One Life to Live - Season 37

Hulu (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • Ep. #9465
    Ep. #9465
    Episode 257
    Rex punches John at the quarry, then takes off after John cuts him slack because of his relationship with Natalie. Adriana finds Rex, and is surprised when Rex, dreaming of Jen, pulls her into a kiss. He apologizes, and the two discuss their feelings of familial outcast. Kevin is at the hospital and overhears Spencer lecturing another doctor and doesn't like the new side he's seeing. Nash manages to convince Tess that he didn't rape her, and the two strike a bargain about their relationship.moreless
  • Ep. #9464
    Ep. #9464
    Episode 256
    Nash watches as Bruce drugs Tess' drink but washes his hands of her, only to have a change of heart later when he goes back to save her. John finds a page ripped from Marcie's yearbook with a threat to him, and learns that the killer called Viki from Natalie's cell phone. Todd and Blair enjoy a romantic night, not realising that Spencer has set his sights on Blair.moreless
  • Ep. #9463
    Ep. #9463
    Episode 255
    Antonio is pleased to learn from Jackie that R.J. is coming closer and closer to breaking the law in order to get the money he needs, knowing it can only help him get custody of Jamie. Nash demands Tess return his wallet, but rather than give everything back to him Tess decides to play a game of poolside hide-and-seek with him. Marcie gives John information that leads him to a football field to look for Natalie, but he finds only her cell phone.moreless
  • Ep. #9462
    Ep. #9462
    Episode 254
    Kelly is disconcerted when Spencer gives her an article about women with her specific condition who have been able to successfully have children. After receiving a strange note from the killer, Evangeline passes that information on to John. Kevin asks for help in winning Kelly back. Marcie names two former members of The Killing Club, but John's hopes are destroyed when she tells him one of them is dead.moreless
  • Ep. #9461
    Ep. #9461
    Episode 253
    Tess follows her mystery man to a private party in the Hamptons, where she meets up with the host, an older gentleman named Bruce. David and Dorian meet with Whitney the wedding planner to discuss their wedding, but Dorian puts a damper on the event by continuing to bring up David. John and Evangeline talk about his choice and he tries to show her how much he cares by kissing her, but Evangeline needs the words. Kelly is devastated to learn Kevin told Spencer she can't have children, and ends their relationship once and for all.moreless
  • Ep. #9460
    Ep. #9460
    Episode 252
    Tess is intrigued by a handsome stranger, but when he treats her badly, she gets back at him by stealing his car. Marcie is devastated when Viki lights into her for The Killing Club journals from high school, accusing Marcie of being responsible for all of this. Todd takes Jessica's note to Antonio, but is later forced to admit that he has no idea where his half-niece is. Bo is sympathetic to Nora when she admits she had a D.N.A. test. Her first one has come back negative, but she has to continue to have herself checked.moreless
  • Ep. #9459
    Ep. #9459
    Episode 251
    Todd searches for Jessica. Evangeline talks to John about why he saved Natalie first.
  • Ep. #9458
    Ep. #9458
    Episode 250
    After interrupting a near-kiss between Spencer and Kelly, Kevin wants to come back home to Kelly, but she tells him that he can't. While John continues to search for Natalie, Evangeline is rushed to the hospital where her mother is shocked to learn John rescued Natalie first. Spencer just happens to be there when Viki experiences more heart trouble. David tells Dorian that he changed his name at eighteen to escape his family history, and the two set a wedding date -- August 19.moreless
  • Ep. #9457
    Ep. #9457
    Episode 249
    At the home, Tess manages to take over again and steals the nun's keys to make her escape. Addie manages to interrupt, but when she shows Tess her scrapbook, Tess has a new idea. Kevin attacks Carlo at the station when he refuses to tell them where the kids are, and Asa interjects to say that he's willing to agree to Carlo's terms. Before he can sign anything, Duke calls him to tell him they're safe. John manages to make his way into the Love Center, where he has to choose between going to an unconscious Natalie, or a fighting Evangeline. After a longing look at Evangeline, John saves Natalie first.moreless
  • Ep. #9456
    Ep. #9456
    Episode 248
    Duke and Adriana try to escape Carlo's thugs by using a trap comprised of a mouse trap, a rock and Adriana's bra. Unfortunately, the duo are unsuccessful, and when Carlo gives Asa a number to call, Duke tells his great-grandfather he and Adriana are hostages. Rex stops by Llanfair and tells Viki about Natalie's kidnapping, then a depressed Rex gets comfort from Viki. Todd goes to visit Jessica, who gives him a note to take back to Antonio.moreless
  • Ep. #9455
    Ep. #9455
    Episode 247
    Dorian walks in on Kelly and Kevin getting passionate on the stairwell. Dorian starts in on Kevin, who tries to defend both him and Kelly, who ends up telling them both to get out. Rex demands Bo step up the investigation, then heads to Marcie, who figures Natalie just went home with some guy. After Kelly and Dorian overhear Spencer and David talking about blackmail, David spins some story about a costume he once wore.moreless
  • Ep. #9454
    Ep. #9454
    Episode 246
    Ginger visits Tess at St. Ann's, and demands to know what's going on. Viki asks Kevin about the Woman of the Year banquet, and he tells her about Evangeline going missing. Nora puts Bo on the spot about Evangeline's disappearance.
  • Ep. #9453
    Ep. #9453
    Episode 245
    When John finds out about Evangeline’s disappearance, he becomes worried. Rex realizes that Natalie is missing too. Jessica has a dream about Tess.
  • Ep. #9452
    Ep. #9452
    Episode 244
    Nora tries to help Evangeline prepare to accept her award, but Evangeline just doesn't feel right about the night. Asa feigns shock at the idea that he would want to kill Blair, but Blair reminds him that he has a motive. Dorian is introduced to Spencer, and realises that he and David know each other. John gets another tip about the Killing Club killer.moreless
  • Ep. #9451
    Ep. #9451
    Episode 243
    Renée demands answers from Asa, but he sidesteps her questions about both Blair and Carlo. Natalie doesn't understand what's going on when Todd picks up some of Jessica's things. Although they're both with other people, Kevin and Kelly can't stay away from each other at the banquet. David picks Dorian up at the airport.moreless
  • Ep. #9450
    Ep. #9450
    Episode 242
    Carlo shows up at the Penthouse to take Blair hostage. Jessica agrees to go for treatment.
  • Ep. #9449
    Ep. #9449
    Episode 241
    Carlo finally agrees to Asa's plan that he kill Blair in order to wipe the slate clean. Jessica wants to confide in Antonio, but Tess stops her from doing so. Todd confides in Blair about Jessica's split personality, and tells her he doesn't want Tess anywhere near the kids. Evangeline returns the family pearls to John.moreless
  • Ep. #9448
    Ep. #9448
    Episode 240
    Paige apologizes to Bo for lying about her marriage to Spencer, but he admits he's having trouble forgiving her. Nora begins her job as the new district attorney of Llantano county, and advises Hugh that she will be going by her maiden name, Nora Hanen. After learning that Kelly is going to the Woman of the Year dinner with Spencer, Kevin asks Evangeline.moreless
  • Ep. #9447
    Ep. #9447
    Episode 239
    Ginger is confused when Tess tells her that she and Jessica are one and the same and walks out on her. Marcie and Ron take their father out for Father's Day, and he reconciles with Eric and James. Spencer assumes David is scamming Dorian, while Paige tries to explain her marriage to Bo.moreless
  • Ep. #9446
    Ep. #9446
    Episode 238
    Lindsay talks to R.J. about a benefit she wants to hold for Jennifer, then asks him if he needs any money, but he turns down her offer. Jessica is surprised to learn that Antonio owns Capricorn now. Paige calls Bo to tell him the truth about her past with Spencer, but Natalie tells her that he's in a meeting. Michael tries to convince Natalie to back off John. Nora and Bo bring Matthew into the office, where they ask him if he wants to be Matthew Buchanan now.moreless
  • Ep. #9445
    Ep. #9445
    Episode 237
    Ron overhears Michael and Marcie talking about how Marcie believes Natalie was just using Ron to make John jealous, and after Michael leaves, Marcie wonders what her brother means when he tells her that what goes around, comes around. Bo and John have a man-to-man talk about their lost loves, Gabrielle and Caitlin. Jessica desperately wants to tell Antonio the truth about Tess, but Todd warns her not to. Antonio is convinced his plan to ruin R.J. will work, but R.J. makes a few calls of his own. Nora continues to worry about whether or not she should tell Bo the truth about Paige's marriage.moreless
  • Ep. #9444
    Ep. #9444
    Episode 236
    Todd confronts Tess at Llanfair about causing Viki's heart attack, only to realise that it's now Jessica that he's dealing with, and she's devastated to realise what Tess has done. Todd and Jessica agree that it's better Viki doesn't know the truth about her DID. Spencer makes certain that Kevin knows he and Kelly are having lunch together. Nora overhears a discussion between Paige and David, and is torn as to whether or not she should tell Bo the truth about Paige and Spencer's marriage. R.J. is horrified and furious to learn that Antonio has bought Capricorn. Daniel is taken to Statesville.moreless
  • Ep. #9443
    Ep. #9443
    Episode 235
    Todd finally realises that it's actually Tess with him once they get back to Llanfair as she unleashes her rage at Viki. While Todd and Tess go at it, neither realise Viki is having a heart attack. Todd rushes Viki to the hospital, leaving Tess alone in the mansion. Evangeline is furious to find Natalie in John's arms, and in a surprising mood, John takes full responsibility -- for not being able to love Natalie, and for not being able to be the man that Evangeline needed him to be. Paige and Spencer admit separately to Kelly and Bo that they share a past, but they play down their connection.moreless
  • Ep. #9442
    Ep. #9442
    Episode 234
    John manages to convince Natalie that he isn't in love with her, but when Evangeline (upon advice from Nora) goes to see John and finds him comforting a humiliated Natalie she jumps to the wrong conclusion. Todd runs into Tess at Xanadu and although Tess tries to be Jessica, Ginger blows it for her. Todd takes her back to Llanfair so Viki can deal with her. Bo is tired of wondering what Spencer's connection to Paige is, and asks him point blank.moreless
  • Ep. #9441
    Ep. #9441
    Episode 233
    Tess tells Dr. Jamison that Jessica's split personality is rooted in a childhood trauma, but rather than tell him and risk him eliminating her, she turns on the charm and tries to seduce the doctor. Viki wants answers from Todd about Jessica, but he tells her that he has none to give. Michael tries to comfort Evangeline, and tells her that John was stupid to let her go, but Evangeline assumes the blame. Margaret tells her unborn child that he will be just like his father.moreless
  • Ep. #9440
    Ep. #9440
    Episode 232
    Antonio approaches R.J.'s old friend, Jackie McNaughton, and asks him for help in bringing R.J. down. When John is unable to tell Evangeline that he loves her, the two break up -- and an eavesdropping Natalie is thrilled. Jessica ask Dr. Jamison to hypnotize her to bring out Tess. Initially he refuses, but finally capitulates. David offers Spencer $10,000 to leave Llanview, but Spencer isn't interested.moreless
  • Ep. #9439
    Ep. #9439
    Episode 231
    Adriana is reunited with Duke after sneaking into the house. Michael warns Natalie if she keeps trying to get John back he's going to end up breaking her heart. Hayes denies claims that he is The Killing Club murderer. Carlo is back and Asa wants Carlo to kill Blair. Evangeline overhears Natalie talking to Michael about John saying he loved her when he rescued her from The Killing Club murderer. Marcie believes that Hayes isn't The Killing Club murderer.moreless
  • Ep. #9438
    Ep. #9438
    Episode 230
    David desperately wants Spencer to leave town, but Spencer makes it clear he plans on sticking around...he's enjoying toying with both David and Paige's lives. Duke realises his grandfather is up to something, but doesn't have a lot of time to think about it when Adriana shows up in Argentina. Jessica takes back Antonio's ring, then uses her status as Tico's widow to get some information on R.J.'s financial status.Marcie tries to comfort Rex, who lashes out at Ginger for gossiping about the murders.moreless
  • Ep. #9437
    Ep. #9437
    Episode 229
    Hayes is detained and questioned by John after John discovers the crossbow Hayes had purchased and used to shoot at Natalie. Hayes offers up an explanation and John is forced to release him, but has the police tail him. Viki catches Jessica in a lie about an article she is writing when Viki discovers Jessica has reference materials about DID.moreless
  • Ep. #9436
    Ep. #9436
    Episode 228
    Nora visits Daniel and serves him with annulment papers. John saves Natalie's life when the Killing Club Murderer tries to kill her by shooting an arrow at her. David and Dorian plan a trip to Paris. Nora bails Riley out of jail.
  • Ep. #9435
    Ep. #9435
    Episode 227
    Jessica meets Ginger and Ginger talks all about Jessica to Jessica thinking Jessica is Tess...Mark ends his relationship with Daniel. Riley ends up in the cell right next to his dad. Starr tries to take Matthew's mind off his mothers situation. Nora tells Bo that she'll never forgive Bo for what he did. Nora goes to visit Daniel. The Killing Club Murderer knocks Rex unconscious leaving Natalie outside alone...moreless
  • Ep. #9434
    Ep. #9434
    Episode 226
    Daniel gets visitors in jail from Lindsay and then Mark. Jessica does some investigation and finds out some of the things that Tess has been up to. Michael is worried when he sees Riley with a lot of money. Bo explains everything to Matthew about what's going on with Daniel and Nora. Antonio has a plan to get his revenge on RJ. Rex agrees to help Natalie with her plan to catch the killing club murder. Riley is arrested after the cops spot him buying drugs outside of Rodie's.moreless
  • Ep. #9433
    Ep. #9433
    Episode 225
    Lindsay demands that John let her see Daniel Colson. Natalie tells Rex her plan to catch the killing club murder. Antonio and Todd argue about Antonio's relationship with Jessica, Antonio catches Todd going through Jessica's personal file. Jessica goes undercover to find out what "Tess" has been doing while she's in control of Jessica...Bo tortures Daniel by showing him pictures of Jen when she was alive and when she was dead.moreless
  • Ep. #9432
    Ep. #9432
    Episode 224
    Renee and Duke are both reunited with Asa. Tess and Todd have a little disagreement at the hospital after Todd spots he spots her there. Natalie wants to use herself as bait to catch the killing club murder. Tess continues to work her magic to make Antonio look bad.
  • Ep. #9431
    Ep. #9431
    Episode 223
    Page and Spencer have a run in with each other at the hospital and they know each other. Riley is hurt about the outcome that everything has happened his dad being gay and his dad being arrested for two murders. Nora threatens Daniel Colson with a letter opener in Bo's office. Todd is suspicious of Spencer. Lindsay takes down the vigil at Jens murder sit. Riley drinks it up in parts of Llanview.moreless
  • Ep. #9430
    Ep. #9430
    Episode 222
    Everyone is shocked with Daniel being exposed as gay and being arrested for the murders of Paul Cramer and Jen Rappaport. Rex comforts a grief stricken Lindsay. Viki uses reverse psychology on Dorian. Spencer works his magic and saves Jack's life... Todd isn't happy after worrying about his family and spotting Blair in a embrace with a Doctor at the hospital. Riley take his frustrations out on Mark sort of. Nora is completely pissed off! David and Dorian get back together and David proposes to Dorian and she accepts.moreless
  • Ep. #9429
    Ep. #9429
    Episode 221
    Jessica tries to comfort a heartbroken Antonio after he has to face the fact he will not have custody of his Jamie for six months. Blair attacks a neighbor after she hallucinates thinking the neighbor was Margaret. Nora and Riley try to defend Daniel against Bo and John. Spencer's good looks and charm has many women in Llanview checking him out. Blair and Starr rush Jack to the hospital after he collapses in the park. Mark reveals he's Daniel's gay lover!moreless
  • Ep. #9428
    Ep. #9428
    Episode 220
    Riley get's confused when he overhears Mark and Marcie talking about his father Daniel. Bo and John get the warrant to arrest Daniel Colson. Everyone is shocked when custody of Jamie is rewarded to RJ, Antonio is completely angry with that decision. At Daniels coronation ceremony Bo begins to arrest Daniel.moreless
  • Ep. #9427
    Ep. #9427
    Episode 219
    The medical examiner admits to Bo and John that he lied on Jen's autopsy because Daniel told him to, Bo and John try to get the warrant to arrest Daniel Colson. Antonio is worried when he notices that Jessica is taking a bunch of different pills for her "blackouts" and "headaches". The coronation ceremony for Daniel begins.moreless
  • Ep. #9426
    Ep. #9426
    Episode 218
    After following Daniel Colson to a gay bar Rex and Bo figure out that Daniel is gay, Rex and Bo get alot of offers from guys while at the gay bar. David and Dorian realize that they are each others matchmaking date. While having a night out on the town Todd vows to Blair to make Asa and Margaret pay. After not being able to keep surveillance on Daniel, Bo decides that he is going to arrest Daniel at his coronation ceremony when he becomes L.T Governor.moreless
  • Ep. #9425
    Ep. #9425
    Episode 217
    Despite losing her daughter Lindsay still testifies for RJ in the custody case for Jamie. Without telling them that Daniel is a murder Bo tries to get Matthew and Nora over to his place to protect them. Rex finds more proof that Daniel killed Paul Cramer. Rex and Bo follow Daniel to New Yorkmoreless
  • Ep. #9424
    Ep. #9424
    Episode 216
    Daniel blames himself for Jens death... Bo tells John that he figured it out that Daniel Colson killed Paul Cramer and Jen... Dorian and David both try their hand at online matchmaking and become each others perfect match. Bo has to be the one to tell Nora about Daniel.
  • Ep. #9423
    Ep. #9423
    Episode 215
    Will isn't happy that Rex attended Jens memorial service...After learning that Margaret raped Todd Blair is convinced that Margaret is pregnant with Todd's baby. Jessica admits to a doctor that she might have a split personality. Daniel gets good news. While searching threw Daniels office Rex & Bo find something interesting on Daniel Colson.moreless
  • Ep. #9422
    Ep. #9422
    Episode 214
    Everyone gathers for Jens memorial service and people share moments about Jen, Everyone is emotional at Jen's memorial service John asks Michael to do something completely unethical that could cost him his job. Todd and Blair talk about Margaret and about the rape...
  • Ep. #9421
    Ep. #9421
    Episode 213
    Riley blames himself for Jen's death. Daniel Colson using his brain gets the M.E to doctor with Jen's autopsy report. A drunk Todd hallucinates about talking to Marty Saybrooke. Mark tells Marcie that he has been sleeping with the married Daniel Colson. Todd tells Blair the Margaret raped him...
  • Ep. #9420
    Ep. #9420
    Episode 212
    After overhearing a conversation between Kelly and Kevin, Blair finally finds out that Margaret raped Todd. Lindsay and Rex mourn Jen's death together. Todd attacks Kevin after he thinks Kevin told Blair about what happened between him and Margaret. Natalie continue to use Ron in her attempt to get John back.moreless
  • Ep. #9419
    Ep. #9419
    Episode 211
    Trying to find out information on Asa, Todd bugs Kevin's office. Todd also has a interesting run-in with Tess at Ultraviolet. Rex tries to find something that will clear Jens name. Friends gather around Jens death site and pray for her.
  • Ep. #9418
    Ep. #9418
    Episode 210
    Wanting to enjoy the rest of the night alone with a good book, Viki's night is interrupted by David. After finding Jen in her car Riley tries to revive her but it doesn't work it leaves Riley completely devastated and thinking that she committed suicide. After Mark tells Daniel he loves him, the two have a huge argument about their relationship. Lindsay's worst nightmare comes true when Bo breaks the news to her that her daughter is dead, Lindsay blames Riley for Jen's death. David and Dorian almost get back together but Dorian blows it again. After learning about the bandana with blood on it, Rex thinks that Jen was murdered!moreless
  • Ep. #9417
    Ep. #9417
    Episode 209
    It's mothers day in Llanview some mothers will have a happy day and one will have a sad one... Daniel plans to make Jen's death look like a suicide. The family is worried when Viki has a health scare. We see who Daniels friend is when he knocks on the door it's reveled that his "friend" is Mark as they begin to embrace... Rex finds Jen's body in her car...moreless
  • Ep. #9416
    Ep. #9416
    Episode 208
    The custody for little Jamie starts and it is interesting. Jen puts two and two together and realises that Daniel Colson is the one that has been framing her. Blair and Todd continue to have a disagreement. Marcie is hurt when Julie's parents blame her for Julie's murder. Nora and Bo talk about Daniel. Tess begins to get to Jessica. Todd may have to come clean to Blair about everything. Another of Llanview's citizens is murdered.moreless
  • Ep. #9415
    Ep. #9415
    Episode 207
    It's time for the custody hearing for Jamie. After what happened the night before, Natalie tries to use it to her advantage to get John back. Daniel might be named the new Lieutenant-Governor if he solves the Paul Cramer case. Jen finds Daniel inside her car.
  • Ep. #9414
    Ep. #9414
    Episode 206
    In a shocking turn of events Dorian and Viki decide to have dinner together. Ginger and Duke seemed to have hit it off, leaving Adriana a little bit jealous. Todd may have a lead on where Asa is. The murder seems to have pictures of people from Llanview and may be looking at Natalie as his next victim.moreless
  • Ep. #9413
    Ep. #9413
    Episode 205
    The remaining members of the Love Crew decide to throw a mini party in memory of Hudson and Julie. Natalie and Evangeline have a fiery confrontation. Kelly tells Dorian that she is going to be working at Buchanan enterprises, Despite not being in a relationship anymore, David still lies for Dorian. Someone is murdered in Carlotta's kitchen!moreless
  • Ep. #9412
    Ep. #9412
    Episode 204
    Michael and Natalie seem to find themselves becoming friends when they have fun in the rain. Riley decides to take up Daniel's and Nora's offer and decides to move in with them temporarily. Marcie warns Natalie that she'll be damned if she let's her ruin her relationship with Michael and scolds Natalie for lying to Ron. Todd still can't make love to Blair because of the hell Margaret put him through. Margaret starts a unique baby book.moreless
  • Ep. #9411
    Ep. #9411
    Episode 203
    Nora calls Daniel on his lying and demands he starts telling the truth but he still continues to lie to her... Riley continues to want Jen back despite thinking she killed Paul Cramer, Jen doesn't take Riley back. After the kiss John admits to Natalie that it does make him a bit uneasy when he sees her with another man. When Jessica can't remember anything about the fire or about going to RJs. Antonio starts to blame her for Jamie's life being put in danger. After getting rejected by John Natalie decides to take out her anger by hitting Michael with her good right hook. John dreams of saving Evangeline from a gunman and he dreams of telling Evangeline and Natalie that he loves them!moreless
  • Ep. #9410
    Ep. #9410
    Episode 202
    Margaret gets good news when she learns her and Todd's baby is healthy and that she is having a boy. RJ and Evangeline decide to have a meeting. John has a talk to Natalie to set her straight, he tries to reject her advances but she kisses him! Antonio saves Jessica and Jamie from the fire in RJ's apartment.moreless
  • Ep. #9409
    Ep. #9409
    Episode 201
    After their constant run-ins Michael tries to set Natalie straight. Nora begins to have suspicions about Daniel when he begins to act very different and she finds out he's lying to her... Marcie gets a little bit jealous when she sees Michael with Natalie. Riley regrets how his relationship ended with Jen despite him still thinking she's guilty of killing Paul Cramer. While snooping with Rs apartment "Tess" accidentally leaves her cigarette lit and she falls unconscious while snooping leaving the cigarette to start a fire!moreless
  • Ep. #9408
    Ep. #9408
    Episode 200
    David interrupts Dorian's date with Gov. Brooks, Dorian claims that she is the new woman in Brook's life...Kelly goes to Viki looking for a job since she quit at the university in protest.
  • Ep. #9407
    Ep. #9407
    Episode 199
    Todd is out for blood he even puts a bug on Renee's cell phone. Antonio runs into "Tess" when he's with Jamie and he notices something is off about her. Duke and Adriana sorta admit in this episode that their falling in love with each other. Tess is going to use Jamie to break up Antonio and Jessica.moreless
  • Ep. #9406
    Ep. #9406
    Episode 198
    Jen considers leaving town because Daniel is back from his honeymoon and she is worried he might arrest her. Daniel has a flashback of the night he killed Paul Cramer. John meets Evangeline's family and a ex-boyfriend of hers, who don't believe that John is the right choice for their 'Cookie'. Marcie gives Todd a piece of her mind because of the story he published about The Killing Club murders.moreless
  • Ep. #9405
    Ep. #9405
    Episode 197
    As everyone else was in the past, Todd is also surprised by the strange resemblance between Hazel Smalls and Mrs Bigelow. Michael tells Natalie that he thinks Natalie isn't good enough for his brother. Kelly is sick of David living with her and wants Dorian to take David back to Dorian's house. Ginger talks to Adriana about "Tess" the woman who saved her on her first night in Llanview. Tess plots to bring Antonio down!moreless
  • Ep. #9404
    Ep. #9404
    Episode 196
    Natalie admits to her mother that she is indeed going to try and break up John and Evangeline. Daniel begins to see Paul Cramer's ghost and Paul Cramer begins to haunt him. Hayes decided to sell the real Killing Club Murders to the sun. Evangeline receives bad news when she learns a relative of hers has passed away.moreless
  • Ep. #9403
    Ep. #9403
    Episode 195
    Dorian goes to Viki and basically orders her to throw David out. Blair jumps to conclusions when her mother has to go to the hospital and she thinks Margret's responsible. After making love Antonio and Jessica decide to talk about their relationship. Kelly and Adriana try to use reverse psychology on David. Dorian gets relationship advice from of all people her enemy Viki. Tess wakes up in Antonio's bed and thinks she has to find a way from that happening.moreless
  • Ep. #9402
    Ep. #9402
    Episode 194
    Dorian thinks the worst when she sees David in Kelly's house with nothing but a towel on.After giving David a ultimatum, David tells Dorian it's over. Natalie overhears Michael and John talking about John's feelings for Natalie. Evangeline and Lindsay get into a argument over Antonio, John and other things...Jessica and Antonio make love.moreless
  • Ep. #9401
    Ep. #9401
    Episode 193
    Jessica meets with a psychiatrist. Kelly tries to convince David to move back in with Dorian and fix their relationship. Antonio and Bo are baffled as to why R.J. has subpoenaed Bo to testify for him. Viki decides since she is no longer working at the university that she'll go back to working at The Banner. Todd proposes to Blair again.moreless
  • Ep. #9400
    Ep. #9400
    Episode 192
    Evangeline is nominated for Woman of the Year. Dorian complains about her relationship problem with David to Kelly, Kelly also agrees with a lot of things that David had said to Dorian, particular in regards to her obsession with her family. Natalie and John have a disagreement about her seeing someone like Ron. Riley and Matthew create a secret brother handshake. Hayes is back and Marcie can't fire him, which could spell trouble for Marcie and Michael getting back together. David asks Kelly if he can have a place to stay for the night as a last resort. Rex gives Bo more information on the Paul Cramer murder. Riley gives Jen the cold shoulder. All the remaining Love Center crew gets bodyguards because of the murders that have been going on. Dorian comes home to a empty house.moreless
  • Ep. #9399
    Ep. #9399
    Episode 191
    Starr and Jack Manning finally return back to their parents house. David gives Dorian and ultimatum. Blair gets a visit from her mom and Addie blames herself for everything that Margaret Cochran had done to Todd and Blair... John accidentally breaks flowers that Ron sent to Natalie.
  • Ep. #9398
    Ep. #9398
    Episode 190
    Tess beats down a man outside out of a bar while helping a woman who was about to get attacked and Tess makes a new friend named Ginger. Tess also tells Ginger a little bit about Jessica's life, saying her mother acts like a nun Natalie cries to much and that Jessica is a priss. Tess also tells Ginger that she made Jessica marry a rich guy, and that she was behind the stalking. It turns out that Tess was responsible for a lot of the things to happen to Jessica in the last year. Antonio decides to go back to school so that he can become a lawyer. A misunderstanding causes Ron and Rex to almost be arrested. Todd finally shaves!moreless
  • Ep. #9397
    Ep. #9397
    Episode 189
    Roxy bugs Natalie at the police station. Blair goes nuts and attacks Kevin. Starr discovers the postcard that Margaret sent. Jessica gets a little bit of good news when her tests come back good, but Jessica still not convinced wants to see a therapist but "Tess" puts a stop to that. Ron and Natalie decide to go on a date...moreless
  • Ep. #9396
    Ep. #9396
    Episode 188
    Todd tries to cut a deal with Kevin so that Kevin could keep quiet about what Margaret made Todd do. Evangeline asks Jessica if she'll be a character witness in Jamie's custody hearing hmm who will be on the stand Jessica or Tess? Antonio considers Evangeline's suggestion and might decide to go back to law school. David continues to worry about Dorian, Viki gets news from the University and it isn't good. Todd receives a letter from Margaret.moreless
  • Ep. #9395
    Ep. #9395
    Episode 187
    Marcie blames herself when someone breaks in and causes a gas leak at her apartment, and her brother and father could of almost died but Michael made it just in time to save them. Paige and Bo try to comfort Matthew when he ends up with a stomach ache because he misses his mother. Lindsay sits Rex and Riley down and they all have a interesting conversation...Daniel continues his weird phone conversations with someone even on his honeymoon.moreless
  • Ep. #9394
    Ep. #9394
    Episode 186
    John question's Nick about Julie's and Hudson's murder. Todd can't make love to Blair because he continues to think of the hell Margaret put him through. Marcie's brother and father spend the night at her house after finding out threw Michael about the killing club copycat. Someone breaks into Marcie's place and messes around with the gas.moreless
  • Ep. #9393
    Ep. #9393
    Episode 185
    Tess is angry that she caught Nora's bouquet because then it would give Antonio ideas. Dorian tries to give David her full attention but her attention keeps going elsewhere. Jessica is scared when she can't remember anything from the day she fears she is having blackouts. Blair is worried when the power goes out at her apartment...moreless
  • Ep. #9392
    Ep. #9392
    Episode 184
    Bo tells Nora that he doesn't want her marrying Daniel, Bo also overhears Daniel on a phone conversation. Tess gets comfortable with a stranger and misses the wedding. Riley tries to comfort a nervous Matthew by teaching him to play the guitar. Jealousy continues to rear it's ugly head when Natalie keeps getting upset when seeing John and Evangeline together. Daniel and Nora become husband and wife.moreless
  • Ep. #9391
    Ep. #9391
    Episode 183
    Daniel continues talking on his cell phone with another person even before the wedding is about to start, Daniel might be cheating on Nora because he continues to have intimate cell phone conversations with someone on their wedding day. Matthew tells his father that he doesn't want Nora marrying Daniel. Tess decides she'd want to skip the wedding she claims boring. Viki overhears Antonio leaving Jessica a message regarding her "sleepwalking" and some tests... Moments before she's about to walk down the aisle Bo enters her bridal room!moreless
  • Ep. #9390
    Ep. #9390
    Episode 182
    It's Nora's and Daniel's wedding day and bachelorette day and Lindsay interrupts the bachelorette party. Antonio accuses R.J of stealing ten thousand dollars from him. Daniel tries to make Riley believe that Jen probably killed Paul because Paul probably had something on her. After getting a "note" Jessica thinks that her so called stalker has left the country. Jessica is confused when she finds a large amount of money in her purse... During a phone conversation Daniel calls someone on the other line "baby" and it's not Nora.moreless
  • Ep. #9389
    Ep. #9389
    Episode 181
    Duke and Adriana plan a trip to the islands to find Asa and bring him back home. Nora begins to have some weird suspicions about Daniel. Todd and Blair decide to hire body guards for the kids because Margaret is still out there, Blair also collapses and has to be hospitalized. Riley and Jen have a fight and Jen is devastated.moreless
  • Ep. #9388
    Ep. #9388
    Episode 180
    Viki catches Kevin and Kelly in a compromising position. After falling off the ledge Todd and Blair safely fall into a safety balloon. After catching Nick outside Michael starts to think that Nick was spying on them and even accuses him of killing Hudson and Julie, but Nick finally bursts out with the truth, that he was in love with Julie. Nigel tells Bo that Asa has skipped town. Everyone gets teary eyed when Blair is home safely, Todd holds Blair in his arms. Carlotta warns John to stay away from Natalie.moreless
  • Ep. #9387
    Ep. #9387
    Episode 179
    Nora brings Evangeline chicken noodle soup to help her feel better and they talk about John and Natalie being locked together in the evidence room, Natalie and Nora also do a little bit of yoga. Marcie continues to feel guilty about Hudson's and Julie's death, Marcie and Michael start to reconnect. Kevin and Kelly kiss while remembering better times. While trying to get back inside safely Todd and Blair fall off the ledge!moreless
  • Ep. #9386
    Ep. #9386
    Episode 178
    John investigates Hudson's death and discovers that it wasn't a accident and that it was indeed a homicide. Jessica's split personality "Tess" fools her family and she almost lets it slip in front of the guy she had a one night stand with that she was responsible for the elevator accident that happened at Cristian's gallery. Antonio is confused when he finds out some money has been withdrawn from his account. Todd risks his life to save Blair's.moreless
  • Ep. #9385
    Ep. #9385
    Episode 177
    John and Evangeline begin to think, Hudson and Julie's death wasn't a accident and that their is someone copying the killing club. Michael and Marcie think the same idea. Rex decides that he is going to have to help Jen on his own. Todd fights of orderlies while trying to get to Blair who is on a ledge.moreless
  • Ep. #9384
    Ep. #9384
    Episode 176
    Viki tells Dorian that she is going to get payback on her and that Dorian will go to prison for forging Viki's signature. John takes care of Evangeline while she is sick and they decide to read Marcie's book "The Killing Club". Marcie begins to think that she is to blame for Hudson's and Julie's death because they died the same way characters did in her book.moreless
  • Ep. #9383
    Ep. #9383
    Episode 175
    Daniel wants to get another search warrant for Jen's apartment. Rex comes with information and gives it to Bo saying that Paul was blackmailing someone named Ted. While signing their marriage license, Daniel reveals to Nora that his actual first name is Theodore, after his father. After hooking up with an Australian named Logan at Xanadu, Jessica introduces herself as Tess. While being held at gunpoint, Asa tells Todd that he is knows where Blair is and that he put her in a hospital where she-devils like her can be controlled. Asa plans to leave town to avoid the rage he knows Todd and Blair will direct toward him.moreless
  • Ep. #9382
    Ep. #9382
    Episode 174
    Dorian is mad that no one believes that Viki had stolen money from the university and that the police (meaning Bo) naturally took Viki's word for it. John and Natalie are both locked in the evidence which could make Evangeline angry on two counts: one, John being stuck with Natalie in general; and two, he didn't make it to her dinner with her professor which makes her feel like she was stood up. Blair vows to make Asa pay for locking her up in a mental institution. Jessica writes down Antonio's credit card information and plans on having fun using his money. Todd pulls a gun out on Asa and asks her where Blair is.moreless
  • Ep. #9381
    Ep. #9381
    Episode 173
    Daniel almost gets caught planting evidence in Riley and Jen's apartment but he escapes without them seeing him. Asa has put Blair in a mental institution. John is calling Julie's car accident a homicide, saying that it wasn't really an accident. Roxy tries to play matchmaker between John and Natalie. Riley finds evidence while looking through a book at his and Jens apartment. The doctors at the mental institution think that Blair might never be sane enough to leave.moreless
  • Ep. #9380
    Ep. #9380
    Episode 172
    Bo figures out that someone is trying to frame Jen, Nora and Daniel decide to move up their wedding up to two weeks. Evangeline helps Nora pick out her wedding dress. John thinks that their is more to Julie's car accident. Kelly asks Kevin if he killed Paul Cramer. Michael has to inform Marcie that another one of her friends has died. Daniel Colson breaks into Riley and Jen's new apartment and plants some evidence to frame Jen!moreless
  • Ep. #9379
    Ep. #9379
    Episode 171
    Asa is holding Blair hostage, he even paid off the doctor's and nurses. Asa also forces Blair to apologize for all the horrible things she has done to him. Blair also begs Asa to let her go and says that she'll do anything... Evangeline agrees to take on Jen as a client, Jen is convinced that someone is trying to frame her for the Paul Cramer murder.moreless
  • Ep. #9378
    Ep. #9378
    Episode 170
    Dorian and David enjoy breakfast but Dorian continues to talk about The Buchanan's and how they all should pay and how much she hates them and that she will make them pay. Todd tells Bo that he won't testify against Margaret Cochran if they catch her. Kelly questions Kevin about why he and Todd were talking about Marty... the girl that Todd raped in college, Kevin and Kelly learn that Asa was lying about the board meeting. John tries to teach Evangeline how to box, boxing helps Evangeline get out her frustrations. Blair wakes up in her hospital room.moreless
  • Ep. #9377
    Ep. #9377
    Episode 169
    Bo begins the search at Riley and Jen's apartment, Daniel comes to the apartment and interferes when he isn't needed. Jen tries to drown her pain by almost falling back into old habits. Jen also lies to Riley about her drinking even though he can smell the alcohol on her. Evangeline tries to get to know more about John. Jessica continues to change. Julie Tanaka ends up dead.moreless
  • Ep. #9376
    Ep. #9376
    Episode 168
    Asa takes Blair to a hospital to get information on how bad her health is and it isn't, Blair could end up being a vegetable for the rest of her life. Bo and Paige finally spend quality time together. Viki and Dorian argue about Todd and Blair's relationship. Kelly apologizes for Dorian's actions for verbally bashing Todd. Todd asks Kevin to stop talking about what Margaret did.moreless
  • Ep. #9375
    Ep. #9375
    Episode 167
    Carlotta refuses to serve R.J any food and asks him to leave her restaurant and they have a somewhat debate. R.J also recorded Carlotta on tape which could play a part in Antonio getting his daughter back. Blair's life rests in Asa hands and Asa dreams of everyone bowing down to him when he brings Blair back. R.J and Lindsay spot Jessica at the club she has been hanging out at for the last couple of weeks. After scaring off Eddie to avoid paying him the promised reward, Asa has second thoughts about rescuing Blair.moreless
  • Ep. #9374
    Ep. #9374
    Episode 166
    Asa tells Duke and Adriana that he is going to help find Blair, even though he still refers to her as 'that she-devil'. Roxy plans a surprise birthday party for John. Asa puts a reward for Blair's save return. Eddie plans on turning Blair in so that he can collect the reward money. Everyone thinks that Natalie actually planned John's surprise party. Paige tries to help Bo relax but they keep getting interrupted.moreless
  • Ep. #9373
    Ep. #9373
    Episode 165
    John doesn't want to celebrate his birthday and doesn't reveal his age. Evangeline tells R.J that he is going down. Bo and Daniel get into a argument. Matthew tells Bo if Nora and Him, him being Bo can't get together then can they be nice to each other? Evangeline catches Natalie hugging John.moreless
  • Ep. #9372
    Ep. #9372
    Episode 164
    A homeless man named Eddie Two-Bags takes Blair's body with him and robs her of her earrings and her wedding ring. Natalie takes the job at the police station and gets to work right away. Rex breaks into Bo's office and finds information on the Paul Cramer murder. Daniel wants to get a warrant to search Jen and Riley's apartment.moreless
  • Ep. #9371
    Ep. #9371
    Episode 163
    Daniel discovers something important while visiting Riley and Jen at their new apartment. Rex encourages Natalie to go after John wish makes her confess to Rex that she still has feelings for John. Dorian, David, Todd and Bo are shocked that Blair wasn't in Margaret's car when it was crushed, but Bo thinks that Blair might be still dead. Natalie considers taking a job at the police station. A man finds Blair laying motionless on the ground.moreless
  • Ep. #9370
    Ep. #9370
    Episode 162
    Dorian continues to keep up her hope that Blair is still alive. Jessica can't recall trashing her room or kissing her mirror. Todd voes to track down Margaret Cochran and kill her. Dorian doesn't have the heart to tell Blair's mother Addie about Blair being dead. Blair's body wasn't in the crushed car!moreless
  • Ep. #9369
    Ep. #9369
    Episode 161
    Starr lashes out at her father after he tells her that Blair is dead. Dorian is beside herself and believes in her heart that Blair is alive. Kevin comforts Kelly with the loss of Blair and they pay a visit to their son's grave, whom Kevin is touched to learn that Kelly named after him.moreless
  • Ep. #9368
    Ep. #9368
    Episode 160
    Kelly tries to reconnect with Kevin but it doesn't work he continues to push her away do the the fact she convinced him to not try and gain custody of Ace. Antonio tells Carlotta that he might be more like his brother Tico. Jessica enjoys a night out. The car Blair is in is crushed!moreless
  • Ep. #9367
    Ep. #9367
    Episode 159
    Antonio and R.J. come to blows over Jamie after R.J. sends marshals to assume custody of his granddaughter, Nora warns R.J. about Lindsay while she waits for Daniel. Everyone is shocked that Kevin actually stopped to save Todd's life. Bo and Todd go the the parking lot and look for Blair but after having a hard time with the attendant, he comes clean and let them know that they took the car in which Blair was is in to the junk yard.moreless
  • Ep. #9366
    Ep. #9366
    Episode 158
    Roxy gives a tip to the cops that may gives the cops a lead about where Blair is. Marcie loses a close friend when Hudson dies in a fire at his apartment. Kevin and Todd continue to argue while trying to put up with each other. Bo questions Daniel on his lying.moreless
  • Ep. #9365
    Ep. #9365
    Episode 157
    David tries to take Dorian's mind off of worrying about Blair. Kevin and Todd start to look for Blair, Kevin and Todd also have some interesting conversations. Kelly spends some time with Jack. Bo worries that time might be running out for Blair. Rex continues to drive a wedge between Riley and Jen.moreless
  • Ep. #9364
    Ep. #9364
    Episode 156
    Kevin decides to help Todd regardless for their dislike for each other. Riley and Jen start packing because they are getting ready to move into their new place. Natalie drowns her problems by drinking beer at Rodie's. Michael and John talk about relationships same with Jen and Marcie.
  • Ep. #9363
    Ep. #9363
    Episode 155
    JR comes to the Buchanan home and plans on taking Ace back to Pine Valley. Jessica can't remember what happened the night before and she thinks that she stayed in and her stalker visited her... hmm could she have a split personality? Kevin spots Todd laying in the snow on his way out of town and stops for him...moreless
  • Ep. #9362
    Ep. #9362
    Episode 154
    Dorian helps a injured Viki. Blair dreams of her mother while being locked in the trunk of Margaret's car and Blair dreams of her own funeral. Babe wants Kevin and Kelly to be apart of James life. Todd is alive!
  • Ep. #9361
    Ep. #9361
    Episode 153
    Kelly lies under oath for Babe so that Babe can get little Ace back. Todd tries to escape as the clock on the bomb continues to tick. Kevin decides to drop out of the custody case and says that he think the child should go to Babe. Margaret takes a second pregnancy test and It comes back positive. The cabin blows up but did Todd make it out in time?moreless
  • Ep. #9360
    Ep. #9360
    Episode 152
    The custody hearing for little Ace begins and it is interesting. Margaret is furious when she finds out that she isn't pregnant. Margaret out of rage and anger she puts a bomb in the cabin with the timer ticking as Todd fears for his life. Margaret makes her way to the parking lot and opens up the trunk and pulls a gun on Blair!moreless
  • Ep. #9359
    Ep. #9359
    Episode 151
    Margaret is happy that her and Todd finally slept together. Starr asks Viki to let her and Jack move in with her. Marcie makes it to her book signing where friends, family and specters are there for her. Kelly and Kevin continue to disagree about where Ace really should belong. Hayes finally gets what's coming to him when Marcie fires him.moreless
  • Ep. #9358
    Ep. #9358
    Episode 150
    Jessica tries to comfort a heartbroken/drunken Natalie. Hayes tries to take advantage of Marice's current situation. Lindsay convinces RJ to let Antonio spend a few minutes with his daughter Jamie. Bo and Nora spend Valentine's day together to take care of a sick Michael. Duke sings a song to Adriana.
  • Ep. #9357
    Ep. #9357
    Episode 149
    Llanview citizens celebrate Valentine's day. RJ and Lindsay continue to grow closer. Evangeline and John still try to define their relationship. Lindsay and Roxy both have their spots at singing, Lindsay at ultra violet with a seductive and classy singing style as oppose to Roxy with a crazy and free spirit singing. Evangeline has her shot at singing also starting to think this is a musical episode. Natalie grows jealous seeing John with Evangeline. Todd gives into Margaret!moreless
  • Ep. #9356
    Ep. #9356
    Episode 148
    Natalie visits Cristian in jail and Cristian doesn't tell her the truth that he is really Cristian. Roxy almost saves Blair but the guard didn't believe her because she smelled of alcohol. John daydreams of what life would be like for him and Natalie. Todd tries to think of ways to outsmart Margaret. Family visits Marcie in the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #9355
    Ep. #9355
    Episode 147
    Kelly pays Babe a visit and tells her that she is going to help her get James back. As Todd and Blair remain being held captive by Margaret in different locations, Todd and Blair continue to communicate to each other via walkie talkie and Blair tells Todd to do what Margaret wants him to do and that she we understand. John visits Cristian in jail to give him the DNA results on who he really is. In a shocking and in a confusing way the DNA tests show that the impostor is not really a impostor that he is indeed the one and only real Cristian Vega!moreless
  • Ep. #9354
    Ep. #9354
    Episode 146
    Natalie continues to blame herself for not seeing through the impostor Cristian. Margaret continues to hold all of the cards when it comes to Todd and Blair. Lighting strikes twice when Carlotta must deal with the pain of losing her son "Cristian" yet again. Viki lights a candle for Todd. Margaret lets Todd and Blair have a conversation via walkie talkie and it is a very emotional moment. The fake Cristian gets life in prison without the possibility of parole. The DNA results are now in on who is the fake Cristian. Jessica receives a letter from her "stalker".moreless
  • Ep. #9353
    Ep. #9353
    Episode 145
    Sick of all the lying, Natalie attacks the faux Cristian. Friends and family members gather around Marice's hospital room. Michael has had enough of Hayes so much that he punches him in the hospital. Hayes complains to Paige about Michael punching him. David comes to Dorian and Viki's rescue. Jessica comforts a heartbroken Natalie.moreless
  • Ep. #9352
    Ep. #9352
    Episode 144
    Margaret driving dangerously ends up hitting Marcie, landing Marcie in the hospital in a seriously condition. Natalie is utterly at the brink of a breakdown after finding out that the man who came back to Llanview isn't really her husband. John comforts Natalie. Margaret continues to hold Blair hostage. John questions the impostor Cristian.moreless
  • Ep. #9351
    Ep. #9351
    Episode 143
    Dorian blames Viki for Blair missing. Cristian comes clean about everything. Shocking everyone, Dorian and Viki team up to find Todd and Blair. Marcie's heart is broken when she sees Michael kissing another girl. Cristian reveals to everyone that he is not Cristian Vega and that he is a impostor!
  • Ep. #9350
    Ep. #9350
    Episode 142
    Blair is reunited with Todd when she also becomes a prisoner of Margaret. Michael's friends throw him a party to celebrate getting his job back at the hospital. Cristian admits in front of Natalie, Jessica, Antonio and John that he killed Tico. Margaret takes Blair for a little drive.
  • Ep. #9349
    Ep. #9349
    Episode 141
    Evangeline wants to pull up Antonio's file. Rex continues to try and come between Riley and Jen. Lindsay and RJ grow closer. Nora overhears Daniel on a important phone call. Kelly continues to get drawn in, in reconnecting with Ace and Kevin. Cristian comes to visit Antonio in prison and knocks out the guard and picks it up and points it at Antonio and says" I'm going to kill you Antonio just like I did to Tico!moreless
  • Ep. #9348
    Ep. #9348
    Episode 140
    Rex and Riley continue to fight over Jen. Starr and Dorian call a family truce. Cristian almost overhears Evangeline on the phone asking about his DNA test results. Antonio is arrested for the murder of Tico Santi. Blair puts the fire out but the reunion is short lived.
  • Ep. #9347
    Ep. #9347
    Episode 139
    Michael gets good news. Rex tells Jennifer and Riley that he still loves Jennifer and he is going to try and get her back. Blair gets help from what looks like an old friend by another name on where Todd is. In attempt to escape from the cabin, Todd accidentally sets the cabin on fire. Blair makes her way to the cabin where Todd is and sees smoke coming from It. Margaret tries to kidnap Starr. Blair kicks the cabin door in to try and save Todd.moreless
  • Ep. #9346
    Ep. #9346
    Episode 138
    Margaret gives Todd a ultimatum. Blair gets another tip on Margaret. Duke is surprised that Adriana is going to trick Kevin into giving out information. Dorian gets on the news later followed by a heart felt moment from Starr and Jack to their father Todd. Jessica says she remembers who murdered Tico and says Antonio did it!moreless
  • Ep. #9345
    Ep. #9345
    Episode 137
    Blair, Kelly, and Starr go out to the palace and take notice of Kevin with little Ace. Kelly begins to reconnect. John comes to Llanfair and questions Cristian about buying a gun and also asks Natalie to get Cristian's DNA sample. Marcie worries about where Michael is, Marcie asks Jessica if she can try to help and remember who she saw who murdered Tico Santi in order to save Michael's career and life and Jessica agrees to help. Evangeline does something unethical for John. Natalie gets a sample of Cristian's DNA and hands it to John.moreless
  • Ep. #9344
    Ep. #9344
    Episode 136
    Kevin returns home with little Ace. Kelly sees that Kevin and Ace are back and she is shocked. Margaret annoys Todd by dressing up as Blair as a way to seduce him. Daniel finally releases Rex from jail. Kelly has a emotional moment with Ace. Blair puts Margaret's picture on "The Sun" having wanted over It. Margaret chokes Todd.moreless
  • Ep. #9343
    Ep. #9343
    Episode 135
    The Chandler's father and son head to New Orleans followed by Kevin and Bo Buchanan, So that one of the fathers can bring Ace back to where he belongs Pine Valley or Llanview. Evangeline sees John comforting Natalie, Natalie refuses to believe that the Cristian that came back to her may not be her husband. Kelly tells Cristian she knows why Cristian is acting so weird, she thinks he is still in love with her. Kevin is the one who winds up with Ace, The Chandler men wage war saying this isn't over!moreless
  • Ep. #9342
    Ep. #9342
    Episode 134
    Natalie tells her mother about Cristian catching her snooping around in his stuff. Blair continues to look for Margaret even if she has to search the entire mountains. Todd and Margaret survive the explosion. Kevin tells Kelly the truth about his phone call from Bo. John does some snooping around the Buchanan cabin and discovers that the man who returned to Llanview may not be Cristian at all!moreless
  • Ep. #9341
    Ep. #9341
    Episode 133
    Cristian contemplates throwing his black book away. Margaret tries to get into the avalanche-covered cabin to save Todd. Nora does a background check on Margaret for Blair. Daniel and Bo bicker over Bo's loyalty to his family and to the police department, Bo gets a lead on where "Little Ace" is. Kevin tells Kelly that he wants to be a family again with her and little Ace. Natalie admits to John that she is scared of Cristian and that she can't help him if she's scared of him.moreless
  • Ep. #9340
    Ep. #9340
    Episode 132
    Jessica admits to Marcie that she still loves Antonio. Michael is suspended from the hospital. Cristian scolds Natalie for invading his privacy. Viki tells Cristian that she knows what he is going through because of her past experience. Daniel continues to try and pin Rex for the Paul Cramer murder. Natalie confides into Evangeline about Cristian scaring her. Daniel is giving Adam Chandler information on the investigation for little Ace.moreless
  • Ep. #9339
    Ep. #9339
    Episode 131
    Todd tries to escape out from below the cabin that is covered by the avalanche. Blair and Dorian confront Margaret on about her murdering Mona Bigelow. Lindsay visits Rex in prison trying to convince him to talk to Bo about the fact he didn't kill Paul Cramer. Evangeline and John celebrate her birthday but it is interrupted by Natalie. Nora warns RJ to beware of Lindsay. Daniel pokes his knows where it doesn't belong. Margaret gets a restraining order against Blair!moreless
  • Ep. #9338
    Ep. #9338
    Episode 130
    Asa and Kevin decide to try and find Ace before Adam Chandler does. Antonio tells Jessica that he still loves her. Blair and Dorian plot to make it look like Mrs Bigelow is still alive in order to catch Margaret. Todd continues to try and escape the clutches of Margaret. Antonio gets the results on the cable cutter but it shows up with no finger prints but It did have traces of plastic wire casings. Antonio and Jessica team up to catch her stalker. Duke stands up to Asa for verbally abusing Adriana. Margaret comes to the hospital to visit Mona Bigelow. Todd in a chance to escape he fires a flair gun Into the sky which causes a massive avalanche.moreless
  • Ep. #9337
    Ep. #9337
    Episode 129
    Blair, Starr, Dorian and David gather for Mona Bigelow's funeral. Cristian believes that he might be Jessica's stalker, but Natalie says otherwise. John asks Bo to keep the evidence against Michael off the record. Marcie lets it slip to Evangeline about the fact that John is considering lying to protect his brother. Marcie and Evangeline have girl talk and talk about The McBain men among other things. Blair hallucinates thinking that Mrs Bigelow opened her eyes and spoke to her. Todd tampers with Margaret's fertilization test, Margaret pulls her gun out on him.moreless
  • Ep. #9336
    Ep. #9336
    Episode 128
    The Buchanan men have a family men have a family meeting. John questions his brother about his latex gloves. Todd begins to have fake visions of Viki and Dorian. Margaret and Blair face off. Natalie continues to try to get through to Cristian. Evangeline calls John on him shutting her out and not having a communication relationship. Margaret Is content of having Todd's baby even going as far as drugging his drink. Duke and Matthew hangout having a little family talk. Asa and Kevin head to Pine Valley. The Buchanan men and Chandler men butt heads. Todd finds out that Margaret drugged his drink.moreless
  • Ep. #9335
    Ep. #9335
    Episode 127
    Cristian continues to have visions of killing Tico Santi, Cristian considers leaving Llanview In order to keep everyone safe. Antonio moves into Llanfair until he finds out who is harassing Jessica, Jessica is dead set against having Antonio moving in. Jessica thinks that Cristian is the one who is stalking her. Blair confronts Margaret about Todd's disappearance. Natalie admits to her mother that she is scared of Cristian.moreless
  • Ep. #9334
    Ep. #9334
    Episode 126
    Cristian didn't jump at the chance to save Antonio, Antonio almost fell down the elevator shaft. Jessica and Natalie continue to bicker over Cristian. Bo confides Into Paige that he fears that Daniel Colson may not be one of the good guys. David and Dorian argue about what her plans are for "The Governor". Lindsay continues to annoy Daniel and Nora. Duke defends Kelly against Kevin and Bo. Kelly admits that she Is not Ace's biological mother, Kelly comes clean about everything. Bo puts another A.P.B this time on a different person "Babe Chandler" AKA Kate Anderson.moreless
  • Ep. #9333
    Ep. #9333
    Episode 125
    J.R. Chandler comes to Llanview to claim his son, Adam Chandler III, and he vows to make Kevin and Kelly pay for his son's disappearance. Antonio and Cristian get trapped In an elevator as Cristian continues to lose his mind. Cristian fears with the state of mind he's In he may hurt someone he loves, even his wife Natalie. Jen tries to convince Rex that she didn't kill Paul Cramer and that he doesn't need to do this for her, Daniel spied on them and overheard their important conversation. Nora accepts Daniels marriage proposal.moreless
  • Ep. #9332
    Ep. #9332
    Episode 124
    It was revealed today that Mona Bigelow was indeed murdered by Margaret Cochran last week. Blair believes Mona Bigelow was murdered but Bo disagrees with saying the cops said that she jumped that It was a suicide Cristian continues to have flashbacks, Dorian continues to plot against Viki.
  • Ep. #9331
    Ep. #9331
    Episode 123
    Todd desperately tried to get Kevin Buchanan's attention but Kevin didn't notice him because of Todd's sedated status, which caused Todd to be still in the clutches of Margaret Cochran. Representing Antonio begins to cause a rift between Evangeline and John. Hayes continues to manipulate Marcie. Blair continues to keep up hope for Todd by issuing a very hefty reward for Todd's return.moreless
  • Ep. #9330
    Ep. #9330
    Episode 122
  • Ep. #9329
    Ep. #9329
    Episode 121
  • Ep. #9328
    Ep. #9328
    Episode 120
  • Ep. #9327
    Ep. #9327
    Episode 119
    Cristian's personality seems to change as he attacks two muggers who went after Natalie, and she needs to call John for help to get him off them. Nora's out-loud musings about whether or not she should marry Daniel interrupt a private moment between Bo and Paige. Todd is more determined than ever to get home to Blair as he watches her sing to him on the television.moreless
  • Ep. #9326
    Ep. #9326
    Episode 118
  • Ep. #9325
    Ep. #9325
    Episode 117
  • Ep. #9324
    Ep. #9324
    Episode 116
  • Ep. #9323
    Ep. #9323
    Episode 115
  • Ep. #9322
    Ep. #9322
    Episode 114
  • Ep. #9321
    Ep. #9321
    Episode 113
  • Ep. #9320
    Ep. #9320
    Episode 112
  • Ep. #9319
    Ep. #9319
    Episode 111
  • Ep. #9318
    Ep. #9318
    Episode 110
  • Ep. #9317
    Ep. #9317
    Episode 109
  • Ep. #9316
    Ep. #9316
    Episode 108
  • Ep. #9315
    Ep. #9315
    Episode 107
  • Ep. #9314
    Ep. #9314
    Episode 106
  • Ep. #9313
    Ep. #9313
    Episode 105
  • Ep. #9312
    Ep. #9312
    Episode 104
  • Ep. #9311
    Ep. #9311
    Episode 103
  • Ep. #9310
    Ep. #9310
    Episode 102
  • Ep. #9309
    Ep. #9309
    Episode 101
  • Ep. #9308
    Ep. #9308
    Episode 100
  • Ep. #9307
    Ep. #9307
    Episode 99
  • Ep. #9306
    Ep. #9306
    Episode 98
  • Ep. #9305
    Ep. #9305
    Episode 97
  • Ep. #9304
    Ep. #9304
    Episode 96
  • Ep. #9303
    Ep. #9303
    Episode 95
  • Ep. #9302
    Ep. #9302
    Episode 94
  • Ep. #9301
    Ep. #9301
    Episode 93
  • Ep. #9300
    Ep. #9300
    Episode 92
  • Ep. #9299
    Ep. #9299
    Episode 91
  • Ep. #9298
    Ep. #9298
    Episode 90
  • Ep. #9297
    Ep. #9297
    Episode 89
  • Ep. #9296
    Ep. #9296
    Episode 88
  • Ep. #9295
    Ep. #9295
    Episode 87
  • Ep. #9294
    Ep. #9294
    Episode 86
  • Ep. #9293
    Ep. #9293
    Episode 85
  • Ep. #9292
    Ep. #9292
    Episode 84
  • Ep. #9291
    Ep. #9291
    Episode 83
  • Ep. #9290
    Ep. #9290
    Episode 82
  • Ep. #9289
    Ep. #9289
    Episode 81
  • Ep. #9288
    Ep. #9288
    Episode 80
  • Ep. #9287
    Ep. #9287
    Episode 79
  • Ep. #9286
    Ep. #9286
    Episode 78
  • Ep. #9285
    Ep. #9285
    Episode 77
  • Ep. #9284
    Ep. #9284
    Episode 76
  • Ep. #9283
    Ep. #9283
    Episode 75
  • Ep. #9282
    Ep. #9282
    Episode 74
  • Ep. #9281
    Ep. #9281
    Episode 73
  • Ep. #9280
    Ep. #9280
    Episode 72
  • Ep. #9279
    Ep. #9279
    Episode 71
  • Ep. #9278
    Ep. #9278
    Episode 70
  • Ep. #9277
    Ep. #9277
    Episode 69
  • Ep. #9276
    Ep. #9276
    Episode 68
  • Ep. #9275
    Ep. #9275
    Episode 67
  • Ep. #9274
    Ep. #9274
    Episode 66
  • Ep. #9273
    Ep. #9273
    Episode 65
  • Ep. #9272
    Ep. #9272
    Episode 64
  • Ep. #9271
    Ep. #9271
    Episode 63
  • Ep. #9270
    Ep. #9270
    Episode 62
  • Ep. #9269
    Ep. #9269
    Episode 61
  • Ep. #9268
    Ep. #9268
    Episode 60
  • Ep. #9267
    Ep. #9267
    Episode 59
  • Ep. #9266
    Ep. #9266
    Episode 58
  • Ep. #9265
    Ep. #9265
    Episode 57
  • Ep. #9264
    Ep. #9264
    Episode 56
  • Ep. #9263
    Ep. #9263
    Episode 55
  • Ep. #9262
    Ep. #9262
    Episode 54
  • Ep. #9261
    Ep. #9261
    Episode 53
  • Ep. #9260
    Ep. #9260
    Episode 52
  • Ep. #9259
    Ep. #9259
    Episode 51
  • Ep. #9258
    Ep. #9258
    Episode 50
    Kelly finally gets the chance to see her son, who is spending some time with Babe Chandler. Although Babe doesn't tell Kelly he's her son, she nearly makes a mistake by telling Kelly she has no right to be with the boy. Kelly finally bids her son goodbye, and gives David a thank you kiss. Antonio gets a phone call from someone who identifies himself as El Tiburón who requests that Antonio kill someone if he wants to prove himself worthy of taking over the Santi family, not realising it's Tico with an electronically altered voice. After Roxy and Nigel help Asa get out of the mansion, he heads to the gala with a gun determined to get revenge on Todd and Blair.moreless
  • Ep. #9257
    Ep. #9257
    Episode 49
    Tico continues to be haunted by his mother's ghost, who accuses him of murder. Carlotta begs Antonio not to walk away from his family, but he turns his back on her. David and Dorian think they've convinced Kelly to come to the gala, but she's making plans to see Ace. Todd realises that Addie found Asa in the crevice. Rex and Shannon help Asa out of the crevice and back to the mansion.moreless
  • Ep. #9256
    Ep. #9256
    Episode 48
    At Tico's urgings, Duke and Adriana go on a picnic with Addie, who finds Asa in the crevice, but can't communicate what she saw to the teenagers. While Antonio launches a break and entry to prove to Sonia that Tico is really El Tiburón, Tico is haunted by the ghost of his dead mother. Michael and Mark both encourage Marcie to pursue her dream of having her novel published.moreless
  • Ep. #9255
    Ep. #9255
    Episode 47
    Antonio pulls back from making love to Sonia but Jessica (thanks to Tico's interference) has already seen more than enough and breaks off her engagement to Antonio. Later, she and Natalie decide to move back into Llanfair. Rex defends Shannon to the Love Crew, which doesn't thrill Lindsay. Later, Shannon spots Rex and Paul together, and wonders what's up.moreless
  • Ep. #9254
    Ep. #9254
    Episode 46
    Jessica refuses to believe Tico when he tells her that Antonio killed Isabella, but after a run-in with Antonio at the loft, Jessica agrees to go to the gala with Tico. Asa's friends and family remain worried about the Buchanan patriarch, who is having his own adventure with a couple of lost boy scouts. Kevin meets with Dawes, much to the curiosity of Dorian, David and Kelly.moreless
  • Ep. #9253
    Ep. #9253
    Episode 45
  • Ep. #9252
    Ep. #9252
    Episode 44
  • Ep. #9251
    Ep. #9251
    Episode 43
  • Ep. #9250
    Ep. #9250
    Episode 42
    Paul is shocked when Natalie tells him that it's over between them, and she can't see him any more. He tries to convince her that he can go straight for her, but when she doesn't buy it, he reminds her that she got him into this mess, and she better get him out of it.moreless
  • Ep. #9249
    Ep. #9249
    Episode 41
    Antonio reads a letter that Angelina left for him and is shocked to learn that he is really Manuelito Santi and she was his mother, Isabella.
  • Ep. #9248
    Ep. #9248
    Episode 40
  • Ep. #9247
    Ep. #9247
    Episode 39
  • Ep. #9246
    Ep. #9246
    Episode 38
  • Ep. #9245
    Ep. #9245
    Episode 37
    Octavio Virgil's file is stolen from the police station and winds up in Antonio's possession.
  • Ep. #9244
    Ep. #9244
    Episode 36
  • Ep. #9243
    Ep. #9243
    Episode 35
  • Ep. #9242
    Ep. #9242
    Episode 34
  • Ep. #9241
    Ep. #9241
    Episode 33
  • Ep. #9240
    Ep. #9240
    Episode 32
  • Ep. #9239
    Ep. #9239
    Episode 31
  • Ep. #9238
    Ep. #9238
    Episode 30
  • Ep. #9237
    Ep. #9237
    Episode 29
  • Ep. #9236
    Ep. #9236
    Episode 28
  • Ep. #9235
    Ep. #9235
    Episode 27
  • Ep. #9234
    Ep. #9234
    Episode 26
  • Ep. #9233
    Ep. #9233
    Episode 25
  • Ep. #9232
    Ep. #9232
    Episode 24
  • Ep. #9231
    Ep. #9231
    Episode 23
  • Ep. #9230
    Ep. #9230
    Episode 22
  • Ep. #9229
    Ep. #9229
    Episode 21
  • Ep. #9228
    Ep. #9228
    Episode 20
  • Ep. #9227
    Ep. #9227
    Episode 19
  • Ep. #9226
    Ep. #9226
    Episode 18
  • Ep. #9225
    Ep. #9225
    Episode 17
  • Ep. #9224
    Ep. #9224
    Episode 16
  • Ep. #9223
    Ep. #9223
    Episode 15
  • Ep. #9222
    Ep. #9222
    Episode 14
  • Ep. #9221
    Ep. #9221
    Episode 13
  • Ep. #9220
    Ep. #9220
    Episode 12
  • Ep. #9219
    Ep. #9219
    Episode 11
  • Ep. #9218
    Ep. #9218
    Episode 10
  • Ep. #9217
    Ep. #9217
    Episode 9
  • Ep. #9216
    Ep. #9216
    Episode 8
  • Ep. #9215
    Ep. #9215
    Episode 7
  • Ep. #9214
    Ep. #9214
    Episode 6
  • Ep. #9213
    Ep. #9213
    Episode 5
  • Ep. #9212
    Ep. #9212
    Episode 4
  • Ep. #9211
    Ep. #9211
    Episode 3
  • Ep. #9210
    Ep. #9210
    Episode 2
  • Ep. #9209
    Ep. #9209
    Episode 1
    While Adriana is thrilled to meet her older half-brother, Tico, Carlotta nearly passes out when she first meets her nephew. At the quarry, River diverts Shannon's questions about him and Adriana with a kiss. Blair threatens to blow the lid off Kelly's lies, but agrees to keep quiet as long as Kelly leaves her family alone. After seeing Kelly and Ace, Kevin decides to pursue custody of his son.moreless