One Life to Live - Season 41

Hulu (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • The Deep End
    The Deep End
    Episode 250
    Blair and Todd fight. John is keen on continuing his relationship with Marty. Cole bids farewell to Starr and Hope.
  • Aunt Misbehavin'
    Aunt Misbehavin'
    Episode 249
    Roxy confronts Stacy. Cristian wants answers from Fish. Rex lies to Gigi.
  • Cocktails at Seven, Dinner at Eight
    Markko won't let himself be kept away from Langston. Dorian hopes her plan will work. Stacy reveals to her sister that she slept with Rex.
  • You Can Go Home Again
    You Can Go Home Again
    Episode 247
    Gigi and Rex make love. Nora, Matthew and Bo are faced with a decision. Marty and Cole learn about the community service Cole will have to do.
  • Can This Marriage Be Saved?
    Rex plans to reveal Stacy's schemes. Viki gives advice to Clint. Starr's and Cole's wedding is filled with emotion.
  • Or 4ever Hold Your Peace
    Brody receives advice from Bo. Blair is fuming when Téa arrives at Starr's wedding. John helps out Cole. Gigi doesn't know about Stacy and Rex sleeping together.
  • Nice Day For a White Wedding
    Starr begins making wedding plans. Dorian is keen on working on her mistakes. Jessica makes a suggestion to Brody.
  • "Téa, Where The Devil Are My Slippers?"
    Brody shows his support for Jessica. Stacy receives a gift. Téa and Todd have sex.
  • There Might Be Blood
    There Might Be Blood
    Episode 242
    Gigi and Rex reunite. Jared and Natalie question Roxy. Stacy receives a visitor.
  • Killing Me Softly
    Killing Me Softly
    Episode 241
    Jared and Natalie put Kyle into an uncomfortable position. John wants to help out Cole.
  • Thicker Than Blood
    Thicker Than Blood
    Episode 240
    Gigi exposes Stacy's secrets to Rex. Marty wants help from John. Blair calls Todd's bluff.
  • Consenting Adults
    Consenting Adults
    Episode 239
    Jared and Natalie are convinced that Roxy has a secret. Téa deals with Todd. Stacy and Rex get closer.
  • Dance, Little Sister, Dance
    Rex is keen on getting Stacy. Gigi confesses to Jared and Natalie. Dorian wants to fix her situation with Langston.
  • Good Girls Go to Heaven (Bad Girls Go Everywhere)
    Dorian is haunted by her past crimes. Natalie confronts Gigi. Layla ignores Cristian's warnings.
  • Prisoners of Love
    Prisoners of Love
    Episode 236
    Blair and Téa have another argument over Todd. Todd has a plan prepare. Gigi wants Roxy to tell her the entire truth.
  • Where the Kisses Are HERS and HERS and HIS
    Cole proposes to Starr. Téa wants to speak with Blair. Stacy and Rex kiss. Kyle tries to make a deal with Gigi.
  • Hair of the Dogged
    Hair of the Dogged
    Episode 234
    Gigi's hopes are shot down when she realizes she still has to wait. Rex realizes he's attracted to Stacy.
  • As Close As The Beat Of My Heart
    Jessica buries her daughter. Marcie learns great news. Cole feels paranoid. Gigi thinks her life will get better.
  • The Blessed and the Busted
    Starr is convinced that things will finally pick up, while Cole has to face his demons. Téa and Todd fight.
  • Mother and Child Reunion
    Dorian ends up getting drunk at the graduation party. Marcie gives Starr a surprise. Blair and Todd learn the verdict.
  • Pomp & Circumstance
    Pomp & Circumstance
    Episode 230
    Blair and Todd fight over the custody of their kids. Marcie doesn't know what to do. Dorian is lonely. It's graduation day at Llanview High.
  • Promises To Keep
    Promises To Keep
    Episode 229
    Natalie has to face Marcie and Michael. Jessica realizes that Natalie isn't the one to blame. Starr and Cole get closer.
  • Change Partners And Dance
    Blair and John discuss their marriage. Dorian is faced with a tough revelation. Téa moves to Todd's place.
  • Top Chef
    Top Chef
    Episode 227
    Todd and Blair end up in another argument. Schuyler tries to reveal Stacy's true side to Gigi. Marty tells John how she feels about him.
  • Baby Mine
    Baby Mine
    Episode 226
    Rachel questions her mother. Starr has to make an important decision. Jessica feels guilty. Cole and Starr finally see their daughter.
  • Rising from the Tumble
    Jessica is forced to bid Chloe farewell and face the fact that her child isn't alive. Brody is ready to comfort Jessica. Starr has her doubts about giving Hope to Marcie.
  • The Waiting is the Hardest Part
    Stacy and Gigi end up in a heated face-off. Starr learns the good news about her daughter. Jessica is forced to face the truth about her child. Shaun wonders why is his brother coming to Llanview.
  • Are You the Gatekeeper?
    Rex continues being manipulated by a scheming Stacy. Viki attempts to talk rationally with Bess. Schuyler and Gigi finally decide to expose Stacy's secrets.
  • Mother Knows Bess
    Mother Knows Bess
    Episode 222
    Rachel thinks that Nora's engagement to Clint might not be what Nora actually wants. Bess is put under enormous pressure. Starr wonders what her future with Cole might be like.
  • Hit Me With Your Best Shot
    Rex is convinced that there is something going on between Gigi and Schuyler. Starr has to deal with the fact that Todd wasn't the person responsible for the death of her baby. Stacy is convinced that everything is going according to her plans.
  • Found and Lost
    Found and Lost
    Episode 220
    Starr and Cole are shocked to learn that their baby is still alive. Schuyler and Gigi are ready to expose all of Stacy's secrets. Brody locates Bess.
  • Hope Is Alive
    Hope Is Alive
    Episode 219
    Bess decides to visit Nash's parents, and she reveals the truth to them. Layla and Cristian end up as roommates. Starr and Cole finally learn the truth.
  • What Happens in the Boiler Room...
    Blair and Téa vow to keep their secret hidden. Gigi hopes that she'll reunite with Rex soon. Marty and John kiss.
  • Stop Making Sense
    Stop Making Sense
    Episode 217
    Nora informs Bo about getting engaged. Tess demands answers from Bess. Schuyler confronts Gigi.
  • Clinging to Hope
    Clinging to Hope
    Episode 216
    Viki realizes exactly what is going on with Jessica. John explains to Blair that Powell told them Chloe was Starr's child. Todd learns about Téa's condition. Bess takes off with Chloe. Kyle blackmails Stacy into releasing him from prison.
  • The Wheels on the Bus
    The Wheels on the Bus
    Episode 215
    Bess makes an unwelcome return. Starr and Cole learn that the baby in the grave wasn't theirs. Stacy continues manipulating Rex.
  • Not For the Faint of Heart
    Rebecca ponders her next move. Natalie and Jared finally explain exactly what happened with Chloe. Téa attempts to share a secret with Blair.
  • Power Failure
    Power Failure
    Episode 213
    Téa and Blair struggle to survive. Marty attempts to talk with Powell. Natalie and Jared finally admit the truth about Chloe.
  • Roses in December
    Roses in December
    Episode 212
    Blair and Téa find themselves in grave danger. Powell kidnaps Chloe. Marty finally regains her memory.
  • The Rites and Wrongs of Spring
    Marty, Blair, Todd and Téa are all still being tortured by Powell. Jessica begins having flashbacks to the night Chloe was born. Marty finally starts remembering the night she was raped. Dorian manages to reach Langston and Markko in time to learn that their condoms are broken, but Markko brings his own. The happy couple finally makes love. While under the influence of drugs, Lola admits to Ray that she killed her own mother after catching her in bed with another guy.moreless
  • Full Circle
    Full Circle
    Episode 210
    John is desperate to reach Marty, while Marty, Todd, Blair and Téa are all in serious danger from Powell. Markko and Langston can't wait to finally make love. Natalie and Jared tie knot.
  • Driving Miss Destiny
    Driving Miss Destiny
    Episode 209
    It's prom night at Llanview High and the Pussycat Dolls perform! Jared and Natalie worry that the truth about Hope might come out. Lola takes drugs. Nora is confused by Clint.
  • Starr's and Stripes
    Starr's and Stripes
    Episode 208
    Clint and Bo fight over their affection for Nora. Lola is keen on making Langston and Markko pay. Jared learns that Hope's body will be exhumed.
  • The Facts of (One) Life (to Live)
    Powell and Rebecca proceed with their devious plan. Cole is tempted to take drugs again. Langston and Dorian have a huge confrontation.
  • I Wanna Be Sedated
    I Wanna Be Sedated
    Episode 206
    Lola visits Dorian with interesting news regarding Langston and Markko. Marty is in serious danger, while Todd, Blair and Téa all end up in the same trap arranged by the serial killer.
  • The Doctor Is In... Sane
    John gives Powell a visit. Natalie and Jared are being blackmailed by someone. Blair and Téa spar over Todd. Several people receive invitations to the KAD's Spring Fling.
  • Never Lose Hope
    Never Lose Hope
    Episode 204
    Kyle finds out the truth. Lola decides to get back at Langston and Markko. Cole and Starr learn more news regarding Hope. Rex rejects Gigi.
  • Test Patterns
    Test Patterns
    Episode 203
    Rachel receives a confession from Cole. Rex and Gigi deal with their broken relationship. Schuyler is keen on finding out Stacy's secrets. Starr and Cole learns news regarding their daughter.
  • Love Hurts
    Love Hurts
    Episode 202
    Cole is having serious trouble dealing with problems. Blair leaves the hospital to go find Todd. Marty and John find it hard to be near each other.
  • Demons
    Episode 201
    John goes to see Viki while searching for answers. Cole has to deal with his problems. Nora and Bo realize about how strong their feelings are.
  • Don't Leave Me This Way
    Starr decides to leave Cole just as he's going through one of the worst times in his life. John continues following his hunch regarding the murder case. Nora and Bo become closer again.
  • It's All Wrong But It's All Right
    John decides to follow his hunch regarding the serial killer. Todd and Téa go up against each other in court. Starr helps out Cole, who is going through a serious drug withdrawal period.
  • Kinda Hot
    Kinda Hot
    Episode 198
    Starr listens as Cole confesses using drugs, then decides to help him out. Langston and Markko postpone having sex. Todd and Téa end up together again. Brody and Jessica reunite.
  • Unplugged
    Episode 197
    Starr confronts Cole after finding his stash. Roxy is convinced that her troubles are behind her. Brody attempts to make things better between him and Jessica.
  • Stab Me Once, Shame on You
    Schuyler is wondering about whatever Stacy is involved with. Kyle questions Roxy about the mysterious man. Marty is keen on helping John.
  • Going Mobile
    Going Mobile
    Episode 195
    John makes plans to runaway. Nora learns that her daughter is Cole's counselor. Dorian and David share an important talk about their feelings.
  • Ungentle Love
    Ungentle Love
    Episode 194
    Téa and Todd become amorous. Cole finally decides to do the right thing. Antonio has to deal with Talia's death.
  • Aziza
    Episode 193
    Todd uses John's bad luck to his advantage. Viki is sure that Todd has feelings for Téa. Lola has plans to get revenge on Langston and Markko.
  • Officer Down
    Officer Down
    Episode 192
    The condition of Rex's father seems to be improving. Schuyler has his suspicions regarding Stacy. The mayor wants to have John charged.
  • Sleeps with the Fishes
    Roxy wants Gigi to expose Stacy's blackmail. John makes a shocking discovery. Cole and Starr have their questions regarding the death of their daughter.
  • Renouncing Satan... Or Not
    Todd and Téa can't hold back anymore. John has his reservations regarding the possibility of Zach being the killer. Natalie and Jared find it hard to live with the secret.
  • Good Cop, John Cop
    Good Cop, John Cop
    Episode 189
    Cole asks Markko for a favor. Todd hatches a new plan and decides to use Téa's feelings for him as help. John isn't able to figure out who is the killer.
  • Ready, Aim, Liar
    Ready, Aim, Liar
    Episode 188
    Clint confides in Viki about the problems he's having in his relationship with Nora. Zach's plot comes to a head. Roxy gives Gigi advice regarding her sister.
  • Past, Present Tense
    Past, Present Tense
    Episode 187
    Natalie and Jared hope that their secret won't be revealed. Todd is worried about what Zach might do. Stacy thinks about telling Rex the truth.
  • Payback
    Episode 186
    Zach holds Starr hostage in order to get payback. Dorian is heartbroken when Ray seems to be uninterested. Gigi feels bad about Brody's relationship with Jessica.
  • El Corazon Desea Lo Que Desea
    Ray orders Lola to stay away from Langston and Markko. Starr learns about how dangerous Zach is. Téa seeks more advice from Viki.
  • Teach Your Children Well
    Ray helps out Dorian. Starr reveals her true feelings for Schuyler. Blair warns Marty. Nora is overjoyed when Rachel comes back to Llanview.
  • Eye of the Needle
    Eye of the Needle
    Episode 183
    Hank tries to help out Nora. Natalie and Jared finally make a decision about the baby switch reveal. David talks to Dorian over the phone about his career. Ray and Dorian kiss.
  • Thrill Me to the Marrow
    Todd's past comes back to haunt him. Schuyler doesn't have the same feelings for Starr as she does for him. Rex is convinced Gigi is lying to him.
  • Stacy's Turn
    Stacy's Turn
    Episode 181
    Stacy is keen on getting what she wants. Starr tries to seduce Schuyler. Zach reveals himself to Todd. Stacy learns she isn't a match for Shane.
  • Elephants
    Episode 180
    Gigi does whatever she needs to do to save her son's life. Cristian and Layla get closer. Zach spies on Todd. Dorian tries to make Ray jealous.
  • Homecomings
    Episode 179
    Hank Gannon returns to Llanview. Téa goes out on a date with Ray. Things seem to be headed in the wrong direction in Nora and Clint's relationship. Todd is being watched by an unknown person.
  • Lay Lady Lie
    Lay Lady Lie
    Episode 178
    Cristian and Layla find themselves in a heated moment. Jessica tells Brody about her feelings. Gigi continues trying to make Rex think she doesn't love him.
  • Three on a Match
    Three on a Match
    Episode 177
    Gigi does the unthinkable to make sure Stacy's demands are met. Todd plans to get revenge on Téa. Marty receives a shock from John.
  • Bad to the Bone
    Bad to the Bone
    Episode 176
    Téa does her magic in court. Natalie and Jared struggle with the decision to tell the truth or not. Gigi is forced to give in to Stacy's demands.
  • Make Me a Match
    Make Me a Match
    Episode 175
    Gigi is convinced she's finally gotten rid of Stacy's plots. Nora makes an important decision regarding Cole's future. Rex receives more bad news.
  • Do the Right Thing
    Do the Right Thing
    Episode 174
    Nora and Bo grow closer. Natalie is worried about how the truth about her baby might affect Jessica. Starr confronts her father. Antonio decides to leave Llanview.
  • Spring Awakening
    Spring Awakening
    Episode 173
    Jared and Natalie finally realize the truth about Jessica's child being switched with Starr's. Téa confides in Viki about her feelings for Todd. Gigi is shocked by Stacy yet again.
  • The Little Match Girl
    The Little Match Girl
    Episode 172
    Dorian is keen on getting revenge on Todd. Stacy hatches up a new plot to get Rex. John is worried about Marty's safety.
  • Say a Little Prayer
    Say a Little Prayer
    Episode 171
    John asks Fish to help him uncover more details connected to the person that killed Lee and Wes and tried to kill Blair. He is shocked to find out that the words written on the calling card mean KAD, the frat that Marty was raped at. Stacy reveals to Roxy that she knows the secret about the man she has been visiting, and Roxy is ready to finally tell the truth to Rex, but Stacy decides to help her out by offering a different solution. Gigi and Rex try to find help for Shane. Gigi makes a deal with God even after everything she had been through in her life. Todd hires a new lawyer, who works on getting custody of Todd's kids back. Téa takes a new case when Marty asks her to help out Cole.moreless
  • Bad Hair Day
    Bad Hair Day
    Episode 170
    Shane learns that he will go bald, so Roxy convinces him to shave his head. Rex surprises them by shaving his head too, to be supportive of his son, and Gigi has the same idea, but others stop her before she does. Michael informs the family that Shane will need a bone marrow donor, while Roxy finds out that Rex's father is a match. Stacy confronts Roxy. Natalie and Jared decide to let the DNA determine if Chloe is Jessica's daughter. Cristian and Layla are still arguing over their lives, as they end up locked together in a freezer. Markko wonders if he should tell Langston about the kiss he shared with Lola, but decides not to say anything, while Lola continues plotting to get Markko. Brody and Jessica find it hard to keep their agreement.moreless
  • No One Ever Said It Would Be This Hard
    Téa finally admits that she didn't kill Lee, and then tells John that she has feelings for Todd. Jack asks Todd to star being a father to their family. Nora and Marty fight over who is to blame for the accident. Cole tries to talk to Matthew, but is later taken to jail. Brody learns about Shane's condition. Todd decides to fight to get the custody of his kids back. Rex and Bo talk about Matthew's and Shane's critical illness.moreless
  • Walk the Walk
    Walk the Walk
    Episode 168
    Viki offers support to Dorian, who is watching over Blair. Addie brings Jack and Sam to see Blair. Jack worries that Blair might die. Téa tells Todd that she is no longer working for him, and she can't bring herself to admit that she has feelings for him. Nora confronts Cole about what he did to Matthew, explaining that she will make sure he does time in jail for having Matthew end up paralyzed. Marty comfort Cole, who decides to visit Matthew. Cristian and Layla fight over their troubled lives near Evangeline's bed.moreless
  • Dead Men Tell No Tales
    Brody and Jessica realize that they aren't ready for a serious relationship so soon after what had happened in their lives. Stacy watches Roxy as she visits an unknown man in an institution. Roxy plans to use the man in order to help Shane with his leukemia. Matthew and Shane both have to deal with their conditions. Starr tells Schuyler that it could turn out that his mother didn't have anything to do with her baby's death. Stacy decides to use the knowledge of Roxy's mystery man to her advantage. Starr learns that Stacy is staying at Schuyler's. Jared and Natalie worry about what they should do now that they know Starr's baby was switched with Jessica's.moreless
  • Blood Ties
    Blood Ties
    Episode 166
    Rex and Gigi try to deal with the news of Shane having leukemia, while Nora and Bo are worried about Matthew's health when they learn he is paralyzed from the waist down. Both parents have to tell their children the news. Stacy is curious about Roxy's odd behavior so she follows her to the institution where Rex's father is being held. Starr is stunned to learn from Marcie that she found out Hope couldn't have died from the illness that Dr. Joplin told them about, so Starr seeks comfort in Schuyler's arms yet again, while Marcie goes to her husband to try to find out more. Jessica and Brody become closer as they share their first kiss. Natalie and Jared realize that Jessica or one of her alters could have switched Starr's baby with Chloe.moreless
  • D-Day
    Episode 165
    John finds the letter "D" imprinted underneath Blair's fingernail, which leads him to a surprising discovery related to the death of Wes and Lee. Rex wants to take a blood test to learn about what happened between him and Stacy. Gigi doesn't trust Stacy and chooses to kick her out of the house, which prompts Stacy to seek shelter at Schuyler's place. Gigi learns that Shane has leukemia. Natalie and Jared decide to stop investigating the night of Chloe's birth until Marcie gives them a reason to continue trying to find out more. Jessica helps Brody as he is released from St. Ann's.moreless
  • Llegless in Llanview
    Llegless in Llanview
    Episode 164
    The family is shocked to learn that Matthew is paralyzed after the accident. Nora learns that Cole was under the influence of drugs during the drive and she has him arrested in the hospital later that day. Gigi is hurt to find Stacy in Rex in bed together. Stacy claims Rex tried to seduce her, while Rex isn't able to defend himself due to the drugs Stacy had him on. Dorian believes Ray tried to kill Blair, but he turns out to have an alibi. Dorian is surprised when Ray expresses hope that everything will turn out good for Blair. Blair is getting better after the surgery.moreless
  • Dirty Dancer
    Dirty Dancer
    Episode 163
    Cole reveals to Marty that Matthew was also in the car with him, so Marty informs Bo about it, and Bo finds Matthew near the crash site. Nora arrives at the hospital and speaks to Matthew, who is later revealed not to have any feeling in his feet. Stacy successfully drugs Rex and brings him to the room, where Gigi catches them as they prepare to make love. John immediately suspects Tod stabbed Blair. Starr is shocked after learning about her mother's stabbing and about Cole's accident. Dorian tells John that even though she wants to accuse Todd, she thinks he didn't stab Blair. Todd assures Starr that he had nothing to do with Blair's stabbing.moreless
  • Mother Courage
    Mother Courage
    Episode 162
    Marty rushes to save Cole, while John helps out Shane during an asthma attack. Bo finds Matthew's hat on the ground and realizes Matthew must be near too. Blair's condition is becoming worse as time goes by. Dorian wants Todd arrested. Gigi tries to reach Rex to inform him about the accident, but he is drugged by Stacy who tries to seduce him. Schuyler won't commit to Starr. John and Starr learn of Blair's stabbing.moreless
  • Backstabbed
    Episode 161
    Dorian is shocked to find Blair stabbed and left for dead, and is confused when Todd seems to be around the scene of the crime. She vows that he will be punished if he had anything to do with the attack. Cole rips into Starr and Schuyler for kissing and the half of school witnesses their fight, including the vice principal who learns that Schuyler was a drug user. Starr rejects Cole. Marty tells John that she feels responsible for everything that's going on with Cole. Matthew is crushed when Justin ruins his night at the dance and he leaves the party. Stacy prepares a perfect evening with Rex and plans to drug him. Matthew ends up in a car with Cole, and they crash into Gigi and Shane in another car.moreless
  • Cuts Like a Knife
    Cuts Like a Knife
    Episode 160
    Blair is irritated when John stops their lovemaking to go help out Marty, who is worried about Cole's drug abuse. Cole blames Todd for his problems, and is later frustrated to see Starr and Schuyler kissing. Langston feels guilty about Markko giving up a chance to go to UCLA just for her. Lola continues trying to seduce Markko. Matthew tries to win over Becca. Dorian is enraged when she can't throw Ray out of the house because it's no longer hers. Moe gives both Ray and Dorian a chance to stay at the mansion. Blair is attacked by an intruder in her shower.moreless
  • Feed Your Head
    Feed Your Head
    Episode 159
    Cole blames Marty for his drug addiction. Ray recovers after Dorian hits him with a vase and explains that he's trying to reconnect with Langston. John is mad at Blair for thinking that Marty could be the killer. They get into a fight that ends up turning into sex. Viki gives Gigi advice on how to handle her situation with Stacy. Layla gives Stacy details on Gigi's relationship with Rex. Natalie and Rex learn that Bess was at the hospital on the night Chloe was born. Starr agrees to attend the school dance with Langston and Lola.moreless
  • Lie Detectors
    Lie Detectors
    Episode 158
    Natalie asks Rex to help her in the investigation about the night of Chloe's birth. Stacy and Schuyler continue discussing about their past. Gigi learns about Stacy's lies. Jessica tries to cover for Brody in front of Antonio, but Brody admits that he has no alibi on the night Wes was killed. Nora helps release Marty from jail. She later finds Cole's drugs. Ray reunites with Lola and Langston after being released from jail. Starr and Langston discuss about the kiss Starr shared with Cole. Dorian smashes a vase on Ray's head.moreless
  • Rex's Father, Who Art in Llanview
    Cole and Starr's fight turns into a passionate kiss followed by Starr's request for Cole to stop taking drugs. Cole tries to resist, but ends up taking drugs yet again. Rex confides in Gigi about Roxy admitting to killing his father for being a bad man. Meanwhile, Roxy visits an unknown man in a strange facility and tells him that their secret will stay hidden forever. Bo and Matthew begin healing their relationship. Dorian refuses to go to Los Angeles with David. Schulyer and Stacy are surprised to run into each other since they knew each other from Vegas. Matthew learns that David is his half brother.moreless
  • Daddy Dearest
    Daddy Dearest
    Episode 156
    Matthew meets a girl named Destiny who gives him advice on coming clean to his family and stop trying to impress Becca. Bo confides in Rex about his and Nora's plans to send Matthew to military school, but Rex urges him to try a different way. John and Marty discuss about who could have killed Wes and Janet. David shares a conversation with Dorian regarding his life and then decides to make another life changing decision. Schuyler urges Cole to stop doing drugs, leaving Cole furious that Starr revealed his secret. Starr asks Todd to stop trying to talk to her.moreless
  • Won't Get Fooled Again
    Antonio isn't happy to learn that Téa was the person that convinced Cristian and Vanessa to marry. Cristian bids Vanessa farewell as she's being transferred back to Colombia. Téa works on releasing Ray. Blair and John fight over the problems in their relationship and Blair eventually walks out on John. Ray gives Marty advice in prison on how to handle her situation. Lola apologizes to Ray. The Buchanans have to deal with the fact that David is Bo's son.moreless
  • Color Him Father, Color Him Love
    Everyone at the Buchanan mansion is shocked when they learn that David is actually Bo's son. Rex has a nightmare about the possibility of David being his father, and Stacy comforts him which isn't making Gigi happy. Roxy lies to Rex that David is his father, but when Bo informs him that he isn't, Rex confronts Roxy about lying yet again. Gigi is troubled when she learns about her sister's encounter with Fish.moreless
  • A New Pair of Genes
    A New Pair of Genes
    Episode 153
    Natalie and Jessica admit to each other that they miss the closeness they once shared. Natalie, however, continues trying to find out what happened on the night Jessica gave birth to her baby. Marcie and Michael glow closer. Cristian is shocked when Vanessa confesses to framing Ray, but she claims she didn't kill Ray. Both Ray and Vanessa are put in jail. David and Dorian are shocked to learn that David isn't Asa's son after all, and even more shocked when they learn of the possibility that David could be Rex's father. Langston supports Markko's decision regarding college. Gigi isn't happy by Stacy's friendship with Shane and Rex.moreless
  • Mi Casa Es Su Casa
    Mi Casa Es Su Casa
    Episode 152
    Ray confronts Vanessa while Cristian jumps to protect Vanessa, only to learn from Lola and Téa that Vanessa was the one that framed Ray for the murder of Lola's mother. Vanessa finally admits that she framed Ray. Jessica tries to reach Brody. The Buchanans find themselves without a home, but things seem to be changing yet again when Bo learns of another surprise. Langston learns that Markko was accepted at UCLA. Natalie and Jared continue digging into the night Jessica gave birth. Addie confronts David and Dorian about their behavior towards the Buchanan family.moreless
  • Freaky Friday
    Freaky Friday
    Episode 151
    Blair is forced to admit that she slept with Todd on the night of the Red Go Ball, but John is preoccupied with Marty to care about it too much. Antonio arrests Marty when they learn her fingerprints were found on the knife Wes was killed with. Lola goes ballistic on Vanessa for presumably brainwashing her into testifying against Ray in court. Cristian is knocked out by an unknown figure who goes to confront Vanessa. She is shocked to see Ray standing in front of her with a knife. Gigi is upset when she learns Stacy has already told Shane about the death of their parents. Stacy offers to go to work instead of Gigi when Gigi learns she'll have to cancel the plans she had with Rex and Shane. Lola tells Markko and Langston about Vanessa killing her father and framing Ray for it, but she refuses to call the police.moreless
  • Do You Want to Tell Them or Should I?
    Blair continues blaming Marty for Wes's death; John thinks Todd had something to do with it, while Marty isn't able to remember what happened that night. Cole arrives at the station to comfort his mother. Téa tells Todd that everyone will presume he killed Wes. Brody thinks he might have done something to Wes, but Jessica makes him realize that he couldn't have. Téa tells Antonio that Todd has an alibi and then turns to Blair. Schuyler and Starr continue talking about their problems. Markko hides the news about college from Langston. Jared learns that Natalie is still investigating what happened on the day of Chloe's birth.moreless
  • Karma's a Bitch
    Karma's a Bitch
    Episode 149
    Téa learns that Blair and Todd spend the night together, but her jealousy is quickly forgotten when she learns of Wes' murder, while Cole hears about it on TV. Antonio and Talia arrive at the scene of the crime. Blair is convinced that Marty killed Wes, but John points out that it could have been anyone. Dorian and David order the Buchanans to empty the mansion. The family takes a sample of David's hair to make one last check if David is Asa's son. Jessica thinks Brody has a secret.moreless
  • About Last Night
    About Last Night
    Episode 148
    The results of the wild night at the Ball hit the attendants of the party. Todd and Blair realize that drinking made them end up in bed together. Gigi is happy that Stacy is back in her life. Stacy seduces Fish, who decides to talk to Layla about it. John rushes at Marty's side when she finds Wes dead and explains that she doesn't know what happened to him. Blair jumps to conclusions and immediately calls the police. David decides to return to his old ways, as he orders the Buchanans to vacate the mansion.moreless
  • Better Off Red
    Better Off Red
    Episode 147
    The Go Red Ball continues as Marty, Wes, John, Blair, Todd and Téa all fight with one another, resulting in Wes threatening Todd with a knife. David has to make an important decision regarding his future. Gigi learns more about her parents. The Buchanans end up drunk while thinking of what may become of their fortune. The following morning, Bo and Nora are shocked to wake up next to each other, as are Todd and Blair, and David and Dorian. Marty finds Wes' dead body.moreless
  • Cookie Delancey
    Cookie Delancey
    Episode 146
    John tries to get Téa to reveal info on Janet's murder, but Téa won't say anything. Todd and Blair slowly get drunk and fight over which one of them is more jealous. David finally puts two and two together after the Buchanans try to convince him to give up his fortune, while Dorian tries to keep it. Wes confronts Marty about her drinking. Gigi is shocked to realize that her sister Stacy is in town, and she's even more shocked when Stacy reveals that their parents are dead. Michael and Marcie reconnect again. Dorian admits to David that she married him for his money.moreless
  • Something in Red
    Something in Red
    Episode 145
    At the Go Red Ball, Dorian presents David as her husband, while Beaver arrives to tell David that he isn't a Vickers, but a Buchanan. Marty asks Wes to take her to the Ball after seeing John in a tux. Gigi realizes that he dress is stolen, but goes to the Ball anyway and finds the stripper dressed in her gown. John convinced Blair to go to the Ball with him. Téa and Todd play a game that, as a result, tricks Todd into taking Téa to the Ball so she could keep an eye on Vanessa.moreless
  • Teenage Wasteland
    Teenage Wasteland
    Episode 144
    Viki urges Natalie to find a common ground with Jessica. Starr tells Schuyler that she feels a strange connection to Jessica's baby. Rex tracks down David. Dorian asks Beaver to go to the Go Red Ball with her. Natalie finds a parking ticket in Jessica's wallet that places her near the hospital on the date of Chloe's birth, which she realizes doesn't exactly add up. Jessica reveals to Brody that what Tess did is coming back to her in flashes. She also admits she doesn't feel connected to Chloe. Matthew lies to Nora that the joint is his. The stripper from Las Vegas steals Gigi's dress.moreless
  • Starr-Crossed Mothers
    Starr-Crossed Mothers
    Episode 143
    Viki is shocked to learn that Moe and Noelle got married, but even more that they now own Dorian's house. Dorian asks David to keep their marriage a secret. Rex tells the Buchanans that he couldn't stop David and Dorian from getting married. Nora and Bo can smell a joint that Cole had so they confront Matthew about it. Langston tries to apologize to Starr. Schuyler and Starr bond.moreless
  • What Happens in Vegas, Stays in the Temple
    Rex isn't able to prevent David and Dorian from getting married in Las Vegas, as he's being occupied by Moe and Noelle's wedding. Gigi and Rex are still being watched by the mysterious woman. Téa reveals to Lola exactly what she has to do with Ray, as Lola finally admits that Vanessa might have killed her mother. Blair wants Marty to stay away from her and John. John's interrogation of Wes is interrupted by Blair and Marty's arrival.moreless
  • (She Can't Get No) Satisfaction
    John finds out that Wes knew Janet in his past. Marty decides not to get closer to John. Blair and Marty have another heated encounter. Téa reassures Ray that he is now her top priority case. Vanessa observes Lola as he has a strange reaction while watching the coverage of Janet's murder investigation. Gigi and Rex arrive in Las Vegas, where they're being observed by an unknown woman.moreless
  • Guilty as Sin
    Guilty as Sin
    Episode 140
    Clint decides to give Rex more money if he rushes to Vegas and stops Dorian from marrying David. In order to prevent Nora from going against Starr, Todd admits his crimes to Marty and Starr. Blair confronts Téa. Starr sees Cole taking drugs again. Jessica asks Natalie to back off from her and let her reconnect with her children, but Natalie won't do it until she's sure that the children are safe.moreless
  • Not So Sweet Charity
    Not So Sweet Charity
    Episode 139
    Clint decides to tell David the truth about his wealth because it might be the only way to prevent David from marrying Dorian. Viki gives David advice to follow his heart regarding Dorian, but she's suspicious of Dorian's plans. The judge drops all charges against Todd. Téa is convinced that Nora will go after her, but everyone is stunned when Nora decides to go after Starr instead. John reveals to Wes and Marty that Janet was killed, and he realizes that Wes knows something about Janet. He decides to run a background check on him. Rex doesn't manage to find David and Dorian. Dorian is frustrated by Moe's plans to change the name of her mansion. David agrees to marry Dorian, so they decide to go to Las Vegas.moreless
  • Souls Laid Bear
    Souls Laid Bear
    Episode 138
    Antonio and Talia question Téa, who claims she murdered Janet in self defense. Todd thanks Téa for her help. John questions Schuyler. Blair sees John looking at Wes' door. Marty doesn't kiss Wes, who is convinced that she still has feelings for John. Cole prevents Matthew from smoking pot, who then threatens to reveal that Cole has a drug problem. Renée interrupts the boys, but Matthew decides not to rat out Cole. Jack thanks Starr for not going against their father in court.moreless
  • It Takes Tea to Tango
    It Takes Tea to Tango
    Episode 137
    Todd tells Téa that he found Janet dead in his house, so Téa decides to say that she murdered her so Todd's trial wouldn't be ruined. Marty and Wes become closer as he opens up to her about what Janet had done to his family in the past. Schuyler visits his mother's grave and burns the letter she left him. Starr confides in Langston about why she defended her father in court. Cole admits to Markko that he has a drug addiction.moreless
  • Death Becomes Her
    Death Becomes Her
    Episode 136
    Wes admits to Brody that he knew Janet before she came to Llanview under a different alias. He explains how she ruined his life. Natalie rips into Jessica for everything she had done and they start fighting. Starr decides to protect her father in court. Brody starts missing Jessica. Nora is frustrated upon learning that Janet has escaped. Cole finds Starr crying at their baby's grave. Todd is furious at Téa for changing Starr's mind. Hours later in Todd's house, Téa finds Janet dead and Todd next to her body.moreless
  • Look but Don't Touch
    Look but Don't Touch
    Episode 135
    Jessica and Brody share an emotional goodbye as she leaves St. Ann's. Marty gives Janet a visit. Nora prepares for the trial. Starr confides in Schuyler about her fears regarding the trial against her father. Todd and Téa use the newspaper to try to black list Janet before going to trial. Janet has to take desperate actions to protect herself.moreless
  • Get Down... and Dirty
    Get Down... and Dirty
    Episode 134
    Cole is shocked upon realizing that John hired Wes at Rodi's. He continues taking pills. Viki agrees with Dr. Levin's plan to bring Chloe to St. Ann's, much to Natalie's protest. Jessica is allowed to go home after the visit turns out to be a success. Starr is distraught over the fact that Todd tried to commit suicide so she runs for comfort in Schuyler's arms after not being able to reach Cole. Rex prevents David from singing his wealth to Dorian and then have to come up with a way to continue doing so without David knowing how much wealth he has.moreless
  • Thank Buddha for Little Girls
    Blair and Starr learn about Janet's involvement in Todd's plan to take away her child. Jack asks his sister not to testify against their father. Jared learns that Dorian is trying to get closer to David and realizes that she must know about David's wealth. Dorian tries to trick David into signing his estate to her. Todd asks Téa to go easy on Starr in court. Jessica thinks that her alters are finally put to sleep. The doctor puts Jessica under hypnosis to try to talk to Tess, but Bess prevents her from waking up. Téa tells Starr that Todd attempted suicide. Natalie tells Jessica's doctor that bringing Chloe to St. Ann's isn't a good idea.moreless
  • Tales from the Cript
    Tales from the Cript
    Episode 132
    Antonio and Talia try to arrest Todd for assaulting Janet, but Téa comes and saves the day, leaving the cops empty handed. David is convinced that Dorian has finally changed her scheming ways, while she tries desperately to sign over her things to Moe and Noelle. Matthew defies Cole. Schuyler starts reading the letter his mother sent him to the entire class. Lola starts opening up to Téa about her mother's death. Starr decides to stop trying to help Cole because he obviously can't help himself.moreless
  • The Tao of David
    The Tao of David
    Episode 131
    Cole and Starr continue fighting due to Cole's drug abuse. Delphina wants Noelle to keep away from David. David is unimpressed with Dorian's turn to Buddha and he wants her to give up her goods, which she does. Janet agrees to go along with Bo and Nora's plan to incriminate Todd, but Todd isn't foolish enough to fall for their trap. Vanessa burns the letter Lola received and confronts her about it. Matthew steals Cole's pills. Lola admits to Téa that she is starting to doubt that her Ray killed her mother.moreless
  • My Sister, My Daughter
    Téa is worried that Todd might ruin his trial by getting closer to his family again. Jessica and Brody reveal to each other how much they learned about their sins since the last time they saw each other. Viki, Natalie and Jared have to deal with Jessica's revelation. John refuses to apologize to Blair for defending Marty, and then Blair refuses to comment of letting Todd see his kids. They both agree to disagree when it comes to Marty and Todd.moreless
  • Dads and the T's
    Dads and the T's
    Episode 129
    Rex surprises Gigi by booking Plain White T's to play in town. Starr is furious to learn that Cole didn't stop taking the pills. Blair has to let her guard down and allow Todd to see Sam and Jack. Téa urgently calls Todd. She isn't able to get much out of Schuyler, who reads his mother's letter when left alone. Bo drags Matthew back home when he sneaks out. Vanessa is freaked out when she finds out about the letter Ray had sent to Lola. Renée wants Janet to turn herself in. Lola wants to talk to Téa about the night her mother was murdered. Janet reveals herself to Nora.moreless
  • The Truth Hurts
    The Truth Hurts
    Episode 128
    Brody mourns his crime as Wes describes what happened to the boy in Iraq. Starr persuades Cole to stop taking the drugs but has no idea that he returned later to take them again. Marty kisses John in order to spark her memory and Blair catches them in the act. She furiously leaves when John refuses to kick Marty out of the bar. Jessica learns that it was her who allowed Tess to come out and kill Natalie and Jared. She admits the truth to the couple and is then finally able to put Bess and Tess to sleep.moreless
  • Just Say No
    Just Say No
    Episode 127
    Wes wonders if he should tell Brody the truth. Starr realizes that Cole is on pills. David resists Dorian's charms so she tries to seduce him in a different way, but not even that is able to get David to change his mind. Dorian refuses to quit and she follows David to the temple. Jessica has another session of confrontations with Tess and Bess, and she finally finds out the truth. Meanwhile, Bess tells Tess that the baby dies. Wes decides to go see Brody. He tells him that he did shoot an unarmed child.moreless
  • Sex, Drugs and David's Soul
    Dorian asks Madame Delphina to help her find David, and when she finally does, she tries to seduce him. Brody questions Wes about the gun he had in his memory, but Wes claims he doesn't know anything about it. With help from Dr. Levin, Viki and Clint, Jessica goes to the vineyard to find out why Tess keeps coming out. Delphina gives Noelle and Moe a warning. Natalie and Jared continue bonding as they take care of Chloe. Starr and Schuyler continue dealing with their feelings over the hospital drama. Nora questions Cole about where Matthew might have bought the pot. Cole asks Asher about it, but Asher doesn't know anything.moreless
  • You'll Know When You Know
    Téa eavesdrops as Langston reads the letter Ray had sent her apologizing for hurting her. Ray sends a note to Lola also, and Téa hopes she will be able to use Lola to prove that Vanessa killed Lola's mother. Cristian and Vanessa make love after Cristian admits that he has feelings for her. Bo and Rex discuss about the pot Nora found in Matthew's things. Brody is having difficult time when he continues remembering things about his past differently. Jessica works on her personal demons also. Roxy encourages Blair to stick to John.moreless
  • The Joy of Rex
    The Joy of Rex
    Episode 124
    Matthew refuses to tell Nora and Bo where he bought the pot. Marty tells Cole that she has to have some time away from him because she isn't able to deal with him. Cole takes the drugs he bought. John and Wes fight over Marty. Rex tries to have an important conversation with Shane, but ends up asking Michael for help. Jessica and Brody have to come to terms with the things they're afraid of. Todd expresses his real feelings to Hope and Starr.moreless
  • High School Confidential
    Janet asks Renée to help her hide. Schuyler and Starr discuss about their connection. Nora and Bo confront Matthew about the pot Nora found. Téa is keen on finding Janet to prevent her from testifying against Todd, while Antonio and Talia try to find Janet, but for different reasons. Téa decides to go see Schuyler to make sure Dr. Joplin didn't leave any evidence against Todd behind. Cole learns about Marty and Wes when he overhears John and Blair fighting.moreless
  • Tea and Sympathy
    Tea and Sympathy
    Episode 122
    Téa interrupts Blair and Todd during a very important conversation. Marty is frustrated when John wants to remove her from Wes' company. Téa is happy that all the witnesses to Todd's plot to steal Starr's baby are out of town, but she has no idea that someone has come back. Nora asks Talia and Antonio to help her out in the case against Todd. Cole has to deal with troubles from the past. Starr has to stay in school after class because of a new teacher. Nora finds a joint in Matthew's things.moreless
  • The Mourning After
    The Mourning After
    Episode 121
    Blair confronts Todd about his attempt to kill himself, but he warns her that he might try to do it again. Marty's mysterious biker turns out to be Wes. Téa asks Viki for help concerning Todd, but Viki isn't up to it. Starr and Cole have to face the loss of their daughter even in school.moreless
  • Leave It To Beaver
    Leave It To Beaver
    Episode 120
    Dorian is able to get more information out of Beaver and she refuses to stop even thought Mel warns her. Jessica apologizes to Brody for what Tess did to him. Jared tries to bribe David to get out of town, but he doesn't want to. Viki and Clint both refuse to let Nora interrogate Jessica. Rex comes to a realization as to how much of Shane's life he has missed. Vanessa prevents Téa from questioning Lola. Sarah admits to Cristian that she talked to the immigration officer and reported him and Vanessa. She informs him that she's leaving Llanview.moreless
  • Make No Mistake, He's Mine
    Layla is stunned to learn that Sarah was responsible for a visit from the ICE. Vanessa and Cristian are surprised to learn that someone had reported them. Viki goes to see Jessica at St. Ann's and their conversation goes fine until Viki starts digging for the truth and Bess emerges. Brody talks to Wes about his friendship with Jessica. Clint gives Jared and assignment to get David out of town. Viki forbids Nora to question Tess.moreless
  • It's Raining Men
    It's Raining Men
    Episode 118
    John finds Marty on the roof and learns that Todd jumped off into the river. He goes to save him, as Blair, Téa and Marty watch. Marty is disappointed that Todd was saved and she leaves with an unknown man on a bike. Clint and Nora are stunned by David's change in behavior. Jared and Natalie plan their future. Alex tells Dorian that David is Asa's long lost son.moreless
  • Jump On It
    Jump On It
    Episode 117
    In St. Blazes, Alex notices Dorian at the party and the two end up chatting about the recent events in their lives. Dorian is shocked when she realizes that Alex was the one that hit her with a car in Texas and she threatens to sue, so Alex decides to give her some info in exchange. Blair and John spend a romantic evening together at Rodi's before getting interrupted by a call from Cole and Starr, who had just found Marty's bed full of newspaper articles on Todd. Marty tricks Todd into believing that she wants to be with him and then bursts at him for everything he had done to her in the past. She urges him to jump off the roof and Todd actually decides to do it. Viki and Charlie fill in Clint and Nora on how Dorian drugged Charlie months ago. Clint and Nora are worried when they learn that David is back in town. Addie is surprised by David's new attitude to life, while David begins showing sings of his old self when he learns that the dog he left in town actually had millions on it.moreless
  • Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot
    Puddle of Mudd performs at UltraViolet, where most of Llanview citizens celebrate the New Year. Starr and Cole discover the articles Marty kept of Todd on her bed. Marty and Todd spend some time together at the Palace where Todd gets his hopes up that Marty might agree to run away with him. Blair and John share a romantic evening together. Layla goes out on a blind date with Oliver Fish. Téa and Ray continue plotting against Vanessa.moreless
  • First Chants, Second Chances
    Todd is surprised by Marty's appearance in his house, but she explains that she only came to pick up the diary she held while she spent time there. While going through passages of the diary, Marty admits that she harbors feelings for Todd and then gives him hope that something might happen between them. The Buchanans are surprised when Beaver Calhoun appears with an addition of the diary in which, because they failed to keep the company in good shape, gives Asa's money to his long lost son, David Vickers. John and Blair make plans for their future. Dorian gives Langston her adoption papers as a gift. David surprises Charlie and Viki by appearing in Buenos Dias Cafe, keen on getting revenge against Dorian.moreless
  • All Know the Way, But Few Actually Walk It
    Families in Llanview reunite together to celebrate Christmas. Charlie and Viki are forced to pretend to be married in front of Roxy so she wouldn't ruin Jared's surprise. Jared proposes to Natalie and she happily accepts. Dorian has a change of heart as she decides to give Rex the toy so he could give it to Shane. Marty visits Todd. David Vickers appears at the Buenos Dias Cafe.moreless
  • Starr Witness
    Starr Witness
    Episode 113
    After Starr's hearing, the judge decides to go to court with Todd, but Téa manages to get him out on bail. Clint thinks of marrying Nora. Jared asks Clint for his permission to marry Natalie. Viki is happy when she finds out about Jared's intentions. After the wedding, Cristian and Vanessa have to go to a reception at Carlotta's café. Téa takes a call from Ray Montez and assures him that everything is going according to their plan.moreless
  • Lawyers, Guns, and Chloe
    Téa manages to confuse the judge when she successfully goes against Marty and John in court. Marty stuns everyone when she claims that Todd wanted to steal her baby. Rex is forced to tell Gigi that he is broke. Starr prevents Cole from going crazy on Todd. Tess ends up in a solitary where, after a battle with Bess, Jessica finally gets out again.moreless
  • ... and Rex Went Z, Z, Z All the Way Home
    Rex learns that Dorian bought one of the last units he wanted to buy for Shane so he asks her for help, but Dorian won't do anything for Rex after what he had done to Adriana. The courtroom is enraged when Téa manages to prove that Marty initiated having sex with Todd and the judge dismisses the case against Todd. Sarah watches as Vanessa and Cristian get married.moreless
  • I Can't Get No...
    I Can't Get No...
    Episode 110
    Carlotta and Antonio aren't that happy to learn that Cristian will marry Vanessa to help her stay in town. Téa taunts Marty and they end up in a big fight. Todd is tormented by a dream visit from Margaret. At the preliminary hearing, Téa questions Marty about being in love with Todd. Sarah decides that she can't be with Cristian if he marries Vanessa. Rex makes desperate attempts to buy a present for Shane, but doesn't make it.moreless
  • Decent Proposal
    Decent Proposal
    Episode 109
    Brody tricks Tess, but then ends up tricked himself. Bess emerges after Tess is sedated and once again asks about the baby. Cristian's decision to marry Vanessa saves her and Lola the trouble of leaving the country. Téa receives a mysterious phone call. Marcie holds Chloe. Rex tells Bo about his money problems but refuses to take any money from him.moreless
  • Aliens Vs. Predators
    Aliens Vs. Predators
    Episode 108
    Téa stands up for Todd, while Nora makes sure that he won't be able to get out of prison on bail. Tess pretends being Jessica in front of Brody in order to help her get out of St. Ann's, and Brody goes along with the game, but ends up tricking her. Cristian reassures Sarah that he doesn't want to marry Vanessa. Jared shows Chloe the engagement ring he bought for Natalie. Vanessa and Lola receive a death threat, but the judge doesn't see it as a reason for them to stay in the country.moreless
  • Hard of Hearing
    Hard of Hearing
    Episode 107
    Even though Téa tried to stop him, Todd pleads guilty at the stand, but after Téa gives it another try, Todd decides to plead not guilty. Blair tells Marty and John about what happened in court. Brody accidentally causes Jessica to turn into Tess while in group therapy. Rex doesn't tell Gigi that he's broke. Cristian refuses to marry Vanessa. Markko and Langston help Lola pack.moreless
  • True Lies
    True Lies
    Episode 106
    Blair demands that Todd explains to Jack exactly what happened to land him in jail, but Todd only makes things worse when Jack realizes Todd wanted to leave town with Marty. Vanessa asks Cristian if he'd marry her to keep her in the country. Viki gives Sarah on how to deal with Tina's rushed exit and the fact that she may lose Cristian to another woman. John brings Marty face to face with Todd. Todd is about to make his plea when Téa stops him.moreless
  • Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?
    Nora warns Todd that the best thing for everyone would be is he pleaded guilty and spares Marty the pain of testifying against him. Jack starts acting out. Marty learns more about the bad things she did in life. Starr agrees with Marty's view of Todd. John and Cole discuss about Marty. Antonio isn't happy to learn that Téa showed up in town to help out Todd, but she claims Todd refused to accept her help. Téa mistakes Vanessa for Cristian's girlfriend. Cristian asks Téa for advice regarding Vanessa's stay in America and she says she needs to marry and American in order to stay in the country. Lola asks Langston to help her hide out so she wouldn't have to move, but Langston gives her advice regarding hiding.moreless
  • We All Fall Down
    We All Fall Down
    Episode 104
    The times comes for Hope's funeral. Michael spends time with Marcie, while Blair comforts her daughter, and John tends to Cole. Andrew Carpenter shows up to do the service for the baby. Marty arrives to support Cole after spending time working on collecting info against Todd. Jessica and Brody deal with the problems they caused together.moreless
  • Christina Comes Home For Christmas
    The annual showing of Christina Comes Home for Christmas airs throughout Llanview, as the residents gather to watch it together. Viki and Charlie finally reconcile. Rex helps Shane make a Christmas card for Brody. Brody explains to Jessica that Tess made a play for him which leaves Jessica embarrassed, but they end up sharing a movie together. Gigi and Rex make love for the first time after Rex was shot. Natalie and Jared are having hard time taking care of Jessica's children. Vanessa kisses Cristian. Layla has a mysterious date from the internet. Antonio asks Talia about a possible engagement after prodding from Carlotta, but Talia isn't ready to do it after what had happened to her in Mendorra. The couple makes love.moreless
  • If You Build It, She Will Come
    Todd is surprised by Téa's visit. Téa wants to defend Todd in court, but he is keen on paying for his crimes. Blair breaks up with John, but they end up in each others arms again. Marty continues gathering info against Todd. Moe accepts to be Dorian's chef, while Noelle finds a job at Carlotta's Buenos Dias Cafe. Dorian and Starr are shocked to learn about Dr. Joplin's suicide. Viki makes a decision concerning Charlie after a talk with Natalie.moreless
  • Hasta La Vista, Bonjour
    Dorian decides to help out Vanessa and Lola to stay in Llanview. Blair is irritated when Dorian wants to know where does her relationship with John stand. John lies to Todd that Marty killed herself. Cole takes his mother to her grave where Marty decides to make Todd pay for his crimes. Noelle and Moe decide to stay in Llanview permanently. Téa shows up at Todd's cell.moreless
  • First, Do No Harm
    First, Do No Harm
    Episode 100
    Tess tries to escape to learn the truth about the baby, but Bess takes over and is sure that the baby is fine, and then Jessica returns again. Blair and Marty meet for the first time after Marty's amnesia. Moe gives Noelle a surprise. Dr. Joplin is found dead.
  • Guns N' Roses
    Guns N' Roses
    Episode 99
    Marty learns more about Todd's crimes. Natalie and Jared bond while discussing about how surprised they are that Jessica's baby is alive. Dr. Joplin continues blaming herself for the baby's death. Jessica is put under hypnosis where Bess refuses to talk about the baby, while Tess asks the doctor what he plans to do about the fact that Jessica doesn't have her real baby. Blair witnesses a moment between Marty and John. Viki confronts Todd about his lies. A shot is heard inside the hospital.moreless
  • Fault Lines
    Fault Lines
    Episode 98
    Dr. Joplin learns the real reason why the baby died and blames herself for the baby's death, not realizing that it's not the same baby. Roxy questions John about his love life. When Starr confronts him about it, Todd is forced to admit the truth about trying to steal her baby. Marcie and Michael become closer again. Marty talks to Nora about having another Todd nightmare. Dorian worries that Blair's relationship with John might not work because of Marty.moreless
  • "iBuenos Dias!"
    "iBuenos Dias!"
    Episode 97
    Dorian orders a Thanksgiving meal that her guests aren't very fond of. Blair and Starr show up at Marcie's to cheer her up. Sarah and Cristian continues fighting over Cristian's interest in helping Vanessa stay in Llanview. Lola sets her sights on Markko. Moe and Noelle arrive in Llanview. Clint promises to Cole that he will make sure Marty has the best care possible.moreless
  • One Flew Over the Turkey's Nest
    At Victor's mausoleum, Viki goes ballistic, blaming him for all the trouble he had caused to the family. Jessica and Brody begin a friendship at St. Ann's while trying to help each other overcome their troubles. Rex hopes that he will become closer to Shane. Sarah confronts Cristian about Vanessa's growing presence in their lives, but Cristian doesn't agree with Sarah's claims that Vanessa is inappropriate. John and Blair admit to having relationship problems.moreless
  • I've Been to Mendorra But I've Never Been to Me
    Brody agrees to commit himself in exchange for the charges against him being dropped. Rex, Gigi, Shane and Wes come to say goodbye to him. Jessica also checks herself into St. Ann's as she shares a goodbye with her children. Lola finds herself interested in Markko. Vanessa learns that she will be deported back to Colombia. Sarah finds Cristian and Vanessa in an embrace. Tina doesn't give Sarah a reason for her sudden departure from Llanview. She gives one last farewell to the city and then leaves.moreless
  • One For My Baby, and One S'more for the Road
    John is sympathetic as Marty describes how Todd made him look bad in her eyes. Cole and Starr comfort each other. Blair tells Dorian that she thinks her relationship with John is over now that Marty has returned. John surprises Blair by coming to see her. Talia and Antonio celebrate his promotion at the police station. Rex tells Brody that he is ready to drop the charges against him if he agrees to commit himself.moreless
  • Forget-Me-Nots
    Episode 93
    Dr. Joplin visits Todd and explains her disgust over everything he had done to his family. Todd removes the bandages off his face and realizes that he got a scar on the same place where his old one used to be before plastic surgery. Cole continues telling his mother about the things she used to love, but she stops him when it becomes too much for her to handle. Dorian questions Blair if she thinks John might get back with Marty. Dr. Joplin is worried that Dorian might find something suspicious. John refuses to take his old job back. Antonio accepts Bo's proposal to take over John's position. John goes to see Marty. Jessica realizes that she can't see her kids because it might bring Tess back. She decides to have herself committed. A depressed Viki runs into Charlie's arms for comfort.moreless
  • A Lie of the Mind
    A Lie of the Mind
    Episode 92
    Blair informs Dorian about all the sick things Todd has been doing the last few months, from keeping Marty in a room to planning to steal Starr's baby. Cole fills Marty in on who his father is and how she was attacked by the same people who killed her husband. Marty is surprised to learn that John saved Cole. The mayor wants to remove John from his police job and get him behind bars, but John doesn't regret anything he did. The mayor is stunned when the press attacks him and he is forced to drop the charges against John. An enraged Tess asks Viki to see her baby, but she flips out when she sees the baby and claims it isn't hers. Inside Jessica's head, Bess questions Jessica if she's ready to go back out to the world. Tess confronts Bess about the baby.moreless
  • I Know Why the Caged Bird Screams
    Todd tries to convince Marty that he loves her but she won't hear of it, as she explains that she fears she might be pregnant. Dorian questions Dr. Joplin about Starr's baby. Blair tells Starr that Todd planned to steal her baby. Jessica worries that she might not be able to expect Natalie and Jared to forgive her since she doesn't seem to forgive them for what happened to Nash either. Wes asks Rex to go easy on Brody. In Jessica's mind, Tess fights with Bess to be released again.moreless
  • Plan "B"
    Plan "B"
    Episode 90
    Brody confides in Wes that he thinks he might be locked up for a long time after what he had done. Clint tells Jessica about what Tess did to Natalie and Jared, and she asks him to bring the couple to see her. Natalie reunites with Rex and Roxy. Cole and Blair both unleash their anger on Todd. Todd is shocked to learn that Starr's baby didn't make it. Marty takes a pill to prevent from getting pregnant with Todd's baby. She later comes face to face with her rapist.moreless
  • Cradle of Hope
    Cradle of Hope
    Episode 89
    Cole is shocked to learn that Marty is still alive and becomes enraged when he learns Todd has been keeping her in a room during the last few months. Nora tries to prevent Cole from flipping out, but he manages to get into Todd's ER room. Blair learns about Marty's imprisonment. Todd fantasizes about what could have happened if John hadn't found Marty. Michael comforts Marcie, while Langston does the same to Starr. Marty reveals to Nora that she might be pregnant.moreless
  • An Eye For An I
    An Eye For An I
    Episode 88
    Upon realizing that Todd had raped her all over again, Marty decides to shoot him, but John convinces her not to do it. Natalie and Jared make love. Tina confesses to Viki that she knew where Natalie and Jared were when Tess locked them up and Viki disowns her. Starr, Cole, Michael and Marcie take their time to mourn the loss of the baby. Antonio finds Todd badly beaten. Marty comes face to face with her son.moreless
  • Getting Mad vs Getting Even
    John goes ballistic on Todd after he realizes that Marty had slept with Todd without knowing that he was her rapist. Tina is confronted by Natalie and Jared. Jessica is worried that Tess might reemerge. Sarah is irritated by Vanessa's and Lola's presence at Cristian's place.
  • I Wish I Had Jessie's Girl
    Marty finally realizes that Todd has been lying to her for months. Viki and Clint find Jessica, who is unaware that she had a baby and that Tess was free in Llanview for a few months. Jessica is taken to the hospital, where she asks Viki to take care of the baby in case Tess emerges again. Starr and Cole grieve together. Cain tries to convince Tina to run away with him, but she realizes that she needs to face what she had done. Natalie and Jared confront her.moreless
  • Darkness On the Edge of Town
    A confused Marty doesn't know what to do when Todd tries to convince her that John is lying to her. Upon hearing that she has a son, Marty realizes that Todd has been feeding her with lies all along. Dr. Joplin informs Blair, Starr and Marcie about the death of the baby, while Bess takes Starr's baby back to the vineyard. Clint and Natalie reunite. Viki and Charlie find Jessica.moreless
  • The Bess is Yet to Come
    Todd has a change of heart, and Dr. Joplin and Janet happily inform Starr that her baby is going to be fine. However, nobody is aware of Bess' presence at the hospital and her latest scheme. She swaps Starr's baby for her own. Dr. Joplin is shocked upon realizing that "Starr's" baby is dead. Natalie and Jared are freed before the bomb goes off. John is shocked to realize that Todd has been feeding Marty with lies about her past. Todd enters the room and John chooses the moment to inform Marty that Todd was one of her rapists.moreless
  • How I Wish I'd Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
    Marcie is surprised by the change in Todd when she realizes how much he cares for Starr and the baby. Marty writers down her feelings for Todd in her journal. She's shocked when John comes crashing through the window inside her room. Jessica's new alter ego, Bess, comes outside to find a new baby for her since the other one didn't survive. Cain and Tina make love. Tina rushes to Llanfair to save Natalie's and Jared's life. Viki, Charlie and Tina rush to save the couple together.moreless
  • Born... and Born Again
    Marty and Todd make love. John fakes his own suicide in jail just so that he could go save Marty. Starr delivers the baby, but Dr. Joplin tells them that something is wrong with the baby, as Janet makes sure that she goes along with Todd's plan. Tess gives birth to a baby girl but she's shocked when the baby doesn't cry. Viki gets a visit from Jean Randolph and she realizes what Tess did to Natalie and Jared. Cain and Tina happily reunite when they witness David Vickers the dog giving birth.moreless
  • Gods and Monsters
    Gods and Monsters
    Episode 81
    Todd is taken over by guilt and he asks Marty to get away from him, but Marty admits she's fallen in love with him and asks him to confirm the feeling, which he does. Jared and Natalie make love, as the bomb is about to go off. Viki learns of Starr's condition. Niki pays a visit to Tess and Tess finally reaches out to her. Tina is worried when Cain takes an appraiser with himself after she gave him the fake jewels. She's surprised when she learns that her dog is going into labor. Gigi thanks Brody for helping her get Shane and Rex closer.moreless
  • Under Lock and Keys
    Under Lock and Keys
    Episode 80
    Janet and Dr. Joplin are forced to go through with Todd's scheme. Todd is surprised when Starr asks him to be near her at the hospital, but he manages to control the guilt and focuses on his future with Marty, who is very excited about the arrival of the baby. Keys admits to John that Marty is the woman at Todd's house and John goes to get a warrant, but the judge won't do it and ends up arresting John. Rex visits Brody, who tries to push Rex and Shane to become closer. Sarah isn't happy when Cristian offers Vanessa and Lola to stay at his place. Ray tries to convince Antonio and Talia that Vanessa isn't a good person, but he's shipped off to Colombia.moreless
  • Let it Bree
    Let it Bree
    Episode 79
    Todd shows Marty the picture of Starr and Cole but doesn't reveal that Cole is her son. John tracks down Keys and angrily confronts him about Marty. Cole takes Starr to the hospital, where they are joined by Blair and Marcie. Cole and Starr grow closer, while Michael worries about what might happen when the baby is born. Dr. Joplin informs Todd about the event and tries to get him to drop his plan. Tina gives Cain the jewels and begs him to see the dog. Tess knocks out Charlie and goes to the vineyard, but then passes out.moreless
  • The People Under The Stairs
    Cole and Starr talk at Marty's grave, when Starr's water suddenly breaks. Tina mistakes Charlie for someone else and starts running after him with a pan, but later gives him advice on how to revive his relationship with Viki. Natalie and Jared almost convince Tess to release them, but Natalie ruins things by mentioning Nash. Todd realizes that it's time to show Marty a picture of Cole. Tess comes face to face with Charlie. Tina buys fake jewels.moreless
  • Babes Up In Arms
    Babes Up In Arms
    Episode 77
    Natalie and Jared continue pleading Tess to reconsider, but she continues to make plans to blow them up. She goes into labor just as she's about to set off the bomb. Marty hides as Viki finds Bree at Todd's house. Todd claims he didn't know Tess is back, and he's frustrated when Viki refuses to leave his house. Marty gets another flashback of Cole. Cole reads a story he wrote for Marty at her grave, and Starr joins him. John and Oliver continue their investigation.moreless
  • She Who Blasts Last... Blasts Best
    Natalie and Jared desperately try to frustrate Tess, but she could care less about their words, as she prepares to blow them up. Viki shows up at Todd's house looking for answers, but Todd claims he doesn't know where Jessica is. Viki recognizes Bree's toy and goes to see where she is, almost stumbling upon Marty. John and Oliver continue investigating Todd. Marty explains to Janet that she likes her new life, which prompts Janet to change her mind about going to see John. Nora and Cole reminisce about Marty. Starr goes into labor.moreless
  • A Little Smoke And A Big Piñata
    Rex learns that Natalie and Jared are missing. Roxy prepares a special pinata for Rex and he's touched by her thoughtfulness. Adriana informs Dorian that she lost Rex and that she's leaving town again. Jared comes up with a plan to get himself and Natalie out of the secret room, but their luck is cut short because nobody is at the house. Viki goes to see Todd to find out if he knows anything about Tess. Nora explains to Clint about how she managed to get Buchanan Enterprises back in their hands. Clint learns about Tess' return. Tess goes to kill Natalie and Jared, just as Viki shows up at Todd's doorstep.moreless
  • Deal or No Deal
    Deal or No Deal
    Episode 74
    Cristian fakes getting drunk to be thrown in jail, where he reassures Vanessa that Lola is okay. Vanessa is convinced that she did the right thing by shooting Ray. Nora explains to Dorian why she thinks Dorian hired someone to shoot Ray, but Dorian doesn't admit to anything and claims nobody has any proof. Nora gives Dorian a chance to have the charges dropped against her--if Dorian agrees to give Buchanan Enterprises back. Langston makes it clear to Clint that she blames him for all that has happened. Ray wakes up at the hospital and starts claiming that Vanessa shot Lola's mother, not him. Adriana tells Rex that she wants a divorce. Gigi thanks Adriana for letting her spend the night with Rex, and Adriana makes Gigi promise that she'll take good care of Rex. Nora informs Clint that she managed to get Buchanan Enterprises back in his hands. Dorian learns that Adriana is leaving town again.moreless
  • The Moonrise Wakes the Nightingale
    Rex wakes up to see Gigi standing nearby him, while Marcie and Michael try to keep Adriana away from seeing Gigi. Michael finds out Rex is awake and takes it as a sign that he will make a full recovery. Tess stops Tina from blowing up the safe and they enter a discussion about who is going to betray the other first. Tess takes the jewels for herself and gives one to Tina. Marty questions Todd about her flashes to holding a little boy, but he lies that it could have been anyone. Cole asks John to write a text about Marty. Viki and Charlie confide in Roxy about their fears of Tess' return. Adriana overhears Rex proclaiming his love for Gigi and Shane, and she finally decides to let go of Rex.moreless
  • In the Boom-Boom Room
    Brody is shocked when he realizes what he had done. Michael manages to help Gigi see Rex without confronting Adriana. Matthew talks to Shane about how his paternity change affected his life. Tess learns more about Todd's plan and then goes on to plan her own future, as she decides to take the jewels and run. She goes to the safe just as Tina is about to blow it up.moreless
  • Die? No. Might?
    Die? No. Might?
    Episode 71
    Marcie stalls Adriana while Gigi goes to see Rex, but just as she's about to find him, Adriana sees her. Viki confides in Charlie about her suspicious of Tess' reappearance. Bo talks to John abuot the same thing. Marty confides in Tess about having a flashback of young boy, but Tess messes with her mind by saying that it must have been Todd's and Blair's kids she was dreaming of. Natalie and Jared are having hard time without food or drinks in the secret room. Tina wants Todd to help her crack the safe code, but he suggests she should try to blow up the safe.moreless
  • Missing Persons
    Missing Persons
    Episode 70
    Gigi hatches up a plan to see Rex. Adriana asks Starr and Cole to take care of Rex while she's out. Tess blackmails Todd into letting her hide at his place. She learns about Todd's plot to steal Starr's baby. Marty remembers reading a poem to Cole. Tina receives another blackmailing letter from Cain. Viki tries to find Jessica. Tina goes to Todd's to ask for help. Langston and Markko are shocked when Lola blurts out that Ray killed her mother in front of her. Viki goes to see Charlie.moreless
  • The Full Montez
    The Full Montez
    Episode 69
    Vanessa and the hitman are taken to the police station, while Ray manages to survive the shooting. Dorian explains to John that she has nothing to hide when it comes to Ray. Langston meets Lola for the first time. Cristian defends Vanessa's actions in front of Antonio. John learns that the hitman worked for Jackie and he's keen on proving that Dorian hired him. Gigi asks Marcie to help her find where Adriana moved Rex. Blair reminds Adriana that Rex might not want to be with her when he wakes up. Janet makes it clear to Todd that she knows he raped Marty in college, and she goes to call John.moreless
  • "Buh-Bye"
    Episode 68
    Vanessa tells Cristian about how Lola witness Ray murdering her mother. Clint goes to the airport to see if Dorian will give in to his demands. Dallas and Nora have another confrontation. Addie reveals to John and Blair that Dorian was talking to Jackie McNaughton, and they both realize that she must have hired Jackie to kill Ray. Renée gives Nora advice on how to handle Clint. Clint phones Ray to warn him not to go to Colombia, but Ray stops his plans when he sees Vanessa and Lola at the airport. Langston forgives Dorian when Clint reveals that Dorian refuses to give away the company in exchange for Langston. She agrees to go to Colombia. Dorian is confused when a woman with a nametag "Mel" gives her advice on how to handle the situation. She then urgently tries to stop the hit on Ray, but it's already too late. The hit man is, however, stopped, but Vanessa picks up the gun and shoots Ray.moreless
  • Home Is Where the FARC Is
    Ray is worried about a suspicious guy at the house, but he handles the situation. Dorian worries that Jackie might not follow through with their plan, but he assures her that everything is taken care of. Starr and Cole reminisce about the time they ran away together while talking about Langston's departure. Markko breaks down while trying to cheer up Langston. Nora and Clint make a decision to stay together for the time being. Cain kidnaps Tina's dog and then blackmails her. Adriana refuses to let Gigi and Shane know where she moved Rex. Tess overhears Bo and Viki discussing about the possibility of Jessica being Tess and she packs her bags and leaves. Natalie and Jared realize that Tina won't be of much help to them.moreless
  • Adios, Superfreak
    Adios, Superfreak
    Episode 66
    Ray isn't happy when Clint refuses to give him the money he promised. Clint asks Ray to continue the scheme because Dorian isn't ready to give up Buchanan Enterprises. Nora is frustrated by Clint's refusal to stop playing with Langston's feelings. Dorian and Markko bond while talking about how much they care for Langston. Ray continues the charade by ordering Langston to pack her bags, while Dorian orders Jackie to move along with their plan. Sarah learns that Cristian is in Colombia. She books a flight there along with Antonio and Talia, while Cristian, Vanessa and Lola book their flights back to Llanview. Roxy and Adriana continue fighting. Shane admits to Gigi that he still thinks of Brody as his father, but that he wants to know Rex. Adriana tells Shane that Rex is gone.moreless
  • Parts of Labor
    Parts of Labor
    Episode 65
    Viki almost finds the secret room, but she ends up spooked and returns upstairs, where she stumbles upon Tina and Tess, both freaked out. Tina agrees to continue hiding Tess' secret if she helps her remove Cain's body. Viki is surprised by Tina's new attitude. Tess orders Jared to hand over the cellphone. Tina and Tess realize that Cain disappeared. John questions Janet about the woman in Todd's house, but Janet won't give up the identity, even after John tells her that Todd raped Marty. Starr has false labor.moreless
  • The Dip of Death
    The Dip of Death
    Episode 64
    Jared tries to release Natalie from the secret room, but ends up locked in with her when Tess tricks both of them. Tess is surprised when Viki returns to Llanview with the intention of taking care of her before she has her baby. She lies to Viki that Natalie left town. Cain orders Tina to deliver the jewels, but Tina is saved when Cain accidentally eats Tess' poisoned dip. Blair gives Starr advice about having a child. John asks Janet to identify the woman in Todd's house. Dr. Joplin tries to drop out of the deal she made with Todd again.moreless
  • From Soup To Nuts
    From Soup To Nuts
    Episode 63
    Leo realizes that he said too much about Tess' room, but Jared asks him for more details. Tess stops Tina before she can go to release Natalie. Jared pretends to take Tess' side when he catches the women fighting. Tess prepares a poisoned meal for both of them, while Jared and Tina confess to each other that they know about the secret room. Tina gives Jared the key to the basement room. Cain returns to Llanview angry at Tina for taking the jewels away from him. Natalie is shocked when she sees Jared approaching the secret room. Roxy and Adriana continue fighting as the doctor suggests they should try to let Rex breathe on his own. They are shaken up when the doctor tells them Rex may never be the same again if he manages to wake up. Gigi tries to talk to Brody about the reason he shot Rex, but Brody is in war mode and he blabs about it being an order.moreless
  • If I Had A Hammer
    If I Had A Hammer
    Episode 62
    Gigi is having hard time concentrating on her job due to Rex's condition. Charlie comforts her when she has a moment of stress. Jared lies to Tess that he is no longer into Natalie. Leo reveals to Jared that he built a room for Tess. Tina goes to see Natalie who then tries to talk Tina into releasing her, but Tina isn't able to. Marty doesn't accept Todd's proposal, but promises to stay with him. Marcie informs Gigi that she couldn't change Adriana's mind about letting her visit Rex. Roxy and Adriana have a spat.moreless
  • Die Young, Stay Pretty
    Adriana confides in Layla that maybe the only way Rex could recover would be if she would let Gigi see him, but Layla doesn't agree. Marcie goes to ask Adriana to let Gigi see Rex. Tina tries to console Roxy, who's shaken up by Rex's condition and Natalie's disappearance. Brody is still haunted by a flashback from the war. Jared tells Bo about his suspicions of Jessica actually being Tess, and he later realizes it's true while talking to Tess. Blair and John admit to each other that their feelings for each other are becoming more intense. Todd asks Marty to marry him.moreless
  • Cold-Blooded Woman
    Cold-Blooded Woman
    Episode 60
    Marty and Todd enjoy a picnic outside and talk about their future together. Todd is surprised when Marty says he should leave his wedding ring behind so he'd be able to move forward with her. John confides in Michael that he thinks Marty might still be alive. Addie encourages Blair to tell John how she feels. Dorian decides that she needs to find a way to somehow keep both Buchanan Enterprises and Langston, so she gives Jackie a job to do. She informs Clint that she isn't accepting his offer. Ray admits at the police station that he's working with Clint, but that he has no idea who Cristian is. Nora and Clint hit a roadblock in their relationship as their plans and jobs come between them. Cristian, Vanessa and Lola aren't able to get back to the USA until the storm clears out.moreless
  • I'll Make You An Offer...
    Todd is pleased when Marty decides to trust him and stop investigating her rape and he takes her on a drive into the country. John lies to Cole about the real reason why he's going through Marty's file. Nora goes away when Dorian comes to confront Clint about what he did to her. Dorian tells Clint that she'll think about what she wants to do with Buchanan Enterprises. Ray goes to Langston's school to get info on his niece. Cristian decides to take Lola and Vanessa back to Llanview where they think Ray could never find them. Antonio, Talia and Sarah do more investigating and they find out that Ray was switched with Cristian.moreless
  • The Full Story
    The Full Story
    Episode 58
    Marty doesn't recognize Todd as one of her rapists when she sees a picture of him. Todd prevents Marty from trying to find out more. Adriana promises to take care of her husband, as she forbids Gigi to see Rex. Nora tries to cool down around Dallas. Dorian is released from the jail. The teens inform her that Ray is working with Clint. Dorian visits Clint. Cole sees John reopening Marty's file. John tells Antonio and Sarah that they'll find Cristian if they go looking for someone named Ray Montez. Vanessa makes a deal with Cristian to take her and her daughter to the USA to escape from her husband.moreless
  • A Parting Gift
    A Parting Gift
    Episode 57
    While Rex is being operated, he continues dreaming of a game show titled "So You Think You Can Be Shane Morasco's Father." Colin questions Rex about his real paternity, and then tortures him by forcing him to either give up Shane or Gigi. Later, Rex is wheeled back to the ICU where he's stunned to see Adriana. Bo tries to console Shane with a talk about how Matthew reacted when he learned of his true paternity. Jared is suspicious when Tess starts getting nervous by Todd's presence. John thinks Marty might be the person Todd is hiding. Todd catches Marty surfing for info on her rape.moreless
  • So You Think You Can Be Shane Morasco's Father?
    While the doctors are working on saving his life, Rex is taken out of reality, to a game show named "So You Think You Can Be Shane Morasco's Father," hosted by none other than Colin McIver. Rex is confronted by sins from his past, as he comes to realize that he done a lot of wrong. Jen and Lindsay also appear at the show. Colin tries to get Rex to guess who is his father, but Rex can't reach Roxy to help him out. Upon finding out that Rex is his real father, Shane reluctantly joins Rex's friends as they form a prayer circle in order to help Rex survive the surgery. Natalie begs Tess to let her see Rex, but Tess reminds her that she didn't get a chance to say goodbye to Nash either.moreless
  • The Son'll Come Out Tomorrow
    Dorian talks to a mobster named Jackie McNaughton, found by Addie, with plans top get rid of Ray. Jared overhears Tess badmouthing Natalie to Bree, but Tess tries to turn the situation around by claiming that Natalie only cares about herself since she didn't even come back to see how Rex is doing after getting shot. Meanwhile, in the secret room, Natalie worries about Rex's life. Bo finds Shane talking to Brody, who isn't able to differ Shane from the boy he shot in Iraq. Gigi tells Shane that Brody isn't his father. Cole informs Langston, Markko and Starr about Clint's scheme to get Buchanan Enterprises back from Dorian.moreless
  • The Golden Hour
    The Golden Hour
    Episode 54
    In a total commotion, a lucid Brody shoots Rex, who jumped to protect Shane and Gigi. Brody is taken away by the cops, while Bo is forced to take Rex to the hospital himself. Gigi worries about Rex's life, while Shane sneaks off without anyone noticing him. Addie gives advice to Brody. Langston asks Starr to help her find a way to stay in Llanview, but Starr finds herself without any ideas on how to achieve that. Michael and Marcie share a calming talk. Cole threatens to tell Dorian the truth after he confronts Clint about scheming with Ray to take away Langston.moreless
  • War Is Not Over
    War Is Not Over
    Episode 53
    Janet gets sentimental when she finds a bunch of photos of Todd's family. Langston blames herself for what happened at the courtroom. Cole and Starr feel awkward around each other. John in unsuccessful in his quest after Cristian. Cole finds Ray and Clint shaking hands. Brody is hurt by memories of shooting an armed kid in Iraq. Shane notices how strange Brody is acting. The police get a tip on Brody's car being found on the Llantano Mountain, and soon Brody and Shane are surrounded by cops. Brody is forced to give Shane away, and a commotion starts which leads Brody to relive the moment of the shooting.moreless
  • Me Llamo McBain ... John McBain
    John tries to find Cristian at the Colombian prison, but Vanessa makes sure that he doesn't find him, as she plans to sue Cristian in her own plans. Antonio and Talia try to distract Carlotta with cooking. Shane finds Brody's gun, but Brody prevents him from playing with it. Brody confesses to killing people in the war. Gigi, Rex and Bo are on a quest after Brody. Gigi is shocked when Brody's buddy reveals that Brody shot a kid in Iraq. Langston is worried when the judge rules in Ray's favor and Ray intends to take Langston back to Colombia. Dorian goes ballistic on the judge and she ends up behind bars.moreless
  • The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday
    Blair is angry when the principal suggests it would be better for Starr if she'd be schooled at home. She starts threatening him with her connections and Markko and Cole join in with threats of quitting the teams at school. The principal has no choice but to back out of the idea. Dorian is frustrated when the judge rules in Ray's favor. Clint invites Dallas to stay at the Buchanan mansion when she loses her room at The Palace. Bo tries to help out Rex, Gigi and Marcie in finding Shane. Shane has no idea what Brody's true intentions are when they arrive at Llantano Mountain. Michael examines Marcie.moreless
  • Guilt-O-Whirl
    Episode 50
    Brody feeds Shane with lies about Rex and Gigi, while the two are worried about Brody taking Shane away. Marcie awakes and informs Rex and Gigi of what happened between her and Brody. They are worried when they realize Brody has a gun. Dorian is worried that she won't be able to adopt Langston when she hits another block in the courtroom. Tess prevents Tina from revealing the truth to Jared, and then convinces Jared that he should stay at Llanfair. Todd stops before his romantic time with Marty heats up.moreless
  • What A Day For A Daydream
    Brody is troubled by flashbacks of his past. Rex and Gigi take a shower together. Brody takes Shane to the courthouse with the intention to have Shane's last name changed to Lovett. Todd is jealous when Marty questions her strange dream about John. Marty reassures Todd that she wants to be with him with a kiss. Tess manages to stop Jared before he can find the secret room. Tina tries to apologize to Natalie while talking to the camera and Jared overhears her talking.moreless
  • Dreams, Schemes, and Tactical Teams
    John dreams of seeing Marty on the plane sitting next to him, while Marty dreams of John visiting her and reminding her of their favorite song. Rex promises to Gigi that nothing can hold back their love anymore, and they finally make love. Marcie catches Brody tearing the carriage house apart and he pushes her to fall down unconscious. Natalie listens from the secret room as Tina encourages Jared not to give up on his search after Natalie. Tina gives Jared the key to the basement and encourages him to go inside. Tess and Todd catch up on their schemes. Marty asks Todd about her strange dream with John there. Tess is shocked when she arrives at Llanfair and finds the basement door open.moreless
  • When Nat's Away, Tess Will...
    Brody has a nightmare and he throws Shane to the ground as a reaction, but Shane covers for him in front of Gigi. Marcie encourages Gigi to tell Shane the truth about his paternity. Brody is furious when Gigi insists on revealing the truth and then asks him to pack his bags. Natalie tries to challenge Tess by mentioning Nash, but Tess manages to calm down. Jared thinks Rex is hiding Natalie. Rex confronts Adriana over the phone about knowing the truth about Shane's paternity. Adriana insists on working through their problems, but Rex refuses to listen. Adriana then calls Brody and berates him for ruining their plan, which prompts Brody to start throwing things around at the carriage house. Charlie encourages Jared to continue searching for Natalie. Starr and Langston are both upset by the comments on their lives at school. Starr stands up and tries to give everyone advice on sex, and the principal confronts her about it. Ray tells Dorian that he wants to take care of Langston, but Dorian refuses to let him win.moreless
  • Dear John
    Dear John
    Episode 46
    Clint and Ray prepare for the next stage of their plan. Nora is emotional as Matthew prepares to go to his first day of high school. John informs Blair that he's going out of town looking for Cristian. Langston snaps at Dorian when she overhears Dorian seeking information about Ray. Blair and Dorian are worried when Ray gives Langston a necklace he claims was her mothers. Dorian confronts Ray. Vanessa agrees to go along with Cristian's plea to contact Antonio. Jared is frustrated by Natalie's so-called "departure." Tess tells Natalie that she plans to make Jared fall in love with her. Jared goes to report Natalie's disappearance at the police station, but instead he ends up recognizing Carlo's alias "Mortimer Bern" which finally gives John a lead on Cristian's location.moreless
  • Tess, Lies, and Videotape
    Nigel hands over his resignation to Clint and explains that he helped Jared enter the family by lying about Asa's long lost son, but only in order to protect the family. Clint reassures Nigel that he knows why he did it and he refuses to let him resign, then asks for Nigel's loyalty. Markko tries to stop Ray from approaching Langston, but she asks to talk to him. Ray proves that he is her uncle. Dorian thinks Ray only wants money, but Ray claims he's there for his niece. Ray's wife Vanessa is shocked to see Cristian put in Ray's place. Cristian explains how they replaced him and asks Vanessa to contact his brother, but Vanessa doesn't trust Cristian. Jared realizes that someone forced Natalie to write the goodbye letter and Tess is forced to confess when he thinks it might be Clint. Natalie watches in sadness as Tess comforts Jared. Bo and Tina catch up on the latest happenings. Bo questions her about Jessica's recent strange behavior, but Tina lies that it's nothing out of the ordinary.moreless
  • Free Alter-ations
    Free Alter-ations
    Episode 44
    Cristian pleads to be released from the Colombian prison but without any success. He's surprised when Ray's wife comes to see her husband. Clint bargains with Ray and then tells him what he has to do. Clint expresses his worry about Natalie since she didn't return any of his phone calls. Dorian prepares a party for Langston's adoption. Starr has to explain her situation to Jack. Ray appears on Dorian's party. Todd forces Dr. Joplin to go along with his plan. Tina makes excuses so Sarah wouldn't stay at Llanfair long. Jared shows up back home looking for Natalie. Tess forces Natalie to write a goodbye letter to Jared.moreless
  • Everybody in the (Gene) Pool!
    Rex sacrifices himself to save Gigi's and Shane's relationship. Shane goes ballistic on Rex for interfering in the life of his mother and Rex realizes he can't let Shane be angry at Gigi. Gigi makes it clear to Shane that she isn't getting back with Brody. Shane is keen on changing his last name to Lovett. Rex tells Charlie and Roxy that Shane is his son, and Roxy comforts Rex when she learned about what happened with Shane. Marcie witnesses Michael and Layla hugging. Langston agrees to allow Dorian to adopt her. Nora can't hide her disappointment in Clint. Markko overhears Clint talking about using Langston to get at Dorian. Marty shows Todd that she can walk on her own. Starr's doctor tells Todd that she refuses to give him Starr's child once it's born.moreless
  • The Spanish Prisoner
    Ray accepts Jared's proposal to get himself out of jail. Cristian is brought into the same prison where Jared found Ray. Carlo disguises himself as Mortimer Bern and Cristian almost blows his cover. Jared introduces himself as Jeb Stuart to Carlo, but Carlo figures out that Jared isn't who he says he is. Cristian is thrown into the jail under Ray's identity, while Ray is officially released. Dorian asks Starr to raise the baby as a Cramer woman, but Starr asks Dorian to respect her decision. Langston is touched when Dorian agrees to help Langston find out more about the Montez family. Tess prevents Tina from telling Clint the truth. She then toys with the possibility of revealing the truth, but ends up telling Clint that she's still having hard time dealing with her husband's death. Jared informs Clint that he took care of their business. Sarah informs Tina about Cristian's disappearance. Rex tells Bo that Shane is his son. Brody saves Gigi from getting fired at Rodie's. Gigi makes it clear to Brody that she loves Rex and that she will tell Shane the truth about his paternity.moreless
  • Inmates on the Inside
    After Clint makes sure that Jared is doing his job in Columbia, Jared goes to visit Langston's uncle Ray Montez, a man serving life sentence for murder. Jared tries to make a deal with Ray in exchange for his freedom, but Ray seems to be a tough cookie. Cristian tries to upset Carlo by repeating how much Talia hates him, as they make their way to Columbia. Bo learns that Carlo escaped from prison and appoints John to the case, but then allows Antonio and Talia to go search after Cristian. Langston and Starr discuss about their lives. Cole gives Matthew advice for his first day of high school. Tess happily taunts Natalie and explains how she decided to torture her and Jared rather than kill them. Tina doesn't know what to do with the Tess situation. She's about to say something to Clint when Tess appears.moreless
  • Saving Face
    Saving Face
    Episode 40
    Tina wants to inform Bo about Tess' reappearance, but Tess threatens her with info on her wrongdoings. Tina is also surprised to learn that Tess changed the combination on her safe. Natalie is confused when she wakes up in the secret room until Jessica appears refusing to help her out. Natalie puts two and two together and realizes Tess is back. Jared tries to contact Natalie from Columbia. John arrives at the police station just as the mayor closes his laptop which contained the picture of the mystery woman. Marty and Todd spend some time bonding. Sarah informs Antonio, Talia and Bo about Cristian's disappearance.moreless
  • "LIVE, From the Lord Library..."
    After their kiss, Todd apologizes to Marty and asks her to run away from Llanview with him. Marty questions his sudden interest to run, but agrees to go along with him. Blair compliments John on his dedication to his job. Meanwhile, at the police station, the computer program finally shows a picture of Marty. Tess manages to convince Sarah that Natalie is only resting after a fight with Jared and then lies that Tina left for a shopping spree to the Big Apple. Tina finds out that Sarah is upstairs and is relieved when she leaves. Tess bargains with Tina and makes a good argument about Tina risking her daughters life for the jewels. Tina agrees to work with Tess and keep her identity a secret. The two women then place Natalie into the secret room. Shane refuses to listen to Rex so Gigi asks Rex to leave. Gigi promises to Rex that they'll both tell Shane the truth when the time is right. Shane tells Gigi that he hates Rex. Cristian is revealed to be held hostage aboard a cargo ship with Carlo keen on getting his revenge.moreless
  • A Long, Strange Trip
    Upon their return to Llanview, Shane reveals to Gigi and Rex that he and Brody took a DNA test that determined Brody is his father. Gigi and Rex blast Brody for faking the test, but Brody is keen on protecting Shane. Rex slugs Brody and then reveals to Shane that Brody isn't his real father. Marcie is upset to see Michael and Layla dancing together. Dallas sympathizes with Clint's problems and uses the chance to ask him for a second chance. Sarah, Antonio and Talia safely return home. Natalie realizes that Tess is holding the stolen jewels and she decides to call the police, but Tess warns her that they can't do that to their mothers sister. Tess drugs Natalie, just as Sarah arrives at Llanfair. Marty and Todd kiss.moreless
  • A Pain in the Glass
    A Pain in the Glass
    Episode 37
    Antonio, Cristian, Sarah and Talia witness Rex and Gigi together at the airport and threaten to call Adriana themselves unless Rex calls her first. Cristian is abducted by a couple of thugs. Natalie blasts Clint for sending Jared to do his dirty work and Nora is stunned to hear that Clint went behind her back again. Layla and Michael spend some time talking about their love lives. Blair signs for John. Dallas eagerly waits for Clint. Oliver informs John that the identification of the mystery woman will be available tomorrow. Tess tells Todd that she had to prevent Tina from revealing the truth about her. Tess finds the jewels in the safe, but Natalie catches her. Marty tells Todd that she wants to help him raise Starr's baby.moreless
  • A Four Letter Word For Evildoer
    In the secret room, Tess tries to trick Tina that she built the room for her, but Tina doesn't trust her and she realizes that Jessica is actually Tess. Tess tries to fool her again, but then ends up locking Tina inside with her dog. Todd stops the birthing class to tell Starr, Marcie and Blair that he decided to change his ways and become good, but Blair doesn't trust him. John gives Oliver more info to help with the mystery woman investigation. Cole tells Langston that he felt bad for Starr when the kids were picking on her for being pregnant. Janet and Marty chat about Todd. Tess calls Todd to come over to Llanfair immediately.moreless
  • The Doggie Door
    The Doggie Door
    Episode 35
    Todd lies to Marty about Starr allowing him to raise her baby alone. Marty suggests moving out of Todd's house to make room for the baby, but Todd won't hear it. John asks Oliver to help him find out who is the woman that appeared in Lee's penthouse on the night Lee was murdered. Cole tries to keep his friendship with Langston alive. Michael reminds Marcie that he won't be involved in raising Starr's baby. Starr starts taking birthing classes, and Blair shows up as support. Bo questions Tess about the suspicious activity around the house and Tess' scare at Todd's place, but Tess covers it up with lies. Tina and Roxy bond while talking about their past. Tess is pleased when Leo shows her the secret room, but they're interrupted by Tina.moreless
  • Not The Safe!
    Not The Safe!
    Episode 34
    John warns Bo that Jessica may have assisted Todd to remove the woman from his house before John could find her. Bo promises to investigate, but he's convinced Jessica is just dealing with her grief. John finds a security tape of the night Lee was murdered. Natalie asks Jared to stop working for Clint, but Jared explains that he can't and that he's leaving to Colombia soon. Tess scolds Leo for showing up at Llanfair at the wrong time. Tina questions Tess about Leo's presence in the basement and leaves Tess furious. Natalie and Jared make up before he leaves. Tina is worried that Tess might find the jewels she hid in the safe. Dorian and Blair bond while talking about their love for Sam and Langston. Langston confides in Dorian about her session with Delphina. Todd fails to get his children back in court, and Blair reminds him that he needs to change his ways before he can have his children back. Todd tells Marty his plans about raising Starr's baby.moreless
  • Don't Cry For Me, Mendorra
    Markko is irritated when Langston decides to pay Madame Delphina for another reading, but when Delphina reveals that Markko's real name is Geraldo, he agrees to go along with Langston's wishes. Delphina reveals that Langston has a sister. John convinces Mayor Lowell to reinstate Bo as the police commissioner. The mayor warns John and Bo to lay off Todd, but the second he's gone, they both start planning on how to find out who is Todd's mystery woman. Gigi and Rex stop at the Bonjour Café to quickly visit Moe and Noelle. Talia feigns surprise when she catches Carlo and Jonas in bed together in front of the citizens of Mendorra. Carlo tries to take over the control, but the citizens sue him for fraud and decide to behead him and Jonas. Jared confides in Natalie about Clint's intent to use Langston against Dorian to get Buchanan Enterprises back. Todd tries to find out what kind of secret Tess is hiding in the basement, but she stops him and reminds him of their deal to keep each others secret hidden. Natalie wants Jared to quit working for Clint.moreless
  • In Bed 2gether
    In Bed 2gether
    Episode 32
    Bo visits Lindsay in prison and talks about how his life took a turn for the better after he realized what she had done. Tess tries to find out how much info John has on the mystery woman in Todd's apartment, but she isn't able to find out much. Todd tries to find Tess at Llanfair and he learns more about Tess' plans from a worried Tina. Tess reassures Todd that she isn't going behind his back. Todd questions Tess about the secret she may be hiding in the basement. Cristian, Sarah, Talia and Antonio make it seems like Jonas and Carlo were having an affair. Tina is surprised to see the happenings in Medorra on the TV. Brody's test results come back. Gigi and Rex try to come up with a good solution on how and when to tell Shane about his real father.moreless
  • Fort Bliss
    Fort Bliss
    Episode 31
    Tess is pleasantly surprised to see Marty and she teases Todd with the possibility of revealing the truth, but both Todd and Tess agree to keep their secrets quiet. Blair removes her wedding rings. Cristian, Sarah and Antonio arrives at the castle and manage to find Talia. In 1968, Rex is shocked when Gigi confesses that Shane is actually his son. Fina is pleased when the lightening strikes through the bus station and takes both Gigi and Rex back to the future. He then gives a young Bo his nametag, as Bo proceeds to leave to Vietnam. Back in 2008, Rex and Gigi think they had a strange dream together, but Rex now knows that Shane is his son, as the couple heads to Llanview.moreless
  • You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello
    Nora isn't pleased when Dallas announces that she's staying in Llanview for good. Brody plots to make everyone believe he's Shane's father. John bursts into Todd's house, so Tess feigns having problems with the baby to create a diversion. Todd's bodyguard hides Marty, so John isn't able to find her. Later, Tess is shocked to find Marty. Antonio, Cristian and Sarah return to Mendorra. In 1968, as Rex prepares to leave for Vietnam, Brody's lookalike named Ned Truman makes his way to Gigi and kisses her, but later learns she isn't Emma. Gigi shocks Rex by admitting that Shane is actually his son.moreless
  • Crank Dat Soldier Boy
    Todd comes to a stunning revelation that Jessica is actually Tess. Bo hires people to start looking after Gigi and Rex. Clint and Nigel laugh as Bo explains his weird dream. Matthew and Renée inform Bo about Lindsay being sent to prison again. John manages to get a search warrant from the judge to go through Todd's house. Tess follows Todd back to his house and starts snooping around, and Todd immediately tells Tess that he knows who she is. Starr and Cole admit that they miss each other, but Cole sticks by his determination never to forgive her for giving up their baby. Layla questions Brody about Gigi's departure. Madame Delphina returns the money Gigi gave her and explains that Gigi found Rex, but that now she's lost forever. In 1968, Gigi and Rex are both worried when Fina explains that they have to wait another 20 years before being able to return to the future. Rex is forced to say goodbye to his loved ones and leave for Vietnam. A young Asa appears and Rex realizes that Bo managed to get back to the future.moreless
  • All In the Family
    All In the Family
    Episode 28
    Tina is surprised by Jessica's weird behavior. Todd threatens Dr. Joplin with files on her past in order to get her to help him get Starr's baby. Todd is confused when he sees Jessica at the doctor's office acting differently. Antonio says goodbye to Carlotta and Jamie before leaving to Mendorra, and Cristian and Sarah are eager to go with him. Jared accepts Clint's offer to help him oust Dorian from Buchanan Enterprises in exchange for Langston's safety. Langston is still worried about Madame Delphina's reading. Cole can't handle Marcie's comment on raising Starr's baby.moreless
  • Effective Detectives
    Langston is worried about Madame Delphina's reading, but Addie assures her that she's a true Cramer now. Marcie asks Blair to be a part of the life Starr's baby will have with Marcie, and Blair promises to think about it. Starr sees her baby on a sonogram, but she refuses to get too attached to the baby. John talks to Keys about the mystery woman from Todd's place, but Keys doesn't know who the woman is. Todd makes sure that Marty reads the newspaper headline about John. Marty questions Janet if John could ever harm her or if he murdered Ramsey. Todd visits Starr's doctor. Tess is worried about Tina's presence at Llanfair. Nora informs Clint that Bo is safe. Clint meets with his PI with news about Langston's past. Jared visits Clint, who has an interesting offer for him.moreless
  • Dark Nights of the Souls
    The ghost of Asa visits Bo and the two finally find a chance to talk peacefully. In 1968, Gigi is shocked when she sees Rex in the bed with Emma, who happens to look exactly like her. Emma helps Rex explain that Rex actually loves Gigi, and the couple ends up in a passionate embrace. Rex promises to Gigi that he'll find a way to get back to 2008. In 2008, John and Marty both have separate dreams about each other. Brody reassures Shane that he will always be his father.moreless
  • Love the One You're With
    Marty has a nightmare of getting raped, and Todd rushes to comfort her. She notes that she saw his face in the dream, but he makes up a lie, and she asks him to spend the night looking over her. Michael and Marcie decide to break up for good, but when Michael isn't able to return to his brother's place, he spends the night with Marcie. They make love, and afterwards Michael starts crying. Blair and John also make love. John sees Marty looking at him in his dream. In 1968, Gigi is shocked when the realizes that people from the future are different people in the past. Emma visits Rex and they decide to make love.moreless
  • No Time Like The Present
    Starr is frightened when Todd visits her and she doesn't miss a chance to lash out on him, blaming him for the fact that she got pregnant. Todd asks Starr to give him a chance to win her trust back, and he urges her to reconsider giving the baby away because he doesn't want her to wake up one day regretting what she did. Blair and John arrange a date. Matthew and Cole spend some time together playing video games. In 1968, Rex is shocked when Fina informs him that Bo went back to 2008, but for some reason Rex didn't. They both don't see that Gigi is now in 1968 too. Back in 2008, Bo has no recollection of ever being in 1968.moreless
  • The Times, They Are A-Changing
    Tess makes plans with Leo to build the secret room and she's pleased when Leo decides to make the room soundproof. Natalie convinces Jared to stay at Llanfair with her. Blair fantasizes of spending time with John. Dorian is surprised to learn Blair likes John. Roxy questions John about his night together with Blair. In 1968, Bo is forced to act like Asa in front of 'Clint' to drive him away so he'd be able to take Rex and proceed with Fina's plan. In 2008, Gigi freaks out when Delphina informs her that she needs to be struck by lightning to go back in time, but Delphina convinces Gigi to go through with the plan. The time finally comes and the lightning strikes.moreless
  • The Look of Love
    The Look of Love
    Episode 22
    Layla confronts Brody about keeping secrets from Shane, but he warns her to mind her own business. Brody opens Adriana's package from Paris and finds Rex's DNA sample there in case Gigi decides to tell the truth about Shane's paternity. Rex and Fina find themselves at the same place in 1968 where Gigi and Delphina are in 2008. In 1968, 'Olympia' confronts 'Asa' about sending 'Bo' to Vietnam. 'Emma' and 'Bo' spend some time together. When it's finally time to return back in time, 'Clint' knocks out 'Bo', and Bo worries that this might prevent them from returning back to the future. In 2008, Delphina and Gigi prepare to travel to 1968.moreless
  • If The Conduit Can Do It
    Cord is mad at Tina for including Sarah in the mess she was in, but Sarah defends her mother and explains that she did everything to protect her. Tina and Cord profess their love for one another, but both agree that they can't be together after all the trouble they went through. Nora keeps getting irritated by Dallas, who suddenly decided to stay in Llanview to help Clint deal with hard times. Todd tells Marty that she used to hate Blair. Blair and John discuss about Todd's mystery woman. In 1968, 'Emma' and 'Renée' decide to go to a BBQ together. 'Maria' gives 'Rosa' an address for someone who will take her in. Bo and Rex continue planning their return to 2008 with Professor Fina. In 2008, Gigi and Madame Delphina arrive at the Bonjour Café. Moe asks Noelle to marry him.moreless
  • Strange Love Addiction
    Cord visits Nora and Clint with questions about Sarah, and they take some time to reminisce about the past days. Starr calls Cole trying to get back together, but he reminds her of what he had to do. Tess contacts a contractor. Antonio resigns his job at the police station in order to go save Talia in Mendorra. Marty and Todd continue developing a friendship. John and Blair worry about who could be the woman Todd is keeping in his house. Cord reunites with Sarah at Llanfair, and is surprised when Tina comes through the door.moreless
  • Hello? I Love You
    Hello? I Love You
    Episode 19
    Shane is disturbed when Gigi decides to go search after Rex, and Brody berates Gigi for her decision. Madame Delphina asks for $5,000 to help Gigi find Rex. Tess is forced to pretend that she likes Tina in front of Jared and Natalie, and then lies to Natalie that the breaks on her car weren't tampered with. Antonio informs John about Cain's jump from the plane, and the mayor appears commanding them that they can't go back to Mendorra. Sarah has a nightmare. Cristian lies to Layla about Talia's whereabouts. In 1968, 'Clint' reminds 'Bo' that he'll have to depart to Vietnam soon. Rex and Bo urge Professor Fina to help them get back to 2008. Bo is forced to act like 'Asa' and make sure that 'Clint' won't find out about Maria's pregnancy.moreless
  • There Must Be Some Way Outta Here
    In 1968, Bo informs Rex that he couldn't force himself to sleep with a young woman, as Rex realizes that it's going to be very tough to return back into the future. The men call out Professor Del Fina. Back in 2008, Viki is shocked to see her sister Tina back in Llanview. Tina finds her dog David Vickers at the airport. Antonio and Cristian comfort their mother. Todd kicks Blair out of his house and then fires Keys. Tess bribes Rocco the mechanic to keep quiet about someone tampering with the breaks on the car. Tess is surprised when Tina shows up on her doorstep. Layla urges Brody to become a better person. Madame Delphina reveals to Gigi that Rex tries to call her. Gigi asks Delphina to help her get to 1968.moreless
  • Jumpin' Jehosophat!
    Jumpin' Jehosophat!
    Episode 17
    Sarah is reunited with Cristian, Tina and Antonio. Cain surprises the others by appearing on the plane, but when Tina suggests they should give away the jewels to charity, Cain decides to jump off the plane. Tina knows that the real jewels were hidden in her dog's sweater. David leaves Tina's dog in the care of a few nuns he sees at the airport. Dorian crashes Viki's goodbye party, but the others make sure that she doesn't feel welcome. Dorian makes a joke about getting locked up in the cellar, which gives Tess an idea. Viki is shocked to see Tina getting off the plane with her family. Todd catches Blair making a joke in front of Keys. Layla is shocked to find out that Vincent has been seeing another woman behind her back. In 1968, Jeremiah tells Bo that he needs to sleep with Emma in order to return to the future. Rex finds the connection between Professor Del Fina and Madame Delphina.moreless
  • So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Good Night
    Todd admits to Blair that the family problems are killing him, and Blair denies having any input in Cole's decision to sign over the rights to his baby. Todd insults Blair. Starr is crushed after breaking up with Cole. Dorian is furious that Viki didn't invite her to her goodbye party. Blair finds a nightgown in her bag that she didn't buy. Cole tells Nora about giving up on Starr and the baby and Nora comforts him. Markko shows up to try and cheer up his friend. Tess prepares a room for Viki's party. Roxy questions Jared about living with Jessica. Jared gives Charlie a gift. Dorian crashes Viki's party. Carlo, Jonas and their thugs stop Antonio, Talia, Tina and Cristian from leaving, and Talia offers to stay in Mendorra in exchange for the freedom of the others. Antonio reluctantly agrees to go along with the plan. Everyone is thrilled when Sarah appears alive.moreless
  • Disappearing Axe
    Disappearing Axe
    Episode 15
    Antonio rescues Talia from Jonas, while Cristian rescues Tina and Cain from getting beheaded. Cain is distraught when Tina calls him 'Cord', and then runs through the castle, as Carlo and his men fight to keep the fugitives inside. Nora listens on as Dallas and Clint reminisce about old times, and then questions Dallas about how long she'll be staying in Llanview. David tries to collect the money from Nora and Clint, but Nora reveals that David signed the annulment papers before Clint came to him with the idea. David is freaked when he doesn't see his reflection in the mirror again. Brody convinces Gigi to take a new job. In 1968, 'Emma' tries to hook up with 'Bo,' but he refuses to do so and informs her that he has to go to Vietnam. 'Maria' plans to talk to 'Clint', but 'Asa' stops her. Rex goes to talk to Jeremiah who seems to believe that Rex is from 2008, and he tells him to go see Professor Fina.moreless
  • Yamajesti, Yahiness
    Yamajesti, Yahiness
    Episode 14
    Carlo pressures the newly married Talia and Jonas to consummate their marriage before receiving the throne. Jonas shocks Talia by revealing that Antonio is dead. Cristian hatches up a plan to save Talia. Cole tells Starr that he's ready to give away their baby, but they'll never be together again. David spends time talking to the dog. Marcie tells Michael that she still intends to adopt Starr's baby. Starr informs Marcie about Cole's decision. Marty admits to Todd that she cares for him. Cole informs Todd over the phone that there is nothing he can do to stop Starr from giving her baby away. In 1968, Emma tells 'Asa' that she can't be with him anymore, and later confides in 'Bo' that she loves someone else.moreless
  • Two Weddings and a Beheading
    Cole comes to Nora asking for advice on how to handle the adoption situation. Clint is surprised when his old girlfriend Dallas comes to visit. David asks Addie to marry him, but she rejects him, realizing that he doesn't love her and that she wants to find true love. Starr asks Blair if she thinks she should keep her baby. Addie gives David Vickers the dog back to David. Cole visits Starr and gives her the adoption papers, and then breaks up with her. Viki says goodbye to Charlie before leaving on a trip to Africa. Antonio is surprised when Cristian shows up at the cell in a disguise. Cristian explains how he lost Sarah after the fall, but the guys decide to concentrate on stopping the wedding. Carlo reveals to the people of Mendorra that Cain and Tina are just scam artists, and the people agree that the couple should be put to death. Talia refuses to marry Jonas until Carlo threatens her again. In 1968, Bo as 'Asa' is confronted by Renée. Emma Bradley shows up at the diner.moreless
  • Make Love, Not War
    Make Love, Not War
    Episode 12
    Antonio attacks Jonas, who then stabs him in the stomach and leaves him to bleed, and an unknown figure approaches Antonio to help him out. Talia warns Carlo that if anything happens to Antonio, she'll kill herself. Gigi answers Rex's phone call, but can't talk too much. Rex realizes that he reached Gigi in 2008. Bo and Rex realize that they need to visit the Bonjour Café to find out more about the connection between 2008 and 1968, and there they run into Jeremiah Stubbs. Charlie promises to Brody that he won't say anything about Rex being Shane's real father. Gigi comes asking Charlie to help her find Rex. Todd confronts John and Blair about sleeping together and soon insults start flying all over, with John punching Todd after he mentions Marty. Tess becomes nervous when Viki informs her that the car is being investigated to learn what caused the accident. Viki decides to take "Jessica"'s advice to take some time off, and she goes to say goodbye to Charlie.moreless
  • Day Of Future Past
    Day Of Future Past
    Episode 11
    Rex and Bo realize that they are still trapped in 1968. Olympia shows up and questions 'Bo' if 'Asa' is having an affair. Chuck returns with a cellphone and Rex wants to try it out. Back in 2008, Carlotta is crushed to see her diner burned down. Brody asks Gigi out on a date but she rejects him. Marty questions Todd about her past loves. Todd wonders if John and Blair slept together. Tina tells Antonio that both Cristian and Sarah fell over the falls. Carlo orders Jonas to get rid of Antonio.moreless
  • Summer Storm
    Summer Storm
    Episode 10
    John and Blair make love. Todd continues lying to Marty about the night she was raped, and Marty feels comfortable enough to let Todd spend the night watching over her in her room. Charlie visits Viki at the hospital and they talk about Dorian confessing her lies. Charlie professes his love for Viki again, but she needs time to think. David confronts Dorian in front of Addie, but both David and Addie admit that they were using each other. David admits to Dorian that the only reason why he gave up his marriage to Addie was to save Viki's life. David leaves Clint's check burning on the diner table.moreless
  • Up on the Roof
    Up on the Roof
    Episode 9
    Dorian visits Viki at the hospital. Viki thanks Dorian for saving her life, and Dorian tells her she's sure she would have done the same thing if it happened to her. Dorian admits that she didn't sleep with Charlie and then promises to Viki that she will no longer live like she did, because Mel made her change her mind. Blair promises to John that she will change and that she is now a stronger woman. They kiss. Todd tells Marty the detailed story about how she was raped. David decides to accept Clint's and Nora's suggestion. Addie and Charlie catch up on the latest events in their lives. Dorian informs Charlie about the accident and he rushes to the hospital. Gigi tells Brody that she only sees him as a friend, but is later surprised to see that Brody kept all the letters that she used to send him. Dorian shows Addie the annulment papers David signed, just as David enters the diner and asks Dorian to step away from his wife.moreless
  • Are You There, Mel? It's Me, Dorian
    Marty is shocked when Todd tells her she was raped during college, but he won't discuss the matter further. However, Marty continues grilling him for more info, but Todd tries to change the discussion, leading her to believe that he only wants the best for her and that he wants to move her far away from her past. John and Blair bond while talking about their lives. Langston sticks up for Cole, angering Starr. Markko urges Cole to watch his back while dealing with a person like Todd. David turns down Clint's offer. Brody and Gigi kiss. Dorian asks Mel for more advice.moreless
  • Divorce, Llanview Style
    Clint and Nora discuss about the possible way to deal with David. Dorian and David take Viki to the hospital. David holds his promise and signs the divorce papers, and Dorian asks him to explain it to Addie without implicating her. Viki is surprised to hear from David that Dorian saved her life. Clint offers David $10,000,000 in exchange for him divorcing Addie. John and Marcie discuss about Michael. Marty learns that she is a shrink, and then questions Todd about her college days. Todd surprised Marty by revealing that she was raped in college. Starr makes a videotape for her baby. Markko reminds Cole that working with Todd is dangerous.moreless
  • Everything Old Is New Again
    Agnes continues watching as the storylines continue... Mel begs Dorian to save Viki's life, but she thinks there's nothing else to do to save her. David shows up and promises to divorce Addie if Dorian saves Viki's life. Ben and Viki spend some time together in Heaven, and Viki refuses to go back, but Ben and Megan urge her that she has a lot more love to give. Dorian finds adrenalin and manages to save Viki's life. Cord calls Clint to ask about Sarah. Carlo freaks out when Cristian manages to reach Sarah's boat, but ultimately both Sarah and Cristian end up plunging over the falls. Back in the past, we get to see the story of Maria Vasquez getting pregnant with Cord, Clint's son. Rex and Bo are surprised when Emma Bradley shows up with Spencer Truman, and Rex learns that David Vickers is Asa's long lost son.moreless
  • A Little Bit of History Repeating
    When Viki dies, she suddenly arrives in Heaven, where she's welcomed by her granddaughter Meghan, who then takes her on a special journey. Having spoken to Asa, Viki is surprised to see Niki battling for Elvis, and then goes to meet Agnes, her loyal fan who had been watching her from Heaven. Viki is happy to see Ben. Mel appears to Dorian, urging her to change her scheming ways. Tina and Cristian are forced to watch Carlo as he orders to have Sarah pushed down a waterfall. Bo and Rex are shocked when Chuck tells them it's year 1968. Realizing that Bo is 'Asa' and Rex is 'Bo', the guys go on to meet another strange set of happenings, running into Nigel, Jared and Gigi, all in different roles.moreless
  • And The Wisdom To Know The Difference
    Chuck finds Rex and Bo electrocuted in the middle of the field and rushes to get help. As the men are taken away, nobody notices that a different version of Bo and Rex is walking away to the other side of the fence. While in the car together, Viki and Dorian discuss about Charlie and Mel, both blaming each other for their falling off the wagon. Dorian refuses to admit to Viki that she made it seem like Charlie was drunk, and then lies to her that she slept with Charlie. The women crash, and Dorian realizes Viki has no pulse. Gigi tries to tell Shane that Brody isn't his real father, but Brody surprises Gigi by going to the AA meeting. At the AA meeting, Charlie is shocked to hear from Brody that Shane isn't his son. Carlo forces Talia to agree to marry Jonas in exchange for the freedom of her friends. Tina and Cain have to return the jewels to Jonas, and are then taken away to be beheaded as a punishment. Carlo orders Cristian to kill Sarah.moreless
  • Road Kill
    Road Kill
    Episode 3
    Carlo reveals that Tina and Cain are not the real King and Queen of Mendorra. Antonio assures Talia that he doesn't care if she's Carlo's daughter, and that he loves her. Carlo stuns everyone by revealing that the new King and Queen will be the Ambassador Jonas Chamberlain and his daughter Talia. Jessica comes out just in time to stop Tess from poisoning Natalie and Jared. The two sides then start fighting in the bathroom, and Tess agrees not to kill Natalie and Jared, at least not for awhile. Gigi confronts Brody about drinking while driving Shane and she suggests he should go to an AA meeting, but Brody refuses to admit he has a problem. Viki manages to stop the car, as Dorian pleads with her to drive her. Rex tries to convince Bo to calm down, but Bo, irritated by his father's ghostly visit, locks Rex up in the stables and goes to ride the horse. Rex frees himself and tries to convince Bo to stop, but is forced to also ride the horse. Bo cuts in front of Rex, touched the fence and gets electrocuted.moreless
  • Tough Brakes
    Tough Brakes
    Episode 2
    While Tess waits to see if Natalie and Jared had a car crash as she planned, Natalie gives Viki the keys of the car. Jared asks Viki to give Charlie a second chance, but Viki doesn't seem to be interested in anything Jared has to say. Realizing that her plan failed, Tess decides to poison Natalie and Jared. David confronts Dorian about using the drug on Charlie. Viki decides to help someone on the road without knowing it's Dorian, but when she tries to stop, she realizes the breaks have been tampered with, and she can't stop the car. Gigi and Charlie catch up on the latest in their lives. Rex shows up at the Bonjour Café and learns more about Bo's whereabouts from Noelle and Moe. Bo arrives at the ranch, where Chuck warns him that a storm is coming their way. The ghost of Asa appears to Bo, calling him a disappointment. Rex shows up at the ranch in time to stop Bo from taking a ride on a horse.moreless
  • Oops, She Did It Again
    Langston tries to help Dorian out by blackmailing David into making a sex tape, but David knows better. While snooping around Dorian's room, David finds Rohypnol, the date rap drug. Clint and Nora intentionally bring up David and Addie in front Dorian all the time. Blair is surprised to learn that Michael doesn't support Marcie's plans. Starr is sad to realize that Cole and Todd are almost the safe. Tess puts her plan to mess with Natalie and Jared into motion.moreless