One Life to Live - Season 39

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Episode Guide

  • Ep. #9974
    Ep. #9974
    Episode 254
    Vincent and Layla come close to a reconciliation as he admits that being with her helped him become a new man. Marcie shares with Michael the devastating news that she is unable to have children of her own. Jessica's friends, family and new husband wait anxiously to find out if she will be okay. Britney believes she's finally found the way to get her revenge on Cole.moreless
  • Ep. #9973
    Ep. #9973
    Episode 253
    Blair continues to search for Todd, not realizing that he's already back in Llanview and nearby. Bo gives Rex permission to dig into Kirk's murder. Jessica and Nash marry, but her condition continues to worsen. Tate tries to use his father's death to his advantage.
  • Ep. #9972
    Ep. #9972
    Episode 252
    David agrees to donate part of his liver to Jessica, but demands that Clint pay him the $10 million that Asa originally promised him. Sarah goes to great lengths to make sure that her family doesn't see her. Tate is devastated when his father is murdered in prison. Cole and Marty each suspect the other of hiding something from them.moreless
  • Ep. #9971
    Ep. #9971
    Episode 251
    Jessica's family is devastated to learn that, without another donor, Jessica will not survive. Paige reveals that David is a viable donor. Sarah has no new information for John when he questions her about Hunter. Tate meets with a fellow OPP associate who has plans for Kirk. Cole keeps quiet about Miles' secret.moreless
  • Ep. #9970
    Ep. #9970
    Episode 250
    Cole doesn't say anything about seeing Miles with Todd, worried the effect it could have on his mother. Roxy is interested to know that David is staying with Viki. Miles continues to have visions of Spencer encouraging him to commit murder. John has a plan to find Spencer's true killer.
  • Ep. #9969
    Ep. #9969
    Episode 249
    Talia supports Antonio as his divorce from Jessica is finalized, but Jessica doesn't deal too well. Rex and Sarah make a deal. Hunter has shocking news for Blair. Miles blackmails Cole into going along with him.
  • Ep. #9968
    Ep. #9968
    Episode 248
    John stops by to see Marty, worried about her relationship with Miles. Marcie admits to Lindsay that she has been keeping something from her husband. Hunter contacts Blair in Llanview. Miles has a vision of Spencer.
  • Ep. #9967
    Ep. #9967
    Episode 247
    Roxy pushes Michael and Marcie to add to their family, but Michael tells Marcie that he's happy with their family the way it is, not realising how tense Marcie is about the entire situation. Dorian and Clint manage to agree to a truce with Viki and David, but Dorian is still jealous of the time that David and Viki are spending together. Marty warns Miles that he and Cole will not be able to establish the type of connection he's hoping for. Jessica, Bree and Nash celebrate Independence Day together.moreless
  • Ep. #9966
    Ep. #9966
    Episode 246
    Talia helps Antonio home, where he is greeted by his mother and daughter, and can't help but feel a tug of attraction when she sees him without his shirt on. Miles keeps Todd sedated and hidden, and panics when Cole wants to go down to the basement. Blair takes Starr over to Marty's so they can lay down some ground rules for the teens' relationship. Cristian and Rex remain suspicious of Sarah.moreless
  • Ep. #9965
    Ep. #9965
    Episode 245
    Michael is hoping to expand his family with Marcie, but she seems to be content with just Tommy. Blair, Cristian and Rex question Sarah, but don't learn much. Cristian and Rex decide to keep an eye on her. Viki is both scandalised and charmed by David's proposal. Dorian apologises to Clint. Marty pushes John away. Miles is shocked when Hunter shows up with Todd in a body bag, and stashes him in the basement.moreless
  • Ep. #9964
    Ep. #9964
    Episode 244
    Viki and David continue making Dorian jealous, who is convinced that they are only putting up a show for her. Lindsey and Bo continue talking about the past. Adriana expresses her disgust about racists in front of Tate, who promises to take care of her, but she still isn't ready for anything more between them. Miles puts more pressure on Marty. Blair, Cristian and Rex find an empty room and are shocked by the false tip, but when they find Sarah there, they being questioning her and learn about what happened. Blair is furious. Miles is stunned when Hunter arrives at the apartment with Todd - in a body bag!moreless
  • Ep. #9963
    Ep. #9963
    Episode 243
    Clint thinks Dorian is jealous over David and Viki's growing friendship, as Dorian contemplates Viki falling for David. Viki tries to throw David out of her apartment, but when Clint informs her that Dorian is coming over, David and Viki end up in the same room together. Once Dorian arrives, David kisses Viki on the bed, and Dorian sees it all. On the plane, Blair and Rex realize they got the same address from the mysterious caller. Vincent apologizes to Layla. John warns Miles to get a marriage annulment, but Miles insists his marriage is real. Lindsay and Bo's friendship bonding is interrupted by Miles, who calls Bo to inform him of new evidence in the Truman case. Sarah urges Hunter to leave with her. Rex, Blair and Cristian arrive in Chicago.moreless
  • Ep. #9962
    Ep. #9962
    Episode 242
    Marty has another mysterious flashback to the night of Truman's murder, and after hearing what she has to say John wonders if someone knocked her out before they went after Spencer. Layla tries to give Adriana advice on Tate, who visits his father at the jail and lambastes him for his confession. Miles and Roxy meet at the bar and Roxy is surprised to learn that Miles is married to Marty. While Adriana tries to comfort Tate, Nora goes to the prison to confront Kirk.moreless
  • Ep. #9961
    Ep. #9961
    Episode 241
    John takes Marty to the crime scene to try to jog her memory, and Marty actually remembers some details, but not enough to actually find out what she did. Bo is forced to close the arsonist case. Rex visits Bo and tells him he's leaving for Chicago, and asks Bo to keep a close eye on Adriana, because he's worried Tate might do something to her. Vincent tells Nash he'd like to tell a certain person that he loves her. Jessica is worried about her future love life while realizing that she is getting divorced again. Natalie urges her not to think about it, and just enjoy her love life with Nash. Also, Natalie starts thinking of her own love life. Lindsay and Bo reconnect as friends.moreless
  • Ep. #9960
    Ep. #9960
    Episode 240
    Rex gets a tip about Todd. Marty finally admits to John about Miles' blackmail scheme, and John wants to help Marty find out what happened on the night of Spencer's murder. Over the phone, Sarah tells Blair that Todd is somewhere in Chicago, but she won't tell her the location. Blair refuses to wait for the police and insists to go to Chicago immediately. Cristian goes with her. Marcie, Rex and Lindsay remember Jen on her birthday. Natalie and Miles start a friendship while doing business. David tries to get an apartment in Roxy's hotel, but instead ends up at Viki's, who decides to use David to spice up the tension between Dorian and Clint.moreless
  • Ep. #9959
    Ep. #9959
    Episode 239
    John questions Dr. Young, and soon learns that Miles came to her office, and probably took Marty's therapy session tape. Starr believes her relationship with Cole is doomed. Cristian convinces Blair that the fact that Cole is dating Starr doesn't mean that she gave up hope on Todd being alive. Starr is surprised when Blair finally accepts Cole. Britney vows to destroy Cole and Starr. Miles is hurt when Marty mentions how she'd like to see the kind man Miles used to be. However, Miles turns the tables when he befriends a young boy with a face deformation. John catches Marty in a lie. Nash and Jessica move back home, and are finally happy together. Sarah calls Blair and tells her about Todd. Jessica receives divorce papers from Antonio.moreless
  • Ep. #9958
    Ep. #9958
    Episode 238
    Adriana defends Tate to Rex, Layla and Vincent. Nora is happy that Kirk confessed. Kirk reassures Tate that he won't give away his secret. David and John aren't getting along in the same apartment. Inadvertently, David gives John some info that could lead him to the truth. Marty supports Cole and Starr's relationship, but Blair doesn't even want to hear about it. Antonio forgives Cristian. Jessica is finally released from the hospital. Antonio says an emotional goodbye to Bree, and doesn't miss a chance to warn Nash about the future.moreless
  • Ep. #9957
    Ep. #9957
    Episode 237
    It's the final musical episode. Starr and Cole finally admit how much they love each other, and they kiss. Langston and Markko, both angry at Marcie, decide to pass their title to Starr and Cole, who are now named the King and the Queen of Prom. An angry Britney confronts Cole and announces a war on Starr. Cole and Starr are having a midnight dance. John tells Marty that Miles probably figure out a way to use Marty's flashbacks against her, and that he is going to find a way to help her. Talia and Bo interrogate Kirk, and Talia finally lets Kirk know how she feels about people like him. Adriana tells Tate she won't judge him by his father's actions, and she agrees to take him home. David, without anywhere else to go, shows up at John's place. Markko and Langston kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #9956
    Ep. #9956
    Episode 236
    The musical continues. Blair questions Marty about why David was released from prison. Someone picks up a muddy Starr and brings her to the hospital. Starr claims Todd helped her, but the driver tells Viki it was actually him. Cole finds Starr's mobile phone in the mud. Britney wants her friends to help her become prom queen, but Marcie stops her plan and announces Markko and Langston as the prom king and queen. Starr and Cole finally find each other and kiss. Clint and Nigel talk about why Asa paid David to kill Spencer, and then they kick out a furious David out of the apartment.moreless
  • Ep. #9955
    Ep. #9955
    Episode 235
    The prom night continues. Individually in Llanview, Starr, Britney and Langston sing a song, "It Isn't Easy To Be Me Sometimes." An angry David confronts Dorian for ruining his chance to get his hands on a large sum of money. Starr and Cole both imagine being with each other, and then later, when Britney kisses Cole, he runs off saying he needs to find Starr. The limo swerves up on the way to the prom, so Starr is trapped in the rain. The driver goes to find help, but Starr soon becomes impatient and decides to go away, but she slips down and falls into the mud. Suddenly a man steps in front of her and she thinks it's her dad. Bo wants Lindsay far away when they confront the arsonist. Somewhere in Llanview, the arsonist plans an another attack. Bo and Talia get a tip that the arsonist is in the building, and they immediately confront a man carrying a bag.moreless
  • Ep. #9954
    Ep. #9954
    Episode 234
    It's Prom Night: The Musical. Starr and Cole long for each other during the event. Dorian arrives with a perfect dress for Starr. Blair believes Todd is still alive. John meets with a warden of Statesville to assure that David will be released from prison. Markko accuses Langston of being jealous over Starr. The blonde seems surprised to learn that the man Hunter is watching over is actually Todd Manning.moreless
  • Ep. #9953
    Ep. #9953
    Episode 233
    Langston is hurt when Markko asks Starr out to prom, but she won't tell Starr who she wanted to go with. Although Langston refuses to go to the prom, Marcie later convinces her to come, at least to help her out. Cristian, Talia, Bo, Lindsay, Nora, Matthew, Vincent, Layla, Shaun, Shaun's granfather and the rest of the police officers put up an All-America exhibit as a way to catch the hate group. Tate blames Kirk for being a bad father. John pressures Marty info confessing that she murdered Spencer Truman, although she doesn't remember doing it, and that she married Miles only as a way to protect Cole. John refuses to arrest Marty, and then calls Statesville to release David. Blair tries to seduce Miles into telling her about Todd, but Miles plays a game with her too. Todd lies injured in a bed as a young blonde woman comes into the room.moreless
  • Ep. #9952
    Ep. #9952
    Episode 232
    Viki is surprised to learn about Miles and Marty's sudden marriage. Meanwhile, Marty is having hard time trying to make her marriage look like a success. John remembers something from the past which strengthens his suspicion of Marty being involved in Spencer's murder. John promises to help Cole, and then asks Marty to come and see him. Britney is happy to go to prom with Cole. Langston obviously likes Markko, but the boy asks Starr out to prom. Bo has a new plan for the hate group. He also questions Kirk about Tate's injury, and Kirk becomes suspicious of Bo. Rex advises Adriana to be careful around Tate. Also, Rex gets a clue about Todd and thinks of informing Blair about it.moreless
  • Ep. #9951
    Ep. #9951
    Episode 231
    David finally cracks under pressure and tells John that he didn't murder Spencer, but he doesn't say anything about Asa. He does, however, tell John that Marty could be the murderer. John is determined to release David from prison as soon as possible. A clever Talia finds a way to get Tate's handwriting sample. Jessica and Nash realize that getting a divorce from Antonio won't be that easy. Marty refuses to act like a married woman with Miles, and he has nothing against it, but he warns her that he might lose patience in awhile. John comes to see Marty, but Miles quickly dismisses him. Antonio confesses to Talia that he still loves Jessica. Dorian and Clint become closer when Dorian confesses to Clint about Asa's deal with David. David is angry at Dorian for giving up the secret. Adriana agrees to go out for breakfast with Tate.moreless
  • Ep. #9950
    Ep. #9950
    Episode 230
    Cristian tries to talk to Antonio, but they are interrupted by Jessica and Nash. Antonio tries to avoid speaking to her, but eventually he admits how much she hurt him and Jamie, and that he doesn't know her anymore. Nash apologizes to Cristian for causing the rift between him and Antonio. Blair informs Starr about Marty and Miles, and then later Jack arrives telling Blair about a nightmare he had involving his dad. Cole challenges Miles in a small talking game and insults him. A confused Marty stands by Miles' side. When Cole refuses to move, Miles says he'll move to their house. Starr and Cole admit they still have feelings for each other on the phone. Miles tells Marty he can't wait to make love to her. Todd wakes up in an unknown place and thinks he's seeing Spencer, but then an unknown guy enters the room. Dorian and John talk about David, and Dorian finally tells John about her suspicion in Marty being the real murderer. John finds out Marty visited David in prison, and immediately decides to visit David. Nora is stressed out. Dorian tells Clint that Ava hired David to kill Spencer.moreless
  • Ep. #9949
    Ep. #9949
    Episode 229
    Dorian visits David at jail and learns that Marty payed him a visit a few days before. David tells her he is convinced that Marty killed Spencer, and then Dorian wants to go to the police, but David orders her to shut up or they won't get their money from Asa. Paige informs Cristian and Talia about Antonio's bad condition. Cristian blames himself for everything. Jessica and Nash are surprised when Natalie brings Bree to the hospital. Cristian tries to apologize to Antonio, but the man pretends not to care. Blair and John question the sudden Laurence marriage, but Marty claims she is in love with Miles, and then Miles won't let Marty talk to John. Starr and Cole talk about Miles. Dorian comes to John's office and claims that she has proof that David Vickers didn't kill Spencer. When they return home, Miles tries to have a close moment with Marty, but she pushes him off and Cole comes to her defense, but then she pretends it's nothing. Blair and Starr talk about Todd. Meanwhile, Todd is shown sleeping on an unknown location.moreless
  • Ep. #9948
    Ep. #9948
    Episode 228
    After learning that they found no info connected to the bomb, Bo wants John to get the warrant to search Tate's place. Antonio learns that Nash saved his life, but when Nash comes to him, Antonio shows no signs of mercy for the fact that Jessica and Nash cheated on him. Nash tells Jessica that Antonio will never forgive them. Antonio's condition is getting worse. Rex eavesdrops on Kirk and Tate's conversation. Starr and Blair talk about Cole and then later about Miles. Miles informs Cole about getting married to Marty in Las Vegas, and Cole is chocked that his mother would betray him like this way. Marty can't say much in her defense. Miles goes to the police station and reveals to John and Blair that he and Marty got married. Cole turns to Starr for comfort.moreless
  • Ep. #9947
    Ep. #9947
    Episode 227
    Nash is forced to finish the operations on Antonio by himself, and Michael is leading him through the entire process. Meanwhile, Cristian, Bo, John and the rescue team are working on clearing the damaged area of the hospital. The team helps Michael and Nash finish the operation on Antonio. Jessica is grateful to learn what Nash did for Antonio. Carlotta and Adriana are happy when Cristian informs them about the successful end of the operation. Rex and Roxy are drinking together, and when they see Kirk entering Rodi's, Rex realizes there is something that the man is hiding. He goes to the hospital, where he sees Tate and Adriana in an embrace, and then leaves without saying anything. Miles continues blackmailing Marty into marrying him.moreless
  • Ep. #9946
    Ep. #9946
    Episode 226
    A bomb explodes in the hospital. A debris crashes on Marty during her conversation with Miles. Outside the hospital, a worried Viki and the rest of the family are trying to find out what part of the hospital exploded. Nash finds Michael unconscious and then rushes off to help Antonio, who is still on the operating table. Bo, John and Talia save Paige and Jessica, but they are worried for Nash, Michael and Antonio, who are still in the gallery. Nash tries to reach Antonio, but a rubble prevents it. Michael wakes up. John rushes to Marty's side when he finds her with Miles. Miles is jealous over Marty and John's connection, and then he tells Marty he doesn't know what he would have done if he had lost her. She says he is going to find out soon. Paige is trying to stabilize Jessica. Talia goes outside and informs the others that Jessica is okay, but Antonio isn't. Then the people from outside are allowed to get back into the hospital. Britney asks Cole out to prom with her, and reluctantly, he agrees. Markko kisses Starr during the rehearsal, and Langston jokes on it, not realizing what Markko's intentions are. Miles informs Cole about Marty's situation, and Cole comes rushing to the hospital to be with his mother. Michael is forced to let Nash finish the operation.moreless
  • Ep. #9945
    Ep. #9945
    Episode 225
    Nash and Antonio arrive just in time to the hospital. Antonio feels betrayed while hearing Nash and Jessica declaring love for each other, and then Jessica is taken away to start the procedure. Antonio assures Jessica that he wants to do this for her. Nash thanks Antonio, and then asks Michael if he can watch the surgery, and Michael agrees, reluctantly. Natalie and Jessica say their goodbyes before the surgery. Talia receives a letter from the hate group and realizes that there is a new attack planned. Talia quickly informs Bo about it, and John joins them in the investigation. They soon realize that the attack is planned at the hospital. Somewhere in the hospital, a member of the hate group sets up a bomb to go off in two and a half hours. An angry Marty confronts Miles. Then later, Marty meets with a defense attorney and decides to discuss strategy on how to solve the Miles problem. The procedure starts, and Nash is watching from the window. Natalie and Cristian's conversation is interrupted by a warning to leave the hospital as soon as possible. Everyone wonders what is going on. John finally finds the bomb at the oxygen room, and in the nick of time he saves the day, but he is even more surprised to find a warning "One down, one to go." Marty confronts Miles once again, and says she's rather spend time in prison then marry him. They continue talking, and both ignore the warning to leave the hospital. During the procedure, Michael starts hemorrhaging, but the crew manages to save him and end the procedure. Michael informs Nash that the operation went well, and when he goes out of the gallery, a bomb explodes!moreless
  • Ep. #9944
    Ep. #9944
    Episode 224
    Carlotta informs Blair and Cristian about Antonio returning to Llanview to save Jessica. Blair meets with a private investigator and learns that he didn't find out anything new, and that he'll be dropping her case. Bo and Nigel are worried about Asa's health, as they both decide not to inform him about Jessica's condition. Clint, Viki, Dorian, Paige and Michael take care of Jessica, who is getting worse. Cristian and Carlotta arrive at the hospital, and Viki allows a priest to come to Jessica's room. Is it really over? Antonio and Nash are worried because their flight was delayed, and they end up discussing the entire Jessica/Tess situation. In about half hour, the guys arrive at the hospital and Nash looks through the window, and as he sees the priest, he prays that it's not over for Jessica. Miles proposes to Marty, who is surprised by his move. Soon she realizes Miles is blackmailing her, and they enter a discussion in which Marty can't believe that Miles is forcing her to marry him. Miles shares some of the things he did to win her over, but nothing helped. If she doesn't accept his proposal, he is going to make sure she loses her job, her son, and he even threatens John's life. He gives her 24 hours to think about it.moreless
  • Ep. #9943
    Ep. #9943
    Episode 223
    On the plane back to Llanview, Antonio makes Nash realize that the only reason he is returning is to save Jessica's life, and that he doesn't want to have anything to do with them afterwards. Jessica's condition is getting worse, and everyone is praying that Nash and Antonio arrive to the hospital in time to save her. Due to a thunderstorm, Nash and Antonio's flight has been delayed. Marty tries to talk to John about the flashbacks she's been having, but Bo interrupts their conversation with news on the arson case. Bo calls Nigel and question him about Asa's reaction to Jessica's health. John tells Cole that he and Marty are only friends. Blair and Cristian talk about Evangeline and Todd. Vincent and Layla talk about how Layla is dealing with Evangeline being in a coma. Miles watches the tape of Marty's session with Dr. Young and is shocked by Marty's realization that she killed Spencer. He calls Marty to come and see him, and once the woman arrives, he plays the tape. Marty defends herself by saying she had no idea about what she done, and suggests she should give into the police. However, Miles wants her to keep this a secret and then promises to take care of her. Marty doesn't feel right about it, but Miles says that he will get something in return from her---gratitude and her hand in marriage!moreless
  • Ep. #9942
    Ep. #9942
    Episode 222
    After learning about Rex's broken promise, a hurt Adriana tells him it's over between them, this time for good. Rex tells her he'll always love her, and she leaves weeping in pain. Michael informs Viki and Clint about being unable to locate Antonio. Then Viki makes a comment on how they moved Jessica to ICU, which only means she is dying. Cristian visits Jessica and tells her that he doesn't hate her. When the family leaves Jessica to get some rest, the machines start to go off, and Michael realizes Jessica is on the verge of death. Nash visits Antonio out of town, and although Antonio won't listen to him, Nash tells him he is a match for Jessica, and begs him to return to Llaview to save Jessica's life. He even tells Antonio that he'd be ready to give up Jessica if he saves her life. Miles attends a therapy session at Dr. Young's office, and when the woman is asked away for a while, Miles steals a tape of Marty's session from the drawer. Marty visits David at jail and question him about why he confessed, when he actually didn't murder Spencer. Rex visits Bo and after a brief talk about Adriana, Rex mentions that Tate was in Wyoming, and Bo quickly realizes this might have something to do with the aronist!moreless
  • Ep. #9941
    Ep. #9941
    Episode 221
    Viki reveals that her sample was under Dorian's name, so Jessica tells her that there is no chance she is going to let her mother do this. A sad Viki wants to do anything to save her daughter, but Nash convinces Viki that Jessica needs her mother, and can't risk her life. Suddenly, Paige returns with news that Antonio is also a match for Jessica. Clint and Viki head out to find Antonio and try to convince him to save Jessica. Rex slams the door in front of Tate, but then rethinks and lets the man in. Tate is ready to forget about what Rex did, only to make Adriana happy. Rex meets with Tate's old friend and tries to get information from him, but the man soon realizes that Rex is the man who claimed Tate was gay. Rex learns that Tate went to a baseball camp in Wyoming. The man later calls Rex's cell, and Adriana answers it and learns that Rex lied to her, again. Roxy tries to cheer up Jessica, but she is too tired. Nash tells Jessica he'd do anything to save her, even if it means bargaining with Antonio. Bo wants Nora to rest at home with Matthew, but Nora is determined to help the police find the people who almost killed her. Talia and John interrupt them with news from the investigation. They realize that the painting found at Cris's studio was painted by a person with an arm or shoulder injury. All evidence leads to Wyoming. Carlotta comforts Cris, who is still trying to cope with the fact that he lied to his brother about Jessica and Nash. Viki and Clint learn from Carlotta and Cris about Antonio's departure. They inform Nash and Jessica, and then Nash makes Jessica promise that she will be there when he returns with Antonio. Dr. Young tries to persuade Marty not to do anything. Marty is convinced she killed Spencer, but the psychiatrist isn't sure about it. After Marty leaves, Miles comes into the office and asks for a therapist.moreless
  • Ep. #9940
    Ep. #9940
    Episode 220
    While in cinema with Blair and Cristian, Starr is surprised to find Cole and Britney there together, and she can't help but wonder if Cole is the same guy she thought he was. Dorian visits David in jail, and then asks him to test for a possible donor match for Jessica. Although David is convinced that Dorian is doing this to win points at the Buchanan's, she claims otherwise, and then later asks him if he's wondering who is Spencer's real murderer. After confronting Viki about Jessica and Nash, Antonio is convinced to leave town with Jamie. Carlotta informs Cristian about Antonio's departure. Jessica wants to do a video for Bree in case she doesn't recover, and although he refuses to do it first, Clint convinces Nash to grant Jessica's wish. Viki breaks down is tears while watching Jessica talking to the video. Paige arrives with good news---they finally have a donor match for Jessica---and it's Dorian! Viki is surprised because she knows that Dorian put her name on Viki's sample. On the plane, Antonio's cell rings, but he refuses to answer it. Miles informs Jordan about his unsuccessful plan to win Marty. John wonders why Marty is visiting a psychiatrist. During her session, Marty has another flashback of a woman in a wedding dress---and it's Blair. Soon Marty realizes she must have murdered Spencer Truman!moreless
  • Ep. #9939
    Ep. #9939
    Episode 219
    Blair comforts Starr, who is by the fact that Cole and Britney were out on a date. Miles overhears Marty talking to a therapist on the phone saying that she thinks she might have done something horrible. Miles follows Marty to the coffee house, where Marty admires Cole's ability to see the good in people, in this case Britney. Britney shows up with a gift for Cole. Talia wants Antonio to go home and rest after Antonio informs her about the breakup. Antonio refuses to relax, but when an Talia shares a bad memory from her past, Antonio decides to go home. Viki is surprised to see how much emotional attraction there is between Nash and Jessica. John and Cristian are talking about the picture left by the hate group at Cristian's trashed studio. Once again, Marty sees Spencer's file and has a flashback of scissors, and then runs into John.moreless
  • Ep. #9938
    Ep. #9938
    Episode 218
    Marty is troubled by flashbacks of scissors. Miles shows up at her place and tries to talk about what's bothering her, but she blows him off. Cole and Starr dance in school for awhile, but soon Cole goes to the hallway to comfort Britney, who is upset by the fact that her parents forgot her birthday. Cole offers to take Britney out, and Starr overhears the conversation. She is furious with him, but he claims she shouldn't mind because she doesn't want to be with him. Langston challenges Markko to participate in the musical, and then later he gets a part. Lindsay comforts a sad Cristian, and decides to help him get back on track in both his life and job. Marty calls a therapist and makes an appointment for herself. John and Talia vow to find the arsonist. Dorian tells Viki she put her name on Viki's donor sample. Lindsay goes to Bo's office and gives him pictures of Jen for Matthew. Bo is deeply touched by Lindsay's change of heart. John arrives at Cristian's studio to investigate the scene, and Cristian soon realizes there is a painting he didn't paint in between the rubble. Kirk is determined to help his son fix his image, so he suggests Tate should test as a donor match for Jessica. Dorian warns Rex to stop investigating Tate. Tate and Kirk arrive at the hospital, ready to test. Also, during the day, many citizens come to the hospital to show their support. After meeting with Rex and Kirk, Rex decides to reopen the investigation on Tate.moreless
  • Ep. #9937
    Ep. #9937
    Episode 217
    Miles arrives at the police station, where Blair and John question him about Todd, but Miles claims he knows nothing. John plays the tape of a baby crying, but it means nothing to Miles. John realizes Miles is rushing somewhere, so he decides to follow him. Marty is surrounded by a group of unknown men in the middle of nowhere, but she is able to take care of herself. Miles arrives at the scene, ready to "save her," but John stops him, and then questions how come he cane across Marty all of a sudden. Miles then claims he had a meeting. When John and Marty leave together, much to Miles' annoyance, one of the men approach Miles and let him know that Marty is a strong woman. Clint thanks Dorian for supporting him through this tough time. Dorian informs Blair about Jessica. Viki talks to Nigel about Jessica. Nash comforts Jessica, who feels guilty about Antonio. Antonio is furious when Cristian admits he knew about Jessica and Nash. Antonio sees Nash and Jessica together on the hospital bed.moreless
  • Ep. #9936
    Ep. #9936
    Episode 216
    Britney tries to apologize to all the kids in the school, but it seems like nobody wants to listen to her. Cole tries to help her, but then Langston wants Britney to apologize to everyone she's hurt, starting with Starr. Cole and Langston argue, so Starr breaks off the fight and tells everyone that maybe Britney has changed. Alone with Langston, Starr thanks her for the support, and then tells how tough it's going to be to watch Cole and Britney bond during the school musical. Vincent comforts Layla at the hospital. Miles tries to invite Marty out again, but she's once again busy, this time because of work. John warns Marty to stay away from Miles. Miles siphons gas from Marty's car (to create a situation Jordan advised him to), and Marty realizes someone is there, but Shaun, Vincent and Layla walk past her, so Marty realizes it's nothing. Natalie tries to deal with Jessica, who thinks she should die because of what she did to Antonio. Nash and Antonio fight, but Cristian stops them. Nash goes to Jessica's room, and comforts her.moreless
  • Ep. #9935
    Ep. #9935
    Episode 215
    At the police station, John tells Bo that everyone is okay after the attack at Cristian's studio except Evangeline, who still hasn't come to. Bo decides to let John lead the case against the arsonist, because Antonio is busy with Jessica. Paige informs Nora, Layla, Cristian and Talia that Evangeline has lapsed into a coma. John and Bo arrive at the hospital too, and after learning about Evangeline's condition, Cristian wants to work on the case too. Kirk Harmon, Tate's father, arrives in Llanview, and although Tate isn't happy to see him, Kirk promises to help his son take down Rex, who has been calling him lately to get info on Tate. Adriana arrives and meets Kirk. Starr and Langston are surprised to see new students at the school. Langston questions the new kid Markko if he'd like to be in the school play, but he blows her off with a rude comment. Amber informs Starr and Marcie that Britney went to meet Henry's parents with Cole. Nash tells Clint about Jessica's decision to divorce Antonio, and Clint worried that this will bring extra stress to Jessica. Jessica finally tells the truth to Antonio, who is having hard time accepting the truth. Jessica explains the entire thing to him, but he won't believe her, and thinks it's Tess talking. Jessica assures him she isn't Tess and that she can't fight her feelings for Nash anymore. Later, in the hallway, Antonio and Nash accidentally run into each other.moreless
  • Ep. #9934
    Ep. #9934
    Episode 214
    Adriana tells Rex they're over, but Rex convinces her to give him another chance. Miles arrives at the hospital and wants to have himself tested as a possible donor for Jessica, but Dorian bursts at him, and then Clint apologizes for her behavior. Dorian warns Nash not to trust Miles. Natalie tells Miles all about Tess. Although she knows how much crucial it could be for her, Viki decides to test herself too. Dorian advises her not to, but then reluctantly decides to grant Viki's wish. Jessica is finally ready to tell Antonio the truth about Nash and her. Antonio shares his fears about Jessica/Tess with Clint, who then tells him about his experience with Viki. Once Nash leaves the room, Antonio returns to Jessica, who then tells him through tears that she loves Nash. Jordan advises Miles to create a possible dangerous situation around Marty, only so that he could pretend to save her. Lindsay arrives to Cristian's studio and is about to find the four people passed out when suddenly she's hit in the head. Inside the studio, Cristian has the strength to call 911. Bo is surprised when Matthew comes worried because his mother didn't pick him up from school. Soon Bo receives the 911 phone call alert. The police finally arrives at the scene and saves everyone, but it looks like their condition is really bad, especially Evangeline.moreless
  • Ep. #9933
    Ep. #9933
    Episode 213
    Blair shows up at the police station and talk to Bo about how hard it is to find either Todd or his son. They are surprised when a CD is found on the crime scene, and the only thing on it is a cry of a baby. Adriana is upset when Rex finds her spending the night with Tate, and Rex immediately makes a wrong assumption. A man approaches Tate about how bad it is being gay, and Tate furiously leaves. Then later, Adriana is mad, and she admits she can't go on like this anymore. Evangeline, Nora and Talia arrive at Chris's studio, where a member of the hate group locks them in together, puts a hose in the place, and pumps the studio with carbon monoxide! Evangeline passes out first, so Cristian tries to find a way out, but it's too late. Jessica and the family are shocked to hear that Jessica has liver cancer. Michael says there's a way to save her, but a list of donors has at least 16,000 names on it, and there is a very low chance of help. Then the entire family decides to get tested to try to help Jessica. When they leave to the lab, Viki and Jessica cry together. Meanwhile, Nash is also shocked to hear about Jessica's condition, and then realizes there is a way he can help her. Clint tries to stop him, but he decides to go anyway. Clint tells Dorian he will get tested to help Jessica, and Dorian decides to do the same. Nash brings Bree to see Jessica, and Antonio confronts him, once again. Paige informs Bo about Jessica's condition. Blair is worried about how will her children react to the fact that their father is still missing. She calls The Sun and puts up a reward for whoever finds Todd. Blair is confused to hear the same baby cry she heard on the CD, and she realizes it's Tommy crying.moreless
  • Ep. #9932
    Ep. #9932
    Episode 212
    John finds a distraught Marty and she admits having nightmares. John soon realizes that it's all being caused by Spencer's death file. Marty then has a flashback with scissors, and later looks at photos of a murdered Spencer and it upsets her even more. Dorian tries to convince Starr to let go of her love, but to keep her heart safe for a new love. When Dorian leaves, Starr fills Langston in on what happened at school. Cole talks to Britney, who finally admits how wrong she was about Henry, and then she gets a call from Henry's uncle, who wants Britney to meet with Henry's parents. Cole decides to go with Britney. Langston walks by the place and sees Cole and Britney together, and the immediately informs Starr about it. Clint warns Nash to watch out because Jessica is very weak. Antonio doesn't want Nash to be in the hospital. Their fight is interrupted by news of Jessica's health. Antonio doesn't want Nash to hear about it, and Clint makes sure that Paige informs Nash about the results. When the entire family gathers in Jessica's hospital room, Michael tells them that Jessica has liver cancer.moreless
  • Ep. #9931
    Ep. #9931
    Episode 211
    Tate informs Adriana about Rex taunting his entire family to dig up information about him, and Adriana promises to talk to Rex about it. In his art studio, Cristian reminisces about the time he spent with Evangeline having 'paint fight', and then he creates a new painting. Roxy tries to convince Rex to leave Tate alone, but Rex won't listen to anyone. Adriana calls him. John stops Natalie and Miles' scenario and then talks to Natalie about his lack of trust in her, and warns her to watch out for Miles. While talking to Miles about what she just saw, Marty is having mysterious flashbacks, and then when Miles leaves, she continues having those weird flashbacks. Cole and Starr hide under the piano when Marcie enters the classroom, and then later they talk about their love, but they are interrupted by Dorian. Then Cole makes up a silly scene and yells at Starr. Evangeline realizes Michael is a little bit too concerned about Todd, and asks Marcie about it. Marcie interrupts a phone conversation between Michael and Rex, who were talking about Rex's secret. Michael lies to Marcie on what they were talking about. Layla blames Vincent for Cristian's hand injury. Vincent asks Layla out, hoping to prove her wrong. Cristian wants to meet Lindsay at his art studio. Lindsay arrives and sees Cristian's new painting. They start celebrating the amazing success, while a mysterious person is watching them from outside. Lindsay and Cristian join Evangeline at Capricorn, and then Lindsay suggests Cristian should show Evangeline his new painting. Evangeline and Cristian are shocked to find his studio trashed.moreless
  • Ep. #9930
    Ep. #9930
    Episode 210
    Britney is upset by the way her parents are treating her, and on her way out of The Palace, she steals a bottle of wine. Cole stops her in the park, and they go to talk to a coffee place, where Cole reassures her that Henry's death wasn't her fault entirely. He also says he still loves Starr. Meanwhile, in school, Starr is shocked to learn she got the lead in the play. Britney arrives at the school and realizes she didn't get the lead role. Starr and Langston take some time to practice Starr's singing skills. Cole talks to Starr and they kiss. Dorian blames Miles for Todd's disappearance. Viki and Clint argue over Jessica, which prompts Viki to go an sit by her own table. Dorian tries to calm Clint, while Viki talks to on old friend, a man named Peter. John and Natalie admit they still have feelings for each other. When John leaves, Miles shows up at the park, and defends Marty to Natalie. Natalie decides to make an honest man out of Miles and invites him to join her at Rodie's. Nash secretly visits Jessica in the hospital. Marty is upset while seeing the file with Spencer's picture on it, and then experiences a panic attack. John blames it on hunger, and invites Marty to go to Rodie's with him. Once they arrive at Rodie's, Natalie and Miles fake a kiss in front of them.moreless
  • Ep. #9929
    Ep. #9929
    Episode 209
    Miles shows up at Marty's place and gives her flowers. John and Bo are working on Todd's disappearance case. Miles arrives at the station and gives Bo the letter Spencer sent him awhile ago, and Bo believes this closes the Spencer case, but John isn't sure about it. Later, Miles goes to get some more sexual education from Jordan. Marty shows up at the police station and defends Miles when John suddenly starts disbelieving in Miles's honesty. When John leaves, Marty returns to the room and finds a folder with Spencer's picture on it. Paula finally explains the reason why her marriage with Tate didn't last. Adriana is angry at Rex, but she loves him. Rex decides to announce that Tate isn't gay, but Tate won't take any favors from Rex. Nash, Clint, Antonio, Jessica, Natalie and Viki are relieved to find out that Bree's test results came back negative. Viki comforts Jessica, who is worried about her biopsy. Antonio tries to get Talia to help him track down the guy who infected Jessica, but Talia advises him to let it go. The folks at the hospital are surprised when Clint says Nash is good for Jessica. Antonio says he doesn't want Nash around once Jessica gets better.moreless
  • Ep. #9928
    Ep. #9928
    Episode 208
    Marty arrives at school to give grief counseling to the students, and then Bo informs her about Blair's return to Chicago, and a plea to keep Starr save. Cole warns Britney to wake up and realize what she did. Tate is hiding from the public, but someone familiar comes and takes his hat off. Adriana kicks Rex out of the apartment. Adriana goes to the diner, where Tate introduces his wife Paula who tells her that Tate isn't gay. Rex isn't convinced that Paula is telling the truth, and then wants to know what is the real truth behind their divorce. Carlotta comforts Antonio. Clint arrives to the hospital, and Jessica asks him to let everyone know she wants to explain how she got the disease. She also asks to call Nash too. Natalie comforts a sad Viki, who blames herself for everything that happened to Jessica. Nash thanks Roxy for letting him spend the night at the Angel Square Hotel, and then runs into Marcie. Michael wants to take Nash and Bree to the hospital to do tests, but they are interrupted by a call from Jessica, who talks to Bree, and then with Nash. Marcie comforts Langston, who thinks she's the one who should have stopped Henry. Britney's parents want Dorian to join them in the lawsuit against the school, but Dorian refuses, and then Marcie explains how she feels guilty for everything. Cole tells Starr he loves her. The family reunites at the hospital, where Jessica tells them that she/Tess has been using heroin, although she didn't want to. Just then, Michael arrives with Bree's test results.moreless
  • Ep. #9927
    Ep. #9927
    Episode 207
    Tate and Adriana, individually, are shocked by Rex's interview on TV. Tate is embarrassed, while Roxy warns Rex that Tate will come after him. An angry Tate turns against Rex at UltraViolet, but when he sees Adriana entering, he says Rex isn't worth it, and Adriana agrees. She accuses Rex of lying about Tate's sexual preference, but Rex claims that Tate's ex-wife told him. Adriana rushes off, but Rex follows her home, where Adriana confronts him about it. Tate throws papers from his desk while seeing Rex's interview on the net. Cole wants to comfort Starr, but John says it's be better if Starr was with her mother now. Blair accuses Miles for Todd's disappearance, but Miles claims he had nothing to do with it. Marty tries to defend Miles, but Blair snaps at her. Langston tells Starr she was worried about her, and they talk about Henry's death. Miles offers to take Marty home but, once again, she says John will take her home. Once they are home, Marty and John want Cole to forgive Blair for snapping at them. Blair tells Starr she'd like to go back to Chicago. In the hospital, Nash comforts Jessica. Cristian advises Antonio to keep Nash away from Jessica, and Antonio admits that Jessica hasn't been herself lately. Nash and Jessica talk to Antonio about what will happen with Bree if anything happens with Jessica, and Antonio is touched when they both want Antonio to be involved in Bree's life.moreless
  • Ep. #9926
    Ep. #9926
    Episode 206
    Jessica is worried that Bree's health might be in danger. Antonio tells Nash about Jessica's condition, and then talks about who is guilty for everything that's happening. Reluctantly, Antonio agrees to let Nash see Jessica. While Antonio is taking care of hospital papers, Nash professes his love for Jessica, and she promises she'll tell Antonio the truth, as soon as she leaves the hospital. Rex announces a surprise to Adriana, and she is touched to learn that Rex is going to hold an AIDS benefit. Rex makes sure both Adriana and Tate watch the news, and then tells Roxy he has to bring Tate down. Adriana and Tate are shocked to see Rex saying that Tate is a gay celebrity on television. Blair and Marty continue arguing, but John interrupts them with news of an accident. Britney, Cole and Starr are all safe, but sadly, Henry died. Starr makes sure everyone knows Britney is the reason why this happened. Starr tells Blair that Cole saved her, but Cole refuses to be named a hero. Miles offers to take Cole and Marty home, but Cole would rather go with John. Both John and Bo are worried that Miles might be behind Todd's disappearance. Britney's mother arrives to pick her up, and then threatens to sue the P.D. Blair tells Starr about Todd's disappearance.moreless
  • Ep. #9925
    Ep. #9925
    Episode 205
    Paige informs Bo about going away to California for Mother's Day, to visit Hugh's grave. Antonio, Natalie and Viki are shocked when Michael reveals that Jessica has Hepatitis C, which could damage her liver. They are all worried when they realize that the sickness can be transferred by sharing a needle. They inform Jessica about it, and she, through tears, worried that Bree might be infected too. Jessica remembers some stuff Tess used to do. Nash pleads with God to make Jessica better, and then talks to Paige about Jessica. Marcie is shocked to hear that Henry drove off in the car, with Britney, Cole and Starr in it. Meanwhile, the kids try to make Henry stop the car, but nothing seems to be working. They realize that Henry hasn't slept for 2 weeks. Starr talks to Blair on the phone and tells her she loves her. Blair and John decide to return to Llanview, and then they confront Marty about Cole. The kids return to school, but when Henry sees the police, he refuses to stop the car.moreless
  • Ep. #9924
    Ep. #9924
    Episode 204
    Nash is determined to sue Antonio, but Bo can't help him, and advises him to go and resolve whatever there is between him and Antonio. Talia shows Bo a letter they got from One Pure People. Viki wonders why Nash hasn't visited Jessica, and then wants to inform him about it, but Antonio tells her that he kicked Nash out. Langston and Starr are surprised when they find 'Get over it, loser!' written on Henry's locker. Henry arrives and it doesn't bother him. Then Britney's friend arrives and wants to have Britney's picture back from Henry, so she could give it to Garrett. Henry gives her the picture, and then later talks to Langston about Britney. Langston advises him to show Britney that he doesn't care about her. Britney wants to make truce with Starr, but Starr knows there's a trick and goes away when Cole enters the classroom. The kids accidentally enter in a car and Henry, who just popped a bunch of pills, drives it. John arrives in Chicago, determined to help Blair find Todd. He talks to Miss Bromley, who lies to him about not going to Todd's hotel room. Rex teases Tate with the info he found out about him. Michael and Marcie celebrate their first anniversary. Nash returns to the hospital and tries to go to Jessica's room, but Viki stops him. Nash gives in and leaves. Michael arrives to the hospital and tells everyone about the HIV test they did on Jessica. He says the news aren't good.moreless
  • Ep. #9923
    Ep. #9923
    Episode 203
    A frightened Blair claims that Spencer is still alive, and although Dorian reminds her of Spencer's death, Blair is convinced that Spencer did something to Todd, and then decides to call one person that could be in contact with Todd. Natalie reminds Jessica, who is now hospitalized, about how much Antonio loves her and then questions her if she's started to have feelings for Nash. Evangeline tells Layla that she isn't pregnant. Blair informs Evangeline about Todd. Miles accidentally overhears Nash talking about Jessica, and then informs Nash about Jessica being hospitalized. Nash rushes out of Rodi's. Miles overhears Evangeline telling Layla about the missing Todd. Nash arrives at the hospital and looks at Jessica through a window. Antonio catches him and has him thrown out by security. Meanwhile, Jessica calls for Nash, and both Viki and Natalie are worried. Marty is pleased to hear about John and Cole bonding. John decides to go to Chicago to help Blair. Miles tells Marty that he is guilty for Todd's abduction, because he was the one who advised Todd to go to Chicago to look for his son. Marty comforts him. After Starr and Langston inform him about what Britney did to Henry, Cole lashes out on Britney. A hopeful Henry arrives and gives Britney new earrings, but she goes mad and brushes him off. The teens try to comfort him, but he rushes away home and squeezes the earrings in his hands. Henry vows to make Britney his, and his hand starts bleeding.moreless
  • Ep. #9922
    Ep. #9922
    Episode 202
    Dorian arrives in Chicago, keen on convincing Blair to come back home, but Blair refuses to return. Things get worse when Blair finds out that the blood test proved that it was Todd's blood that she found. John and Cole bond while talking about Cole's problems with Starr. Miles informs Marty about going out on a date with someone, but he doesn't say who with, and although she rejects him once again, Miles is convinced that he'll win her over one day. His confidence begins fading when John enters Marty's office. Rex meets with Tate's ex-wife Paula and finds some of Tate's secrets. Tate admits to Adriana that he has feelings for her, and that he'd do the entire thing on The View once again, just to prove how much he cares for her.moreless
  • Ep. #9921
    Ep. #9921
    Episode 201
    Nash is waiting for Jessica, who is still trying to find a way to finally tell Antonio the truth, but when Antonio asks her about what happened at the quarry, Jessica faints. Blair arrives at the scene of the crime, finds blood, but no Todd. The police takes a DNA sample to determine if it's Todd's. Blair, however, finds pictures of Starr, Jack and herself and realizes that Todd was here. Dorian advises Adriana on how to handle the situation between Rex and Tate. Roxy advises Rex how to investigate Tate's background. Natalie informs Viki about quitting her job.moreless
  • Ep. #9920
    Ep. #9920
    Episode 200
    A heavily wounded Todd calls Blair, who realizes that Todd is gone, and Blair answers the call, but Todd passes out or possibly dies. Evangeline's pregnancy test turns out to be negative and both Cristian and Evangeline are having mixed feelings about the result. Talia advises Antonio how to handle his rage towards Nash. Jessica and Nash make plans to meet at midnight at Rodi's and Jessica finally has the strength to tell Antonio the truth. Cole and Starr dance at Heather's birthday party, but Starr pulls away soon. Thanks to Langston, Henry finally realizes how Britney has been using him to get what she wants.moreless
  • Ep. #9919
    Ep. #9919
    Episode 199
    Cristian comforts Evangeline and promises to be there for her, while waiting for the outcome of her pregnancy test. Layla promises to be more careful to Vincent. Starr informs Blair and Todd over the phone about being on a party, and about Cole being there too. Blair assures her that she believes her. Later, Blair falls asleep and Todd receives a phone call with info about his son. He goes to meet the person who called him, but it turns out to be a trap. Someone stabs Todd and leaves him for dead. At Heather's sixteenth birthday party, Britney continues trying to impress Cole, but she's interrupted by a call from Henry, whom she lies about being sick. Langston confronts Britney about her behavior. Cole asks Starr to dance with him, and although she refuses, Cole manages to get her to dance. Natalie informs John about her job change, and he thinks it's a bad idea. Jessica and Nash promise Jamie she'll get out of the hospital soon. Antonio is troubled by what Jamie said before the accident. Jessica wants Nash to stop seeing him for a while, at least until Jamie is better, but the passion between them is stronger. Jessica locks the doors in the office and they make love.moreless
  • Ep. #9918
    Ep. #9918
    Episode 198
    Blair comforts an insecure Todd and they are about to kiss. Layla accidentally telly Cristian about Evangeline's possible pregnancy. Vincent warns Evangeline about the possibility of being the next arsonist target. Cristian comforts Evangeline while she waits for the outcome of her pregnancy scare. Bo appreciates Vincent's offer to help with the investigation. A sad Bo accepts Natalie's resignation. Natalie asks Asa for a job at the Buchanan Enterprises. Miles hires a professional escort named Jordan to please him in bed and show him how to please a woman. Nora tells Clint she'd rather see him with Viki than Dorian. Nora says she'll be moving out of the mansion. Renée learns about Jordan's presence in The Palace, so she rushes there.moreless
  • Ep. #9917
    Ep. #9917
    Episode 197
    Paige informs R.J., Antonio and Jessica about Jamie's improvement. Antonio is mad at Nash for being near Jessica during this difficult time, and has no idea what happened. Later, Nash and Jessica kiss, and she promises to tell Antonio the truth, once Jamie recovers. Adriana is still mad at Tate, but he turns the tables on her and challenges her. Rex turns to Bo for advice on how to deal with the Tate situation, and then misunderstands Bo. Natalie and John are uncomfortable around each other. Natalie decides to quit her job at the Llanview Police Department. Viki, Marty and Nora form a Lonely Hearts Club. After Miles eavesdrops on them and makes a comment, the women advise Marty to move on with her life. Later, Marty runs into John. Dorian and Clint's plans are interrupted by the news of Jamie's accident.moreless
  • Ep. #9916
    Ep. #9916
    Episode 196
    Antonio and Jessica's fight is interrupted by Jamie's accident. Jamie is rushed to the hospital, where Antonio tells Jessica he's glad she's there for him. Todd is being offered help from Ms. Bromley, a worker at the adoption agency, who wants to help Todd, but only if he can prove he's the father of the child. Then Todd almost destroys every chance of finding his son, but Blair steps into action and tells a touching story about her past. Bromley decides to help. Later, Todd doesn't know if he's doing the right thing. Marcie wants the kids to spring into action to get the school board to let them do the musical. Adriana warns Tate to stay away from her, and then later Rex does the same thing.moreless
  • Ep. #9915
    Ep. #9915
    Episode 195
    Starr realizes Langston set her up, only to help her. Britney continues using Henry. Marcie tells the kids about the lack of funding for the musical. Todd and Blair are suspicious to find Rex in Chicago. Evangeline tells Layla she could be pregnant. Without knowing what's going on, Cristian demands that Nash leaves Jessica alone. Tate is being interviewed on The View and during the interview, he says Adriana is the love of his life and then asks her to join him on the stage. Rex turns on the TV and sees the entire charade. Antonio and Jessica fight again and Jamie can't listen to them, so she leaves the loft and goes out alone. Soon Nash enters the place and informs the fighting couple about Jamie being hit by a car.moreless
  • Ep. #9914
    Ep. #9914
    Episode 194
    A regretful Jessica tells Jamie she's sorry about what happened at the court. Jamie tells her she saw her kissing with Nash. Marcie panics during the musical preparations. Cole decides not to be in the musical, but Starr convinces him he should do it. Bo holds a press conference to aware everyone of the arsonist. Adriana talks to Tate about personal stuff. Evangeline is stunned when she finds out about Todd and Blair being together in Chicago.moreless
  • Ep. #9913
    Ep. #9913
    Episode 193
    Nash is upset when Jessica says she couldn't tell Antonio about them. However, she claims she didn't change her mind. Antonio is heartbroken while consoling a sad Jamie. Later, Jamie walks in on Jessica and Nash kissing. Rex disguises himself and goes to the police station to find out more about what's going to happen to Todd and Blair. Todd tells a moving story about his son and the manager is sympathetic and agrees to let them go free, but they must leave Chicago immediately. Todd reluctantly agrees. Tate continues plotting to get Adriana. Starr is surprised to find her name on the audition list, and she actually decides to perform. Britney wants Henry to do whatever she wants.moreless
  • Ep. #9912
    Ep. #9912
    Episode 192
    John joins Marty and Cole on a posthumous birthday celebration for Patrick. Jessica tries to tell Antonio about Nash, but Antonio is full of anger with everything that happened in the court, so Jessica doesn't get a chance to tell him the truth. Viki, Dorian and Clint visit Nash to find out more about Jessica, but Nash claims he doesn't know anything. Blair and Todd break into an adoption agency to find more info about Todd's missing son. Rex follows them and then thinks of a clever way to stop their investigation. Marcie realizes something is going on with Michael. Cole tells Marty he wouldn't have anything against his mother dating John.moreless
  • Ep. #9911
    Ep. #9911
    Episode 191
    After they make love, Jessica realizes she wants to be with Nash. Antonio arrives at the quarry looking for Jessica, but she has already left with Nash. Nash is convinced he's finally going to have a great future. Natalie and John try to remain friends after their breakup. Marty apologizes to Cole. Starr is having hard time trying to accept the fact she's no longer with Cole. Langston doesn't know what to do with her plan now that Starr isn't with Cole anymore, but decides to go along with it when Starr mentions Britney. Nora accuses Lindsay of trying to get Bo, but Lindsay turns the table on her and talks about how much Nora has changed. Asa is happy with the idea of seeing Nora and Bo together again.moreless
  • Ep. #9910
    Ep. #9910
    Episode 190
    Nash finds Jessica and she, once again, professes her love for him. Antonio questions Cristian about what's going on with Jessica, but he gets the info of Jessica's car being found before Cristian can answer him. Blair and Todd start the search for Todd's son. Blair is surprised by Todd's strange methods in achieving what he wants. Rex informs Adriana he's leaving to Chicago to make sure Todd doesn't find what he's looking for. Tate stars working as a sportscaster and sends a small message to Adriana. Miles is jealous over John and Marty's friendship. Nora tries to convince Paige to stay in Llanview.moreless
  • Ep. #9909
    Ep. #9909
    Episode 189
    Jessica makes a surprising reaction at the adoption hearing, and then leaves. She leaves her car and starts crying in the rain. Nash comes across her car, but can't find her. Marty and John are having fun at Rodi's. After Paige tells Bo she's leaving the town, Matthew is sad because things keep on changing. Nora and Bo are concerned about their son. Antonio questions his brother about the tension between Nash and Jessica.moreless
  • Ep. #9908
    Ep. #9908
    Episode 188
    During the adoption hearing, Cristian realizes something is happening with Jessica, and wonders if she's seeing Nash. She claims she loves Antonio and has nothing to do with Nash. Rex tries to convince Nash to stay in Llanview, but Nash is determined to leave. Marty talks to John about her fear of not getting along with Cole. Marcie decides to write a letter of recommendation for Cole, with strings attached. Viki lets Clint know that everything changed the day he chose Dorian over her.moreless
  • Ep. #9907
    Ep. #9907
    Episode 187
    Once again, Jessica claims that she wants to be with Antonio, so Nash finally decides to close the deal, and says he's leaving Llanview. Jessica is crushed after their passionate goodbye kiss. Rex informs Michael about Todd's research and Michael is worried about the outcome. Rex confronts Miles, but Miles won't say what Spencer wrote in the letter. Todd is forced to accept Blair's help in uncovering the truth. Cole and John work on a letter which could help Cole get into the school basketball team, and when Marty sees them together at the police station, she overreacts and Cole is frustrated by Marty's lack of confidence.moreless
  • Ep. #9906
    Ep. #9906
    Episode 186
    Todd won't allow Evangeline to go to Chicago with him. After learning about it from Layla, a confused Rex tries to convince Todd not to go. After telling Jack that everything is going to be OK with Todd, Blair goes onto the same plane as Todd. Nash wants Clint to stop Jessica from adopting Jamie. Carlotta is happy to hear the news of the adoption. Nash challenges Jessica again. Antonio realizes Jessica isn't her old self. Tate appears at Rex and Adriana's place and tells them he just became a sportscaster on the local news.moreless
  • Ep. #9905
    Ep. #9905
    Episode 185
    Miles gives Todd the letter Spencer sent him and Todd finally realizes what it is all actually about. He informs Blair and Evangeline about starting the investigation in Chicago. However, when he refuses to involve the police, Evangeline wants to go with him. A sad Blair watches them leave together. Nash is upset when Jessica decides to sign the adoption papers for Jamie. Vincent comforts Natalie, who is still grieving over her broken relationship with John. The arsonist burns down Shaun's grandparents' house. Dorian and Clint run into Viki, and Dorian is delighted to see Viki's reaction.moreless
  • Ep. #9904
    Ep. #9904
    Episode 184
    Starr confronts Marty. Evangeline and Marty fight. Cristian talks to Blair and tells her how much he admires her. They decide to remain friends after everything that happened between them. Miles tells Todd that his son must be alive, because Spencer would never lie to him, and then questions if he should share the info with Todd. Natalie and Starr bond over their lousy love life. Antonio realizes something is going on with Jessica. Talia gets a lead in the investigation from Shaun. John and Cole bond. Jessica tells her father she isn't sure if she should adopt Jamie.moreless
  • Ep. #9903
    Ep. #9903
    Episode 183
    Viki comforts a heartbroken Jessica and shares her painful experience with John. Michael almost lets it slip in front of John about Tommy. Miles apologizes to Marty and she accepts his apology. He mentions the letter Spencer sent him, but he doesn't say what Spencer wrote in it. Adriana and Rex argue about Tate, but they end up kissing. Tate promises Layla he will stay away from Adriana. Todd turns to Natalie and Viki for help with the dinner he told he'd cook for Evangeline, but neither one of them have the strenght to help him. Langston comforts Starr. Cole takes his frustration out in the gym. Miles calls Todd and tells him he knows the secret about his missing son.moreless
  • Ep. #9902
    Ep. #9902
    Episode 182
    After a night of passion, John and Natalie are still determined it's over between them. Roxy accidentally sees them together and then blames John for everything that happened between them, but Natalie defends him. Evangeline tries to calm down Nora after Bo, Talia and Antonio inform them about the arsonist's plans. Todd advises Viki to forget about Clint and move on. Viki meets a new doctor, Douglas Kline, at the hospital. Clint and Dorian kiss. Adriana tells Tate to stop trying to seduce her, but when he says Layla is his girlfriend, Rex notices she's being jealous.moreless
  • Ep. #9901
    Ep. #9901
    Episode 181
    Natalie and John talk about their complicated relationship and the engagement confusion, and they both agree they just can't work as a couple. They decide to break up. Evangeline wants Todd to be patient with Starr, who just announced that she'll never see Cole again, only to protect her family. Starr and Cole say goodbye. A drunk Miles is confused by the letter Spencer sent him. Antonio sees Nash and Jessica in a middle of a heated argument. Natalie returns to John's place to pick up her stuff and they end up making love, probably for the last time.moreless
  • Ep. #9900
    Ep. #9900
    Episode 180
    Todd finds Cole and Starr at the bus station and then starts strangling Cole. John and Marty arrives too, and John stops Todd. Starr makes a huge sacrifice to stop the war between her father and her boyfriend. Miles talks to Jessica about Marty rejecting him after their kiss. Later, Miles gets a letter from beyond the grave. Nash learns about Jessica's plans to adopt Jamie. Evangeline helps Talia and Antonio discover a new evidence in the investigation.moreless
  • Ep. #9899
    Ep. #9899
    Episode 179
    Natalie is hurt after realizing John didn't want to propose to her. She asks if he wanted to break up instead, but their conversation is soon interrupted by Marty who tells them Cole and Starr ran away together. Natalie interrupts an intimate moment between Evangeline and Todd. Talia realizes Vincent is no longer a suspect in the investigation. Langston tries to help Cole and Starr, but it seems like Todd is one step ahead of them.moreless
  • Ep. #9898
    Ep. #9898
    Episode 178
    Evangeline visits Todd and tells him she has feelings for him. They kiss. Blair and Cristian agree on being friends. After talking to Bo about it, John finally confesses to Natalie that he didn't want to propose to her after all. Cole and Starr run away together, but Cole accidentally leaves a trail of where they might be. Talia decides to undergo hypnosis to speed up the investigation process.moreless
  • Ep. #9897
    Ep. #9897
    Episode 177
    Todd wants Starr to stay away from Cole. Marty tells Cole that sending him away to military school is the best thing she can do for him. Cole calls Starr, but Todd answers and threatens him. Later, Cole and Starr meet and make up a new plan to stay together. Marty questions Evangeline about her feeling for Todd. Tate kisses Adriana, and then later claims he would never do anything to hurt Adriana and Rex's relationship. Nora isn't happy with Antonio and Talia's slow progress on catching the arsonist.moreless
  • Ep. #9896
    Ep. #9896
    Episode 176
    Natalie informs her parents about John's proposal. John doesn't want to tell Natalie he didn't actually know if he will propose to her. Michael warns John to stop the entire charade before it's too late. Clint talks to Viki about her latest actions, and tells her he wants to be with Dorian. Viki decides to use a new strategy. Todd is angry at Blair after realizing she slept with Cristian. He tells her she's dead for him. Evangeline apologizes to Layla for thinking she slept with Cristian. Miles impulsively kisses Marty, and she slaps him. The entire thing brings back ugly memories of his past.moreless
  • Ep. #9895
    Ep. #9895
    Episode 175
    Natalie accepts John's proposal after assuming he was going to ask her to marry him. Evangeline and Cristian admit they still have feeling for each other. Blair accidentally blurts out about sleeping with Cristian to Todd. Viki wants to be with Clint, but he leaves the hospital with Dorian before answering. Marty lets Miles know they can't be much more than friends. Talia finally finds the arsonist. Antonio goes to Nora's to check on Talia.moreless
  • Ep. #9894
    Ep. #9894
    Episode 174
    Miles tells Marty he'd like to be more than just friends with her. Viki interrupts Clint and Dorian's date. Both John and Natalie agree on having to work on their relationship. The robbers arrive at The Palace and rob both John and Natalie. Natalie realizes John had an engagement ring in his pocket. Miles and John go against the robbers. Evangeline confronts Layla about sleeping with Cristian, but Cristian sets the record straight by telling her he slept with Blair, not Layla. Nash tells Jessica he wants to get his life back in order, and the only way to do that is to completely cut her out of it. Talia continues investigating the crime scene at Nora's.moreless
  • Ep. #9893
    Ep. #9893
    Episode 173
    Michael warns John that proposing to Natalie won't solve their marriage problems. Talia confronts Vincent about another piece of evidence against him, but Natalie defends him. Nash quits his job at the Capricorn. Jessica tries to avoid seeing him. Nora makes Viki rethink her feelings for Clint, so Viki decides to stop Clint's date with Dorian. Roxy goes through the mugs shots and recognizes several former bedmates.moreless
  • Ep. #9892
    Ep. #9892
    Episode 172
    John decides to ask Natalie to marry him, so he asks her out to dinner. Marcie, Roxy, Dorian and Michael find themselves in the middle of an armed robbery at the hair salon. Antonio asks Jessica to stay away from Nash. Talia brings Bo a another investigation clue that leads to Vincent. Viki is jealous after Clint tells her he's going out with Dorian.moreless
  • Ep. #9891
    Ep. #9891
    Episode 171
    Layla is angry at Cristian after learning about Blair and Cristian sleeping together. Evangeline appreciates the fact that Todd didn't try to pressure her into sleeping with him, but she's surprised to learn that he payed Tate to leave them alone. Evangeline sees Layla talking to Cristian and assumes they slept together. Layla is hurt that her sister would think that. Langston tries to stop Britney from revealing Cole and Starr's relationship, but the truth comes out and both Cole and Starr will have to confront their family. Rex gives Miles advice about women.moreless
  • Ep. #9890
    Ep. #9890
    Episode 170
    Blair snaps at Evangeline and Marty, so they are forced to leave the room they had to share with her. Cristian attacks Todd after Todd makes a comment about spending the night with Evangeline. Miles overhears Rex and Adriana talking about real love, and hopes to have that someday with Marty. Tate leaves Todd and Evangeline alone in the room, so both Cristian and Blair make a wrong assumption about their ex-es. Britney decides to revel Cole and Starr's secret relationship.moreless
  • Ep. #9889
    Ep. #9889
    Episode 169
    Cole and Starr's plans for the Winter Festival are ruined when they realize Marty, Blair and Todd are also their. Todd is amused to see Miles confessing to Blair about going out with both Marty and her. Evangeline isn't happy to see her sister with Cristian. Everyone is forced to share a room when the mountain road is closed due to bad weather.moreless
  • Ep. #9888
    Ep. #9888
    Episode 168
    Evangeline claims she didn't have anything to do with Todd, but Cristian doesn't believe her. He wants her to prove her love by never seeing Todd again. Viki is concerned when Todd starts making plans for his future with Evangeline. After a painful conversation, Evangeline and Cristian break up. Marty agrees to attend the Winter Festival with Miles as his friend. Blair decides to prove she's over Todd, so she asks Miles to go to the Winter Festival with her, and he accepts it, without telling her he already asked Marty to go with him. Starr and Cole make plans to go together to the Winter Festival.moreless
  • Ep. #9887
    Ep. #9887
    Episode 167
    John and Marty talk about Spencer's murder. Miles wonders how could David kill his brother, but Natalie assures him it's no wonder -- Spencer was pure evil. Natalie encourages Miles to ask out Marty. Antonio asks Jessica if she's over Nash, and she claims yes. Britney conspires against Starr and Cole.moreless
  • Ep. #9886
    Ep. #9886
    Episode 166
    After Jessica tells him she chose Antonio, Nash challenges her to prove to him that she and Antonio belong together. He kisses her and then walks away. Todd makes it clear to Evangeline that he won't give up on her. Layla takes Cristian to The Palace, but their evening out turns into a disaster when Cristian sees Evangeline with Todd. John isn't convinced that David killed Spencer.moreless
  • Ep. #9885
    Ep. #9885
    Episode 165
    Nash insists he's not having an affair with Jessica, claiming he doesn't really even like her. John and Natalie make love, but their night is marred once John learns Natalie has been keeping things from him again. Miles apologises to Marty for his behavior the other night.
  • Ep. #9884
    Ep. #9884
    Episode 164
    David is locked up for Spencer's murder and Dorian promises to get him the best lawyer money can buy. After she leaves, Asa shows up to thank David for killing Spencer for him. John finds Natalie and Vincent together when he comes home. Matthew is pleased when Lindsey offers him new photographs of Jen to replace the ones that were lost in the fire.moreless
  • Ep. #9883
    Ep. #9883
    Episode 163
    David confesses to John that he's the one who killed Spencer, and agrees to return to Llanview when John shows him the picture of Dorian in jail. Marty finds Miles drunk and takes him back to his room, where he kisses her. Natalie is removed from the forensics program after admitting to Bo that she tampered with the crime scene.moreless
  • Ep. #9882
    Ep. #9882
    Episode 162
    Jessica dreams of Antonio and Nash. Clint wants Nash to leave Jessica alone. Dorian and Miles fight and talk about Mitch and Spencer. Jack takes a picture of Starr and Cole together, so Starr has to do some damage control. John finally tracks David down. Natalie and Marty fight.
  • Ep. #9881
    Ep. #9881
    Episode 161
    Marcie and Adriana are relieved when Rex and Michael are released from jail. Marcie is impressed when Cole stands up for Starr after she busts the two for hanging out together while babysitting, but tells the teens they need to stay away from each other. Dorian is confused when John takes a picture of her after tossing her in a jail cell. Starr wants Todd and Blair back together.moreless
  • Ep. #9880
    Ep. #9880
    Episode 160
    Rex and Michael finally talk and both realise they've been wrongly suspecting the other of murder. Todd is determined to take Evangeline's mind off her troubles any way he can. Nash refuses to walk away from Jessica.
  • Ep. #9879
    Ep. #9879
    Episode 159
    Talia is determined to capture the arsonist. Bo is shocked when John points the finger of blame at Michael. Marty is suspicious when she finds Miles in John's office. Blair learns that Miles is Mitch Laurence's brother. Cristian lashes out at Jessica and Nash.
  • Ep. #9878
    Ep. #9878
    Episode 158
    Nash and Jessica pray for Antonio's safe recovery, worried that their betrayal could cost him his life. John arrests both Michael and Rex and tosses them in a cell until they talk, and both consider just how far they'll go to protect Tommy.
  • Ep. #9877
    Ep. #9877
    Episode 157
    Talia tries to phone the police for help but is attacked by the arsonist. Antonio literally walks through the flames to get to Jessica. John wonders what Rex and Michael are hiding. Jessica worries when Antonio goes back through the flames to save Nash.
  • Ep. #9876
    Ep. #9876
    Episode 156
    With the fire raging outside the storage room, Jessica finally admits how much she loves Nash. Starr and Cole agree to keep their relationship strictly at kissing for now. Cristian tells Evangeline they're through after finding Todd at her place, not realising that Todd was sleeping on the couch.
  • Ep. #9875
    Ep. #9875
    Episode 155
    Antonio is pleased to see his old friend Nelly, who has come to Capricorn to perform for the audience. Rex lightly spars with Antonio about their conflicting Oscar parties on Sunday. Michael worries when Marcie wants Starr to babysit Tommy, but he caves. After they leave, Starr calls Cole to come over. He recites a poem his father taught him to get Tommy to sleep. Todd goes to see Evangeline to talk about the kiss they shared, and initially she is unwilling to let him in. Cristian again confronts Jessica over kissing Nash, determined to tell Antonio the truth. Later, he kisses Blair, but she tells him to go back to Evangeline. Natalie and John discuss Spencer's murder. The arsonist prepares to set another fire.moreless
  • Ep. #9874
    Ep. #9874
    Episode 154
    John ends up on therapy at Marty's, where he confides to her about the possibility that his brother murdered Spencer. Marty doubts this. Michael asks Jessica to stop John from investigating the murder. Jessica realizes John is suspicious of Michael. Evangeline realizes she must tell Cristian the truth about her kiss with Todd. When she finally does, Cristian bursts and accuses her of having feelings for Todd. Blair is shocked when Cristian loudly says that Evangeline and Todd kissed. Miles comes to Jessica's place and raises suspicion in front of Antonio, Viki and Todd. Nash hires Blair as a singer at Capricorn.moreless
  • Ep. #9873
    Ep. #9873
    Episode 153
    Although Michael warned him to stop investigating, John says he must continue and find out who murdered Spencer. John seems to be unable to shake the feeling that Michael could have killed Spencer. Marcie runs into a distraught Todd who informs her that his son is dead. Evangeline confesses to Layla about kissing Todd and she's ready to confess to Cristian, but Layla warns her not to say anything. Jessica begs Cristian to keep her kiss with Nash a secret from Antonio. Bo wants Antonio and Talia to work more on the arsonist case. Once again, Talia regrets not having caught the arsonist when she could have. Nash befriends Tate. While Bo is looking for what's left of Matthew's belongings, Matthew is hurt by the fact that all of his stuff are gone. Clint and Viki's flirting is interrupted by the news of Nora's condition.moreless
  • Ep. #9872
    Ep. #9872
    Episode 152
    Michael confesses to Marcie that he was in the hospital the day Spencer died, and that he found a collapsed John in the sunroom. However, Michael claims that John isn't the murderer, but Marcie doesn't believe him. John is wondering about how did the fibers from his scarf end up on Spencer, but then he realizes he gave the scarf to Michael. John goes to Michael's, and Michael warns him to stop investigating Spencer's murder. Jessica is shocked when Miles tells her he is Mitch Laurence's brother, what makes him her uncle. Miles is happy to finally find a relative, but Jessica won't accept him. After overhearing Layla and Nash's conversation, Cristian confronts Jessica, who doesn't deny that she kissed Nash. Evangeline comforts Todd, and they end up kissing. Adriana hopes that the nightmare will finally be over. Rex is mentally tortured by everything that's been going on.moreless
  • Ep. #9871
    Ep. #9871
    Episode 151
    Miles, once again, refuses to do an interview for Todd. The later, he agrees to do one with Jessica. He tells her a heartbreaking story about his life and how Spencer saved his life. Jessica is touched and interested in Miles' life. Michael is stressed out over everything that's been happening with Tommy. Rex tells him there's a way to make sure Todd never finds his son, but it's going to hurt Todd. Rex shows him a phony death certificate and Michael realizes that it's going to be hard to live with that kind of secret for the rest of his life. Rex gives Todd the certificate. Later, Todd is tortured by visions of Spencer, and Evangeline finds him on the floor. Marcie wants Michael to tell her the truth. Layla and Nash are in a middle of discussion when Cristian overhears Nash saying he kissed Jessica and she kissed him back.moreless
  • Ep. #9870
    Ep. #9870
    Episode 150
    Natalie and John are in a hefty discussion about her compromising the crime scene when John finally realizes Natalie did it to protect him. Still, John doesn't calm down. Their conversation is soon interrupted by the news of the fire at Nora's house. Antonio and Talia decide not to rest until the arsonist is found. Talia blames herself because she didn't catch the arsonist when she could have. Asa says he'd like to see Viki and Clint back together. Blair won't participate in Dorian's scheme against Viki. Lindsay confesses to Viki that Dorian asked her to stall her, only so Dorian could go out with Clint. Viki arrives and sends Dorian away. Miles wants Marty to be his psychiatrist because he needs to be able to live outside of an institution. Blair is shocked to find Starr and Cole kissing. She drags a poor Cole to Marty and warns her to keep him away from Starr.moreless
  • Ep. #9869
    Ep. #9869
    Episode 149
    Just as Natalie shares her fears of losing John over her mistake with Vincent, John realizes Natalie compromised the crime scene. Natalie decides to tell him the truth, but John rushes her to it and asks her why shouldn't he arrest her. Miles catches Jessica snooping around his place. Antonio and Nash plan to bring Nelly Furtado to the Capricorn. Nora hopes Marty's life will turn to better. Antonio and Talia learn about a new fire, this time in Nora's house. Miles goes to Marty's office. Adriana introduces Rex to Tate.moreless
  • Ep. #9868
    Ep. #9868
    Episode 148
    Starr is reading Jack a bedtime story titled Legends of Llanview: The King, the Pharaoh and the Manor. King Todd ditches Queen Blair into the dungeon and decides to take Princess Evangeline as his next wife. Cristian professes his love towards Princess Evangeline. A servant named Dorian promises to help Queen Blair. Princess Starr turns to Cole for comfort after King Todd refuses to let Queen Blair go free. However, King Todd removes Cole too. While Princess Evangeline and Princess Starr cry their eyes out, Dorian tries to do her best to take down King Todd. Cole escapes from the dungeon and King Todd realizes Queen Blair was ready to give up her life for him. All the three pairs end up happy. Meanwhile, Natalie reads a novel and stars imagining giving John's mummy life back with a new heart. John leaves her, Rex and Roxy to go into the unknown. Jessica reads a story to Bree and imagines how it would be if Antonio would know about her and Nash. At the very end of the story, Jessica says she'll be with Nash.moreless
  • Ep. #9867
    Ep. #9867
    Episode 147
    Rex tries to remove a determined John off Spencer's murder case, but John won't back off until he finds the person responsible. He realizes someone tampered with the evidence. Bo questions Natalie about what she might have seen at the crime scene. Adriana learns that Dorian ordered Todd to free Rex of all charges in The Sun. Blair decides to move on with her life, so she quits her job. Cristian is frustrated when Evangeline leaves in the middle of Jamie's birthday party to comfort Todd. After telling Nash that nothing can happen between them, Jessica bonds with Antonio. Todd hires Jessica as a reporter to investigate Miles.moreless
  • Ep. #9866
    Ep. #9866
    Episode 146
    A man named Miles finally arrives in Llanview on the reading of Spencer's will and it turns out he looks totally different than on-screen. No one believes Miles is the actual person Spencer talked about, but he reveals Spencer helped him get a new face, and now he is here to help find Spencer's killer. Michael stops Marcie in the final moment before she can figure out who Tommy really is. Dorian agrees to help Todd get Blair back. The arsonist escapes again. Nash and Jessica almost make love. Natalie admits to Vincent about covering for John. Bo admires Lindsay.moreless
  • Ep. #9865
    Ep. #9865
    Episode 145
    Although John orders him to stop, Spencer's lawyer plays the tape of Spencer's will. Spencer's rude behavior on the tape affects everyone. He says Marty only wants to get back at Todd. He tells Todd he'll never find his son. Spencer says he's having something delivered that might discover where the baby is. Meanwhile, Marcie receives a package with a sliver baby cup inside, engraved with the initials TJM. Michael arrives home and Marcie shows him the "surprise." Also, on the tape, Spencer reveals he's glad he killed John's father. Then he says he leaves all of his belongings to a person named Miles, who turns out to be disfigured. Starr wants Marcie to help her be with Cole, but she won't help her. However, she promises not to say anything to anyone. She tells her to watch out for Britney. Talia pulls a gun on the arsonist. Dorian informs Lindsay that Bo is alone at the Palace.moreless
  • Ep. #9864
    Ep. #9864
    Episode 144
    Adriana tells Michael she won't reveal her secret, but Michael had no idea what are both Adriana and Rex thinking of. Natalie and John talk about their relationship and come to a conclusion that nothing can go bad if they stay upfront with each other about everything that happens. Natalie almost reveals that she compromised the crime scene to save him. Blair, Marty, Evangeline, Todd, John, Dorian and Michael are called to the Palace by a lawyer Spencer hired to see Spencer's final message. Marty won't let Cole see Starr. Blair does the same thing with Starr. However, the kids end up meeting secretly. Britney plans to break them up. Cristian realizes Evangeline is getting too close to Todd.moreless
  • Ep. #9863
    Ep. #9863
    Episode 143
    Rex is reluctant to tell Adriana who murdered Spencer, but then he finally says he thinks it was Michael. Adriana tells him it was the right thing to do, to protect Michael. Evangeline and Cristian are trying to find out who's trying to frame him. Vincent fires Aaron after it's proven Cristian isn't the arsonist. Clint realizes Dorian is guilty for what happened to Viki. Dorian makes a deal with Lindsay to help her get Bo, if Lindsay helps her get Clint. Antonio opens Pandora's box when he asks Talia about her previous job in Manhattan. The mystery man decides to head to Llanview.moreless
  • Ep. #9862
    Ep. #9862
    Episode 142
    Natalie and John's argument turns into a passionate night, the first one since John's accident. Evangeline is stunned after Cristian is arrested for being the arsonist, and Cristian claims he's being set-up. Nora reminds Evangeline and Antonio that they should calm down, because they aren't working on the case anymore. Just as Cristian professes his love for Evangeline, he is set free because someone set up a fire in one of Antonio's properties. Bo tells Rex he knows he didn't kill Spencer, but there's something he's hiding from him, and he doesn't like it. Dorian promises to help Rex win over Adriana. Viki and Clint go out on a date.moreless
  • Ep. #9861
    Ep. #9861
    Episode 141
    Blair blames Marty for everything that happened to her lately. They both warn Starr and Cole to stay away from each other. John tells Bo that Natalie is lying about being home at the time Spencer was murdered, so Bo offers him to work on the case with him. Natalie tells John they should break up. Nash continues having visions of Tess, so he mistakes Jessica for her when she visits him. Nora advises Evangeline to stay away from Cristian. Evangeline isn't happy to hear this, but she's soon surprised when Cristian is taken away in handcuffs.moreless
  • Ep. #9860
    Ep. #9860
    Episode 140
    Blair tells Todd that there is no future for them. Bo is suspicious as to why John wants to head up Spencer's murder investigation. In the library, Cole and Starr secretly talk through a bookcase, wishing that they could be together. Clint advises Nash to let go of Jessica. Nash ends up falling a ladder and an apparition of Tess comes to him. Jessica confides to Marty about the kiss Nash and her shared.moreless
  • Ep. #9859
    Ep. #9859
    Episode 139
    Michael and Rex both believe that the other killed Spencer in order to keep him quiet about Tommy's true paternity. Todd maintains firm in his assertion that he didn't kill Spencer, and claims he was visiting Addie at the time. Natalie rushes to find Rex after Bo tells her he was found at Spencer's murder scene. Nora wants Evangeline to stay away from Cristian during the arson investigation. Natalie gives both John and herself an alibi for the time of Spencer's murder.moreless
  • Ep. #9858
    Ep. #9858
    Episode 138
    Antonio and Bo realise they've got a long list of suspects to go through in order to catch Spencer's killer. John is upset after learning that Natalie listened in on his private talk with Marty. Blair can't remember what Spencer did to her but is relieved when Talia tells her that she wasn't raped.moreless
  • Ep. #9857
    Ep. #9857
    Episode 137
    Natalie finds fibers on Spencer that appear to have come from John's scarf, so she removes them before the CSU team gets there. Marty is upset when Cole's attitude toward Spencer's murder suggests that he's happy the man is dead. Bo doesn't believe for a moment that Rex is guilty, but warns him that he's in a lot of trouble.moreless
  • Ep. #9856
    Ep. #9856
    Episode 136
    Rex is found in Blair's room leaning over Spencer's corpse, the murder weapon in his hands. Michael helps John escape from the hospital after finding him passed out in the sunroom. Nash and Jessica nearly kiss again, but Nash pulls back. Viki and Clint agree to go on a date.
  • Ep. #9855
    Ep. #9855
    Episode 135
    Cole and Starr discover the dead lawyer in Spencer's bed, and trick the guard to get away. Natalie is upset to realise that John has been lying to her about his condition. Michael vows to do whatever it takes to keep Tommy. With family and friends present, Asa and Renée celebrate their anniversary. A delusional Spencer 'marries' Blair in her hospital room and prepares to consummate the marriage while she is unconscious, but is stabbed from behind.moreless
  • Ep. #9854
    Ep. #9854
    Episode 134
    Spencer injects Blair with a sedative before dressing her for 'their' wedding day. Michael contemplates telling Todd the truth about Tommy, but Rex stops him just in time. Nash and Jessica promise each other that the kiss they shared will never happen again. Natalie is devastated to hear John say he will never be happy until Spencer pays for what he's done.moreless
  • Ep. #9853
    Ep. #9853
    Episode 133
    After a talk with Marty, Spencer places Mark Casey's body in his bed before sneaking out. Michael worries how to tell Marcie that Tommy is really Todd's son, but Rex suggests he keep quiet. Natalie asks Viki for advice about her relationship with John after overhearing his conversation with Marty.
  • Ep. #9852
    Ep. #9852
    Episode 132
    Michael is interested when Spencer claims to know the truth about Tommy, but soon dismisses his rantings as those of an insane man. Blair keeps trying to convince Todd that they're finished, but he's not willing to let go. John progresses with the physical therapist, but lies to Natalie.
  • Ep. #9851
    Ep. #9851
    Episode 131
    Nash pushes Jessica to admit that she has feelings for him. John and Michael regret that they didn't get even with Spencer when they had the chance. Cristian is convinced that he is being set up. Rex is determined to keep Spencer quiet about baby Tommy.
  • Ep. #9850
    Ep. #9850
    Episode 130
    Rex worries that the cat is out of the bag when Spencer refers to Marcie and Michael's son as Todd Jr., but then he realizes Spencer is delusional. Todd is shocked by Blair's answer to his proposal. Jessica is angry when she finds a naked Nash in the steam room, and he wonders why does she act so angry every time she sees him. She explains she's afraid of her true feelings. After what happened at the press conference, Bo takes Evangeline and Antonio off the arsonist case. Antonio decides to prove that Cristian isn't the arsonist. Meanwhile, Talia gets a search warrant for Cristian's art studio and they find some evidence that might harm Cristian. Bo has lunch with Lindsay.moreless
  • Ep. #9849
    Ep. #9849
    Episode 129
    Rex suspects that Spencer knows the truth about who baby Tommy really is. Todd proposes to Blair, while Spencer dreams of proposing to her too. After Rex tells her about the phony death certificate he made, both Rex and Adriana fear that Spencer could figure out Todd's baby is currently with Marcie and Michael. Jessica talks to Natalie about how hard it is to be near Nash. Then, Natalie tells Jessica the same thing about Marty. After visiting Blair, Natalie and Jessica decide to go to "Serenity Springs" for a massage. Both Antonio and Nash are already there. Thinking she's joining Antonio, Jessica enters a room with a naked Nash in it. Marcie warns Starr to stay away from Cole.moreless
  • Ep. #9848
    Ep. #9848
    Episode 128
    Todd does his best to convince Blair, who has survived the night, that they still have a future together. Paige and Bo refuse to say anything about Blair's conditions to Spencer. Bo tells him he's being prosecuted. John tells Marty he knows she isn't able to cope with the entire hostage situation and the rape, but she won't admit it. Vincent and Aaron hold a press conference, and Aaron freely says that he believes Cristian is the arsonist and that the police isn't doing anything because of personal interest. Natalie is mad at Vincent. Cristian and Evangeline arrive at the conference and cause havoc.moreless
  • Ep. #9847
    Ep. #9847
    Episode 127
    Todd talks to an unconscious Blair. A scared Dorian talks to Michael about Blair's chance of living. Rex blames himself for what happened to Blair, but Adriana convinces him he isn't. Jessica talks to Antonio about how difficult it is to work with Nash. Antonio believes the two will work things out eventually. Vincent wants Natalie to help him out if he'll needs help in the future. Vincent learns that someone burned down one of his buildings. Rex worries just how far Todd will go to find his son. Evangeline questions Cristian about where he's been.moreless
  • Ep. #9846
    Ep. #9846
    Episode 126
    Spencer takes desperate measures to keep from being institutionalized. John rushes to the hospital to check up on Marty, but Natalie won't allow him to leave the apartment. She calls Bo and Bo informs Jack about Marty's condition. Dr. Cushing informs Blair's family about Blair's critical condition. Jessica isn't happy to see Nash working at "Capricorn," so they end up in a fight, and then later they feel a connection as Nash reaches out to help her take care of a cut on her hand caused by throwing glasses at him.moreless
  • Ep. #9845
    Ep. #9845
    Episode 125
    Spencer takes Marty hostage in an attempt to keep himself out of the institution. Todd tries to calm him and tells him he'd sacrifice Marty if he had, only to stop him from leaving the hospital. However, both Marty and Spencer realize Todd is only trying to find a way to control Spencer. Then, Todd offers himself as a hostage. Vincent hires a respectable attorney Aaron Connolly. Bo and the other policeman arrive at the hospital when a gun fires and someone is shot.moreless
  • Ep. #9844
    Ep. #9844
    Episode 124
    Viki admits that she still cares for Clint. Reluctantly, Rex admits to Bo about that Todd kidnapped Spencer. Spencer wants Todd to intervene and save Blair's life, but he won't do anything until Spencer agrees to his conditions. They almost make a deal, but Spencer ends up deciding he'd rather have Blair dead. Cole and Starr talk about their relationship and Starr's behavior. Natalie confesses to John about poisoning his food and they fight. Todd threatens to kill Spencer, but Dorian interrupts their discussion.moreless
  • Ep. #9843
    Ep. #9843
    Episode 123
    Rex gets his hands on some valuable information when Todd confesses that he kidnapped Spencer. Antonio is confused when Jessica says she doesn't want Nash to run "Capricorn" instead of Antonio. Although Jessica pleads Nash to refuse the offer, he decides to accept it. Langston overhears Britney trying to manipulate Cole, so she calls Starr. Britney tells Amber she wants to be with Cole, only because of Starr. Starr kisses Cole in front of Britney. Adriana is happy to learn that her and Layla's lingerie line is doing very well. Bo and Lindsay work on renovating their relationship.moreless
  • Ep. #9842
    Ep. #9842
    Episode 122
    Marty's actions surprise Todd. Starr is excited when Todd tells her he's going to ask Blair to marry him again after she gets better. Todd blames himself for Blair's accident. Vincent accuses Cristian of setting up the fire at the warehouse, but Evangeline gives Cristian an alibi. After Vincent leaves, Evangeline reminds Cristian that he was gone for awhile that day, and that it still makes him a possible suspect. Nash is intrigued after hearing about Jessica's overreaction after hearing that Antonio asked him to run Capricorn for him.moreless
  • Ep. #9841
    Ep. #9841
    Episode 121
    Natalie does the right thing for the wrong reasons in an attempt to help John, who hasn't been taking his medication. Jessica talks to Marty about her life. Layla suspects Nash is developing feelings for Jessica, but he disagrees. Vincent blames Cristian for the fire at the warehouse. Evangeline gives Cristian an expensive laptop computer as a gift. Lindsay is heartbroken when R.J. ends their relationship.moreless
  • Ep. #9840
    Ep. #9840
    Episode 120
    Blair's condition worsens as she struggles to recover from a heart condition, and Todd turns to Evangeline for comfort. John pretends to take his medication as Natalie and Michael watch. Nash pulls Jessica in for a kiss not long before Antonio shows up.
  • Ep. #9839
    Ep. #9839
    Episode 119
    Britney manipulates Starr by sympathising with her when everyone at school blames Cole, and some even blame Starr, for the Lions losing the game. Nash admits that he no longer sees Jessica as Tess.
  • Ep. #9838
    Ep. #9838
    Episode 118
    Claudia decides to head back to rehab after Antonio finds her passed out in her hotel room. Todd and Blair mourn for their unborn son. Viki and Dorian continue to battle over Clint.
  • Ep. #9837
    Ep. #9837
    Episode 117
    Michael and Natalie tell John that he can go home as soon as they sterlize his apartment. Antonio becomes more and more suspicious of Vincent. Nash and Jessica become trapped together in a cave. Lindsay encourages Cristian to pursue his photography.
  • Ep. #9836
    Ep. #9836
    Episode 116
    Marty stops John from killing Spencer, then John rings in the New Year with Natalie. Jessica helps Layla and Adriana launch their new lingerie line by displaying their wares at Capricorn. Blair and Todd toast the New Year together.
  • Ep. #9835
    Ep. #9835
    Episode 115
    Viki offers Todd advice on how to handle the current stress in his life. Rex and Adriana agree to keep quiet about Tommy's true paternity. Marty tries to talk to John, and he accuses her of working for Spencer.
  • Ep. #9834
    Ep. #9834
    Episode 114
    Todd blames himself for the death of the baby. Marty allows John to believe she's a staff psychiatrist. Rex and Bo discuss Todd's culpability in Spencer's captivity. Rex and Adriana get passionate.
  • Ep. #9833
    Ep. #9833
    Episode 113
    Starr sits with Todd, who worries that Blair won't be able to handle losing their child. Dorian heads to see Viki, and warns her that she plans to fight for Clint. Marty wonders if she was wrong about Spencer's mental state.
  • Ep. #9832
    Ep. #9832
    Episode 112
    Michael and John celebrate Christmas at the hospital with Natalie, Marcie and Tommy. Clint and Viki share a kiss under the mistletoe. Cristian and Evangeline decide that they're not ready to take the next step.
  • Ep. #9831
    Ep. #9831
    Episode 111
    Cristian gets Marcie and Evangeline to help him help the less fortunate. Todd is devastated when Michael tells him that Blair has lost the baby. Vincent gets the word that Ted's death is officially considered a homicide.
  • Ep. #9830
    Ep. #9830
    Episode 110
    Blair's family and loved ones wait anxiously to hear of her condition. Vincent demands the police finds out who torched his warehouse and killed Ted. Paige takes great delight in telling Spencer that Blair's baby doesn't belong to him.
  • Ep. #9829
    Ep. #9829
    Episode 109
    Todd is shocked to learn that Blair is pregnant, but she swears that the baby belongs to him. Vincent is upset to learn that one of his warehouses burned down. Marty worries that Michael is not the best doctor to be operating on Spencer, what with their history and all.
  • Ep. #9828
    Ep. #9828
    Episode 108
    Blair, Todd and Spencer struggle, but Todd saves Blair and leaves Spencer behind. Starr demands answers from Marty as to why she testified on Spencer's behalf. Nash and Layla have a great date.
  • Ep. #9827
    Ep. #9827
    Episode 107
    Blair is relieved to learn that the child she is carrying belongs to Todd. Starr and Langston cannot agree about Cole, and later, Marty isn't too pleased to see Starr with her son. Jessica sets Nash up with Layla, but is jealous when their date goes well.
  • Ep. #9826
    Ep. #9826
    Episode 106
    Spencer becomes delirious as Todd continues to torture him. Dorian prays that Adriana will give her another chance. Antonio supports Claudia, who admits that she is drinking again.
  • Ep. #9825
    Ep. #9825
    Episode 105
    Nash is unreceptive when Jessica tries to bring Christmas to him. Natalie and Michael worry what will happen with John if Spencer doesn't face justice. Cristian and Evangeline spend a romantic day together.
  • Ep. #9824
    Ep. #9824
    Episode 104
    Viki and Clint decorate Llanfair for Christmas. Jessica vows to give Nash a Christmas to remember. Kelly arrives at Llanfair with Zane and tells everyone she's headed to London to join Kevin. Blair takes a DNA test, praying the baby is Todd's. Bo begins to suspect that Todd abducted Spencer.
  • Ep. #9823
    Ep. #9823
    Episode 103
    Todd holds Spencer hostage in the warehouse where Margaret gave birth in an attempt to find out what happened to his son, but with no luck. Rex hands Tommy's biological parents records over to Michael and Marcie, but doesn't tell them who they are. Blair finds out that she is definitely pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #9822
    Ep. #9822
    Episode 102
    Todd sets out on his plan for revenge. After talking to a nurse Blair thinks she knows what might be causing her headaches. When a man from Tess' past threatens Jessica, Nash and Antonio rescue her. Matthew and Bo talk about Paige. John asks Vincent about him and Natalie.
  • Ep. #9821
    Ep. #9821
    Episode 101
    Marty testifies about what she saw in Spencer's cell and the judge makes his decision about whether or not Spencer is competent to stand trial. John has to go back into surgery before they hear the judge's decision. Dorian takes Blair to her doctor's appointment while Todd works on his plan of revenge. Nash gives Antonio a tour of the winery.moreless
  • Ep. #9820
    Ep. #9820
    Episode 100
    Marty is concerned to find Spencer in his cell, writing on the walls in blood, and calls for help. Starr and Cole eavesdrop as Michael, who is visiting with Tommy, talks with Marcie about the trial. Dorian makes another attempt to get Adriana to give her another chance. Starr comments on Tommy's resemblance to Jack when he was a baby. Llanview citizens are summoned to the courthouse.moreless
  • Ep. #9819
    Ep. #9819
    Episode 99
    Both Evangeline and Spencer's attorney give their closing arguments, with Evangeline using her own expert's testimony asserting that Spencer is legally responsible for his actions. Layla pushes down her feelings for Vincent and tells him there can be nothing between them. Cole hopes to maintain a friendship with Starr.
  • Ep. #9818
    Ep. #9818
    Episode 98
    Todd and Blair are furious when Marty testifies on Spencer's behalf, saying that he had a psychotic break and wasn't responsible for his actions. Jessica is mistaken for her alter by a customer at Rodi's. Michael tries to convince Blair to see a neurologist.
  • Ep. #9817
    Ep. #9817
    Episode 97
    Jessica and Antonio decide to cut their honeymoon short and return to Llanview. Rex has a nightmare about reuniting Todd with his son. John is upset to see Natalie embracing Vincent. Michael wonders if John still wants to marry Natalie.
  • Ep. #9816
    Ep. #9816
    Episode 96
    Bo goes to the jail to tell Spencer about Hugh's death. Spencer initially refuses to believe Bo, but finally accepts that he has lost his son. Natalie and Michael both spend time with John, talking about what has happened since the accident. Blair convinces Kelly to help her question Spencer about Todd's baby.moreless
  • Ep. #9815
    Ep. #9815
    Episode 95
    Paige is devastated when Bo has to tell her that Hugh is dead. Todd can't stop thinking about Blair's affair with Spencer even as she confesses her love for him. Natalie is determined not to let John push her away. Roxy has advice for Michael and Marcie.
  • Ep. #9814
    Ep. #9814
    Episode 94
    Michael finally believes Natalie that John is in the hospital bed. The nurse told Michael there was a chance that they could see the man that the hospital believes is Hugh. Clint dropped by to see his granddaughter. Nash left for a little while, telling Clint that he would be right back. Jessica is having more of Tess surfacing. Blair passed out again. Natalie finally had the proof she needed to show that John is alive.moreless
  • Ep. #9813
    Ep. #9813
    Episode 93
    Rex keeps quiet about what he learned about Todd's son when Todd blows up at him.
  • Ep. #9812
    Ep. #9812
    Episode 92
    Cole tries to apologise to Starr, but she isn't buying what he says. Rex agonises over whether to tell Todd that Tommy McBain is really his son. Nash has an unusual dinner partner when Roxy joins him. Jessica and Antonio celebrate their honeymoon.
  • Ep. #9811
    Ep. #9811
    Episode 91
    Todd encounters Marty when he goes to Wexler's office looking for her to make a ruling on Cole. David's credibility comes under question. Rex agonises over whether or not to tell Michael and Marcie that they have Todd's baby.
  • Ep. #9810
    Ep. #9810
    Episode 90
    Blair is convinced that Cole's near-rape of Starr is related to him wanting revenge for what Todd did to Marty all those years ago. Bo refuses to believe that Paige's son is dead and that the body in the hospital was mis-identified. Although upset, Dorian agrees not to stand in Kelly's way of a future with Kevin.moreless
  • Ep. #9809
    Ep. #9809
    Episode 89
    Starr was forced to confess what happened at the party when a police detective showed up at the door looking to speak with her. Rex and Adriana's scheme to pose as parents looking to give up their baby blew up in their face, but Rex still managed to get the password he needed for the lawyer's computer. Spencer's trial began, with Evangeline and Mark Casey both delivering their opening statements. Rex was shocked to realise that Marcie and Michael had adopted Todd and Margaret's baby. Blair and Todd were stunned to see that Cole's mother was Marty Saybrooke.moreless
  • Ep. #9808
    Ep. #9808
    Episode 88
    Vincent finds Natalie in Atlantic City digging up John's grave in the hopes of trying to do a DNA test. Spencer offers to pay David off if David will agree not to testify against him. Kevin says goodbye to his family and prepares to head to London, with Kelly planning to go as soon as Zane is strong enough. Rex agrees to look for Tommy's birth parents in addition to continuing his search for Todd and Margaret's son.moreless
  • Ep. #9807
    Ep. #9807
    Episode 87
    Natalie rushes to prove that the man in the hospital is John. Pretending to be Starr, Britney calls the police and reports that Cole has lost it. Todd is upset when Evangeline tells him that their friendship is over. Starr is upset when Cole is arrested. Adriana and Rex are interrupted by Roxy.moreless
  • Ep. #9806
    Ep. #9806
    Episode 86
    Vincent decides that confession is good for the soul as he tells Cristian that Todd knew about the match being fixed, and tells Natalie the truth about John. Britney manipulates both Cole and Starr, and Starr is terrified when a roid-rage driven Cole accuses her of being a tease. Dorian is upset to hear that David plans to leave Llanview for good.moreless
  • Ep. #9805
    Ep. #9805
    Episode 85
    Vincent just can't break Paige's heart by telling her that her son is really dead, and seeks out Natalie to tell her John is alive. Kelly and Kevin agree that they will raise Zane with Kevin as his father. Clint hopes that Antonio and Nash can be friends, for Bree's sake. Britney sees the effect that the pills are having on Cole.moreless
  • Ep. #9804
    Ep. #9804
    Episode 84
    Britney was determined to blow Cole out of the water after discovering drugs in his locker, but Amber convinced her that she would be a suspect herself if she reported him outright. Starr and Langston were suspicious of Britney's new 'friendly' attitude. A torn Vincent encountered Natalie in the church looking for answers, and returned to Hugh's room. When the bandaged man finally turned, Vincent realised that he had blue eyes, and knew that he could not be Hugh, who had brown eyes. When the man told him he was John, Vincent wondered what the best course of action was. Cristian and Nash both gave toasts at Jessica and Antonio's wedding, and later Evangeline caught the bouquet, while Todd got the garter.moreless
  • Ep. #9803
    Ep. #9803
    Episode 83
    Todd and Blair draw closer as they remember their own wedding. Britney is determined to get revenge on both Starr and Cole when Cole turns her down. Michael and Marcie celebrate their love. Jessica falters as she walks down the aisle.
  • Ep. #9802
    Ep. #9802
    Episode 82
    Blair and Claudia head to the wedding together after having drinks at Capricorn. Nash warns Jessica that marrying Antonio while her feelings are still in turmoil is the wrong decision. Vincent seeks out Evangeline for help with Hugh.
  • Ep. #9801
    Ep. #9801
    Episode 81
    After having a vision of Tess, Nash seeks Jessica out before her ceremony. Vincent is confused when a nurse makes a comment about the color of Hugh's eyes. Clint tries to find a solution that will help Kevin and Kelly.
  • Ep. #9800
    Ep. #9800
    Episode 80
    Jessica privately admits to Viki that she is worried Tess could cause a problem during the ceremony. Kevin and Kelly watch over Zane and begin to believe they may have a future together. David and Paige realise they are finally free of Spencer's control.
  • Ep. #9799
    Ep. #9799
    Episode 79
    Kelly and Kevin are relieved when it looks like the baby will be fine. Spencer is determined to punish Asa. Antonio offers to help Nash get out from under Vincent's thumb. Evangeline warns Todd and Blair not to continue using The Sun to go after Spencer.
  • Ep. #9798
    Ep. #9798
    Episode 78
    Spencer blows up when the DNA tests results prove that he is not Asa Buchanan's son and accused the Buchanans of doctoring the test. Britney read a paper to class on how rapists should be castrated to get at Starr, which infuriates Todd. Vincent is convinced that Layla will have a better future if he isn't in it.moreless
  • Ep. #9797
    Ep. #9797
    Episode 77
    Vincent confesses to his role in Cristian's downfall, and Antonio wants to charge him with attempted murder. Zane nearly takes a turn for the worse. Claudia is convinced that Nash agreed to be in the wedding party for the wrong reasons.
  • Ep. #9796
    Ep. #9796
    Episode 76
    Kelly gives birth to a premature baby boy that she names Zane. The Buchanan and Cramer families pray that little Zane will survive. Cole is under pressure to perform well in football this season.
  • Ep. #9795
    Ep. #9795
    Episode 75
    Spencer claims that he can save Kelly and her baby, but Kevin refuses to agree to him getting out of jail. Things get awkward between Cole and Starr when he has questions about Todd. Cristian wants to know how Natalie feels about Vincent.
  • Ep. #9794
    Ep. #9794
    Episode 74
    Kevin tries to comfort Kelly when she goes into premature labor. Britney tries to humiliate Starr at the dance but Cole staunchly defends her. Vincent confesses to Natalie what happened with Cristian.
  • Ep. #9793
    Ep. #9793
    Episode 73
    Jessica can't stop thinking about Nash. Kelly and Kevin nearly share a kiss but she suddenly goes into labor. Starr comes closer to reconciling with her mother.
  • Ep. #9792
    Ep. #9792
    Episode 72
    Natalie is overcome by memories of John while she is at work. Clint's feelings toward Dorian begin to bend. Antonio supports Rex and Adriana's relationship.
  • Ep. #9791
    Ep. #9791
    Episode 71
    Renee is furious to think that Asa may be Spencer's father. Cole turns Britney down, and agrees to go to the dance with Starr. Dorian is upset to see Adriana confiding in Viki.
  • Ep. #9790
    Ep. #9790
    Episode 70
    Jessica wants Nash to back out of the wedding party, but he is determined to do it for Bree's sake. Evangeline accepts Nora's offer to take over prosecuting Spencer. Marcie is outraged to see Britney bullying Starr.
  • Ep. #9789
    Ep. #9789
    Episode 69
    Adriana is determined to get revenge on Dorian no matter what the cost. Nash agrees to be a groomsman at Antonio and Jessica's wedding. Kevin swears to make Spencer pay regardless of whether he's a Buchanan.
  • Ep. #9788
    Ep. #9788
    Episode 68
    David supports what Spencer has to say about their mother. The trial takes a physical toll on Nora. Rex things he knows what may have happened to Todd and Margaret's son.
  • Ep. #9787
    Ep. #9787
    Episode 67
    Spencer announces to the stunned audience in the courtroom that Asa Buchanan is his biological father. Michael and Marcie learn that Tommy was adopted before, but are relieved when their adoption goes through.
  • Ep. #9786
    Ep. #9786
    Episode 66
    David sneaks into the hospital to see Hugh after Spencer tells him he plans to leave everything to his newfound son. Rex decides to look into the boxing match to see if he can clear Vincent's name. Adriana continues her plans to derail Clint and Dorian's romance.
  • Ep. #9785
    Ep. #9785
    Episode 65
    Claudia assures Evangeline that Cristian did not pick a fight with Nash. Blair manages to manipulate her way back into the penthouse. David and Dorian begin to believe that Spencer may be Asa's son.
  • Ep. #9784
    Ep. #9784
    Episode 64
    Blair and Cristian are both determined to get back the ones they love. Rex begins the search for the baby that Margaret gave birth to. Jessica promises Antonio that he is the only man in her heart.
  • Ep. #9783
    Ep. #9783
    Episode 63
    Antonio seeks answers from Jessica about how she feels about Nash. Starr tells Viki about the problems she's having at school with Britney. Layla refuses to forgive Vincent for his role in Cristian's fall. Michael and Marcie ask Natalie and Rex to be Tommy's godparents.
  • Ep. #9782
    Ep. #9782
    Episode 62
    Evangeline is upset that Cristian attacked Ted after learning of his betrayal. Dorian and David try to sleep together, but realize the romance is over. Todd tells Blair that he loves her, but that they can't have a future.
  • Ep. #9781
    Ep. #9781
    Episode 61
    Cristian learns from an informant in the other boxer's camp that Ted was the one who set him up. Dorian agrees to let David stay at La Boulaie on a platonic basis. Britney is furious when Cole prefers Starr to her.
  • Ep. #9780
    Ep. #9780
    Episode 60
    John's friends and family gather and Rodi's to remember him. Todd hires Rex to search for the baby that Margaret had. Blair refuses to accept that she and Todd are finished. Natalie is suspicious when Vincent reaches out to her after John's funeral.
  • Ep. #9779
    Ep. #9779
    Episode 59
    Nash is willing to try his hand at a friendship with Claudia, who continues to hope for a future with her ex. Asa is upset when Nigel questions him about the photograph of Emma Bradley. Vincent decides to invest in Nash's vineyard.
  • Ep. #9778
    Ep. #9778
    Episode 58
    Vincent feels genuine empathy for Natalie, who is struggling to deal with John's death. Blair is upset to see that Todd and Evangeline are spending time together. Michael, Marcie and Eve plan John's funeral.
  • Ep. #9777
    Ep. #9777
    Episode 57
    Natalie admits to her family that John had been planning to propose to her. Rex helps Adriana move into her apartment with Layla, and the two make love. Britney and her friends continue to harass Starr and Langston.
  • Ep. #9776
    Ep. #9776
    Episode 56
    Vincent begins to realize that all may not be right with Ted after Shaun admits he has some concerns. Blair manipulates the situation so that Kevin shows up to Kelly's doctor's appointment. Adriana and Layla find an apartment together.
  • Ep. #9775
    Ep. #9775
    Episode 55
    Eve explains to Natalie how much John wanted to marry her, and offers her the ring John would have given her. Jessica is concerned that she is beginning to act more like Tess by the day. Dorian is determined to repair her relationship with Adriana.
  • Ep. #9774
    Ep. #9774
    Episode 54
    Nora tries to find a way to help Paige clear her name where Thomas McBain's death is concerned. Evangeline is shocked when Layla tells her of John's death. Natalie accuses Spencer of being responsible for John's accident.
  • Ep. #9773
    Ep. #9773
    Episode 53
    Michael and Marcie tell his mother that John is dead. Paige is devastated to learn that Hugh was involved in the same accident that killed John. Nash regrets his drunken encounter with Claudia.
  • Ep. #9772
    Ep. #9772
    Episode 52
    Dorian refuses David when he asks her to leave town with him. Natalie is devastated when Bo breaks the news to her that John is dead. Claudia seduces a drunken Nash.
  • Ep. #9771
    Ep. #9771
    Episode 51
    Michael and Bo believe the body on the road is John after finding a St. Jude's medal. Claudia comes onto a drunken Nash. Britney tells Starr that she and her friends will make her life miserable.
  • Ep. #9770
    Ep. #9770
    Episode 50
    Nash is intrigued when he sees that Jessica is exhibiting some Tess-ish behavior. A state trooper calls Bo to let him know a Llanview officer was involved in a collision.
  • Ep. #9769
    Ep. #9769
    Episode 49
    Evangeline goes to Todd and asks for him to help her in clearing Cristian's name. John's plans for a future with Natalie may never come true as he is involved in a horrible accident. Spencer is unsettled after a confrontation with Blair and Todd.
  • Ep. #9768
    Ep. #9768
    Episode 48
    Kelly and Blair aren't sure if they can believe Dorian, and Adriana vows never to forgive her. Spencer receives visits in jail from the people that he has hurt. John looks forward to a future with Natalie.
  • Ep. #9767
    Ep. #9767
    Episode 47
    Cristian tries, but he is unable to win his fight against Abbott. He is then shocked to learn that he's being accused of throwing the fight. John manages to retrieve Spencer's gun from the water and the doctor is arrested for murder.
  • Ep. #9766
    Ep. #9766
    Episode 46
    John and Bo catch up to Spencer at the docks, but he throws a wrench into their case when he throws his gun in the water. While Evangeline, Layla and Roxy try to build up Cristian's spirits before the fight, Vincent begins to have second thoughts.
  • Ep. #9765
    Ep. #9765
    Episode 45
    Dorian is grateful when Clint asks Bo to let her out of jail, but Adriana still wants nothing to do with her mother. Todd overhears Vincent's plan to have Cristian take a dive.
  • Ep. #9764
    Ep. #9764
    Episode 44
    Hugh comes by to see Spencer at his apartment and tells him that he is his son before offering to do whatever he can to help him skirt the rap. Cristian prepares for his fight while Vincent has twinges of guilt at what he's doing to Cristian, and twinges of annoyance at Ted, who won't stop talking about their plan. Nash remembers happier times with Tess, and is devastated when Claudia tells him about Antonio's plan to propose to Jessica. Jack calls Spencer and tells him he wants to live with him. With Bree in his arms, Antonio waits for Jessica's answer as Jamie proposes to her on their behalf.moreless
  • Ep. #9763
    Ep. #9763
    Episode 43
    Marcie pleads with the judge to let her and Michael adopt baby Tommy. Todd is hurt that Jack still wants to be with Spencer more than with him. Rex and Adriana try to patch up their differences, and he asks her to move in with him.
  • Ep. #9762
    Ep. #9762
    Episode 42
    John and Hugh keep an eye on Spencer via the tracking device implanted in his wristwatch. Marcie is devastated when Janice tells her that there could be a problem with the adoption. Natalie offers Kelly advice about Kevin and Duke's baby. Cristian and Evangeline have a romantic morning together.
  • Ep. #9761
    Ep. #9761
    Episode 41
    Hugh and John go over their plan to get Spencer. Kevin attacks Spencer, convinced that he made sure Kevin could never give Kelly a child. Jessica admits to Nash that she remembers certain things about him and Tess.
  • Ep. #9760
    Ep. #9760
    Episode 40
    Paige tells Hugh that she is his mother. At Spencer's arraignment, David tries to convince the judge not to let Spencer out on bail. Clint learns of Dorian's involvement in Adriana's stalking and kidnapping. Spencer is released on bail.
  • Ep. #9759
    Ep. #9759
    Episode 39
    Adriana refuses to forgive Dorian for the role she played in kidnapping her and getting Rex shot, and asks Bo to arrest her mother. Spencer taunts Todd about his past with Blair and his missing child, and John stops Todd before he can shoot Spencer. Natalie contacts Kevin to advise him that Spencer may have deliberately rendered him sterile. Kelly wants to return to Llanview with Kevin to confront Spencer. Michael and Marcie enjoy being a family with Tommy. After seeing the bond between Bo and Rex, Paige decides she wants that bond with her own son and goes to Hugh's office to tell him that she and Spencer are his biological parents.moreless
  • Ep. #9758
    Ep. #9758
    Episode 38
    David attempts to convince Spencer to stop his plans to destroy the Buchanans as John searches Spencer's office. Michael and Marcie decide to make Tommy a permanent part of their lives. Bruce is left dead and Rex is clinging to life as Adriana and Dorian temporarily work together to save him. Paige refuses to let Spencer rule her life.moreless
  • Ep. #9757
    Ep. #9757
    Episode 37
    Antonio and Jessica look forward to their lives together as Claudia offers comfort to a grieving Nash. Rex and Dorian show up at the assigned meeting place, and shots ring out as Rex fights with Bruce. Evangeline promises Cristian she will never let Todd come between them.
  • Ep. #9756
    Ep. #9756
    Episode 36
    Jessica takes a major step in the integration process. Blair confronts Todd about hugging Evangeline. Vincent and Ted discuss Cristian's fate. Adriana learns Bruce's motives for the kidnapping. Jessica thanks Nash for always being there for Tess.
  • Ep. #9755
    Ep. #9755
    Episode 35
    Evangeline refuses to accept any money from Todd, saying he more than paid her with her eye surgery. Nash and Bree show up at Jessica's psychotherapy appointment as they prepare to integrate her personalities. Adriana offers her entire inheritance to Bruce as Dorian and Rex try to find a way to save her.moreless
  • Ep. #9754
    Ep. #9754
    Episode 34
    Viki tries to convince Todd to make a fresh start with Blair, but he can't stop thinking about the times she betrayed him with Spencer. Rex accuses Dorian of being behind Adriana's kidnapping in front of Clint. Blair goes to see Spencer, and details how she played him. Nash shows up at Jessica's therapy session.moreless
  • Ep. #9753
    Ep. #9753
    Episode 33
    As Todd explains to Evangeline about what Blair has been up to with Spencer, she realises that he's been with her. Nash is devastated to realise that, thanks to Jessica's integration, Tess is gone forever. Kevin offers Kelly the support she needs in Arizona. John arrests Spencer, then outlines the charges against him.moreless
  • Ep. #9752
    Ep. #9752
    Episode 32
    Blair lies to Spencer to keep him from figuring out what is going on with her and Todd, then promises Todd she will never be intimate with Spencer again. Kevin finds Kelly in Arizona, where she is terrified she will lose her baby. Cristian promises Evangeline his hand is healed enough to fight, then tells his mother he's falling in love with her.moreless
  • Ep. #9751
    Ep. #9751
    Episode 31
    Todd and Blair make love but Todd isn't quite ready to forgive her. Rex agrees not to contact the police for Adriana's sake. Jessica confronts her abuser. Spencer is suspicious when he finds Todd and Blair together.
  • Ep. #9750
    Ep. #9750
    Episode 30
    Rex and David try to trick Dorian into admitting her involvement in Adriana's disappearance. Jessica is forced to confront the events that led to Tess being created. John and Hugh are closer than ever to getting Spencer.
  • Ep. #9749
    Ep. #9749
    Episode 29
    John looks forward to bringing Spencer down even as he wishes Evangeline well in her new life with Cristian. David has a hard time believing Rex when he tells him that Dorian is behind Adriana's disappearance. Spencer worries that his world is about to come crashing down.
  • Ep. #9748
    Ep. #9748
    Episode 28
    Cristian is more determined than ever to win his fight and begin his future with Evangeline. Nora helps John and Natalie get a search warrant for Spencer's safety deposit box. Bruce sends Rex a text message purportedly from Adriana. Todd busts Starr.
  • Ep. #9747
    Ep. #9747
    Episode 27
    John and Natalie go to Paige and David, looking for answers about what they found in Spencer's safety deposit box. Starr continues manipulating her parents. Evangeline and Cristina make love for the first time. Kevin is determined to bring Kelly back to Llanview.
  • Ep. #9746
    Ep. #9746
    Episode 26
    Todd is devastated when Blair accepts Spencer's proposal, then offers the two a congratulatory toast where he rips them both to shreds. John and Natalie manipulate the bank manager in order to get into Spencer's safety deposit box. Nash panics when baby Bree develops a fever and rushes to her side, despite Jessica's assurances she will be fine. Lindsay kisses Michael in an attempt to hurt R.J., who kisses Nora to hurt Lindsay.moreless
  • Ep. #9745
    Ep. #9745
    Episode 25
    John is concerned that Spencer has figured out what he and Blair are up to. At the gala, Todd decides to take Viki's advice and tells Blair that he wants to talk to her. Cristian and Evangeline are introduced to Vincent's friend Ted. Bruce taunts Adriana, then calls Dorian and tells her that she should check on where her daughter is. Rex seeks Roxy's help to go through the threatening e-mails looking for a clue, and realises that the stalker isn't the butterfly expert he led them to believe.moreless
  • Ep. #9744
    Ep. #9744
    Episode 24
    Blair tries to get John the key for the safe deposit box and goes to any lengths to obtain it, including sewing a button on Spencer's jacket, but he foils her plans. Nash reads the journal that Jessica left for him, and misses Tess more than ever. Clint defends Dorian when Rex accuses her of being the one behind Adriana's stalking.moreless
  • Ep. #9743
    Ep. #9743
    Episode 23
    Jessica admits to Nash that she is starting to experience memories of time he and Tess had spent together as the two bond with Brennan in Central Park. Kelly is furious when Hugh stops her from leaving town, but Kevin steps in, asking her to stay in Llanview. Back on the force now, Antonio dives headlong into an investigation involving child pornography.moreless
  • Ep. #9742
    Ep. #9742
    Episode 22
    Blair agrees to help John get his hands on Spencer's key to his lockbox at the bank. Jessica is upset that the integration isn't proceeded as rapidly as she had hoped. Rex tells Natalie that he thinks Dorian was the person behind Adriana's stalking all along. Marcie is overjoyed when Michael agrees to put their name in the hat to become Tommy's foster parents.moreless
  • Ep. #9741
    Ep. #9741
    Episode 21
    Blair and Todd agree to pretend everything is alright between them for Starr's sake, but once alone with her friend Langston, Starr confesses that she is faking her amnesia. Nash takes Jessica to see Dr. Jamison after she admits to him that she is starting to have memories of the abuse. Bo is surprised when Antonio wants to rejoin the police force.moreless
  • Ep. #9740
    Ep. #9740
    Episode 20
    Vincent enlists the help of an old friend, Ted, to assist Natalie with her studies. Jessica and Kevin talk, and Jessica hopes that Kevin will be able to find his way back to Kelly.
  • Ep. #9739
    Ep. #9739
    Episode 19
    Bo returns to his first official day of work at the station. Adriana accepts a ride from Bruce, not realizing he's the stalker.
  • Ep. #9738
    Ep. #9738
    Episode 18
    Rex calls Bo in an attempt to get his help finding out where Adriana is. Nash helps Lindsay and Marcie as they try to prove Tommy's foster parents are unfit.
  • Ep. #9737
    Ep. #9737
    Episode 17
    Blair ruins a bonding moment between her and Todd because she feels Spencer is watching them. Kevin wonders what would have happened if it was his child Kelly was carrying and not his son's.
  • Ep. #9736
    Ep. #9736
    Episode 16
    Todd is devastated to learn that an injured Starr may have suffered brain damage and contacts Blair. After learning Dorian told Clint about her pregnancy, Kelly wants to tell Kevin before anyone else does.
  • Ep. #9735
    Ep. #9735
    Episode 15
    Todd and Cristian forget their mutual hatred for each other to help Evangeline celebrate getting her sight back. Dorian tells Clint that she thinks Kelly might be pregnant to try to cheer him up.
  • Ep. #9734
    Ep. #9734
    Episode 14
    Spencer tests Blair's loyalty by giving her a fake tip. After becoming convinced that he is the stalker, Adriana is desperate to escape.
  • Ep. #9733
    Ep. #9733
    Episode 13
    Blair is determined to prove that Spencer kept the gun that shot Thomas McBain. Natalie confronts Claudia and Nash, and Nash defends his ex.
  • Ep. #9732
    Ep. #9732
    Episode 12
    Clint and Dorian take their relationship into the bedroom. David remembers more about the night that Thomas McBain was shot.
  • Ep. #9731
    Ep. #9731
    Episode 11
    Evangeline is devastated when she believes that her sight will not return. Lindsay warns Layla to be careful where Vincent is concerned.
  • Ep. #9730
    Ep. #9730
    Episode 10
    Dr. Simmons removes Evangeline's bandages as she waits anxiously to find out if she can see again.
  • Ep. #9729
    Ep. #9729
    Episode 9
    Bo and John think they may be getting one step closer to nailing Spencer for what he has done to both of them.
  • Ep. #9728
    Ep. #9728
    Episode 8
    Nash keeps Jessica and Brennan hostage in Bruce's New York apartment, hoping to bring Tess out.
  • Ep. #9727
    Ep. #9727
    Episode 7
    Kelly tries to convince Hugh not to treat David as harshly as he could.
  • Ep. #9726
    Ep. #9726
    Episode 6
    Cristian and Todd are relieved when Evangeline makes it through the surgery, but she's not out of the woods yet.
  • Ep. #9725
    Ep. #9725
    Episode 5
    Claudia and Natalie fight. Nash makes plans with Bruce to do something desperate to get what he wants. Todd and Cristian argue over what is best for Evangeline, who needs surgery. Michael informs them about Evangeline's condition. Bo is worried about Rex. Dorian bothers Clint. Todd decides to make the important decision and take Evangeline's future in his hands. Cristian blames Todd for what's happened to Evangeline. Viki talks to Jessica about being a mother. Adriana feels unsafe at the beach house.moreless
  • Ep. #9724
    Ep. #9724
    Episode 4
    Cristian and Evangeline are about to make love when Todd shows up and interrupts the moment. Evangeline is frustrated by Todd's behavior. Later, Evangeline ends up in an accident. Lindsay gives Dorian advice about Clint. Dorian catches Viki and Clint in an innocent embrace. Nash threatens to get a court order if Antonio and Jessica keep him from Brennan. Blair questions Spencer about his past. John shares his theory about Spencer with Blair. Rex and Adriana relax and finally have a little time for themselves.moreless
  • Ep. #9723
    Ep. #9723
    Episode 3
    Seeing her future with Todd slipping away from her, Blair is determined to destroy Spencer. Nash tries desperately to bring Tess out. David accuses Spencer of killing Thomas McBain, and although he doesn't say anything, it's obviously clear what the truth is. Meanwhile, Hugh taped their conversation and gave the tape to John. Cristian and Evangeline admit their love for one another and just as they are about to have sex, Todd interrupts them with news of Evangeline's possible surgery. Nora can't wait to get out of the hospital. Paige bonds with Roxy.moreless
  • Ep. #9722
    Ep. #9722
    Episode 2
    A chance encounter leaves Blair wondering if Todd is beginning to think of Evangeline as more than just a lawyer and a friend. After learning about David's innocence, John is now even more determined to uncover his father's killer. He questions George. Blair and John can't wait to expose Spencer. David wants to talk to Spencer, because he has seen him in the alley the night Thomas was killed. After Nash kisses her, Jessica slaps him and then talks to him about Tess. Matthew and Bo are happy when Nora can finally walk on her own. Kevin talks to Kelly about how hard it is for him to see her.moreless
  • Ep. #9721
    Ep. #9721
    Episode 1
    John and Natalie realize that there was no way that David killed Thomas McBain that night, and head to share the news with him. David is disappointed, because he threw away everything from his life for a crime he didn't even commit. Spencer is surprised to find out that Todd is a board member at the hospital. After Kevin apologizes to Clint, Clint overhears Dorian yelling at Kevin, and then breaks off everything he ever had to do with Dorian. Kelly informs Blair about her pregnancy. Evangeline informs Cristian of a procedure that might help her with her sight. Cristian thinks of boxing again.moreless