One Life to Live - Season 38

Hulu (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • Ep. #9720
    Ep. #9720
    Episode 256
    Todd begins to get his revenge on Spencer when he gives him a taste of his own medicine.
  • Ep. #9719
    Ep. #9719
    Episode 255
    Todd makes a proposition to Dorian and later formulates a plan when he sees an odd moment between Spencer and Blair.
  • Ep. #9718
    Ep. #9718
    Episode 254
    Blair is more determined than ever to bring Spencer down and get Todd back, and begins to make drastic plans.
  • Ep. #9717
    Ep. #9717
    Episode 253
    John remains bound and determined to get to the truth of his father's death once and for all. The relationship between Dorian and Clint continues to grow.
  • Ep. #9716
    Ep. #9716
    Episode 252
    David and Dorian say their goodbyes as David prepares to make a decision that will change his life.
  • Ep. #9715
    Ep. #9715
    Episode 251
    David makes a decision that will change his life forever.
  • Ep. #9714
    Ep. #9714
    Episode 250
    Blair is determined to get everything back -- Todd, her children, and the life she always wanted.
  • Ep. #9713
    Ep. #9713
    Episode 249
    John is convinced that David is hiding something about the night that his father died.
  • Ep. #9712
    Ep. #9712
    Episode 248
    Todd and Blair continue to deny their feelings for each other. Kelly isn't sure how to feel when the test says she is pregnant.
  • Ep. #9711
    Ep. #9711
    Episode 247
    Lindsay feels insecure about her relationship with R.J. after she sees him share a kiss with Nora.
  • Ep. #9710
    Ep. #9710
    Episode 246
    Todd gathers his friends any family at the country club via mysterious text messages -- Natalie, John, Evangeline, Starr, Ricky, David and Viki. He proceeds to thank them for supporting him, and offers to fund David's legal fees despite their previous animosities. Blair shows up, having been followed by Spencer, and Todd 'gives' her to him as a consolation prize. After meeting with Matthew, Nora meets with R.J. and asks him to help her get home today. Bo goes to see Paige where the two discuss a possible reconciliation. At Natalie's urgings, David tells John that Spencer had nothing to do with Thomas McBain's death, and admits to having shot him.moreless
  • Ep. #9709
    Ep. #9709
    Episode 245
    Clint and Antonio discuss raising children that are not biologically their own, and Antonio tells Clint that he will be the one raise this baby with Jessica. Rex tries to get as much information from Neely as he can in the hopes of helping Bo. Cristian confesses his feelings to Evangeline.moreless
  • Ep. #9708
    Ep. #9708
    Episode 244
    Blair is left hoping there can still be a future between her and Todd after he kisses her, but he's determined to forget her. Viki finds herself struggling to keep Niki Smith from emerging. After Nash is able to prove to her what her father is capable of, Claudia officially aligns herself with her ex. Evangeline becomes more aware of the extent of Cristian's hand injury.moreless
  • Ep. #9707
    Ep. #9707
    Episode 243
    Todd tries to enlist Evangeline's help in getting custody of his children away from Blair, but she refuses and instead tries to get him to admit he still loves Blair. Jessica begins to recall memories of her time with Norman Leeds. John is upset after learning that Natalie met with Vincent, and she swears she won't see the other man again. Asa is pleased to get a visit from Matthew.moreless
  • Ep. #9706
    Ep. #9706
    Episode 242
    Blair is devastated when Todd kicks her out of the penthouse and warns her that he will fight for custody of Starr and Jack. Spencer and the morgue attendant who identified Bo are definitely in cahoots. Marcie continues to fall more in love with the little boy that she and Michael are looking out for. Adriana tells Dorian about her stalker, leading Dorian to assign Daryl to watch her.moreless
  • Ep. #9705
    Ep. #9705
    Episode 241
    John has a nightmare about David's execution, and begins to wonder if there may be more to his father's death than he suspects. Blair pretends to take the sedative that Spencer gives her, but then eavesdrops as he tries to convince David not to plead guilty. Evangeline and Cristian agree to take their relationship slowly, but after she goes to meet with Bo, Cristian tries to paint and realises his hand is troubling him. Adriana saves Rex from drowning at the hands of her stalker, but begs him not to tell anyone. Bo, Hugh and Evangeline have a brainstorming session, but Evangeline tells Bo that she can't risk his freedom by being his attorney. Vincent is intrigued to learn Layla isn't keen on John and Natalie, and sets up another fight for Cristian.moreless
  • Ep. #9704
    Ep. #9704
    Episode 240
    John gets into it with Vincent at Capricorn, and Natalie prepares to intervene while Layla observes the situation. Viki is distressed by Todd's attitude towards Blair when she urges him to reconcile with her. Blair, Dorian and David are surprised by Spencer's behavior. The stalker attacks Rex and Adriana.
  • Ep. #9703
    Ep. #9703
    Episode 239
    Jessica confronts the ill Norman, but this still doesn't help her remember the past. She decides to return to the scene of the crime, where she meets Rose. vangeline cheers Cristian on in his fight as Layla flirts with Vincent, and an upset Adriana learns that Rex bet against Cristian. Claudia is torn when Nash tells her he wants to destroy her father. Norman Leeds dies. Adriana's stalker watches her and Rex.moreless
  • Ep. #9702
    Ep. #9702
    Episode 238
    Adriana inadvertantly drives a wedge back between Rex and Bo when she reveals he's investigating Jessica at Claudia's request. Jessica is unsuccessful in the integration process and wants to see Norman Leeds for herself. Todd is more determined than ever to make Spencer pay and confides in Kelly about his feelings. Michael tries to get David to understand how his and John's life changed after their father died.moreless
  • Ep. #9701
    Ep. #9701
    Episode 237
    Clint calls Nash to let him know that Jessica is watching the tape of herself as a child with Norman Leeds. Jessica queries Dr. Crosby as to why the little girl is introducing herself as Tess, and he explains that this isn't the first tape, but Jessica's alternate personality stemmed from Norman Leeds and his molestation. Adriana isn't too thrilled with Rex choosing to help Claudia investigate Jessica Buchanan. John and Hugh try to break the morgue attendant's story that Bo was the one who claimed the bodies in Kentucky, and Hugh warns John that this could mean the end of Bo's career.moreless
  • Ep. #9700
    Ep. #9700
    Episode 236
    Hugh goes to the hospital to see Todd to apologise for going after him so vehemently, but Todd isn't interested in the assistant district attorney's apology. Rex is concerned when Adriana receives a gift addressed to 'My Butterfly', and later he and Adriana have some questions for Claudia. Jessica prepares herself to watch the tape that will expose the secret Tess has been keeping for years. Kelly stops by to see Todd in the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #9699
    Ep. #9699
    Episode 235
    Margaret dies before she ever has the chance to tell those waiting what she remembered. Cristian offers comfort to Evangeline. Claudia helps Nash out again.
  • Ep. #9698
    Ep. #9698
    Episode 234
    Bo, John, Evangeline and Blair worry after learning that Margaret has been in an accident, concerned that now she can never tell them what she knows. Michael and Marcie take Tommy to see a doctor, and it's obvious how attached Marcie has already become to the baby. Lindsay is upset when she witnesses a close moment between Nora and R.J. Todd dreams of a happy future with Blair.moreless
  • Ep. #9697
    Ep. #9697
    Episode 233
    Margaret's memory starts to come back and she asks to be taken to the station, but the van is in an accident. Blair pretends that she has complete faith in Spencer when David tries to convince her that Spencer is up to something. Antonio admits to Jessica that he knows what caused her personalities to split in the first place.moreless
  • Ep. #9696
    Ep. #9696
    Episode 232
    Spencer manages to keep himself in check while dealing with Margaret and reveals absolutely nothing. Nash and Bruce discuss their plans to ruin George Reston and Nash heads to meet up with Claudia. Rex is determined to keep Adriana safe at all costs.
  • Ep. #9695
    Ep. #9695
    Episode 231
    Margaret and Spencer come face to face for the first time since her return. Unable to get over what happened with Duke and Kelly, Kevin begins drinking again. Blair has a dangerous plan to get the truth out of Spencer.
  • Ep. #9694
    Ep. #9694
    Episode 230
    Vincent informs Cristian that he owns him now. Jessica manages to keep Tess from emerging, but does the right thing by informing Nash that he is the baby's father. Blair is determined to get Todd back.
  • Ep. #9693
    Ep. #9693
    Episode 229
    Nash surprises Claudia with a kiss, then asks her to talk to her father for him and get him to leave Tess and Brennan alone. Bo and Ed Crosby try to jar Margaret's memory, then take her to see Todd. David threatens to tell Blair about Spencer's misdeeds if Spencer doesn't help him. Antonio is thrilled to see that Jessica is back, as are Clint and Viki. The four anxiously await the paternity test results, and Antonio is crushed when the results reveal Nash as Brennan's father.moreless
  • Ep. #9692
    Ep. #9692
    Episode 228
    Tess realizes it's for the best that Nash leave town after he tells her about Reston's threats and after saying a tearful goodbye to Brennan, allows Jessica to resurface. Adriana drops in to see David and suggests that he confess to his crimes if he really is guilty. Dorian encourages John not to go to hard on David. Evangeline meets Anne, the hospital worker who will help her learn to deal with her blindness.moreless
  • Ep. #9691
    Ep. #9691
    Episode 227
    Michael quits his fellowship after everything he has learned about Spencer. Rex and Bo try to get their friendship back on track. David considers accepting Bo's offer after talking to Dorian. John and Hugh identify the bodies believed to be Margaret and her baby as from a morgue in Kentucky.
  • Ep. #9690
    Ep. #9690
    Episode 226
    David needs Dorian's help. Blair wonders if the others are right about Spencer. Natalie worries that John will not be able to move on with his life.
  • Ep. #9690
    Ep. #9690
    Episode 225
    Blair continues to have doubts about Spencer, especially after talking with Bo. John tells Michael what he believes about Spencer, but warns his brother not to go over the line. Bo gets a call from the hospital that Paige has been brought in. Dorian visits David in jail and reminds him that he made is own bed. Adriana brings Kelly a pregnancy test. Paige panics when Bo tells her that they're investigating Spencer.moreless
  • Ep. #9689
    Ep. #9689
    Episode 224
    Blair finally loses control after she finally accepts that she should never have doubted Todd. Dorian is worried when she hears that David has been arrested. Cristian kisses Evangeline but doesn't get nearly the reaction he was hoping for. Michael is devastated to learn from John who really shot their father.moreless
  • Ep. #9688
    Ep. #9688
    Episode 223
    Blair begs Spencer to save Todd's life after Margaret is revealed to be alive and well. Antonio kisses Tess in an attempt to force Jessica to emerge. George Reston warns Nash that he had better get out of Llanview. Kevin swears he will never forgive Kelly for Duke's death.
  • Ep. #9687
    Ep. #9687
    Episode 222
    The governor refuses to hold off on the execution and with Todd's final words to Blair he vows never to forgive her. Starr creates a scene outside the prison when she realizes that Spencer is headed inside to watch the execution. John manages to arrive at the prison just as Todd is being given the third injection.moreless
  • Ep. #9686
    Ep. #9686
    Episode 221
    Evangeline and Todd are both overcome by emotion as they say a final goodbye to each other. John manages to reach the prison by phone, but the guard is convinced that it's a crank call. Dorian reluctantly agrees to take Starr to the prison. Paige tells Spencer she's going to tell the truth, but is in an accident before she can get there. Todd's execution begins.moreless
  • Ep. #9685
    Ep. #9685
    Episode 220
    Todd says a final goodbye to Starr and Jack, and is hurt when Jack calls him a murderer. Blair begs Todd to talk to her but he refuses. Adriana asks Kelly if she was in love with Duke. Margaret nearly turns the tables on John and Natalie as they try to return her and David to Llanview.moreless
  • Ep. #9684
    Ep. #9684
    Episode 219
    Spencer is unnerved to learn that Todd and his lawyer are fighting to have the bodies exhumed. Clint has to come between a battling Viki and Dorian. John and Natalie keep Margaret and David hostage in the hotel room while making their plans.
  • Ep. #9683
    Ep. #9683
    Episode 218
    Natalie is touched and concerned when John admits to her that the only thing that stopped him from killing David was her. Evangeline is determined to have the bodies of Margaret and the baby exhumed to prove Todd's innocence. Kevin lashes out at Kelly after he sees her at Duke's funeral.moreless
  • Ep. #9682
    Ep. #9682
    Episode 217
    The Buchanans gather to say a final farewell to Duke, and Kevin chokes up when trying to speak about his son. Tess continues to fight to stay in control. Andrew tries to offer Todd counseling, but he refuses.
  • Ep. #9681
    Ep. #9681
    Episode 216
    John shoots Denton, saving David's life. Margaret escapes via the bathroom window. Natalie tries to find more information on David. Nash helps Tess cheer Kevin up by bringing baby Brennan to see him. Blair tries to cheer Kelly up, but Kelly blames herself.
  • Ep. #9680
    Ep. #9680
    Episode 215
    Blair is upset when Starr is arrested for shop-lifting, and tells her she can't see Ricky any more. John gets Denton's notebook off him, looking for clues on David's location. Spencer calls David in Thailand, and David decides he and Margaret need to get out of there.
  • Ep. #9679
    Ep. #9679
    Episode 214
    Starr makes friends with Langston, a local bad girl, then, with Ricky's help, tries to paint over some graffiti some fellow classmates put up. Layla and Christian agree to help Evangeline prove that Todd is innocent. Kevin is convinced Duke didn't love him, but Adriana shows him otherwise. David and Margaret discuss some of their past mistakes. Natalie worries when she sees John with a gun.moreless
  • Ep. #9678
    Ep. #9678
    Episode 213
    Todd is upset to learn of Evangeline's blindness. Evangeline agrees to let Cristian help her with the loss of her sight. Dorian wonders if Spencer is reveling in Duke's death. Kevin and Kelly blame themselves for Duke's death. Tess names the baby Brennan on the birth certificate, but lists Jessica as the mother.moreless
  • Ep. #9677
    Ep. #9677
    Episode 212
    Kevin holds Duke as he laments the loss of his son, then calls Duke's mother to tell her that their son is dead. Adriana is shocked to hear that Duke is dead, and tells Rex and Dorian. Blair sits with Kelly as they discuss what led to her sleeping with Duke. Evangeline doesn't want Layla telling their family about her blindness yet. Layla is devastated to learn of Duke's death. Denton tells Margaret and David that Spencer has put a contract out on him. John is angry with Natalie for following him to Bangkok.moreless
  • Ep. #9676
    Ep. #9676
    Episode 211
    Bo takes John's gun from him and warns him that if he gets into trouble in Thailand, I.A.B. will hear about it. John boards the plane and is shocked when Natalie shows up to take the seat next to him. Blair is shocked to learn what Kelly and Duke were doing in the rectory as Clint and Viki worry what will happen to Kevin if Kelly makes it and Duke dies. David continues to try to convince Margaret of his story, and finally gets online to show her an article about her 'death'. Todd has another vision of a dead Margaret. Denton watches Margaret and David inside the Internet café. Kelly survives the surgery, but after briefly waking to tell Kevin he's sorry, Duke's heart stops and an anguished Kevin watches as they try to save his life.moreless
  • Ep. #9675
    Ep. #9675
    Episode 210
    Spencer asks Kevin to make an impossible decision -- choose between whether Duke or Kelly gets a life-saving surgery first. Kevin ultimately chooses Kelly. Antonio kisses Tess, believing she's still Jessica, but she has to tell him she pretended to be Jessica to keep him alive. Later, she brings the baby in to see him. Rex does what he can to make Adriana feel better, and falls in the water as a result. Neither realises they're being watched. Natalie continues to try to save John from making a huge mistake.moreless
  • Ep. #9674
    Ep. #9674
    Episode 209
    Kevin is shocked to find Duke and Kelly in the rubble of the rectory, entwined in each others arms. Natalie and John's relationship takes a turn for the better. Tess pretends to be Jessica in an attempt to make Antonio want to live.
  • Ep. #9673
    Ep. #9673
    Episode 208
    While driving to Asa's mansion from the hospital, Antonio, Tess and Nash are in an accident. Antonio ends up electrocuted, and Tess drops the baby out the window to Nash (in the ravine below) so that both of them can get out. Rex leaves the apartment for only a moment, but it's long enough for the stalker to try to kidnap Adriana, who is able to fight him off. A second tornado rips through the St. James rectory, destroying the building and burying Kelly and Duke in the rubble. John and Cristian vow to stay with Natalie and Evangeline as the paramedics arrive to take them to the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #9672
    Ep. #9672
    Episode 207
    Clint tries to calm the waters between Antonio, Tess and Nash after Antonio presents a court order restricting the baby from leaving the hospital until paternity is established. John attempts to help Natalie, who is bleeding from a leg wound, and Cristian attempts to help Evangeline, who has been injured by the flying glass. Rex is determined to do whatever he has to do in order to protect Adriana after they realise her stalker was alone in the loft with her. When David begins making demands to Spencer in exchange for keeping quiet about Margaret, Spencer sends Denton after his brother. Duke continues to comfort Kelly and the two have sex in the rectory.moreless
  • Ep. #9671
    Ep. #9671
    Episode 206
    Tess wants to take the baby home from the hospital, but Antonio gets a court order stating that no one can take the baby anywhere until after the paternity test. Natalie tells Cristian and Evangeline about recognising David as the shooter, then the three come clean to John when he pushes them for details. Kevin verbally attacks Kelly, blaming her for the majority of their problems and physically forcing her to return her engagement ring, leaving her crying on the floor as he heads to the bar. Michael and Marcie are finally declared husband and wife.moreless
  • Ep. #9670
    Ep. #9670
    Episode 205
    Michael and Marcie's wedding is already in progress when Natalie realises that the sketch of Thomas McBain's shooter is a young David Vickers. David tries desperately to remind Margaret of her life in Llanview when she comes to see him in the hospital. Paige says a final goodbye to Matthew as she prepares to move out of the apartment, then faces Bo.moreless
  • Ep. #9669
    Ep. #9669
    Episode 204
    Kevin walks away from both Kelly and Duke, and Duke tells Kelly that he will give her anything she wants -- which she realises is his way of telling her he will give her a baby. Michael is upset to learn that his mother Eve will not be able to make it in to the wedding because of the bad weather, but they decide to go ahead with the ceremony. Evangeline sees Natalie and Cristian share a kiss, but Cristian explains to her that it was a goodbye kiss. Adriana almost has second thoughts about Rex after hearing his prayer. Nash is upset to learn Claudia is moving to Llanview.moreless
  • Ep. #9668
    Ep. #9668
    Episode 203
    John walks out on Natalie after she refuses to agree to stop looking into Thomas McBain's murder. Duke is upset to learn that Kelly made arrangements to have the assault charges against Kevin dropped. Spencer sends Denton after he learns from Paige that David is in Thailand. Marcie and Michael's pre-wedding parties converge at UltraViolet.moreless
  • Ep. #9667
    Ep. #9667
    Episode 202
    Margaret swears to David she has no recollection of Llanview, Todd or the baby, and has him arrested for harassing her. Together, Jessica and Tess deliver a healthy baby girl then Jessica backs off, but warns Tess that it's not over. Evangeline faces opposition from Spencer when he finds out she's looking into his past. Michael and John don't realise the sketch of the shooter is David Vickers. Paige breaks things off with Bo, leaving Matthew very upset.moreless
  • Ep. #9666
    Ep. #9666
    Episode 201
    Spencer pushes Dorian for information about where David has gone but she stands fast and refuses to tell him anything. The pain continues to worsen as both Niki and Jessica try to convince Tess to let Jessica take over during labor. Cristian agrees to help Natalie and John when they ask him to make a sketch based on an eye-witness account. In Thailand, David is shocked to see Margaret.moreless
  • Ep. #9665
    Ep. #9665
    Episode 200
    Todd is pleased to know that Evangeline shares his suspicions about Spencer but still frustrated because of the lack of evidence. Rex worries about Adriana, especially when she won't let him tell Dorian about her stalker. Blair buys into Spencer's act of protective contrition. John comes closer to being able to identify the shooter. Starr remains angry with her mother.moreless
  • Ep. #9664
    Ep. #9664
    Episode 199
    Spencer tries to cover his own tracks by confessing to Blair how he 'protected' Paige by covering up the truth, then vows never to lie to her. Marcie comforts Michael, who is devastated to learn that Paige was responsible for his father's death. Kelly convinces Hugh to drop the charges against Kevin and then takes him home with her. Natalie heads off with Vincent to get answers about Thomas McBain's death.moreless
  • Ep. #9663
    Ep. #9663
    Episode 198
    The Buchanans gather at the hospital to support Jessica while Tess is in labor, but Clint and Viki are also hashing out his relationship with Dorian. Paige continues to keep quiet over David's role in Thomas McBain's death while David suffers the guilt over knowing what he did years ago. After John admits to her how much he wants to find the shooter, Natalie goes to Vincent for answers. Duke presses charges after Kevin hits him.moreless
  • Ep. #9662
    Ep. #9662
    Episode 197
    Vincent offers to help Natalie but she turns him down, feeling he is expecting too much in return. Paige admits her own role in Thomas McBain's death but avoids implicating Spencer, then calls David in Thailand to let him know that the man he shot was John and Michael's father. Evangeline and Blair watch the tape Todd prepared. Nash and Clint rush Tess to the hospital while Tess tries to keep Jessica at bay.moreless
  • Ep. #9661
    Ep. #9661
    Episode 196
    John is determined to make Paige pay the price for her role in his father's death, but Bo doesn't want to believe that she is responsible. David prepares to head to Bangkok to find Margaret while Spencer tries to figure out where his brother is. Rex is taken aback when Adriana accuses him of stalking her. Jessica tries to take over but Tess keeps her away, then begins experiencing labor pains.moreless
  • Ep. #9660
    Ep. #9660
    Episode 195
    Todd wonders if Evangeline is starting to get involved with Cristian, but Evangeline denies that they're more than friends. Viki tells Tess that no matter who the baby's mother is, the child will always be family. Snyder tries to convince John to give up his investigation into Thomas McBain's death.
  • Ep. #9659
    Ep. #9659
    Episode 194
    Natalie wonders what will ultimately happen to John if he's not able to find the person or persons responsible for Thomas McBain's death, then later worries what will happen if he does find them. Nash does his best to convince Tess that their future is secure as Claudia comes to the realisation that Tess is Jessica's alternate personality. Despite Blair's pleas for him to say goodbye to their children, Todd maintains his innocence.moreless
  • Ep. #9658
    Ep. #9658
    Episode 193
    Kevin isn't interested in anything that Clint has to say when he tries to talk to his son about his drinking. Claudia wonders what the connection is between Norman Leeds and Nash/Tess after running into Antonio. Dorian uses Daryl to get information on Rex.
  • Ep. #9657
    Ep. #9657
    Episode 192
    Hugh comforts Kelly after a bad run in with Kevin. Vincent sets up a meeting with Natalie. Layla asks Cristian out on a date. Rex and Matthew connect.
  • Ep. #9656
    Ep. #9656
    Episode 191
    Cristian finally decides that his time with Natalie is over, and that he needs to let her go. Paige and David discuss Spencer while Margaret turns up alive and well in Thailand. John faces the father of the man he killed while trying to protect Michael. Lindsay and Marcie search for the perfect wedding dress. Hugh cheers Kelly up.moreless
  • Ep. #9655
    Ep. #9655
    Episode 190
    Antonio worries that once Tess and Jessica are integrated that he may no longer hold a place in Jessica's life or her heart. Evangeline is embarrassed at having lost control in front of Cristian and lashes out, then regrets her actions. Kevin begins drinking after overhearing Duke admit his love for Kelly. Tess and Viki connect briefly.moreless
  • Ep. #9654
    Ep. #9654
    Episode 189
    Natalie admits to John that she was looking into his father's murder and he believes she's out of the investigation, but Vincent Jones has more information than he gave her. Paige continues to worry that her secrets will lead to Todd's death but Spencer's continued threats keep her silent. Rex is devastated when first Bo says he no longer trusts him then Adriana says they're finished.moreless
  • Ep. #9653
    Ep. #9653
    Episode 188
    Blair isn't interested in Todd's theory that Spencer killed Margaret and the baby, but Bo is more curious when Todd explains it to him. Adriana breaks things off with a jailed Rex after learning that he knew where Todd was all along and didn't tell her. Natalie meets up with Vincent Jones in Atlantic City despite Roxy's warnings and is surprised when he turns out to be an attractive young black man instead of the older white man she had assumed he would be. Kelly is upset to learn Kevin's sterility is irreversible.moreless
  • Ep. #9652
    Ep. #9652
    Episode 187
    Todd surrenders to Bo at Lion's Heart, even though Bo has started to doubt Todd's guilt. Starr reveals her mother's relationship with Spencer at the police station, but Todd shocks Blair by saying he already knew. Jessica tries to emerge after Tess experiences pains but Tess keeps her down. Evangeline breaks down with Cristian after admitting she's still in love with John.moreless
  • Ep. #9651
    Ep. #9651
    Episode 186
    Rex warns Evangeline on Todd's behalf, then gets into an argument with Natalie. Cristian is there for Evangeline when she needs someone. Dr. Crosby realizes something.
  • Ep. #9650
    Ep. #9650
    Episode 185
    Evangeline is concerned when she learns Todd has paired up with David. David breaks into Spencer's suite to get the dirt on his brother. Jessica begins to come to terms with her childhood.
  • Ep. #9649
    Ep. #9649
    Episode 184
    Rex teams up with Natalie to help her track down the men who killed Thomas McBain. Tess' first integration session with Dr. Crosby and Dr. Jamison doesn't go well. Michael and John believe Dr. Snyder knows more than he is saying.
  • Ep. #9648
    Ep. #9648
    Episode 183
    Nash worries that he will lose Tess after Clint tells him they're going to try to integrate Tess and Jessica. John and Michael confront the doctor they believe is responsible for their father's death.
  • Ep. #9647
    Ep. #9647
    Episode 182
    David admits to Todd that he believes Spencer may have been the one to kill Margaret, but doesn't disclose Paige's role. Blair wants Spencer to keep quiet about the times they have been together.
  • Ep. #9646
    Ep. #9646
    Episode 181
    David asks Dorian to be his friend again. Rex is shocked to find Todd in the house he and Adriana are checking out. A group of teens point out the shortcomings of Starr's family to the angry teen. Cristian's fight goes well.
  • Ep. #9645
    Ep. #9645
    Episode 180
    Nora is unable to speak, but everyone is relieved to see that she has finally come out of her coma. Nash manages to stop Tess from smothering the old man who abused her, but then she has to stop him from doing the same thing. Natalie goes to watch Cristian fight which causes Cristian a deadly distraction. Dorian is convinced that David has found a new woman.moreless
  • Ep. #9644
    Ep. #9644
    Episode 179
    Matthew's friends and family try to comfort him regarding Nora's condition, but Matthew receives the happiest surprise of his life when Nora opens her eyes. Clint is able to keep Niki at bay. Tess uses Dorian's laptop to hunt down her molester and takes off, with Nash hot on her heels once he learns where she's going. Cristian is upset that John is letting Natalie get herself involved in his investigation.moreless
  • Ep. #9643
    Ep. #9643
    Episode 178
    Paige is horrified to realize that Spencer is the reason that Kevin is sterile. Tess convinces Dorian to help her flee while Viki looks to Niki for answers about the past. Evangeline tells Todd she tracked Denton to Chicago and prepares to go after him. Clint and Nash come to an understanding.moreless
  • Ep. #9642
    Ep. #9642
    Episode 177
    Tess takes off after realizing that Niki and Clint now know the truth, and Nash heads after her. John questions his father's old partner in Atlantic City while Natalie queries Roxy about her time in Atlantic City when John's father was murdered. Duke pulls Kelly into a kiss after Kevin accuses her of wanting Duke's baby.moreless
  • Ep. #9641
    Ep. #9641
    Episode 176
    Clint and Viki watch the video and see Jessica becoming Tess for the first time. Viki sobs to realise what her daughter went through as Clint goes wild, destroying the room. Blair finds Todd's wedding ring on the window outside the cabin and is horrified to realise that he must have seen her and Spencer. Evangeline tries to convince Todd not to give up on proving his innocence. Natalie and Cristian reminisce at Rodi's. Tess and Nash enjoy the night.moreless
  • Ep. #9640
    Ep. #9640
    Episode 175
    Dorian enlists Daryl's help in her plans to destroy Rex once and for all. Todd is devastated to realise that Blair has turned to Spencer, who is elated to realise that Todd was at the cabin and saw what happened. John tells Natalie to stay out of his quest to find Thomas McBain's killer, then gets good news from Ed Crosby.moreless
  • Ep. #9639
    Ep. #9639
    Episode 174
    Matthew continues to hope for a happy future for Bo and Paige, but her secrets are coming between them. Todd heads to the cabin where he sees Blair and Spencer in a passionate embrace. Viki and Clint wonder if the lockbox in the abandoned house will have the answers they seek. Tess refuses to bow down to George Reston.moreless
  • Ep. #9638
    Ep. #9638
    Episode 173
    Rex makes it clear to Dorian that he knows she's responsible for his being drugged, and that he's not going to let her destroy him and Adriana. Todd remembers happier times with Blair and takes off. Clint and Viki meet Rose, but she's too upset to tell them anything.
  • Ep. #9637
    Ep. #9637
    Episode 172
    David helps Paige clean up the room where she believes that Spencer killed Margaret without asking any questions. Todd is successful in hiding from Blair and Spencer while under the doctor's desk. Starr is forced to call Spencer for help after she, Jack and Blair are stranded. After talking with Dr. Crosby, John vows to hunt down his father's killer, not realising that Paige and David are the two responsible -- they don't realise it either. Kelly and Duke worry about Kevin's drinking.moreless
  • Ep. #9636
    Ep. #9636
    Episode 171
    Blair is shocked when Evangeline tells her some truths about Todd. Roxy warns Natalie not to get so 'in your face' with John and Cristian or she'll lose both of them, but Natalie can't see past both men supporting Evangeline. Kevin doesn't know how to handle it when he finds the half-burned confession letter.moreless
  • Ep. #9635
    Ep. #9635
    Episode 170
    Paige tells David the painful truth. Blair wants to end things with Spencer. Todd is determined not to let Evangeline be punished for his sins after he learns of her arrest.
  • Ep. #9634
    Ep. #9634
    Episode 169
    With Clint and Viki's prodding, Rose begins remembering the events that happened to her as a child. Nash wonders if the best thing for all concerned is for him to pack up and move on. Adriana finds Rex, who has been injected with drugs, and nurses him back to health. Layla begs John to help Evangeline.moreless
  • Ep. #9633
    Ep. #9633
    Episode 168
    Clint and Viki try to get information from Rose about what happened to Tess. Tess wants to find Nash but it's Todd she runs into. Evangeline is arrested. Thanks to Dorian's interference, Rex is accused of having drugs.
  • Ep. #9632
    Ep. #9632
    Episode 167
    Kelly burns the note that she left for Luke regarding his confession to her. Hugh becomes suspicious of Evangeline when she evades John's questions. Todd doesn't know he was seen.
  • Ep. #9631
    Ep. #9631
    Episode 166
    Viki worries that Jessica is gone for good as Tess decides that she doesn't need anyone in her life telling her what to do. Evangeline and Todd try to figure out what the best way is to prove that he was set up. Nash faces George Reston again as the man continues to make his threats. Bo tries to be honest with Starr about the situation that Todd is in. Adriana stands fast when she faces choosing between Rex and modeling.moreless
  • Ep. #9630
    Ep. #9630
    Episode 165
    A furious Todd watches as Spencer plays his role with Blair, Starr and Jack but has to be careful after Evangeline tells him that there are certain rules he's going to need to follow. Kevin can't figure out what's causing the tension between Duke and Kelly as Duke prepares to make a confession. Bo isn't able to get anywhere with Evangeline and later ends up in an argument with Paige.moreless
  • Ep. #9629
    Ep. #9629
    Episode 164
    Todd hides when Layla returns to the apartment, and he and Evangeline agree that he should hide out in Lindsay's warehouse. Rex and Adriana decide to take their relationship to the next level when they get just one room in New York. Cristian and Natalie grow closer as he tries to give her a boxing lesson. Spencer demands that Denton find Todd immediately.moreless
  • Ep. #9628
    Ep. #9628
    Episode 163
    After finding the scrap of the marshal's uniform on the deck, Bo and John realise that Todd was at the garret and Bo wonders just what it is Todd can possibly want from Paige. Viki tries to convince Nash not to leave town and later Clint tries the same thing, but Nash is worried that if he sticks around he will be guaranteeing that he loses Tess. Todd tries to convince Evangeline of his innocence but she insists on calling John. Later, though, she agrees to let him hide out for the night. Kelly tries to talk to Duke but he's still sleeping it off so she leaves a note for him with Nigel then heads to the police station where she runs into Hugh.moreless
  • Ep. #9627
    Ep. #9627
    Episode 162
    Todd manages to escape before Bo finds him with Paige and heads to see Viki, who begs her half-brother to turn himself in. Confused over Todd's claims of innocence, John turns to an unlikely source when he asks Cristian for advice. Tess storms out on Nash after confronting him about keeping her interactions with the Reston family from her.moreless
  • Ep. #9626
    Ep. #9626
    Episode 161
    Nash's past with Claudia continues to haunt him. Kelly's relationship with Kevin could take a turn when she tries to handle Duke. Todd demands to know what Paige meant when she told him she knew he was innocent.
  • Ep. #9625
    Ep. #9625
    Episode 160
    Bo realizes that Paige is keeping another secret from him. Todd and Hugh have a tense stand-off at the diner, with Todd not willing to let Hugh take him in, and Hugh not willing to let him go. Natalie tries to stop John from taking off after Todd.
  • Ep. #9624
    Ep. #9624
    Episode 159
    John presses Paige to tell him why Todd thought she had all the answers, but she tells him she can't help him. Later, she tells Bo that she isn't good enough for him. Layla is surprised to find Cristian trying to break into Evangeline's apartment, a hammer tucked in the back of his pants. He explains he is there to hang a painting, and asks for her help. David wants answers from Spencer about why Asa had a photograph of their mother, Emma. Todd hides out in a diner, but one of the customers recognizes him.moreless
  • Ep. #9623
    Ep. #9623
    Episode 158
    Claudia shows up at Rodi's and begs Nash to take her back, but he makes it clear that Tess is the woman he wants to be with. Michael is shaken after realising how close he came to losing John. Hugh is surprised by how much Kelly hates Todd. John admits to Michael that he's starting to wonder if Todd is actually innocent. Rex helps Adriana escape from autograph hounds. Spencer and Blair's lovemaking comes to a halt after she sees Todd's picture on the television.moreless
  • Ep. #9622
    Ep. #9622
    Episode 157
    Todd manages to separate himself from John and switches clothes with a U.S. Marshall in order to escape. Natalie is concerned after catching Hugh with a gun but sympathetic after he tells her about an incident that happened when he was thirteen that shaped his life. Evangeline is relieved to learn that John is okay as she and Natalie head to the hospital. Spencer continues to manipulate Blair, leading her to pull him in for a passionate kiss. Clint is relieved to see that Viki is back as Tess and Nash spend time together at the hospital, and over the phone Tess begs Viki to leave the bar if she cares about her. Paige receives the file on the son she gave up for adoption and realises she knows him -- she comments that her son is right in front of her as she looks at Hugh, Nash and Rex.moreless
  • Ep. #9621
    Ep. #9621
    Episode 156
    Todd knocks John out in the hopes of escaping but still makes sure that he's alright before he takes off. After telling Spencer he doesn't care if Todd is dead, Hugh takes a gun out of his desk drawer. Nash manages to bring Tess back. while they're in the hospital. Niki tries to get the information she needs from Sam, but Clint shows up at the wrong time.moreless
  • Ep. #9620
    Ep. #9620
    Episode 155
    Niki wants answers from Sam about the man who hurt Tess, but he wants something in exchange for information. Starr realises Blair still loves Todd after watching her reaction to the plane crash and the news that Todd may be dead. Renée finds the picture amongst Asa's possessions and wonders if it is connected to his heart attack. David demands to know why Asa had a picture of their mother. Paige suddenly realises that finding her son will only cause havoc in his life. After experiencing abdominal pains, Tess worries that something is wrong with the baby.moreless
  • Ep. #9619
    Ep. #9619
    Episode 154
    Nash is upset that Tess believes Antonio is the father, but promises her he'll be there no matter what as Tess swears to Dr. Jamison that she will not let him get rid of her. Dorian learns of Asa's heart attack and immediately rushes to be by Clint's side. Evangeline is worried after hearing that John's plane went down, and later she tells Natalie and Cristian. John refuses to undo the handcuffs even to sleep, determined not to lose Todd. Rex and Adriana, having talked through their problems, decide to become an official couple.moreless
  • Ep. #9618
    Ep. #9618
    Episode 153
    Blair tells Spencer they need to slow things down, but Spencer is confident that he can get her to change his mind. Asa suffers a heart attack after learning from his private investigator that the woman had two illegitimate sons. Kevin is suspicious after seeing Duke and Kelly together. Adriana and Rex realise they were both wrong and after throwing Hughes' model out of the club, she digs through the trash for the flowers Rex had gotten for her.moreless
  • Ep. #9617
    Ep. #9617
    Episode 152
    Rex is convinced that Adriana isn't interested in him at all and asks Hugh to set him up with one of his models only to have Adriana angry once she finds out. Natalie is angry that Cristian plans to box and makes a slip when she tries to get him to change his mind by saying she doesn't want to lose him again. Todd and John are in trouble with the autopilot fails, and Bo later reports to Evangeline that they've lost contact with the plane. Nash returns to Llanfair with Tess, who is angry when she learns Clint wants her to see Dr. Jamison. Dorian eavesdrops as Kevin and Duke argue about Kelly.moreless
  • Ep. #9616
    Ep. #9616
    Episode 151
    Roxy overhears part of Rex' conversation with Matthew about love, and is upset by Rex joking that he's been adopted by the Buchanans. Tess is furious with Nash for wanting to return to Llanfair. John has no interest in listening to anything that Todd has to say, but when the plane hits turbulence, Natalie's premonitions about a bad flight seem to be coming true.moreless
  • Ep. #9615
    Ep. #9615
    Episode 150
    Todd tries to get John to hear him out and tells him about Paige's visit, but John scoff's at the idea that a death row convict has a last minute salvation story. Nash and Tess break into a house for shelter and talk about his relationship with Jessica, but Tess finally relents enough for him to feel the baby. After narrowly missing a nasty blowup with Bo when the prison calls him to say they've found her P.D.A., Paige heads over to see Spencer only to learn that he's murdered both Margaret and the baby.moreless
  • Ep. #9614
    Ep. #9614
    Episode 149
    Rex convinces Adriana to stick around UltraViolet to hear Lifehouse perform. Later, Michael elicits Rex' help in creating the perfect proposal for Marcie. Todd tries to convince John that he's innocent, but John isn't interested in listening to Todd and can't afford to listen to Natalie, who begs him not to get on the flight. Cristian and Evangeline talk about past Valentine's, and he admits that he lost everything the day he decided to pretend he was dead. Denton goes to Blair looking for his old job back.moreless
  • Ep. #9613
    Ep. #9613
    Episode 148
    Todd tries to get answers from Paige so that he knows exactly why she's there. He realises that Spencer must be behind everything, but Paige tells him he's on his own. Natalie has a bad feeling about John going on the escort mission with John, and Bo and Dr. Crosby's faith in John don't reassure her. Although injured, Antonio finally manages to get out of the bear trap so that he can go after Jessica, but it's Nash who finds Tess hitch-hiking by the side of the road. Asa and Matthew drop by the hotel to see Renée where Asa is chagrined to realise it's also his wedding anniversary. Michael plans to propose to Marcie, as David and Roxy watch the two of them.moreless
  • Ep. #9612
    Ep. #9612
    Episode 147
    David is curious when he realises that Paige wants to see Todd in prison. Paige goes to tell Todd he has been set up, but can't give him a lot of details. Todd believes Blair is planning to move on with Spencer which is why she won't fight harder for them. Niki continues to manipulate Tess to try to get her secret out of her, but Tess is furious when she catches on to what Niki is trying to do. Nash is devastated to read the letter from Tess when he realises she truly believes he loves Jessica. Michael plans to propose to Marcie.moreless
  • Ep. #9611
    Ep. #9611
    Episode 146
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9610
    Ep. #9610
    Episode 145
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9609
    Ep. #9609
    Episode 144
    Clint doesn't like Nash comparing him and Tess to Clint and Viki. David is suspicious of Denton and wants to join forces with Paige Rex and Adriana kiss.
  • Ep. #9608
    Ep. #9608
    Episode 143
    Spencer convinces Paige to keep quiet by telling her about the documents he forged incriminating both her and Bo in framing Todd Manning. John and Natalie try to be 'just friends', but it's difficult for John to handle when the two go to Rex' party together. Todd tries to convince Dorian to keep an eye on Blair and to protect her from Spencer. Natalie is upset when she walks in on Evangeline and Cristian horsing around.moreless
  • Ep. #9607
    Ep. #9607
    Episode 142
    Margaret tells Spencer the baby is coming, and he reassures her that they'll fake Todd's death so he can be with her and the baby. R.J. tries to repair his fractured relationship with Lindsay, who has bad news for Cristian, by proposing. Blair suffers a panic attack after the verdict is announced, and Todd confides in Bo his suspicions about Spencer. Kevin remains slightly distant from Kelly. Spencer forces Paige to help him deliver Margaret's baby.moreless
  • Ep. #9606
    Ep. #9606
    Episode 141
    Todd worries that Blair isn't going to show up for his sentencing, and Evangeline tries to keep his spirits up, even though she was horrified to see the bruises on his face. Todd is pleased when Blair shows up, but after Ellen Foley talks to the jury about her loss, the jury sentences Todd to death by lethal injection. Niki and Tess continue to argue in the mountain cabin, and Niki tries to convince Tess to tell her what her big secret is, but Tess refuses to give Niki more ammunition. The Buchanans, Antonio and Nash all argue about the best way to find Jessica, and Natalie accuses Nash of causing all the problems. Nash surprises Antonio when he offers comfort to his rival. Spencer receives a call from a woman in distress ... Margaret!moreless
  • Ep. #9605
    Ep. #9605
    Episode 140
    Natalie tries to reach out to John, encouraging him to talk to Michael. Michael, meanwhile, is trying to deal with Marcie, who is horrified to realise how close she came to losing him. He's worried that he and John may never get their relationship back, and is surprised when John comes to ask for his forgiveness. David demands answers from Dorian about her time with Clint, and she icily reminds him that he's the reason they're not together. Niki continues to taunt Tess with the idea of Nash being in love with Jessica, and Tess counters by blaming Niki for the reason Jessica split in the first place. Nash is horrified to realise that Tess may have gotten the wrong impression about his feelings for Jessica.moreless
  • Ep. #9604
    Ep. #9604
    Episode 139
    Rex stops by to see Todd in Statesville to tell him what Denton is up to, and Todd asks Rex to keep looking for him. Rex stops by to see Blair to tell her how bad things have gotten for Todd in prison. Blair decides to go and see him, but then changes her mind. Tess and Niki make their way to an empty cabin where Niki keeps up her insinuations that Tess will lose Nash to Jessica to keep Jessica from re-emerging. Although John makes it clear to Evangeline he has no intention of going back to see Dr. Crosby, he changes his mind after talking to Natalie, who convinces him to play the game to get his job back. After realising they may be looking for Niki and Tess, Nash heads off to search while Antonio enlists Bo's help to find Clint, who is with Dorian.moreless
  • Ep. #9603
    Ep. #9603
    Episode 138
    Kevin and Kelly grow further apart after Kevin lashes out at Duke for comforting Kelly. David learns that Spencer intentionally caused Kevin's sterility. Niki and Tess argue and Tess realises that Niki is just trying to use her to further her own agenda and ends up crashing the car that they are in. John is upset when he learns Cristian and Evangeline have been talking about him. Nash and Antonio argue about Jessica/Tess, but both finally realises that Viki and Jessica are both missing.moreless
  • Ep. #9602
    Ep. #9602
    Episode 137
    Viki is furious with Nash for spending time with Jessica and lets him have it, then turns her anger on Clint when he defends Nash. This prompts a change to Niki, who later finds Jessica and prods her into turning into Tess. Asa's private investigator tells him the woman in the photograph is dead, and Asa stonewalls Renee, who later finds the photograph in his desk. Kelly is horrified to learn that Kevin's illness left him permanently sterile, but promises that she loves him no matter what. Spencer convinces Blair to go for a night out at Capricorn. Roxy encourages Rex to pursue Adriana.moreless
  • Ep. #9601
    Ep. #9601
    Episode 136
    Nash and Jessica share a surprisingly calm lunch together after he makes her his special omelet. Viki goes to see Todd, and admits that she just wants Tess and Nash gone for good. Starr is horrified to hear Blair say that she wants Todd gone.
  • Ep. #9600
    Ep. #9600
    Episode 135
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9599
    Ep. #9599
    Episode 134
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9598
    Ep. #9598
    Episode 133
    As Todd's verdict comes in the citizens of Llanview prepare for it. Evangeline explains to Todd that no matter what it is, he must remain focused and calm. Todd's concern is that Blair be there for him when the time comes. Matthew comforts Starr. John assures Evangeline. Rex and Adriana share moments. Viki both receives and tries to give comfort.moreless
  • Ep. #9597
    Ep. #9597
    Episode 132
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9596
    Ep. #9596
    Episode 131
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9595
    Ep. #9595
    Episode 130
    Todd takes the stand. Blair leaves the courtroom before Todd can finish his testimony. Tess talks to Claudia Reston. Jess gets stronger. Nash and Claudia come face to face. Rex manipulates a photo shoot for Adriana. Spencer continues to flashback to his encounters with Margaret. Cristian and Nash meet, share a drink, and bond.moreless
  • Ep. #9594
    Ep. #9594
    Episode 129
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9593
    Ep. #9593
    Episode 128
    John is furious with Natalie after learning she's been in Ed Crosby's office, accusing her of being out to ruin him. Tess destroys the sample that will prove whether Antonio or Nash is the father of the baby she is carrying, then takes off to look for Claudia Reston. A depressed Cristian tells his mother about finding Natalie's wedding dress in the trash. Rex and Adriana exchange barbs, but he later feels jealous after seeing a lawyer hit on her in the bar.moreless
  • Ep. #9592
    Ep. #9592
    Episode 127
    Natalie is angry to find Tess trying on her wedding dress, but then offers Tess some advice about her love life. Adriana and Dorian volunteer to look after Craze for Blair until the ordeal with Todd is over. John's session with Dr. Crosby doesn't go well, prompting Crosby to call Natalie for a chat. Nash and Antonio argue about Jessica. Rex tries to trick Denton into confessing.moreless
  • Ep. #9591
    Ep. #9591
    Episode 126
    Nash comes clean with the family about his relationship with Claudia Reston and admits that he initially used her for her money, and that she had a nervous breakdown and tried to kill herself after they broke up. Marcie and Michael are interrupted at the hospital by Adriana and Rex, who needs stitches after a boxing match with Cristian. Adriana and Marcie manage to talk Michael into stitching Rex up, and Marcie and Michael plan for a night out. Cristian confides in Natalie that he has felt completely blocked since getting out of prison and his inability to find work isn't helping, and she surprises him with a letter of reference. Natalie goes off on John for the way Evangeline went after Viki in court, but John finally tells her to get lost.moreless
  • Ep. #9590
    Ep. #9590
    Episode 125
    Viki is shocked to learn about Nash's past but Clint reminds her that Antonio isn't squeaky clean either. Layla gets a job working at Buchanan Enterprises thanks to Duke, and encourages Adriana to believe that Rex loves her. John is upset to learn about the psychiatrist's recommendation. Cristian is upset that he's having so much trouble getting work after having spent the last eighteen months in prison.moreless
  • Ep. #9589
    Ep. #9589
    Episode 124
    Todd begs Blair not to think the worst of him, but after she rushes out of the jail Blair finally has to admit to herself that she truly believes that Todd killed Margaret and his unborn child. While Nash is admitting to Clint the truth about his past with Claudia Reston, Antonio is also doing some digging of his own. David demands answers from Spencer regarding the photograph he left with Asa.moreless
  • Ep. #9588
    Ep. #9588
    Episode 123
    Evangeline apologizes to Viki for what she had to do to her on the witness stand, which Viki accepts. Denton attempts to blackmail Todd by threatening to tell Hugh that Todd wanted him to kill Margaret, which Blair overhears. Bo and Clint wonder if Asa is hiding something, not realizing that the picture Spencer left for him on New Year's are concerning him. Later, David is shocked when he lays eyes on the photograph. Clint finally agrees to go on a date with Dorian, which bothers Viki when she spots the two together.moreless
  • Ep. #9587
    Ep. #9587
    Episode 122
    Tess pushes Nash for information on the restraining order that someone has taken out against him and when he refuses to answer her she tells him it's over and asks Antonio to take her back to Llanfair. John is determined to keep his job, even if it means opening up to Dr. Crosby. Hugh questions Viki on the stand, and when her comments seem to hurt Todd's case Evangeline attempts to discredit Viki by bringing up her DID. Bo continues to feel conflicted about keeping the truth about his son from Spencer, but agrees to protect Paige. Kevin is upset to learn the virus could render him sterile, then has pointed questions for Duke about what happened between him and Kelly.moreless
  • Ep. #9586
    Ep. #9586
    Episode 121
    John and Cristian spar at Rourke's, and the gym manager nearly has to pull the two of them apart when things get heated. Nash tries to get Tess to open up about the secret that created her in the first place but Tess refuses, saying that's the only ammunition she has against Jessica. Dorian and Viki dance around the Clint issue until Dorian finally just comes right out and says she is interested in dating Clint. Layla tries to convince Evangeline that she needs a man in her life, but Evangeline shoots down every man that Layla suggests for her.moreless
  • Ep. #9585
    Ep. #9585
    Episode 120
    Adriana comes to tell Rex that she has chosen him and is horrified when she finds him with another woman, even though he didn't actually do anything with her. Bo tells John he wants his badge and gun, and John agrees to go back to the therapist if it will keep him on the job. Michael tries to convince John to let go of the past. Evangeline and Hugh both give their opening arguments at Todd's trial, and both manage to get the jury's attention.moreless
  • Ep. #9584
    Ep. #9584
    Episode 119
    It finally sinks in for Tess and Nash that they are going to be parents, but things could hit a snag for them as Antonio learns that someone else has a restraining order against Nash. With Roxy's encouragement, Rex goes after Adriana, but is devastated when he overhears her telling Dorian that he isn't the right guy for her (he leaves before he can hear her say she wants him no matter what). Michael realizes Kevin's virus could leave him sterile. Natalie refuses to accept the portrait Cristian made of her, and informs him she filed for no-contest divorce.moreless
  • Ep. #9583
    Ep. #9583
    Episode 118
    Spencer continues to torture Asa. Kevin manages to get to Kelly and Duke, but then passes out. Cristian is willing to give Natalie her divorce, but not just yet. Blair rings in the New Year with Todd. Nash and Tess vow not to let anything separate them.
  • Ep. #9582
    Ep. #9582
    Episode 117
    Antonio wants to get a restraining order against Nash. Spencer has an evil plan in store for the Buchanans. Cristian wants Evangeline to be his lawyer. Niki is 'out' just in time for New Years Eve. David is unhappy seeing Dorian and Clint with in each others company.
  • Ep. #9581
    Ep. #9581
    Episode 116
    Antonio pays for Nash's medical bill. Bo wants Rex to find the baby that Paige put up for adoption twenty six years ago. Adriana is angry at Kelly and accuses her of trying to sabotage her relationship with Duke. Nash makes it clear that if the child is his, he will be apart of his child's life. Nash gets a one way ticket to Llanview. Blair gets Bo to pull song strings so that she can spend New Years Eve with Todd.moreless
  • Ep. #9580
    Ep. #9580
    Episode 115
    Todd is haunted by the ghost of Margaret Cochran. John comes to Evangeline's defense when he sees Hugh and Evangeline not getting along. Cristian and Natalie continue to disagree about Cristian not signing the divorce papers, Cristian also gets back into painting. Spencer decides to pay Bo and Paige a little visit. Natalie learns that John is being forced into seeing a shrink.moreless
  • Ep. #9579
    Ep. #9579
    Episode 114
    Tess is reunited wit Nash when they spend time together in Nash's hospital room, but Antonio interrupts the reunion. After Antonio brings Jessica out, they inform Nash that they are going to have a paternity test. Paige confides in David that she and Spencer have a child out there that Spencer doesn't know about. It's time for jury selection in the Todd Manning case. Dorian is in the holiday spirit and drops by Llanview with Christmas gifts for Clint and Viki. Paige drops a bombshell on Bo when she lets him know she wants him to find her son.moreless
  • Ep. #9578
    Ep. #9578
    Episode 113
    It’s Christmas Eve in Llanview. Certain people try to use the holiday spirit to make Natalie forgive Cristian. John remembers memories of his deceased father. Evangeline gives Cristian a nice Christmas gift. After many attempts Nash finally gets in contact with Jessica which causes Tess to emerge.
  • Ep. #9577
    Ep. #9577
    Episode 112
    While in the hospital Nash wakes up and wants to call Tess but he is distracted when a cop questions him about the brutal attack he endured. Jessica apologizes to Cristian about the things that Tess accused him off in the past. Evangeline visits Todd and informs him that someone in fact did kill Margaret. Asa irritates and gets into with Blair and Spencer while being dressed up as Santa Claus. Bo orders John to see a shrink. Jessica and Antonio argue about Nash’s love for Tess. Natalie blames Cristian for them not being together anymore. Bo gets good news. Blair and the kids get to visit Todd for Christmas. Natalie demands that Cristian sign the divorce papers. John watches from outside, gift in hand, as Cristian kisses Natalie underneath the mistletoe.moreless
  • Ep. #9576
    Ep. #9576
    Episode 111
    Everyone enjoys the Christmas tree lighting ceremony except for Natalie, and everyone is shocked to see Cristian released from prison. Cristian tells Natalie that he isn’t going to sign the divorce papers after all. While lying in the hospital in a bad state Nash dreams of happy times with Tess. Viki and Clint argue over Dorian. Natalie finds a friend in Evangeline.moreless
  • Ep. #9575
    Ep. #9575
    Episode 110
    Spencer gets a racy article about Todd Manning in Craze magazine however people assume that David wrote the article. Blair, being angry with the article, decides to fire David from Craze. Dallas leaves Clint and she decides to go back to London. Nash remains in critical condition in the hospital. Cristian is released from prison just in time to make it to the Christmas lighting ceremony.moreless
  • Ep. #9574
    Ep. #9574
    Episode 109
    Rex interrupts an almost intimate moment between Duke and Adriana. Rex comes through for Adriana and gets her to see Cristian in prison. Antonio and Jessica discuss how their love is going to get rid of Tess. Dorian, Spencer and David still remain on bad terms. Spencer intends to go up against the Buchanans. With Antonio’s advice Jessica decides that she’s going to take a D.N.A. test to see who the father of the baby is. Cristian finally gets good news.moreless
  • Ep. #9573
    Ep. #9573
    Episode 108
    Cristian and John both daydream about the woman they love -- Natalie. Antonio and Tess decide to visit the loft while Tess still has Nash on her mind. Kelly informs Dorian that she and Kevin are engaged again. Clint’s girlfriend Dallas arrives in Llanview for Christmas. Antonio tells Tess that he wants to raise the baby with Jessica even if he is not the father. Help finally arrives for a badly beaten up Nash. Jessica re-emerges.moreless
  • Ep. #9572
    Ep. #9572
    Episode 107
    Spencer continues to think of the time he spent with Margaret. Nash finds himself in hot water with one Claudia Reston’s father and his goons. Bo is sad that both he and Nora will be spending Christmas in the hospital.
  • Ep. #9571
    Ep. #9571
    Episode 106
    Under hypnosis, Niki admits to taking Jessica to a bar when Jessica was younger. Spencer needs money and he only has two weeks to get it. Viki learns that Niki was back for several days. Paige is worried that Spencer might do something to Bo. Spencer seems to know Margaret Cochran. Nash needs money and he only has two weeks to get it. Rex gets a favor done for Adriana. John tells Cristian if Natalie wants Cristian back he won't get in Cristian's way. Natalie tells Cristian she wants a divorce.moreless
  • Ep. #9570
    Ep. #9570
    Episode 105
    Todd learns that Margaret could actually swim. Spencer presents Blair with a curse-free Christmas tree. Nash remembers better times he had with Tess. Niki does something completely surprising.
  • Ep. #9569
    Ep. #9569
    Episode 104
    David enjoys drowning his sorrows at UltraViolet. Dorian is furious to learn that Spencer did the operation on Kelly. Natalie pays Cristian a visit at the hospital. Despite what happened, Ginger and Margaret get visitors at their graves. Kevin learns Niki Smith is back. Nash learns he has money troubles. Kevin asks Kelly a question.moreless
  • Ep. #9568
    Ep. #9568
    Episode 103
    Natalie and John come face to face. Spencer and Paige decide to visit a recovering Bo, who is in the hospital. Niki Smith gets a lawyer. Rex and Nash form a little friendship at UltraViolet. Natalie says that she will never forgive John for lying to her; she also decides that she isn’t going to quit her job at the police station. Jessica decides she might need to let Tess out to save her mother.moreless
  • Ep. #9567
    Ep. #9567
    Episode 102
    Natalie tells Rex that she is an emotional train wreck after everything that happened between her, Cristian and John. John learns that Natalie has sent her resignation into the police station. Todd gets a visit at prison from Dorian and they discuss their mutual hatred of Spencer. Kelly undergoes the procedure to have children. It’s heartfelt mother and son reunion between Cristian and Carlotta. Evangeline delivers some bad news to Cristian.moreless
  • Ep. #9566
    Ep. #9566
    Episode 101
    Jessica and Niki have a little chat and Niki continues to say that she doesn’t know anything about Tess, Niki also pushes some of Jessica’s buttons. Natalie seeks comfort from Clint. Rex and Adriana grow closer while spending time outside watching the snow fall. Antonio and Adriana both learn the truth that Cristian has been alive this whole entire time. Both John and Cristian learn that lying isn’t always a good thing.moreless
  • Ep. #9565
    Ep. #9565
    Episode 100
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9564
    Ep. #9564
    Episode 99
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9563
    Ep. #9563
    Episode 98
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9562
    Ep. #9562
    Episode 97
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9561
    Ep. #9561
    Episode 96
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9560
    Ep. #9560
    Episode 95
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9559
    Ep. #9559
    Episode 94
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9558
    Ep. #9558
    Episode 93
    Ginger is brought into the hospital after being hit by a car, and Spencer is the doctor who treats her in emergency, then tells the assorted crowd of Kevin and Kelly (who brought her in) and Duke and Adriana that she didn't make it. Rex is touched when he hears Bo saying he wants him to keep away from there because he doesn't want to lose another child, then overhears a guard having a coded conversation with Hesser. John protects Cristian as more prisoners come after the two men. Natalie and Evangeline temporarily put their differences aside while they worry about John and Cristian, but the rivalry between Michael and Hugh intensifies.moreless
  • Ep. #9557
    Ep. #9557
    Episode 92
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9556
    Ep. #9556
    Episode 91
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9555
    Ep. #9555
    Episode 90
    Viki takes herself and Dorian to the Lord family mausoleum where she manipulates Dorian into verbally attacking her, which brings out Niki Smith. Natalie continues her tirade against Evangeline, accusing her of using everything that has happened to get John back in her life, as John tries desperately to keep Cristian alive. Tess tries to convince Nash that they should run off together, but he tells her about the promise he made to Jessica, and refuses to take her away. Bo goes over the plan with Arlen, and the two try to decide what the most efficient way to deal with the Hesser problem is.moreless
  • Ep. #9554
    Ep. #9554
    Episode 89
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9553
    Ep. #9553
    Episode 88
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9552
    Ep. #9552
    Episode 87
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9551
    Ep. #9551
    Episode 86
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9550
    Ep. #9550
    Episode 85
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9549
    Ep. #9549
    Episode 84
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9548
    Ep. #9548
    Episode 83
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9547
    Ep. #9547
    Episode 82
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9546
    Ep. #9546
    Episode 81
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9545
    Ep. #9545
    Episode 80
    Evangeline is hurt when Carlotta is furious with her for helping John Doe, then gets a call from the station to go and defend Todd. Spencer convinces Blair to go to the wedding, but Dorian gets in Spencer's face, infuriating him. Natalie has to play referee between Antonio and Nash, but neither Antonio nor Natalie will accept that Tess is a reality. Viki tries to fake being Niki Smith to get through to Tess, but Tess sees right through her act. Starr demands answers after running into Ginger at the wedding.moreless
  • Ep. #9544
    Ep. #9544
    Episode 79
    Dr. Jamison is able to successfully bring Tess out while Jessica is under hypnosis, but Clint and Viki are horrified when she wants to talk to Niki Smith. Kevin is unsettled to see how friendly and close Duke and Kelly have become. Ginger stops by to see Blair to ask her what Blair wants her to do with the body of Todd's child. Antonio refuses to accept that Tess is a part of Jessica, despite Nash's presence.moreless
  • Ep. #9543
    Ep. #9543
    Episode 78
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9542
    Ep. #9542
    Episode 77
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9541
    Ep. #9541
    Episode 76
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9540
    Ep. #9540
    Episode 75
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9539
    Ep. #9539
    Episode 74
    Blair accuses Todd of killing Margaret and his unborn child. Lindsay goes to see Nora in the hospital. Nash and Antonio argue over Tess/Jessica. Tess is in the hospital against her will.
  • Ep. #9538
    Ep. #9538
    Episode 73
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9537
    Ep. #9537
    Episode 72
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9536
    Ep. #9536
    Episode 71
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9535
    Ep. #9535
    Episode 70
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9534
    Ep. #9534
    Episode 69
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9533
    Ep. #9533
    Episode 68
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9532
    Ep. #9532
    Episode 67
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9531
    Ep. #9531
    Episode 66
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9530
    Ep. #9530
    Episode 65
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9529
    Ep. #9529
    Episode 64
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9528
    Ep. #9528
    Episode 63
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9527
    Ep. #9527
    Episode 62
    Episode summary coming soon.
  • Ep. #9526
    Ep. #9526
    Episode 61
    Adriana delivers cash to Rex and reiterates that she just wants to be friends. Later, Adriana and Duke talk about their fight and apologize for the way they treated each other. Natalie confronts Evangeline about the way she is acting around John and later is furious when she finds out that Evangeline is representing "John Doe". Bo and John investigate the body of the woman that was fished out of Llantano Lake and also discover remnants of what could be a baby. Blair is suspicious when Todd wants to take a vacation with the kids.moreless
  • Ep. #9525
    Ep. #9525
    Episode 60
    John and Natalie enjoy spending time together and run into Viki. Viki tells John that she is happy that Natalie has found an honorable man. Cristian tells Evangeline about Carlo Hesser. Later, Carlo makes sure that Cristian knows that no one resigns from working for Carlo. Blair and Todd spend time together but Blair sets up a tip about Margaret so Blair can talk to Viki to get information about the deranged woman. Todd is furious and tells Blair that they need to get out of Llanview. After talking with Nash, Tess makes an appointment for an abortion. Nash worries about his past coming back to haunt him. Antonio and Layla arrive in Napa to look for Jessica. A woman with red hair washes up on the shore of Llantano Lake.moreless
  • Ep. #9524
    Ep. #9524
    Episode 59
    Tess denies to Nash that she is pregnant after seeing her home pregnancy test. Nash tells Tess his yearning to have a family someday. Lindsay is upset when Antonio comes to pick up Jamie and Lindsay realizes how much she has come to love the little girl. Antonio asks Layla to accompany him to Napa to search for Jessica. Dorian tells Spencer to forget about Kelly's procedure or she will reveal that he is going after the Buchanans. Todd tells Viki about the sordid details about how Margaret got pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #9523
    Ep. #9523
    Episode 58
    Adriana and Kevin discuss Duke and Kevin wants Adriana to let Duke go, but Adriana says that she is not giving up. Meanwhile, Dorian and Kelly discuss the lives of the Cramer women and Dorian is upset to learn that Kelly will undergo a procedure to become pregnant. Bo finds out that Nora was having symptoms before she collapsed and that Paige promised she wouldn't say anything as Spencer overhears. Blair is upset that the story about her toting a gun to St. Ann's is in the tabloids and still worries about Margaret on the loose. Spencer catches Ginger in his office and again tells her that repayment will come from her, but not in the form of money. Later, Ginger runs into Duke and gets a kiss from him before he pulls away. Meanwhile, a body floats in the Llantano Lake.moreless
  • Ep. #9522
    Ep. #9522
    Episode 57
    Nora is prepped for brain surgery and Bo is informed that Nora may have severe brain damage or even die. Marcie talks to Hugh about how much her friendship with Nora means to her. John races against time to get the man who will say that RJ hired him, to court for Antonio. The judge awards custody of Jamie to Antonio and RJ is hauled off to jail. Rex and Natalie talk about getting over Cristian and Jen. Cristian demands to see Evangeline. Tess and Jessica argue over who the father of their baby is and later, Tess makes an appointment at the family clinic.moreless
  • Ep. #9521
    Ep. #9521
    Episode 56
    Tess denies that she could be pregnant when Jessica tells her to stop drinking alcohol. Tess takes a pregnancy test and is shocked that she is indeed pregnant. Tess believes that the baby belongs to Nash, but Jessica is sure that the baby is Antonio's. Nora has suffered a brain aneurysm and she will need surgery. Bo tells Viki that he feels guilty since they were fighting when Nora collapsed. Cristian still wonders how Carlo is involved in his brainwashing. Natalie assures John that she is happy with their romance. Antonio and Layla continue their charade in hopes of Antonio gaining custody of Jamie.moreless
  • Ep. #9520
    Ep. #9520
    Episode 55
    Nash confronts Tess about the truth about "Jessica" and she tells him that she wants Jessica to stay buried. Nash tells Tess that she will protect her. Jessica reemerges to tell Tess that they are pregnant. Natalie asks about the sketch she found and Evangeline says that she's had it for years. Natalie accuses her of trying to come between her and John. Cristian has an encounter with Carlos Hesser in jail and comes to the conclusion that Hesser is behind his brainwashing. Duke and Rex are brought into the police station for fighting. Nora confronts Bo about his plans with Paige and Matthew and ends up collapsing after Bo asks her if she is on drugs. Todd has a scare when he sees a guy that works at the marina when he was there with Margaret.moreless
  • Ep. #9519
    Ep. #9519
    Episode 54
    Nora gets upset when she hears that Paige is moving in with Bo. Paige assures Nora that she will never take Nora's place in Matthew's life. John stops Evangeline from leaving the sketch from Cristian on Natalie's desk, but Natalie spies it later and is shocked. Duke tries to make up with Adriana but she tells him that she won't give up her friendship with Rex and later, Duke and Rex have another fight. After receiving a frantic call from Addie, Blair heads to St. Ann's and narrowly misses shooting a nun and then is arrested.moreless
  • Ep. #9518
    Ep. #9518
    Episode 53
    Nash asks Bruce to investigate Tess and later finds out that "Tess" isn't real. Natalie tells her mother about her new relationship with John and Viki is surprised at how serious the relationship already is. Evangeline warns Cris that Natalie is quite taken with her new love, but Cris is determined to win Natalie back. Cris has Evangeline deliver a sketch to Natalie. Antonio and RJ prepare to return to family court.moreless
  • Ep. #9517
    Ep. #9517
    Episode 52
    Nash confronts the PI about why he is looking for Tess and the PI says that the girl in the photograph is Jessica Buchanan. Jessica regains control for a bit and is able to send Antonio an email asking for help. When Nash arrives home, Tess regains control. Back in Llanview, Layla and Antonio argue over Antonio pining for Jessica. Antonio receives word from the PI that he has found Jessica. Adriana attempts to seduce Duke but accidentally calls him Rex and Duke storms out. Dorian and David both conspire to obtain information about Spencer and David tells Dorian that they will be getting married on November 1.moreless
  • Ep. #9516
    Ep. #9516
    Episode 51
    John feels guilty about lying to Natalie about Cristian being alive, but when he tries to break things off with her Natalie won't let him, not realising what he's hiding. Starr is horrified to learn that Margaret raped Todd during the time they were in the cabin together and that she is pregnant with his child. Adriana books a room for herself and Duke at The Palace, trying to set a romantic mood. Thanks to Hesser, Cristian is able to find what he needs in a book from the prison library.moreless
  • Ep. #9515
    Ep. #9515
    Episode 50
    Todd flashes back to being on the boat with Margaret and when Starr catches him thinking about it, she demands answers from him. Kelly decides to see Spencer to see if his experimental treatment could work for her and he runs a few tests on her. David finds the file on Buchanan Enterprises on Dorian's computer and wonders what she is doing with it. Tess heads to the bar where the bartender recognizes her as Jessica Buchanan.moreless
  • Ep. #9514
    Ep. #9514
    Episode 49
    Evangeline tells Cristian that she plans to go ahead with his appeal. John searches for the missing file on Cristian and after Michael tells him of Evangeline's sudden interest in DNA, John seems worried. Evangeline confronts John when she returns from Statesville. Bo is put off when Matthew tells him that he wants Bo and Paige to give him a baby brother. Rex and Hugh persuade Marcie to continue her blog.moreless
  • Ep. #9513
    Ep. #9513
    Episode 48
    Kevin brings up marriage again to Kelly and she tells him that she will think about it. Duke confronts Adriana about her kiss with Rex and they argue about their families. John tells Natalie that he is afraid to hurt her and they later run into Rex and Layla. Rex and Natalie bicker about John. Evangeline confronts Cristian and he admits to having his memory back. Evangeline tells him to fight for his wife and get his life back.moreless
  • Ep. #9512
    Ep. #9512
    Episode 47
    Spencer catches Ginger stealing from Blair's office but ends up paying her off telling her that she will find a way to pay him back. Kelly has a nightmare and tells Kevin that she is worried that she will destroy their happiness. Todd returns home and tries to cover his muddy tracks. Todd tells Blair that Margaret is out of their lives for good. David views the disc on the Buchanans. Rex interrupts Adriana and Duke's date and later Ginger tells Duke about the kiss between Rex and Adriana.moreless
  • Ep. #9511
    Ep. #9511
    Episode 46
    Adriana threatens to expose Dorian's disc about the Buchanan's and Dorian in turn threatens to expose Adriana's kiss with Rex. Starr wrestles with the fact Todd will have a baby with Margaret. David accuses Spencer of going after Blair. Spencer tells David that he will pick up the pieces for Blair when Todd messes up. Kevin and Kelly talk about starting a family. Todd takes Margaret out on a rowboat and convinces her to throw her gun overboard. Margaret tells Todd that he can't kill her and the next thing you know Todd is climbing onto the dock by himself.moreless
  • Ep. #9510
    Ep. #9510
    Episode 45
    After Rex plants seeds of doubt in her mind, Natalie confronts John and wants to know if he's ashamed of her but he kisses her at the precinct to prove he isn't. Cristian confesses who he is to the priest, who encourages him to tell Natalie the truth. Kevin assures Kelly he wants to be with her whether or not she can have a baby, but admits he doesn't quite trust Spencer. Margaret points a gun at Todd. Adriana gets Rex help to de-encode the files on Spencer's laptop, but is angry when Dorian blackmails her to keep quiet.moreless
  • Ep. #9509
    Ep. #9509
    Episode 44
    Margaret is furious when Todd hangs up on her and calls back, threatening to kill Starr and Blair if Todd doesn't meet with her. Hugh is surprised to learn that Marcie has been writing about a character that sounds a lot like him, and it's not very complimentary. He secretly downloads her writings onto a disk. Michael is pleased when Spencer compliments him on his doctoring skills. R.J. and Lindsay are surprised to find Layla at Antonio's loft, and Lindsay tells Layla that she's not going to let her take her daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #9508
    Ep. #9508
    Episode 43
    Kelly tells Kevin that there may be a way for them to have a child after all. Layla and Natalie have another confrontation at the diner, and Natalie begins to wonder if John really will decide he made a mistake. Kevin can no longer keep the truth from Kelly, so tells her about Asa housing Margaret, and Margaret being pregnant with Todd's baby. Nash tells Tess that she needs to put Jessica in the past, where she belongs. Starr promises Todd that she won't tell anyone about what Margaret said, even though Dorian does her best to get it out of her. Antonio officially introduces Layla to Carlotta as the new woman in his life.moreless
  • Ep. #9507
    Ep. #9507
    Episode 42
    Starr demands the truth from her father about Margaret's pregnancy, and Todd avoids giving her a direct answer when he tells her that she and Jack are the only children he will ever have. Dorian gets Adriana's help in decoding the information on Spencer's disks, then overhears Spencer talking about how he wants Blair. Bo's right to be worried about Todd turning vigilante when Todd places a classified ad hoping to draw Margaret out. Layla moves in with Antonio so they can continue playing the couples game to help Antonio get custody of Jamie. Tess is curious when Bruce shows up to meet with Nash. Paige agrees to move in with Bo.moreless
  • Ep. #9506
    Ep. #9506
    Episode 41
    As Evangeline peruses the file Layla stole from John, she begins to wonder if Cristian is still alive. After meeting with Phil Jamison, Evangeline decides to get someone to look at the DNA information with her. Starr manages to fend off Margaret, who is gone by the time Blair manages to get in. Desperate for answers, Starr asks Todd if it's true that he fathered Margaret's baby. Dorian manipulates David into talking about himself, and soon learns that Spencer's password is Emma -- for their mother. John and Natalie flirt over the phone during his stake-out while Cristian writes Natalie a letter that he then destroys.moreless
  • Ep. #9505
    Ep. #9505
    Episode 40
    Evangeline is furious with her sister for stealing a file from John's hotel room until she starts wondering exactly why John would be hiding a file on Cristian. Carlo Hesser is quite interested in the mysterious "John Doe" and taunts the young man from the cell next door. David grows suspicious of Dorian, who continues her plans to ferret out the truth about Spencer. Margaret terrorizes Starr at Craze, and tells her that she's pregnant with Todd's baby. Tess flees after a nightmare, and Nash is upset to find her in yet another bar.moreless
  • Ep. #9504
    Ep. #9504
    Episode 39
    Kevin warns Asa that he had better not do anything to mess up his reconciliation with Kelly, as Kelly confides in David about Spencer's offer to help her get pregnant. Margaret manages to sneak her way into Craze where an oblivious Starr goes to see Ginger after a text message comes her way. Paige's worries about Spencer's interference in her life are temporarily relieved when Matthew extends an olive branch to her. Adriana, frustrated that Duke has again chosen Buchanan Enterprises over her, locks lips with Rex as Ginger watches.moreless
  • Ep. #9503
    Ep. #9503
    Episode 38
    Rex pushes Bo to let him work on a new case, but Bo has other things on his mind as he finally takes the plunge with Paige and asks her to move in with him. Natalie has questions for John about his visit to Statesville, but his refusal to answer her doesn't put her off, and the two make love. Layla is pleased that Antonio continues to play along, but later feels vindicated when she finds a connection between John and Cristian. At Statesville, Cristian meets his new cellmate, Hayes Barber, who is shocked to realise Cristian's connection to Natalie.moreless
  • Ep. #9502
    Ep. #9502
    Episode 37
    Jessica initially pushes Nash away until Tess is able to take over again. Natalie is furious to find Antonio and Layla together, but finally accepts that they're a couple and tells Antonio about selling Cristian's art. Todd orders Jackie to kill Margaret. John tells Cristian about Natalie moving on with him, and Cristian refuses to give his blessing. Ginger tells her aunt that she will not help her spy on the Mannings anymore.moreless
  • Ep. #9501
    Ep. #9501
    Episode 36
    Evangeline warns Antonio that the hearing has been moved up, and when a social worker shows up unexpectedly, Layla tries to help Antonio out by posing as his girlfriend. Ginger happily accepts when Todd offers her a position as a live-in nanny, but later meets Margaret in an alley and calls her 'aunt'. John decides to go to Statesville where Cristian has read about Natalie's recent troubles and her relationship with McBain. Todd doesn't want to listen to Kevin, who warns him that Blair will never forgive him if he kills a child.moreless
  • Ep. #9500
    Ep. #9500
    Episode 35
    A concerned Rex worries that Lindsay is trying to get over Jennifer by focusing all her attention on Jamie. Roxy encourages Natalie to do whatever she has to do in order to land her McBain while the man in question battles with his conscious over his decision to pretend Cristian is dead. Layla uses Evangeline's key to ransack McBain's apartment so she can find his secret. Evangeline warns Antonio that he had better present a good front to child services or he may face losing his daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #9499
    Ep. #9499
    Episode 34
    Evangeline can't stop thinking about John and Natalie, but John can't stop thinking about the fact that he knows Natalie's husband is alive and well. Tess gets cold feet in California, but is determined to start a new life in wine country with Nash. Evangeline warns Antonio that leaving town now would kill him in his custody battle with R.J. Spencer forces Paige to take the position of Chief of Staff. Layla is determined to get the dirt on John.moreless
  • Ep. #9498
    Ep. #9498
    Episode 33
    When Duke has to spend what was supposed to be their romantic date working, Adriana turns to Rex for friendship. Kevin is shocked to realize Margaret is pregnant, but she manages to escape from him and Todd. Natalie promises John that he is the only man in her heart, and she and John nearly make love but fall asleep in each others arms. Tess and Nash continue to enjoy their trip to California. Kevin opts not to tell Kelly about having seen Margaret.moreless
  • Ep. #9497
    Ep. #9497
    Episode 32
    Todd confronts Margaret at her hotel room and tells her how sickened he is by the thought of the child in her belly, the child of two rapists. He makes it very clear to her that he wants nothing to do with her or that child -- ever. John is unable to make love to Natalie because he can't stop thinking about Cristian languishing in prison. After clashing with Michael on the way John is treating Evangeline, Layla encourages Marcie to write again. Bo agrees to keep quiet after Jessica's DID when Antonio tells him about it.moreless
  • Ep. #9496
    Ep. #9496
    Episode 31
    Natalie is thrilled by the welcome home party she finds at Llanfair, but confused when Rex advises her to stay away from John, and Kelly encourages her to go for it. Later she shows up at John's place.
  • Ep. #9495
    Ep. #9495
    Episode 30
    Layla tells Evangeline that John is keeping a secret, but Evangeline says she wants nothing to do with any of John's secrets and they're over and done with. Bo and Paige spend the day with Matthew, who is beginning to be more accepting of Paige's place in Bo's life. A worried Blair tells Bo that she thinks Todd is going to kill Margaret.moreless
  • Ep. #9494
    Ep. #9494
    Episode 29
    David worries when he sees Dorian and Spencer getting closer. Antonio has no luck finding Jessica in New York. Blair begins to wonder if Starr really did see Margaret.
  • Ep. #9493
    Ep. #9493
    Episode 28
    Starr is shocked when she sees Margaret in Todd's office after she sneaks out of the house. John and Natalie kiss again, and he stays with her until she falls asleep. Roxy finds Tess and Nash together, and goes off to tell Antonio.
  • Ep. #9492
    Ep. #9492
    Episode 27
    Rex pumps Evangeline for information about John, and finally admits that he thinks John is poison for Natalie. Nash finds Jessica in the park and although she initially pushes him away, Tess breaks through and begs Nash to take her away from all this and swears she loves him. Dorian isn't at all concerned that Spencer is trying to ruin Kelly's reputation, but she loves that Spencer has come between Kevin and Kelly.moreless
  • Ep. #9491
    Ep. #9491
    Episode 26
    Paige is angry that Spencer is trying to manipulate her into taking the Chief of Staff position at the hospital. Kelly tells Kevin that she broke things off with Spencer for no other reason that she loves him (Kevin). Nash searches for Tess but finds Jessica.
  • Ep. #9490
    Ep. #9490
    Episode 25
    Despite warnings from Bo and the rescue team, John is determined to rescue Natalie himself. Nash runs into Antonio at Todd's office, and neither realizes they are both searching for the same girl. After Antonio leaves, Nash finds a photo of Todd and Jessica. Kevin begins to wonder if Duke is right about Kelly, and believes he made a mistake.moreless
  • Ep. #9489
    Ep. #9489
    Episode 24
    Evangeline blasts her way through a police roadblock to get up to the search and rescue scene on Llantano Mountain. Viki receives a surprising visitor when Dorian comes to the mansion to offer her support while they wait for word on Natalie. Duke tells Kevin he's throwing away the best thing that ever happened to him if he lets Kelly go. Marcie goes to see Nick in the hospital, and realises just how deeply Nick's inferiority complex goes.moreless
  • Ep. #9488
    Ep. #9488
    Episode 23
    Rex sneaks into Nick's room to confront him while John and the other detectives search Llantano Mountain for Natalie's body. Although John is furious that Rex sneaked into the hospital room, he provides vital information to John. Todd lies to Blair and claims he sustained his injuries while changing a tire. Nash gets Todd's name from Detective Carlson and heads to Llanview.moreless
  • Ep. #9487
    Ep. #9487
    Episode 22
    After Kevin accuses Kelly of leaking the information on the proposed B.E. merger, David realizes that Spencer used the information to cause trouble for the couple, and wonders why. Antonio is able to accept Tess' promiscuity, but Jessica thinks Antonio may have slept with Layla. Spencer finds Todd bleeding in an alley way and saves his life, also learning Todd's secret about Margaret.moreless
  • Ep. #9486
    Ep. #9486
    Episode 21
    Holland tells Nora and Bo that Rex and Marcie's little stunt may have pushed Hayes right over the edge. Jessica explains to Antonio about Tess and how much she hates him, then admits that Tess slept around. Evangeline is hypnotized by Dr. Travis Fox in the hopes that she can remember more about where Natalie may be. Nash is devastated when he thinks Tess has walked out on him. Natalie writes her goodbyes to her loved ones and prepares to die.moreless
  • Ep. #9485
    Ep. #9485
    Episode 20
    Although Tess tries to push Antonio away, when he starts talking about how much he loves her (Jessica), Jessica is finally able to emerge again, and tells Antonio that she has an alternative personality. Nash's meeting with the investor goes well. Marcie and Rex double-team Hayes in his cell, trying to find out where Natalie is.moreless
  • Ep. #9484
    Ep. #9484
    Episode 19
    Layla confronts Tess in the office, and after claiming she used Jessica's name because she looks like her, Tess takes off. Todd and Margaret finally come face to face, and Todd is shocked to realise that Margaret is pregnant. Kevin and Kelly discuss their future, and hope they won't hurt each other again. Antonio bribes the receptionist to give him the address Jessica used on her application.moreless
  • Ep. #9483
    Ep. #9483
    Episode 18
    Blair admits to Todd that her biggest worry isn't what Asa may to do Margaret, but what Todd may do if Asa hasn't taken care of the problem. Kelly goes to meet Spencer to break things off with him, but when she's interrupted, Spencer forces David to peek into Kelly's briefcase. Layla pretends to be Jessica and lands the job. Nash agrees to do some dirty work for Bruce.moreless
  • Ep. #9482
    Ep. #9482
    Episode 17
    Michael delights in tormenting a hung-over John, who admits to having gone to Evangeline's while drunk. Antonio and Layla learn from the maitre d' that Jessica was there, but disappeared. Nash is confused to overhear Tess identify herself as Jessica Buchanan. Roxy tries to reach Hayes in court for Natalie's sake, without success. Michael is disappointed when Marcie has a coffee date with Hugh.moreless
  • Ep. #9481
    Ep. #9481
    Episode 16
    Despite an initial passionate kiss, Evangeline kicks John out of her apartment. Bo takes Rex to the shooting range. Tess finally admits to Nash that she is developing feelings for him. After bonding with Jamie, Lindsay shows R.J. the photo of Antonio and Layla kissing. Antonio gets the information on Jessica's location out of Todd's investigator.moreless
  • Ep. #9480
    Ep. #9480
    Episode 15
    John attacks Rex at the police station, and Bo pulls him off the younger man. Layla gets the chance to audition for a show, but her refusal to try out the 'casting couch' loses her the job. Duke and Adriana try to set up Rex and Ginger. Tess agrees to live with Nash, but there are strings attached. A drunk John shows up at Evangeline's.moreless
  • Ep. #9479
    Ep. #9479
    Episode 14
    Viki tries to make a deal with Hayes to find out where Natalie is, but Hayes is happy to live in his own little world. Blair and Spencer talk at the park while Jack plays and Ginger encourages Starr to talk to a boy she likes. Todd and Margaret nearly encounter each other at the Church.moreless
  • Ep. #9478
    Ep. #9478
    Episode 13
    Viki visits Hayes in jail and makes it clear she can offer him the world to talk, and also manages to ferret out of him that his grandmother abused him. Michael is jealous when he finds Hugh talking to Marcie, but Marcie points out they're no longer a couple. Margaret spies on Blair and Todd at St. James, where they are making arrangements for their wedding.moreless
  • Ep. #9477
    Ep. #9477
    Episode 12
    Blair rushes to New York to bail Todd out of jail, and the arresting officer makes his views on Todd's past very clear. Asa tries to lay down some rules for Margaret, but she wants to do things her own way. John comes close to choking Hayes to death, and barely pulls off him in time.moreless
  • Ep. #9476
    Ep. #9476
    Episode 11
    Blair confronts Asa and demands to know why he hasn't gotten rid of Margaret as promised. John lays a trap for Hayes, which the killer easily walks into. Marcie and Rex are taken to the hospital, where Nick continues to fight for life. Tess panics when she sees Todd waiting for her with the lawyer.moreless
  • Ep. #9475
    Ep. #9475
    Episode 10
    Todd meets with Jessica's lawyer to pump him for information about Jessica, but Rich Sepulveda initially stonewalls him. An angry Starr wishes that she wasn't Todd and Blair's child, but Blair calms her down. John rushes to the warehouse to save Rex and Marcie as Nick is rushed to the hospital. Dorian continues to demand that Spencer be part of their wedding.moreless
  • Ep. #9474
    Ep. #9474
    Episode 9
    Hayes orders Marcie to kill Rex or else he will have Nick kill Michael, but Nick is having a crisis of conscience as Michael tries to talk him out of committing murder. Viki and Roxy try to comfort each other over Natalie's disappearance, but Roxy is inconsolable when she learns Rex is also missing. Dorian convinces Viki to be her maid of honor, then demands David make Spencer his best man.moreless
  • Ep. #9473
    Ep. #9473
    Episode 8
    Marcie is shocked to realize just how insane Hayes is and tries to save herself and Rex to no avail. She is horrified to see Nick as Hayes' reluctant accomplice. Adriana and Layla become fast friends, then when Adriana and Evangeline find Rex's watch, they realize the killer has him too. Ron is shocked to learn his sister is missing. Nash confides in Tess his dreams owning a California vineyard, then the two have a wine tasting.moreless
  • Ep. #9472
    Ep. #9472
    Episode 7
    Kevin and Kelly's newfound closeness is shattered when the two argue about why Kevin was there to see her, and Kevin accuses her of using Spencer to make him jealous. Bo and John finally figure out that Ivan Potter is now Hayes Barber, but are unsuccessful in locating him. Marcie gives Hugh a raincheck on lunch and goes with Hayes whom she finally realizes is Ivan Potter. Layla is determined to stay and protect her big sister.moreless
  • Ep. #9471
    Ep. #9471
    Episode 6
    Kevin surprises Kelly in the shower, and although she is initially less than thrilled, the exes soon get passionate. Nash overhears Tess talking to her financial advisor (who calls her Jessica) and after learning how wealthy she is tells her how smitten he is with her. Hayes trades barbs with Marcie and Rex and after leaving Marcie with a cryptic comment about how he always wanted to be her friend, Hayes chloroforms Rex outside UltraViolet.moreless
  • Ep. #9470
    Ep. #9470
    Episode 5
    Dorian invites Spencer to her pool party, determined to get at least one of her nieces together with him. Rather than be impressed, though, Blair warns Kevin in the hopes that he'll get to Kelly first. John asks Evangeline to move in with him in the hopes of protecting her, but she turns him down. Hayes discusses Natalie's fate with his own Killing Club. Rex and Adriana get closer when Duke is too busy for her.moreless
  • Ep. #9469
    Ep. #9469
    Episode 4
    John meets with another former member of the Killing Club, but realises it can't be the man he's looking for -- he's a priest. Nash and Tess almost get hot and heavy until a confused Tess puts a stop to it. At Evangeline's request, Antonio takes Layla back to his place to keep her safe. Michael is jealous when he sees Hugh helping Marcie to her room.moreless
  • Ep. #9468
    Ep. #9468
    Episode 3
    After putting an early end to an impromptu party Tess threw at his place, Nash presses her for more information about Jessica, and Tess tells him Jessica was her twin who committed suicide. Hugh looks after Marcie when she drinks herself into oblivion, and agrees to take her home.
  • Ep. #9467
    Ep. #9467
    Episode 2
    Roxy insinuates to Michael that he is developing real feelings for Natalie, but Michael insists he's still in love with Marcie. At Ultra Violet, Marcie overhears what the other authors have to say about her and starts drinking, with Hugh keeping a watchful eye on her. After Evangeline gets a note asking her to meet someone in the back alley at Capricorn, John heads down there but it's Evangeline's sister, Layla.moreless
  • Ep. #9466
    Ep. #9466
    Episode 1
    Nash tries to get some answers from Tess but she blows him off, assuring him that she'll be fine on her own. Antonio offers to help John find Natalie, reminding him he no longer has to go through official channels, and puts in a call to Jackie. A new waitress named Layla at Capricorn catches the eye of the manager, Antonio and Jackie. Evangeline receives a note at her apartment.moreless