One Life to Live - Season 40

Hulu (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • Daddy's Little Girl
    Daddy's Little Girl
    Episode 254
    Michael confides in his brother about his marriage problems. Madame Delphina gives Rex pointers how to find Bo. Starr tells Marcie that she still wants to give her the baby. Rex tells Gigi goodbye before leaving to search after Bo. Cole and Todd both realize that they need to work together even though they dislike each other. Antonio is surprised to realize that Carlo is Talia's father, as Talia explains that Ramsey brought Carlo out of Statesville. Cristian retells the story of how he met Carlo to Sarah.moreless
  • Nirvana For Nora?
    Nirvana For Nora?
    Episode 253
    Tess has a dream about killing Natalie. After waking up, she gets a ghostly visit from Nash, who assures her that she'll be able to carry her revenge. Clint and Viki are surprised to find Natalie and Jared moving into Llanfair, and they explain that Jessica invited them. Nora assures Rex that she won't let Lindsay be free. Addie, David and David the dog appear in court to support Lindsay. Lindsay pleads guilty and ends up behind bars again. Rex goes to visit Bo, but then finds moves packing his stuff and learns he left somewhere. Antonio blackmails Cain and Tina to help him find and release Talia and Sarah or he'll reveal that Cain and Tina aren't who they're pretending to be. Sarah is reunited with her mother and Cristian, and she reveals that Carlo Hesser is holding Talia. Antonio is shocked to find Talia talking to Carlo and he puts a sword to Carlo's neck, but Talia stops him by revealing that Carlo is her father.moreless
  • Yankee Doodle Do or Die
    Gigi and Rex kiss and then make plans to spend the day together, but Brody warns Rex to leave Gigi alone and let her spend time with her child. John continues research about the mystery woman Todd is holding in his apartment. Starr and Blair angrily confront Cole about telling Todd the truth. Starr tells Cole that there is nothing he can do to stop her from giving away the child. Todd confronts Marcie and Michael. Blair stands by Marcie's side when she runs into Todd. Michael can't deal with Marcie's wish to have a baby, and he packs his bags and leaves. Blair confides in John. Marty asks Janet for a laptop to find out more about her past, but Todd arrives in time to make Marty reconsider. Charlie explains his theory of what might have made him fall off the wagon, but Viki won't believe it.moreless
  • Close Encounters
    Close Encounters
    Episode 251
    Todd angrily confronts Starr in front of Blair about how she's giving away her child to the McBain's. He tells her that Cole informed him about the entire situation, and how he'll never let her give the baby to Marcie. Cole informs John about visiting Todd. Michael refuses to accept the idea of adopting Starr's baby, but Marcie reminds him that this might be their last chance to have a baby. Todd shows up at the McBain's place. Tess manages to convince Natalie and Jared to move to the Llanfair together, even though Jared has a weird feeling about Jessica. Rex kisses Gigi. Charlie seeks answers from Dorian and suddenly realizes that she might have staged his fall of the wagon. David informs Viki about getting married. Charlie wants to talk to Viki about Dorian.moreless
  • Home Is Where the Broken Heart Is
    Nora arrives with two officers to arrest Lindsay for the murder of Spencer Truman. Lindsay thinks Nora is still in love with Bo and that's why she's trying to get rid of her, but Nora assures her that the only thing she cares for is justice. Rex tries to persuade Bo to stop drinking. Charlie seeks answers from a bartender at Rodi's and he learns that he wasn't drinking at Rodi's that night. Roxy thinks that maybe Charlie was drinking with Dorian that day. Dorian continues arguing with David and Addie. Charlie wants answers from Dorian. Jessica surprised Viki by moving back to Llanfair, while Viki worries that Jessica might have moved on way too quickly, without realizing that Tess is alive. David informs Viki that he got married. Tess informs Natalie and Jared that they'll be living together at Llanfair.moreless
  • Meet the Krakoffs
    Meet the Krakoffs
    Episode 249
    Bo won't budge when Nora stops the wedding, and Nora keeps pushing him, so Lindsay decides to read the letter herself. She finally confesses to Bo that she knew exactly what she was doing when she murdered Spencer. She asks him if he can forgive her, but he leaves. Matthew confronts Nora about ruining the wedding, and even Clint berates Nora for it. Todd tries to throw Cole out of his house, but Cole stuns him by revealing that Starr has been pregnant ever since they ran off to Virginia. He tells Todd that he needs to show support to Starr or otherwise she will give the baby to the McBains. Starr assures Michael that she isn't trying to get back at Todd by giving him and his wife the baby. Tina and Cain worry about the future of Mendorra. Antonio and Cristian wonder how is Talia involved with Mendorra. Talia explains to Carlo how he hates him, and she disowns him as his father. She tries to trade Sarah, Cristian and Antonio for her loyalty, but Carlo refuses to accept her offer.moreless
  • Dungeons and Dragons
    Dungeons and Dragons
    Episode 248
    Marty comforts Todd, who seems hurt after Blair finally signed the divorce papers. Todd lies to Marty that she doesn't have any children. Blair offers John help to get into Todd's house. Cole realizes that Starr wants to give her baby to Marcie, and he tells her that he hired a lawyer because he won't let anyone take away his child. Todd is surprised when Cole shows up on his doorstep. Nora tells Clint about finally having proof against Lindsay, but he suggests that she should just let it go. The wedding starts, but Nora decides that Bo needs to know the truth. Talia tells Sarah that she had to go along with Jonas' plan to protect Antonio and Cristian. Tina, Cristian and Antonio arrive at the castle in Medorra, where everyone is surprised when Tina's husband turns out to be Cain Rogan. Carlo Hesser visits his daughter, Talia!moreless
  • Miracles Whipped
    Miracles Whipped
    Episode 247
    Starr tells Cole that she won't change her mind regarding the adoption. Judy warns Marcie about Todd's reaction when he finds out about Starr wanting to give her baby to Marcie. John begs the judge to give him a warrant to search Todd's house, but the judge doesn't allow it. Bo gives Lindsay a ring, and then asks Rex to be his best man. Lindsay asks Marcie to be her maid of honor. Todd hides Marty and then talks about Blair and John having an affair. Blair signs the divorce papers and then tells Todd not to get near her or their kids. Todd lies to Marty that Blair and John are having an affair. Dorian shows up at Gigi's asking for the money she gave Brody back, but Brody decided to invest the money in Shane's college fund. Dorian threatens to reveal that Brody isn't Shane's real father. Gigi hugs Brody for doing a good thing, and Rex sees them. Madame Delphina suggests to Roxy that the only way she can achieve forgiveness is by telling the truth. She then tells Charlie that he didn't drink alone. Nora and Viki catch up. Delphina gives Nora a heads up on the files, and Nora finds the letter R.J. sent to Lindsay confirming that she faked her mental breakdown.moreless
  • As Fate Would Have It
    As Fate Would Have It
    Episode 246
    Marty continues questioning Todd about her past, and Todd feels uneasy talking about their college years. Natalie and Jared are surprised when Jessica shows up at their place full of forgiveness. Natalie rushes in her sister's arms, while Jared is suddenly suspicious of why Jessica decided to forgive them so soon. Markko is worried about the fate of Cole's and Starr's relationship in case Cole decided to sue Starr for the custody of their baby. Blair is mad to see Madame Delphina giving Starr a reading. Starr learns that there will be a war going on for her baby and that Todd won't be the only person involved. Langston sides with Cole on the issue of Starr giving up her baby. Madame reveals to Blair that there is another woman in Todd's life. Later, at the hotel, Madame realizes Tess took over Jessica. Marcie questions her lawyer about the possibility of adopting. Blair arrives at Todd's house, just as he's carrying Marty out.moreless
  • I'm Fine
    I'm Fine
    Episode 245
    Tess promises to a lifeless Nash that she'll get the revenge for his death. Natalie and Jared read the headline in The Sun accusing them of murder. Viki has no idea that Tess is back. Nora, Clint and Matthew are surprised when Bo and Lindsay announce their engagement, and then agree to get married on the same day. Lindsay finally finds R.J.'s letter and burns it, but has no idea that Nora's secretary made copies of all the files. Dorian pays Madame Delphina to tell David and Addie that they are destined for doom if they stay together, but Delphina decides to tell them the truth about being happy together. Dorian is freaked out when Mel berates her for what she's done. Langston is surprised when Delphina calls her 'Langsie', a nickname her father used to call her by. Delphina also touched Starr's stomach and says something is very wrong. Tina reveals to Antonio and Cristian that Jonas wants the jewels in exchange for Sarah and Talia. Jessica visits Natalie and Jared.moreless
  • Unleashed
    Episode 244
    Jared and Natalie both blame themselves for everything that's happened, as Jared convinces Natalie that she needs to let Jessica alone for awhile. Jessica's pain awakes Tess, who dresses up and goes to see Nash. Lindsay is surprised by Bo's marriage proposal, and he doesn't care when she starts talking about her misdeeds. Finally, she says yes. Nora comforts Clint. At the diner, Antonio and Cristian realize that they've been set up. Jonas continues blackmailing Talia into helping him. Cristian finally admits to Antonio that Tina is back in town.moreless
  • Uninvited
    Episode 243
    Jessica angrily asks Natalie and Jared to come to the front of the church, where she, through tears, tells everyone how Nash would still be alive if it weren't for Natalie and Jared. Viki helps Jessica to get out of the church. Rex realizes he shouldn't have let Adriana go. Jonas threatens Tina, but she manages to escape with the help of her dog. Gigi and Marcie catch up on the latest events. John asks Janet and Keys about the identity of the woman they're taking care of, but Todd gets John out of his apartment. Todd learns that the money he gave Janet was counterfeit, and he realizes it's all Tina's fault. Bo asks Lindsay to marry him. Talia is pressured by Jonas to trick Antonio and Cristian by redirecting them to the diner, while Jonas kidnaps Sarah at Talia's place. Jessica cries while going through the memories of the time she spent with Nash. She then suddenly collapses to the floor.moreless
  • Funeral for a Friend
    Funeral for a Friend
    Episode 242
    John visits Todd with questions about the pills he's holding in his hands, but Todd makes up a lie, and later lies again to Marty. John re-enters the house when Todd exits, not realizing who's upstairs. Antonio and Talia find her place ransacked, and they worry about Cristian's and Sarah's safety. Jonas introduces himself to Talia. Tina finally admits to Sarah and Cristian that she is the Princess of Mendorra and that she came to Llanview searching for the jewels. Tina talks to a mysterious person over the phone, asking for more time in Llanview, but the person reminds her of the danger. Jonas finds Tina. Rex is sad to see Brody, Gigi and Shane bonding. Natalie and Jared decide to attend Jared's funeral, but from a safe distance. The people from Llanview arrive at Nash's funeral, where Jessica bursts in tears after seeing Bree's goodbye card to her father. Jessica isn't happy to see that Jared and Natalie showed up at the funeral.moreless
  • And Baby Makes Three
    And Baby Makes Three
    Episode 241
    Todd goes through yet another series of lies against John in front of Marty, who doesn't know what to believe anymore. Starr informs Blair that she decided to give the baby up for adoption, and Blair understands her decision, but explains to John that it's hard for her. Blair is served with papers from Todd, suing her for a divorce. John shows up at Todd's new place. Cole wants to sue Starr for the custody of their unborn baby, and Nora promises to help him out if he needs her. Lindsay arrives at the Buchanan mansion looking for R.J.'s letter, but Nigel won't let her in and Nora also refuses to help her out. Marcie informs Michael about Starr's suggestion to raise her baby, but they both realize that something like that is impossible.moreless
  • Fallen Angels Squared
    Fallen Angels Squared
    Episode 240
    Lindsay receives a letter from R.J. saying that he's leaving town for awhile to put some distance between them. Bo confides in Lindsay that Asa's long-lost son is David. Bo accidentally takes R.J.'s letter along with some office files and goes to see Nora, and Lindsay realizes what happened. Natalie assures Jared that she won't leave him. Roxy offers to tell Viki the truth on Charlie's behalf, but Charlie decides to take care of the problem himself. Natalie breaks down in Roxy's arms. Roxy explains to Natalie that she can't attend Nash's funeral after everything that happened. Jessica is furious at Clint when he tells her that they released Jared from prison in exchange for info on the real Buchanan heir. Dorian brings Addie's doctor to examine her and is surprised when the doctor tells her that Addie is fine, but he suggests Dorian should look for help due to her jealousy.moreless
  • Gift Horse
    Gift Horse
    Episode 239
    Marcie is surprised by Starr's suggestion for Marcie and Michael to raise her unborn baby. She explains how that would raise another war between them and Todd, and that she needs to move on with her life. John comforts Cole and gives him advice regarding the baby. Markko comforts Langston, who feels the pressure of hiding Starr's secret in front of their classmates. Todd desperately tries to convince Marty that John is a bad man, and he lies to her about their past together.moreless
  • The Mother Is Always the Last to Know
    Marty demands answers about Lee from Todd, and she doesn't trust him until her nurse Janet assures her that Todd is a good man. Marty dreams of Todd and realizes that she knew him before she lost her memory. Cole angrily storms out of the mansion when Starr refuses to reconsider giving their baby away for adoption. Michael informs John that the woman Lee had in his penthouse is suffering from amnesia. Starr asks Marcie to adopt her baby. Langston tries to cover for Starr and Cole on a school trip. Cristian continues accusing Tina of dragging Sarah in her mess. Tina listens as Sarah talks to Cord over the phone. Carlotta learns that Talia's and Antonio's fight was only a charade to fool Ramsey. Jonas sees Talia and Antonio kissing.moreless
  • My Brother, Your Mother, My Wife
    Dorian is shocked when David and Addie announced that they got married in Vegas. Blair arrives confused and she confronts David, who keeps making funny comments on what a wonderful family they'll be. Dorian tries to give David money to leave, but he refuses. Cole isn't happy when Starr tells him she wants to give up the baby for adoption. Clint and Bo sign the papers releasing Jared from prison. Natalie admits to the family that David Vickers is Asa's long lost son, and they're all left confused. Viki tells Charlie that he ruined everything. Cristian agrees to help out Tina. Antonio almost finds Tina.moreless
  • Lovers and Other Strangers
    Clint, Nora and Bo reluctantly agree that releasing Jared from prison in exchange for learning about the real Buchanan heir would be a good deal. Natalie worries that revealing the secret might ruin whatever is left of her family connections. Charlie explains to Viki why he lied about Jared, but she isn't ready to forgive him because she knows it would hurt Jessica. Sarah offers help to Tina, who seems to be in deep trouble, but Cristian refuses to help her out when Tina refuses to accept Antonio's help. Antonio comforts Jessica. Jessica furiously destroys the picture of her and Natalie. Gigi snaps at Dorian. Rex informs Dorian that Adriana left Llanview. David surprises Dorian by announcing that he's getting married again, and the bride isn't Alex. Shane admits to Brody that he sent the letter to Rex.moreless
  • She's My Sister, She's My Daughter
    Sarah and Cristian report Jonas at the police station. David visits Charlie at the hospital, and Charlie reveals that the last thing he remembers is being with Dorian. David tells Charlie that he plans to bring down Dorian. Tina spies on Viki as she spends time with Bree, and she continues eavesdropping as Sarah and Cristian arrive to talk to Viki. David convinces Viki to go see Charlie. Sarah is shocked when Tina comes to see her. Brody explains to Gigi that he came to Llanview to see her, and that he refused to take Dorian's offer to leave Llanview. Jared offers Natalie a chance to get away from him, but she promises to stay. Dorian enjoys playing the owner of Cramer Enterprises, as Nora, Clint and Bo prepare to move out of the building. Gigi accuses Dorian of sending the anonymous letter to Rex, but Dorian denies it. Natalie wants Clint to drop the charges against Jared in exchange for info on the real Buchanan heir.moreless
  • Tornado Afraid-Oh!
    Tornado Afraid-Oh!
    Episode 234
    The Ambassador confronts Tina, who kicks the gun out of his hand and leaves the limo. John tells the police that a woman involved in the shooting was carrying a small dog. Todd is surprised to find Marty in Lee's penthouse, and he learns she has amnesia. Keys carries Marty out of the penthouse, while Todd pretends not to know anything about the mysterious woman in front of John. Sarah creates a song for Nash's funeral. The Ambassador hunts after Tina and he comes upon Sarah and Cristian. Sarah overhears Tina's voice, but doesn't see her. Starr tells Langston that she thinks of giving her baby away when it's born, and she worries what Cole might think of that idea.moreless
  • Princess of Power
    Princess of Power
    Episode 233
    Tina rejects the Ambassador's advice to go to the police about the stolen jewels, as she plans to visit someone else. Todd tries to warn Shaun to watch over Shaun, but his bodyguard reminds him about the restraining order. Todd is shocked to see Tina in the nearby limo. Marcie gives Starr and Cole tips on how to handle Sam. Rex admits to Gigi that Adriana payed Brody to come to Llanview. Ramsey tells Marty that he hopes he'll get his job back once they learn of his good deed. Tina arrives at Ramsey's apartment and takes the jewels back. In the meantime, two thugs shoot Ramsey, as John hears about it and rushes to the apartment. He shoots the thugs and tries to find out who did it, but he ends up being a gunshot victim too. Todd arrives at the apartment finding Ramsey and others dead. He's shocked to find Marty upstairs!moreless
  • The Parent Trap
    The Parent Trap
    Episode 232
    Rex angrily confronts Roxy and Charlie for lying to him, and he won't listen to their excuses. Roxy tells Charlie that she'd rather be away from Rex than tell him who his real father is. Shane wants to spend quality time with Brody. Adriana apologizes to Marcie for being a lousy friend. Gigi interrupts their conversation and Adriana tells her she didn't tell Rex about Shane. Adriana goes to the airport and departs from Llanview. Starr and Cole are confronted by a woman who confuses Sam for their child. Marcie arrives just in time to help Starr and Cole take care of a fussy Sam. Talia, John and Antonio listen to the bug John planted on the tray in Ramsey's apartment. John recognizes the similarity in the voice of the house guest, who turns out to be Marty! Meanwhile, the Princess of Mendorra arrives at the airport and it's Tina!moreless
  • Keyed Up
    Keyed Up
    Episode 231
    Roxy angrily questions Charlie about what is she supposed to tell Rex now that he knows Charlie isn't his father, and Natalie emerges in the conversation. Nigel tries to reveal his hand in Jared's scheme, but Jared prevents him and lies to Nora, Clint, Bo and Renée that he faked the DNA test alone. The police takes Jared into custody. Adriana realizes that she did things the wrong way, and she makes an agreement with Rex to stay married, but separated. She then informs him about leaving to Paris. Rex confronts Charlie and Roxy. Blair gives Starr advice regarding her pregnancy. Addie comforts Blair. Sarah confides in Cristian that she misses Nash. Adriana stops by to visit Marcie before she leaves Llanview.moreless
  • The Honeymoon's Over
    The Honeymoon's Over
    Episode 230
    Adriana prepares for her honeymoon, but Rex wants to end their marriage due to his distrust in her. Langston notices that Dorian always tries to make decisions for her loved ones, and Dorian admits she can be pushy. Todd tries to talk to Starr, but she isn't as keen on it. Starr worries what might happen when Todd learns about her pregnancy. Charlie wishes that Viki and Rex could give him a second chance. Natalie finds it weird that Charlie can't remember drinking. Jared tries to explain his actions to Nora, Bo and Clint, and he's surprised when Renée arrives and slaps him across the face. Viki comforts Jessica. Michael and Marcie make love. Todd threatens Michael.moreless
  • Cramer Versus Cramer
    Cramer Versus Cramer
    Episode 229
    Dorian informs Blair, Addie, Starr and Langston that they are now entrepreneurs for Cramer Enterprises, but the women refuse to be associated with Dorian's hostile takeover of Buchanan Enterprises. Adriana angrily confronts Dorian for messing in her life with Rex, and the tells her that she's leaving town to be far away from her as possible. Natalie tells Rex that he should talk to Charlie, but Rex leaves. Jessica dreams of waking up next to Nash. Viki comforts Jessica. Jessica slaps Natalie and throws her out of her room. Bo suggests that Rex should talk to Charlie and Adriana, or his emotions will get to him. Todd hires a new bodyguard.moreless
  • My Heart
    My Heart
    Episode 228
    Jessica bursts into tears when Michael tells her that she needs to say goodbye to Nash. Jared blames himself for Nash's fall, but Natalie tries to convince him that it was an accident. Jessica prays to God to save Nash's life. Natalie and Jared try to apologize to Nash, but he asks them to get out of his hospital room. Nora informs Nigel about Jared's lies, without realizing Nigel had a huge role in the deception. Dorian throws David out her place. Gigi realizes she could have died when Nash fell through the skylight, and she bravely tells Brody that Adriana will probably tell Rex that Shane is his father. Adriana admits all her lies to Rex and begs him not to leave her, but he does. Jessica and Bree say goodbye to Nash, as he flatlines.moreless
  • Through A Glass, Darkly
    Nash falls through the skylight to the ground, nearly missing Rex and Gigi. Jessica screams for someone to help him, while Nora immediately blames Dorian for everything, but Dorian later says it's Nash's fault due to extending himself. Viki brings Charlie to the hospital, where she later overhears Jared calling Charlie "dad." Jessica screams in pain when Michael tells her there is nothing the hospital can do to save Nash's life. Rex shows Adriana the message he got and asks her to tell him the truth. Antonio visits Ramsey at the penthouse. John and Talia search through Ramsey's office to find more info on the mysterious woman he's holding in his penthouse, but they're interrupted by Eddie, who then believes them when they say that they came in so Talia could turn in her badge. Antonio tells John that he planted a bug on a serving tray at Ramsey's penthouse. Dorian toasts to victory with David.moreless
  • Long Live the Queen
    Long Live the Queen
    Episode 226
    Dorian shocks the people at the Buchanan shareholders meeting by announcing that Jared isn't a Buchanan and that Natalie slept with Jared. The crowd is in shock as Pamela Stuart arrives to confirm that she lied about being Jared's mother. Dorian then drops a bomb saying that Jared's real father is Charlie, and a shocked Rex overhears. The Buchanans are further shocked when Dorian tells them that she owns 51% of Buchanan Enterprises. Clint starts choking Dorian out of fury. Rex shows Gigi the mysterious note he found about his wife lying to him. Jessica tries to tell Nash that she's pregnant, but Nash ends up getting mad at Natalie for keeping Jared's secret. Jared, in an attempt to protect Natalie, grabs Nash and ends up throwing him through the glass of a skylight. Talia worries that she might never get her job back. Ramsey assures the mysterious guest that she will soon be back with the people she loves. Viki is shocked when she learns that Charlie has been found drunk in an alley.moreless
  • Drunk with Power
    Drunk with Power
    Episode 225
    Ramsey shows his mysterious guest the stolen jewels and then puts them in a wall safe. John continues acting in front of Eddie. Antonio informs John that Ramsey set up Talia and took the jewels for himself. John and Antonio are puzzled when Ramsey's housekeeper shows up at the station worried about the state of the guest. David reminds Jared that Dorian knows the truth about Jared's paternity. Dorian orders her men to dump Charlie in an alley. Viki questions Roxy about her deal with Charlie. Jessica tells Natalie that she plans to tell Nash about the baby. Rex receives a cryptic message saying "Wife has been lying to you." The Buchanan shareholders meeting is interrupted by Dorian in a hat, who happily announces that Jared isn't a Buchanan.moreless
  • Shout 'Em Up
    Shout 'Em Up
    Episode 224
    A happy Jessica confides in Natalie that she's pregnant, but later worries that she might have passed Hepatitis C to either Nash or the baby. Nash realizes that he's in big business trouble and Jared offers to help him. Starr, Blair and Todd take a stand in court. The judge decides to leave Sam in foster care, and Marcie is crushed when they reject her plea to take Sam home. Blair then stands up and asks to take Sam home with her. Starr overhears Marcie sobbing to Michael about how she'll never get over losing her child. Todd threatens Blair. David tries to break into Dorian's bedroom, but Addie distracts him. Viki confronts Dorian. David tells Dorian that he knows she'd keeping Charlie in her bedroom. David comes face to face with Jared. Dorian pours liquor in Charlie's mouth.moreless
  • Court and Sparks
    Court and Sparks
    Episode 223
    Todd asks Viki to plead his case to Blair, but Viki calls him selfish and refuses to help him, so Todd storms out. Nora is still having hard time dealing with the fact that Lindsay used to provide dirt on other clients for Clint. Dorian drugs Charlie again. Blair almost catches Charlie, but Dorian covers him up. Markko, Langston, Cole and Starr receive a summon for the court. David wonders who is Dorian's secret guest. Lindsay refuses to break up with Bo, so R.J. leaves upset. Marcie asks Michael to testify against Todd. Bo forgives Lindsay, but warns her that she can't hide anything from him again. Sarah tells Cristian that she tried to contact Tina, but failed. Cristian suggests hiring Rex to find her. Todd watches as the people testify against him in court.moreless
  • The Naked Truth
    The Naked Truth
    Episode 222
    Dorian drugs Charlie and orders the hospital workers to help her drag the body out of the hospital. John tells Todd that he knows he payed someone to put the car seat into the car. Natalie admits to Viki that she knew about Charlie's lies. Jessica visits with Bree and after hearing about the news, she suggests Viki should call Charlie and demand answers, but Viki realizes she needs to wait until Charlie is ready to come through. Gigi freaks out when Brody allows Shane to drink bear and she demands that Brody leaves the house, but later she calms down. Blair catches Addie and David in a weird yoga position, and she reminds Addie that she must keep quiet about Starr. Blair confronts Dorian about keeping David at the mansion. Starr tells Langston that she misses Cole. Todd calls Blair asking for help, but she refuses to speak to him. A woman from protective services takes Sam away from Todd. Adriana lies to Rex about the reason she took the toothbrush. Viki receives a phone message from Charlie telling her that he needs more time before he can tell Rex the truth.moreless
  • Head On Collisions
    Head On Collisions
    Episode 221
    Marcie and Michael rush to help Adriana, Todd and Sam get out of their cars and make sure that they are alright. Viki informs Gigi that Charlie isn't Rex's father. Gigi defends Charlie. Charlie admits to Rex that he never had an affair with Roxy, but just as he's about to tell Rex the truth, they are interrupted by a call from Adriana. David asks Dorian to hide him at her mansion. They learn that they both know about Jared not being a Buchanan and Dorian realizes her plot might be foiled. Jared and Natalie learn that David escaped, and David gloats about it over the phone. Jared rushes to Dorian's mansion and questions Addie about David, but she doesn't reveal that David is in the room. Then, Addie wants to have a threesome with David in return for her not ratting him out. Viki tells Natalie that Charlie has been lying to her, and Natalie tells her she knows. Marcie refuses to give Sam to Todd, calling him an unfit parent for not having put Sam in a seat. Todd calls an unknown person and asks to have a seat inserted in the car. Rex goes to the hospital to make sure Adriana is okay. Adriana lays into Dorian for trying to stop her wedding. Dorian drugs Charlie to keep him away from telling Viki the truth. Rex finds the toothbrush Adriana stole in the plastic bag.moreless
  • Genetic Engineering
    Genetic Engineering
    Episode 220
    Charlie confesses to Viki that Rex isn't his son and she demands him to tell Rex about it immediately. Gigi finds a bottle of booze under Brody's pillow. Adriana takes a toothbrush containing someone's DNA and brings it to Gigi's, asking her to lie to Rex that Shane isn't actually his son. Gigi tells Adriana that Dorian begged her to interrupt the wedding ceremony. Gigi refuses to listen to Adriana, and Brody kicks Adriana out of the house. Blair tells Dorian that she's kicking Todd out of the house, and Starr brings Sam downstairs. Jack has hard time accepting his father's departure. Michael and Marcie celebrate their second anniversary. Todd and Adriana end up in a car crash.moreless
  • Hold Your Horses!
    Hold Your Horses!
    Episode 219
    Antonio tries to warn Talia about a set-up at Lindsay's gallery. Eddie, Antonio and Talia are involved in a heist that results with Talia being unable to shoot at the robbers. Ramsey turns out to have the stolen jewels, and then he fires Talia. Todd tries to talk to Blair, but she won't forgive him for the way he manhandled everyone. She asks him to leave and he agrees, taking Sam with him. Jared urges Charlie to tell Viki the truth. R.J. tells Nora that Lindsay was the person who gave Clint the dirt on the takeover people. Nora confronts Clint and Lindsay, and informs Bo about it.moreless
  • Romancing the Crown Jewels of Mendorra
    Jared asks Charlie to tell Viki that he is his son. David tries to make a deal with Jared and Natalie to release him, but they won't hear about it. Starr, Cole, Blair and John return home, where Addie reveals that she knows about Starr's pregnancy. The family agrees to keep the pregnancy a secret from Todd as long as possible. Cole tells Nora about the pregnancy. Cristian tells Sarah the truth about Jamie's "illness" and Antonio's "fight" with Talia. Ramsey wants Antonio to steal the crowned jewels of Mandorra from Lindsay's gallery and to frame Talia for stealing it. Antonio is worried because he didn't have time to inform Talia about the plan. R.J. is surprised to see Lindsay and Bo together, and he warns Lindsay about the secrets she's keeping. He then visits Nora, saying that he has something important to tell her about Lindsay.moreless
  • Alive and Kicking
    Alive and Kicking
    Episode 217
    Jared knocks David over the head with a vase, and then Nigel helps gag David in the stables. Dorian is furious when Brody enters the church. With Shane in his arms, Brody tells Gigi all about the lies his mother told her. Rex and Adriana decide to proceed with the wedding, and soon they are pronounced husband and wife. Carlotta warns Talia to stay away from Antonio. John stops Todd before he can learn about Starr's pregnancy. Blair comforts Starr. Cole calls the cops and they arrest Todd.moreless
  • The Bride Wore Boxing Gloves
    Gigi stops the wedding ceremony to reluctantly profess her love for Rex, and a furious Adriana slaps Gigi for ruining her wedding. Viki informs Dorian that David is in town. Marcie asks Gigi if she'll tell the entire truth to Rex, and Gigi isn't sure. Rex decides to go on with the wedding. Gigi is shocked when Brody appears at the wedding and Shane runs into his arms. Nigel isn't happy to learn that David is blackmailing Jared and Natalie. Clint takes a shotgun and threatens to shoot David if he doesn't leave the house. Blair accuses Todd of pushing Starr down the stairs. Starr is taken to the hospital, where Blair learns that Starr is pregnant, and that her baby is okay. John learns about Starr's pregnancy.moreless
  • Beached
    Episode 215
    Starr and Cole escape before Blair and John can find them, but they accidentally run into Todd, who punches Cole and then causes Starr to fall down the stairs, with a shocked Blair, John and Cole looking on. Gigi urges Rex to attend his wedding. Brody is stuck between his resurfacing feeling for Gigi and the fact that Dorian payed him to leave town. Dorian isn't pleased when Rex makes it to the wedding, she then tries to guilt Gigi into revealing that Shane is Rex's child. The wedding ceremony begins.moreless
  • Mothers of Invention
    Mothers of Invention
    Episode 214
    Starr confides in Cole that she really needs her mom. Todd thinks John and Blair might have shacked up together. John convinces Winter to reveal Starr's and Cole's whereabouts and he makes him give Todd the wrong location. Rex rushes Shane to the hospital, while Gigi urges him to attend his wedding, but Rex is more concerned for Shane and Gigi. Cristian warns Antonio and Talia not to get caught. Dorian urges Adriana to calm down, while Adriana worries Rex might be with Gigi again. Adriana asks Dorian to make sure that Brody claims Shane as his child, but later Dorian pays Brody extra to leave town. David blackmails Natalie and Jared into giving him money to keep quiet about Jared not being a Buchanan, but he has no idea who the mystery Buchanan actually is.moreless
  • Wedding Bell Blues
    Wedding Bell Blues
    Episode 213
    Natalie and Jared assure Nigel that the secret is still safe with them, but Nigel worries what might happen one day when David is revealed to be a Buchanan. David arrives at Viki's door and quickly catches up with what's new in town. He later visits Natalie and Jared and tells them that he knows the truth. Jessica and Nash decide to spend the day in bed together. Roxy and Rex share a mother-and-son talk. Rex tries to write the wedding vows, but he can't stop thinking about Gigi. Adriana is livid when Brody tells her that he couldn't see Gigi because she was being visited by Rex. Gigi admits to Marcie that Rex is Shane's father. Shane gets an asthma attack and Gigi frantically tries to find the inhaler, as Rex happens to stop by.moreless
  • A Lyin' in Winter
    A Lyin' in Winter
    Episode 212
    John and Blair cross paths with Todd, who angrily threatens a kid named Winter to find out where Starr and Cole could be. Blair refuses to accompany Todd. Langston tells Markko that she had to tell Dorian about Starr's pregnancy. Cristian warns Antonio and Talia about executing their plan against Ramsey. Brody decides to reveal himself to Gigi, but Rex interrupts trying to tell Gigi about his feelings for her, but she stops him before he can say anything. Adriana worries that Rex might be visiting Gigi. Brody decides not to see Gigi. Rex later can't make love to Adriana, claiming that it's because he drank too much, but Adriana doesn't trust him.moreless
  • The One in the Middle
    The One in the Middle
    Episode 211
    Langston confesses to Dorian that Starr is pregnant, and Dorian wants to warn Blair to keep Todd away from Starr. In Virginia, Blair and John continue searching after Starr and Cole. Bo bring a drunk Rex to the loft and learns more about Rex's fascination with Gigi. Brody listens in on Shane and Gigi's conversation and then decides to reveal himself. Addie and Adriana discuss about Adriana's jealousy over Gigi. David overhears Natalie and Jared talking about Jared not being a real Buchanan. With that in mind, David quits his job at Bonjour Cafe and decides to head to Llanview.moreless
  • Uncle-cest Is Best
    Uncle-cest Is Best
    Episode 210
    Adriana, Jessica, Sarah and Layla dance with Snoop as he performs his new song. Snoop catches us with Bo, who seems to be an old friend. Antonio gives Talia instructions on a napkin, but someone else takes it. Langston is pressured when Dorian takes her to the doctor's office to have an abortion, and she finally admits that she isn't the one who's pregnant. Starr and Cole relax at Lucky's arcade. Blair and John continue searching after Cole and Starr. Noelle surprises Natalie and Jared by saying that she thinks Jared and Charlie look alike. David reminisces about what happened to him since he got the lottery ticket from Viki. He later returns to Bonjour Café, where he's shocked to see Natalie and Jared making out.moreless
  • Dogg Day Afternoon
    Dogg Day Afternoon
    Episode 209
    Todd tries to convince Starr over the phone that he was wrong and he asks her to return home, but through tears, she hangs up. Todd accidentally overhears someone mentioning Lucky's Arcade and he learns that the place is located in Virginia Beach. Marcie learns that Shane and Gigi are moving into the carriage house, and then asks her to attend the bachelorette party with her. Gigi admits to Marcie that she's in love with Rex. Rex gets drunk during his bachelor party. Antonio explains to Bo that he'll take care of Ramsey soon, and that he'll have his job back. Adriana admits to Dorian that Rex is Shane's father and then asks her to make sure that Brody will attend her bachelorette party, but Dorian decides to tend to Langston, and Adriana angrily storms out. Dorian surprises Langston by bringing up abortion. Adriana redirects Brody to Gigi's house when she learns that Marcie came to the party alone. A drunk Rex arrives at Adriana's party, where he strips for the girls, but he is interrupted by Snoop Dogg, who starts performing. David jokes about Noelle and Moe hooking up. Noelle greets Natalie.moreless
  • Hooked?
    Episode 208
    Adriana tells Layla that Rex is Shane's father and that she payed Brody to pretend that he is the father, and Layla warns Adriana that if Rex finds out she'll be the only one to blame. Rex admits to Gigi that he still has feelings for her, but he still intends to marry Adriana. Adriana asks Gigi to attend her bachelorette party. Todd angrily confronts Langston and Markko with a knife, but Langston reasons with Todd to change his attitude. Blair and John try to figure out where are Starr and Cole. Cole gives Starr a gift for their baby, and they spend some time together at the beach, where Cole answers Todd's call. Natalie changes her mind about telling the truth to Viki. Jared and Natalie visit Bonjour Café, where Moe and Noelle are fighting over a pie, and David Vickers stops them from fighting, dressed as a waiter.moreless
  • Nips and Tux
    Nips and Tux
    Episode 207
    After spending the night together, Natalie and Jared agree to tell the family the truth about Jared's father, but they both worry that the truth might hurt them. Jared reveals that Charlie is his father, and Natalie worries that Viki won't be able to handle the truth. John arrives in time to prevent Ramsey from catching Antonio and Talia together, and the trio later agrees to finally confront Ramsey. Antonio continues playing the role of a good puppy in front of Ramsey. Brody reveals to Adriana that Shane's father is Rex, but Adriana then pays Brody to claim that he is the father. Gigi and Viki share a talk about Gigi's connection with Rex. Rex worries that marrying Adriana might not be a good idea.moreless
  • Nana
    Episode 206
    John helps Antonio and Talia spend some romantic time together, and tells Antonio that he can no longer assist him in catching Ramsey. Blair angrily confronts Todd about behaving like a little child, but Todd refuses to admit that he's doing everything wrong even after Blair calls him a rapist. Dorian is furious when Markko lies to her that Langston is pregnant, and she starts chasing him around the mansion. Eventually she apologizes to Langston and promises to be there for her. Cole tells Starr that he'd anything for her. Natalie and Jared make love.moreless
  • Back in the Saddle
    Back in the Saddle
    Episode 205
    Cole and Starr arrive at their destination, keen on starting a new life together. Todd wants Ramsey to press kidnapping charges against Cole, but Lee refuses to participate in Todd's madness even after Todd tries to blackmail him. In front of Eddie, Antonio tells Talia that he can't stand to be around her. Dorian warns Todd that she'll kill him if he goes near Langston. Blair finally cracks up and slaps Todd in the face when he can't get himself to admit that he's the real troublemaker in their family. Markko gives Langston an untraceable phone that Cole acquired, and they contact Starr and Cole. Dorian finds a book about pregnancy in Langston's room, and Markko lies to Dorian that Langston is pregnant. Talia and Antonio meet up at a private place, where they are finally free to share a kiss. In Texas, Jared admits to Natalie that he tricked her into leaving so they'd be alone. After much rambling, the couple kisses.moreless
  • Ep. #10179
    Ep. #10179
    Episode 204
    Dorian is mad at Calvin for stepping down and she realizes that Viki talked him out of it. Adriana and Layla continue plotting with Brody. Viki questions Charlie about his other son, but Charlie continues lying to her. Viki wonders who put Calvin up to the vendetta in the first place. Brody continues causing a mess. Langston admits to Blair and Todd that Starr and Cole ran away together.moreless
  • Ep. #10178
    Ep. #10178
    Episode 203
    Ramsey sees Antonio stashing a part of the money into his pocket while on the crime scene. Eddie and John continue fighting. Jessica and Carlotta renew their friendship. Nash assures Jessica that nothing bad will happen to either him or his vineyard business. Viki stops Starr before she can leave, but later Starr manages to find a way to escape, without leaving Todd and Blair suspicious. Cole and Starr leave Llanview.moreless
  • Ep. #10177
    Ep. #10177
    Episode 202
    While on a stakeout, Antonio is put in temptation when he finds a large amount of money used for drug trafficking. John defends Talia in front of Eddie. Viki confronts Calvin about his war against B.E. Nora disagrees with Clint and Bo, who are ready to play dirty against Calvin. However, both Clint and Bo are surprised when Calvin informs them that he decided to back off. Starr and Cole prepare for their runaway, both saying goodbye to their friends. Just as Starr is about to escape, Viki stops her.moreless
  • Ep. #10176
    Ep. #10176
    Episode 201
    Gigi slaps Rex when he tries to kiss her. Viki and Charlie almost catch Natalie and Jared in each others arms. Charlie begs Jared to stay away from Natalie. Natalie asks Viki to talk to Calvin. Jared later returns to Natalie insisting that they continue where they left off, but Natalie tells him there will never be anything between them. Gigi confides in Marcie that Rex tries to kiss her. Dorian breaks off the kiss between Brody and Adriana and tells him that Adriana isn't Gigi. Once he realizes he kissed the wrong woman, he continues refusing to go to Llanview, but Dorian manages to convince him to go to Gigi when she starts talking about her wealth. Cole tries to convince Starr to run away with him, but she doesn't know what to do. After sharing a conversation with Viki, Starr goes to see Cole and tells him she'll go along with his plan.moreless
  • Ep. #10175
    Ep. #10175
    Episode 200
    Dorian and Layla meet Brody, who has no interest in hearing what they have to say, but eventually he tells them that he knew Gigi was pregnant when she left. Shane tells Lindsay and Marcie that he considers Adriana an evil person. Natalie and Bo still want to handle the Jenkins problem in a fair way, but Jared and Clint both want to handle the thing in the dirty way. Adriana wants Gigi to tell Rex that they are friends and that she will attend their wedding. Rex blurts out to Bo that he was the one who dug up the dirt on Calvin. Natalie and Jared are trying to keep away from each other, but they end up in a lip-lock. Lindsay gives Clint more files connected to Calvin. Adriana asks Marcie to handle her guest book at the wedding. Adriana arrives in Michigan, and Brody surprises everyone by kissing her. Blair and Todd are put in an uncomfortable position at the sauna when they realize that Cristian is in the same room, but when he leaves, the happy couple continues their adventure. Cole and Starr decide to run away together.moreless
  • Ep. #10174
    Ep. #10174
    Episode 199
    Adriana and Rex spend quality time in bed, while Dorian and Layla finally find Brody Lovett. Gigi laughs when Shane makes up another character in his comic book, based on Adriana. Nora and Renée discuss about the similarity between Asa and Clint. Bo asks Clint to meet with Calvin alone and handle things in a normal way. Gigi tells Rex that she doesn't intend on attending his wedding, but Rex tries to convince her that Adriana considers her a friend. Bo tries to reason with Calvin, who's put in a tough spot when Dorian continues threatening him. Realizing that they don't have any other way to go, Clint tells Bo that they need to use the info against Calvin. John, Talia, Lee and Antonio listen as Michael explains that Jamie's condition could get worse by the day.moreless
  • Ep. #10173
    Ep. #10173
    Episode 198
    Sarah is furious to learn that Cristian is spending the night in jail and nobody informed her about it. Jessica decides to go to the police station to show support to Cristian, and Nash doesn't approve. Ramsey and his housekeeper discuss about the mysterious guest. Cristian and Sarah make up. John refuses to press charges against Cristian, but Talia thinks it might be a good idea. Michael informs Antonio that Jamie is sick. Starr worries about Todd's reaction when he finds out she's pregnant. Todd finally realizes that he made a mistake by trying to move the family to Hawaii. Starr almost confesses the truth to Blair. Cole tells Markko that Starr is pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #10172
    Ep. #10172
    Episode 197
    In Michigan, Dorian and Layla encounter Brody Lovett's sister who tells them all about Gigi and Brody's relationship and about the fact that Brody's mother hated Gigi so much that she told Gigi that Brody is dead. Cristian and John get into a huge fight, and Cristian even punches a cop. Rex jumps to make sure Gigi is safe, as a jealous Adriana fumes. Miles informs Natalie that he'll be leaving Llanfair soon and she tries to convince him to stay, but he tells her he needs to stop depending on other people. Jared and Gigi continue their evening out and Rex is distracted by their presence, which causes Adriana to burst. Talia tries to defend herself in front of a sarcastic Ramsey and she's surprised when Antonio doesn't defend her. Dorian informs Adriana that Brody Lovett is alive. Ramsey continues talking to the mysterious person in his penthouse, someone who seems to be very familiar with Llanview.moreless
  • Ep. #10171
    Ep. #10171
    Episode 196
    Cole arrives in time to stop Starr from having an abortion. Langston apologizes to Markko for dragging him into the plan she hatched with Starr. Blair and Todd make love. Starr arrives in time to replace Langston so Todd wouldn't realize she was away. Antonio and Cristian are bothered by Talia and John's presence at Capricorn. Roxy informs Rex about Dorian's reaction to learning about Rex inviting Gigi to the wedding. Adriana acts like a brat while trying to get Gigi out of her loft, and Rex decides to go to sleep rather than spend time with his fiance. A jealous Jared pretends not to know who Miles is, and later he invites Gigi out. Cristian punches John.moreless
  • Ep. #10170
    Ep. #10170
    Episode 195
    Cole pressures Langston into revealing where Starr is, but Langston doesn't tell Cole that Starr intends to have an abortion. Markko then helps Langston leave school without Shaun catching up. Cole drives to the abortion clinic as Starr prepares for the procedure. Rex confides in Natalie that he doesn't even recognize Adriana anymore, comparing her to Dorian. Gigi is uncomfortable when Shane continues talking about his hero of a father. Dorian and Layla try to convince Adriana not to go searching for Brody Lovett, but Adriana is set on finding the man. Adriana is infuriated when Gigi visits Rex with business papers. Dorian learns that Rex invites Gigi to the wedding. Adriana blackmails Dorian into going to Michigan with Layla. Jared is jealous when Miles asks Natalie out for a drink. Adriana unkindly warns Gigi to stay away from Rex.moreless
  • Ep. #10169
    Ep. #10169
    Episode 194
    Jared interrupts a close moment between Natalie and John. Natalie confronts John about the move he made, but he says it has nothing to do with her. Nash and Jessica thank each other for the success of their business trip. Antonio questions Jessica's jealousy over Nash's trip with Sarah. John comforts Talia after yet another failed attempt to talk to Antonio. Blair gives Cole some advice. Cristian and Jessica both continue to suspect that something might be developing between Sarah and Nash, as they return from their trip. Jack helps Starr and Langston distract Shaun while Starr runs away, but Todd, Ramsey and Blair almost catch Starr, who eventually manages to escape.moreless
  • Ep. #10168
    Ep. #10168
    Episode 193
    Natalie and Jessica learns about Talia and John's affair. Bo comes in time to stop John and Cristian from confronting each other. Natalie continues claiming she wants nothing to have with Jared. Clint tries to prove to Nora that he did nothing illegal in his business and her urges her to realize that he needs to save the family business. A jealous Jared watches as Natalie comforts a bruised John. Ramsey urges Antonio to help him get John off the force. Talia confronts Antonio about pushing her away. Jessica goes to the police station to check up on Antonio and she confronts Talia about what she did, but Talia responds by comparing her affair with Jessica's past mistakes. Langston decides to support Starr, who then decides to have an abortion. Starr tries to tell the truth to Cole, but fails. Ramsey continues taunting Cole.moreless
  • Ep. #10167
    Ep. #10167
    Episode 192
    Viki is worried about Clint's tactics at Buchanan Enterprises. Gigi has a nightmare of confessing the truth to Rex. She defends Rex when Viki starts wondering if Rex knew about Clint's business. Dorian informs Adriana about Brody Lovett's location, and Adriana decides to head out with Layla to find the man who Gigi claims to be Shane's father. Lindsay and Clint continue trying to find dirt on Calvin Jenkins. Bo shares his disappointment in Clint with Lindsay. Nora is surprised to learn about the same info on Clint, and she confronts him about it. Dorian almost exposes her role in the Buchanan Enterprises attacks. Clint asks Rex to dig up dirt on Jenkins. Rex invites Gigi and Shane to his wedding and Gigi reluctantly agrees. Cristian and Jessica continue to grow suspicious of Sarah and Nash's business in Napa.moreless
  • Ep. #10166
    Ep. #10166
    Episode 191
    Langston urges Starr not to have an abortion, while a frightened Starr doesn't know what to do. Todd threatens to kill Cole if he approaches Starr again, and the girls overhear a part of their heated conversation. Marcie and Michael bond. Dorian informs Adriana about finding Brody Lovett. Adriana warns Gigi to back off Rex. Rex and Adriana discuss about Marcie and Michael. Antonio beats John when he sees him in the bed with Talia. He then thanks Ramsey for helping him see the truth. He ends things with Talia.moreless
  • Ep. #10165
    Ep. #10165
    Episode 190
    Ramsey continues stirring up trouble between Antonio, John and Talia when he sends Antonio on a police task to a motel where Antonio finds Talia and John in bed together. Langston and Starr aren't pleased to see Markko and Cole playing around like kids, realizing that Cole is nowhere near as ready to be a father. Adriana learns that Rex has been dropping off Shane at school as a favor to a friend, and she wonders why Rex can't stop himself from being around Gigi. Dorian learns that Brody Lovett has been located. Rex asks Michael to be one of his groomsmen at the wedding, but Michael rejects the offer due to work. Gigi refuses to get involved in Todd's war against Ramsey, fearing for Shane's safety. Todd and Gigi get into a discussion and Rex overhears, and then he and Todd get into another heated discussion. Todd is surprised when Cole visits him.moreless
  • Ep. #10164
    Ep. #10164
    Episode 189
    John and Talia admit to each other that there is a connection between them. Pamela angrily confronts Charlie after learning who he is, and Charlie promises not to disappoint Jared ever again. Calvin accuses Dorian of trying to bring down Buchanan Enterprises only because Clint left her. Viki tells Bo that she wants nothing to have with Clint's dirty job tactic. Natalie promises to Viki that she has the entire Jared situation under control. Clint asks Lindsay to dig up dirt on Calvin and she suggests someone might be working against Clint, but he refuses to believe that there is someone Calvin is working for. Jared urges Natalie to tell everyone the truth about his paternity when they get into another confrontation. Viki is surprised to see Dorian and Calvin talking. Starr tries to tell Cole about the pregnancy, but Langston stops her. Langston suggests Starr should find help from an adult, and Starr tells her she isn't ready to be a mother.moreless
  • Ep. #10163
    Ep. #10163
    Episode 188
    Charlie wakes up from a nightmare about Jimmy, and Viki comforts him. Clint asks a business opponent named Calvin if he is behind the sabotage attempts at Buchanan Enterprises. Gigi and Rex have yet another strange encounter. Viki questions Clint about his latest tactic to get rid of the enemies at the firm, and Clint admits playing dirty to keep the company safe. Lindsay admits to Dorian that she helped Clint save the firm. Dorian meets with Calvin, who isn't comfortable doing his job, but she urges him to help her bring Clint down. Natalie meets with Pamela and confronts her about lying to the entire Buchanan family. Pamela tells Natalie the story of Jared's childhood and assures her that Jared is a good soul. Clint asks Lindsay to dig up dirt on Calvin Jenkins. Pamela meets Jared and Charlie.moreless
  • Ep. #10162
    Ep. #10162
    Episode 187
    Cristian is worried when Sarah answers his phone call drunk. Nash and Sarah bond while talking about their past. Layla confronts John about messing with Talia and reminds him of what happened with Evangeline, and John walks away. John explains to Natalie that nothing is going on between Talia and him. Todd confronts Ramsey about keeping Gigi in Llanview. Antonio assures Jessica that Nash wouldn't risk losing his life with her and Bree. Langston doesn't tell Cole about Starr's pregnancy. Ramsey talks to a mystery person in his condo.moreless
  • Ep. #10161
    Ep. #10161
    Episode 186
    Roxy makes a commotion when she thinks Charlie is proposing to Viki, leaving both of them freaked out, but Charlie explains to Viki that it's all a misunderstanding, and they agree to continue taking things slow. Shane tells Rex he'd be a good dad for him. Todd asks Gigi to help him bring down Ramsey, and Viki overhears a part of their conversation. Gigi lies to Rex about the date of Shane's birthday. Cole tells Markko that he's having hard time dealing with his separation from Starr. Starr and Langston are shocked to learn that Starr is pregnant. Jessica and Cristian are both worried that something might be going on between Nash and Sarah in Napa.moreless
  • Ep. #10160
    Ep. #10160
    Episode 185
    Jared leaves a message on Charlie's voice mail asking him not to tell Viki the truth. Natalie is furious to learn that Alex also knows the truth about David being Asa's son, but Nigel assures her that Alex was payed off to keep quiet. Jared tells Natalie that his father is dead. Natalie decides to contact Pamela Stuart. Charlie is put in an uncomfortable position when Roxy mistakes Charlie's nervousness as an intention to ask Viki to marry him. Dorian realizes that Adriana is trying to do everything possible to beat Gigi and have her perfect wedding day. Todd suggests that Blair should give up Capricorn, but she refuses his idea. Todd almost finds Starr's pregnancy test in Langston's purse. Rex accidentally learns that Shane had a birthday. Todd confronts Gigi about her real motives to stay in Llanview. Ramsey is frustrated when he realizes that he didn't succeed in scamming John. John confronts Ramsey about planting the drugs. Antonio and Talia continue fighting.moreless
  • Ep. #10159
    Ep. #10159
    Episode 184
    Jared informs Charlie about telling Natalie the truth about his paternity. Carlotta gives Talia the cold shoulder. Dorian is frustrated when Roxy insists on having Viki included in the wedding preparations. The police crew embarks upon a case in which John ends up being set up. Natalie warns Jared that she could reveal his secret whenever she likes it. Lindsay and Nora continue throwing remarks at one another. Clint learns that there was yet another sabotage attempt at Buchanan Enterprises, and the family decides to return to Llanview immediately. Lindsay offers Clint help, but he refuses it. Jared worries that Charlie might tell Viki the truth about him.moreless
  • Ep. #10158
    Ep. #10158
    Episode 183
    Starr has a nightmare of being pregnant in school, and she throws up afterwards. Cristian doesn't want to admit to himself that he was jealous while Nash and Sarah were on the trip in Napa. Ramsey finds a mysterious picture in his condo. John urges Cole to stay away from Starr in school. Ramsey offers to change Talia's partner, but she tells him that she doesn't mind working with John. Antonio learns about Talia's rejection. Fight ensues in school when one of the kids comments on Cole and Starr's problems. Nash and Sarah leave to Napa.moreless
  • Ep. #10157
    Ep. #10157
    Episode 182
    Adriana wants Dorian to find out if Brody Lovett is Shane's dad or not. Starr hides the pregnancy test from Todd. Rex tells Gigi that Adriana is rushing him into marriage. Adriana calls Rex and overhears Gigi talking in the background. Clint stops Jared before he can tell the truth to the Buchanans. Nigel reminds Natalie that Jared has done a lot of good since joining their family. Natalie then stops Jared from confessing the truth, and he later thanks her for helping.moreless
  • Ep. #10156
    Ep. #10156
    Episode 181
    Clint refuses to give in to Lindsay's belief that the cabin will bring Nora and Bo closer together. Nora and Bo swerve off the road, and they end up reminiscing about their past together over vine until Lindsay and Clint find them. Natalie is shocked when Jared admits that he isn't her uncle, and he decides to tell the truth to the rest of the Buchanans. Starr admits to Langston that she slept with Cole and that they didn't use protection. Todd decides to make things right with Starr.moreless
  • Ep. #10155
    Ep. #10155
    Episode 180
    Langston is shocked to find Starr holding a pregnancy test. Addie tries to reason with Todd to let Starr live her life. Antonio believes there might be attraction between John and Talia. Ramsey urges Antonio to concentrate on his job. John thinks Blair is afraid of Todd. Talia informs John about Antonio's outburst and John confronts Antonio about insinuating that John is trying to replace Marty with Talia. Lindsay is worried when Clint tells her about going to the lodge with Nora and Bo. Bo and Nora swerve off the road. Matthew and Nigel interrupt Natalie and Jared, but later when they are left alone, Jared and Natalie kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #10154
    Ep. #10154
    Episode 179
    Jessica worries that Nash might be getting in too deep with his new partners, but her assures her that he's doing it for the sake of their family. Antonio wants John and Talia to give up their plan to bring Ramsey down. He hands Blair the Capricorn ownership papers. Markko and Blair discuss about Starr and Cole. Ramsey continues talking to a mysterious person on the phone. Talia slaps Antonio when he insinuates that there is something going on between John and her. Natalie and Jared are interrupted by Clint, who suggests going to the Buchanan Lodge together. Clint advises Charlie not to hurt Viki's feelings. Nigel visits Jared.moreless
  • Ep. #10153
    Ep. #10153
    Episode 178
    Dorian tries to distract Rex by Adriana's orders, but Rex soon realizes that Dorian is trying to buy time when Layla shows up at the apartment. Adriana confronts Gigi about Shane's paternity, and Shane tells Adriana that his father is Brody Lovett. Adriana apologizes to Rex and tells him that she no longer feels threatened by Gigi. Later, Adriana tells Dorian that she despises Gigi. Marcie wonders how she'll move on with her life. Jared thinks Natalie is jealous. Bo is surprised by Clint's business move against Warren Cobb.moreless
  • Ep. #10152
    Ep. #10152
    Episode 177
    Adriana is deeply troubled by Gigi's presence in Rex's life. Charlie is troubled by Dorian's remarks to Jared and Charlie's connection. Roxy confides in Charlie about not knowing who Rex's father is. Shane and Gigi celebrate Shane's birthday together and he questions Gigi about his father. Adriana visits Gigi and asks her to tell her the truth about Shane's father. Nash is surprised when his investors keep giving him money. Clint and Bo are having more troubles at Buchanan Enterprises. Nora attends a meeting with Lindsay and the judge. Lindsay asks Nora to put her own personal vendetta behind her and let her help out the Buchanan boys, claiming that she knows Clint better than Nora does.moreless
  • Ep. #10151
    Ep. #10151
    Episode 176
    To distract Todd from Cole's presence at the mansion, Blair blurts out that she bought Capricorn. Starr and Cole see each other for a minute and then Blair sends Cole out, warning him of what could have happened if Todd had seen him. Jared punches Rex and the crowd watches them as they confront each other. Rex claims that he doesn't have any feelings for Gigi. Layla confronts Gigi about the possibility of something developing between her and Rex. Natalie warns Jared about the sexual harassment policy at B.E. Rex and Jared apologize to each other. Adriana throws Dorian out of the apartment when she learns that Dorian tried to keep her in Paris, but Dorian pleads with Adriana to give her another chance, saying that she'll do anything. Adriana wants Dorian to arrange her wedding day on May 9th. Layla informs Adriana about Rex and Jared's scene. Ramsey warns Antonio that something might be developing between John and Talia.moreless
  • Ep. #10150
    Ep. #10150
    Episode 175
    Jared and Charlie take a look into the past, as Jared reminisces about losing his brother in an accident. Charlie blames himself for not being there for his family. Layla advises Adriana to talk to Gigi before marrying Rex. Adriana realizes that Dorian must have tampered with her time in Paris. Gigi and Marcie catch up on the newest events in their life. Jared punches Rex when he starts quizzing him about Gigi. Dorian tries to humiliate Viki in front of the mayor, but her plan backfires. Adriana confronts her mother about messing with her business trip and she calls her a witch. Starr confesses to Todd that she asked Marcie to get Tommy back, and that she told Marcie that Todd hit Tommy. Blair tells Todd that their marriage won't work if he becomes 'the old Todd'. Clint asks Cole to apply for an internship at Buchanan Enterprises, and Nora is pleased with the idea. Langston, Markko and Cole arrange for Cole to come to the Manning place, but Blair later comes face to face with Cole.moreless
  • Ep. #10149
    Ep. #10149
    Episode 174
    Rex and Natalie accuse each other of being jealous when they both witness a kiss between Jared and Gigi. Viki takes over at the diner while Carlotta leaves to pick up Jamie, and Rex is surprised to see Viki as a waitress. Charlie tries to talk to Jared. Bo almost catches Lindsay hiding in Clint's bathroom. Clint doesn't agree on Nora's perception of Lindsay. Adriana and Rex set May 9th as the date for their wedding. Lindsay admits to Bo that she managed to chum up Walter to help him out at Buchanan Enterprises. Dorian learns about Viki's take-over at the diner and then intentionally invites Mayor Lowell to visit the diner with her. Jessica and Nash take a look at Cristian's sketch samples, and although at first he doesn't like any, Nash finds a sketch that he likes.moreless
  • Ep. #10148
    Ep. #10148
    Episode 173
    Dorian is upset to learn that Adriana returned to Llanview. Rex is shocked when Adriana suggests they should get married immediately. Adriana realizes that Dorian somehow knew about her return before she saw her in town. Jared offers friendship to Gigi. The B.E. staff is upset when Ramsey tells them he'll be investigating the company along with the D.A. Rex witnesses a kiss between Jared and Gigi. Clint wants Lindsay to stay out of his business, but she's keen on helping Clint and Bo succeed. Lindsay hides in the bathroom when Nora arrives, and later Bo decides to take a shower in the same room Lindsay is hiding in. Antonio refuses to discuss about his job with John. Talia and Antonio make love. Ramsey contacts a mysterious person.moreless
  • Ep. #10147
    Ep. #10147
    Episode 172
    Gigi is shocked to realize that Rex didn't hear her confession about Shane being his son, and she leaves the place, as Rex and Adriana happily embrace. They have sex, and later Adriana says they should get married before she leaves to Paris again. Jared is relieved when Natalie doesn't find out about his secret. She later finds him snooping around her desk again and he makes up a lie. Cristian and Sarah are happy when Blair informs them that she'll buy Capricorn. Ramsey refuses to sell the penthouse back to Todd. Starr begs Marcie to take Tommy away from Todd, but Marcie refuses to do so. John realizes that Starr lied to Marcie about Todd hitting Tommy.moreless
  • Ep. #10146
    Ep. #10146
    Episode 171
    Langston confronts Starr about breaking up with Cole. Jared is worried Natalie might learn about his secret. Rex and Roxy talk about Gigi. Shane tells Marcie that he doesn't know why Gigi doesn't have any pictures of his dad, but he has a lot of Rex's pictures. Starr visits Marcie and encourages her to try and get Tommy back. Jared tries to erase the part of the tape that has his conversation with Nigel, but Natalie accidentally stops him. Gigi finally confesses to Rex that Shane is his son. She starts crying, and then Adriana arrives. John and Talia are worried about Antonio who refuses to confront Ramsey, fearing for his job. Ramsey tells Antonio that he'll be teaming up Talia and John. Todd is shocked to find out that Ramsey bought his apartment.moreless
  • Ep. #10145
    Ep. #10145
    Episode 170
    Langston and Markko find a way for Cole to see Starr, but their plan is put out by Todd who hired bodyguards to watch over Starr. Todd tells Blair that he won't prosecute Cole for raping Starr, but that he will charge him for attempting to murder Miles. Langston gives Cole a letter that Starr sent him. Charlie tells Viki that he took a stand against Dorian. Gigi tells Shane to keep his birthday hidden from others. Viki realizes that Gigi is acting weird when it comes to the paternity of Shane. Renée and Nigel visit Buchanan Enterprises. Natalie almost tapes a part of a conversation between Jared and Nigel. Roxy questions Charlie about his real motives behind pretending to be Rex's father, but they are both interrupted by Rex and Viki. Todd confides in Viki about the entire situation with Starr.moreless
  • Ep. #10144
    Ep. #10144
    Episode 169
    Clint confronts Lindsay about her tactic against Virgil, but Bo interrupts them before they can finish their fight. Clint is then angry to learn that Jared doesn't have the reports ready and he urges Natalie to find him. Bo and Clint meet with Walter Honeycutt, an old friend of Asa's. Jessica is worried about who Nash's investors might be. Dorian is shocked to learn that Charlie and Jared tapes her blackmail threat and she's forced to keep quiet about their secret. Jared hands over the reports to Clint and Bo in time. Talia and John are worried that Antonio might lose his job. Ramsey tells Antonio that he had nothing to do with the Santi family surprise. Ramsey makes a background check on Antonio. While having a drink at the bar with Lindsay, Walter appears to recognize Ramsey.moreless
  • Ep. #10143
    Ep. #10143
    Episode 168
    Charlie is shocked to realize just how evil Dorian is when she admits to hating Viki and then explains how she's trying to keep Adriana in Paris as long as possible to keep her away from Rex. Natalie asks Rex to investigate Charlie. Rex calls Adriana to prove to Natalie that Adriana doesn't mind Rex getting Gigi a job. Rex and Gigi accidentally end up covered in ink while trying to use the copier. Marcie thanks Viki for forgiveness over everything that happened to them. Jessica visits Antonio. Nash is surprised to learn that Jessica offered Cristian a job at the vineyard.moreless
  • Ep. #10142
    Ep. #10142
    Episode 167
    Charlie is surprised when Jessica reveals the truth about the constant feud between Viki and Dorian. Dorian irks Viki by questioning her about Charlie. Mayor Lowell urges Ramsey to watch over John. Dorian offers valuable info to Ramsey if he ever finds himself in a sticky situation. Cristian informs Blair about the club closing and asks for potential buyers. Blair confronts Todd once again, and this time she accuses him of being a rapist. Charlie wants to talk to Dorian. Jessica gives Cristian a job offer. Todd confronts Nora about Cole. John tells Nora that Ramsey must have some connections outside Llanview that helped him win his spot at the police station. Marcie worries that Gigi might hate her, but when she meets with Gigi, she realizes that not everything is as bad as she thought it would be.moreless
  • Ep. #10141
    Ep. #10141
    Episode 166
    Antonio, Carlotta and Cristian are worried when Nora explains how the Santi family is looking for restitution, because they have limited resources. Langston confides in Dorian about Todd's accusations. Starr has a nightmare of her father attacking Cole, and later she learns that Todd blocked her mobile phone and net connection. Todd still thinks Cole raped Starr. Blair refuses to ho to Hawaii and she assures Todd that she, Starr and Jack will never leave Llanview. Starr thanks Todd for staying in Llanview, but he immediately makes up a condition that consists of Starr never seeing Cole again. Starr explains that Cole didn't rape her, and then Todd tells her that he'll prosecute him for shooting Miles. Dorian tries to get Todd out of the mansion, but Blair manages to convince her to let him stay. John vows to find out more about Ramsey's past. Cole wants to see Starr, but John stops him and convinces him to stay, for his own good. Ramsey challenges Nora's skills as a prosecutor.moreless
  • Ep. #10140
    Ep. #10140
    Episode 165
    Gigi stops Rex before Shane can reveal his date of birth. Adriana calls Rex and confronts him about spending time with Gigi at Capricorn, but he assures her that he only loves her. Cristian learns that the bank froze the Capricorn bank account. Carlotta informs Antonio and Talia about the closed account. Nora tells Antonio that he could lose everything. Jared hires Gigi as Natalie's assistant. Virgil visits Buchanan Enterprises and immediately starts threatening Clint and Bo. Realizing that they're backed into a corner, Clint pulls out a file given to him by Lindsay and threatens Virgil, who immediately comments that Clint won this round and that Asa would probably do the same move.moreless
  • Ep. #10139
    Ep. #10139
    Episode 164
    Blair, Starr and Langston prevent John from beating up Todd, who furiously decides to prosecute Cole for rape. Blair desperately tries to convince Todd that Cole didn't rape Starr, but Todd is deeply convinced that Cole was getting back at him for raping Marty years ago. Starr tells Todd that the only thing he ever taught her in life is to hate. Natalie accuses Charlie of worming his way into Viki's life but Viki stops her before she can continues her accusations. Natalie later apologizes to Viki. Jared and Charlie worry that Dorian might expose their connection. Natalie thanks Jared for forging the fax papers. Rex offers to help Gigi find a job, but she is worried that Adriana will hate her even more if she finds out that Rex is helping her out. Talia happily agrees to move in with Sarah and Layla. Jared is jealous to see how much Natalie cares for John. Nora apologizes to Clint for what she did at the Ball, but he tells her he doesn't mind because he knows what Lindsay is capable of.moreless
  • Ep. #10138
    Ep. #10138
    Episode 163
    Markko and Langston inform Blair and Dorian about Todd realizing that Starr and Cole are together in Langston's house. Todd grabs Cole and starts beating him up. Blair arrives to stop Todd from strangling Cole, who then leaves. Blair is shocked to realize that Todd's feelings from back in the day when he raped Marty have come back to haunt him. Starr tells Blair that she didn't sleep with Cole. Bo questions Nora's abilities to raise Cole, but she assures him that she'll be fine. Clint is surprised by the content of the file that Lindsay brought him. She tries to convince him to use it against Virgil Webster. Clint doesn't reveal that he has the file to Bo. Carlotta warns Antonio that Jamie couldn't stand to be hurt if things don't work out for Antonio and Talia. John and Nora are shocked to see a bloodied Cole. John rushes out to Todd's place and he punches him.moreless
  • Ep. #10137
    Ep. #10137
    Episode 162
    As the sprinkles go off in the office, Clint finds Dorian and Nora together and wants to have an explanation of their behavior. Nora admits that she was going through the secrets from the Red Ball box, and then tells that Dorian and Roxy were also involved. Lindsay confronts Nora. Clint is visited by a person who hands him secret file. Todd is worried that Ramsey has had the house bugged. He then discovers that Langston and Markko are together in Starr's room and then realizes that Starr and Cole are somewhere together. Meanwhile, Starr tells Cole that she wants to make love to him. Todd barges in their room.moreless
  • Ep. #10136
    Ep. #10136
    Episode 161
    Viki tells Todd that his family doesn't belong in Hawaii, but Todd is determined about the fact that being in Hawaii is better than being dead. Roxy worries that Dorian might have shown the surveillance tape to someone. Starr confronts her father about the intention to move away. She tries to change his mind, but Todd refuses to think about it. Langston gives Starr and Cole keys to her apartment. Todd realizes that Ramsey already knows about their Hawaii plans. Nora is terrified when Dorian shows her the tape of her trying to find Lindsay's secret in the box. Dorian starts playing with Nora's mind until Roxy arrives and tells Nora that both Dorian and her are featured on the tape, and then they end up putting the tape on fire at the office. Nash informs Jessica and Natalie that he and Jared altered the police sketches. Michael informs Jessica, Natalie and others that Allison only had an involuntary movement, and that she is still in a coma.moreless
  • Ep. #10135
    Ep. #10135
    Episode 160
    Blair asks Viki to help her convince Todd not to move away because she feels like Todd is doing it only because he's trying to protect his family from Ramsey. Nash meets with a business partner. Nora, Clint, Sarah, Bo and Jared are working heavily to save Buchanan Enterprises. Nora comes up with an interesting idea. John urges Natalie to admit the truth about Allison's escape, but Jared rushes to Natalie's rescue. Antonio also tries to convince Jessica about the various things that could happen to her in case Allison wakes up. Jared finds the fax sketches of Jessica and Natalie and then doctors them to change their faces. Both Natalie and Jessica are relieved to see the sketches. Ramsey talks to Michael about Allison's condition. Allison wakes up when Nash visits her at the hospital. Dorian confronts Todd about trying to leave town. Viki does the same thing. Dorian goes through the videotape and learns that Nora went through the secrets of the Box, and then heads out to confront her about it.moreless
  • Ep. #10134
    Ep. #10134
    Episode 159
    Starr is angry when Todd reveals that he plans to move to Hawaii along with Blair, Jack and her. She refuses to go and claims that Todd only wants to separate her from Cole. Blair worries that Todd's decision may have been influenced by Lee. John's call interrupts an intimate moment between Antonio and Talia. John informs Antonio that Lee wants to arrest the nuns that helped Allison escape from St. Ann's, and Antonio realizes that he needs to talk to John in private about the case. John reassures Cole that the thing with Lee will be fine. Charlie tells Viki that it's time for him to find his own place. Rex compliments Gigi on raising Shane. Natalie and Jessica overhear Jared and Nash in heated discussion about selling the vineyard. Nash confides in Jessica about the reason why he wants his half back, but Jessica refuses to do anything, especially now that Jared saved her life. After a brief talk with Natalie, Jared accepts Nash's offer. Antonio and John confronts Jessica and Natalie about their possible involvement in Allison's escape. A fax of the two nuns arrives. Starr tells Cole and Langston about moving away to Hawaii.moreless
  • Ep. #10133
    Ep. #10133
    Episode 158
    Clint, Nora, Jessica, Natalie, Jared and Bo try to find a loophole that will help them learn who is trying to sabotage Buchanan Enterprises. Rex offers to help Gigi get a job at Carlotta's diner, but she fiercely refuses his help. Cristian tells Gigi that unfortunately they don't have any openings at the diner. Nash tries to get Jared to return him his half of the vineyard. Lee is shocked to learn that he was the one who approved John's reinstatement at the police. Michael urges Marcie to try to move on with her life. Lee accepts a dinner invitation from an important person.moreless
  • Ep. #10132
    Ep. #10132
    Episode 157
    Nash learns that his credit line extension wasn't approved. Jessica worries that Allison's secret might die with her. Nora questions Todd about possible charges against Lee, but Todd won't say much. Nora informs Michael that he has been reinstated at the hospital. Todd pushes Marcie's nerve in the courtroom, and later, Michael urges Marcie to finally move on with her life. Ramsey makes a rude comment that upsets Talia. John isn't happy to learn that Talia, Antonio and Bo tricked Ramsey into reinstating him at the police station. John confronts Bo about refusing to work for Ramsey, but Bo tries to convince him that he needs someone to take down Ramsey. Rex and Gigi reminisce about their past together. John announces his presence to Ramsey.moreless
  • Ep. #10131
    Ep. #10131
    Episode 156
    Talia, Antonio and Bo trick Ramsey into signing John's reinstatement papers. Bo takes his stuff from his old office. John is shocked to learn upon his return that Lee is now the police commissioner. Markko and Starr secretly wonder if Langston and Cole are having a meeting. Meanwhile at the church, Cole confides in Langston about the effect that his mother's death and shooting at Lee had on him. Over the phone, Cole asks Starr not to ask her father for help. Adriana doesn't trust Gigi's claims that Rex isn't Shane's father. Rex tries to convince Adriana to take the job offer, but she refuses to go to Paris. Layla eventually convinces Adriana not to miss out on a great job offer.moreless
  • Ep. #10130
    Ep. #10130
    Episode 155
    Nigel admits to Jared that he no longer feels bad about lying to the entire Buchanan family. With the help of his family, Bo explains to Matthew how he lost his job. Clint suggests that Bo should work at Buchanan Enterprises, but Bo doesn't like the idea. Cole is upset to learn from Nora that Lee Ramsey is the new commissioner. Langston receives a phone call from Cole, who wants her to keep their meeting a secret from Starr. Adriana and Rex are surprised to learn that Gigi and Shane are staying at Llanfair. Adriana is irritated when Gigi tells them that she's staying in Llanview for good. Jared and Charlie discuss how being in the papers might make it difficult for them to keep their connection hidden. Adriana informs Rex about a good job offer in Paris. Lee and Todd threaten each other at the police station.moreless
  • Ep. #10129
    Ep. #10129
    Episode 154
    Renée is pleasantly surprised to learn how Jared saved Jessica's life, and the entire Buchanan family and others make a toast for Jared. Jared feels guilty for lying to them. Cristian and Sarah spend the night making love, and then end up eating cake from the fridge. Vincent and Layla catch them wrapped up in paper towels and they all have a nice laugh. Lee pressures Gigi into staying in Llanview with her son. Jessica is worried when she finds out that the DVD that Allison had was smashed to pieces. Natalie wonders why Allison wanted to kill Jessica.moreless
  • Ep. #10128
    Ep. #10128
    Episode 153
    Cristian and Sarah make love. Jamie interrupts a romantic moment between Antonio and Talia. Todd confides in Blair about how their perfect family is starting to bother him, and she wonders if Todd is afraid of failure. Todd worries that Ramsey might come after him. Nash thanks Jared for saving Jessica's life. Dorian prevents Jared from exposing Charlie as his father, and tells him that she's doing him a huge favor. Lindsay tells Bo that she'll be moving to R.J.'s place, but he convinces her to stay because he is her legal guardian. Dorian advises Charlie and Jared to keep quiet about their connection or they could be facing time in jail.moreless
  • Ep. #10127
    Ep. #10127
    Episode 152
    The crowd at the ball is shocked when they see Jared hanging on by a thread, and Allison hanging on to Jared. Allison tells Jessica to say goodbye to her secret, and then she lets go off Jared. Charlie saves Jared's life. Dorian and Roxy end up reading the secrets written on the cards, but a security guy stops them eventually. Dorian makes sure that nobody will have access to the videotape that was taping the room. Ramsey confronts Jessica and Natalie, asking them if they broke Allison out of St. Ann's. He informs them that Allison is still alive, but in serious condition. Jared prepares to tell everyone his secret. Blair and Todd return home and realizes that they have a wonderful life. Cristian carries Sarah into the bedroom. Starr informs Blair and Todd about the outcome of her surprise birthday party.moreless
  • Ep. #10126
    Ep. #10126
    Episode 151
    Residents of Llanview are shocked when mayor Lowell introduces Ramsey as the new police commissioner. Mary J. Blige performs another song at the Ultra Violet, as Starr thanks Cole, and later Langston and Cole discuss about Starr's suspicions. Gigi assures Ramsey that she won't say a word about him, and he, once again, threatens her with Shane's safety. Charlie feels guilty when Rex talks about how bad Wally was. Lindsay rapidly searches for her secret and then swallows it to hide it from Nora. Lindsay starts choking, so Nora starts doing the Heimlich. Clint finds the women fighting and informs them about Bo's firing. Bo warns Ramsey that he'll find out what Lee used to get mayor to get his position. Blair, Todd and Dorian tell the mayor about Ramsey's bad deeds. Roxy tries to find her secret at the box too. Jared tries to tell the truth about his paternity to Natalie, but they end up interrupted. Allison holds Jessica at gunpoint. Jared and Natalie arrive at the scene, and Jared tries to convince Allison to stop. He tries to get the gun away from Allison, but instead, both Jared and Allison end up falling over the balcony.moreless
  • Ep. #10125
    Ep. #10125
    Episode 150
    Starr apologizes to Cole and Langston for believing they were cheating behind her back, and as soon as all is forgiven, Mary J. Blige arrives at Ultra Violet and performs. Nash wants Jessica to confess to Bo about setting Allison loose. Gigi demands from Todd to stay away from her and her son, and Rex jumps to Gigi's help, as a jealous Adriana watches. Sarah is touched by a gift from Cristian so they take off to the apartment. Charlie wants Jared to keep his secret since he's keeping Jared's too. He notices that Jared has his eye on Natalie, and warns him to act like a Buchanan. Charlie tells Jared that if he truly loves Natalie, he should tell her the truth about not being a Buchanan. Roxy tries to get rid of Allison and she even starts begging, but Allison refuses to listen to her. The mayor threatens to fire Bo if he continues living with Lindsay. Bo immediately refuses the idea, and the mayor fires him and forces him to turn over his badge. Realizing that she's alone, Nora tries to find Lindsay's secret in the box, but she accidentally releases all cards, and Lindsay catches her red handed. The mayor announces to the entire Llanview that Bo is fired, and that Lee will take over his place. Allison pulls out a gun on Jessica.moreless
  • Ep. #10124
    Ep. #10124
    Episode 149
    Nora tries to find the card that contains Lindsay's secret written on it. Starr confides in Dorian about the possibility of Cole cheating on her with her best friend. Adriana talks to Layla about Gigi and Rex. Cristian, Rex, Vincent and Antonio are stunned to see Sarah, Talia, Layla and Adriana in red dresses. Langston, Cole and Markko are happy to learn that Rex managed to book Mary J. Blige to perform at Starr's surprise birthday party. Addie invites a mysterious person to be her date at the Red Ball. Todd suggests Starr should confront the people that she thinks might have betrayed her. She is shocked when the teens surprise her at Ultra Violet. Shane tells Matthew that he'd like to stay in Llanview for good. Jared confronts Charlie about pretending to be Rex's father. Bo tells Viki that Allison escaped with the help of two novice nuns. Roxy is forced to hide Allison when Jessica and Nash arrive at her salon. Jessica admits to Nash that she helped broke Allison out of the mental institution. People start arriving at the ball, including Roxy and Allison with a gun in her bag.moreless
  • Ep. #10123
    Ep. #10123
    Episode 148
    Michael and Marcie return home, where Marcie wants to reminisce about Tommy, and Michael agrees to bring her the stuff that he packed so Marcie would finally be able to say goodbye. Nash leaves Bree in Roxy's care, unaware that she is being threatened by Allison. Jared questions Rex about Charlie being his father. Blair is happy to learn how Todd handled the entire situation with Marcie, and she happily tells him that the old Todd is gone. The mayor threatens Nora to prosecute Marcie, and then warns Bo about being friends with Lindsay. Nora puts her secret about faking her insanity into the box. Gigi and Shane visit Viki and Charlie at Llanfair, and they catch up. Bo informs Viki that Allison escaped from St. Ann's.moreless
  • Ep. #10122
    Ep. #10122
    Episode 147
    Jessica and Natalie are shocked to realize that Allison escaped from the crypt. Starr is frustrated by Cole and Langston's growing friendship, and she can't even hide her jealousy anymore. Jared has a dream about Natalie. Viki asks Charlie to attend the Red Ball with her. Natalie learns about Charlie being Rex's father and she begins questioning him about Roxy. Charlie gives Viki a gift for Valentine's Day, a statue of the Eyeful Tower. Allison disguises herself and surprises Roxy at the diner. Jared writes down his secret and puts it into the box. Michael gives Marcie a gift for Valentine's Day. Bo releases Todd to John's custody. Lindsay warns Nora not to prosecute Marcie. Todd surprises everyone in court when he agrees to post bail for Marcie, who pleads not guilty. Later, Todd warns Marcie and Michael to stay away from his son. John learns that Ramsey was put in FBI custody.moreless
  • Ep. #10121
    Ep. #10121
    Episode 146
    Natalie and Jessica try to get Allison to reveal the family secret, but she starts jerking around and she won't reveal the secret even after they threaten her. The girls lock her up in the Victor Lord crypt and when she's left alone, Allison takes a gun and a bundle of money from a secret compartment in the crypt. Layla interrupts Cristian and Sarah in an intimate moment. Michael urges Marcie to plead not guilty in court, but she can't seem to forgive herself for everything she had done. Todd struggles with Ramsey and shots fire. Gigi realizes that Shane might be Ramsey's target and she rushes along with Rex to shield him. Shane has an asthma attack. The police cuffs both Ramsey and Todd and takes them to the police station. John informs Gigi and others about it. Gigi tells Rex that Shane isn't his son.moreless
  • Ep. #10120
    Ep. #10120
    Episode 145
    Natalie busts Allison and Jessica out of St. Ann's in exchange for the secret that Allison claims to have. Ramsey continues plotting. Todd explains to Jack that the stories about being given away as a baby where true. Allison explains that the secret is in the tomb of Victor Lord. Lee takes aim at Shane and Gigi but they get out of his sight. Rex then notices a red dot and pushes Gigi out of the way. Todd attempts to stop Ramsey from firing the rifle.moreless
  • Ep. #10119
    Ep. #10119
    Episode 144
    Rex is shocked when Adriana reveals that Gigi has a son, and he promises that nothing will change between them if Shane is his. Markko describes a man that Todd was meeting, and John immediately realizes that Ramsey is still in Llanview, and he advises Gigi to keep safe. Todd warns Ramsey not to kill Gigi and Shane, but Ramsey continues threatening him. Rex visits Gigi and Shane. Ramsey knocks out John. Lindsay refuses to put her secret in the box. Allison wants Jessica and Natalie to help her escape. Nash is glad that Jessica is safe. Nash warns Jared to stay away from his wife in a friendly way. Natalie and Jessica put their plan to release Allison into motion, as they dress into nuns.moreless
  • Ep. #10118
    Ep. #10118
    Episode 143
    Todd assures Blair that he got rid of Ramsey. Blair is pleasantly surprised when she learns about the possibility of Todd busting Marcie out of prison, but Todd doesn't want to say anything yet. John warns him to speed up or he'll take Gigi to the police station. Blair assures John that she'll take care of Sam as if he was her own. Todd meets with Ramsey, who's holding a rifle, and warns him that he must not kill anyone. Adriana tells Layla that she fears Rex might have a son. Get It Off Your Chest box is delivered to the diner as a part of Go Red Ball. In Cherryvale, Oliver amazes the chief by showing off his computer skills. Antonio and Talia manage to convince the chief to swap Oliver for Talia, so she could work in Llanview again. Charlie and Rex discuss about being a father and a son. Adriana tells Rex that Gigi has a son. Dorian learns that Viki has no idea who Charlie's real son is.moreless
  • Ep. #10117
    Ep. #10117
    Episode 142
    Cole and Langston confide in Blair that they are throwing Starr a belated surprise birthday party. Charlie lies to Viki that Rex is his son. Natalie learns about Allison and Jessica asks for her help in helping Allison escape from St. Ann's. Nash tells Jared that his feud with Jessica is over as of right now.moreless
  • Ep. #10116
    Ep. #10116
    Episode 141
    Allison tells Jessica that she'll tell her the family secret if she helps her escape from St. Ann's. Adriana asks Gigi if Shane is Rex's son, but Gigi avoids the question and asks Adriana to forget that she ever met either of them. Rex asks Bo to be his best man, Bo then accepts and gives Rex the ring the intended to give to Gabrielle. Rex then surprises Adriana when he puts the ring on her finger. Dorian makes it clear to Jared that she overheard a conversation between him and his father, and that's how she knows his secret. Dorian tells Jared that she doesn't have any feelings for Charlie. Charlie and Viki face each other. Viki offers to let Charlie stay at Llanfair, and he gladly accepts. Viki confronts Jared about committing Jessica to St. Ann's, but he explains how Tess got him into prison. Todd tells Ramsey that he's not gonna go along with his plan to kill Gigi and her son. John tries to make a deal with Todd.moreless
  • Ep. #10115
    Ep. #10115
    Episode 140
    Nora and Clint evict Jared out of the house, but Renée comes to his defense and refuses to let them kick him out. Dorian is determined to reveal Jared's real father if he doesn't give Charlie a second chance. Nash and Viki wonder why Jessica refuses to be released from St. Ann's yet. Miles learns about the news. Addie informs them about Blair having to deal with Sam. Allison continues intriguing Jessica by talking about the big family secret connected to Mitch Laurence. Rex goes to Bo's for advice, but he's interrupted by Adriana who's worried about Todd's recent attack on Rex. Roxy pleads Charlie to pretend being Rex's father. Gigi is surprised when Adriana visits her and realizes Gigi has a son. Viki runs into Charlie.moreless
  • Ep. #10114
    Ep. #10114
    Episode 139
    Antonio and Talia manage to find a way to spend time together while Talia is working a double shift in Cherryvale. Blair is having hard time taking care of Sam. Dorian gives Charlie advice on how to deal with Jared. Ramsey tries to deal with the Gigi situation in a unique way, but Todd refuses to let him after Blair confronts him. Roxy lies to Rex that Charlie is his father, and then later visits Charlie to ask him for his help.moreless
  • Ep. #10113
    Ep. #10113
    Episode 138
    John threatens to expose Todd and Ramsey's abduction of Shane if Todd doesn't drop the charges against Marcie. Ramsey spies around Gigi's room. Roxy and Shane bond. Rex is surprised by Gigi's presence in Llanview. John asks Gigi to keep a low profile. Todd informs Ramsey about John's threat. Lindsay is irritated when Clint mentions Nora. Nora confronts Bo about his true feelings for her relationship with Clint. They discuss the past, and Bo admits that he thinks of Nora as a woman who let him down. They both agree that they have a good friendship now. Lindsay interrupts them. Langston and Cole continue planning Starr's surprise birthday party. Starr talks to her mother about her suspicions over Cole and Langston's friendship.moreless
  • Ep. #10112
    Ep. #10112
    Episode 137
    Addie, dressed in a karate suit, surprises Blair and Todd in bed. She warns Todd that he better not hurt her daughter again, and he promises that he won't. Cole and Langston both make excuses to Starr, who feels neglected by both of them. She has no idea that they are planning a surprise birthday party for her. Blair worries that her marriage might be ruined again, but her daughter assures her that it won't. Marcie learns that Nora will be forced to prosecute Marcie to the fullest extent. Natalie and Rex discuss about Rex's quest for the truth, and Natalie promises to help Rex find out if Walter isn't his real father. Gigi, Shane and John arrive to Llanview. Gigi runs into Rex. John wants to make a deal with Todd. Nora thinks that Bo is in denial about her relationship with Clint.moreless
  • Ep. #10111
    Ep. #10111
    Episode 136
    Todd comforts a worried Blair and reassures her that he loves her and that he wants to be with her, and then they finally make love. Rex seeks answers from his aunt Corrine, who finally gives in and reveals that Roxy had an affair with some man. Addie questions Miles because he seems familiar to her but he assures her that she can't recognize him since he got a new face. Dorian warns Miles to stay away from her sister. Roxy is jealous while seeing Miles and Addie chatting. Rex confronts his mother who tries to convince him that Walter is his father. Allison calls Viki "Ben." Viki and Nash inform Jessica that she can't be released for 48 hours, but Jessica says she's fine. Allison intrigues Jessica by claiming to know a huge secret that nobody else knows. Jared admits to Natalie that he only played around with Jessica because he was worried about her mental health, and then Natalie fires Jared again. Charlie pleads his son for forgiveness, but Jared is reluctant. Charlie and Viki almost run into each other at B.E.moreless
  • Ep. #10110
    Ep. #10110
    Episode 135
    Roxy warns Nash that letting Jessica be imprisoned at St. Ann's wasn't the best way to teach her a lesson. Miles visits Roxy and questions her about her interest in him. A worried Jessica calls Viki from the psych ward. Viki is about to show Adriana and Rex the picture of Charlie, but she's interrupted by Jessica's call. Aunt Corrine tells Rex that she isn't sure if Walter was actually Rex's biological father. Viki and Nash visit Jessica and they agree that Nash's decision was good, and then they go to sign the papers to release her. Suddenly, Allison Perkins appears and tells Jessica that she knows something Jessica doesn't. Blair admits to Todd that she has been seeing sights of Margaret since she started taking care of Sam. Addie tries to seduce Charlie, but he explains that there is another woman for him. Natalie rehires Jared at Buchanan Enterprises. Addie thinks she already met Miles somewhere. Roxy scolds Charlie for putting doubt in Rex's head.moreless
  • Ep. #10109
    Ep. #10109
    Episode 134
    Ramsey gives Gigi yet another warning to keep her mouth shut, and Shane has an asthma attack when Ramsey continues threatening his mother. Michael and John inform Marcie that she could soon be transferred to Llanview if the D.A. from Texas drops the charges against her. Gigi confides in John about Ramsey's threats and he promises to help her, and then she agrees to go to Llanview with him. Viki catches up with Nora, and then learns about Clint and Nora's relationship. Todd and Blair discuss about Sam. Dorian bickers when Adriana and Rex arrive to continue planning their wedding. Blair and Todd arrive and a fight ensues, as Todd presses Rex's head on the stove, and Charlie arrives to Rex's rescue. Blair continues being haunted by visions of Margaret. Charlie wonders what Viki wants to talk to him about. Viki asks Rex to find Charlie.moreless
  • Ep. #10108
    Ep. #10108
    Episode 133
    Jared tricks Jessica into revealing that she isn't actually Tess and then he surprises her by presenting people from St. Ann's, who then take Jessica to the institution. Layla and Vincent congratulate Rex and Adriana on their engagement. Rex is suspicious of his mother's behavior. His aunt Corrina informs Roxy about Rex's suspicions. Nash confides in Roxy about the changes in his life concerning Jessica, and then receives a call from a distraught Jessica. Although Jessica begs him to explain that she's not Tess, Nash decides to teach her a lesson by refusing to help her. Clint insists on Lindsay and Bo joining him and Nora at the Palace. Things start to get complicated when Nora and Clint confront Bo about his approach to their relationship, and Nora continues blaming Lindsay. The foursome starts throwing drinks and food at each other, and they end up kicked out of The Palace. Sarah and Cristian continue their date.moreless
  • Ep. #10107
    Ep. #10107
    Episode 132
    Nigel warns Jared that he will reveal Jared's secret if he doesn't. Nash is frustrated with Jessica's plan to get Jared, and he warns her that there will be consequences if she doesn't stop her charace. Jessica arrives at Jared's and finds him naked in bed, waiting for her. Bo is a bit irritated to find R.J. visiting Lindsay, but they both tell him that they aren't together. Lindsay wants Bo to take her out to dinner, and he accepts. Nora tells Clint that she is worried that Bo's reaction to their relationship wasn't natural. Lindsay and Bo are surprised when, after realizing that there are no free tables at The Palace, Clint invites them to join him and Nora. Sarah is nervous on her date with Cristian. While getting a manicure, Natalie discusses her love life with Roxy. Nash admits to Roxy that his life is spinning out of control.moreless
  • Ep. #10106
    Ep. #10106
    Episode 131
    Pamela claims she is Jared's mother, having given her baby to her sister in the past. Natalie is, yet again, heartbroken by the fact that Jared is a Buchanan. Jared suggests to sell the vineyard to the Buchanan Enterprises and Jessica votes in his favor, and then Nash storms off mad. However, the others vote against Jared's idea. Jared meets with Pamela and thanks her for lying. Nash tells Jessica that she went too far in her plan to get rid of Jared. Antonio and Cristian discuss about their love lives. R.J. visits Lindsay and congratulates her on fooling Bo, but he warns her that Nora won't give up that easily. Bo catches R.J. and Lindsay hugging. Todd is furious when he learns that Viki won't be pressing any charges against Marcie. Starr isn't pleased with the fact that Langston and Cole can't discuss their therapy session with others.moreless
  • Ep. #10105
    Ep. #10105
    Episode 130
    Natalie and Jessica are worried that Viki might have parted way with Charlie because she was afraid of commitment, and they encourage her to find him. Charlie is surprised to learn from Dorian about Viki's real life. Margaret haunts Blair while she's taking care of Sam. Addie gives some advice to her daughter about being able to connect with Sam. Clint and Nora admit to Bo about their relationship, and he actually accepts it and tells them he's fine with it if Matthew is too. Nora is still convinced that Lindsay is faking her mental illness. Clint, Bo, Sarah, Jared and Nash gather for a meeting to decide on Jared's idea, but Bo interrupts saying that he found no info on Jared's background. He then reminds everyone that there is one person who can talk about that part of Asa's life, and Pamela Stewart walks inside, claiming that Asa never slept with Jared's mother Valerie.moreless
  • Ep. #10104
    Ep. #10104
    Episode 129
    Viki assures Marcie that she understands why she did what she did, and then informs her that she won't be pressing any charges against her. John wants Gigi to tell him the truth about how Lee and Todd handled her, but she claims she made the whole thing up. After being released from prison, Gigi returns to the diner, where Viki informs the crew that she is returning to Llanview. Jessica and Natalie grill Moe and Noelle for info on Viki's date. Viki says goodbye to her friends and they take a farewell picture together. Adriana and Rex discuss about Gigi. Jared is disappointed when Charlie doesn't show up at lunch. Dorian and Charlie are stuck when the car goes out of gas. Dorian them admits to Charlie that she knows that Jared is his son, and then hands him the paper with Viki on the front page. Todd and Blair bring Sam home and they finally have a moment together as family. Blair realizes that they forgot Starr's birthday, and then they celebrate the entire event together. Later, while Blair is alone with Sam, Margaret appears to her.moreless
  • Ep. #10103
    Ep. #10103
    Episode 128
    Jessica and Natalie arrive at the Bonjour Cafe to see Viki, and they meet Noelle, Moe and Shane. Langston and Cole attend a grief counseling session together, and both let their emotions flow. Antonio seeks love advice from his brother, as he tries to arrange a date with Talia, but their jobs seem to get in the way. Michael and John work on Marcie's case. In jail, Gigi assures her cell mate Marcie that she has no regrets, and she urges Marcie to fight for her freedom, and then reminds her that she has a husband to live for. John asks Gigi for help.moreless
  • Ep. #10102
    Ep. #10102
    Episode 127
    Talia learns that her transfer was granted although she tried to stop it and that she is being transferred to Cherryvale. Antonio isn't pleased to meet his new partner, a geeky cop named Oliver. Cole gives in to Nora's request to try group therapy to deal with his grief. Dorian wants Langston to attend group therapy as well, and she doesn't have a choice but to accept it. Addie flashes Charlie in his room. Cristian comforts Sarah, who's worried about Viki, but also because her mother Tina isn't answering her calls. Markko takes a job at the diner. The judge grants Bo the guardianship of Lindsay. Nora warns Lindsay that she'll be keeping an eye on her.moreless
  • Ep. #10101
    Ep. #10101
    Episode 126
    Nora and Clint decide to further explore having a relationship, but they worry about Bo, Matthew and Viki's reaction to the news. Natalie sees Jessica and Jared kissing, and Jessica immediately defends herself by claiming that Jared forced the kiss. Jared admits to Nash that he's the one who kissed his wife, and later Jessica assures Nash that her plan is going along great. Jared wants Jessica to have sex with him to prove that she's actually Tess. Adriana and Rex fight over who's responsible for everything that happened to the McBains, as Adriana blames Gigi, but they both agree that they're in danger of what Blair and Todd might do to them after learning that they both knew about Tommy's paternity. Blair arrives in Texas to comfort Todd. Michael finally convinces Marcie to give herself in, and they exit the diner. Todd takes "Tommy" from Marcie's arms and the police handcuffs Marcie.moreless
  • Ep. #10100
    Ep. #10100
    Episode 125
    Viki is finally released from the diner, and Todd rushes to ask questions about his son. Noelle, Gigi and Moe embrace Viki. Marcie, Michael and "Tommy" spend some time together in the diner, again as a family, as Michael tries to convince Marcie that it's the end of the line, and that she needs to stop running. Marcie is shocked to see the police taking away Gigi because she helped Marcie. Michael assures Marcie that Todd is a better parent for "Tommy" and then starts walking to the door. Jared wants proof that Jessica is actually Tess, so he kisses her. Nash walks in on Clint and Nora kissing. Dorian asks Starr and Langston to help her plan Adriana's wedding.moreless
  • Ep. #10099
    Ep. #10099
    Episode 124
    Jared finds Clint, Nora, Jessica and Natalie watching the coverage of the hostage crisis in Texas. They start suspecting that Viki might actually be Niki, since it's hard for them to believe that she has been lying to them about her location all the time. Dorian informs Starr and Langston about Blair leaving to Texas to support Todd. Moe, Noelle and Gigi are shocked to learn that Viki is actually a millionaire. Roxy, Miles, Adriana and Rex continue watching the live feed too. Over the phone, Marcie begs John to bring Viki the medicine for her heart, and John sends Michael to the diner, who then examines Viki and tells Marcie that it would be better if she released Viki and took him as hostage, and Marcie agrees.moreless
  • Ep. #10098
    Ep. #10098
    Episode 123
    Natalie and Jessica are shocked to see their mother being held hostage by Marcie. Adriana feels like it's all her fault. Roxy, who is also shaken by the entire situation, questions Rex if she's been a good mother, and he assures her that she was. Clint, Nora, Jessica, Natalie and Nash are shocked to realize that Viki has been in Paris-Texas and not Paris-France and has been working as a waitress for the past five months. Blair and Dorian watch the live feed on television too. Michael arrives at the scene, and works with John and Todd to reach Marcie. Noelle and Moe learn about the situation too. Michael tries to make contract with Marcie. Viki is still trying to make Marcie turn herself in, and they share a few stories, but Viki can't manage to get through to her. Marcie is worried when Viki has to take her heart medicine. Dorian approves of Blair's plan to go to Texas.moreless
  • Ep. #10097
    Ep. #10097
    Episode 122
    Nash suspects that Jessica enjoys playing the role of Tess in front of Jared, and worries that he might lose his wife once again, but Jessica assures him that it won't happen. Charlie agrees to stay at Dorian's mansion for one night. Adriana and Rex announce their engagement to Dorian, who doesn't seem to care much about it. Charlie tells Dorian, Adriana and Rex that his last name is Balsom, and later Rex questions Roxy if she knows about Charlie Balsom. Roxy catches an innocent moment between Natalie and Miles and worries that Natalie might be in love with him, but Natalie assures her that she loves someone else. Viki tries to reach out and convince Marcie to give in, but Marcie continues holding her hostage. The police arrives and the entire situation is being followed on the TV. The Llanview people are shocked to see that Marcie is holding both Tommy and Viki hostage.moreless
  • Ep. #10096
    Ep. #10096
    Episode 121
    Viki and Marcie are shocked to learn that they've been near each other all the time, as Marcie refuses to listen to Viki's plea to stop running with Tommy. When John and Todd arrive at the Bonjour Café, Marcie uses Viki as her hostage. Miles and Natalie bond over a game of cards. Nash is angry when Natalie supports Jared's business idea. Jessica tries to convince Jared that she's actually Tess and that she was pretending to be Jessica for the past few months. Jared doesn't buy it first, but then seems to get along with her plan. He wants her to prove that she's Tess by placing a vote for him at the Buchanan Enterprises for selling the vineyard. Adriana tells Rex that she's ready to tell Dorian about their engagement, and then tells him that she confessed to Blair that she knew about Tommy's paternity from the start. They both worry that they may end up in prison. After finding a picture of Charlie and Viki together, Dorian questions Charlie about his other life and then admits that she was also in Texas and probably at the same time as he. He goes to get a hotel room, but she invites him to stay at her mansion.moreless
  • Ep. #10095
    Ep. #10095
    Episode 120
    Ramsey accidentally shoots Michael, and Marcie catches the chance to run away. Todd and John rush after her. In her car, Marcie realizes that all her personal info is at the Bonjour Café and that she has to return to get it. Viki finds a picture of Marcie just as Marcie enters the place with Tommy. Nash is shocked at the idea to sell the vineyard to Buchanan Enterprises, but Jared thinks it's a brilliant idea. Jessica tries to convince Jared that she's actually Tess. Dorian shows Charlie the newspaper with Jared on the front page. Dorian finds the picture of Viki and Charlie together.moreless
  • Ep. #10094
    Ep. #10094
    Episode 119
    Nora is shocked when the judge dismisses Lindsay's case and claims that she wasn't herself when she killed Spencer. Addie, R.J. and Bo each want Lindsay to stay at their place, but the judge wants Lindsay to go back to St. Anne's because she still isn't ready for the society. Cristian advises Antonio to go after Talia. Sarah, Talia and Carlotta bond while talking about Carlotta's sons. John tells Moe the story about Tommy, and then rushes off with Michael to locate Marcie. Gigi manages to protect Shane and let Marcie run before Ramsey and Todd can get to her. They run outside to get her, and as Ramsey fires the gun toward Marcie, Tommy, Michael and John.moreless
  • Ep. #10093
    Ep. #10093
    Episode 118
    Gigi is forced to make a call to Marcie by Todd and Ramsey, but Marcie first refuses to meet up with her until Moe informs her that Gigi called again talking about Shane. Gigi begs Todd and Ramsey to give her Shane back because he could have an asthma attack. Marcie goes to Gigi's building, unaware of the danger that she's about to face. Michael and John arrive at Marcie's motel room too late. They rush to the Café, where they find Marcie's purse and learn that she's been using an alias. Addie and Blair have fun getting fake tattoos. Charlie visits Jared again and learns about Charlie's scam against the Buchanans, and then he makes an agreement to keep his son's secret if he lets them try to get closer again. Bo, R.J., Blair, Addie, Dorian and others arrive at the courthouse to show support for Lindsay. The judge pronounces Lindsay fit to stand trial. Dorian plays with Nora by threatening to tell Bo about Nora's newfound love with Clint.moreless
  • Ep. #10092
    Ep. #10092
    Episode 117
    Antonio asks Talia to stay in Llanview. Cole pulls away from Starr. Clint and Nora spend New Years Eve together and kiss. Adriana and Rex spend the night happily until he tells her about Gigi. Roxy jumps into Miles' bed and kisses him, but he only sees her as a friend, and then she questions him about Natalie, but he explains that Natalie and him are only friends. Cristian and Sarah kiss, much to the dismay of the band lead singer. Sarah refuses to talk about Evangeline.moreless
  • Ep. #10091
    Ep. #10091
    Episode 116
    Roxy is irritated when Natalie interrupts a moment between Miles and her, and when Natalie agrees to leave them alone, Roxy surprisingly kisses Miles. Nigel reminds Jared that he's the one to blame for being left alone on New Years Eve. Michael recognizes Adriana's engagement ring as Marcie's and then storms off to Texas with John. Adriana forgives Rex. Shaun encourages Antonio to be with Talia. As the New Year countdown ends, Antonio stops Talia from leaving and kisses her. Cristian does the same thing with Sarah. Starr convinces Cole to celebrate New Years Eve at Dorian's along with Markko and Langston.moreless
  • Ep. #10090
    Ep. #10090
    Episode 115
    Cristian visits Evangeline and tries to get a sing from her, wondering if he should move on with his life. At the police station, Dorian and Blair learn that Addie was dropped off at Capricorn. They find Addie enjoying her stay with the band, but manage to convince her to spend the holidays home. John receives a gift that Marty ordered for him - a dartboard with Todd's picture on it. Now engaged, Adriana and Rex spend time in bed. Rex freaks when Adriana goes on to read the inscription in the ring, but is relieved when it doesn't reveal anything. John tells Michael that he'll be on probation. Moe is forced to give a raise to Noelle to keep her working at the diner. Gigi gives Marcie the money she got from Rex, and Marcie questions Gigi about who she sold it to. Marcie then decides to leave town. Lee and Todd confront Gigi about Marcie's whereabouts, threatening her with putting her son in danger.moreless
  • Ep. #10089
    Ep. #10089
    Episode 114
    Adriana is shocked when Rex gives her a dust buster as a Christmas gift, but when he asks her to put her finger in it, she takes out an engagement ring, and Rex proposes to her. Charlie and Viki part ways after making love the previous night. Jared attacks John for sleeping with Natalie, and when Jared provokes John by mentioning Marty, John punches him in the stomach. Dorian is worried when Addie starts living her life normally again, and she suspects something is behind it. She then reads the newspaper that contains an article about Jared as another Buchanan, and then she remembers overhearing a talk between Jared and Charlie. Addie promises Blair that she'll take care of her now. Cristian begs Mrs. Williamson to let him visit Evangeline, and Layla manages to convince her to let him do so. Clint and Nora are about kiss when Dorian interrupts them. She asks to speak with Jared. Blair calls and informs them that Addie is missing.moreless
  • Ep. #10088
    Ep. #10088
    Episode 113
    Viki and Charlie realize that they can't leave the drive-in when the truck won't start, so they get out of the vehicle and start dancing. Gigi ends up not saying anything about Shane to Rex. Rex buys the ring that Gigi was trying to sell for Marcie. Nash tries to prevent Jessica from posing as Tess in front of Jared. Jared and Natalie fight when she throws her one-night stand with John in his face. He gives her a necklace and she takes it, then welcomes him to the family. Dorian and Blair are shocked when Addie's doctor confirms that Addie is back to herself because they're using a different medication. Addie joins the women in their celebration, but Dorian is worried that Addie could have a setback at any time.moreless
  • Ep. #10087
    Ep. #10087
    Episode 112
    Langston, Starr and Dorian witness a huge fight between Blair and Adriana when Adriana admits that she knew about Tommy's paternity, and their fight turns into hair-pulling fight that's interrupted by a surprising and shocking arrival of Addie at the mansion. Cristian wants Layla to arrange a visit to Evangeline for him. Sarah gives Cristian a Christmas gift. Natalie tells Jessica that she slept with John, and Jessica thins she only did it to get back at Jared. Nash and Jessica hatch up a plan to use Tess to get to Jared. Cole isn't feeling well when Nora gives him a place to stay. Natalie shocks Jared by informing him of sleeping with John. Charlie and Viki have fun together at the drive-in. Rex and Gigi are surprised to run into each other, as they discuss about the past and how Rex abandoned Gigi. Rex then questions Gigi about Marcie, but Gigi doesn't reveal anything.moreless
  • Ep. #10086
    Ep. #10086
    Episode 111
    Todd surprises Blair, Jack and Starr by dressing up as Santa and putting gifts under the tree, and then explains that he had to do it sooner since he'll be away trying to find his son with Ramsey. Starr snaps at Todd for working with Ramsey, but Todd tells her it may be the last chance to find his son. He then tells Blair that Tommy's new name will be Sam. Michael is released from prison. Nora informs John and Cole that Miles won't be pressing charges against John. Bo and Matthew visit Lindsay, and they are surprised to find R.J. there. Matthew gives Lindsay a DVD of Jen. Bo informs Lindsay that he'll be on her side when she steps in front of a judge next year. Roxy talks to Adriana and Layla about her plans to spend some romantic time with Miles. Marcie is forced to sell her engagement ring to get money. Rex arrives at the Bonjour Café trying to locate Marcie, but Moe doesn't say reveal Marcie's identity. Suddenly, Gigi storms in the café and comes face to face with Rex, with whom she seems to have a history with.moreless
  • Ep. #10085
    Ep. #10085
    Episode 110
    Adriana wants to go searching for Marcie with Rex since he probably won't be home for Christmas, but Rex refuses the idea and thinks of her as yet another thing to worry about. Dorian interrupts the fight and manages to raise the hostility in air. Rex makes it clear to Dorian that he'll be her son-in-law. Ramsey, who was fired by the FBI, suggests Todd should use his services to find Marcie, and he manages to find a way to convince Todd to make a deal with him, although Blair asked Todd not to do it. Dorian learns from the doctor that Addie will be allowed to spend Christmas Eve party at the mansion. Antonio is surprised to find out that Talia requested a transfer from the Llanview police squad, and Bo grants her wish to inform her if a good position in another place is available. Viki somehow manages to convince Charlie to give up drinking. Marce, Gigi and Shane watch as a judge tastes a piece of Noelle and Moe's pie to determine who made the best pie. Marcie accidentally trips, runs into the judge and causes him to choke, but then saves his life by performing the Heimlich maneuver. The judge insults Moe and Noelle, so Moe throws food at him and the entire restaurant has a food fight.moreless
  • Ep. #10084
    Ep. #10084
    Episode 109
    Natalie and John wake up in bed together and then think back to the previous night and how they ended up having sex. They both agree that it was just a one-night thing and they agree to be there for each other in the future if either of them needs comfort at any time. Nash and Jessica pretend to invite Jared into their family, but he knows they're faking it. Adriana, Cristian and Antonio get together to discuss their current love situation and share their ideas for Christmas. Rex visits Michael in jail and berates him for running away from Llanview. Michael manages to convince Rex to go to Paris, Texas, and find his wife. Marcie helps out Gigi with Shane. Viki arrives at Charlie's room in Texas and Charlie tells her all about Jared rejecting him as a father. Viki urges him not to forget his ten months of sobriety and refuses to leave him alone.moreless
  • Ep. #10083
    Ep. #10083
    Episode 108
    Roxy tries to tell Miles about her feelings for him, but they are interrupted by Cole, who apologizes to Miles for everything he did. John manages to convince Cole not to turn himself in and encourages him to let John take the blame. Starr and Langston don't agree on what is going on with Cole. Layla tells Cristian that Evangeline's mother took Evangeline back home to take care of her. Natalie is freaked out after Jared kissed her, and she pulls away. Nash warns Jared to stay away from Natalie. Natalie goes to the bar, where she runs into John and they both agree that neither of them are fine. Dorian gives Rex her blessing to propose to Adriana, but as soon as Rex leaves, Dorian cuts out Rex's part of a picture of him and Adriana. Sarah and Adriana bond while taking about their lives.moreless
  • Ep. #10082
    Ep. #10082
    Episode 107
    Cristian tells Sarah that he wants to determine if he still has feelings for Evangeline, and she approves of his idea to visit her. Cristian is shocked to find Evangeline's hospital room empty. Adriana and Dorian catch up on their lives, and Adriana seeks advice for a gift for Rex, but Dorian's expensive taste and doubt about Rex and Adriana's life leads them into a fight. Rex seeks advice about the Christmas gift from Jessica and Nash. He then visits Dorian and asks for Adriana's hand in marriage. Starr protests, but Cole decides to turn himself in to the police. Bo questions Miles about the shooter but Miles, after realizing that Cole is in danger, tells them that he has no idea who the shooter was. He is then surprised to learn that John said he shot him. Natalie doesn't believe that John shot Miles. Cole tells John that he is determined to turn himself in. Nigel talks to Clint about Asa's long lost son and he almost reveals that Jared isn't the one. Renée suggests Jared should let Natalie think things out. The Buchanans reunite and Bo reads the DNA test results that prove that Jared is Asa's son. The crowd is shocked at the news, and Natalie storms out, but Jared catches up and kisses her.moreless
  • Ep. #10081
    Ep. #10081
    Episode 106
    Blair realizes that Cristian is attracted to Sarah, and she urges him to forget about Evangeline since it seems like he's been putting his life on hold. Layla explains to Sarah that Cristian will always have a place in his heart for her sister. Todd tells Viki that he can't imagine his life without Blair anymore, and she encourages him to follow his heart. Talia bursts at Antonio for lying to her about knowing that she had a crush on him, and she refuses to listen to what he has to say. Lee finds out that Miles is awake, and Bo warns John that it could cost him a lot if he was lying about shooting Miles. Natalie confronts Starr after finding her in Miles' hospital room. Langston is shocked to learn that her house is now on sale and that she will lose all her childhood memories. Starr informs Cole that John confessed to shooting Miles. Talia enters Bo's office and leaves a letter of resignation on the desk.moreless
  • Ep. #10080
    Ep. #10080
    Episode 105
    Moe, Noelle and Gigi are surprised to see Charlie drunk. Marcie begins working at the diner. Viki visits Dorian and they talk about everything that has been going on since Viki left. Viki thanks Dorian for the talk they shared at the vineyard a couple of months ago. Starr and Langston assure Dorian that they won't get involved in the search for Cole, and then they both go to Langston's house where Cole is hiding. Gigi informs Viki that Charlie has fallen off the wagon. Natalie questions John about who shot Miles, but John doesn't say anything. Starr is surprised when Miles tells her that he knows that Cole shot him. Michael is brought back to the Llanview police station, and he requests to talk to his brother. Ramsey tells Bo that John knows who shot Miles. Talia tells Antonio that she prefers they'd have a professional relationship only. John lies to Bo that he was the one who shot Miles.moreless
  • Ep. #10079
    Ep. #10079
    Episode 104
    Marcie listens in fear as the police takes away her husband. She exits the closet and Gigi reminds her that her husband loves her very much. Charlie reminisces about his past as a lousy father and ends up getting drunk, and telling Viki over the phone that she doesn't need someone like him in her life. Cole and Starr try to find out if Miles is dead. Ramsey storms in at Dorian's place and starts searching for Cole, but Langston and Starr manage to hide him. David happily realizes that he won the lottery, and he goes to say goodbye to Dorian, and then leaves Llanview once again. He calls Viki and informs her about his winning. At the hospital, John learns that Miles isn't good. Natalie and Viki discuss about their lives. Viki is surprised to learn that Jared is Asa's son. Natalie rushes to the hospital when he hears the news about Miles.moreless
  • Ep. #10078
    Ep. #10078
    Episode 103
    John jumps into the river and brings Miles out of the water, but when he can't find any pulse, he performs CPR. Cole stares in shock over what he's done. Blair and Todd kiss and finally bond as a couple. Langston comforts Starr. Cole arrives at Starr's and tells her that he murdered Miles. David and Dorian realize that they are better off as friends, but Dorian suggests they should stay friends with benefits. While talking to Rex, Roxy realizes that she cares for Miles. Marcie and Tommy hide when Michael starts banging on the hotel door. Gigi covers for Marcie and tries to convince Michael that his wife isn't around, but Michael is convinced that she's there. He starts talking about his feelings for his wife and child, and just as Marcie is about to show herself, the police bursts into the room.moreless
  • Ep. #10077
    Ep. #10077
    Episode 102
    Michael and Charlie arrive at the Bonjour Café, and Noelle tells Michael the number of the room where an unknown woman with a baby is staying. Charlie is confused when Noelle tells him that Viki left Texas to go home. Marcie accepts the job offer from Gigi. Todd wants Blair to leave him because he only causes pain for his family, but Blair tries to convince him otherwise, and she confesses that she always loved him. Nora visits Dorian looking for info on Cole. David visits Dorian. Viki finally returns to Llanview, and Jessica, Natalie and Miles are shocked to see her back. Miles is having hard time dealing with news of Marty's death. John tries to calm Cole, asking him to remove the gun, but Cole keeps it aimed at Ramsey. They start talking, and Cole, filled up with grief and vengeance, shoots at them, but Miles arrives and ends up shot.moreless
  • Ep. #10076
    Ep. #10076
    Episode 101
    Renée learns the news about Jared being Asa's long lost son and tells him that she isn't surprised, but Nora and Clint warn her not to trust him, and they question Jared about his mother. Nora receives news about Marty's death and breaks down in Clint's arms. Langston, Markko, Dorian, Starr comforts Cole, who's shaken over everything that happened. Blair comforts Todd, who blames himself for Marty's ending, and then says that he doesn't deserve Tommy. Adriana and Rex blame Miles for Michael's escape, but their conversation is interrupted when Miles learns about Marty's death and he storms away in tears. Nash and Jessica, once again, try to convince Natalie to leave Jared, but she doesn't listen. A sad Miles rushes into Natalie's arms. Ramsey and John fight over who's to blame for Marty's death and Cole overhears John saying that Ramsey shot at the tires on the van, which ultimately led to the crashing and the explosion. Cole picks up a gun and aims it at Ramsey.moreless
  • Ep. #10075
    Ep. #10075
    Episode 100
    Talia assures Antonio that she isn't hurt after what happened, and she wants him to forget everything that she said the other night. Rex and Adriana talk about Christmas gifts. Waking up with a hangover, Charlie realizes he's fallen off the wagon after 10 months of being sober. He then recognizes Marcie from a picture at Michael's place and Michael rushes off to Texas to get his wife, and decides to blow off his court hearing. Viki gives David a lottery ticket and wishes him luck. She learns about Marty's death on the television. Gigi suggests Marcie should get a job at the Bonjour Café. Cole is dealing with his mother's death on the plane back to Llanview. Markko, Langston, Starr, Blair and Dorian celebrate Langston's freedom, as she is finally allowed to move in with Dorian. Starr is surprised when a sad Cole and John arrive at her doorstep.moreless
  • Ep. #10074
    Ep. #10074
    Episode 99
    At Marty's persistence, John goes to save Cole at the top of the cliff. Suddenly, the van with Marty inside explodes, as Cole and John watch in shock. Clint and Bo both believe that Jared planned to infiltrate Buchanan Enterprises since he got out of jail and that he somehow planned the entire thing, but Jared claims he was just as shocked as they were when he found out that he was Asa's long lost son. The tension arises as Natalie suggests Jared should take a DNA test to prove it. Jared takes the sample of David's hair which he cut a few days ago and gives it to the Buchanans, claiming that it's his. Alone, Natalie tells Jared that she believes he didn't plan the entire thing, but she can't be around him for some time anymore. Charlie ends up drinking after his son's rejection and he shares a drink with Michael, who just refused to help his wife get the money she needs. Viki enters Marcie's place and finds David there, but she doesn't recognize Tommy. David promises to Marcie that he'll keep her secret safe even though she can't give him the money he requested.moreless
  • Ep. #10073
    Ep. #10073
    Episode 98
    David confronts Marcie and then starts blackmailing her. She begs him for mercy, so he agrees to keep her secret safe, just as long as she delivers the amount of money that he could have gotten if he had chosen to expose her to the police. Starr and Michael discuss about their loves ones. Jared confronts Charlie about being a bad father and he refuses to let him in his life again. Natalie is shocked at the thought that she's related to Jared. John and Ramsey find Marty, but they aren't able to locate Cole. Dorian overhears Jared and Charlie's conversation about Jared's future plans concerning the Buchanans.moreless
  • Ep. #10072
    Ep. #10072
    Episode 97
    Clint and Bo are shocked when Nigel reveals that Jared is Asa's long lost son, and they are both convinced that it's a scam. Natalie is shocked to learn about this, and Jared fakes his shock over the news. Charlie talks to Nash about Jared. Todd uploads a video of Cole on the net, on the missing people site, and then asks Viki to help him publish Tommy's picture too. David realizes that he knows Marcie from somewhere, but she closes the door and then plans her next destination before anyone catches her. David questions Viki about the mysterious woman, and when Viki mentions Marcie McBain running away with Tommy and a reward posted for the person who finds her, David puts the pieces together and catches Marcie just as she is about to run away. John and Lee confront Simon and his thugs, while trying to rescue Marty and Cole, who are kept in a truck. Lee causes a riot that ends with the van dropping over the edge of a cliff.moreless
  • Ep. #10071
    Ep. #10071
    Episode 96
    Marty and Cole are surprised when Patrick's best friend Simon is thrown into the building where they are being kept. He tries to get Marty to speak, but Cole realizes that the man is actually behind the kidnapping. Simon then threatens to kill Cole, just like he killed Patrick, if Marty doesn't reveal what she knows. Lee and John find arrive in Ireland, and they immediately start searching for Marty and Cole. They battle with a few men, only to find the building empty. Gigi is surprised to find David half naked in Viki's room. Marcie realizes she's running out of money to continue her escape. She goes out of the apartment, only to run into David. Dorian introduces Charlie to Blair, and then helps Blair convince Starr to go to school. She explains the situation concerning Nora and Clint. Todd wants info on Marcie's whereabouts from Michael, but he doesn't know anything. Bo tells Clint and Nora that Jared was in prison prior to his arrival in Llanview. They confront him about it, only to be interrupted by Nigel, who wants to open the letter left by Asa. Natalie tries to make it clear to Jessica and Nash that she intends to be with Jared. Charlie arrives at the vineyard looking for his son.moreless
  • Ep. #10070
    Ep. #10070
    Episode 95
    Sarah is convinced that Cristian kissed her only because Evangeline isn't available, and she suggests they should just stay friends. Talia kisses Antonio and then admits the truth about having a crush on him for a long time, but he, although he likes her, doesn't seem to be ready to be with anyone yet. Talia keeps still until Antonio leaves, and then she starts crying. Charlie and Chuck bring Dorian back to the ranch, where Charlie and Dorian talk about life, and Dorian realizes that she knows who Charlie's son is. David thinks that Viki is actually Niki Smith and he starts fighting her, but Noelle saves the day by knocking out David. Once he awakes, Viki explains the truth to David and he promises to keep her secret safe.moreless
  • Ep. #10069
    Ep. #10069
    Episode 94
    Cristian and Sarah find themselves interrupted again when Layla shows up with news about Evangeline. Later, Cristian tells Sarah that it's time to move on, and he kisses her. At the restaurant, Antonio and Talia talk about his past, and then Talia finally finds courage to kiss Antonio. Jared takes a hair sample from David's head. Renée, Nigel, Jared and Natalie share a toast in Asa's memory. David confronts Clint and Nora for hurting Dorian. Neither of them are aware that Dorian is lying in the bushes after being hit by a car driven by Alex. Clint and Nora agree to live together in the mansion, with Matthew. Nigel decides to continue working at the Buchanan mansion. Charlie receives good news about his son's whereabouts while eating dessert with Viki. David arrives at the Bonjour Café and is shocked to find Viki there. Charlie goes to the Buchanan mansion and finds a hurt Dorian lying the bush.moreless
  • Ep. #10068
    Ep. #10068
    Episode 93
    John discovers a secret part of the book that could give him a clue about Marty's whereabouts. Lee refuses to share any of his insights on the case with John. Marty admits to Cole that his father was murdered. She can't give any details to the kidnapper because she claims Patrick never shared any info with her. Blair and Todd comfort their daughter, who's shaken by Cole's disappearance. Jared confronts Nigel with the info on David being Asa's son, and he suggests they should present himself as Asa's son, because Nigel doesn't seem to want anyone to know who David actually is. Alex tells David that she's broke, and then she takes off, leaving him behind. Clint tells Dorian that it's definitely over between them. Nash warns Natalie to be careful because Jared could trick her. Clint kicks David out of the ranch. Alex accidentally runs over a person and then storms off, not realizing that she ran over Dorian.moreless
  • Ep. #10067
    Ep. #10067
    Episode 92
    Gigi confronts Marcie about lying to her and keeping her real identity a secret. Marcie finally confesses the truth. Bo is surprised to see R.J. visiting Lindsay. Viki and the rest of the Bonjour Café staff spend Thanksgiving together. Antonio, Talia, Jamie, Carlotta, Cristian, Sarah and R.J. do the same thing. Vincent, Layla and Roxy arrive to spend Thanksgiving with Rex and Adriana. Michael and Marcie finally talk, and Marcie wants Michael to forget about her and their son.moreless
  • Ep. #10066
    Ep. #10066
    Episode 91
    Jessica isn't happy to learn about Natalie and Jared starting a relationship. Todd and Blair question Gigi about Marcie, and Gigi lies that she saw her a few days ago. Blair tells her the story about Marcie. Later, Gigi confronts Marcie. Clint finds David and Dorian in bed together and the begin fighting. Clint tells Dorian it's over between them. Nigel threatens a gagged Alex to keep quiet about David being Asa's long lost son.moreless
  • Ep. #10065
    Ep. #10065
    Episode 90
    Todd and Blair, Viki, Marcie have no idea that they are occupying the rooms on the same floor of the same hotel. Todd posts a flyer with Marcie's photo offering money, and Gigi finds it. Marcie tries to be honest with Gigi. Natalie and Jared finally kiss and decide to talk about their future. Charlie and Viki plan another date. Clint pulls away after kissing Nora and he doesn't want this to turn into anything new. Dorian, after seeing a close moment between them, ends up in the sack with David. Alex confronts Nigel about David being Asa's long lost son, and then Nigel reveals that Asa left nothing to David. Nigel kicks Alex out of the house.moreless
  • Ep. #10064
    Ep. #10064
    Episode 89
    Natalie manipulates the situation to have Jared believe she's having an affair with Chuck, but Jared turns the tables on her. John believes that focusing Ramsey's attention on finding Marty and Cole will divert him from the search for Marcie. Cole and Marty's life is in danger. Charlie gives Viki a little more insight into his character. Blair feels guilty for not being home now that her daughter needs her the most.moreless
  • Ep. #10063
    Ep. #10063
    Episode 88
    Viki wonders what Charlie's last name is, and he will tell her only that it begins with the letter B. At the ranch, Jared and Nash nearly end up in a full-out brawl. A shocked Miles promises John that he had nothing to do with Marty and Cole's disappearance. Meanwhile, Marty is being held hostage in a secret room. Clint and Nora continue growing closer. Clint questions Nigel about Asa's long lost son. Dorian, David and Alex arrive at the ranch. Cristian learns that Jared went to Texas with Sarah.moreless
  • Ep. #10062
    Ep. #10062
    Episode 87
    John and Starr both worry about the missing Marty and Cole, and John goes after Miles when he sees him. Miles shares his concerns over Marty's safety with Roxy. Viki is shocked when Alex, Dorian and David show up at the diner, and manages to keep them from seeing her. Dorian realizes that Alex is lying to David about her wealth. While Michael admits to Cristian his frustration at Marcie's activities, Marcie considers contacting her husband.moreless
  • Ep. #10061
    Ep. #10061
    Episode 86
    Charlie tells Viki that part of what he's doing involves trying to locate his son, whom he is out of contact with. Gigi continues to help Marcie. The Buchanans are surprised when Asa leaves them a seat on the board rather than money. David admits to Dorian he married Alex for her money. Alex fears that her plan might be destroyed, so she tells David that they have to go to Texas. Starr is worried about Cole. Viki and Marcie almost run into each other.moreless
  • Ep. #10060
    Ep. #10060
    Episode 85
    Gigi believes that Marcie is on the run from an abusive husband and reaches out to the other woman. John and Bo worry that Cole and Marty's disappearances are connected after realizing the same Death mask is tied to both of them. John decides to return to Llanview, but he leaves a clue about Marcie to Todd and Blair. Asa's will surprises everyone when it's revealed that he has a long-lost son. Viki enjoys her date with Charlie. Roxy and Dorian learn that Adriana isn't pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #10059
    Ep. #10059
    Episode 84
    The family gathers for the reading of Asa's will. Ramsey and John continue working against each other. Both Alex and David have no idea that the other one is pulling a stunt on the other while they are getting married. After the ceremony, Alex wants them to go to Llanview. Marcie arrives in Texas. Langston, Markko and Starr realize that Cole is missing. Viki is excited about her upcoming date with Charlie.moreless
  • Ep. #10058
    Ep. #10058
    Episode 83
    Marcie continues planning her escape. Marty and John wake up happy next to each other after making love the night before. Marty and Todd are acting weird when they are left alone in a room. Cristian admits to his brother that he's interesting in Sarah. Natalie continues trying to make Jared jealous. Lindsay and Bo continue growing closer.moreless
  • Ep. #10057
    Ep. #10057
    Episode 82
    Alex accepts David's marriage proposal. Adriana and Rex have a good laugh when Adriana learns that Rex thought she was pregnant. Marty admits the truth about Patrick's death and John shares his story with her, and they end up making love. Todd and Blair spend the night talking about their life. Jared and Natalie are about to kiss when Chuck interrupts them. Jared overhears Nora and Clint talking about him.moreless
  • Ep. #10056
    Ep. #10056
    Episode 81
    The Buchanan clan arrives to Texas at Asa's ranch, and they meet Chuck, who starts flirting with Natalie, much to Jared's displeasure. John is surprised when Marty blurts out that Patrick was murdered. Todd and Blair share a moment when she encourages him to fight for what he wants. Starr and Dorian discuss about Dorian's jealousy over Clint. Dorian calls him, but Nora answers the phone.moreless
  • Ep. #10055
    Ep. #10055
    Episode 80
    Marcie manages to keep herself and Tommy hidden from the police by hiding in a drainage pipe. Viki initially refuses a date from Charlie, but then changes her mind after a talk with Gigi. Michael learns from Starr that Blair has joined Todd. Cole runs into the mysterious person wearing the death mask. Alex manages to get a marriage proposal from David.moreless
  • Ep. #10054
    Ep. #10054
    Episode 79
    Viki is surprised when Charlie, one of the patrons of the diner, asks her out on a date. David thinks he's fooling Alex, but he had no idea about Alex's plan. Marcie seeks help from Hurricane Katrina survivors while she is in New Orleans. John, Marty, Blair and Todd arrive in New Orleans and Marcie has no idea how close they are. Dorian wants to become Langston's foster parent. The mysterious person dressed like Death continues watching Cole.moreless
  • Ep. #10053
    Ep. #10053
    Episode 78
    Alex seeks out David with her hopes of getting a chunk of the Buchanan estate. Dorian learns that Nora is coming with Clint to Texas. Natalie wants Sarah to stop seeing Jared. Sarah invites Jared to accompany her to Texas for the reading of Asa's will. John and Todd are surprised when Blair and Marty arrive in person to bail them out. Blair tries to convince Todd that searching for Marcie and the baby is a fruitless effort, but he won't listen. Jessica and Nash are furious to learn about Jared's moving to Asa's mansion. In Texas, Gigi, Noelle and Moe tease Viki about her growing friendship with Charlie.moreless
  • Ep. #10052
    Ep. #10052
    Episode 77
    Starr is convinced that she saw a person dressed like Death lurking around the house. Jared and Natalie think about each other while spending with with Cristian and Sarah, separately. John tries to protect Marcie by instigating a fight with Lee Ramsey. Starr tries to convince Langston that she's the perfect addition to her household. Todd ends up behind bars, so he calls Blair and Marty to come and release him.moreless
  • Ep. #10051
    Ep. #10051
    Episode 76
    In order to continue her charade, Marcie performs on stage in full drag queen regalia. Jack is worried that the new baby will become more important to Todd than he is. Todd and John run into Ramsey during their investigation, and Ramsey tries to make it clear to John that he doesn't want him involved in the search. A person dressed like Death stalks Marty and the teens. Talia, Antonio, Vincent, Layla and Jamie spend time together on Halloween. Miles enjoys his community service work, but Roxy can't wait to escape. Talia's crush on Antonio continues growing.moreless
  • Ep. #10050
    Ep. #10050
    Episode 75
    Blair learns that Michael isn't on the hunt with Todd and John, and she worried the two guys might be kill each other. Viki is affected when she sees Charlie offer some advice to Gigi's son Shane after Shane gets into a fight. Harvey stalls the police while Marcie disguises herself as a drag queen to hide from Ramsey. Natalie is furious to learn that Jared is living in Asa's mansion. Blair doesn't want to talk to Adriana and Rex, who worry what might happen if Blair learns that they knew the truth about Tommy all along.moreless
  • Ep. #10049
    Ep. #10049
    Episode 74
    Marcie seeks refuge in Decatur, Georgia, with good friends of Eric's. Ramsey has a hot lead on Marcie. Todd and John continue their investigation. Sarah and Jared catch on when Natalie and Cristian show up in the same restaurant they're having dinner. Viki and Charlie flirt with each other. Talia is surprised when she runs into Antonio and Jamie while dressed as a hooker for an undercover job, but as soon as she changes, the trio has a fun of their own.moreless
  • Ep. #10048
    Ep. #10048
    Episode 73
    John is frustrated with Todd while finding a lead on Marcie. Blair pleads with Mrs. Woodrow to allow Langston to live with her, and she reluctantly approves of the idea. Clint and Bo are surprised when Renée invites Jared to live at the mansion. Marcie is touched when she reads the letter that Ron gave her before she left.moreless
  • Ep. #10047
    Ep. #10047
    Episode 72
    Michael wants to go along with Todd and John, but ends up being arrested for perjury. Todd and John leave to search for Marcie and Tommy. After remembering what her own childhood in foster care was like, Blair agrees to take Langston in as a foster child. Langston takes off from social services and Starr promises to help her hide. Jessica, Natalie and Nash continue trying to remove Jared from their lives. Jared charms Renée and receives an intriguing invitation. Viki tries to tell Gigi that money isn't all it's cracked up to be. Clint informs the family about taking off to the ranch for the reading of Asa's will.moreless
  • Ep. #10046
    Ep. #10046
    Episode 71
    Marty and Blair learn about Todd and John's agreement to work together on the search for Tommy and Marcie. Blair worries that the tension between them could turn ugly. Michael is arrested for perjury. Cristian tries to convince Sarah that getting involved with Jared would not be in her best interests. Jessica and Nash try another plan to kick Jared out of their place, but he has no intention of leaving. Miles thinks that Natalie is attracted to Jared. Roxy and Miles continue bonding.moreless
  • Ep. #10045
    Ep. #10045
    Episode 70
    Nash and Jessica are determined to stop Jared from taking everything away from them and work on a plan to beat him at his own game. Todd agrees to team up with John to find Tommy and Marcie after realizing that Ramsey has other priorities. John reluctantly agrees to let his brother join them in the search. Sarah and Jared realize that Cristian and Natalie are jealous seeing them together.moreless
  • Ep. #10044
    Ep. #10044
    Episode 69
    Blair and Marty have a heart to heart about their respective pasts with Todd. John tries to make Todd an offer. Ron informs Michael that Marcie has no intention of returning back home. Cristian and Sarah start flirting, but a call concerning Evangeline ruins the moment. Natalie and Cristian aren't pleased to see Jared talking with Sarah. Dorian sets out to help Langston by asking Bo for help.moreless
  • Ep. #10043
    Ep. #10043
    Episode 68
    Todd joins Michael and John on a stakeout near Ron's place, trying to catch Marcie. John feels uncomfortable around Lee Ramsey, as it's obvious they share a past, and now they are letting their past interfere with their jobs. Ron gives Marcie a new identity and she leaves. Lee arrests Ron for helping Marcie. Blair realizes there is something much deeper evolving between Marty and John. Cristian starts to realise he has stronger feelings for Sarah than he thought he did. Jared continues making things difficult to Nash, Natalie and Jessica.moreless
  • Ep. #10042
    Ep. #10042
    Episode 67
    Starr is furious with Britney after she learns that her rival is the reason that Social Services has taken an interest in Langston. Clint and Dorian are forced to delay their fight when Dorian is called in to save Langston, but she is unable to help her. The teens watch in shock as the Social Services take away Langston. Britney leaves for boarding school. Clint and Nora bond over his romantic woes. Antonio confronts Shaun about cheating on Talia, and Vincent breaks the fight by revealing that Shaun isn't Talia's boyfriend, just as Talia enters the room. Bo visits Lindsay. Nora learns about Dorian's visit and Lindsay's sudden improvement.moreless
  • Ep. #10041
    Ep. #10041
    Episode 66
    Michael refuses to even consider Rex's suggestion that he could join Tommy and Marcie on the run. He makes an appeal to Marcie on the television, but Marcie decides to continue running away, and she asks her brother to help her disappear. Dorian and Clint fight over their distant relationship. Langston admits the truth about her parents to Markko, and he promises that a thing like that can't make him stop loving her. Roxy and Miles think about doing their community service together. Britney puts her last plot into action as a lady from the Social Services prepares to put Langston into foster care.moreless
  • Ep. #10040
    Ep. #10040
    Episode 65
    As Todd searches Ron's place with the men with him, Marcie desperately hides with Tommy. Todd leaves without finding her, and Ron continues trying to convince Marcie to return to Llanview, but she refuses to listen to him. Rex and Adriana try to lend a comforting shoulder to a devastated Michael. Rex comes up with an idea to bring Marcie back home. Britney plans to use the info on Langston's parents to her advantage before leaving for boarding school. Jared continues toying around with Nash and Jessica.moreless
  • Ep. #10039
    Ep. #10039
    Episode 64
    Ron tries to convince Marcie to return to Llanview, but she refuses to give in. She realizes she will never be able to forgive her husband for what he's done. Dorian continues connecting with Langston. Nora and Clint become closer. Bo, Michael, John and the police are searching for Marcie. Blair fears that the Tommy crisis might hurt her family. Natalie tells Clint that she fired Jared. Jessica and Nash refuse to give in to Jared's threats, so he moves along with his plan.moreless
  • Ep. #10038
    Ep. #10038
    Episode 63
    Michael and John try to convince Marcie over the phone to return home safely with Tommy, but Todd makes things worse by threatening her, and she refuses to return. Instead, she comes to someone asking for help. Langston admits to Starr and Blair the truth about her parents, and Dorian confides in Blair about how she sees herself in Langston. Nora makes an important decision about her and Matthew's future. Natalie is forced to take action when Jared, once again, crosses the line.moreless
  • Ep. #10037
    Ep. #10037
    Episode 62
    Todd is furious to learn that Marcie kidnapped his son. John is irritated by Todd's behavior. Michael tries to contact his wife and eventually manages to do so. Bo is forced to put an APB on Marcie and declare her run as a case of kidnapping. Blair, Starr and Jack are disappointed when Todd doesn't return home with Tommy. Dorian comforts Langston, and Markko learns the truth about Langston's parents.moreless
  • Ep. #10036
    Ep. #10036
    Episode 61
    Michael and Marcie are shocked and hurt when the judge awards Todd custody of Tommy. An angry Marcie reveals that Michael knew that Tommy was Todd's son before, as Michael shares his goodbye with Tommy. Todd goes to get his son, only to learn that Marcie kidnapped him. Talia and Shaun continue pretending to be in a relationship in front of Antonio. Vincent reminds Shaun not to get too involved because it's all just a fake thing. Cristian congratulates Sarah on her job booking Timbaland. Nash comes up with a different plan when Jessica refuses to go to Timbaland's concert. Langston breaks down in Dorian's arms. Starr is relieved to learn about the outcome of the trial.moreless
  • Ep. #10035
    Ep. #10035
    Episode 60
    Michael, Marcie, Todd and Blair gather at the courthouse to learn about the judge's decision over Tommy's custody. Marcie is still mad at Michael for keeping the fact that he knew about Tommy's real dad a secret, while Todd suggests a shared custody agreement, but nobody wants to give in. Marty and John's romantic time together is interrupted by a call from Michael. Dorian tells Langston that she knows the truth about her parents. Markko tells Langston that he loves her. Natalie admits to Clint that she hired Jared. Talia has to continue pretending that Shaun is her lover. Starr is impressed by Cole's cooking skills. Sarah is enjoying her fame after booking a celebrity to perform at Capricorn.moreless
  • Ep. #10034
    Ep. #10034
    Episode 59
    A furious Marcie confronts her husband after learning a shocking secret from Lindsay, and she tells Michael that he will be the one to blame if they lose their son. Blair realizes that Todd really cares about Tommy. Dorian finds out the truth about Langston's parents. Meanwhile, Langston is concerned about a secret she's hiding. Cristian is surprised to learn that Sarah actually managed to book a great performer for Capricorn, and he offers her a job as talent booker. Marty and John agree on the depth of their relationship. Blair, Todd, Marcie and Michael prepare for the finish of the custody battle.moreless
  • Ep. #10033
    Ep. #10033
    Episode 58
    Jack pretends being sick, so Blair and Todd take him to the doctor. Michael is mad to see Todd near Tommy. Dorian manages to get a response from Lindsay. Lindsay accidentally reveals a huge secret to Marcie. Markko is suspicious of the absence of Langston's parents. Marty and John spend some time together at the Llantano Mountain. Rex investigates around Langston's place.moreless
  • Ep. #10032
    Ep. #10032
    Episode 57
    Michael and Marcie pour their hearts out while testifying in court. They both remain optimistic about the outcome of the trial. Cole comforts Starr. John and Marty continue growing closer. Langston continues lying to Markko about her parents. Talia lies to Antonio that Shaun is actually Talia's boyfriend George, and Shaun surprises everyone by kissing Talia. Sarah is mad when Cristian refuses to believe that she booked a big star at Capricorn. Dorian wants Rex to find Langston's parents.moreless
  • Ep. #10031
    Ep. #10031
    Episode 56
    Bo tries to reach out to Lindsay, but she can't seem to snap out. Nora warns Lindsay that she will bury her if she's faking her illness. Talia and Layla talk about Antonio. Blair tries to defend Todd's actions while being questioned by Judy in court. Although reluctantly, Blair and Todd allow Starr to take a stand. She makes it clear that how great her parents are, but Judy still points to the many flaws in her family. Michael is having hard time while testifying. Dorian questions Langston about her parents. Antonio jokes about Cristian's feelings for Sarah.moreless
  • Ep. #10030
    Ep. #10030
    Episode 55
    At St. Ann's, Will runs into Addie, who doesn't recognize him. He then visits Lindsay along with Nora and Bo, and they all try to determine if she actually got insane or not. Talia asks a drunk man to pretend being George in front of Antonio, but the drunk reveals Talia's plea, and Antonio laughs at the joke. Todd wants Blair to move in to the penthouse, but she manages to convince him to move to the mansion. In court, the judge is stunned by the sudden marriage and Judy turns the tables on them by showing a check that Todd used trying to buy off Todd. Cole worries about Starr when she reveals Blair and Todd got married. Markko is concerned when Langston fakes her parents' signature on an emergency consent form.moreless
  • Ep. #10029
    Ep. #10029
    Episode 54
    Roxy leads Marcie on the rooftop, where John, Marty, Michael and Tommy surprise her with a birthday party. Rex and Adriana join the party too. Jared questions Natalie's love life. Dorian is preparing the mansion for the wedding. Todd allows Cole to be on the wedding. Nash tells Clint he won't be needing his money because he has a new business party. Dorian learns of Viki's trip to Paris. Blair and Todd continue pretending that their marriage is for court purpose only, but when it's time to exchange vows, it's pretty clear how much emotion there is between them.moreless
  • Ep. #10028
    Ep. #10028
    Episode 53
    Jessica is angry when Natalie confirms that she gave Jared a job at Buchanan Enterprises. Jared then questions Natalie's working ability. Talia continues faking a boyfriend during a dinner with a curious Antonio. Britney causes yet another scene by mentioning Tommy during a class with Marcie. Todd warns Marcie that he won't stop until he gets his son. Starr learns of her parents' wedding plans. Miles wishes the best of luck to Marty. Cole is glad to see Marty and Cole together. Nora is ecstatic to finally receive a check from her insurance company. Todd hides the ring he bought for Blair and proposes her with 5 million dollars. They both want to rekindle their love, but neither one of them wants to admit it.moreless
  • Ep. #10027
    Ep. #10027
    Episode 52
    Natalie and John talk about life during a game of pool. Jared visits Asa's mansion and charms Renée, but Nigel doesn't trust him. Sarah leaves Cristian's studio and moves in to Layla's apartment. Adriana moves out. Jessica agrees to help Todd in his plan to marry Blair. Nash and Jessica talk about Tess. Dorian is furious at Blair for deciding to marry Todd, but Blair explains how much money she'll get and how she'll help Todd get Tommy. Todd asks Dorian to take care of the wedding preparations.moreless
  • Ep. #10026
    Ep. #10026
    Episode 51
    Dorian accuses Nora of causing Lindsay's mental breakdown, but Nora believes Lindsay is faking it, and Clint stands by her side of the story. Cristian and Sarah bond while talking about Sarah's moving and Lindsay's status. Rex and Adriana discuss about Lindsay too. Markko, Starr and Cole realize that Langston's parents never appear home, and Langston overhears their conversation. Jared continues threatening Jessica, and asking for a job at Buchanan Enterprises, even though everyone claims that Jessica was a different person. Natalie challenges Jared to a game of pool and tries to trick him, but instead, he wins. Nash and Jessica realize that they can't give in on Jared's threats.moreless
  • Ep. #10025
    Ep. #10025
    Episode 50
    Jared starts revealing the truth about Jessica/Tess to Nash, and Jessica arrives at the same time to finally tell him the entire truth about Jared. They tell the story of how they met and how Tess put Jared to prison. Now, Jared wants revenge because he spent two years in prison because he was set up. In the courtroom, Lindsay surprised everyone by pleading guilty. She tells everyone about the night that she murdered Spencer and why she did it. She then collapses and her lawyer asks to take her to St. Ann's for an evaluation. Todd convinces Blair to marry him.moreless
  • Ep. #10024
    Ep. #10024
    Episode 49
    Nash finds Jessica's photo on Jared's cell. Jessica begs Natalie to give Jared a job or he'll send Jessica to prison. Layla takes her friends' advice and decides to let Sarah be her roommate. Marcie pretends trying to sell Tommy and then she tricks Todd into giving her a check, which she plans to use against Todd in court. R.J. and Will continue trying to persuade Nora to let Lindsay walk free. Blair tries to make a deal with Lindsay, but she refuses to cave. Todd suggests he should marry Blair, a plan that could help Todd in court. At the trial, Lindsay pleads guilty.moreless
  • Ep. #10023
    Ep. #10023
    Episode 48
    Blair and Todd come up with a plan that could help Todd prove himself as a changed man. Britney causes yet another scene in school, and Markko, Langston and Cole defend Starr. Layla learns that Adriana is moving to Rex's apartment, and Rex suggests Vincent should move in with Layla, but both Layla and Vincent agree that they aren't ready for that step yet. Layla suggests Sarah should be her roommate. Sarah and Cristian make a bet---if Sarah fails to bring a hot band to Capricorn, he can fire her. Nora tells Will that she has nothing personal against Lindsay. Marcie and Lindsay share yet another heart-breaking conversation. Michael fears someone might find out that Michael knew about Tommy's real father. Blair wants to make a deal with Lindsay. Todd offers Marcie and Michael to buy off Tommy.moreless
  • Ep. #10022
    Ep. #10022
    Episode 47
    Will makes a surprising visit to Lindsay, and although she's happy to see her son, she urges him to leave Llanview. Matthew insists on Nora helping him to spread T-shirts with Free Lindsay written on them. R.J. tries to convince Nora to go easy on Lindsay because of everything she went through with Jen. Marty and John have fun together. Adriana refuses to listen to Blair. Rex confronts Roxy about ratting him out to Blair. Dorian finds out that Adriana and Rex knew the truth about Tommy. At court, Todd reacts angrily when Judy continues pressing him about Margaret.moreless
  • Ep. #10021
    Ep. #10021
    Episode 46
    Marty and John kiss again. Starr defends her father in court, but Todd refuses to let her take a stand. Judy makes a few statements about Todd's dark past and the fact that he tried to kill Margaret when she was pregnant. Adriana and Rex inform Dorian and Roxy about moving in together. Blair is shocked to learn that Rex gave Marcie and Michael's lawyer evidence against Todd, and she warns Adriana to break up with Rex or she won't be a part of the Cramer family. Jessica attacks Jared at his hotel room and orders him to stay away from Natalie, but he decides to bargain with her by asking her to give him a job at Buchanan Enterprises.moreless
  • Ep. #10020
    Ep. #10020
    Episode 45
    Talia has a heart-to-heart with Bo about the effects of 9/11. Langston, Markko and Cole discuss Starr and Marcie's feelings about Tommy. Starr promises to stand by Todd's side, and Blair wants Todd to control himself during the trial. Marcie, Michael and Judy have enough evidence to make Todd look like an unfit father, and Judy warns the McBains that Todd could be forbidden to stay near Starr and Jack as well. At the court, it is finally determined that Todd is Tommy's biological father. Jessica tried to convince Nash to get rid of Jared, but he thinks otherwise. Antonio and Cristian discuss about Sarah. Natalie is shocked to wake up half naked next to Jared, but she's relieved when Jared tells her they didn't sleep together. Jessica is upset to learn about this, and she confronts Jared by punching him in the stomach.moreless
  • Ep. #10019
    Ep. #10019
    Episode 44
    Blair is determined to help Todd. Roxy is worried Rex might be dragged into the Tommy McBain case. Marcie realizes Rex knew about Tommy being Todd's son. Natalie and Miles catch Marty and John kissing. Nash doesn't realize the connection between Jared and Jessica. Natalie and Jared share a drink. Miles is lonely.moreless
  • Ep. #10018
    Ep. #10018
    Episode 43
    A lab tech takes a DNA sample from Tommy and Todd to determine if they are related. A lawyer suggests to Michael and Marcie that the only option to take down Todd is to prove that he is an unfit parent. Blair wants to make up with Todd. Jessica and Natalie discuss about Jared Banks. Nash is surprised to find Jessica looking for Jared. Natalie and Miles catch John and Marty kissing.moreless
  • Ep. #10017
    Ep. #10017
    Episode 42
    Bo suspends John from the LPD. Miles drops the assault charges against Todd. Marcie and Michael talk to their lawyer about the case. Starr is surprised to learn that Tommy McBain is her brother. Cole is happy to have his mother back home. A happy Marty hands Miles a copy of their marriage annulment papers. Todd shows up at the McBain apartment with an officer and a court order.moreless
  • Ep. #10016
    Ep. #10016
    Episode 41
    Nash does not realize that Jared and Jessica have unresolved issues from the past. Dorian believes Langstons parents are not taking good care of her. Starr informs Langston about finding her lost brother. Todd is shocked when the judge allows Tommy to return home to Michael and Marcie. He is also furious at Blair. Nora realizes why Lindsay murdered Spencer. She warns John not to keep Tommy away from his biological father.moreless
  • Ep. #10015
    Ep. #10015
    Episode 40
    Jessica meets Jared. Todd is furious at Blair for not helping him get Tommy. Todd accuses Rex of helping Michael take his son. Lindsay admits to knowing that Tommy is Todd's son, and then Bo warns her to be careful because Nora is building a strong case against her. Once John, Michael and Marcie are alone, John confirms that Todd is Tommy's father, and Michael promises to protect Tommy. Todd hires Lindsay's lawyer to work for him on getting his child back.moreless
  • Ep. #10014
    Ep. #10014
    Episode 39
    Blair informs Starr about finally finding T.J. Manning, but she doesn't reveal who it actually is. She says she'd like to help Todd raise his son if Todd forgives her for having him arrested. Marty arrives home with Cole. Todd bursts when Marcie and Tommy arrive in jail, so they are forced to leave, without Marcie realizing that Todd was talking about Tommy being his son. John convinces Michael not to leave town. Nora talks to Bo about Lindsay's case. Adriana and Rex are worried about getting locked up for keeping Tommy's identity a secret. Todd tricks a guard and escapes from his prison cell. In the courtroom, the judge announces they'll be moving forward with the trial. Todd storms into the courtroom during the trial and says that Lindsay is guilty of the crime, and then goes to Marcie and says that Tommy is his son!moreless
  • Ep. #10013
    Ep. #10013
    Episode 38
    Adriana agrees to move in with Rex. Layla and Vincent let a lonely Shaun stay overnight at Layla's apartment. Natalie and Miles are concerned about how long John knew of Tommy McBain's real identity. Roxy pitches some crazy ideas to Marcie for freeing Lindsay. John forces Michael to admit that it's time to reveal the truth to Marcie, and then offers to tell Marcie and Michael himself, pretending that Michael didn't know about it. Lindsay and Todd face off in jail. John arrives at Michael's apartment, but Marcie isn't there. At the same time, Marcie arrives in jail to visit Lindsay, with Tommy.moreless
  • Ep. #10012
    Ep. #10012
    Episode 37
    Adriana, Rex, Layla, Vincent and Shaun are surprised to learn that Sarah got a job as a waitress. Cristian doubts Sarah's job skills and then makes a rude comment about Sarah, which she overhears. Jessica promises Nash that nothing will ever come between them. Rex questions Jared about the poker game and his real motives for buying a part of Nash's vineyard. John arrests Todd to stop him from telling Marcie the truth about Tommy. He later makes Blair admit that Todd punches Miles after the Woman of the Year ceremony. Todd is offended by Blair's betrayal, as he shows no remorse for Marcie's feelings. Michael tries to show Marcie that she is wrong about John, but she refuses to accept Lindsay's arrest. John asks Michael to come to the police station without Marcie.moreless
  • Ep. #10011
    Ep. #10011
    Episode 36
    Blair proves to Todd that Tommy McBain is actually his son, and then Todd bursts at John for keeping this secret. Michael thinks Marcie is overreacting by calling John a bad guy in the local newspaper. Dorian promises to be Lindsay's friend forever. Clint is pleasantly surprised to see Sarah working as a waitress. Sarah realizes that Jared has Jessica's picture on his cell. Nash reluctantly tells Jessica about losing all his money on a poker game, and then explains how Antonio sold his share of the vineyard to Jared.moreless
  • Ep. #10010
    Ep. #10010
    Episode 35
    Nash is furious at Jared when he refuses to let him buy his share of the vineyard. Jessica arrives home. Blair tries to talk to Todd about who Tommy McBain actually is, but they are interrupted by Marcie, who wants Todd to make a headline accusing John of trying to free Marty by arresting Lindsay, and Todd accepts her deal. Michael informs Rex and Adriana about John's decision to keep quiet about Tommy. Cole visits Marty, who is now set free. John is shocked when Natalie informs him that Blair already knows the truth about Tommy. Nora reassures Sarah that Asa loved her dearly. John rushes to stop Blair, but Blair manages to reveal to Todd that Tommy McBain is actually T.J. Manning.moreless
  • Ep. #10009
    Ep. #10009
    Episode 34
    Nash is furious at Antonio for selling his share of the vineyard to Jared. Lindsay refuses to talk to Todd. Marcie makes an emotional visit to Lindsay in jail. Blair is shocked when Miles proves that Tommy McBain is actually T.J. Manning. She immediately goes to inform Todd. Jared tricks Natalie into meeting him, and then later Natalie ditches him. Nash confronts Jared. Miles apologizes to Sarah for nearly getting her killed. John promises to Michael to keep the secret about Tommy hidden. Natalie informs John about knowing Michael's secret.moreless
  • Ep. #10008
    Ep. #10008
    Episode 33
    Nora questions John's actual reason to arrest Lindsay. She believes there was no indication to Lindsay being the killer, and John cleverly avoids mentioning Tommy McBain. Natalie is shocked to see a bruised Miles, and she suggests Miles should try to reach Todd by talking to Blair. Finally, Miles admits the truth about Tommy to Blair. Talia hides her feelings for Antonio while helping him and Jamie paint the apartment. Reluctantly, Nash agrees to take up Clint's offer for a money loan. He goes to see Antonio to finally pay off the debt, and he is shocked when Antonio tells him that he already sold his part of the vineyard.moreless
  • Ep. #10007
    Ep. #10007
    Episode 32
    Miles tries to tell Todd the truth about Tommy, but Todd refuses to listen to him and even pulls a knife at Miles, threatening him. Cristian is surprised when Sarah finally decides to give in and get a job atCapricorn, and then he teaches her how to make drinks. Dorian informs Cole and Starr about Lindsay's arrest. Bo warns Rex not to get involved in Lindsay's case. Marcie refuses to believe that Lindsay could kill Spencer, so Nora and Michael calm her down and take her home to rest. Nora is confused when Marty tells her that John suspected Lindsay as a murderer even before Marty got her last flashback. Lindsay confronts John about knowing the truth of Tommy's real parents, and she tells him that she will take the truth to the grave, and then warns John to keep it all a secret or there will be consequences.moreless
  • Ep. #10006
    Ep. #10006
    Episode 31
    At the Woman of the Year Award ceremony, everyone is shocked when John arrests Lindsay for Spencer Truman's murder. Nora claims that Lindsay had never changed to a better person, but Bo is convinced that there is a reason to what Lindsay did. Nash is upset after losing all his money, and Jessica decides to fly home early to find out what's going on with her husband. Miles shows Natalie a key that opens a bus locker, which contains more details about Todd's son, and was given to Miles by Spencer. Miles goes to the bus station, and followed by a vision of Spencer, Miles learns the truth about T.J.'s real identity. Then he rushes to reveal the truth to Todd. Antonio accepts Jared's offer to buy his share of Nash's vineyard. Dorian daydreams about winning the Woman of the Year Award. John tells Lindsay that he knows who Michael's son actually is. Miles arrives at The Palace to reveal the truth to Todd.moreless
  • Ep. #10005
    Ep. #10005
    Episode 30
    Nash is stressed out when Jared wins the poker game, and he realizes that he's gotten into more problems than ever. Jared then calls Antonio and wants to buy Nash's vineyard. Miles informs Natalie about a secret concerning Todd's son. Starr hopes Blair and Todd could get back together. Lindsay breaks down during her speech while receiving the award and Marcie comforts her. Then Lindsay talks about Jen and compares her to Marcie, whom she considers her own daughter. John arrives at the ceremony and Michael warns him not to arrest his wife. Everyone is shocked and surprised about Marcie, but then Lindsay interrupts them and informs them that John came to arrest her.moreless
  • Ep. #10004
    Ep. #10004
    Episode 29
    Nash, Jared and the rest of poker players engage in a high-stakes game. Blair finds Cole's boxer shorts in Dorian's kitchen. Nora makes a speech about Lindsay and decides to put aside all the bad memories they had together. She presents Lindsay as Llanview's Women of the Year!. Lindsay's friends are touched. Marty finally remembers another part of the night Spencer was murdered, and she realizes that she didn't kill Spencer. After meeting with a contact, John visits Marty and they both come to a conclusion that Spencer's real murderer is Lindsay!moreless
  • Ep. #10003
    Ep. #10003
    Episode 27
    John talks to a vision of Spencer and finally realizes who killed him. Marcie warns Nora not to ruin Lindsay's award ceremony. Cristian and Sarah share a drink and talk about her grandfather. Jared introduces himself to Natalie and claims he talked to Asa recently. He gives her his resume and tries to impress her, but she realizes he's a fraud and ends up putting his resume in a paper shredder. Roxy warns Nash about the high-stakes poker game that he's about to be involved in. She is then further surprised when Jared arrives as one of the players. Alone, Lindsay comments on what an awful person Spencer was, and that he didn't deserve to live.moreless
  • Ep. #10002
    Ep. #10002
    Episode 27
    Adriana and Layla consider taking Nash as a spokesperson, but then decide to put Antonio's feelings in front of the campaign. Rex gives Nash an idea to play a high-stakes poker game to win money to pay for the vineyard loan, but Vincent warns Nash that he could also lose. Jared continues making plans to approach Natalie. Todd thinks Miles has an ulterior motive for pleading guilty to theft. Blair ironically thanks Marty for killing Spencer, and Marty reminds her that she doesn't remember much about the night. Clint is still being bothered by a reporter. Lindsay accuses John of trying to tie Spencer's murder to his family. Bo hugs Lindsay when Marcie informs him about Lindsay's Llanview’s 2007 Woman of the Year award. John reminds Michael that he'll follow the law on both Spencer's murder and Tommy's secret. Jared arrives at Buchanan Enterprises and presents himself to Natalie as the answer for her prayers.moreless
  • Ep. #10001
    Ep. #10001
    Episode 26
    Jessica takes off to London and tells Nash that she needs a little space, and that she's going to visit Kelly and her brothers. Jared arrives to a motel. Bo thanks Nora for supporting him during these hard times. Marcie tells Lindsay that she was chosen for the Woman of the Year Award, and Lindsay is honored but she isn't sure if she deserves the award. Michael tries to persuade Natalie to help him get to John, but Natalie suggests he should go to Marty. John informs Marty about a possible murderer of Truman. Blair says goodbye to Max, who leaves Llanview. Todd is jealous while hearing about Max's proposition to take Blair to Argentina. Although the judge dismisses the charge of kidnapping against Miles for lack of evidence, he decides to change his plea to guilty, and Marty overhears the shocking announcement.moreless
  • Ep. #10000
    Ep. #10000
    Episode 25
    The family continues honoring the life of Asa Buchanan. Cord comforts Sarah. Lindsay and Nora fight, but after a comment from Alex, Lindsay decides to leave. Bo is angry at Asa for embarrassing him through life, but Clint convinces him otherwise. Dorian and Viki, locked in the wine cellar, talk about the past and life. Max tries to persuade Blair to go to Argentina with him, but she refuses the offer. Nigel reminds Max that David Vickers is Asa's son, and they are the only two people who know. They decide to inform the family in some time. Meanwhile, Alex overhears their conversation and decides to find David. Joey, Kevin and Cord leave Llanview. Viki buys a ticket at the airport.moreless
  • Ep. #9999
    Ep. #9999
    Episode 24
    Nigel finds Asa dead and informs the grieving family. They all remember their past moments with him. Kevin, Cord, Joey and Max arrive to attend the ceremony. They all gather at the funeral. Max kisses Blair. Alex arrives at the funeral and plays the role of a grieving widow.
  • Ep. #9998
    Ep. #9998
    Episode 23
    Dorian wins the poker game. Nora realizes that Viki doesn't want to have Clint, but she also doesn't want Dorian to have him. Marcie realizes that John suspects her for murdering Spencer. Blair and Todd decide to work on their relationship for the sake of their children, and to bring down Miles. Talia makes up a fake boyfriend when Antonio asks about her love life. Michael tells John to forget him as a brother if he reveals Tommy's true identity. Markko decides not to sleep with Langston because there seems to be something that's bothering her, and although she's having hard time at the beginning, they end up having a good time together. Cole and Starr also bond.moreless
  • Ep. #9997
    Ep. #9997
    Episode 22
    Langston, Starr, Markko and Cole play strip poker, and Cole ends up a loser. Blair and Todd want Nora to make Miles' punishment difficult. Miles surprises everyone by pleading guilty to theft. Michael is hurt to realize that John suspects Marcie as a possible murderer of Spencer Truman, and then later he pleads his brother to keep the truth about Tommy hidden. Lindsay has been named Woman of the Year. Clint is impressed when Dorian helps him get rid of a reporter. Jared Banks arrives at Buchanan Enterprises and introduces himself to Natalie. Nash contemplates playing poker to win money to pay for the vineyard loan.moreless
  • Ep. #9996
    Ep. #9996
    Episode 21
    Michael panics while seeing Blair holding Todd. John seeks advice from father Thomas McBain in church, praying to find the right way to solve his brother's problem. Dorian challenges Viki to gamble with her. Sarah tries to persuade Asa to give her the money she needs. Viki is concerned over Natalie and Miles' friendship. Miles and Natalie confront Blair and Todd.moreless
  • Ep. #9995
    Ep. #9995
    Episode 20
    Clint wants to take Dorian out to dinner, so he teaches her how to play a card game and tells her to put on something glamorous and sexy. Antonio wants Nash to pay him back the money he lent him previously. At the court, Marty pleads not guilty. John is happy that she decided to fight for her innocence. Langston, Markko and Starr help Cole deal with his mother's situation. Marcie and Michael realize that they are having problems in their marriage. Michael is hurt while seeing Blair holding Tommy. Miles agrees to be Natalie's date for a Buchanan Enterprises event. Meanwhile, somewhere in jail, a man addressed as Banks is about to exit prison, ready to come to Llanview!moreless
  • Ep. #9994
    Ep. #9994
    Episode 19
    Rex tells Adriana that John knows about Tommy's true identity, and then suggests they should dummy up a DNA test to convince John that he's wrong. Michael begs John not to say anything and he even tries to use guilt to convince him to be quiet. Then Michael tries to get Marcie to go on a trip with him and Tommy, but Marcie won't go. Cole wants Marty to plead not guilty, and John agrees with him. Todd is shocked to hear that Miles moved in with Natalie and her family, and then he warns Miles to watch out because Hunter is dead and Cole is ready to testify against him. Cristian convinces Sarah to stay in Llanview. At the courthouse, Matthew arrives to watch Tate's sentencing. Tate pleads "guilty" and he says that his only regret is not finishing what he wanted to do. Then he's taken to his cell at Statesville, where he is welcomed by his cellmate, an African American named Luther.moreless
  • Ep. #9993
    Ep. #9993
    Episode 18
    Todd tries to visit Evangeline, but Vincent won't let him enter her room. Layla thanks Vincent for the support, and he takes her home, where they make love. Todd returns to Evangeline's room and talks to her about trying to find out what happened to his son. Natalie promises to help Miles whenever he needs her. At the Capricorn, Hunter ends up stabbed, and Sarah thanks Cristian for saving her life. John confronts Michael and Rex with the truth about Tommy. In tears, Michael begs him to keep Tommy's true identity a secret because it will kill his wife and probably him. A hurt John is stuck in the middle, and he leaves without a resolution to the situation. Rex suggests Michael should take his wife and Tommy and go far away from Llanview forever.moreless
  • Ep. #9992
    Ep. #9992
    Episode 17
    Todd and Blair are trying to figure out if they should give their relationship another try, and they start comparing their past relationship with other national disasters, as they share a family moment with Starr and Jack. Michael misunderstands Marcie's words about Tommy, and she suggests he should relax. John questions Rex about the forged death certificate and then promises to find out the secret that Rex and Michael share. Later, John puts a tail on Rex. While talking to Marcie, John realizes there is a connection between T.J. Manning and Tommy McBain, and then he visits Michael and Rex to find out the truth. Hunter takes Sarah hostage and demands money from her. Cristian tries to stop Hunter and eventually they end up fighting, and one of them ends up stabbed. Reluctantly, Viki allows Natalie to let Miles stay at Llanfair. Cole confronts Miles in front of Nora.moreless
  • Ep. #9991
    Ep. #9991
    Episode 16
    Antonio reminds Cristian to take some time to rest. Sarah tries to get some money from Clint, but Clint informs her that he heard from Cord and that he won't give her any money, and then he suggests she should get a job, but she refuses his offer. She steps outside and is suddenly kidnapped by Hunter. Natalie defends Miles in front of Renée. Dorian blames Viki for David's departure, but Viki tells her it's for David's good. Natalie arrives and tells Viki that she invited Miles to live with them at Llanfair. With a search warrant, John enters Rex's place and searches through his stuff, while Adriana and Rex are lying naked on the bed. Rex is worried that John might have found Tommy's certificate. Back at the office, John finally figures out what happened to T.J. Manning.moreless
  • Ep. #9990
    Ep. #9990
    Episode 15
    Marcie tells Lindsay about Michael's strange behavior. A suspicious John questions Michael and Rex's connection to Spencer's murder, but Michael denies having anything to do with it. Michael warns Rex about John's investigation, and Rex promises to keep the secret hidden. Layla, Vincent, Nora and Adriana thank Talia for saving their lives by going out to The Capricorn. Antonio and Bo discuss their troubled love life. By Jack's wishes, Todd lets Blair spend the night, and they all have an interesting evening as a family while watching a tape of Starr's musical. Miles offers a deal to Marty, but she won't listen to him. She wants an annulment. In his police office, John makes a connection between Rex, Todd and Tommy.moreless
  • Ep. #9989
    Ep. #9989
    Episode 14
    Miles' trial starts and he pleads not guilty. The citizens of Llanview start accusing him, and the only thing Miles actually wanted was to help out Marty, or so he says. Miles is granted bail. Starr tells her family that she forgave Cole. John accuses Natalie of siding with Miles only to get back at him for breaking up with her. Adriana and Rex promise to Michael to keep quiet about Tommy. John calls Michael, asking to meet him immediately. Todd and Cole make an understanding concerning Starr. A therapist visits Marty at jail, and it seems like Marty is about to break down. Miles visits Marty. Sarah realizes her family cut her off of all funding, and she is forced to earn some money by being a waitress.moreless
  • Ep. #9988
    Ep. #9988
    Episode 13
    Jessica visits Todd and fills him in on everything that's happened to her during his absence. Todd seeks revenge on Miles, but Blair convinces him to rest. Sarah apologizes to Todd. Once again, Adriana apologizes to Rex, and then they make love. Antonio informs Talia about Jessica's wedding. John promises to Cole to take care of his mother. Cole and Starr visit Marty. Natalie tries to convince Miles not to sign the confession of murder. The murder trial stars.moreless
  • Ep. #9987
    Ep. #9987
    Episode 12
    Starr forgives Cole. Todd learns about a comatose Evangeline and demands to see her, but Blair doesn't think it's a good idea. Rex comforts Adriana and they kiss. Natalie informs Nash and Jessica that the police arrested Marty for Spencer's murder. Although Jessica believes Marty is innocent, Natalie stands by Miles' side. Roxy blurts out to Antonio about Nash and Jessica's wedding, and then Antonio talks about it with Jessica in the hospital. John wants Miles to write his confession, but Miles refuses until John tells him that Marty was arrested. Just as Miles is about to write the confession, Natalie arrives and convinces him not to do it.moreless
  • Ep. #9986
    Ep. #9986
    Episode 11
    Cristian and Rex urge Sarah to do something with her life. Vincent is dealing with what happened on the rooftop the previous evening. Dorian visits Layla and Adriana, who are also dealing with the entire Tate situation. Matthew is disappointed in his idol Tate, and Cole and Nora are helping him deal with it. Starr talks to Viki about forgiving Cole and dealing with Todd. Although John is against it, Marty forces Bo to arrest her for murdering Spencer. Adriana isn't sure if Rex believes in her anymore after what happened. Nash and Jessica continue enjoying their hospital-honeymoon. Layla comforts Vincent on the rooftop, and they kiss.moreless
  • Ep. #9985
    Ep. #9985
    Episode 10
    Starr admits having a relationship with Cole to Todd, who is furious at both Starr and Blair. Nash comforts Jessica. Starr wants to talk to Cole. Marty remembers another part of the night that Spencer was killed, and she still insists that she murdered him, although John claims he'll prove that she didn't. Vincent saves Tate's life and Talia takes him away to the police station. Blair and Todd bond. Paige informs Bo about leaving town once and far all, and they share a passionate kiss goodbye.moreless
  • Ep. #9984
    Ep. #9984
    Episode 9
    Tate holds Vincent, Layla, Adriana and Rex hostage on the Palace rooftop and tells them all about his plans and previous actions, as the the others try to stall him to gain more time for the police to arrive. Paige has surprising news for Bo. David tries to regain Viki's trust. Marty remembers a new part of the murder puzzle. Nigel visits David. Todd attacks Miles in jail.moreless
  • Ep. #9983
    Ep. #9983
    Episode 8
    Todd finally wakes up and his family is with him. He doesn't remember much about what happened after he was stabbed in Chicago. Michael is stressed out over what is Todd going to say about the investigation he was doing in Chicago. Starr, Markko and Langston discuss about Cole. Nora and Cole visit Marty in jail. David tries to talk to Viki. Layla finds Vincent bound to a chair on a rooftop and faces Tate, who then calls Adriana to come and join them. Adriana rushes off, with Rex secretly following her.moreless
  • Ep. #9982
    Ep. #9982
    Episode 7
    Blair and John are shocked to find a drugged and naked Todd lying in a sleazy motel with a hooker named Kandi who claims to have been partying with Todd last few weeks. John doesn't believe a word that the woman says and takes her in for questioning. Blair takes Todd to the hospital. Adriana and Rex consult Talia and Bo about Tate, and Bo decides to reopen the hate crime case. Tate makes a move against Vincent and Layla. Clint tells Viki the truth about David asking for $10,000,000 to be a donor, and a hurt Viki doesn't want to be near David anymore.moreless
  • Ep. #9981
    Ep. #9981
    Episode 6
    Cole tries to explain how hard it was to choose between Todd and his mother, but a heartbroken Starr won't listen to him. Miles fights with the vision of Spencer and decides to take things in a different way. Hunter drags Todd out of the woods. Blair and John continue searching for Todd. Rex promises to protect Adriana from Tate. Meanwhile, after listening to Vincent and Layla talking about the hate crimes, Layla comes face to face with Tate.moreless
  • Ep. #9980
    Ep. #9980
    Episode 5
    Blair and John are determined to find Todd. Miles feels at ease after giving Hunter orders to find Todd. Dorian comforts Starr, who is hurt by Cole's betrayal. Cristian and Rex warn Clint and Viki about Sarah being in danger. Sarah tries to find a good place to stay. Adriana forces Tate to throw away his OPP medallion. He seems furious, but decides to hide his anger from her, at least for awhile more. Adriana admits to Rex that he might have been right about Tate all along.moreless
  • Ep. #9979
    Ep. #9979
    Episode 4
    Rex and Cristian bring Sarah to Viki and Clint, and Sarah is forced to admit the truth about her connection with Todd's disappearance. Todd finds a cellphone. Britney tells Starr that Cole knows where Todd is, and Starr demands to be taken to the police station immediately. John continues convincing Marty that she didn't kill Spencer. Blair tells Dorian she wants Todd back. Natalie dreams of reconnecting with John.moreless
  • Ep. #9978
    Ep. #9978
    Episode 3
    A desperate Miles orders Hunter to help him find Todd. Marty and Cole are ready to bring down Miles. Cole makes up a plan to bring Miles down to the police station. In the meantime, Marty arrives there and wants to talk to Bo. Langston and Starr are sure that Britney is lying about a secret that Cole has been keeping from Starr, but Britney is determined to bring him down. Nash comforts Jessica, and they look together into their future. Clint and Dorian debate on telling Viki the truth about David.moreless
  • Ep. #9977
    Ep. #9977
    Episode 2
    Miles continues having visions of Spencer. Cole is freaked out by the fact that he can't say anything about Todd to Starr. He can't keep it a secret anymore. Britney continues plotting against Cole and Starr. Blair is determined to prove that Miles is behind Todd's disappearance. John wants to use David as a bait for Spencer's real killer. Miles realizes Todd isn't where he left him. Rex talks to Layla about Tate. Adriana finds something weird in Tate's backpack. Tate dreams of killing Adriana.moreless
  • Ep. #9976
    Ep. #9976
    Episode 1
    Michael reminds Rex how much he and Marcie have to lose if Todd ever learns that Tommy is his son. Jessica pulls through the surgery. Sarah sneaks into the hospital to check on Jessica. Marty and Blair discuss an interesting arrangement. David feels guilty about blackmailing Clint.