One Life to Live - Season 42

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Episode Guide

  • Ep. #10731
    Ep. #10731
    Episode 252
    Ford and Langston run into each other and Ford begs for another chance until Markko interrupts them. Langston asks Markko if he still has feelings for her and kisses him. Todd's charges are dropped and he asks Tea to marry him. Blair says yes to Eli's marriage proposal which Jack is not happy about. Marty evaluates Hannah and wonders if the girl really is insane or if it is an act. Starr and Cole argue about James and Hannah. Cole goes to visit Hannah to find out if she is telling the truth.moreless
  • Ep. #10730
    Ep. #10730
    Episode 251
    Jessica and Natalie both end up getting sick and throwing up, and they wonder what is going on with them. Bo wants David to move out after seeing what was published in The Sun. John thinks that Hannah's breakdown isn't real. Viki decides to let David stay at Llanfair. Langston learns about Blair's engagement. Ford comes face to face with Langston.moreless
  • Ep. #10729
    Ep. #10729
    Episode 250
    Hannah breaks down, as Eli continues with his threats. Layla is faced with a tough decision, as she realizes that she's holding her sister's life in her hands. Lisa accuses Layla of always wanting her sisters leftovers. Blair gives Elijah an answer for his marriage proposal. Starr wants Cole to understand why she has to watch over James.moreless
  • Ep. #10728
    Ep. #10728
    Episode 249
    Danielle has to deal with learning about Téa's grim prognosis. Starr and Cole reunite as a couple. Elijah threatens Hannah. David tries to convince Matthew to stay quiet about what he did. Layla and Cristian visit Evangeline and learn about her condition getting worse from Lisa.
  • Ep. #10727
    Ep. #10727
    Episode 248
    Kelly is confused about the kiss she shared with Todd. Blair promises to Téa that she'll help Danielle deal with Téa's situation. Dani goes to the park. Cole and Starr come face to face. John decides not to charge Cole. Eli questions Hannah if she knows who was behind Marty's miscarriage. Starr confronts Ford about abandoning his own brother.moreless
  • Ep. #10726
    Ep. #10726
    Episode 247
    Téa collapses on the floor and is taken to the ambulance, where everyone learns about her condition, and Téa begins to reveal the truth to her daughter. Starr is heartbroken over shooting James, who is taken to the hospital. Gigi and Rex bond as a couple. Viki decides to give David a job, which leaves Dorian surprised. David plays around with Dorian.moreless
  • Ep. #10725
    Ep. #10725
    Episode 246
    Jessica admits to Brody that kissing Ford triggered her memories. He tells her he isn't mad. Kelly thinks Blair is wrong for not accepting Eli's proposal immediately. Ford reassures Eli that he won't reveal who he is really is. James and Bull both end up getting shot. Hannah tells John that she wasn't the on that caused Marty to miscarry her baby.moreless
  • Ep. #10724
    Ep. #10724
    Episode 245
    Elijah surprises Blair by proposing, and she asks for time to think about it. Todd wants Danielle to stick with Téa. Bull isn't happy with how his situation is going. John arrests Hannah. James arrives at the barn. Elijah is revealed to be Ford's attacker.
  • Ep. #10723
    Ep. #10723
    Episode 244
    Nora and Bo return from their honeymoon and are surprised when they see that David has taken Matthew under his wing. Wendy appears, much to their surprise. Téa collapses. James and Starr kiss. Hannah admits the truth to Cole.
  • Ep. #10722
    Ep. #10722
    Episode 243
    Blair goes to see Ford and tells him to stay away from Langston. Ford receives a phone call and tells the caller that he did what they asked and fingered Hannah for the crime even though she didn't. John and Natalie search for Cole and Hannah. Cristian runs into Cole at a motel in Maryland and since she is about to be exposed, Hannah tells Cole that the cops are after her, not Cole. Téa sees Todd helping out Danielle. Bull ups the amount of the ransom for Nate to $500,000.moreless
  • Ep. #10721
    Ep. #10721
    Episode 242
    Starr and James crash the car that should have been "sold" to Bull. Dani tells Todd all about the stolen money and Todd agrees to give her the $50,000. Todd calls Bull to make a deal. Gigi tells Viki that she is thinking about applying to LU but is scared to tell Rex. Dorian tries to talk some sense into Langston regarding Ford. Ford calls Langston and she tells him that he is dead to her.moreless
  • Ep. #10720
    Ep. #10720
    Episode 241
    Bree tells Brody that she wants him to be her dad. Natalie gets a job at the police department. John gets in touch with the local police department in Delaware to have them locate Hannah. When they arrive at the house, Hannah tells Cole that they are there for him and tells him they should run. Nate is being held hostage by Bull and Bull is demanding his money. Nate calls Dani for help and Dani asks Todd for help with the money. Starr and James set up a meeting with Bull to give him the car but it's not for the next day. As they are driving to the meeting point, they get into an accident.moreless
  • Ep. #10719
    Ep. #10719
    Episode 240
    Starr ends up stealing the car that her father bought her when the dealership won't give her the money and she and James take off. James calls Bull to tell him that he has the money, but Bull has a gun on Nate after hearing from Matthew that Nate has his money. Cole pulls back from Hannah before they have sex. Layla and Cristian head to Maryland to tell her mother about their impending nupitals. Blair and Todd find out about Starr's stolen car and get her out of trouble with the dealership and then worry about who she was with.moreless
  • Ep. #10718
    Ep. #10718
    Episode 239
    Starr tries to get money for James by selling her new car. Cole falls deeper under Hannah's spell and believes that Starr is cheating on her. Cole surprises Hannah with a kiss. Matthew acts out against Nate after seeing him kiss Dani. Later, Matthew overhears them talk about money and when Bull comes asking around about Starr, Matthew offers his assistance. Layla, Cristian, Rex and Gigi enjoy a day outdoors. Charlie arrives at the cabin to find David and later Viki and Dorian show up. Viki is mad that Dorian is trying to keep Viki and Charlie apart.moreless
  • Ep. #10717
    Ep. #10717
    Episode 238
    Charlies plans a romantic lunch with Viki which Dorian breaks up with work calling. Hannah leads Cole to a beach house in Delaware under the premise that Starr and James are there. Hannah makes it look like Starr and James have slept together and then later finds out that Ford fingered her for his assault. Blair and Langston are worried about Starr's disapperance and worry about Hannah getting to her. Todd calls Ford and Ford tells him that he did what Todd asked and told John that Hannah attacked him.moreless
  • Ep. #10716
    Ep. #10716
    Episode 237
    Tea sets out to tell Dani about her condition but Dani starts to tell her about Nate so Tea chickens out. Kelly finds a slip of paper in her mother's vase that says the name "Bennett Thompson" and thinks it's a clue to the killer. Todd kisses Kelly to shut her up. Jessica tells Natalie the story of her night with Ford. Hannah deceives Cole and tells him that Starr is cheating on him. Starr tells James that she will help him get the money that he lost back.moreless
  • Ep. #10715
    Ep. #10715
    Episode 236
    Bull runs into Hannah and questions her about Starr and James. Starr talks to Cole on the phone and tells him that she needs more time to think about them but in reality she's buying more time for James and isn't happy with it. Shaun finds Reed in Kelly's office and he and Kelly confront him. Reed smashes Kelly's mom's vase and Kelly tells him to leave. Kelly finds something hidden in the vase. Ford tells John that Hannah was the one that attacked him. After John leaves, Ford answers a call and tells the caller that he did what was asked.moreless
  • Ep. #10714
    Ep. #10714
    Episode 235
    Cole and Starr wonder where Starr is as Starr takes James to Viki's cabin and won't let her leave. James fills Starr in on his abusive father and how he stole the $50,000.00 from him. Nate gives the money to his mother. Jessica goes to Ford and asks him if she is the one who attacked him. Ford calls John and tells him that he remembers what happened to him. Jessica apologizes to Layla for her behavior. John interrupts Hannah threatening Marty.moreless
  • Ep. #10713
    Ep. #10713
    Episode 234
    After the graduation, Langston talks to Blair about the mess she made with Markko. Dorian and Viki continue to bicker about each other's relationships with Charlie and David. Todd goes to Tea's radiation treatment with her. Eli arranges for a new bail hearing for Cole and he is released. Hannah confronts Marty about turning Cole against her. James drags Starr away after the graduation telling her his story about stealing $50,000.00.moreless
  • Ep. #10712
    Ep. #10712
    Episode 233
    The man after James calls him and demands his money or he will hurt Starr. James tries to track down Starr. Starr and Langston graduate and after Starr receives a diploma, she is grabbed by the man. Tea convinces Todd to go to Starr's graduation instead of her treatment. Danielle and Todd continue to spar with each other. Destiny finds Matthew with the hooker he spent the night with but he confesses that he didn't lose his virginity. Langston tries to make things right with Markko but she fails once again.moreless
  • Ep. #10711
    Ep. #10711
    Episode 232
    Jessica tells Kelly that she feels that she may have attacked Ford and she wants to turn herself in. John wonders about Jessica and Ford after she asks about him. Tea and Todd have it out about her keeping her cancer a secret and he vows to stick by her. Nate opens up to Danielle about how much his mother struggles and that he wants to give the money they found to her. Rex and Gigi go on their "first" official date. David looks to boost Matthew's confidence with the help of two hookers and he hopes that his little brother will lose his virginity.moreless
  • Ep. #10710
    Ep. #10710
    Episode 231
    John questions Ford about who attacked him but Ford doesn't remember. Jessica tells Kelly that she fears that she is the one who attacked Ford. Starr and Hope are carjacked by James who says he needs to return something to the man that is following him. Dani and Nate go swimming at the quarry and find a suitcase full of money and take it with them. Later, James looks for the case is very upset when he finds it empty. David tries to cheer up Matthew. Todd demands that Blair tell him the truth about Tea. Blair admits that Tea is dying.moreless
  • Ep. #10709
    Ep. #10709
    Episode 230
    Charlie and Dorian question Viki and David about why they are in a compromising position and David presses Dorian about her inappropriate behavior with Charlie. Viki hires David to work with her to make Charlie and Dorian jealous. Greg doesn't give Tea good news about her cancer and later Todd breaks into Greg's office to obtain Tea's medical file. Kelly hires Jessica at the newspaper. John finds holes in Langston's confession and lets her go. Ford awakens and John heads to question him. Ford's brother, James is being followed by a man and later, James drives off in Starr's car with her and Hope.moreless
  • Ep. #10708
    Ep. #10708
    Episode 229
    At the hospital, Ford starts to wake up while his brother, James is talking to him. Langston confesses to the assault on Ford, but John doubts that she really did it. After confronting Hannah, Marty wonders if the girl is dangerous. Starr and Danielle bond. Charlie and Dorian are caught in a compromising position by Jack and then Todd sends a pic of them to Viki. Viki fills David in on her annoyance about Charlie spending time with Dorian.moreless
  • Ep. #10707
    Ep. #10707
    Episode 228
    Marty goes to Todd and asks him to be honest with her about pushing her down the stairs. Todd says that he is innocent and that Hannah may be to blame. Hannah talks over an unconscious Ford and later Marty asks the girl if she was the culprit. Markko's mother verbally attacks Dorian and Charlie consoles her. Cole apologizes to Markko for not being upfront about Langston's affair with Ford. Ford's brother James pays a visit. Langston tells John that she was the one who attacked Ford.moreless
  • Ep. #10706
    Ep. #10706
    Episode 227
    Rex and Gigi head home after the wedding and they admit that they still love each other and agree to take things slow. Eli brings up the possibility of marriage with Blair and they agree to table the issue. Reed and Kelly enjoy a nightcap together. Brody and Jessica have sex on the roof and Natalie and John reconnect and have sex at Rodi's. Bo and Nora receive a personalized license plate from Lindsay in Statesville.moreless
  • Ep. #10705
    Ep. #10705
    Episode 226
    Bo and Nora's wedding continues until Clint shows up with a shotgun but it's directed at David. Clint is angry that David ran off Kim. After Clint is calmed down, Bo and Nora recite their vows and they are pronounced man and wife, again! Danielle tells Matthew that she isn't ready for a boyfriend but he brings up Nate and gets angry. Brody and Natalie agree to never tell John and Jessica that they slept together.moreless
  • Ep. #10704
    Ep. #10704
    Episode 225
    Danielle tries to tell Matthew about her kissing Nate, but they keep getting interrupted. Shaun catches Reed outside looking in on Kelly but has an excuse. Kelly invites Reed to the wedding. Bo and Nora's wedding is coming together due to their friends and family. Bo is upset to learn that Andrew can't land in Llanview and they don't have a minister. David tells Bo that he can do it.moreless
  • Ep. #10703
    Ep. #10703
    Episode 224
    Destiny lets Danielle and Nate know that she saw them kissing. Destiny gives Dani an ultimatum, either Dani tells Matthew about the kiss, or she will. John asks Blair to sing at the wedding but she says no since she wasn't even invited. Kelly and John play it off that Kelly will sing, so Blair agrees. Nora and Bo continue to have issues on their wedding day. David Vickers returns for the wedding.moreless
  • Ep. #10702
    Ep. #10702
    Episode 223
    Bo and Nora wake up to their wedding day and everything seems to go wrong. From a cracked tooth, a sprained ankle, a skunk and green hair, nothing seems to be going right for them. Bo vows to put the wedding together for Nora. Destiny spies Nate and Danielle kissing. Natalie and Brody continue to worry about their one night stand. Gigi and Rex return home and fill Shane in on Rex's past. Gigi makes plans to get done up by Roxy for the wedding so she can look good for Rex.moreless
  • Ep. #10701
    Ep. #10701
    Episode 222
    Todd tries to get Hannah to confess to the assaults on Marty and Ford but gets nowhere and lets Hannah go. Starr tells Cole that she believes in her father. Markko is arrested for Ford's assault and is put in the cell next to Cole. Natalie and Brody try to discuss their one night stand but John interrupts them. Jessica is relieved to hear that Brody arrested someone for Ford's assault. Nora asks Viki to be her matron of honor.moreless
  • Ep. #10700
    Ep. #10700
    Episode 221
    Todd's henchmen come to his office with Hannah and he tries to get her to confess to pushing Marty down the stairs. Todd's photographer comes in with pics of Ford all bloodied and Hannah is affected. Jessica apologizes to Cristian for all of the trouble she caused with him and Layla. Langston gives her statement to John about Ford. Markko tells Tea that he lied to the cops. Brody shows up to arrest Markko for Ford's assault.moreless
  • Ep. #10699
    Ep. #10699
    Episode 220
    Todd hires a man to find Hannah before the police do. Later, Todd and Kelly get into as Todd asks her about Reed. Rex and Gigi find out that Rex's biological mother died and that his biological father believes that Rex died at birth and that he may still be alive. John questions Markko about Ford's assault and it seems that John doesn't believe Markko's story. Langston insists to Dorian that she is innocent. Jessica hears about Ford and wonders if she had anything to do with it.moreless
  • Ep. #10698
    Ep. #10698
    Episode 219
    Nora and Téa appear for Todd's arraignment and Téa is able to get Todd released on bail. Rex and Gigi find love letters from Rex's possible parents and realize that there may be more to the story about his parentage. Dorian shows up at Ford's apartment to confront him and finds John. Dorian covers for Langston and asks her later to be honest with her. Cristian tells Markko that he had to tell John about the state Markko was in regarding Ford.moreless
  • Ep. #10697
    Ep. #10697
    Episode 218
    Blair is with Tea as she gets her first radiation treatment and later goes to court with her for Todd's arraignment. Tea continues to keep her tumor from Todd. Natalie is very happy to have her sister back. Brody and Natalie keep their tryst from Jessica. Langston fills Dorian in on her affair with Ford. Layla and Cristian return to their apartment to throw Ford out and find him lying in a pool of blood. Ford is barely alive and is rushed to the hospital. Markko is also there getting his hand looked at and worries if Ford will survive.moreless
  • Ep. #10696
    Ep. #10696
    Episode 217
    John tells Natalie that what she saw with Marty was goodbye and Natalie doesn't disclose to him about sleeping with Brody. Jessica tells Brody about recovering her memories but leaves the part out about almost sleeping with Ford. Penny lets Rex and Gigi see what was in Otto's box and they find a picture of a mountain. Starr is upset that Langston lied to her and holds Langston accountable for her actions. Layla and Cristian try to console Markko after he tells them about Ford. Later, Markko washes blood off his hands as Ford lays in his bed covered in blood.moreless
  • Ep. #10695
    Ep. #10695
    Episode 216
    Rex and Gigi are still in jail and Rex calls Bo but he can't bring himself to tell Bo that he is in jail. Otto's daughter, Penny, arrives at the jail to see Rex. Cristian and Layla share the good news of their engagement with Carlotta. Brody and Natalie have sex and then regret it afterward. Natalie heads to the airport and comes face to face with John. While Ford is trying to seduce Jessica, she remembers what Mitch did to her and later remembers Brody and Bree. Jessica shows up at Brody's apartment and tells him that she remembers.moreless
  • Ep. #10694
    Ep. #10694
    Episode 215
    Markko continues to lay into Langston about her infidelity and packs his things and leaves her. Matthew tells Danielle that he loves her and she seems unnerved about it. Blair and Tea get closer as Blair stays with Tea as she prepares for her first treatment in the morning. Roxy tells John that Natalie thinks that he is still with Marty. Natalie goes to Brody for comfort and they end up kissing. Jessica goes to Cristian's door and finds comfort with Ford who leads her to the bedroom.moreless
  • Ep. #10693
    Ep. #10693
    Episode 214
    Markko is devastated when Ford confirms that he and Langston have been sleeping together. After getting a punch in on Ford, Markko takes off. Ford breaks up with Langston and she storms off angrily. Jessica watches as Layla accepts Cristian's marriage proposal. Brody tries to get Jessica to remember the traumatic events with Mitch and she blows up at him and later shows up at Fords. Natalie waits at Rodi's for John and when he doesn't show up, she gets drunk and shows up at Brody's door.moreless
  • Ep. #10692
    Ep. #10692
    Episode 213
    Starr and Cole put aside their differences to share a dance at Starr's prom. Jessica rigs the prom king and queen ballots to make sure she and Cristian are named with the honors. Cristian is livid and walks out on Jessica. Crisitan proposes to Layla which Jessica witnesses. Markko watches the video of Destiny and Matthew talking about Langston and Ford. Markko storms out and reaches Ford's apartment just in time to see them kiss. Marty ends things with John and John kisses her goodbye which Natalie sees.moreless
  • Ep. #10691
    Ep. #10691
    Episode 212
    Natalie tells Roxy that she is leaving for London because she thinks that John won't meet her at Rodi's. Roxy convinces Natalie to go to Rodi's. Marty ends up giving John Natalie's letter. Langston overhears Layla and Cristian talking about Ford with anohter girl. Jessica has a brief memory of her and Brody. Dorian lets Cole out of jail so that he can go to the prom with Starr. Starr remembers her history with Cole as Cole pulls up in a cop car.moreless
  • Ep. #10690
    Ep. #10690
    Episode 211
    Layla overhears Jessica say that Cristian still has feelings for her and Layla tells Jessica once again to stay away from her man. Carlotta questions Cristian about his feelings for Jessica. Blair convinces Starr to go to the prom. Dorian is determined to get Starr and Cole together for Starr's prom.moreless
  • Ep. #10689
    Ep. #10689
    Episode 210
    Kelly is put off that Dorian hired Shaun as her bodyguard. Later, Shaun tags along when Kelly and Reed go out on their date to New York. Natalie leaves her letter to John but Marty finds it and reads it and stashes it in her purse. Jessica accuses of Cristian of being jealous of Ford talking to her. Viki and Clint talk to Marty about Jessica's condition.moreless
  • Ep. #10688
    Ep. #10688
    Episode 209
    Starr confronts Hannah and tells her to stay away from her family and Cole and questions if Hannah was the one who pushed Marty down the stairs. Todd tells John about the deal that Hannah proposed. Blair convinces Tea to seek treatment for her tumor. Roxy convinces Natalie to write a letter to tell John how she feels. Rex and Gigi are arrested for breaking into Otto's.moreless
  • Ep. #10687
    Ep. #10687
    Episode 208
    Hannah goes to Cole and tells him about Todd threatening her and about Starr telling her father about Hannah's overdose. Cole is angry with Starr and later Starr wants to confront Hannah. Gigi and Rex break into Otto's to find out more information about the necklace. Marty continues to have a difficult time dealing with her miscarriage. Danielle tells Matthew that she and Nate kissed. Tea tells Blair to continue to keep her secret from Todd.moreless
  • Ep. #10686
    Ep. #10686
    Episode 207
    Rex and Gigi are sure that Otto can help them find out more about the necklace. Otto is not as forthcoming with information and is hiding something. Ford flirts with Jessica and Layla is angry with Cristian when he is overprotective of her. Hannah tells Todd that she will recant her story if he drops the charges against Cole.moreless
  • Ep. #10685
    Ep. #10685
    Episode 206
    Cole and Starr are at a crossroads in their relationship. Tea almost tells Todd the truth about her brain tumor.
  • Ep. #10684
    Ep. #10684
    Episode 205
    Blair is there for Tea in her time of need. Todd and Starr work together to find out the truth about Marty's fall. Cole may catch a break in court.
  • Ep. #10683
    Ep. #10683
    Episode 204
    Tea's health crisis puts her life in turmoil. Nora steps up to defend Cole. Rex and Gigi search for the truth about Rex's past.
  • Ep. #10682
    Ep. #10682
    Episode 203
    Dorian thinks that Kelly is hiding something from her. Danielle continues to push Todd away. Blair is close to discovering Tea's secret.
  • Ep. #10681
    Ep. #10681
    Episode 202
    Greg gives Tea life altering news about her health. Starr confronts Hannah about her lies while Marty confronts Todd and asks him to drop the charges against Cole.
  • Ep. #10680
    Ep. #10680
    Episode 201
    Matthew asks Bo for advice regarding Danielle. Dorian continues to worry about Kelly's safety and asks Shaun to be her bodyguard. A man comes to visit Kelly. Todd awakens and right away, John puts him under arrest for pushing Marty down the stairs. Blair demands to know if Todd did the deed. Danielle is angry that Tea agrees to be Todd's attorney. Marty rushes to the police station when she hears that Cole was arrested.moreless
  • Ep. #10679
    Ep. #10679
    Episode 200
    Cristian surprises Layla with a romantic dinner and Layla thinks that he is going to propose to her. Charlie convinces Jessica to ask Brody to the prom and after she sees Layla and Cristian, she calls Brody and he accepts. Brody arrests Cole. Todd's life hangs in the balance as he starts to code on the table. Todd has a vision of what everyone's life would be like without him and it is enough to revive him.moreless
  • Ep. #10678
    Ep. #10678
    Episode 199
    Cole continues to beat Todd to a pulp and an ambulance is called in as Cole is pulled off of Todd. The doctor tells Blair and Starr that they will have to wait and see if Todd will make it through. Starr heads home to see Hope and walks in on Cole and Hannah and lets Cole know that she is angry with him. Natalie tells John that he owes her an apology since there is an eyewitness that saw Todd push Marty. Dorian voices her concern to Kelly about her safety since Melinda and Rodney may have been murdered.moreless
  • Ep. #10677
    Ep. #10677
    Episode 198
    Marty tells Nora about her confrontation with Todd and Nora promises to prosecute him if he is the one who pushed Marty down the stairs. Gigi and Rex talk to Viki and Bo respectively about their relationship. Starr tells Todd that she believes him when he says that he didn't push Marty down the stairs. Cole arrives at the school gym and tells Todd and Starr that Hannah saw Todd push Marty down the stairs and Cole starts pummeling Todd.moreless
  • Ep. #10676
    Ep. #10676
    Episode 197
    Blair and Tea discuss the possibility of Todd being guilty of pushing Marty down the staris. Cole is not pleased when Starr stands up for her father and later Hannah tells Cole that she saw Todd push Marty. Destiny sees Langston kiss Ford and later she and Matthew discuss but don't realize that they are being recorded on Markko's video for his documentary. Kelly realizes that Rodney is dead and John arrives and they discuss the possibility of Melinda's murderer being on the loose in Llanview.moreless
  • Ep. #10675
    Ep. #10675
    Episode 196
    Eli watches as Blair rehearses one of her songs and later they discuss her relationship with Kelly. Langston tries to break things off with Ford until he tells her that he is falling in love with her. Starr confronts Hannah on her intentions towards Cole. Cole confronts Todd and is convinced that Todd is the one who pushed Marty down the stairs. Natalie is devastated by John's doubt in her. Kelly finds out that Rodney can speak and she leaves the office to call John. Kelly returns to find Rodney on the floor!moreless
  • Ep. #10674
    Ep. #10674
    Episode 195
    Marty is convinced that Natalie pushed her down the stairs and John tells her that he will punish whoever was responsible even if it does turn out to be Natalie. Brody tells Natalie that he believes her innocence. Viki convinces Jessica to attend her prom while Cristian asks Layla to attend with him. Kelly is surprised when Rodney, a patient from her mother's sanitarium, shows up in her office. Langston continues to lie to Starr.moreless
  • Ep. #10673
    Ep. #10673
    Episode 194
    Todd becomes angry when Tea asks him if he pushed Marty down the stairs. Later, Todd tries to get information on Marty from the hospital. John asks Natalie if she was the one who pushed Marty and Natalie can't believe that he would ask her that. Later, Natalie breaks down. Matthew voices his concern over Danielle and Nate to Destiny while Danielle and Nate practice for the play. Starr and Cole reconnect and Cole agrees to go to Starr's senior prom. Langston and Ford are almost caught by Markko at the Palace and Langston gets mad at Ford for letting Markko in their room.moreless
  • Ep. #10672
    Ep. #10672
    Episode 193
    Ford pretends to be a high end director to get a room at the Palace for him and Langston. Markko pretends to be a bus boy at the hotel in the hopes of meeting the director and he is about to bust Langston. Starr talks to Todd about his fight with Cole and later tells Cole that she will not kick her father out of her life. Charlies agrees to take a job with Dorian. Marty and John mourn their baby and Marty tells John that she thinks Natalie pushed her down the stairs. Meanwhile, Tea asks Todd if he pushed Marty down the stairs.moreless
  • Ep. #10671
    Ep. #10671
    Episode 192
    Rex and Gigi question the nurse that found Rex on the night Allison took him and the nurse gives him half of a locket that was left inside his baby blanket. Bo and Nora tell Clint that they are getting married. Viki tells Charlie that she wants to try again. John finds Marty at the bottom of the garage stairs and once she is in her hospital bed, she tells him that she was pushed. Tea overhears this information and wonders if Todd pushed Marty down the stairs. The doctor tells Marty and John that she can't find the baby's heartbeat.moreless
  • Ep. #10670
    Ep. #10670
    Episode 191
    Viki returns to town and Natalie fills her in on her conversation with Marty and Marty's feelings for John. Eli and Blair discuss their feelings for each other. Rex and Gigi meet with a nurse that might shed some light on who Rex is. Dorian offers Charlie a job on a new project and Viki sees them together. Starr is upset to see Hannah and Cole together and Cole tries to explain what happened and gets angry that Starr sticks up for Todd. Todd takes his anger out on Marty. Later, Marty is leaving the hospital and is pushed down the stairs of the parking garage.moreless
  • Ep. #10669
    Ep. #10669
    Episode 190
    Natalie tells Marty that she believes that John wouldn't be with Marty if she weren't pregnant. Kelly and John try to make progress in California on finding out what happened to Kelly's mom. Jessica wants Cristian to take her to prom but he tells her he is a chaperone and taking Layla. Starr and Danielle have a hard time acting out the play. Todd almost beats Cole up after seeing Hannah in Cole's aparment. Later, Starr shows up and finds Cole and Hannah in an embrace.moreless
  • Ep. #10668
    Ep. #10668
    Episode 189
    John and Kelly question Mrs. Stevens at the sanitarium where Melinda died and they find out that the calls made to Kelly came from Mrs. Stevens office. Jessica goes to Marty for help and Marty tries to get her to remember her past to no avail. Natalie confesses her feelings for John to Brody and Marty overhears. Starr and Cole fight about Langston again. Todd tries to bond with Danielle but she wants nothing to do with him again. Tood heads to Starr's apartment and finds Cole in a compromising position with Hannah.moreless
  • Ep. #10667
    Ep. #10667
    Episode 188
    Eli makes Tea go to the hospital for tests and gets to his date with Blair late. Jack accuses Todd of being in a mad mood because of Tea. Rex and Gigi visit with Allison in jail to find out more about the day Rex was left at the hospital. Jessica and Brody go on their date, but her mind is on Cristian. Langston, Markko, Cole and Starr go to Ultraviolet to see Lifehouse. Langston tells Starr that she is breaking things off with Ford, but she lies.moreless
  • Ep. #10666
    Ep. #10666
    Episode 187
    Nora tells Bo that she doesn't know if they should get married since they have never gotten it right before. Bo convinces her to say yes. Matthew and Danielle find out who the lead of the musical is and Danielle seems to be taken with him. Brody convinces Jessica to go out with him. Langston can't go through with breaking up with Markko. At the custody hearing, Gigi decides to bow out and Fish is granted full custody. Rex wonders how Mitch could have been a match for Shane if Mitch isn't related to him. Tea faints in the courtroom.moreless
  • Ep. #10665
    Ep. #10665
    Episode 186
    Langston tell Starr that she is going to break up with Langston. Hannah tries to get close to Cole, but Starr interrupts them. Todd is annoyed when Kelly chooses John to help her find out what happened to her mother. Schuyler takes responsibility for his actions and will be sent to jail. Gigi and Fish are set to go to court for custody of Sierra. Danielle and Destiny find out which part they will be playing in the school musical. Bo and Nora are overjoyed to find out that Bo will be okay and Bo proposes to Nora.moreless
  • Ep. #10664
    Ep. #10664
    Episode 185
    Roxy fills Gigi and Rex in on the fact that Schuyler is her son. Roxy stands by Schuyler as he and Tea tell the judge that Schuyler is pleading temporary insanity. Starr is shocked when Langston says that she will be dumping Markko. Todd is not happy that Kelly has asked John to look into her mother's death. Bo survives his surgery but is still in critical condition. Clint goes to see his brother and puts aside his anger and wants Bo to recover so they can be brothers again. Bo opens his eyes when Nora is at his bedside.moreless
  • Ep. #10663
    Ep. #10663
    Episode 184
    Bo hangs on by a thread as Greg works on him. Bo stabilizes and shares moments with Nora, Matthew and Rex and then is wheeled into surgery. Gigi heads to see Sierra Rose with Fish and Kyle and they want to know if she still wants custody of the baby girl. Roxy goes to see Schuyler in jail and vows to stand by him. Starr confronts Ford and he makes her question her own relationship with Cole. Langston continues to feel guilty around Markko.moreless
  • Ep. #10662
    Ep. #10662
    Episode 183
    Fish and Kyle take Sierra Rose home and later Roxy shows up and is disappointed to find out that the baby girl is not her granddaughter. Natalie and Jessica bicker over Jessica's insistence that she will win Cristian back. At the cabin, Schuyler has reached his breaking point and fires a gun at Rex but Bo steps in front of him and takes the bullet. Gigi lets Nora and Matthew know about the incident and they head to the hospital.moreless
  • Ep. #10661
    Ep. #10661
    Episode 182
    Natalie walks in on Cristian and Jessica working on school and after Jessica leaves the room, Natalie confesses to Cristian her feelings for John. Kelly asks John for help in finding out who possibly killed her mother. Allison tells Roxy that her son survived and that it's Schuyler Joplin. Schuyler tries to make Gigi see that they belong together but Gigi wants to leave. Rex and Bo arrive at the cabin but Schuyler has them in a standoff and a shot rings out!moreless
  • Ep. #10660
    Ep. #10660
    Episode 181
    Natalie is upset when she finds out that Marty is moving in with John and reaffirms to him her resolve to stay away from him. Allison tells Kelly that she didn't kill her mother. Later, Kelly goes to John for help. Allison tells Roxy that her baby boy isn't dead. Starr is torn about keeping Langston's secret. Kim leaves Llanview and vows revenge on David for ruining her marriage with Clint. Rex and Bo search for Schuyler and Gigi. Schuyler takes Gigi to Viki's cabin and pulls a gun on her when Gigi tries to leave after hearing the truth about Sierra.moreless
  • Ep. #10659
    Ep. #10659
    Episode 180
    Markko searches for Langston after she lies about where she is. Langston stops Starr from telling Cole the truth about Langston's affair with Ford. Rex fills Gigi in on what Roxy told him but Gigi doubts that it is the truth. Brody debates on letting Mitch die, but eventually lets him be saved. Oliver fills Schuyler in on the truth about Sierra and Schuyler seems detached and steals a gun from the prison and heads to see Gigi. David blackmails Kim into leaving Clint.moreless
  • Ep. #10658
    Ep. #10658
    Episode 179
    Ford tells Langston that they should break things off for a while. Cole confesses to Starr the truth about Hannah. Cristian and Layla argue about Jessica again. David tells Kim that he has the goods on her to make her divorce Clint. Rex tells Roxy that even though he is upset about not knowing who he is, she will always be a mother to him. Back at Statesville, Schuyler gets the upper hand on Mitch and Allison and he and Sierra are freed but Oliver announces that Schuyler is not the father of the baby girl.moreless
  • Ep. #10657
    Ep. #10657
    Episode 178
    Layla catches Cristian in a compromising situation with Jessica. Marty and John find out that the baby is okay but that she may have a difficult pregnancy. John asks Marty to move in with him. Clint and Kim discuss raising Sierra. Allison drops a bombshell that Schuyler is actually Mitch and Roxy's baby. Roxy tells Rex the devastating truth about Schuyler and Rex is left wondering who his parents are.moreless
  • Ep. #10656
    Ep. #10656
    Episode 177
    Marty collapses in John's arms and fears that she is miscarrying the baby. Dorian calls Viki to try to persuade her to come home. Markko almost hears Langston and Starr talking about Langston sleeping with Ford. Back at Statesville, Schuyler injects Mitch with a drug to stop his heart and demands that Allison bring Sierra Rose to him. Fish finds Roxy and Kyle and finds out about Sierra. Fish opens the DNA results and finds out that he is the father of Sierra Rose.moreless
  • Ep. #10655
    Ep. #10655
    Episode 176
    Schuyler takes over Kyle's shift in the prison infirmary in order to free Mitch. Kelly and Todd confront Mitch at the prison about Melinda's death and it appears that Mitch is having a heart attack. Schuyler tells Mitch that he will spring him once he has Sierra back. Allison takes Kyle hostage. Starr confronts Langston with sleeping with Ford. Marty has a dizzy spell and faints.moreless
  • Ep. #10654
    Ep. #10654
    Episode 175
    Kelly and Todd talk about their different views on the new headline for the Sun. Kelly receives another mysterious phonecall saying that her mother was murdereded. Kelly wants to visit Mitch in jail to find out the truth. Cole warns Markko that Ford is a player while Hannah confronts Ford. Starr questions whether Langston is having an affair with Ford. Natalie must lie to John to keep him from discovering Allison and Roxy. Schuyler turns away Gigi to protect her. Allison tells Schuyler that he will get Sierra back if he breaks Mitch out of prison.moreless
  • Ep. #10653
    Ep. #10653
    Episode 174
    Kim informs Gigi and Rex that she and Clint are going to get custody of Sierra Rose. Bo and John are put on alert when they find out that Allison Perkins has escaped. Brody goes to the high school and asks Cristian to keep an eye on Jessica in case Allison comes around. Dorian is not happy about Kelly working with Todd. Tea is horrified to learn that Sierra has been kidnapped. Roxy tries to get Natalie out of her salon before she realizes that Allison is there, but Allison pulls a gun on her.moreless
  • Ep. #10652
    Ep. #10652
    Episode 173
    Schuyler is in a panic when he wakes up after being drugged to find Sierra gone and a message from Allison warning him to not tell anyone. Tea shows up later wondering where he was since he missed his court date. Allison goes to Roxy for help and uses Roxy's secret as leverage. Jessica confronts Natalie about Natalie's past with Cristian. Destiny and Danielle both try out for Langston's musical.moreless
  • Ep. #10651
    Ep. #10651
    Episode 172
    Blair interrupts Tea and Eli and tells Eli that she wants to start over with him and they have a cute first date. Rex turns down Gigi's marriage proposal and tells her that they need to work on their relationship first. Brody challenges Jessica to a game of HORSE and if he wins, she has to go out on a date with him. Langston continues to act weird around Markko. Cole feels guilty for lying to Starr about where he is. Allison drugs Schuyler and kidnaps Sierra Rose.moreless
  • Allison Wonderland
    Allison Wonderland
    Episode 171
    Kelly accepts Todd's job offer and infuriates Blair. Kelly makes it clear to Todd that she will be running the show. Blair runs to Eli but he is sick of being used and asks Tea for a date and Blair finds out. Cristian tries to make Jessica see that they are over. Rex and Gigi discuss marriage to win custody of Sierra. Schuyler gets a visit from Children's Services, but it's Allison Perkins and she pulls a gun on Schuyler.moreless
  • How Are Things in Glocca Llanview?
    Cristian has followed Jessica into the school gym and they rehash their past and their first kiss. Blair and Kelly continue to rehash their own past and Kelly accepts Todd's job offer to spite Blair. Starr confronts Langston about using Starr and Cole's love story for the musical but ultimately decides to let Langston to use it. Bo, John, Brody, Fish, Roxy, Nora, Layla and Natalie all celebrate St. Patricks Day.moreless
  • ...And Baby Makes Three
    Jessica goes off on Blair and Cristian and then Blair and she throw insults at each other. After Blair leaves, Crisitan fills Jessica in on their past loves, including Antonio and Natalie. Cole wonders if Hannah tried to kill herself after making her throw up the pills she took. Starr is mad that Langston wrote her musical about Starr's life. Bo and John talk about John's impending fatherhood. Markko almost catches a half-dressed Langston in Ford's office. Kelly and Todd discuss why he offered her the job and thinks that he is doing it to get back at Blair.moreless
  • Teacher's Sweat
    Teacher's Sweat
    Episode 168
    Todd stops by Llanfair and has to convince Jessica of who he is. Todd lets it slip that Blair and Cristian were lovers and Jessica starts crying. Later, Jessica walks in on Blair and Cris hugging and goes ballistic. Dorian tries to convince Kelly to stay in Llanview but Kelly leaves anyway. What Kelly doesn't know is that her limo driver is taking her to Todd. Danielle continues to act up at school. Langston leaves school to be with Ford. Cole visits his partner, Hannah, but cannot wake her up.moreless
  • Whose Child is This?
    Whose Child is This?
    Episode 167
    Allison tells Mitch that Sierra Rose and Schuyler are the key for getting him out of prison. Greg talks to Kyle and Fish about how Schuyler may be unfit to be a father. Roxy and Gigi discuss the baby and Roxy starts to tell her a story about Allison Perkins but Kim interrupts them. Natalie is disgusted when she finds out her father married Kim. Marty and John discuss the baby and he surprises her by saying he wants to be a father.moreless
  • I Saw Your Picture Today
    Brody gives Jessica back her things and she decides to do the same with her mementos of Cristian. Layla and Brody discuss Jessica and Cristian. Viki tells Charlie that she is putting the divorce on hold to take Bree to London. Hannah breaks down in front of Cole about a guy dumping her and Cole gives her a hug which Starr sees. Thinking Marty has told John about her pregnancy, Natalie congratulates him and feels horrible when he doesn't know. John asks Marty if she is pregnant.moreless
  • Rachel Getting Harried
    Rachel refuses to betray Schuyler's confidence and Greg breaks up with her. Tea produces an order from the court that gives Schuyler the right to take Sierra home. Gigi vows to get custody of her niece. Todd offers Kelly a job. Blair and Starr discuss their lives at the moment. Dorian tries to convince Viki to give Charlie another chance. After some hesitation, Kim marries Clint and they vow to get custody of Sierra.moreless
  • Baby, Baby, Who's Got the Baby?
    Viki asks Tea to handle her divorce. Charlie stops by Dorian to offer his condolences and tells her about his impending divorce. Kelly and Blair discuss Todd and Blair assures Kelly that she is over her ex. Kim starts to rethink the idea about marrying Clint. Schuyler is about to take Sierra Rose home when Eli shows up with a court order granting temporary custody to Gigi. Tea tries to intervene. Greg asks Rachel pointblank if she knows if Schuyler took the oxytocin.moreless
  • Heart Appreciation
    Heart Appreciation
    Episode 163
    Fish isn't ready to read the results of the paternity test and has Kyle keep them in a safe place. Marty isn't able to tell John about being pregnant and later Natalie finds out that Marty is pregnant and is shocked. Kim has doubts about signing the prenup but eventually hands over the signed papers to Clint. Cristian alerts Viki and Clint about Jessica's endeavors in highschool. Layla and Jessica have an interesting talk at the cafe.moreless
  • Bunny in the Oven
    Bunny in the Oven
    Episode 162
    Schuyler is shocked when Gigi announces that she is going to fight for custody of Sierra. Schuyler makes an emotional plea for her to back off but Gigi tells Eli to move forward. Kyle and Fish get into an argument when Kyle admits to doing the DNA test, but Fish eventually stops Kyle from burning the results. John and Natalie share another kiss. Marty and Roxy discuss Marty's surprise pregnancy. Clint tells Kim that he won't marry her without a prenup. Cristian is unsettled when Jessica decides to take his class.moreless
  • Auntie Up
    Auntie Up
    Episode 161
    Schuyler meets with Rachel and Tea to discuss meeting with the hospital ethics board. Gigi and Rex bond when Gigi decides to use Eli to fight for sole custody of Sierra. Kim goes to Kyle and Fish and tells them about her impending marriage to Clint. Kyle tells Fish that he did a DNA test. Jessica quizzes Natalie about Cristian but Natalie is interrupted before she can tell her that she and Cristian were once married. Allison Perkins spies on Jessica from outside of Llanfair.moreless
  • Rules of Engagement
    Rules of Engagement
    Episode 160
    Charlies pleads with Viki to give him another chance but Viki asks him for a divorce anyway. Bo and Nora are called to Dorian's where Dorian offers Bo his job back. Nora threatens Dorian with charges but decides to drop them. Todd and Tea are called to the highschool when Danielle is accused of stealing test answers. Matthew tries to take the blame, but Danielle confesses. Todd makes a big donation to get Danielle off the hook. Kelly turns down Kevin's marriage proposal. Kim explains to Clint that she needs to be married to him to get custody of Sierra. Clint agrees to marry her.moreless
  • Couples Resort
    Couples Resort
    Episode 159
    Rex brings Gigi the original Sierra and Rose dolls and tells him that she wants to raise the baby. Kevin asks Clint about Kim and Clint asks Kevin about Kelly. Kelly and Todd have a run-in at the church. Later, Kevin surprises Kelly with a proposal. Ford ends up further manipulating Langston. Jessica is upset when she finds out that Layla and Cristian live together and she wants her life back. Marty tells Brody to give Jessica space. Kim has a vision of Stacy who tells her that she wants Kim to raise her baby. Kim asks Clint to marry her.moreless
  • Que Sierra, Sierra
    Que Sierra, Sierra
    Episode 158
    Langston admits to Blair about sleeping with Ford. Blair sets out to prove what a jerk Ford really is. Kevin shows up to support Kelly in her time of need. Dorian visits Mitch and asks if their score is settled. Viki and Clint worry about Jessica acting like she is in highschool. Jessica shows up on Cristian's doorstep. Gigi lays into Schuyler after he tells her about the oxytocin. Adriana counsels Rex to work things out with Gigi. Kim cries over her lost friend but then is surprised when Stacy appears!moreless
  • First Love, Last Love
    First Love, Last Love
    Episode 157
    Hannah stops by Cole's to work on their project and she is surprised to find out that he has a baby. Langston gives into Ford and they end up having sex. Jessica tells Cristian about her memory loss and she believes that they should still be together. Cristian fills Jessica in on the last 13 years. Andrew and Cassie tell Dorian and the family that Melinda, Kelly's mother, has died and Dorian is convinced that Mitch had something to do with it. Allison Perkins visits Mitch and tells him that she will continue to do his bidding.moreless
  • Coming Around Again
    Coming Around Again
    Episode 156
    Jessica is very sad to learn that Asa died and to realize how much has changed since she last remembers anything. Jessica gfets in contact with Cristian and asks him to come see her and plants a kiss on him. Langston confronts Ford about plotting to be alone with her and he lays a steamy kiss on her again. The Cramer women gather to Dorian's for a reunion of sorts and Andrew shows up with bad news. Roxy goes to visit Mitch and leaves very unsettled. Later, Mitch gets another visitor, Allison Perkins!moreless
  • Unfaithfully Yours
    Unfaithfully Yours
    Episode 155
    Marty forgives John about kissing Marty and Natalie is affected when she sees the kiss. Viki tells Natalie that she doesn't know if she can forgive Charlie. Brody tries to jog Jessica's memory with pictures and a video of them and later with a kiss, but Jessica doesn't remember. Gigi is grateful for Rex's support during Sierra's surgery. Schuyler tells Rachel that he never used the oxytocin on Stacy. Starr is jealous when Cole introduces her to an attractive female classmate, Hannah. Markko almost catches Langston in the act with Ford.moreless
  • Do the Dogg
    Do the Dogg
    Episode 154
    Jack goes to meet his sister, Danielle and they get off to a rocky start. Todd and Blair show up and Danielle is put off when Todd forbids her to go out with Matthew that night. Todd and Tea end up heading to Capricorn to keep an eye on the kids. Snoop Dogg arrives in town and goes to see his old friend, Bo and invites him and Nora to his show at Capricorn. Rachel and Greg argue about Schuyler's possible guilt. Langston stays home to watch Hope and later Ford shows up and they start to kiss.moreless
  • Downward Schuyler
    Downward Schuyler
    Episode 153
    Blair finds out that Tea moved out and resists Todd's advances because she doesn't want to fall back into the same pattern with him. Blair decides to move out. Matthew and Danielle begin to make out and she wants to have sex but he tells her that they are not ready. Rachel seeks advice from Tea about Schuyler's possilbe legal issue with the oxytocin. Gigi unleashes her anger of Schuyler and blames him for Stacy's ultimate death. She tells him that they are over. Roxy tells Rex to go after Gigi.moreless
  • Displeasures of Sierra's Madre
    Schuyler confesses the sordid truth about how long he has known about Stacy's baby being his. Gigi is very upset at him. Rex explains to Shane the truth about Sierra Rose and Shane wonders if his parents will get back together. Fish is adamnant about not finding out if the baby is his, but Kyle swipes a glass of his for DNA proof. Jessica has no memory after her senior year of highschool but she fakes knowing Bree to not traumatize the child.moreless
  • These Boots
    These Boots
    Episode 151
    Bo and Nora head back to Llanview and Bo tells Shane about Stacy. John tries to make things right with Marty. Todd plots to bash John in the newspaper. Jessica doesn't remember Brody and doesn't remember anything after her senior year of highschool. Gigi and Schuyler find out that Sierra Rose has a congenital heart defect and needs surgery. Schuyler admits that he is the father of Sierra Rose. Kim mourns Stacy and leaves boots for her fallen friend by the lake which eventually disappear!moreless
  • On Frozen Pond
    On Frozen Pond
    Episode 150
    Rex has to tell Kim that Stacy is dead and then he unleashes his anger at her for lying about the baby. Kim blurts out that Schuyler isn't the father any more than Rex is. Schuyler must tell Gigi about Stacy's death. Kelly and David finally find Adriana but realize that she wasn't in trouble. Jessica is out of surgery and remembers Clint and Viki but doesn't remember Brody.moreless
  • Le Revenge
    Le Revenge
    Episode 149
    Blair, Starr and Langston think about forgiving Dorian but are shocked that she manipulated Charlie. Dorian hires Eli to represent her and Charlie. Mitch is hauled off to his cell taunting Dorian along the way. In Paris, Kelly and David work on finding Adriana. Natalie tells John to fix things with Marty who gives him the cold shoulder. Brody worries about telling Clint and Viki about what Mitch did to Jessica.moreless
  • Come On In, The Water's Frigid
    Gigi comes back to life and worries about Sierra Rose. Suddenly, Stacy appears and falls through the ice. Gigi and Schuyler head to the hospital with the baby while Rex and Fish try to save Stacy, but they are unable to save her. In Paris, Kelly worries about Adriana and calls David for help. Viki confronts Dorian and later Dorian fires Lowell.moreless
  • Ice, Ice Baby
    Ice, Ice Baby
    Episode 147
    Dorian is in a panic when Mitch tells her one of her girls is in trouble and calls Adriana and Cassie to warn them. Kelly brushes off Dorian but starts to worry when Cassie calls. Marty confronts John and Natalie about their kiss and Natalie takes all of the blame. Viki finds out Dorian's role in Charlie shooting Jessica. Gigi falls through the ice but is able to get the baby to Schuyler. Rex goes onto the ice and retrieves Gigi and gives her CPR. Kim finds Stacy has left the cabin.moreless
  • On Thin Ice
    On Thin Ice
    Episode 146
    John and Natalie come to the conclusion that they shouldn't talk about their feelings again and share a kiss which Marty walks in on. Mitch warns Dorian that one of her girls is doomed as Kelly and Adriana catch up in Paris. Brody fills Viki and Clint in on Jessica's condition. Charlie admits to Viki that he shot Jessica. Gigi takes Sierra Rose out into the cold to try to find help for the baby. Gigi ends up in the middle of the lake with the ice beginning to crack.moreless
  • Sierra Rose
    Sierra Rose
    Episode 145
    Natalie's head begins to clear and she realizes that John kissed her back when she thought he was Jared. John admits to still having feelings for her. Marty and Kim go out in search of John and Stacy. Gigi delivers Stacy's baby who she names Sierra Rose. Gigi worries that something is wrong with the baby. Rex can't wait to tell Gigi about Schuyler and Stacy. Charlie accidentally shoots Jessica and later the FBI shows up to arrest Mitch. Dorian pulls a gun on Mitch.moreless
  • Shocked! Shocked!
    Shocked! Shocked!
    Episode 144
    Destiny lets Matthew know that it's okay if they are just friends. Matthew finds it weird when Danielle and Destiny bond. Greg tells Rachel that Schuyler may be charged with stealing drugs. Up on the mountain, Schuyler confesses the truth about Stacy's baby to Rex and Rex attacks him. Gigi prepares to deliever Stacy's baby. Brody is upset to see that Jessica has no memory of him and is disgusted to learn that Mitch used electro-shock therapy on her. Charlie enters the observatory and points his gun at Mitch. Dorian enters just as Charlie shoots and she tries to stop him.moreless
  • Shiver Deep, Mountain High
    Natalie continues to think that John is Jared and it makes John have memories of his relationship with Natalie. Roxy confronts Kim with the fact that Rex is not the father of Stacy's baby. Gigi gets Stacy out of the cold and into the cabin and starts to question whether the baby is Rex's. Rex confronts Schuyler about Stacy's will and Schuyler blurts out that he is the father. Brody shoots Mitch and ties him up. Nurse Charles tries to kill Brody, but Fish bursts in and kills her. Jessica doesn't recognize Brody.moreless
  • Fire and Ice and Brimstone
    Mel appears to Dorian to remind her that she is supposed to be doing good in the world and she heads out to stop Charlie from killing Mitch. John has pulled Natalie from the burning car and he is delusional and thinks that he is Jared and he plays along. Stacy collapses in the snow and Rex walks past her. Mitch starts to carry out his plan to impregnate Jessica but Brody bursts in the door with a gun.moreless
  • Sorry, Wrong Baby
    Sorry, Wrong Baby
    Episode 141
    Mitch is furious when he realizes that Stacy is telling the truth about not being pregnant with Rex's baby. Mitch tells Stacy that he will leave her fate up to God and sets her out in the blizzard where she starts to go in labor. Mitch tells Jessica that he will impregnate her with the Chosen One. Rex and Fish come across Schuyler's car and finds Stacy's will and is shocked to see Schuyler listed as the guardian. Charlie and Dorian make it to Gigi's cabin. Gigi heads out to find Schuyler and Charlie heads out to find Jessica leaving Dorian alone. Kyle tells Roxy that Rex isn't the father of Stacy's baby.moreless
  • All On A Wintry Night
    All On A Wintry Night
    Episode 140
    Charlie and Dorian's car gets into an accident with the car carrying John, Brody and Natalie. Natalie is trapped in the car and John tries to free her before a gas explosion. Dorian and Charlie set off on foot not realizing who they hit. Rex and Fish set out to find Stacy. Nurse Charles arrives with Stacy at Mitch's hideout and Stacy spills the beans that Rex is not the father of her baby. Schuyler gets into an accident on his way to meet Gigi.moreless
  • Desperately Seeking Stacy
    Langston goes to see Markko on campus but finds Ford instead. Ford offers his office for Langston to use. Tea and Todd make love and enjoy each other's company. Dorian and Charlie try to get Stacy to come with them but Nurse Charles pulls a gun on them and Stacy is forced to go with her. Rex is upset when he realizes that Stacy is missing. Stacy is able to answer Kim's call and is able to tell her that she was kidnapped. Natalie is able to outrun the cops with John and Brody and they head up Llantano Mountain all the while on a collision course with Dorian and Charlie and Stacy and Nurse Charles.moreless
  • Showdown@BigSky
    Episode 138
    Mitch hears that Stacy is in labor and sends Nurse Charles to kidnap Stacy from the hospital. Rex and Gigi talk about her relationship with Schuyler and Rex is devastated when she tells him that she is in love with Schuyler. Schuyler changes his mind about giving the oxytocin to Stacy. Marty takes the fall for John's escape and is arrested by Lowell. John and Brody, along with Natalie, outrun the cops and get a lead on Mitch.moreless
  • Pow! Zap!
    Pow! Zap!
    Episode 137
    Rex and Kim rush Stacy to the hospital when she fakes labor. Schuyler is about to inject the oxytocin in Stacy but has a change of heart. Jessica convinces Mitch that she is willing to raise Stacy's baby. Jessica manages to get Nurse Charles' phone and tries to call Brody but is caught by Mitch. Mitch goes back to the plan of electro-shock therapy. Brody and John manage to escape the cops when Brody pretends to shoot John. Marty helps in their escape as they narrowly miss Lowell.moreless
  • Kill the Messenger
    Kill the Messenger
    Episode 136
    Mitch and Nurse Charles are about to give Jessica electroshock therapy so that her memory will be erased. John is denied bail and Brody puts his plan into action against Lowell and it appears that Brody has shot John! Charlie makes Dorian tell him what Mitch has over her. Téa makes arrangements for Danielle to go to school in Llanview. Starr and Danielle grow closer. Stacy goes into fake labor.moreless
  • My Three Dads
    My Three Dads
    Episode 135
    Todd has a bad dream about Mitch killing Danielle and Téa but Téa comforts him. Schuyler makes Stacy name him as the baby's guardian if anything should happen to her and that way he will give her the oxytocin that she needs. Gigi confides in Rachel about her feelings for Schuyler. Dorian realizes that Stacy is the key to finding Mitch. Charlie tries to comfort Viki but he is called away by Dorian. Mitch tells Jessica in detail his plan for her and Stacy's baby.moreless
  • One Way or a Mother
    One Way or a Mother
    Episode 134
    Jessica wakes up in a lab with Mitch standing over her. Jessica is horrified to learn that Mitch wants her to raise Stacy's baby. Dorian tells Charlie about Jessica and Charlie heads home to face Viki. Natalie wants to break John out of jail but he talks her out of it. Marty talks to Dr. Levin about Natalie and John. Schuyler forges a signature to obtain the oxytocin for Stacy. Fish asks Stacy for confirmation that he isn't the father of her baby.moreless
  • Escape to Buchanan Ranch
    Bo and Nora finally make love but their afterglow is shortened by news of Jessica. Kim sets out to seduce Clint but they are interrupted by Nora with news about Jessica's disappearance. Gigi and Schuyler share a date but are also interrupted when Bo comes up with a plan to take Shane and Bree to Texas, far away from Mitch. Stacy continues to pressure Schuyler about getting the drugs to induce her labor.moreless
  • Hey Sister, Go Sister, Soul Sister
    Blair stops Langston and Ford from continuing their kiss and tells Ford that she knows he is up to no good. Langston doesn't tell Markko about the kiss. Brody finds out that Jessica is missing and he and Viki panic as they know Mitch has her. Natalie has a session with Marty and it turns heated and Natalie accuses Marty of using therapy to confront Natalie about John. Téa and Todd are relieved when they find Danielle with Starr. Starr convinces Téa to let Danielle to stay with her for a while.moreless
  • Already Gone
    Already Gone
    Episode 131
    Brody falls into Mitch's trap when Lowell tries to have him arrested along with John. Brody is able to take off to make sure Jessica is okay but Jessica is drugged by Nurse Charles and is nowhere to be found. Todd and Téa worry about Danielle. Starr fills Danielle in on her past with Todd and tries to give her insight on their father. At Capricorn, Ford pulls Langston into a kiss.moreless
  • Like a Bridge Over Troubled Daughter
    Todd goes to Marty to ask her for help with Danielle but Téa informs him that Danielle already has found out about his past via an internet search. Matthew takes Danielle to meet Starr. Viki follows Charlie to a bar and he devastates her by telling her that he's drinking again and doesn't want her around him. Charlie tells Dorian that he will kill Mitch. Jessica receives a letter from Mitch and Brody tells her to wary of her father. Nurse Charles drugs the guard protecting Jessica.moreless
  • Father Knows Worst
    Father Knows Worst
    Episode 129
    Téa informs Todd that Ross is alive and that he is the one that told Danielle that Todd is her father. Meanwhile, Danielle does some internet research on her new father and tells Matthew that she is horrified at what she found. Blair tells Langston that it is normal to fantasize about other men. Markko is forced to invited Ford to Starr's party. Fish and Kyle confront Stacy and Kim about the fact that Stacy's baby could be Oliver's.moreless
  • Manning the Flames of Doubt
    It's Starr's 18th birthday and Blair makes Todd go and see their daughter. Todd is in a sullen mood because of Téa and ends up leaving. Langston tells Blair that she fantasized about Ford while having sex with Markko. Kim tells Schuyler that Stacy needs her baby to come a month early and wants Schuyler to get the drugs. Kyle finds out that Oliver slept with Stacy and wonders if her baby could be his. Téa and Danielle return from Tahiti and arrive at Rachel's. Téa goes to see Todd and tells him Danielle knows the truth. When Rachel won't give up any information on Todd, Danielle pulls out a laptop.moreless
  • One Fish, Two Fish, Rex Fish, Sky (Blue) Fish
    Charlies and Dorian come across each other at a bar and Dorian tries to convince to not drink and instead, plot to kill Mitch. Viki and Nora discuss Nora's situation with Bo and Clint. Jessica and Natalie are disturbed when they find out that Kim is living with Clint. Stacy and Kim plot to make sure Stacy's baby arrives a month early. Roxy confronts Gigi about dumping Rex.moreless
  • Laurence of Suburbia
    Laurence of Suburbia
    Episode 126
    After hearing Stacy and Schuyler admit that Schuyler is the father of her baby, Kyle agrees to keep the secret. John and Brody kidnap Dorian and try to get her to admit that Mitch is blackmailing her. Mitch shows up at the cafe and interrupts Viki, Charlie, Jessica and Natalie's breakfast. Charlie gets so fired up that he takes off and goes to a bar to drink.moreless
  • Movin' On Up
    Movin' On Up
    Episode 125
    Blair and Elijah continue to enjoy each other's company. Dorian finds out that Langston moved in with Markko. Langston and Markko realize that they can't live with Cole, Starr and Hope. Later, Markko find Langston with Ford. David wants to sue Ford for copyright infringement. Rex tells Gigi that he moved back in with Stacy because of Mitch. Schuyler hears about what Mitch did to Stacy and confronts her at the hospital and Kyle walks into Stacy's appointment in time to hear Schuyler say that he is the father of her baby.moreless
  • Family is Everything
    Family is Everything
    Episode 124
    Ross and Téa explain to Danielle that Todd is her father. Ross wants Danielle to get to know her father. Mitch goes to see Todd and offers him help with his daughters, but Todd turns him down. Ford accepts an offer to move in with Layla, Cristian and Fish. David calls Kim out on her deceit with Neville. Kim confesses to Clint about her scheme and he tells her that he knows she is looking for a sugar daddy.moreless
  • From Bobby Socks to Stockings
    Todd refuses to let Starr move in with Cole, but Blair manages to change his mind. Later, Cole and Starr find out that Markko asked Langston to move in as well. Nora receives divorce papers and finds out that Clint is suing her for $42 million dollars. Luckily, Nora turns it around on Clint so he drops the suit in exchange for the mansion. David returns to town and tells Bo that Ford stole his show. David later confronts Kim. Danielle and Téa are shocked to see Ross alive. Ross tells Danielle that Todd is her father.moreless
  • Mitch Ado About Something
    Lowell has to dismiss the charges against John when Jessica, Brody, Marty and Cole all confess to stabbing Mitch. Lowell fires John. Natalie confesses to her family that she was the one that stabbed Mitch but they are happy to hear that the charges have been dropped. Mitch tells Dorian that she is not done with his bidding. Todd is upset when Cole asks Starr to move in with him. Clint tells Kim that she can move into the mansion when Stacy tells her that Rex is moving back in. Back in Tahiti, Ross reveals himself to Danielle.moreless
  • Missing You
    Missing You
    Episode 121
    Blair and the rest of her family arrive at Todd's doorstep because of what Dorian did. Todd laments to Blair about losing Téa and his daughter. Téa and Danielle arrive in Tahiti and Danielle mourns Ross, but later a very much alive Ross, appears outside. Dorian unloads on the spirit of her late husband, Mel. Rex and Gigi agree to have Gigi and Shane remain at the carriage house. Rex arrives at his loft as Mitch and Nurse Charles are trying to drag Stacy away. Rex orders Mitch to stay away from his family.moreless
  • Nurse Charles in Charge
    Dorian names Stanley Lowell as the new Commissioner of Llanview and after, Dorian's family walks out on her in protest. Marty confronts John with the truth about what happened with Mitch. Later, Lowell shows up to arrest John. Charlies fights the temptation to drink. Eli advises Rex to not seek custody of Shane against Gigi because he will likely lose. Nurse Charles shows up at Stacy's and tries to drug her.moreless
  • Let's Get (Meta) Physical
    Téa tries to say goodbye to Todd but ends up in his bed. They hope that one day they will be a family with Danielle. Blair and Eli end up in bed hoping to forget Téa and Todd. Meanwhile, Danielle and Matthew share a first kiss. Starr accuses Langston of thinking about Ford too much. Markko runs into Ford at the gym and feels inferior to him.moreless
  • A Kiss Before I Go
    A Kiss Before I Go
    Episode 118
    With the letter opener that Mitch sent her, Dorian confronts Bo with tampering evidence. Natalie and John both confess to being the one that stabbed Mitch. To take the heat off of the two of them, Bo resigns as Commissioner. Mitch fills Dorian in on who he wants to replace Bo. Gigi confesses to Rex that she slept with Schuyler and that she wants to be with him. Téa comes to say goodbye to Todd and he tells her that he still loves her and pulls her into a kiss. Elsewhere, Blair and Eli commiserate about their love lives and end up in a kiss as well.moreless
  • A Mitch in Time
    A Mitch in Time
    Episode 117
    Gigi and Schuyler wake up in each others arms only to be interrupted by Shane who is not pleased to see them together. Later, Rex arrives at the cabin. Kyle and Fish are blissfully happy waking up together but Fish must leave for work. Kyle tries to talk to Roxy about Mitch but she won't discuss him. Charlie confesses to Viki about falling off the wagon. Jessica and Natalie berate Nora for leaving their father. Mitch tells Dorian that her job of firing Bo is not done yet.moreless
  • Because This Night Belongs to Us
    Blair and Todd talk Danielle out of shooting Todd. Téa is called and tells her daughter that she will no longer be involved with Todd. Gigi and Schuyler have sex while Rex and Stacy celebrate the new year together. Langston is shocked when Ford returns to town. Matthew has to let Destiny down after she tells him that she loves him. Kyle realizes that Nick was trying to get him back and ends up with Oliver for the night. Bo and Nora are shocked when Dorian fires Bo. Dorian tells Mitch that the deed is done.moreless
  • What Are You Doing New Years Eve?
    Blair tells Todd to forgive Téa if he is still in love with her. Danielle pulls a gun that she stole from Bo, on Todd. Gigi makes a seduction scene for Schuyler and chickens out but she asks him to stay the night anyway. Fish accuses Nick of trying to win back Kyle. Clint and Dorian's plan to out Bo and Nora goes off and Dorian demands Bo's resignation.moreless
  • Don't Get Mad, Get Even
    Gigi tells Noelle that she may want to be Schuyler. Rex visits with Mitch and tells him to stay away from his family. Schuyler and Rachel discuss his situation with Stacy and Gigi. Even though they have questions about Mitch's stabbing, Bo and Nora agree to close the case. Dorian receives a photo of Bo and Nora kissing and shows it to Clint. Clint is behind Dorian's plan to fire and humiliate Bo.moreless
  • Merry Christmas Mr. Laurence
    Clint fills Viki in on the Bo and Nora saga and how they deceived him. Brody stops a drunken Charlie from bursting into Mitch's hospital room. Matthew takes his first steps since the accident. Rachel and Greg have sex for the first time. Todd asks Téa to spend Christmas with him and his boys. Mitch sends a package to Dorian and she realizes that Mitch really can hurt her girls and tells Mitch that she will give in to his demands.moreless
  • Rockin' Around the Crisis Tree
    Mitch tells Stacy that he can deliver her Rex if she hands over her baby once it is born. Clint tells Kim that he knows she lied on her resume and he knows that she was a stripper. Clint tells Kim that he still wants her to work for him. Natalie hopes that she may be pregnant to have a piece of Jared still and is devastated when her test comes out negative. Rex goes to the cabin to see Gigi and is heartbroken when he sees Gigi and Schuyler having fun together.moreless
  • Cabin Fever
    Cabin Fever
    Episode 111
    Clint rips into Bo and Nora about their "affair" and makes it clear to Bo that he no longer has a brother. Nick hopes to break up Kyle and Fish while Kyle takes care of him. Noelle drops Gigi off at Viki's cabin and Schuyler shows up. Gigi admits to him that she has conflicting feelings for him. Mitch tells Dorian that he will hurt her girls if she doesn't fire Bo as police commissioner. Stacy pays Mitch a visit.moreless
  • The Apparent Trap
    The Apparent Trap
    Episode 110
    After finding Clint and Kim in bed together, Nora realizes that Clint knows the truth about her and Bo. Clint tells Nora that he didn't sleep with Kim and that he just wanted Nora to feel as stupid as he does. Bo shows up and Clint pulls out his shotgun. Blair goes to apologize to Téa, and Starr finds Danielle's picture on Todd. Danielle blames Destiny for her father's death and later vows revenge on Todd. Mitch tries to blackmail Dorian into doing his bidding.moreless
  • Who's Sorry Now?
    Who's Sorry Now?
    Episode 109
    Danielle continues to blame Téa and Todd for Ross' death. Matthew assures her that she will like Llanview and get used to it. Mitch tells Brody that John stabbed him but then changes his story again and says that Natalie stabbed him. John tells Brody to write up what Mitch said. Viki asks Charlie about the bottle she found and he denies drinking. Nora comes home and finds Clint in bed with Kim!moreless
  • The Mel Word
    The Mel Word
    Episode 108
    Jessica learns about Natalie's attempt to kill Mitch. Viki is worried that Charlie might be drinking again. John protects Natalie.
  • I Never Sank for My Father
    Kim works on her plan to snatch Clint. Danielle unleashes her anger on Todd and Téa. Viki finds a bottle of alcohol. Gigi takes a trip.
  • Bridge Over The River Lie
    John tells Natalie that he will continue to say that Mitch stabbed himself. Brody tells John that he knows the truth. Nevil, in disguise as Nigel, tells Clint about Bo and Nora. Rex and Gigi agree to separate for a while. In Washington, Ross is cornered on a bridge and Todd offers to trade places with Blair. Blair manages to escape and Todd and Ross struggle for the gun. Todd shoots Ross and Ross falls into the river below.moreless
  • Global Repositioning
    Global Repositioning
    Episode 105
    Kim and Stacy set out to make Nevil into Nigel so he can tell Clint about Bo and Nora. Rex comes to the conclusion that Gigi has feelings for Schuyler and tells her that they should take a break. Schuyler fills Rachel in on the baby situation with Stacy. Back in Washington, Blair is able to click on the GPS in her purse. Ross is furious when he finds out and throws it out the window. Luckily, Bo is able to get a position on the car.moreless
  • Danielle in the Lion's Den
    Kim kidnaps Nevil before he can go to the airport and makes a pass at him in hopes of Nevil spilling the beans about Nora and Bo. In Seattle, Bo and Nora explain to Matthew that he can go home, but Matthew wants to make sure that Danielle is okay before he goes home. Téa fills Todd in on Danielle and her life. Bo agrees to help with the investigation to find Blair and Danielle. Ross continues to lead Danielle and Blair closer to the Canadian border.moreless
  • Heart of Darkness
    Heart of Darkness
    Episode 103
    Natalie stabs Mitch in John's office and he drops to the floor. John announces to Brody and Jessica who have just entered that Mitch stabbed himself. Jessica and Rex worry about Mitch's blood supply if he dies. Charlie heads to an AA meeting and then lets loose on the group saying that it is his fault that Jared is dead and leaves taking a drink. Schuyler tells Stacy to stay away from Mitch. Kim overhears Nigel and Nevil talk about Clint and Nora.moreless
  • Christmas Stuns Early This Year
    Fish shows Nick mugshots of some guys and Nick verifies that they are the guys that attacked him. Natalie arrives at BE and is angry to find Kim in Jared's office. Clint backs up Kim's claim that Jared hired her. Natalie finds a present Jared left for her and later is devastated to find out that there won't be any new charges against Mitch. In jail, John continues to question Mitch and tells him that if he hurts anyone John loves, John will kill him. Natalie arrives and takes out a letter opener and stabs Mitch in the gut!moreless
  • No More Mr. Nice Guy
    No More Mr. Nice Guy
    Episode 101
    Nick stumbles into the hospital and Marty takes care of him. Kyle and Fish are called about the attack and Fish and John go to make the arrests of the three men who attacked Nick. Cole, Starr, Langston and Markko have fun at Ultraviolet for the All-American Rejects show. Cristian and Layla have their first date and make love for the first time. Back in Seattle, Blair runs into Danielle and Ross in the parking garage and later Téa and Todd watch as Ross speeds off with the two women.moreless
  • The Doggone Girl is Mine
    Dorian is placed in jail in a cell next to Mitch's. Mitch taunts Dorian and she finally gives into the taunts and says that she will kill him. Nick and Amelia are harassed by three homophobic men and Schuyler takes a punch trying to defend them. Later, Nick is beaten outside of Roadies. Rex takes Shane to his club to see the All-American Rejects and Stacy is there with Kim. Shane almost touches Stacy's fake belly. Back in Seattle, Ross makes his way to the hospital and into Matthew's room. Greg and Rachel call the cops. Todd and Téa arrive and try to stop Ross from taking Danielle, but he gets into the elevator with her.moreless
  • One Step Forward, Twelve Steps Back
    Natalie is devastated as she sits by Jared's grave and Viki comes to console her. Charlie goes to see Mitch in jail and as Mitch taunts him, Charlie's resolve to not drink wavers and he later takes a drink. Dorian signs the document legalizing same-sex marriage and the Attorney General wants Fish to arrest her. Dorian won't let Fish sacrifice his career for his beliefs, so she goes to jail willingly. Ross breaks out of jail with a gun in hand set on finding Danielle. Danielle is given up by Destiny in Matthew's room at the hospital.moreless
  • It's Not Meet, It's Emotion
    Mitch comes out of Jared's coffin at the memorial service and Natalie is enraged and demands to know where Jared's body is. Mitch announces that the charges against him have been dropped, but Bo and John arrest him anyway. Fish is upset with Kyle when he finds out that Kyle confided in Nick about Fish and Kyle having never slept together. Dorian is sworn in as mayor and promises to uphold her campaign promise that all same sex marriages will be legal.moreless
  • Missing Children
    Missing Children
    Episode 97
    While in jail, Todd tells Téa how much he hates her for keeping the truth about Danielle from him. Todd also finds out that Blair knew the truth. Natalie blasts Roxy for not letting anyone know that Mitch was alive but eventually lets her comfort her. At Jared's memorial service, John receives a call from Napa Valley and as the service progresses, the coffin starts to open.moreless
  • The Sons Also Rise
    The Sons Also Rise
    Episode 96
    David accidentally lets Kevin in on the secret that Bo and Nora are in love but Kevin decides to keep it from his father. Kim is able to persuade Clint to give her a job under the guise of being hired by Jared before his death. Jessica receives Mitch's letter and is unnerved as she reads it. Later, she is shocked to find out that Rex is her brother. Schuyler decides to come clean to Gigi about Stacy's pregnancy, but changes his mind when he imagines that Gigi will turn on him.moreless
  • Is It So Small a Thing?
    The town of Llanview celebrates the Thankgiving holiday. Clint ends up sending Greg's family and Bo and Nora to Seattle to celebrate. Matthew gets feeling back in his legs. Rex reaches out to a lonely Roxy.
  • Congratulations, It's a Girl
    Amelia convinces Dorian to head to London to tell David that she loves him just as she receives word that Viki has stepped down as Mayor. Fish is happy when Kyle refers to them as a couple. Stacy and Kim try to convince Schuyler to go along with the plan that Stacy's baby is Rex's. Schuyler makes them promise to not tell Rex about the night Gigi stayed in his room. In Seattle, Danielle refuses to believe that Ross hurt Téa and calls the cops but tells them that her mother is trying to kidnap her. Ross, Téa and Todd are hauled into jail.moreless
  • Blood is Thicker than Daughter
    After Schuyler catches Stacy with pregnancy padding, Kim reveals to him that he slept with Stacy and got her pregnant and that he should keep the secret that the baby is Rex's. Mitch writes a chilling letter to Jessica from jail. Roxy is shocked to learn that Mitch is alive. Todd stops Ross from hurting Téa further and finds out that Danielle is his daughter just as Danielle arrives to Téa's room.moreless
  • Who's Your Daddy?
    Who's Your Daddy?
    Episode 92
    Todd is shocked when Danielle tells him that Téa is her mother and that Ross is her father. Todd demands to know where Téa is. Ross gets more angry at Téa and gets very violent with her. Stacy tries to blackmail Roxy into giving up Gigi and Schuyler's night together to Rex. Schuyler catches Kim and Stacy adjusting Stacy's pregnancy padding.moreless
  • The Seven Year Mitch
    Natalie flies into a rage against John and blames him for Jared's death. After, she finally lets him comfort her. In Napa, Jessica confronts Mitch in jail and Mitch tells his daughter that they will always be together. In Seattle, Todd comes face to face with Danielle, but he doesn't know that she is his daughter. Ross becomes violent with Téa when she tells him that Todd is Danielle's father.moreless
  • Dare I Weep, Dare I Mourn
    Rachel and Greg decide to stay in Seattle for Matthew so that Bo and Nora can head back to Llanview for their family. Téa comes face to face with Ross. Blair tells Todd to settle things with Téa once and for all. John and Marty have a reunion and she tells him not to blame himself for Jared's death. John later opens the door to a very angry Natalie.moreless
  • Hold the Phone!
    Hold the Phone!
    Episode 89
    John and Brody stop Charlie from killing Mitch. John is upset when the Napa Valley police insist on keeping Mitch in California. Nora and Bo celebrate the outcome of Matthew's surgery by almost making love, but stop because they don't want to hurt Clint. Rex fills Gigi in on the Mitch situation. Stacy and Kim talk about how Gigi spent the night at Schuyler's apartment and also about Kim landing at a job at Buchanan Enterprises.moreless
  • Dads Gone Wild
    Dads Gone Wild
    Episode 88
    Natalie and Charlie share their goodbyes with Jared and Natalie crumbles into Charlie. Mitch taunts John and tells him that Natalie will blame him for Jared's death. Charlie met up with John and tried to strangle Mitch. Back in Llanview, Roxy finally reveals the whole truth about Mitch to Rex and he storms off after his mother frustrates him. Amelia tells Dorian that she lost the election by one vote. In Seattle, Greg finishes the surgery on Matthew for Dr. Nance and he is optimistic about it.moreless
  • Angel of Death
    Angel of Death
    Episode 87
    In Napa, Viki tells Charlie about Mitch's claims about him being a murdered and about Jared protecting him. Natalie and Charlie are devastated when Jared is pronounced dead. Bo and Nora arrive in Seattle too late to stop Matthew's surgery. Back in Llanview, Gigi wakes up in Schuyler's bed and later, Roxy catches her leaving his room. Rex starts to confront his mother about Mitch being his father.moreless
  • The Greenhouse Effect
    In Napa, Natalie is devastated that Mitch has shot Jared. Later, Viki is shocked to come face to face with Mitch again. Bo calls Michael in Seattle and tries to get him to stall Matthew's surgery. Back in Llanview, Destiny convinces Greg to head to Seattle to perform Matthew's surgery. Blair convinces Todd to stay in town and not look for Téa.moreless
  • Sing Along With Mitch
    Matthew and Danielle land in Seattle and go to Dr. Nance for him to do the surgery. Matthew begs the doctor to not tell Bo and Nora that Matthew is in Seattle. Back in Llanview, Ross goes to Blair's for help with the Danielle situation. Ross kisses Blair and she pulls away and that's when Todd appears and pulls Ross off of Blair. In Napa, Mitch revealed that Charlie was a murderer and Jared told Natalie that he had been wanting to tell her the truth about working with Landers and how he came across Pamela Stewart. Brody and John arrived and easily ambushed Mitch. Unfortunately, John turns his back and Mitch fires his gun!moreless
  • Back From the Dead
    Back From the Dead
    Episode 84
    Matthew and Danielle realize how they both know Téa on the plane to Seatttle. Bo and Nora discuss how they are going to break the news to Clint about their love for one another when Clint shows up in London. Nora almost comes clean with Clint but is stopped when she finds out Matthew is missing from school. Back at the Warwick school, Téa was livid that Danielle was missing as well. In Napa Valley, Jessica and Natalie stared a a very much alive Mitch Laurence. Mitch revealed to the girls and Jared that it was because of Jared's desire to protect his father that the crazy events had occurred.moreless
  • Skin and Bones
    Skin and Bones
    Episode 83
    A drunken Gigi comes onto Schuyler, but he turns her down but lets her stay the night since is too drunk to drive home. Viki is shocked to find Nash's grave empty. Rex finds out who his father is. Back in Napa Valley, Jessica tries to get away from Jared and finds herself face to face with Mitch Laurence.moreless
  • The Banks Bailout
    The Banks Bailout
    Episode 82
    Jared tries to convince Jessica that he's innocent. Blair's plan takes a turn for the better. Corrine and Nadine explain themselves. A drunk Gigi makes a pass at Schuyler. Viki and Marcie reunite at Chloe's gravesite. Jessica thinks Nash might be alive. Dorian celebrates her presumed victory. Todd wants to know what Téa is doing in London.moreless
  • Hell's Belles & Cells
    Stacy taunts her sister. John arrives in Michigan in time to stop Corrine and Nadine. Jared surprises Jessica.
  • Tall, Dark and Proper
    Todd is worried about what Téa is up to. Nora and Bo discuss the future. Kim decides to get a rich man for herself.
  • Veni, Vidi, Vino, Vote
    A mysterious person continues watching Jessica and Natalie's every move. Fish and Kyle need to decide where to go next with their lives.
  • Wholly Matrimony!
    Wholly Matrimony!
    Episode 78
    Dorian and David distance themselves from each other again. Nora gives her answer to Bo. Kyle and Fish reunite.
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow
    Bo confesses the truth to Nora. Schuyler makes a move at Gigi. Dorian finds herself in doubt. Téa learns Ross left town.
  • A Date With Destiny
    A Date With Destiny
    Episode 76
    Blair continues manipulating Todd. Ross works on the real reason he came to town. Nora and Bo can't hold their feelings aside no more.
  • For Whom The Bellman Tells
    Roxy warns Kyle. Brody and Jessica are in danger. Rex and Natalie get a lead in their search for Jared.
  • Struck Lucky With Motel Matches
    John feels as if Natalie doesn't trust him. Natalie and Rex search for Jared. Layla and Cristian want to be together.
  • The Call is Coming from Inside Your Head!
    Jessica is surprised by a voice from her past. Téa decides to let Todd think the worst of her. Ross refuses to confront Blair.
  • Matthew, Come Home
    Matthew, Come Home
    Episode 72
    Blair continues working on her plot. Jessica finds herself in more trouble than she could imagine. Rachel learns about Téa's big secret.
  • No Texts, Please, We're British
    Blair manipulates Todd. Natalie asks Rex to help her out. Schuyler and Gigi get close.
  • Connubial Blitz
    Connubial Blitz
    Episode 70
    David almost confesses how he feels for Dorian. Marty is forced to stick by Blair. Gigi is keen on fixing her relationship.
  • London Calling
    London Calling
    Episode 69
    Dorian explains how things stand to Starr and Langston. Natalie is worried when Jared is nowhere to be found.
  • The Born Identity
    The Born Identity
    Episode 68
    Natalie and John find something disturbing. Blair has a new plan in store. Téa challenges Todd.
  • Flight of the Buchanans
    Blair wants to get her memory back. Natalie worries about Jared's innocence. Rachel and Greg are interrupted.
  • Say It Ain't So, Bo
    Say It Ain't So, Bo
    Episode 66
    Jared shocks Natalie. Bo and Nora manage to trick their son. Brody finds something surprising.
  • To the Manning Born
    To the Manning Born
    Episode 65
    Blair learns the news about Dorian and Amelia. Schuyler doesn't want to get involved in Stacy and Kim's plots.
  • Why Blair Aired
    Why Blair Aired
    Episode 64
    Todd wants answers from Téa. Stacy taunts Rex. Fish and Ross fight.
  • Thick As Thieves
    Thick As Thieves
    Episode 63
    Nora begs Greg to do the operation on Matthew. Téa finds herself in trouble.
  • The Defenestration of Blair Cramer
    Matthew works on being able to have his surgery. Blair is happy to be alive after her fight with Téa. Téa is worried that her secret might come out.
  • Definitely, Baby
    Definitely, Baby
    Episode 61
    Jared tells Natalie that he has a secret. Dorian makes an important announcement. Blair and Téa continue fighting.
  • Children of a Lesser Todd
    John wants the truth from Jared. Markko makes a mistake. Blair and Téa fight.
  • An Arresting Development
    Gigi won't hide her jealousy. Todd questions Téa. Jared's case continues getting weirder by the minute.
  • A Tale of Two Husbands
    Blair tells the entire truth to Todd. Jared continues acting strange. Matthew surprises Nora.
  • Exes and Oh's!
    Exes and Oh's!
    Episode 57
    Blair accidentally tells the truth to Todd. Fish confesses. Jared receives a phone call from the stalker.
  • Who's Zoomin' Who
    Who's Zoomin' Who
    Episode 56
    Greg is overcome with guilt. Stacy and Kim are convinced their plan is working. John doesn't trust Jared.
  • The Blair Essentials
    Greg won't operate on Matthew. Jared makes a weird phone call. David confides in Bo about a secret.
  • Endless Love Boat
    Endless Love Boat
    Episode 54
    Stacy and Kim continue working on their plan. Ross wants Blair to reconsider her intentions.
  • Or Forever Hold Your Scream
    Téa is touched by Todd's move. Blair isn't happy. Stacy and Kim continue plotting against Gigi and Rex.
  • The Wedding Stinger
    The Wedding Stinger
    Episode 52
    John is keen on finding out who is stalking Jessica. Ross doesn't know if he should go ahead with Blair's plan or back out. Blair won't back down with her plan.
  • Rated Ex
    Rated Ex
    Episode 51
    Téa attempts to tell the truth to Todd. John is convinced Jared has a secret. Dorian makes an offer to Ross.
  • Fathers and Sons
    Fathers and Sons
    Episode 50
    Viki wants Téa to tell the truth to Todd. Fish is worried about how his future will look now that his parents know the truth.
  • Everybody, Limbo!
    Everybody, Limbo!
    Episode 49
    Rex gets an answer to the proposal. John is suspicious of Jared. Matthew, Bo and Nora learn about the outcome of the case.
  • Break On Through To The Other Side
    Todd proves to Téa that he loves her. Greg feels guilty. Blair is impatient with the knowledge she holds in her hands.
  • Who Sleeps With The Fishes?
    Ross attempts to hide from Todd. Jared ends up getting attacked. Fish finally comes out to his parents.
  • Politics As Unusual
    Politics As Unusual
    Episode 46
    Blair taunts Téa. Fish decides to face his parents with the truth. Viki and Dorian go up against each other.
  • Courage Tastes of Blood
    Dorian tells the truth to Cole and Starr. Cole, John, Brody and Fish receive the proper reward for their work.
  • Caling All Angels
    Caling All Angels
    Episode 44
    Marty is convinced she can move on with John. Shaun's condition causes guilt in many people. Jessica confides in Brody.
  • Dasvidania, Comrade
    Dasvidania, Comrade
    Episode 43
    Brody's life is put in great risk. John fights with Serge. Stacy feels the future might have a good ending after all.
  • Vlad the Impaler
    Vlad the Impaler
    Episode 42
    The lives of Brody and John are put at great risk, while Serge holds the life of Starr and Hope in his hands. Greg tells Rachel that he needs to operate on his brother. Gigi is worried about what Stacy might have in plan. Stacy finds out she's pregnant.
  • First There Is a Baby, Then There Is No Baby, Then There Is...
    John and Bo rush to save Starr and her baby. Gigi thinks Stacy is hiding more than she lets on. Greg finds valuable information.
  • Between Shaun and the Dark of Night
    Blair informs Ross about the progress of their plan. John fights to save Shaun's life. Starr and Hope's life is in danger.
  • All's Mayor in Love and War
    John goes public with the crimes of the mayor. Todd, Starr and Hope are put in danger. Shaun finds himself in danger as well.
  • Blood in The Water
    Blood in The Water
    Episode 38
    Cristian explains the truth about his sexuality to Carlotta. Cole's undercover assignment goes out of control. Téa wins over Rachel in court.
  • Law & Ardor
    Law & Ardor
    Episode 37
    Todd is worried about the safety of his daughter and granddaughter. Cole's life is put in great risk by Dorian. Téa does her best at Matthew's trial.
  • The Big Kahuna
    The Big Kahuna
    Episode 36
    Ross and Blair plan their revenge on Téa and Blair. Téa thinks she is getting her wish. Dorian overhears valuable information.
  • Some Enchanted Dealing
    Fish continues explaining his situation to Layla and Cristian. Cole finds himself in trouble. Blair plots with Ross.
  • The Cops, The Kids, The Bigamist & Her Lover
    Fish decides to confess the truth to Layla and Cristian. Blair finds more dirt on Téa. Todd catches Cole in shady business.
  • Who Am I, Anyway?
    Who Am I, Anyway?
    Episode 33
    Blair finally locates Ross Rayburn and meets with him. Fish ends up right where Stacy wants him. Todd gives Téa a proposal.
  • Leave the Bottle
    Leave the Bottle
    Episode 32
    Stacy tries to come clean to Gigi, Rex and Shane, but Kim prevents her from revealing that she isn't pregnant. Layla confronts Fish about what she heard of his kiss with Kyle. She breaks up with him even though he tries to cling on to her. Charlie is convinced that Viki running for mayor is a good thing.moreless
  • Fish in a Barrel
    Fish in a Barrel
    Episode 31
    John and Fish listen as Keaton meets with the mayor. Fish is confused about John's approach to the case. Cristian reveals to Layla about the kiss between Fish and Kyle. Stacy and Kim decide to tell the truth to Gigi and Rex. David continues annoying people. Markko overhears Ford and Langston discussing love.moreless
  • The Thin Line Between Love And Rage
    Stacy drugs Schuyler in an attempt to sleep with him, but when he realizes she isn't Gigi, he doesn't want to sleep with her and he throws her out. Blair explains to Dorian why she needs to find Ross Rayburn. Todd convinces Téa to stay after expressing his love for her. Layla is stunned when she hears stunning news from Nick at the gym.moreless
  • Everybody Loves Rayburn
    Marty's problems appear as she goes through Todd's analysis. Blair comes closer to revealing Téa's secret. Dorian challenges Viki to run for mayor, and Charlie thinks it's a good idea after learning his worksite has been shut down by the mayor. Stacy and Kim plot to get Schuyler in Stacy's bed.moreless
  • Physician, Heal Thyself
    Elijah threatens Téa. Todd wants Marty to be his doctor. Viki confronts the mayor about his work in town. Rex tells Blair he found Ross Rayburn. Stacy and Kim realize that Stacy needs to get pregnant immediately.
  • The Ghost Is Clear
    The Ghost Is Clear
    Episode 27
    Jared and Natalie are trying to find out the identity of the person haunting them. Jessica receives a warning from Madame Delphina. Cristian is confused about Fish.
  • The Real Buchanans of Llantano County
    Téa is nervous around Elijah. David makes his family uncomfortable. Jessica wants answers.
  • To Walk, Perchance To Dream
    Stacy receives help from Kim. Matthew testifies in court. Todd questions Blair about her jealousy.
  • The Who To-Do List
    The Who To-Do List
    Episode 24
    Stacy and her friend Kimberly go through a list of candidates to get Stacy pregnant, Schuyler, Fish and Kyle. Bo and Nora question why they never told Clint about their kiss before court. Elijah continues to try to blackmail Tea. Matthew is called as Tea's first witness. Greg goes to apologize to Rachel but ends up infuriating her once again. Fish tells Kyle that he slept with Layla and later Kyle tells Cristian that Fish isn't gay. Todd finds Blair's dossier on Tea and wants to know what she is up to.moreless
  • Baby and the Tramp
    Baby and the Tramp
    Episode 23
    Cristian wakes up and is happy that Fish didn't sleep in his own bed but later finds out that Layla and Fish slept together. Cris tells Fish to tell Layla the truth and leaves. Fish tells Layla that the previous night was perfect. Rex informs Blair that Tea fell off the map after her island adventure with Todd and didn't reappear for five years. Stacy's friend Kimberly visits and tells Stacy to get pregnant again and say the baby is Rex's. Elijah continued to threaten Tea with her secrets. Gigi told Roxy about Stacy's pregnancy. Bo told Nora that he almost stopped the wedding.moreless
  • Lies and Whispers
    Lies and Whispers
    Episode 22
    Marty and John celebrated her reinstatement to the hospital and she confessed to thinking about Todd but told John that the two them will be together eventually. While Viki told David that she didn't want to have anything to do with his reality show, Jessica tackled Ford, David's produce thinking he was the man stalking her. Brody showed up and figured out that the stalker was real. Greg and Rachel got into a heated argument on their double date and later Greg's date assumed that Greg and Rachel had a thing for each other. Layla and Fish return home and even though Cristian told Fish that he would tell Layla the truth about him if Fish didn't, Fish and Layla head to the bedroom.moreless
  • I'll Be Watching You
    Dorian and Viki join the hospital board to discuss whether Marty can come back to work. After the mayor pleads for the board for a negative vote, Dorian pleads for an affirmative one and it is approved. Langston offered up Markko for David's new cameraman, but when David wanted to videotape Viki's family, Markko had a problem with it. David told his crew that they were going ahead with it anyway. Cole was busy doing his community service when he ran into Starr and Hope and unfortunately, Serge witnessed their exchange. After Starr left, Brody approached Cole and wanted more drugs. Serge was impressed with Cole. Jared and Natalie received a CD with images of Nash's death and they tried to figure out who sent it. Jessica talked about her problems with Marty and later confronted a stranger in her backyard.moreless
  • The Blair Snitch Project
    Dorian is shocked to see David and starts telling him about the things that he missed in Llanview until she spots a microphone on his shirt. David's crew comes out and David revealse that he is doing a reality show, but Dorian is against it. Later David talks about the project at the Buenos Dias and Langston overhears his plight about not having a cameraman and sees this as a chance for Markko to get money for college. Rachel shocks Matthew when she tells him that she won't be testifying for him but she is shocked when Greg says he will. Rex questioned why Blair wanted to investigate Tea but eventually took the case. Todd tells Tea that he may hire Elijah to get the court order making him live with Blair overturned, but Tea is not happy about it. After Todd left, Tea opened a locked briefcase and got very emotional.moreless
  • And Tell Kiss
    And Tell Kiss
    Episode 19
    Rex is upset that Schuyler kissed Gigi and wonders if she gave Schuyler the wrong impression. Rex doesn't want anyone interfering with their relationship. Schuyler and Rachel talk to each other about their love lives and head to Rodi's. Shaun and Greg discuss Rachel and Greg makes Shaun question whether Rachel has feelings for him. Back in court, Tea meets with Nora and Bo's attorney, Elijah, and he threatens to use information about her to win the case, but Tea wins the first round. Dorian is mad at Blair for even still caring about Todd and Blair gets an idea to have Rex look into Tea's secret. Dorian opens her front door to find David.moreless
  • Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me
    Gigi was shocked when Schuyler kissed her and he asked her to forget about it and apologized. Rex returned home after talking to Bo about his problems and Gigi confessed that Schuyler had kissed her. John receives word that Cole's apartment was bugged by the drug supplier and hightails it over there to stop Cole from blowing his cover. John tells Cole that he has to cut off all contact with Starr. Cristian sees the kiss between Kyle and Fish and tells Fish that he needs to tell Layla that he is gay. Fish tells Cris that he's not and later plans to spend a romantic evening with Layla. Nora and Clint worry about Matthew's hearing and meet the attorney, Elijah. Tea overheard Matthew and Destiny talking about Matthew blackmailing his parents and demands to know about it.moreless
  • A Kiss is Just a Kiss
    Stacy had a dream about Rex proposing to her and was saddened when she woke up and realized that she had really lost Rex's baby. Rex arrived and Stacy lied and said their baby was fine. Back at Gigi's, Schuyler had arrived to talk to Gigi and plants a kiss on her. Viki and Charlie were thankful to be married and starting the day together. Asher brought over his boss to Cole's apartment and swept the room for any bugs and later told Asher that he planted a bug of his own. Cristian overheard Layla and Fish talking about her accusing Fish of being gay. Later, at the diner, Roxy told Kyle to go after Fish and in the alley the two men talk about their past as Kyle pulls Fish into a kiss.moreless
  • Broken Flowers
    Broken Flowers
    Episode 16
    Todd and Tea finally get away from Blair and the wedding reception and Todd surprises Tea with a private performance by Latin musician, Frankie Negron. Meanwhile, back at the reception, Brody told Jessica that he could handle her memories. At the Palace bar, Greg said something that Bo didn't like and Bo stormed off and Rachel, who was passing by, tries to smooth things over but she ends up throwing her drink in Greg's face. Viki and Charlie end up at the Buenos Dias cafe after the wedding. Rex was shocked that Gigi wanted Stacy to have an abortion and told her that he couldn't agree with that. Meanwhile, paramedics finally showed up for Stacy, but it was too late, Stacy had miscarried her baby.moreless
  • I Deux
    I Deux
    Episode 15
    Dorian and Blair crashed the wedding of Viki and Charlie and Clint and Nora, but the couples exchanged their vows anyway and were announced husbands and wives. Todd tried to make sure a drunk Blair had a ride and Tea got annoyed. Later at the reception, Tea and Blair both catch the bridal bouquets. Jessica continued to think Nash was trying to tell her something. Stacy told Gigi that she wouldn't have an abortion and Gigi left. Later, Stacy doubled over in pain and reached out to grab the phone to call for help. Gigi returned home and told Rex about her plan to have Stacy terminate the pregnancy as Rex listened.moreless
  • Tea for Two
    Tea for Two
    Episode 14
    Rex allowed Stacy to stay in his apartment for the sake of the baby and after he left Stacy, he returned home to find Schuyler and Gigi talking. Gigi was furious at Rex for letting Stacy stay and headed over to see her. Gigi offered Stacy money so that she would terminate her pregnancy. At the church, Jessica lighted a candle for Nash as Brody promised to be there for her. Viki and Nora have a heart to heart before the ceremony and walk down the aisle. The two couples start saying their vows to each other. Elsewhere, Blair and Dorian are still drowning their sorrows and Blair has a vision of her and Dorian holed up in La Boulaie with no one but each other.moreless
  • Wedding Bo Blues
    Wedding Bo Blues
    Episode 13
    After Blair watched Todd head out to pick up Tea for Viki's wedding, she and Dorian decided to drown their sorrows. Bo visited Lindsay to ask her to help him from stopping Nora's wedding but she surprises him and tells him to act on his feelings. Rachel tried to convince her mother to not marry Clint if she is having second thoughts. Jessica continued to "see" Nash. Bo finally arrives at the church to an impatient Clint.moreless
  • Elephant in the Room
    John assigns Brody undercover work as a liaison between him and Cole. After Bree tells Jessica about her daddy giving her a toy, Jessica called Brody over to make sure she wasn't losing it and Brody suggested that she talk to Dr. Levin. Matthew almost blows the secret about Bo and Nora's kiss, but gives Clint his blessing instead. Bo pays a visit to Lindsay.moreless
  • In The Family Way
    In The Family Way
    Episode 11
    Bo and Nora learned that Matthew had seen their kiss and was trying to use it as leverage to have them ok his surgery. Rex lays into Gigi about pushing him away and she blamed herself Rex sleeping with Stacy. Marty and John help Cole move into his new apartment as part of his cover. Later, Cole met up with Asher to discuss selling drugs.moreless
  • Coming Out of the Dark
    Gigi is in disbelief that Rex lied to her about sleeping with Stacy and that Stacy is now pregnant. Gigi takes off and runs into Schuyler and figures out that Schuyler knew all along about Stacy and Rex's tryst. Back at the Buchanan lodge, the power is still out and Nora and Bo have shared a kiss which Matthew witnesses. Viki and Clint find a present from Asa that was supposed to be for their first wedding in 1982.moreless
  • Ghost of a Chance
    Ghost of a Chance
    Episode 9
    Bo encourages Rex to tell Gigi the truth about Stacy while Rex told Bo to act on his feelings for Nora before it was too late. Stacy tells Rex and Gigi that she is pregnant with Rex's child. A banner mishap at the pre-wedding party upsets Nora. Jessica tells Brody that she loves him and thinks that Nash would be happy for her. Later, Jessica sees a figure outside and calls out Nash's name.moreless
  • The Last (Belly) Laugh
    Stacy is convinced that Rex will be leaving Gigi. Téa is shocked at Todd's recent comments. Rex is keen on keeping his affair with Stacy a secret.
  • How to Handle a Woman
    Shaun can't keep his cool around Greg. Téa and Blair fight. Bo and Nora confront Matthew.
  • Stairway to Heaven
    Stairway to Heaven
    Episode 6
    Rex questions Roxy about his real father. Stacy receives interesting news. Cole and Starr spend the night together.
  • Head Over Heels
    Head Over Heels
    Episode 5
    Stacy refuses to stop her quest for Rex. Cristian reads a letter from Fish to Kyle. Rex wants answers from his mother.
  • Fur Flies
    Fur Flies
    Episode 4
    Blair and John call it quits. Nora and Bo learn news about Matthew. Stacy's power over Gigi and Rex is gone.
  • In Cold Blood
    In Cold Blood
    Episode 3
    Rex finally sees Stacy for what she is. Destiny wants to help out Matthew in any way she can.
  • Red-Handed
    Episode 2
    Téa confronts Todd about sleeping with Blair. Clint and Bo are faced with problems. Rex tries to trap Stacy.
  • Heating Up Fast
    Heating Up Fast
    Episode 1
    Jessica makes an apology to Cole and Starr. Téa catches Blair and Todd having sex. Rex wants to trap Stacy.