying in a pool of blood, Antonio calls for an ambulance. Jessica explains to her mother how Mitch abducted Blair and demanded Natalie in exchange. Bo places a protesting Todd under arrest. Mitch drags Natalie to a motel, where he places a call to the old man. Relieved to see Todd alive, a tearful Blair throws her arms around his neck. At the ER, Antonio breaks some bad news to his distraught mother.moreless
  • Ep. #8847
    Ep. #8847
    Episode 140
    Natalie comes to and demands that Todd stop the car, then gasps to see a gun fall from the glove compartment. Across town, the old man struggles for each breath and wonders how long he can wait for Mitch to deliver the goods. Jessica encourages Starr to talk about her bad dream. In describing her nightmare, Starr reveals how her mother was kidnapped by Mitch. After Naylor returns from the lodge, Bo guesses that Todd was responsible for knocking out his officer. Fearing for Natalie's safety, Cristian urges the truck driver not to lose sight of Todd's vehicle.moreless
  • Ep. #8846
    Ep. #8846
    Episode 139
    Chris staggers out to the road, where he's picked up by a passing motorist. Meanwhile, asleep in Todd's car, Natalie dreams of attending a party at Capricorn, where she struggles to locate the man she loves. At the theater, Blair dreams of Todd coming to her with a rose and all the right words to win her heart again. Natalie finds herself ostracized by the other party guests and turns to her twin for help, but Jessica shrilly announces that she will never fit in. Later, Mitch corners his wife and warns Natalie there is no escape. Jessica dreams of Antonio, who reminds her that her unfortunate family connection to Mitch will haunt her forever. Todd phones Starr to reassure her that he'll soon have her mother safely home again. In Natalie's dream, Cris finally appears and saves her from Mitch with the power of his undying love. As Flash sleeps, she imagines Joey taking her to the Capricorn party for Valentine's Day. Nora's dream about all the men she's loved and lost inspires her to be even more resilient in the future. Flash confides to Joey how she's been searching for someone very important.moreless
  • Ep. #8845
    Ep. #8845
    Episode 138
    Nora apologizes to Gabrielle for monopolizing Bo's time. Dr. Conklin tells Keri the baby is doing well but will need a few additional tests. Blair manages to wriggle free of her ropes and slips away from her guards. Todd tracks Cris and Natalie to the cave, where he claims he was sent by Bo to fetch them home now that Mitch is safely behind bars. Meanwhile, Jen awakens to find Mitch standing over her hospital bed.moreless
  • Ep. #8844
    Ep. #8844
    Episode 137
    R.J. bars Antonio's way when he tries to get in to see Keri. Hank offers Nora the chance to change her life by becoming an assistant district attorney. From her hospital bed, Jen begs Lindsay to get a warning to Jessica and Natalie. Todd tails Officer Naylor up to the lodge but discovers that Natalie and Cristian have already vacated the premises.moreless
  • Ep. #8843
    Ep. #8843
    Episode 136
    Cristian realizes that Natalie is running a high fever. Todd tries to reassure a fretful Starr that her mom will soon be safely home but he refuses to call in the police. Meanwhile, Mitch brings his hostage to an empty theater and binds her hand and feet. Max confronts Al with his failing grades. Mitch phones Todd and instructs him to restore Natalie to her rightful husband if he ever wants to see Blair again. Jessica returns to the community center to help Joey, who describes for his sister how desperate so many of the city's homeless teens have become. Later, Joey asks Flash to round up some of her friends for a free lunch. Cris calls Bo for help but a bad connection prevents the police commissioner from hearing the SOS. Todd begins a frantic search for Natalie. Max cautions Al not to get sucked back into a bad situation by Jen's latest crisis. Cris finally gets through to Bo, who decides to send an officer to check the lodge. Flash snipes at Jessica as they work together at the center. Blair taunts Mitch, then spits in his face when he tries to kiss her.moreless
  • Ep. #8842
    Ep. #8842
    Episode 135
    Keri goes into premature labor and is rushed to the hospital, where R.J. rages at Antonio for endangering his daughter. As Joey and Jessica help Andrew set up the shelter at the community center, Flash takes off with the contents of the charity collection can. Troy regretfully informs Emily that his wedding has been derailed. Horrified to see Mitch carrying off a sleeping Starr, Blair implores him to let go of her daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #8841
    Ep. #8841
    Episode 134
    Mitch phones Cris and orders him to return Natalie to her husband or face some grave consequences. At Llanfair, a beaming Viki tells Joey and Jessica her prayers have been answered. Starr entreats her mother not to break up their family but Blair explains that she's through giving Todd another chance to break her heart. Struggling to free himself from the handcuffs, R.J. warns Carlotta that all hell will break loose once Antonio blurts out his confession to Keri. Al rushes a half-frozen Jen to the ER, where Troy works to revive her. Afraid that Mitch may be closing in, Cristian and Natalie decide to flee from the lodge. Devastated by her fiancé's revelation, a weeping Keri rails at Antonio for deceiving her. Though Joey looks forward to meeting his new sister, Viki reminds him that Natalie cannot come out of hiding until Mitch has been defanged. Later, Todd arrives and gloomily fills his sister in on his latest marital crisis. Jen tells her parents and Bo about the documents she unearthed at Mitch's house. As she confronts Liz, Keri suddenly collapses in pain. Mitch secretly carries off a sleeping Starr.moreless
  • Ep. #8840
    Ep. #8840
    Episode 133
    Blair and Starr sneak back into the penthouse to collect their belongings while Todd is away. Feeling safe from the world, Cristian and Natalie enjoy being snowed in together at the lodge. Sam reminds a gloomy Todd how richly he deserves all the misery he's brought down upon himself. Suzanne attempts to apologize to a furious Starr and her equally angry mother. Antonio and Jessica make their way to the diner.moreless
  • Ep. #8839
    Ep. #8839
    Episode 132
    Arriving at the train station, Antonio is surprised to bump into Jessica, who explains that she's returned from London because she realized she can't run away from her problems. Troy finally tells Nora about his first wife and why he blames himself for her death. Upon discovering that she's being followed by one of Mitch's goons, Viki informs the man that she won't be intimidated by his evil master. Revealing how Lindsay blackmailed him, Troy insists he had no choice but to bed her to protect the woman he really loved. As he moves into his new digs, Max is consumed with memories of Luna. Meanwhile, Renee cautions Al that his father isn't dealing well with his latest divorce. Jen lies unconscious in the snow while Marcie grows concerned about her missing friend. Liz hurries to prevent R.J. from letting the cat out of the bag to their daughter. Jessica helps Antonio cope with an emergency after the blizzard causes an accident on the tracks. Nora tearfully informs Troy he's destroyed any feelings she had for him.moreless
  • Ep. #8838
    Ep. #8838
    Episode 131
    Marcie meets an attractive young curate on her first day of work at the Angel Square Diner who picks up the tab on a cup of coffee for a young woman, then nearly has her steal his wallet. Rae suggests to Roxy that she get a job when she learns she is nearly bankrupt. Mitch catches Jen hiding in the house and suggests she take a hot shower. When she later tries to escape, she slips on the ice and hits her head.moreless
  • Ep. #8837
    Ep. #8837
    Episode 130
    Blair is shocked to reveal that Suzanne's faked death was all one of Todd's sick plans. While Marcie and Jen break into Mitch's home, Mitch warns Victor Lord that he had better not renege on their deal. After sleeping together, Lindsay tells Troy that he likes her better than Nora.
  • Ep. #8836
    Ep. #8836
    Episode 129
    Unable to legally detain his prisoner any longer, Bo promises Viki he'll get Natalie and Cristian to a safe house far from Mitch's evil grasp. Stunned by Keri's story about Antonio's one night stand, R.J. begins to wonder if his future son-in-law was the man who "comforted" Liz. Emily helps Nora select a wedding dress but the fretful bride-to-be can't stop thinking about Lindsay's latest threat. At the prison, Allison warns Troy he will never free of Lindsay. Later, Tillie advises the doctor to rid himself of his heavy burden by rubbing Lindsay out once and for all. Although put off by Todd's abrupt rush to the altar, Blair finally consents to become his wife yet again. Lindsay unnerves Nora by hinting that her new beau is someone with whom the attorney has been involved. As a beaming Starr looks on, Todd promises Blair he will never lie to her again. Troy informs Lindsay that she's about to die at the hands of a "burglar." Liz admits to an appalled R.J. that the baby Keri is carrying was fathered by Antonio. Striding into the penthouse with Suzanne in tow, Sam brings Todd and Blair's wedding to a sudden stop.moreless
  • Ep. #8835
    Ep. #8835
    Episode 128
    At the precinct house, Mitch counters his young bride's accusations by denying that he ever uttered a single threat against Cristian. Andrew lends Max a sympathetic ear as he bemoans the mess his life has become. Roxy returns to her old haunts in Atlantic City and is irked to find her hag of a mother hanging out at the same roulette table. Caught off guard by R.J.'s declaration of love, Liz nervously insists they can't see each other any more because she's already involved with another man in Chicago. Sam accuses Todd of manipulating events to make Blair believe she was being hunted by a hit man.moreless
  • Ep. #8834
    Ep. #8834
    Episode 127
    Happily celebrating her newfound freedom, Blair declares her love and gratitude to Todd. Max pours out his heart to a sympathetic Liz, then collapses in a drunken stupor on his guest's shoulder just as Roxy walks in. Natalie tearfully admits to Cris why she chose to give in to Mitch's disgusting demands in a last ditch effort to save the man she loves. Feeling guilty about his deception, Todd shrugs off Blair's display of hero worship. R.J. gleefully informs Lindsay that her nemesis is scheduled to wed Troy on Valentine's Day. Roxy rails at Max for quickly turning to the first floozy he could find following their divorce. Troy comes to Statesville and urges a puzzled Nora to let another attorney represent Allison. Todd convinces Blair she doesn't need to testify against Suzanne's killer. Cris assures Natalie she has no reason to feel ashamed. Roxy storms back to Club Capricorn and complains to R.J. about Max making time with Liz. Blair's story about the hit man's arrest smells fishy to a suspicious Sam. Meanwhile, the actor Todd hired returns to the penthouse to demand more cash. An outraged R.J. throws Max out on his ear.moreless
  • Ep. #8833
    Ep. #8833
    Episode 126
    Lindsay visits Allison's jail cell to remind her former partner in crime that silence is golden. Emily quizzes her brother about Lindsay's latest blackmail attempt. Roxy explains to an alarmed Viki and Cristian how she learned about Natalie's decision to consummate her unholy marriage. Meanwhile, Mitch forces Natalie to don a skimpy negligee before leading his jittery bride towards the bed. R.J. takes pity on an inebriated Max and offers to let him move in until he gets back on his feet. Cris bursts into the honeymoon suite at the Palace and pulls Mitch off a sobbing Natalie. Roxy wanders into Capricorn looking for her ex and is pleased when R.J. reveals how unhappy Max seems. Troy admits to a stunned Emily how he's been bedding Lindsay to keep her trap shut. Nora is assigned to represent Allison, who offers to trade information on Lindsay's lover in exchange for a reduced sentence. Liz lends Max a sympathetic ear after finding him forlornly viewing Luna's videotape. Bo places Mitch under arrest.moreless
  • Ep. #8832
    Ep. #8832
    Episode 125
    Worried about Natalie, Viki finds Rex's cover story hard to swallow. Meanwhile, Mitch leads his reluctant bride up to their room at the Palace Hotel. A terrified Blair screams for help as her attacker advances towards the bed. Todd suddenly reappears and lunges at the intruder, who gets him in a choke hold. Max and Roxy are both immersed in regret as he leaves the mill house behind. Tired of Rex's lies, Viki suggests that the time has come for him to leave Llanfair. Al and Renee urge Max to stop wallowing in self-pity and start fighting to win Roxy back. Jen confesses to an angry Cristian how she lied about her baby's paternity.moreless
  • Ep. #8831
    Ep. #8831
    Episode 124
    On the witness stand, Roxy sheds tears as she describes how Max stomped on her heart. Todd and Blair spend the night together. In the morning, Blair reassures Todd that she's right where she wants to be. Natalie awakens gasping from a nightmare about Cristian being murdered in his jail cell. Meanwhile, Antonio assures his brother that their mother will recover fully from the poisoned cake.moreless
  • Ep. #8830
    Ep. #8830
    Episode 123
    An incensed Roxy tears into Max for betraying her by forging a pact with Asa. Jen glumly informs Marcie that her father now knows all about her secret alliance with Mitch. Blair returns to the penthouse and tells Todd how Sam managed to elude the men who were following them. Al confides to his mother how much he misses Jessica. After they make love, Liz informs an irked R.J. she's leaving town as soon as the baby is born. Max admits to a stunned Roxy that he no longer wants a divorce. Meanwhile, Asa orders Nigel to carry out a daring plan to infiltrate enemy headquarters. Antonio sees his daughter for the first time during Keri's ultrasound. Rae warns Asa that he'll never be rid of her. Blair makes a confession to Todd. R.J. gives Antonio a heads-up about Liz's travel plans. Roxy has another change of heart and sends Max packing. Asa triumphantly waves the divorce papers in Rae's face but she gets the last laugh when she tricks him into giving her 90% of his holdings. Blair finally tells Todd that she loves and forgives him.moreless
  • Ep. #8829
    Ep. #8829
    Episode 122
    When pressed by Viki, Todd admits that he wants to be back together with Blair. After Blair confesses that she does still have feelings for Todd, Sam announces that he's ending their relationship. Blair then returns to the penthouse. Worried about Cristian, Natalie tells Mitch that she'll sleep with him as long as he makes sure that Cristian will be safe. Bo interrupts with the announcement that he has had Allison shipped back to the psychiatric clinic at Statesville where she will have no access to Cristian. Leaving with Bo, Natalie assures Viki that she will never confront Mitch on her own again.moreless
  • Ep. #8828
    Ep. #8828
    Episode 121
    Natalie tells Mitch that she will never consummate their marriage. Unaware that Allison has poisoned the cake, Carlotta eats some of the dessert and quickly becomes ill, collapsing in front of a jailed Cristian. Allison later boasts to Natalie that she may know something about Carlotta's food poisoning. Though Antonio vows to protect his brother and have the cake tested, Natalie becomes worried that something may happen to Cristian. In order to keep the man she loves safe, Natalie returns to her husband and tells Mitch that she will sleep with him.moreless
  • Ep. #8827
    Ep. #8827
    Episode 120
    Todd warns Sam that Blair could die if he takes her away from the penthouse. R.J. keeps a worried Liz company as she waits for word on her unborn child. Natalie accuses Mitch of pulling strings to have Allison placed in the same jail as Cristian. Lindsay reminds Troy that he missed their date and warns him not to make the same mistake again. Determined to have her romantic getaway with Sam, Blair snipes at Todd for trying to stand in her way. Later, Todd surprises his ex by offering to take the kids elsewhere for the night so Blair and Sam can have the place to themselves. Worried about Natalie, Cris tells Nora why he must get free before Mitch can carry out the next phase of his nefarious scheme. Meanwhile, Allison's new attorney brings his client a gift from their mutual friend. R.J. gives Lindsay a heads-up about Troy's true motives but she finds it hard to believe her lover could betray her twice. Sam admits to Blair how Jen allied herself with Mitch. Carlotta inadvertently consumes the poisoned cake Allison meant for Cris. R.J. suggests to a startled Liz that he could help her raise her baby.moreless
  • Ep. #8826
    Ep. #8826
    Episode 119
    After she pulls back from his kiss, Blair slaps Todd. He responds by claiming that she wanted to kiss him as much as he did, a fact she confirms to herself. However, Blair announces that Sam is the only man she wants to be with. Todd later assures Starr that her mother and father will be together soon. When Sam arrives to take Blair on their fun getaway, Todd warns him that he'll be responsible for Blair's death should he remove her from the safety of the penthouse.moreless
  • Ep. #8825
    Ep. #8825
    Episode 118
    Sam demands answers from Mitch, who claims Jen sought him out first. At the jail, Jen assures Cris she is not Mitch's partner in crime. Blair and Todd accuse one another of pining for the other. Asa presses Roxy for an answer as his deadline arrives. Natalie and Viki commiserate about Jessica's departure. Mitch gleefully informs a fuming Sam that Jen threw herself at him with wild abandon.moreless
  • Ep. #8824
    Ep. #8824
    Episode 117
    Liz begs Antonio not to tell Keri the truth about the baby's paternity. R.J. threatens to squeal to Nora regarding her fiance's infidelity unless Troy backs off. Sam angrily confronts Todd after the Sun runs a front page story about Jen collaborating with Mitch. Fearful that her husband's tentacles will reach Cristian even in jail, Natalie hurries to warn the man she loves.moreless
  • Ep. #8823
    Ep. #8823
    Episode 116
    Troy informs R.J. he knows all about how the jailbreak went down. Hank warns an appalled Liz that Antonio ran a paternity test on her unborn child. Her maternal instincts finally kicking in, Roxy blocks Mitch's path to prevent him from climbing the stairs. Meanwhile, Jessica bitterly informs Natalie she wants nothing more to do with her entire family. Antonio realizes he can't destroy Keri's happiness by revealing the awful truth about the baby she's carrying. Assuring a fretful Viki that her daughter is safe, Al takes pity on the heartbroken mother and gives her Jessica's airline ticket. Clawing at Mitch, Roxy screeches loud enough to warn Natalie and Jessica that trouble is brewing. Troy threatens to expose R.J. unless he testifies against Lindsay. A seething Antonio corners Liz at the birthday party. Natalie offers to keep Mitch busy while her twin sister sneaks away. Downstairs, Max finally pulls Mitch off of Roxy. Nora warns a bristling Lindsay that her daughter is in cahoots with a killer.moreless
  • Ep. #8822
    Ep. #8822
    Episode 115
    Natalie tries to convince Jessica to remain in Llanview, pleading not to lose her sister and urging her to believe how heartbroken Viki is over the terrible decision she's making. Outraged by the claim, Jessica reminds her of how hurt she was by the revelation that Viki gave her over to Mitch after she was born. She boasts that Viki only loves Natalie. Mitch confronts Roxy and demand to know what she told Bo. As she babbles, Roxy accidentally lets slip that Jessica is leaving town.moreless
  • Ep. #8821
    Ep. #8821
    Episode 114
    Angling for a job at the Sun, Shauna tells Todd how Jen's phony phone call convinced Judge Fitzwater to throw the book at Cristian. Liz commends R.J. for planning a surprise party at Capricorn to celebrate their daughter's birthday. Mitch slips into St. Ann's and reminds a thrilled Allison to "heed the messenger." Blair explains to her pouting daughter why she's with Sam now.moreless
  • Ep. #8820
    Ep. #8820
    Episode 113
    After spending a blissful night with Nora, Troy is alarmed to discover that Lindsay was perched on the fire escape the whole time. Jessica tells Al she's leaving town for good. As a sleeping Blair snuggles closer to Todd on the bed, Starr eagerly directs Sam to walk right in. Sporting a neck brace, Mitch comes to the courthouse to watch his attacker being arraigned.moreless
  • Ep. #8819
    Ep. #8819
    Episode 112
    Troy warns Lindsay to play by his rules if she ever again hopes to enjoy his company in bed. At the Break Bar, Cristian's hackles rise when Mitch gleefully informs Natalie that their marriage is forever. Though Viki begs her daughter to reconsider, Jessica insists she cannot remain in Llanview now that she knows the ugly truth. Blair urges Todd to understand that he is nothing like the evil, horrible man who raped Viki. Cris orders Mitch to get away from Natalie but the phony preacher continues to bait him. Nora's arrival unnerves Troy, who's relieved to see that Lindsay has vacated his bed just in the nick of time. Viki is devastated when Jessica tearfully admits she can't bear to be around her mother anymore. Though Todd reminds her of the unsavory parallels between his story and Mitch's, Blair advises her ex to end the self-loathing which is ruining his life. Mitch finally goads Cris into an attack. Starr slyly arranges for her parents to spend the night sharing the same bed. Viki weeps inconsolably as Jessica leaves Llanfair. Bo is forced to place Cristian under arrest.moreless
  • Ep. #8818
    Ep. #8818
    Episode 111
    Lindsay coaxes Troy to join her in bed. Cristian calls from work to tell Natalie how Mitch has sworn out a restraining order against him. Viki is surprised and pleased to find Jessica waiting for her at Llanfair. Blair explains to Todd why she revealed her presence to his sister. Later, Starr watches through narrowed eyes as her mother fondly kisses Sam goodbye. Mitch informs Nora that he will never let Natalie leave him. Meanwhile, Natalie reminds her twin how nothing can come between her and the family who loves her dearly. Jen tips Mitch off to the fact that Natalie and Cris are together at the Break Bar. Jessica tells Viki how Todd made her understand what her mother was going through. Nora's news evokes a strong reaction in Matthew. Jessica blasts Viki again after discovering that she's kept Clint in the dark about recent developments. Blair assures Todd he deserves to be forgiven for the mistakes he made years ago. Troy lets Lindsay know she won't have him jumping through hoops. Mitch corners Natalie at the Break Bar. Jessica tearfully decides to leave Llanview for good.moreless
  • Ep. #8817
    Ep. #8817
    Episode 110
    Asa and Max realize they've both been protesting too much when each claims he has no feelings for Roxy. Worried about her brother, Viki comes to the penthouse and encounters Sam. Meanwhile, Todd closes his hands around Mitch's throat and begins squeezing the life out of his sister's rapist. Lindsay can barely repress a grin when Nora icily insists that her fiancé tells her everything.moreless
  • Ep. #8816
    Ep. #8816
    Episode 109
    Troy tells Nora he went to see Lindsay to break the news of their engagement. As they return home, a beaming Roxy thanks Max for standing up for her in front of her mother. Sam reminds Blair why he's not comfortable making love to her on Todd's turf. Meanwhile, at Llanfair, Viki guesses that her brother's rage is related to his own guilt over raping Marty years ago. Jessica informs Mitch she despises him and never wants to see him again.moreless
  • Ep. #8815
    Ep. #8815
    Episode 108
    Nora cautions Natalie and Cris to keep their distance from one another until the marriage to Mitch has been annulled. Seth accuses Jessica of trying to make him suffer by running off with Al. Todd bristles when Sam comes to the penthouse with a New Year's Eve surprise to ease Blair's cabin fever. Bo presses Mitch to confess to Walter's murder but the "reverend" insists instead on taking out a restraining order against Cristian. Jen offers a surprised Natalie an olive branch. Troy and Lindsay fall into bed together and make love. Todd goes to Llanfair to complain to Viki about Sam but soon discovers that his sister has much bigger fish to fry. Angry with Seth for keeping her mother's secret, Jessica icily informs him that they're through. Bo congratulates Nora on her engagement. Viki's revelation about Jessica's paternity stuns and enrages Todd. Jen slyly attempts to cause friction between Natalie and Cris. Troy hopes his risky strategy will keep Lindsay under control.moreless
  • Ep. #8814
    Ep. #8814
    Episode 107
    Natalie encourages her worried mother to believe that Jessica will come around in time. Lindsay warns Troy she'll see him dead first before she lets him marry Nora. Seth and Rex face off yet again on the subject of Jessica. Meanwhile, Al covers for Jessie when Asa wonders why his granddaughter has been crying. Viki asks Nora to help her daughter dissolve her marriage to Mitch. Roxy is astonished when Max reads Stella the riot act for mistreating his wife. Asa inadvertently rubs salt in Jessica's wounds by waxing sentimental about Clint's great love for his daughter. Cris icily reminds Mitch that he will never be allowed near Natalie again. Max admits to Roxy how he followed her to Philadelphia. Troy and Lindsay fall into a passionate clinch at the height of their heated quarrel. Bo and Jen hear Cristian threatening to kill Mitch.moreless
  • Ep. #8813
    Ep. #8813
    Episode 106
    An enraged Lindsay trashes the gallery after discovering that Troy has proposed to Nora. Max trails Roxy to Philadelphia, where he watches her enter an apartment in a dilapidated tenement building. While the rest of Jessica's friends and family continue their search, Al easily locates her hiding place in Asa's stable. Mitch brings a bottle of champagne to the loft to celebrate his unholy alliance with Jen. Standing in the middle of the wreckage, Lindsay tries to evade Sam's questions about her temper tantrum. Meanwhile, Troy breaks his good news to an excited Emily. Max spies on Roxy's visit with her shrill, abusive mother. Al consoles Jessica, who reluctantly agrees to let him call Viki with a reassurance that she's safe. After Nora departs, Troy assures his worried sister that Lindsay will self-destruct before she can ruin his wedding plans. Natalie is pleased when Viki invites Cristian to move into the carriage house. Suddenly feeling sorry for his much-maligned wife, Max strides into Stella's apartment and orders the vicious old woman to shut up.moreless
  • Ep. #8812
    Ep. #8812
    Episode 105
    After Sam brings his son to the penthouse on Christmas Eve, Starr covers for her slip of the tongue by informing an aghast Matthew that Santa doesn't exist. Bo promises Viki he won't stop looking until he's found Jessica. Nora confesses to Troy how she went snooping through his desk and stumbled over a diamond ring. Meanwhile, Jen cautions her mother that she's delusional if she believes she can win Troy back. Hank orders Antonio not to spoil Liz and Keri's Christmas with talk of a paternity test. Todd reluctantly allows Sam some quality time with Blair. Al guesses that his mother has mixed emotions about Bo failing to pop the question. Jen tells Lindsay she'll make Cristian rue the day he ever crossed her. Troy asks Nora to be his wife. Tired of the bickering between his mother and Keri's family, Antonio asks everyone to let him and his fiancée celebrate in private. Sam promises Blair he'll find a way for them to be together.moreless
  • Ep. #8811
    Ep. #8811
    Episode 104
    Appalled by her mother's confession, Jessica angrily accuses a sobbing Viki of destroying her life. Roxy reports to Rex how she's succeeded in turning the head of Llanview's resident billionaire tycoon. Meanwhile, Max gives Asa the Christmas present he's been hoping to find under his tree. Anxious to convince Rae to loosen her steely grip on Asa's millions, Renee continues to play the drunken ex-madam on the verge of a total breakdown. Viki is devastated when Jessica shrinks from her touch and tearfully declares they are no longer family. Mitch proposes a lucrative partnership to a wary Jen. Jessica bitterly informs Natalie of the biological link between her and Mitch. Cristian finally tells Jen he's in love with Natalie. Asa invites Roxy to spend the holiday with him. After Cris departs, a grinning Mitch commends Jen on her stellar performance.moreless
  • Ep. #8810
    Ep. #8810
    Episode 103
    Mitch tells an anguished Jessica how her mother willingly gave her away. Antonio asks Troy about the possibility of conducting a paternity test on Liz's baby before it's born. Viki regretfully admits to Jessica that Mitch is indeed her father. Keri struggles to keep Daphne occupied but the jeweler catches Nora going through her files. Cris is forced to play referee during a violent confrontation between Rex and Seth. Before departing, Mitch advises a seething Viki to give their daughter all the facts this time around. Jen guesses that her mother is still carrying a torch for Troy. Viki begs Jessica to understand how Mitch drugged her and raped her all those years ago. Nora presses Troy for answers about the amulet. Later, Nora's suspicions grow after Sam tells her about an odd encounter he witnessed in Troy's office. Between sobs, Viki fills Jessica in on the circumstances of her birth. Mitch pays another call on Jen.moreless
  • Ep. #8809
    Ep. #8809
    Episode 102
    Though a devastated Jessica accuses him of lying, Mitch repeats his assertion that they are father and daughter. Lindsay orders Troy to ditch Nora for Christmas. Cuddling Jack, Blair begins to tell her son how much she cares for his father but clams up when she realizes Todd is eavesdropping. Viki panics following a call from Seth. Appalled by Mitch's story, Jessica flees from Llanfair and takes refuge in the carriage house. Lindsay steps up her threat of blackmail when Troy angrily refuses to cave in to her demands. At the jewelry store, Keri distracts Daphne while Nora snoops through the guest book and discovers that Troy was there the same day Lindsay stopped in. Mitch again corners Jessica and offers to show the girl DNA proof that they are related. Todd attempts to ingratiate himself further with Blair by claiming responsibility for the videotape Sam made of Starr's Christmas pageant. Jessica faces a hard truth as Mitch's tale finally sinks in.moreless
  • Ep. #8808
    Ep. #8808
    Episode 101
    Nora tells an alarmed Troy she's on the hunt for the person who fashioned the copy of his amulet for Lindsay. Viki comes to the mountain cabin and is relieved to find Natalie safe with Cristian. Meanwhile, Mitch pushes his way into Llanfair but assures a wary Jessica she has no reason to fear him. Jen glumly informs her mother that Cris has gone off with Natalie. Troy urges his lover not to play into Lindsay's hands but Nora remains determined to track down the jeweler responsible for creating the second amulet. Viki skirts the issue when Natalie wonders why Mitch seems so obsessed with locating her twin. Troy confides to Emily how he's put the brakes on Lindsay's game. Viki asks Cris to take Natalie away from Llanview for safekeeping. Jessica bitterly reminds Mitch how his evil manipulations have already hurt her and her family. Jen contemplates enlisting the help of a dangerous ally. Mitch drops a bomb on Jessica about their family ties.moreless
  • Ep. #8807
    Ep. #8807
    Episode 100
    Enraged to discover that his young wife has gone missing, Mitch realizes how Bo tricked him. Starr hurries to warn her mother that someone has been asking questions about her around town. An agitated Gabrielle tells Al why she fears making a permanent commitment to Bo will ruin the happiness they've found. Finally pulling back from Cristian's kiss, Natalie slaps him and repeats her claim that she's spiritually connected to her spouse. When Cris continues to fervently declare his love, however, Natalie finally blurts out how Mitch threatened to kill him. Starr's story about Shauna and Molly upsets Todd, cluing Blair in to how much her ex still cares. Al encourages his mother to accept Bo's proposal if he does indeed pop the question. Jen's confidence is badly shaken when Mitch reveals that Cris and Natalie have run off together. Gabrielle suffers mixed emotions when it becomes clear that Bo has no plans to propose. Jen trashes Cris' Christmas tree in a fit of rage. Mitch corners Jessica at Llanfair.moreless
  • Ep. #8806
    Ep. #8806
    Episode 99
    As Viki struggles to keep Mitch from investigating the sounds coming from upstairs, Cris again entreats Natalie to flee with him. Asa explains to a baffled Roxy how she's captured his heart. Renee asks Rae to give Asa a divorce. Hoping to gain some leverage with Mitch, Jen enlists Marcie in the search for Jessica. Rae tells a disappointed Renee why she can't give up the status and power her marriage has afforded her. Later, however, Max employs a healthy dose of guilt and shame to pressure Rae into changing her mind. Viki tries to extricate herself from an explosive situation and is relieved when Bo finally intervenes with a pointed warning for Mitch. Meanwhile, Cris brings Natalie to her mother's cabin on Llantano Mountain. Though Roxy insists she's still crazy in love with her husband, Asa reminds his new friend that Max can't even stand the sight of her. Ignoring Natalie's protestations of love for her husband, Cristian urges her to admit that she really wants him instead. Asa tempts Roxy with a promise to worship the ground she walks on. Rae tells Max and Renee she's going to demand 90% of Asa's fortune in her divorce settlement. Natalie and Cristian share a tender kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #8805
    Ep. #8805
    Episode 98
    Anxious to keep Mitch talking, Viki offers to give him any amount of money he desires if he'll leave her daughters alone. Meanwhile, a fearful Natalie entreats Cristian to leave before her husband discovers him on the premises. Terrified that Mitch is coming after her, Roxy smacks an intruder on the head, then is astonished to find that the man she knocked cold is Asa. Renee continues to portray a woman on the edge in an effort to con Rae. Determined to get back to Llanview, Jessica asks Seth to break the promise he made to her mother. As Bo listens in, Viki manages to stall Mitch by hinting that she'll give him access to Jessica. Renee tells a startled Rae she's arranged for electroshock therapy at St. Ann's to help her get over the pain of losing the man she loves. After coming to, Asa assures an apologetic Roxy he admires her spunk. Cris urges Natalie to escape with him. Jessica locks a protesting Seth in the bathroom and finally makes her getaway. Asa floors Roxy with a declaration of love. Cris gags Natalie and tries to pull her through the window but she kicks over a lamp and alerts a suspicious Mitch.moreless
  • Ep. #8804
    Ep. #8804
    Episode 97
    Liz tells Keri she'll name her new daughter Stephanie in memory of the baby's late father, Steve. Meanwhile, Hank avoids answering Antonio's anxious questions about the paternity of the child Keri is carrying. Bo decides to give Cris and Viki some unofficial help in their quest to rescue Natalie from her dangerous husband. Natalie asks Mitch why he hates her mother so much. Though Liz again denies that he is her baby's father, a suspicious Antonio insists on having a paternity test performed. Startled to learn that Mitch is back among the living, Gabrielle offers Bo her help bringing him down. Viki reminds Seth how crucial it is to keep Jessica in the dark about her dad. Mitch orders Natalie to start writing him checks. Later, determined to locate Jessica, Mitch offers to release Natalie from her marital vows if she tells him where her twin is hiding. Armed with a microphone hidden in her scarf, Viki pays a call on her new son-in-law while Cristian sneaks in to intercept Natalie.moreless
  • Ep. #8803
    Ep. #8803
    Episode 96
    Nora's questions about Lindsay put Troy on the defensive. Keri explains to her dad about the baby's possible genetic problem, then is appalled when R.J. suggests that abortion could still be an option. An attractive customer at the art gallery hopes for a chance with Lindsay, who assures the gentleman she isn't already romantically involved. Shauna and Molly approach Starr at the coffee shop and attempt to pry information out of the wary girl about her mother's alleged breakdown. Meanwhile, Blair admits to Todd that she still can't forgive him for letting her believe that Jack was dead. Trying to reassure her son that Liz's baby will be fine, Carlotta tells a startled Antonio how the very same chromosomal abnormality showed up in her pregnancy when she was carrying him. Liz is relieved when Troy comes up with a way to test her unborn child without a DNA sample from the father. Troy promises Nora he will never let Lindsay come between them again. Starr spots Molly and Shauna accepting payment from a strange man. Todd tells Blair he deeply regrets his past mistakes. As Liz and Keri celebrate good news, Antonio asks Hank for the truth about the baby girl's paternity.moreless
  • Ep. #8802
    Ep. #8802
    Episode 95
    Antonio accompanies Keri to the hospital, where Dr. Conklin cautions that tests show the baby may be developmentally delayed. At St. Ann's, Blair reminds Addie not to let anyone know about her visit. Meanwhile, Hank demands some answers from "Sister" Todd. Dr. Conklin explains to Keri and Antonio why she'll need a DNA sample from both of the baby's biological parents. Troy tells Lindsay he plans to move to California after Nora learns the truth and dumps him. Blair hides her face when Hank pushes past Todd to check on Addie. Jen stonewalls as Nora presses her to reveal if Lindsay is still carrying a torch for Troy. R.J. and Liz agree to work on re-establishing a friendship for the sake of their daughter. Antonio tries to reassure a frightened Keri as she wonders if her mother is about to suffer another terrible loss. Following his chat with Lindsay, Troy reports success to Emily but she warns her brother not to push his luck too far. As they return to the penthouse, Blair thanks Todd for helping her see her mom. Liz tearfully tells Hank she's going to have to disclose the truth to Antonio about the baby's paternity.moreless
  • Ep. #8801
    Ep. #8801
    Episode 94
    After a talk with Hank, Antonio prepares to tell Keri the truth about himself and Liz when she suddenly gets news about the baby. Worried about what Mitch will do, Natalie doesn't tell Bo, Viki or Cristian about Mitch's threats to kill Cristian. Todd stands guard while Blair and Addie have an emotional reunion.moreless
  • Ep. #8800
    Ep. #8800
    Episode 93
    Viki and Cristian realize that the only reason Natalie is still with Mitch is because she is trying to protect Cristian. Blair is devastated that she cannot leave the apartment to visit an ill Addie, and Todd offers to make it happen.
  • Ep. #8799
    Ep. #8799
    Episode 92
    Though Natalie refuses to have sex with him, Mitch repeats his threat to kill Cristian unless she fulfils his every demand. Renee stages a scene in the Palace bar to trick Rae into thinking she's having a meltdown due to losing the man she loved. Roxy accuses Asa of trying to set her up to take a fall. Viki tries to reassure her daughter when she phones but Jessica realizes that something is amiss. Cris comes to Llanfair with questions from Viki, who reveals the true identity of Natalie's new spouse. Jen drops in on the newlyweds to offer an irked Natalie her congratulations. Asa convinces Roxy that his motives are pure in inviting her down to St. Blaze's. Cris and Viki speculate that Natalie is staying in unholy wedlock with Mitch to protect someone she loves. Bo brings his father and Roxy a disturbing piece of news about an old foe. Max and Renee's plot fizzes badly. Determined to learn what her mother is keeping from her, Jessica phones Rex and is shocked to hear of her twin's nuptials.moreless
  • Ep. #8798
    Ep. #8798
    Episode 91
    Jessica grows edgy and impatient being away from Llanview but Seth keeps mum when his girlfriend wonders aloud why Mitch is suddenly so interested in her. A sneering "Michael" advises Cris to accept the fact that Natalie is now a happily married woman. Viki assures Antonio she bears him no ill will in the aftermath of her husband's tragic shooting. Seth succeeds in distracting Jessica with a night of romance. Jen asks Marcie to supply her with a knock-out drug she can use on Cristian. Renee angrily reminds Max how much precious time he cost her with her real son. Softened by his sincere apology, Renee agrees to help Max remove Rae from Asa's life. Meanwhile, Asa finds himself beginning to warm up to the irrepressible Roxy. Mitch informs a shuddering Natalie that he wants to consummate their marriage. Viki sidesteps Rex's questions about Jessica's trip with Seth. Jen hears Cris grousing to Antonio about Natalie's impulsive marriage to a man she hardly knows.moreless
  • Ep. #8797
    Ep. #8797
    Episode 90
    Troy wakes up and sees Lindsay sitting next to him then, when he threatens to call the police and charge her with trespassing, Lindsay counters with threats of her own. Hank demands to know what his brother did to upset Liz but she insists the fault was not R.J.'s after all. Nora confides to Keri how puzzled she is by Emily's recent behavior. Stunned by Natalie's pronouncement, Cris wonders what provoked her apparent change of heart. After Hank leaves, R.J. and Liz agree to put their remaining cards on the table once and for all. Mitch approaches Rex with questions about the Buchanan twins. Claiming she's tired of waiting for Cris to break things off with Jen, Natalie repeats that her husband is the only man she wants now. Troy tells Emily he may have hit upon a way to Lindsay. Mitch appeals to Rex's obvious sense of greed in hopes of locating Jessica. Keri asks her uncle why he's carrying a grudge against Antonio. Nora catches Lindsay with a copy of Troy's amulet. Determined to save Cris, Natalie drives him away by planting a lingering kiss on Mitch.moreless
  • Ep. #8796
    Ep. #8796
    Episode 89
    Antonio leaps to Keri's defense when she takes flack from Shauna about her unorthodox pregnancy. R.J.'s curiosity grows after finding Hank and Liz with their heads together once again. Emily has another awkward encounter with Nora, who gets nowhere trying to convince the girl to open up. Hank cautions Liz that his brother never forgives or forgets. Lindsay explains to Jen how her fact-finding trip to Africa provided her with potent ammunition to use against her enemies. Mitch calmly fends off Viki's verbal attack and reminds her he fully intends to exercise his parental rights where Jessica is concerned. Cris assures Natalie he'll have given Jen the bad news by the end of the day. Liz confronts R.J. about their painful past. Bo coldly reminds Mitch that he will shadow him day and night. Mindful of Mitch's dire warning, Natalie tells an astonished Cris she's decided to stay with her husband.moreless
  • Ep. #8795
    Ep. #8795
    Episode 88
    Mitch warns Natalie that Cristian will suffer the consequences if she tries to leave him. Nora asks Emily straight out why she's been avoiding her. Gabrielle urges her son to believe that he is not to blame for Jen's miscarriage. Sam presses Todd to admit that he's still in love with Blair. Mitch reminds a shaken Natalie how Dr. Balsam and several others died young and under mysterious circumstances, then promises that Cris will be next unless she bends herself to his will. Frightened about her missing daughter, Viki phones Cristian for help. Troy calls Lindsay's bluff. Starr orders Sam to vacate the premises so her family can enjoy their Thanksgiving in private. Retreating from Nora, Emily sadly refuses to explain what's been bothering her. Al swears to a skeptical Gabrielle that he is finally done with Jen. Lindsay falls into another romantic reverie featuring Troy. A seething Bo confronts Mitch after Viki reveals the secret of Jessica's paternity. Roxy gives Natalie the gory details surrounding Walter's fatal "accident."moreless
  • Ep. #8794
    Ep. #8794
    Episode 87
    Natalie agrees to leave town and then slips away from an unsuspecting Viki to confront Mitch. She lays into him for his deception and announces that she wants him out of her life permanently. Unconcerned by her threats, Mitch advises her that if she leaves him, he'll make sure that Cristian suffers at his hands. Vikki meets with Bo and reluctantly tells him about the return of Mitch Laurence and his relationship with Jessica and Natalie. Jen's efforts to prevent Cristian from telling her about his feelings for Natalie fail. He manages to get rid of Marcie and then begins to tell her about his feelings for Natalie. Asa is outraged when he learns that Roxy is responsible for Bo finding out about his casino. His anger disappears when he realizes that she holds him in high regard almost as much as he does himself. Blair wakes with a scream after suffering a nightmare about the shooting. Todd is there to comfort her. When Todd becomes upset upon leaning that Blair intends to see Sam at the penthouse often, Sam accuses Todd of still having feelings for Blair.moreless
  • Ep. #8793
    Ep. #8793
    Episode 86
    Roxy is thrilled to win big at the "casino" while Asa reminds Max to keep up his end of their bargain. Determined not to be interrupted again, Cris takes the phone off the hook and tries to launch into his explanation but Jen fakes fainting to stop him in his tracks. Though Natalie nervously reminds her husband that they haven't even consummated their marriage, "Michael" gleefully advises her to ask her mother about his true identity. Starr happily jumps to the wrong conclusion after Todd explains to an irked Blair why she'll be safest staying in the master bedroom with him. Seth covers for Viki to keep Jessica from learning the awful truth about her father. Rae eyes Max's friendly overtures with suspicion. Viki sadly bids Jessica farewell. Later, an agitated Natalie arrives and beseeches her mother for answers. Bo and his officers raid the lodge and place Roxy and Asa under arrest. Viki tells a horrified Natalie all about the monster she married. Meanwhile, Jessica receives a text message from Mitch.moreless
  • Ep. #8792
    Ep. #8792
    Episode 85
    Natalie explains to Michael why an annulment will free her to be with Cris at long last. Viki is forced to admit to Jessica how Mitch faked his death and cannot be charged with any of the crimes he did in the past. Out of Cristian's earshot, Jen tells Marcie her plan to keep Cris tied to her side forever. Michael attempts to convince Natalie that Cris is leading her down the garden path. Keeping Mitch's true agenda secret, Viki tells Jessica she MUST leave Llanview at once. After Emily makes a lame excuse not to join her for Thanksgiving, Nora wonders why she has been avoiding her. Natalie's insistence on going through with the annulment causes a huge change in her husband's attitude. Desperate to have Seth take her daughter out of harm's way, Viki privately tells him about Mitch's connection to Jessica. Lindsay has an erotic dream about Troy. Michael grows violent when Natalie tries to leave.moreless
  • Ep. #8791
    Ep. #8791
    Episode 84
    Mitch informs a horrified Viki that she allowed him to take one of her newborn daughters. Emily urges her brother to stop torturing himself about Joanna but Troy feels certain Nora could never forgive him for driving his wife to such a tragic death. Lindsay gets her nose out of joint when Nora offers a grateful Sam her sympathies for his daughter's miscarriage. Jessica reminds Jen why she can empathize with her loss, then is angered yet shocked by Jens rudeness. Natalie and Cris decide not to make love until they've both tell Michael and Jen it's over. Mitch explains to Viki why he wanted his daughter to have it all while Clint's offspring grew up with a drunken slut (Roxy) for a mother. Jen bitterly blames Jessica for the way Al ruined her wedding, and informs her how she never should of told him about the wedding. When Viki vows to tell Natalie that her husband only married her for her money, Mitch once again threatens to reveal his true identity to Jessica. Cris informs Jen he no longer wants to marry her, while Natalie asks Michael for an annulment. Jessica finds one of the cult's old pamphlets and is alarmed to realize that her new brother-in-law, Michael is actually the hateful Mitch Lawrence.moreless
  • Ep. #8790
    Ep. #8790
    Episode 83
    Keri jumps to the wrong conclusion about her mother's refusal to make Llanview her new home. Lindsay accuses Nora of being responsible for Jen's miscarriage. Relieved that Natalie is unharmed following their car-crash, Cris tells her about his undying love for her. Viki prevents Mitch from revealing his identity to Jessica. After her daughter departs, Viki bitterly accuses Mitch of rape but he suggests she look within for the real answers to her questions. R.J. realizes that Hank and Liz are keeping a secret. Troy makes it clear to Lindsay that she will never succeed in destroying his love for Nora. Cris and Natalie share a passionate kiss while waiting for the tow-truck. Hank warns Liz she won't be able to hide the truth forever. As Mitch jogs Viki's memory about the night the Jess and Natalie were born, she's devastated when he reveals that she let him take Jessica from her arms.moreless
  • Ep. #8789
    Ep. #8789
    Episode 82
    Mitch informs Viki that he is indeed Jessica's father and has come back from the "dead" to claim his child. Al is devastated when Jen convinces him that he was definitely the cause of her miscarriage. Explaining that he has no intention of marrying Jen, Cris tells Natalie nothing stands in the way of their love now, but she reminds him that she is now a newlywed. Keri assures a concerned Antonio that she and the baby are doing fine. Mitch coaxes Viki to recall the night Jessica was conceived. After agreeing to seek an annulment from her marriage to "Michael," Natalie happily promises Cris she could never love anyone the way she loves him. Asa instructs Max to move to phase two of their plan. Jen forces Al to swear he'll never reveal the true paternity of the baby she lost. Viki is staggered to realize she had sex with Mitch while under the influence of his drugged tea. Later, Mitch explains how Natalie was fathered by Clint but Jessica was fathered by him.moreless
  • Ep. #8788
    Ep. #8788
    Episode 81
    Due to live coverage of the Florida Supreme Court proceedings, One Life did not air today.
  • Ep. #8787
    Ep. #8787
    Episode 80
    Troy tells Emily that Colin figured prominently in Joanna's death. Displaying her ring, Natalie describes to a stunned Viki how she and her new husband flew to Las Vegas and wed the night before. Meanwhile, out in the foyer, Michael drops a bombshell on Cris. Todd reminds Sam why he is a strong part of the blame for Blair's breakdown. Natalie admits to her mother that she married on the rebound but tells Viki to give Michael a fair chance. Revealing how Joanna tortured him with her endless flirtations, Troy admits to Emily how he tricked his wife into thinking she had made love to his twin then she ran out of the room, falling off the cliff they lived near to. As he moves his children back into the penthouse, Todd explains to Starr why things have changed for her mom. Cris encounters Natalie at the quarry. Blair is revealed to be completely sane and in residence at Todd's penthouse. Viki reels to see Natalie's new husband grinning Mitch(who she thought is good man Michael) waiting for her in Llanfair's library.moreless
  • Ep. #8786
    Ep. #8786
    Episode 79
    Cassie tries to get through to Blair, who is totally out of touch with reality. Sam asks Hank to issue an arrest warrant for Todd. As they return to Llanfair, Natalie thanks Michael for helping her get through the night. Cristian sidesteps Jen's questions about rescheduling their wedding. Later, Cris privately admits to Carlotta that he won't marry Jen now that the baby is gone. Jessica tells Viki she's feeling the first twinges of a twin connection with Natalie.moreless
  • Ep. #8785
    Ep. #8785
    Episode 78
    Nora sent Matthew off to school, and went to the Palace Hotel. Troy went back to his loft, where he received a visit from Lindsay. Lindsay noticed the letter in Troy's hand and congratulated him for getting it in time. She said it was to bad that she was having another copy of it delivered to Nora at the hotel at that moment! Meanwhile, back at the Palace, Nora received a letter from some delivery man, and then began to open it.moreless
  • Ep. #8784
    Ep. #8784
    Episode 77
    Jen gets rushed into the emergency room. Dr. Conklin tells her to open her eyes and Jen asks in her pain "What's happening? Is it the baby?" Gabrielle is setting up a appetizer tray, and turns on some music. She hears keys in the door and hurries into the other room. Bo arrives home and Gabrielle greets him with a beer in a frosted mug and is dressed sexy. He promises her no interruptions and turns off his cell phone. They start dancing and kissing when there is a knock on the door. Realizing the person isn't going to leave, he answers it. Roxanne is there and tells him it is a matter of life and death!moreless
  • Ep. #8783
    Ep. #8783
    Episode 76
    As Rev. Carpenter continues the ceremony, Cris says "I do" but before Jen can commit, she grabs her stomach, gasping in pain. She falls to the floor while someone runs to call 911. Viki arrives at the quarry and stoops to pick up the medal that was dropped by a gullible Natalie while then you see Michael and Natalie sitting on an airplane,as Michael says that their "off to do God's will."moreless
  • Ep. #8782
    Ep. #8782
    Episode 75
    Natalie mourns the wedding that is happening at the very moment they are speaking. Michael suggests that maybe she and Cristian were never meant to be. At first she resists, then admits that despite her mother's love, she wants the love of a man. Michael asks her to believe in his promises. She starts to come around even more to his way of thinking and, on the edge of tears, tells him, "You're all I have." Mitch tells her to forget all about Cristian. Natalie passionately kisses him. Al interrupts the wedding, once again in progress, shouting, "No!" He then says, "There's something I need to say."moreless
  • Ep. #8781
    Ep. #8781
    Episode 74
    Jen becomes aware of Natalie's presence at the wedding, as do the other guests, which brings a sudden halt to the ceremony. Cristian races after Natalie when she runs from the room. Jen catches up with Cristian and Natalie and fears Natalie has come to try and stop the wedding. Natalie apologizes for interrupting the ceremony and wishes Jen and Cristian a lifetime of happiness. A torn Cristian reluctantly returns with Jen to continue the ceremony.moreless
  • Ep. #8780
    Ep. #8780
    Episode 73
    Marcy calls Jen and tells her that Al went to her dorm room to talk with her. She says that Al wanted to know what the perfect wedding gift would be for Jen. Jen makes sure that Marcy didn't tell Al about the baby being his. Marcy says that she got Al out of her room as fast as she could. Since time is running out, Marcy hangs up with Jen and rushes out of her dorm room, without finding her dorm keys.moreless
  • Ep. #8779
    Ep. #8779
    Episode 72
    Max catches Al writing Marcie's name in an address book and teases him but figures that maybe she'll get him to face the facts. Roxy shows up looking for Max and Al takes off. She wants to let him know that Viki has dropped all of the charges and he can't get away from her. As Max warns her that they will never be together she grabs him and lays a kiss on him.moreless
  • Ep. #8778
    Ep. #8778
    Episode 71
    Rev. Michael Lazarus pays a visit to St. Ann's. As he is about to sign the register, he sees Viki's name listed as having been a visitor. Todd arrives moments later to see Addie again and also signs the register in his usual putout, haphazard way. Michael stays out of his sight and then glances down at his name on the register after Todd has left the entryway. He tells the nun receptionist that he is there to visit Allison.moreless
  • Ep. #8777
    Ep. #8777
    Episode 70
    Bo informs Blair that Tea and Ross were rescued from the island. Blair is surprised to learn Todd was telling the truth about being stranded on the island. Bo reluctantly informs Blair that Tea told him Todd risked his life by leaving the island to return to her and his children. Blair reaffirms her commitment to Sam but remains extremely conflicted about whether or not to press charges against Todd.moreless
  • Ep. #8776
    Ep. #8776
    Episode 69
    Liz is still at Rae's house when Antonio calls her and asks if she is sure the baby is not his. She tells him that this isn't a good time to talk and that she has to go. Keri arrives at Rae's house to meet Liz, but bumps into Hank. Hank says that there is something he needs to tell her about what he and Liz were discussing. As Hank begins to speak, Liz comes running out and interrupts them. Hank says that what he has to say can't wait, but then at the same moment Keri feels the baby move inside her.moreless
  • Ep. #8775
    Ep. #8775
    Episode 68
    Jen continues her evil plot to drive Natalie out of town. At St. Jude's, Jen convinces Carlotta that she doesn't blame her for spilling the beans about Natalie being in love with Cristian. Jen also tells Carlotta that Natalie has agreed to leave town, much to Cristian's surprise and dismay. Carlotta accuses Cristian of being more concerned with Natalie's feelings than Jen's.moreless
  • Ep. #8774
    Ep. #8774
    Episode 67
    Viki returns home while Natalie is visiting with Michael. Natalie greets her mother and admits she's had an awful day and thought about leaving. This upsets Viki but Nat makes it known that her new friend has talked her into staying and she wants them to meet. Bo stays behind to make arrangements with Roxy. She had no idea that both of the babies were Viki's, she tells him. Why does Viki hate her? Bo thinks maybe it's because Roxy is the only one still left alive to hate.moreless
  • Ep. #8773
    Ep. #8773
    Episode 66
    Roxy ravenously mauls Max on the couch, sending him cascading onto the floor in protest. Roxy tells Max that Luna has helped her, through the videotapes, to realize she should hang in there for their love. A desperate Max tells her to "hose herself down," and escapes from the Mill House. Lindsay's "package" is "delivered as instructed." At her gallery, she has a flashback of Troy's African amulet when they were together.moreless
  • Ep. #8772
    Ep. #8772
    Episode 65
    Cristian takes a swing at Al as Al continues to badmouth Natalie. Al then accuses Cristian of being in love with Natalie since he is defending her. Jen asks Natalie if she is in love with Cristian. Natalie cannot deny it, and admits to Jen she is in love with Cris. Lindsay rushes to comfort Jen.moreless
  • Ep. #8771
    Ep. #8771
    Episode 64
    Todd shows up at Llanfair and Jessica answers the door. He tells her that Jack should see his father, but Jessica says that Blair has a restraining order against him for a good reason. Todd then reminisces about last year when Jack was born, but still thinks that he is a good father.moreless
  • Ep. #8770
    Ep. #8770
    Episode 63
    Natalie is looking at a cake with "Congratulations Jen" on it. Rex walks in and asks how weird it was to find out that she and Jessica were twins. Jessica, who arrives just in time to hear his comment, wants to know who told him! The doorbell rings and Natalie goes to answer it. Rex explains how he found out and that he tried to talk to her earlier but she was sleeping. Jessica admits that she wasn't sleeping when he knocked on her door, she just didn't want to talk to him.moreless
  • Ep. #8769
    Ep. #8769
    Episode 62
    A jailed Roxy receives a visit from Natalie who wants to know why Roxy even kept her. The woman utters that no one wanted her or looked for her. She only hated Nat because she reminded her of all of the awful things her husband did. She's in an extremely upsetting position now though, she admits. Nat wonders if Roxy ever did anything good for her or anyone else. A waiting Nat takes Roxy's silence to mean no. Well then, there's not a person around who will ever do anything for Roxy, she retorts. Starr tells Jack that they will get to see daddy.moreless
  • Ep. #8768
    Ep. #8768
    Episode 61
    Blair races into Sam's office to tell him that Todd is back. Sam encourages her to relax because the restraining order is still in effect and she can have him arrested for even coming to her house. They joke about the deserted island story possibly being true as Blair quips to Sam that "Gilligan built himself a raft." But Sam brings the discussion to a serious tone and asks Blair how she felt when she saw Todd. Blair retorts that she hates Todd. But Sam wants a deeper answer. She recounts that she'd said she still loved Todd, but she can't have him in her life. Todd's latest manipulation of Starr has sealed her commitment. Sam kisses her passionately. Todd suddenly barges into Sam's office and witnesses their affection.moreless
  • Ep. #8767
    Ep. #8767
    Episode 60
    Jessica and Natalie are stunned to learn they are sisters. Viki is equally shocked over the fact she gave birth to twins. Bo begins an investigation to get answers for Viki. Jen is surprised to learn she is in her second trimester of pregnancy and begins to believe she is carrying Cristian's baby. Dr. Conklin's assistant, Marcie confesses to Jen that she changed the due date in Jen's file because she thought that is what Jen would want. Al believes Cristian is the father of Jen's baby. Troy panics when Lindsay accuses him of once being married. After making Troy squirm, Lindsay claims she confused him with Colin. Lindsay denies Sam's accusation that she ran Nora off the road the night Nora nearly drowned. Asa suggests Rae give him a divorce in order to make amends with Viki. Rae has no intention of divorcing Asa.moreless
  • Ep. #8766
    Ep. #8766
    Episode 59
    Al tells Jen that he thinks that she wants him out of her life because she is pregnant. Jen says that is a crazy idea and that if he doesn't leave she will call the police and tell them about the fire. He then tells her that she shouldn't be talking to the father of her baby like that. Jen tells Al that he is crazier than she thought and that he is stalking her. Al demands Jen to tell him the truth about who the father of her baby is. Jen persists in telling Al that she isn't pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #8765
    Ep. #8765
    Episode 58
    Blair walks into the family room, seeing Todd sitting on the couch. She starts stammering "I thought I would never see you again." Todd replies, "I hate to be the one to break the bad new to you Blair, I'm back." Blair states the obvious, "I can see your back." Todd is getting irritated because she isn't being as welcoming as he had imagined. He comments on how surprised he is the she doesn't have anything to say to him. Blair lets him know she does have something to say "Go to Hell!" She informs him that the divorce is final and wants to know what it is exactly he wants.moreless
  • Ep. #8764
    Ep. #8764
    Episode 57
    Todd and Starr make a plan and though she chases him away to put it into action, he sneaks into the house to listen in secret. Inside the house, Sam presents Blair with a bouquet of flowers as she promises not to mention Todd again. As they plan an evening together, Starr interrupts them with her request for her present for Jack's birthday. She wants a legal paper drawn up and signed by Blair that states she won't have Todd put into jail.moreless
  • Ep. #8763
    Ep. #8763
    Episode 56
    Seth confronts Jessica with the news that Roxanne is not her mother, and therefore, Rex cannot be her brother. But Seth was unable to find out who her parents are. Rex disputes his allegations. Jessica calls her supposed aunt in Michigan who confirms Seth's story. As the boys continue to argue, Jessica kicks Seth out, telling him it's not a competition between them, it's her life falling apart. Rex suggests that maybe Roxy isn't his mother either, but says it's likely wishful thinking on his part. Jessica can't believe that all of this is happening to her again and runs upstairs. Rex calls his aunt and thanks her for "not giving him away."moreless
  • Ep. #8762
    Ep. #8762
    Episode 55
    Starr leads Blair to the bushes where Todd is hiding. Blair is doubtful they will find anything, but Starr insists it is very important. Before Blair can see Todd hiding, Bo approaches them and tells Blair he needs to talk to her about Todd. Natalie goes to the diner and invites Carlotta to Jen's bridal shower. In disbelief, Carlotta wonders what kind of cruel joke Natalie is playing. Through the window, someone is watching.moreless
  • Ep. #8761
    Ep. #8761
    Episode 54
    Starr finds Todd hiding in the bushes in her backyard. Starr hugs him, but then kicks Todd and tells him that she hates him. Todd tells her that he is sorry and that he couldn't see her because he was stranded on an island. He shows Starr the picture of herself, Blair, and Jack and she finally believes him because the picture is all wrinkled and ripped. Starr tells him that he is in trouble for lying about baby Jack and that he must leave or else she is going to scream.moreless
  • Ep. #8760
    Ep. #8760
    Episode 53
    Natalie gets home and Jen calls her. Jen wants to start planning the bridal shower. After she agrees to meet with Jen, Natalie turns to see Jessica standing at the door. Jessica, staring at her, says "you phony bitch." They start arguing about Natalie's involvement with Cristian and Seth. Viki walks in just in time to hear Natalie tell Jessica "you have hated me ever since you found out I was Viki's daughter!" Viki tells them to stop. The girls welcome their mother home and listen when Viki lets them know that Niki is gone for good, and that Ben's condition is unchanged.moreless
  • Ep. #8759
    Ep. #8759
    Episode 52
    Todd pretends to have amnesia but later leaves the hospital and heads back to Llanview. Blair and Sam grow closer on their date, which they end up spending with Starr and Jack. Starr is happy to see Blair with Sam. Lindsay toys with Troy but doesn't reveal all that she knows. Troy destroys the painting and fears Lindsay may have discovered his secret. Liz and Antonio cover the real reason for their argument in front of Keri. Antonio is determined to tell Keri the truth about him and Liz. Jen uses Carlotta to pressure Cristian into setting a wedding date. Jen warns Lindsay not to interfere with her plans. Lindsay tells Jen she is looking forward to ruining Troy and Nora's happiness. Nora wishes Bo nothing but the best in his relationship with Gabrielle. Hank and Rae continue to spar at the engagement party. Gabrielle begs Al to stay away from Jen.moreless
  • Ep. #8758
    Ep. #8758
    Episode 51
    Liz tells Antonio that Keri is not carrying his baby. However, Liz and Antonio later get into an argument when he tells her that he's going to tell Keri the truth about their one-night stand. Their argument might be for nothing, because Keri walks in on their supposedly hush-hush conversation. In the meantime, Troy is overcome with panic when Lindsay shows off her "Joanna" painting. At the same time, Natalie pushes herself to let go of Chris. In addition, Jen warns Gabrielle to keep Al away from her. Speaking of Jen, she later tells Christian that she wants to get married ASAP. Elsewhere in Llanview, Starr begins to accept the fact that Blair is falling for another man other than Todd. Shortly after, Sam arrives to pick up Blair for their date. At the same time, Todd wakes up, but cannot remember anything. As proof that his memory is gone, Todd doesn't recognize a picture of Blair, Starr and Jack.moreless
  • Ep. #8757
    Ep. #8757
    Episode 50
    Jen forces her mother to keep her pregnancy a secret. In the meantime, Christian assures Natalie that he loves her more than anything. However, Jen adds insult to injury by asking Natalie to be her maid of honor. Elsewhere in Llanview, Troy is thrilled when the hospital awards him a grant. In addition, he tells Emily that he's glad he never told Nora about his previous marriage to Joanna. When Troy later informs Nora of his grant, she is ecstatic. While at Troy's celebration, Lindsay puts a damper on the party by telling the crowd that one of the paintings is called "Joanna" and it tells the story of a woman's betrayal by the man she loved. Across town, Antonio can't believe it when he finds out that Liz is Keri's mother. As a result, Liz tries to convince Antonio that what happened between them was just some freak coincidence. On the other hand, Antonio asks Liz if she is carrying his baby. At the same time, Bo and Gabrielle decide to commit to a relationship, just as Keri tells RJ that she's pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #8756
    Ep. #8756
    Episode 49
    Sam won't hear anything of Blair's claim that they can only be friends. As a result, he pulls her into a kiss, and Blair can't deny the passion. Meanwhile, Troy's nerves get the best of him when Lindsay brings up Africa. Later, Lindsay decides to use Troy's celebration at his clinic as a forum to get revenge on him and Nora. At the same time, Rex tells Jessica that she needs to go to Natalie's room, so she does, and upon her arrival, Jess spots Seth and Natalie in what looks like a very compromising position. The three of them get into an argument and Jessica ultimately decides to break up with Seth. However, Seth vows to find out what Rex is hiding. Meanwhile, Chris can't handle the pain he's putting Natalie through.moreless
  • Ep. #8755
    Ep. #8755
    Episode 48
    Liz can't believe it when she finds out that Keri is pregnant, and Carlotta is surprised when Antonio tells her that he has yet to meet Liz. Shortly after, Antonio goes to Liz's hotel room. At the same time, Max questions RJ about his real feelings for Liz. Meanwhile, Sam tries to make Blair see that they feel more than friendship for one another. However, Blair tells Sam that he deserves a better woman. As a result, Sam decides to prove that Blair's statement is inaccurate, and kisses her. Elsewhere in Llanview, a close moment between Hank and Rae later turns into a full-fledged argument. Stemming from the events, Asa realizes that his plan has failed. In the meantime, Lindsay plays games with Troy and Nora, but stops short of telling them that she knows all about Troy's former wife. However, Lindsay does manage to slip a little hint to Troy when she mentions Africa.moreless
  • Ep. #8754
    Ep. #8754
    Episode 47
    Troy's clinic is in danger of being shut down, but unbeknownst to Troy, Nora works her magic to prevent that from happening. In the meantime, Lindsay informs Sam that Jen is pregnant, but she doesn't divulge any further information. Later, Lindsay runs into Troy and Nora at the Palace and confronts them. Speaking of the Palace, Bo and Gabrielle also turn up there on their first date out in public. Unfortunately for Asa, he tries to ruin their date, but he fails at his attempt. Elsewhere in town, Al makes a romantic remark to Jen in front of Christian, but Jen covers. Shortly after, Al is devastated when Jen tells him that she and Chris are going to become husband and wife. However, Jen stops Christian short of telling Al that she's pregnant. Meanwhile, Seth sees Natalie in her seductive-looking attire, and tries to convince her to change before she goes out looking like that. Seth's concern forces Natalie to break down in his arms, and he finally begins to realize that Cristian caused Natalie's heartbreak. Later, Seth takes Natalie to her room, and they both fall asleep on the bed. However, Rex walks in and sees Natalie and Seth together in bed with their clothes on.moreless
  • Ep. #8753
    Ep. #8753
    Episode 46
    Seth moves forward with his plan to find out all of Rex's secrets, but before he can do so, Jessica confronts him about his actions. However, unbeknownst to Jess, Rex is happy with the fact that Jessica and Seth are at odds. Meanwhile, Asa is up to his old tricks when he convinces Hank to accompany him to the wine cellar. At the same time, Nigel and Rae head down to the wine cellar. Moments later, Asa and Nigel lock Hank and Rae in the wine cellar together. Elsewhere in town, Lindsay uses all her might to stop herself from spilling the truth to Christian about Jen's lies. Lindsay really bites her tongue when Christian tells her that he's going to marry Jen. As a result, Lindsay pleads with Jen to reconsider her decision, but Jen tells her mom that she has to promise not to tell anyone about her being pregnant with Al's baby. In the meantime, Al, not Natalie, is the one to pull away from their kiss. Later, Natalie breaks down in front of Bo, but when he leaves, she slips into a sexy dress. At the same time, Max tells Al that he is obsessed with Jen. Shortly thereafter, Al pays Jen a visit, but Christian overhears Al talk about the fact that he and Jen made love.moreless
  • Ep. #8752
    Ep. #8752
    Episode 45
    Hoping to make Jessica see Seth for what he really is, Rex schemes to make sure that she learns the truth about him. Meanwhile, Roxy watches Luna's videotape and takes note of her demeanor and presence in order to help Max help Al. Later, Roxy feels good when Max responds well to her advice. Elsewhere in Llanview, Asa prides himself on finally figuring out a way to get of Rae, but unbeknownst to Asa, Rae has a surprise up her sleeve for him. As a result, Asa has to think on his feet, and decides to get in touch with Hank. In the meantime, Christian informs Natalie that he is obligated to marry Jen. Chris and Natalie have a heartbreaking goodbye, but before Chris leaves, he gives Natalie his St. Christopher's medal. Shortly thereafter, Al tells Natalie that she is in love with Christian. As a result, Natalie kisses Al in order to prove that she's not in love with Cristian. Across the way, Lindsay listens in as Max accuses Jen of using Al. Lindsay decides to confront her daughter, and Jen finally admits that she became pregnant on purpose with Al's kid in order to get back at Cristian, Natalie and Al.moreless
  • Ep. #8751
    Ep. #8751
    Episode 44
    Jen plays the guilt card in order to push Natalie out of her life and away from Christian. However, Christian defends Natalie to his mom, but Carlotta tells her son that she's sure he'll step up to the plate and do the right thing by marrying Jen. Speaking of love and marriage, Max takes a trip down memory lane by remembering the special times he shared with Luna. Later, Max realizes that Jen has been manipulating Al's feelings. As a result, Max confronts Jen. In the meantime, Roxy makes a trip to see a psychic in an attempt to contact Luna's spirit from beyond the grave. Surprisingly, Roxy reaches Luna, and later Roxy returns home to find a videotape that Luna has just made for Max. Elsewhere in Llanview, Liz pretends to be ill and therefore disappears to the bathroom when Keri decides she wants to introduce Liz to Antonio. Liz panics and decides to dash out of the restaurant and back to her hotel room. Later, Liz is beside herself when Keri tells her that she is now pregnant with Liz's baby.moreless
  • Ep. #8750
    Ep. #8750
    Episode 43
    Antonio has no problem with Keri's decision to carry Liz's baby to term. Speaking of Liz, she admits to RJ that she was the one—and not Hank—for keeping Keri out of RJ's life. Later, Liz can't believe her eyes when she witnesses Keri in Antonio's arms. At the quarry, Christian tries to tell Natalie that the last thing he wants to do is marry Jen. Christian tries to prove his point by declaring his love to Natalie, but Natalie stops Cristian from kissing her passionately. In response, Natalie tells Cris that there is no way they can have a relationship if Jen is pregnant. Speaking of Jen, she manipulates Carlotta into confronting Christian. However, Christian tells his mom that Natalie is the girl who he really loves. In similar matters, Roxy seeks Blair's help in order to find out which wife Max loved most. Blair guesses that Luna was Max's true love. Meanwhile, Al tells Max that he and Jen recently made love.moreless
  • Ep. #8749
    Ep. #8749
    Episode 42
    Upon running into each other, RJ and Liz immediately get into an argument. In the midst of their heated discussion, Liz tells RJ that she was once in love with him. Afterwards, RJ follows Liz, but he finds her in Hank's arms. Meanwhile, Keri tells Antonio that she might be pregnant. At the same time, Bo tells Gabrielle that he has never been ashamed of their relationship. Hoping to convince Gabrielle that he means what he says, Bo takes a bullhorn and uses it to publicly declare his love for her. In the meantime, Christian prepares to tell Jen about his feelings for Natalie, but before he can do so, Jen cuts him off. Later, Jen brainstorms and realizes that Carlotta might be the only person to convince Cristian to marry her. In her attempt to do so, Jen "accidentally" spills the beans about her pregnancy to Carlotta. In addition, Natalie tells Al that Jen and Christian are in love. Shortly thereafter, Chris finds a heartbroken Natalie at the quarry.moreless
  • Ep. #8748
    Ep. #8748
    Episode 41
    Hank is bummed when he finds out that Rae married Asa out of convenience. Later, Nigel tells Asa that Rae might have romantic feelings for Hank. Speaking of which, Gabrielle can't hide her disappointment when Bo doesn't tell Hank that his relationship with Gabrielle is now more than ‘just friends.' Meanwhile, Christian grows angry with Jen because of her decision to blurt out that they are getting married. In response, Jen pretends that she is hurt by Christian's comments and demands that he tell her if he will eventually propose. At the same time, Natalie flees after Chris tells her that Jen is pregnant with his baby. Shortly thereafter, Al finds Natalie alone while looking for Jen. Elsewhere in town, Liz and Antonio can't believe their eyes when they run into each other, but they both decide to keep their identities a secret. Even though they don't regret the one night alone they spent together, Liz and Antonio make peace with the fact that they will never see each other again. Meanwhile, Keri tells RJ that Liz doesn't want to see him. However, Liz and RJ later meet up.moreless
  • Ep. #8747
    Ep. #8747
    Episode 40
    Keri remains confident that Antonio will support her decision to be a surrogate mother to Liz. Speaking of Antonio, he receives a call from RJ, who offers a truce. Later, Liz and Antonio meet up with each other for the first time. Elsewhere in Llanview, Christian is shocked, and suffice it to say—Jen is thrilled—when Jen's doctor confirms her pregnancy. Meanwhile, Natalie runs into Roxy, who makes Natalie doubt her relationship with Christian. Later, Cristian tracks down Natalie at Llanfair and tells her that he still loves her. Moments after, Jen arrives and tells Natalie that she and Chris are getting married. At the same time, Hank surprises Rae by mentioning that they could be more than "just friends." However, Hank is the one in for a shock when he later overhears Rae mention her husband.moreless
  • Ep. #8746
    Ep. #8746
    Episode 39
    Liz tells Keri that she is willing to risk her life in order to carry her baby to term. Keri then offers to be a surrogate mother, and Liz accepts. Meanwhile, Antonio tells Bo that he had a one-night stand, and Bo agrees not to tell anyone. Later, Antonio is admitted back on the police force. Elsewhere in town, Chris is speechless when Jen tells him that she's pregnant with his baby. As a result, Chris tells Jen that they are going straight to the hospital for an official pregnancy test. Meanwhile, Jessica tells Natalie that it's not in her best interest to fall for someone who is already in love with someone else. At the same time, Rex interrogates Roxy about the baby that she stole years earlier, and ultimately threatens to tell Jess that Roxy isn't her real mother. Speaking of Rex, he also instructs Roxy to bring an end to Seth's conversations with Aunt Corrine. However, Seth wises up to Roxy's lies and decides to stop at nothing to get answers out of Corinne.moreless
  • Ep. #8745
    Ep. #8745
    Episode 38
    Jessica asks Seth why he is going to Michigan, but Seth avoids giving her a straight answer. Jessica does admit that if there's one good thing to come out from discovering that Roxy is her mom, it's that Rex is her brother. Speaking of Rex, he threatens to reveal that Roxy stole Jessica before Allison even made the baby switch unless Roxy helps him ruin Seth's plan. Meanwhile, Jen becomes violent after witnessing Natalie and Chris being all mushy with each other. Chris still believes Jen doesn't know what's going on, so he decides to confess all to her later that night. As a result, Natalie promises to wait for Christian. However, before Chris can tell Jen the truth, she lies and tells him that she's pregnant. Elsewhere in Llanview, Antonio tells RJ that nothing will ever keep him apart from Keri. At the same time, Keri is stunned by the thought that Liz might be expecting. Because of Liz's heart condition, Keri tells Liz that she might have to end her pregnancy if a surrogate mother can't be found. However, Keri later understands why it is so important for Liz to have a baby.moreless
  • Ep. #8744
    Ep. #8744
    Episode 37
    Once again, Antonio and Liz almost run into each other. Later, Keri listens in as Liz talks about a surrogate mother. At the dance, Chris and Natalie admit that they both love each other, and they have a romantic kiss. Unbeknownst to them, an angry Jen listens from afar. Meanwhile, Rex decides to return some of Jessica's money in an attempt to throw Seth off his track. Regardless, Seth decides not to give up on uncovering Rex's lies. Speaking of Rex, he seeks out Roxy's help. In the meantime, Bo tells Al how Gabrielle tried to protect his best interest. Later, Bo outlines Al's punishment and offers him an "unofficial plea bargain." At the same time, Roxy tries to make herself more like Gabrielle and Blair so that Max might actually like her. When Max's witnesses Roxy's attempt, he can't help but laugh. As a result, Max does admit that he loved one of his wives.moreless
  • Ep. #8743
    Ep. #8743
    Episode 36
    Troy tells Nora that she is the reason he wants to move forward with his life. In Africa, Lindsay discovers that Joanna is dead, but she's stunned when she finds out how Joanna died. Back on the island, Tea still decides not to accompany Todd back to Llanview. As a goodbye gift, Tea gives Todd a picture of him and Blair and the kids. Shortly thereafter, Todd says adios and leaves. In Llanview, Blair admits to Sam that she indeed still loves Todd, but can't get over his destructive past. As a result, Blair signs the divorce papers. Meanwhile, Jen is upset to discover that she's not pregnant. At the dance, Natalie can't bear to watch Cris and Jen together, but Cris later follows Natalie when she runs out. As a result, Natalie tells Cris that she is falling in love with him. In addition, Rex continues to scam Jess out of money, but he later panics when he learns that Seth is going to go to Michigan in order to investigate his past.moreless
  • Ep. #8742
    Ep. #8742
    Episode 35
    Téa wonders what the real reason is behind Todd's urge to leave the island. As a result, she decides not to accompany him. Unfortunately for Téa, Todd also admits that he still loves Blair. Back in Llanview, Blair won't admit to Sam that she is still in love with Todd, but that doesn't stop her from remembering the good times they shared. Once Sam leaves, Blair notices Jack's strong resemblance to Todd and realizes that she is still in love with him. At the same time, Nora returns from Chicago, and Troy and her reunite and make love. Later, Troy informs Nora that he has decided to leave his artwork in the past where it belongs. In Africa, Lindsay comes across a man who promises to give her the scoop on Troy and Joanna. Antonio and Liz almost run into each other, but Liz leaves before Antonio arrives. Speaking of Antonio, he and Kari share a happy reunion. He also tells Keri about the woman he met, just as Liz is telling the same story to Rachel.moreless
  • Ep. #8741
    Ep. #8741
    Episode 34
    Antonio and Keri speak on the phone. Later, Antonio arrives at Liz's home to reunite with Keri. Somewhere in the South Pacific, Tea questions Todd about his lingering feelings for Blair and asks if he is still in love with her. Meantime, Sam can't help but wonder why Blair got involved with Todd in the first place. When Sam asks her if she is still in love with Todd, Blair is thrown for a loop. Across town, Bo and Gabrielle enjoy the aftermath of their lovemaking. Soon, they decide it will be okay to announce to the rest of town that they are indeed a couple. In the meantime, Al steals his duffel bag from the garret. Shortly after, he gets a call from Bo and fears that Gabrielle turned him in! At the same time, Jessica says that she will be the co-signer of Rex's credit application. He can barely contain his delight. Later, Rex tells Roxy that he is not going to make the same mistakes that she did. Shortly after, Seth questions Roxy about Rex.moreless
  • Ep. #8740
    Ep. #8740
    Episode 33
    Keri and her mom, who's name is Liz, as we just learned, share a heart-felt and emotional reunion. Liz shares with her daughter that a man from Llanview helped her cope with her pain. In the meantime, Antonio confides in Christian that he slept with the mystery woman who would not tell him her name. Antonio is determined to build a future with Keri. Across town, Bo questions Gabrielle, who claims that she set the fire. However, Bo does not buy into Gabrielle's admission. She fears that he hates her for what she has done, but passionately pleads her case that she would do just about anything to protect Al. In a romantic turn of events, Bo surprises Gabrielle by pulling her into a passionate kiss. While at the same time, Tea determines that Todd was looking at the torn photograph of Blair. Shortly thereafter, Todd believes that he will be the one to sabotage his relationship with Tea. Speaking of Blair, she is in no mood, and Sam questions her on her sour puss. He finds the divorce papers and agrees to stay with her, but Blair turns him down.moreless
  • Ep. #8739
    Ep. #8739
    Episode 32
    Rae mistakenly prevents Antonio from finding Keri. However, he does come upon and read Keri's love letter and later shares with Cristian about the mystery woman who gave him the strength to find his way back to Keri! Meanwhile, Keri arrives at her mother's home in Chicago. Lo and behold, her mother is none other than the mystery woman who shared Antonio's bed! In the meantime, Rae stops Asa from fleeing the country but ultimately allows him to leave for a two-week period with the warning that he is being watched. Rae declares that if Asa does not return within the allotted time, he will be tracked down and sent to prison! Across Llanview, Jen is greatly relieved when Al backs off from telling Cristian about her and Al making love. Later, however, Jen buys a home pregnancy test. In the meantime, Gabrielle steals the paint thinner from Al's closet and throws it in the river in an effort to protect her son. Then, Roxy alerts Bo to Gabrielle's strange behavior. Al soon realizes that Gabrielle stole the paint thinner from his closet. Bo tells Gabrielle that he knows what she did.moreless
  • Ep. #8738
    Ep. #8738
    Episode 31
    Bo tells Gabrielle that a nautical paint thinner was used to set the fire at Sam's. After getting past Roxy, Gabrielle finds a can of paint thinner in Al's closet. Later, Roxy tells Bo that Gabrielle is at the Millhouse acting a bit odd. Al gets angered after Jen makes it clear that she no longer wants him in her life. Instead, she openly declares her love for Cristian, and tells Al that he is not the man for her. Shortly thereafter, a scheming Jen explains that she just misunderstood the circumstances surrounding the relationship of Cristian and Natalie. However, Al makes it clear that he will tell Cristian that he and Jen spent a night of passion together. Speaking of Cristian, he tells Antonio that Keri is still in love with him. Antonio goes in search of Keri, but RJ points Antonio in the wrong direction. Meanwhile, Keri plans to go to Chicago on a whim, but writes Antonio a note to explain her actions. On the other side of Llanview, Mollie admits to Seth that Rex used her to make Shawna jealous. It's not long before Seth confronts Rex, who throws Seth's past discretions into his face. Later, Shawna notices Rex watching Jessica.moreless
  • Ep. #8737
    Ep. #8737
    Episode 30
    At the airport, Lindsay buys a ticket to Africa, as Troy watches her from afar. Meanwhile, after a night of romance, Antonio and the woman from the dinner feel a sense of renewed purpose. Therefore, Antonio realizes that he still loves Keri, and decides to return to Llanview. Back in town, Keri can't wait to see Antonio again. At the same time, Bo tells RJ that Keri will eventually realize what Antonio's done to her. Also, Bo tells Gabrielle that he has no information stemming from the fire in Jen's room. Speaking of Jen, she narrowly escapes a huge blowup with Chris by explaining her phone call to Al. However, Al is dumbfounded when Jen says that she and Chris are still an item. As a result, Jen forces Al to steer clear of her and Chris. Meanwhile, Rex tells Natalie that he told Chris she went on a date. Natalie feels that she can no longer live in the past, so she decides to go on a date with Chad. Then, Chris tells Chad not to hurt Natalie or he will be sorry ever to have met him. After that, Chad tells Natalie that he's got good reason to believe Chris does have feelings for her.moreless
  • Ep. #8736
    Ep. #8736
    Episode 29
    The woman at the diner breaks down in front of Antonio when she explains that she was just in Africa scattering her dead husband's ashes. As a result, the woman tries to help Antonio deal with his grief. Apparently she works her magic, because they kiss and later begin to make love. In the meantime, Chris stops Natalie from leaving his place, and they agree to talk. In the process, they realize that Jen most likely doesn't know the truth. Speaking of Jen, she starts playing mind games with Al, but Chris overhears her telling Al that she misses him. At the same time, Jessica tells Rex not to get involved with Shawna. Afterwards, Rex observes as Jessica and Seth become quite romantic. As a result, Rex is not in a good mood after making love with Shawna. In other news, Renee ponders the real reason behind Asa and Rae's quick marriage. Meanwhile, Rae is hurt by Asa's harsh comments.moreless
  • Ep. #8735
    Ep. #8735
    Episode 28
    Troy gives Lindsay a stern warning to steer clear of him and Nora. Regardless, Lindsay continues to snoop into Troy's past and finds out that he worked at a hospital in Africa. As a result, Lindsay decides to go to great lengths to find Troy's secret wife. At the same time, Antonio and the woman at the diner have an encounter, but this time Antonio learns that the woman just returned from Africa. Meanwhile, in an attempt to get pregnant, Jen seduces Al again, and the two make love. However, Jen is later stunned when Al admits that he told Natalie that Jen knows the truth about her and Chris. At the same time, Rex keeps lying to Chris in order to keep him and Natalie apart. Shortly after, Natalie and Chris accidentally run into each other, but the lines of communication are so crossed, neither understands where the other one is coming from. Later, Chris finds Natalie in tears outside of his door. In other news, Jessica defends Seth in front of Rex, while Rex watches from afar as Jess and Seth kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #8734
    Ep. #8734
    Episode 27
    Keri remains determined to find Antonio. Speaking of the missing man, Antonio is seen at a diner with a woman, but he later loses his cool with her when he has flashbacks of Ben's shooting. At the same time, Al and Jen make love, but Al is later dumbfounded when Jen tells him that it was wrong. Meanwhile, Lindsay's suspicions regarding Troy prove to be true. Speaking of Lindsay, she shares an emotional reunion with Jen. In the process, Troy finds Lindsay outside of his building. In the meantime, Jen does some investigating on the subject of fertility. Also, Keri tells Chris that he needs to talk to Natalie. However, Rex accidentally lies and tells Chris that Natalie is out on a date. As a result, Al tells Natalie that Jen knows what's really going on with her and Chris.moreless
  • Ep. #8733
    Ep. #8733
    Episode 26
    Tea realizes for the first time that her actions hurt Ross. Regardless, Todd and Tea later kiss while going for a skinny-dip in the ocean. Back in Llanview, Blair and Chad decide to keep a professional working relationship. Later, Blair and Starr have a talk, and Blair tells Starr that she's not going to replace Todd. In the middle of their talk, Blair receives divorce papers. Meanwhile, Troy and Nora decide to never let Lindsay get to them again. However, Lindsay finds out that Troy was once before married. Elsewhere in town, Jen can't stand the thought of Chris and Natalie being together. As a result, Jen forgives a relieved Al, and Al is later stunned when Jen asks him to make love to her. At the same time, Chris tries to tell Natalie his feelings, but Keri interrupts the moment. Shortly thereafter, Chris tells Keri that he's falling in love with Natalie, while Keri admits the same thing to Rex. In addition, Seth presents Jessica with a token of his love and affection.moreless
  • Ep. #8732
    Ep. #8732
    Episode 25
    Blair can't believe her ears when she finds out what happened to Ben. In response, she offers to help Sam deal with his grief. In turn, Chad comforts Blair. In the meantime, Todd accepts Tea's admission of love for him, and tells her that he does trust. Elsewhere in town, Lindsay can't control her excitement when the governor of Pennsylvania tells her that she has received a pardon for saving Mollie's life. Later, RJ and Lindsay decide to never tell anyone about their roles in the prison escape. As a result, Lindsay decides to change her life for the better. At the same time, Nora and Troy can't contain their love and lust for one another. Later, Lindsay and Troy run into each other at the hospital. At Crossroads, Viki is overcome by a vision of Ben. The two share one last moment together before their lives take separate roads. Across the way, Roxy makes it a point to get Max to fall in love with her.moreless
  • Ep. #8731
    Ep. #8731
    Episode 24
  • Ep. #8730
    Ep. #8730
    Episode 23
    Jen asks Al if he was the one who set fire to her room. Al admits his actions, but he tries to explain that everything he did was out of love for Jen. Meanwhile, Max's plan to divorce Roxy on grounds of abandonment fail to translate in court. As a result, Roxy is awarded all of Max's assets. Max's devastation is eased only a tad when Roxy says that she'd rather stay married than accept his money. At the same time, Rae torments Asa in the early stages of their marriage. Meanwhile, Antonio can't stop himself from feeling guilt, but Bo suspend him anyway. Antonio decides that the best thing may be for him to leave town. In the meantime, Jessica and Natalie reunite with Viki, and Natalie is brought to tears by Viki's heartfelt apology. On a sad note, Viki must say a final goodbye to Ben, who is taken to Switzerland. Ben's family surrounds him since it is obvious that Ben will never recover. At the same time, Renee tells Viki the devastating truth about Rae's past.moreless
  • Ep. #8729
    Ep. #8729
    Episode 22
    RJ catches on to Roxie's scheme and prevents her from calling the police by telling her Max's plan to get her drunk and have her sleep it off while he goes to divorce court. Meanwhile, Gabrielle and Max come face to face, but Gabrielle protects Al in his father's presence only for the meantime. And back at her dad's house Jen realizes that he might have been the one that set the fire. At the Hospital, Ben and Viki finally reunite, but it's extremely short because Ben is going into a coma. Still at Viki's cabin, Lindsay tries to convince Bo that she is innocent, but he still sends her back to Statesville prison. In addition, Allison is sent to St. Anne's where she is placed in custody.moreless
  • Ep. #8728
    Ep. #8728
    Episode 21
    As part of his scheme to divorce Roxy, Max takes his wife to Capricorn and gets RJ to help him with his plan. However, Roxy remembers seeing Allison and RJ together, so she decides to call the cops. Meanwhile, Antonio accidentally shoots Ben, and Ben's life hangs in the balance but, the situation causes Viki to completely let go of her "Niki" personality. However, Viki is devastated when Antonio brings her up to date on what has happened. Surprisingly though, Viki says that they are both to blame for Ben's condition. Up at Viki's cabin, Bo tells Lindsay that she won't be getting off the hook anytime soon. Meanwhile, Gabrielle forces Al to admit that he was the one responsible for setting Jen's room on fire. Elsewhere in town, Asa's announcement that he is going to marry Rae shocks Renee. Regardless, Andrew officiates in Rae and Asa's wedding ceremony, and the new couple vows to make each other's life miserable.moreless
  • Ep. #8727
    Ep. #8727
    Episode 20
    Rae throws Asa for a loop by blackmailing him into marrying her. Shortly after, Renee arrives for her date with Asa, but is shocked to find Andrew officiating at Asa and Rae's wedding ceremony. Meanwhile, Jessica explains to Al that she has reason to believe Niki started the fire. Unbeknownst to Jess and Al, Gabrielle overhears, and later decides to ask Al if he was the one to actually set the house ablaze. At the same time, Max fakes a sigh of relief when he discovers that Roxy is alive. Elsewhere in Llanview, Allison continues to make Viki and Lindsay's lives a living hell. Unfortunately, Molly arrives at the cabin, and Allison also takes her hostage. Moments later, Bo, Ben and Antonio get close to barging in. Inside the cabin, Lindsay makes a break for Allison's gun, while Viki attempts to escape. In the heat of the moment, Antonio pulls the trigger on his gun and someone is shot, but it does not show who yet. Across the Pacific, Todd tells Tea that he's not using her as means to get revenge on Blair.moreless
  • Ep. #8726
    Ep. #8726
    Episode 19
  • Ep. #8725
    Ep. #8725
    Episode 18
    Over dinner, Jen amuses herself by giving Natalie grief about Chris. Speaking of relationships, Carlotta tries to get Keri to work things out with Antonio. Then Antonio and RJ appear on the verge of a violent fistfight. Later, Keri goes to see RJ, but is shocked when she sees his injuries. RJ tells his daughter that Antonio attacked him. Meanwhile, Allison continues to point the gun at Lindsay, resulting in Lindsay being pegged to drive the getaway car. Allison continues to lose all sense of reality when she hears Ben reaching out to Viki over the radio. While the situation continues to unfold, Bo comes to the realization that Allison and Lindsay were previously at Rae's house. Elsewhere in town, Blair tries to convince Sam that her relationship with Chad is purely professional. Later, Blair and Sam get caught up in the moment and kiss. However, when Sam leaves, he goes to see Chad and tells him that Blair has decided Chad shouldn't be working at The Sun anymore.moreless
  • Ep. #8724
    Ep. #8724
    Episode 17
    Thousands of miles away in the ocean, Tea convinces Todd to accompany her back to shore, where she finally admits her love for him. At the same time, Ross comes to the conclusion that Tea will never be his. Meanwhile, Tea is delighted when Todd admits he has feelings for her as well. Back in Llanview, a heartbroken Keri feels no choice but to break off her engagement to Antonio. Later, Keri seeks solace in RJ's arms, but all RJ can feel is deep guilt. Meanwhile, Jen tells Al that she wants to ruin whatever Chris and Natalie have together. Therefore, she puts her plan into action by inviting Natalie over to dinner. However, Chris gets called away, but Jen won't let Natalie leave. Back at Rae's, Viki and Allison's lives are spared when the gun misses hitting both of them. Lindsay hears the gun go off, and calls RJ out of fear, but RJ refuses to help her. Back inside, Allison threatens Lindsay, but as they prepare to drive away, Lindsay realizes that Viki is being held captive in the trunk of the car.moreless
  • Ep. #8723
    Ep. #8723
    Episode 16
    Somewhere in the Pacific, Todd misinterprets a moment between Tea and Ross, and therefore decides to steal the raft and leave the island. Blair tries to comfort Starr by telling her that she would never do anything to keep her apart from her dad. Meanwhile, Christian and Carlotta offer a truce to RJ, but RJ feels guilty and decides not to accept their offer. At the same time, RJ's involvement in Keri and Antonio's lives continue to cause tension. As a result, Keri gives her engagement ring back to Antonio. Over at Rae's place, Allison grabs for the gun when Niki attacks her. Niki then tries to get the gun from Allison, but a shot is fired in the midst of their fight. At the same time, Roxy's safety actually concerns Max for once, but he resorts to his old ways when he calls Nora and tells her to accelerate the divorce proceedings. Meanwhile, Rex watches from afar as Chad comforts Jessica.moreless
  • Ep. #8722
    Ep. #8722
    Episode 15
    Up in the cabin, Nora wakes Troy up from his nightmare. In the aftermath, Troy tells Nora that he will always look out for her, but in a private moment, Troy has trouble letting go of his past. At the same time, Jessica goes up to Viki's attic and finds Starr.moreless
  • Ep. #8721
    Ep. #8721
    Episode 14
    Lindsay and Rae get a lucky break when Rae doesn't spot them in her house. Unfortunately for Lindsay, her relief turns to anger when she sees a picture of Troy and Nora together. Speaking of them , their trip to the cabin is anything but happy. Later, Troy and Nora manage to make love, but their passionate moment is ruined when Troy has a nightmare of Joanna. Back in Llanview, Rae shows that she can match up to Asa by telling him her plans to write a book divulging all of his secrets. Asa can't do anything but laugh at Rae's ridiculous comments, but he later grows quite serious when Rae plays the tape of him confessing everything. In Hawaii, Tea blows up at Todd for all the mistakes he's ever made. In addition, she makes him help her build a raft. In the process, Tea realizes how strong her feelings for Todd actually are. Back in Llanview, Christian feels nothing but guilt when Jen continues to remind him of their love. Later, Al ponders the real reason behind Jen's willingness to be friends with Natalie. At the same time, Al receives a personal victory when he succeeds at getting Bo to investigate other leads.moreless
  • Ep. #8720
    Ep. #8720
    Episode 13
    Tea's plan to make Todd jealous by spending time with Ross finally uncovers when Ross figures it out. However, Ross tells a surprised Tea that he understands her intention and doesn't object. Speaking of Todd, he can't get Tea out of his mind, and he later decides to come clean with her.moreless
  • Ep. #8719
    Ep. #8719
    Episode 12
    Lindsay grows doubtful of Allison, and in the process, ends up making plans for them to go to Canada. Later, Allison gives Lindsay a stern warning not to go down into the basement. Down in Rae's basement, Roxy causes more harm than good when she knocks herself out while trying to escape. On the other side of town, Jen continues to listen as Natalie tells Christian that she will never spill the beans about what they almost did. Jen is obviously extremely upset by what she hears. Later, Chris tracks down Jen, but Jen tries not to let on as to the real reason why she's so upset. Meanwhile, Sam goes over to Rae's house. Down at the Police Station, Antonio remains doubtful of Keri, prompting Keri to run out on him. She also explains that she can't get married to someone who doesn't fully trust her. At the same time, RJ and Bo face off and RJ decides not to let Bo take control of the situation. In the meantime, Rae's hopes at starting out new seem grim when she watches as Asa disses her on TV. In response, Rae vows to get revenge.moreless
  • Ep. #8718
    Ep. #8718
    Episode 11
    Troy asks his sister, Emily, to accompany him when he takes Nora away from harms way. Unfortunately for Troy, Emily says no, and states that Troy's willingness to protect Nora might stem from his inability to save his old wife, Joanna. Meanwhile, Bo presents RJ with new evidence, but RJ remains extremely disturbed. At the same time, Keri opens up to Nora before going to the police station and finding Antonio still investigating RJ. Speaking of Antonio, he receives a visit from Cristian, who tells his brother that he has feelings for Natalie and at the same time Natalie tells Rex she has feelings for Chris! In addition, he also admits that he and Natalie almost slept together. At the same time, Jen receives a huge blow when she overhears Natalie and Chris talking about how Jen will never find out that they almost had sex. But even before that happened Jessica tracks down Natalie and apologizes to her. Elsewhere around town, Roxy discovers Viki's body in the trunk.moreless
  • Ep. #8716
    Ep. #8716
    Episode 10
    Allison tries to throw herself at Ben, but he rejects her . Shortly after, Allison leaves, but Ben collapses. Thankfully, Jessica and Seth arrive and find Ben. At the same time, Allison vows not to give up her plan to kill Roxy. Speaking of Roxy, she tries to give herself more time to get the money by telling Allison that there is money at her house that she won. Across town, Niki tries to convince Natalie that she is really Viki, but Natalie doesn't fall for her lies and slaps her, after knocking her out Natalie dashes off in hopes of finding Viki help.moreless
  • Ep. #8715
    Ep. #8715
    Episode 9
    Antonio accuses RJ of being part of the prison break, but RJ denies any involvement. Later, Keri tells Antonio she was with RJ. Across town, Natalie compromises herself for Cristian's sake. In response, Jen looks at Chris in a new, and more positive way. Shortly after, Chris arrives, but Natalie stops him from telling Jen the truth before leaving to be alone. Speaking of Jen, Allison stops Lindsay from going to see her daughter. Moments later, Lindsay disguises herself to go to the hospital. Upon her arrival, she sees Nora and Troy kissing. Meanwhile, Ben witnesses Viki's transformation into Niki but before he can confront her, she hits him over the head and dashes off. Soon afterwards, Bo arrives and finds Ben. Niki continues to run away, but Ben sends Bo after her. While Bo ponders his course of action, Viki and Natalie meet up at Roxy's house in Atlantic city. At the same time, Ben watches as Allison sneaks into Llanfair.moreless
  • Ep. #8714
    Ep. #8714
    Episode 8
    Todd and Tea continue their passionate kiss, but are shocked when Ross shows up. Unfortunately, Todd lets his jealousy get in the way and refuses to work together with them. Meanwhile, Cristian continues to try and explain things to Jen, but she has trouble processing what he's telling her. Later, Chris goes to the police station, while Natalie talks to Jen. At the same time, Lindsay is stunned to hear a news report indicating that Jen had been injured in a fire. She also goes to find Allison and arrives just in time to prevent Roxy from getting hurt by Allison. Elsewhere in Llanview, Antonio questions RJ about his involvement in the prison break. At the same time, Keri witnesses their conversation and is stunned by Antonio's inquisitive manner. At Llanfair, Viki argue after Ben prevents his wife from leaving. Their confrontation continues to heat up, and Ben realizes that Viki was the one who pushed him out of the window that night!moreless
  • Ep. #8713
    Ep. #8713
    Episode 7
    Tea tries to convince Todd that she never stopped loving him, but Todd has trouble believing what Tea has to say. Later, Tea realizes that Ross gave his life trying to save her and Todd. In a moment of passion, Todd lets his guard down and kisses Tea. Speaking of Todd, Blair and Starr confide in each other that they actually miss him. Meanwhile, Allison tells Roxy that shes going to kill her, but Roxy tells Allison that she'll give her money not to. Allison tells Roxy that she'll take the money, but when Roxy calls Max for his monetary support, he hangs up the phone. Elsewhere in Llanview, Shawna and Molly continue to find humor at Rae's expense, but Renée comes to Rae's aid and invites her to stay at the Palace. Natalie's keys are found in Jen's room, prompting Sam and Jen to accuse Natalie of starting the fire. Christian later tells everyone that Natalie couldn't have started the fire because she was with him that night.moreless
  • Ep. #8712
    Ep. #8712
    Episode 6
    Tea continues to recover, while she and Todd grow closer. Back in Llanview, Asa continues to ruin Rae's life, which gives Shawna and Molly's ideas on more ways to ruin Rae's life. Elsewhere in Llanview, Natalie and Chris are driving when Natalie realizes the fire and tells Chris and he shows up rite when Al is rescuing Jen. Then, Al appears ready to tell Jen the truth. At the same time, Natalie and Christian find out that Natalie's keys were at the scene of the fire by one of the firefighters. And, Natalie and Christian remain confused of the passion that keeps occurring between them. Also Troy finally manages to rescue Nora. Speaking of Troy, Emily confides in him, but Troy warns her against comparing situations from the past. While back at Break Bar Chad confides about Emily to Blair, and Blair apologizes about making a mess of his life.moreless
  • Ep. #8711
    Ep. #8711
    Episode 5
    Troy desperately tries to rescue Nora, but he gets knocked out by a beam. At the same time, Lindsay finally arrives at Rae's and tells Allison about accidentally hitting Nora. In the process, Allison tries to tell Lindsay about Roxy's apparent demise. Across town, Niki grows more nervous as Ben regains his memory. As a response, she tries to confuse her husband by suggesting other people's motives for pushing Ben from the window. Yet, she remains unsuccessful in her attempts. Meanwhile, Al loses sets Jen's room on fire to try and win her back. While he's igniting the room with flames, he leaves Natalie's keys behind. Then he arrives at Llanfair so he will have an alibi. But when Al gets told by Sam that Jen has gone home, Al rushes back to her house. At the same time, Natalie and Chris realize their what they are doing, which makes Chris focus more on protecting Natalie.moreless
  • Ep. #8710
    Ep. #8710
    Episode 4
    Al puts his plan to get Jen back into action after he steals Natalie's house keys. Speaking of Natalie, Christian shares important information with her, and a moment of celebration turns into passion. In the midst of their kiss, Jen almost walks in on them. Elsewhere, Tea and Todd remain confused about their feelings. Back at the scene of the car accident, Lindsay decides to take the high road by throwing Nora a rope. Hoping to go unnoticed, Lindsay leaves, believing that Nora is out of harm's way. But, the rope breaks and Nora is thrown back into the water. Then, Troy arrives and panics when he finds Nora underwater. At the same time, Blair confesses all of what she has done to Nora and Troy to Sam, but Sam is unable to concentrate on what Blair is telling him when he gets a phone call telling him Lindsay has escaped. Elsewhere in town, Viki and Niki duke it out, while Ben makes Viki more nervous when he walks in on her talking to herself.moreless
  • Ep. #8709
    Ep. #8709
    Episode 3
    Todd learns more about Tea when she experiences a horrible reaction to a jellyfish sting. Back in Llanview, Nora finally tells Blair that she knows of her plan to ruin her relationship with Troy. When Troy later arrives, Blair becomes fearful of what he might do. At the same time, Lindsay manages to keep the police at bay, but she finds herself in an even crazier predicament when a woman flags her down for help on a bridge. Unknown to Lindsay, that woman is Nora! Then, Lindsay's car hits the bridge railing and knocks Nora into the cold waters below. Meanwhile, Allison stops RJ from seeing Roxy and deals with her on her own. Later, RJ goes back home and prevents Keri from uncovering the truth by changing the times on the clocks. At the same time, Antonio tells Bo about finding the money clip at the escape site, and Antonio finds out that RJ's fingerprints are on it.moreless
  • Ep. #8708
    Ep. #8708
    Episode 2
    Tea struggles to respond to Todd's questions regarding her motives for staying on the island. While Todd is watching her still, waiting for an answer, Tea keels over in pain. Meanwhile, Lindsay finds herself in trouble on the way to Rae's house when she is stopped by police officer Roberts who is a new cop and does not no about Lindsay and Allison's escape. At the same time, Allison and RJ contemplate their next move while Roxy sees them from Rae's window which she was there to return the Women of the Year award. Elsewhere in Llanview, Starr finds Blair and Hedy leaving a seductive message from Troy, but Starr remains confused since she thinks Blair still loves Todd. At the same time, Nora overhears the message on Troy's answering machine and decides to drop by at Blair's because Matthew left his sleeping bags pillow there. Speaking of Nora, she is the object of Troy's concern when he finds out that Lindsay has escaped. To further complicate matters, Antonio thinks the worst when he finds RJ's money clip that Keri bought him in Hawaii at the site of Lindsay's escape.moreless
  • Ep. #8699
    Ep. #8699
    Episode 2
  • Ep. #8698
    Ep. #8698
    Episode 1