One Life to Live - Season 43

Hulu (ended 2013)




Episode Guide

  • Ep. #10979
    Ep. #10979
    Episode 248
    Blair brings Sam to the police department, while everyone gathers to celebrate his birthday. Baz talks to Starr about the conversation he heard between Todd and Tomas.
  • Ep. #10978
    Ep. #10978
    Episode 247
    Nora tries to find out who was the person that hurt Matthew. Starr and James bond romantically. Destiny is nervous when the subject of teen pregnancy comes up.
  • Ep. #10977
    Ep. #10977
    Episode 246
    Bo questions Rex about the decision to give Gigi's heart to Clint. TM attacks Jack. Blair sees Dorian throwing out David.
  • Ep. #10976
    Ep. #10976
    Episode 245
    Brody is being questioned. TM is unable to contact Viki. Rex tries to have his revenge on Todd. Dorian and David find a dead body.
  • Ep. #10975
    Ep. #10975
    Episode 244
    David seeks out an ally in Viki. Dorian and David argue over his so-called "infidelity." John wants Brody to help him bring down Todd.
  • Ep. #10974
    Ep. #10974
    Episode 243
    Nora and Bo are faced with a tough decision. Danielle and Nate argue over the secrets they've been keeping. Echo is pleased when Viki and Dorian play into her hands.
  • Ep. #10973
    Ep. #10973
    Episode 242
    James talks to Deanna about his distrust of Baz. Viki is convinced Clint is covering from someone. Danielle confronts Destiny about the pregnancy test.
  • Ep. #10972
    Ep. #10972
    Episode 241
    Ford and Jessica come to an understanding. John learns that Ford took Jessica. Todd prevents Vimal from telling the truth to John. Aubrey and Cutter argue.
  • Ep. #10971
    Ep. #10971
    Episode 240
    Ford tries to appeal to Jessica. Brody finds out some shocking information. Joey lets Kelly know his true feelings.
  • Ep. #10970
    Ep. #10970
    Episode 239
    Starr dispenses some advice to Jack. Natalie and Brody decide to be together. Todd reveals Marty's secret to Vimal while drunk.
  • Ep. #10969
    Ep. #10969
    Episode 238
    Viki wants Jessice to fight for Brody's love. Deanna and Nate are worried that Rick might reveal what Nate did to Matthew. Ford kidnaps Jessica.
  • Ep. #10968
    Ep. #10968
    Episode 237
    Rama explains to Cristian why she continues misleading Vimal regarding her pregnancy. Echo tells Viki that Dorian shares the blame for Clint's condition.
  • Ep. #10967
    Ep. #10967
    Episode 236
    Téa and Todd argue. The mystery man arrives at the Manning place. Dorian and David want Kelly to get back together with Joey. Viki shares a close moment with Clint.
  • Ep. #10966
    Ep. #10966
    Episode 235
    Bo wants to find out more about Matthew's accident. Clint's donor heart has a problem.
  • Ep. #10965
    Ep. #10965
    Episode 234
    Rex wants Echo to help him out. Blair talks to Starr about Tomas' secret. Rex promises something to Gigi.
  • Ep. #10964
    Ep. #10964
    Episode 233
    Jack and Todd spar over Jack's recent actions. Téa delivers some bad news to Rex. David returns to find Dorian in a bad mode.
  • Ep. #10963
    Ep. #10963
    Episode 232
    John allows Todd to momentarily take Jack back home. Natalie is caught between Clint and Rex. Tomas talks to Blair about Yvette. Ford refuses to stop fighting for Ryder.
  • Ep. #10962
    Ep. #10962
    Episode 231
    James and Starr register for classes. Blair follows Tomas. Joey calls it quits with Aubrey. Jessica learns about Clint. Ford faces Jessica.
  • Ep. #10961
    Ep. #10961
    Episode 230
    The mysterious man sees Blair. Rama blackmails Cutter. Ford wants Cutter to divorce Tess.
  • Ep. #10960
    Ep. #10960
    Episode 229
    Jessica tries to win over Tess. Rama continues lying about her pregnancy. Téa learns bad news.
  • Ep. #10959
    Ep. #10959
    Episode 228
    Jack makes a confession to Todd. John finds Marty's session tape. Ford and Tess make love.
  • Ep. #10958
    Ep. #10958
    Episode 227
    Rex wants some answers. John aims a gun at Todd. Ford admits his true feelings for Tess, and she has an answer.
  • Ep. #10957
    Ep. #10957
    Episode 226
    Tess manages to fight for her existence. Ford comes to see Tess in a disguise. Gigi wants to handle her son's situation herself. Nora won't give Matthew's heart to Clint.
  • Ep. #10956
    Ep. #10956
    Episode 225
    Gigi plans to take care of Jack herself. Clint tells Joey and Natalie that he won't live for long.
  • Ep. #10955
    Ep. #10955
    Episode 224
    Viki fights to the end in an attempt to get Jessica to return. Nora and Bo are faced with a big decision.
  • Ep. #10954
    Ep. #10954
    Episode 223
    Shane takes Jack's bait. James and Starr get amorous.
  • Ep. #10953
    Ep. #10953
    Episode 222
    After being released, Vimal reveals Rama's lie. Tess pretends to be Jessica. Cutter settles into the Buchanan mansion. Blair is convinced Tomas is a hero.
  • Ep. #10952
    Ep. #10952
    Episode 221
    Cristian and Rama share a kiss. Shane goes up against Jack. Blair and Gigi argue over Jack. Natalie is reunited with her son.
  • Ep. #10951
    Ep. #10951
    Episode 220
    James manages to get Ford to admit that he has feelings for Tess. John comes up with a revelation in his search after Liam. Joey wants to divorce Aubrey.
  • Ep. #10950
    Ep. #10950
    Episode 219
    Marty is shocked to find out Natalie is still alive. Aubrey and Ford come to an agreement. Roxy reveals too much info to John.
  • Ep. #10949
    Ep. #10949
    Episode 218
    Nora and Bo are shocked when they learn the devastating truth. Clint's heart gives out. Rama and Abby fight.
  • Ep. #10948
    Ep. #10948
    Episode 217
    Matthew has a health complication. Shane decides to listen to Ford's advice. Rex confronts Clint.
  • Ep. #10947
    Ep. #10947
    Episode 216
    James and Starr admit their love for each other. Rama makes a confession to Vimal. Nate tells Deanna about what he did to Matthew. Nora and Bo question Destiny.
  • Ep. #10946
    Ep. #10946
    Episode 215
    Roxy hires help to find Liam. Marty wants Todd to hide her. Brody apologizes to John.
  • Ep. #10945
    Ep. #10945
    Episode 214
    Brody questions Todd. Cutter has demands. James surprises Starr.
  • Ep. #10944
    Ep. #10944
    Episode 213
    Bess makes another appearance. Nora and Bo are desperate over Matthew's condition. Tomas blackmails Todd.
  • Ep. #10943
    Ep. #10943
    Episode 212
    Matthew collapses. Todd is sent home. Joey confronts Aubrey.
  • Ep. #10942
    Ep. #10942
    Episode 211
    Wess refuses to rat out Marty. Blanca tells Rex about what Clint did. Nora and Bo overhear Clint telling Blanca that he was the one that killed Eddie.
  • Ep. #10941
    Ep. #10941
    Episode 210
    Brody and John try to locate Marty and Liam. Nate lashes out at Matthew for what he did. Destiny wants Danielle to stay quiet regarding Matthew.
  • Ep. #10940
    Ep. #10940
    Episode 209
    Clint puts up a reward for news on Liam's whereabouts. Brody and John find Dr. Buhari's body. Danielle sees Destiny and Matthew kissing.
  • Ep. #10939
    Ep. #10939
    Episode 208
    Rama and Cristian share an explosive moment together. Ford learns about Tess becoming Wess. Cutter tricks Wess.
  • Ep. #10938
    Ep. #10938
    Episode 207
    Todd tells Téa that Tomas wasn't the one that shot him. Matthew questions Destiny about her being distant. Marty tries to escape with Liam.
  • Ep. #10937
    Ep. #10937
    Episode 206
    Liam is put in danger, while Brody is hit over the head by someone. Todd and Tomas face each other.
  • Ep. #10936
    Ep. #10936
    Episode 205
    John finds out something shocking about Natalie. Viki forces Clint to admit the truth about his medical condition.
  • Ep. #10935
    Ep. #10935
    Episode 204
    Natalie tries to find Marty. John tries to stop Kelly's bleeding. Echo wants to have revenge on Viki and Dorian.
  • Ep. #10934
    Ep. #10934
    Episode 203
    Marty and Kelly end up in a physical fight. John ignores an important message from Natalie. Jessica struggles with her alters.
  • Ep. #10933
    Ep. #10933
    Episode 202
    Marty overhears Kelly and John making plans to get together. Natalie learns the truth about Liam. Ford talks to Aubrey about Cutter and Tess. Brody arrests Tess.
  • Ep. #10932
    Ep. #10932
    Episode 201
    Natalie finds Marty's session tape. Rex, Gigi and Shane run into Blair, Todd and Jack. Todd learns about Jack bullying Shane.
  • Ep. #10931
    Ep. #10931
    Episode 200
    Tess gets married, again. Matthew admits to Destiny that he was the one that killed Eddie. Starr talks to James about her fear of Deanna.
  • Ep. #10930
    Ep. #10930
    Episode 199
    Brody learns that Tess disappeared after fighting with Ford. Todd gets an upsetting phone call. Clint tells Bo that he is dying.
  • Ep. #10929
    Ep. #10929
    Episode 198
    Todd accuses Tomas of shooting him. Dorian taunts Cutter regarding Joey and Aubrey. Ford has to turn over Ryder to Aubrey and Joey.
  • Ep. #10928
    Ep. #10928
    Episode 197
    Marty tries to seduce John. Natalie starts listening to the tape. Tomas calls Claude with news of Todd. Todd has flashes of seeing Tomas before being shot. Téa and Todd reunite.
  • Ep. #10927
    Ep. #10927
    Episode 196
    John tries to find out what Marty is hiding. Blair and Tomas go out on a date together. Téa learns about what Danielle and Nate found in Todd's room.
  • Ep. #10926
    Ep. #10926
    Episode 195
    Rex makes a confession to Gigi. Aubrey and Cutter fight over her feelings for Joey. John plans to have dinner with Marty.
  • Ep. #10925
    Ep. #10925
    Episode 194
    Tess and Ford want to keep Niki's existence a secret. Viki passes out from exhaustion. Jeane Randolph wants to emerge.
  • Ep. #10924
    Ep. #10924
    Episode 193
    Natalie and Joey pay a visit to Clint. Ford and Tess wait for the results of Ryder's custody case. Deanna wants to get back together with James.
  • Ep. #10923
    Ep. #10923
    Episode 192
    Rama and Cristian get closer. Brody has to question Rex. Gigi accidentally has proof in her hands of John being Liam's father. Natalie wants an explanation from Marty. Deanna reveals the truth.
  • Ep. #10922
    Ep. #10922
    Episode 191
    Shane and Jack confront each other. John is affected when he holds Liam. Marty admits that she switched the DNA results.
  • Ep. #10921
    Ep. #10921
    Episode 190
    Jack finds himself in harms way. Tomas makes a cryptic phone call. Gigi and Rex take their son to a therapy session.
  • Ep. #10920
    Ep. #10920
    Episode 189
    James is convinced that Ford is softening toward Tess. Niki and Tess discuss about what to do with the judge's decision over Ryder's custody case. Starr wants to learn more about Deanna's past with James.
  • Ep. #10919
    Ep. #10919
    Episode 188
    Blair and Téa talk about John's suspicions over Tomas, and Blair makes a date with Tomas to learn more. Tomas confronts John. Dorian finds Clint having a heart attack and decides to use the chance to learn the truth. Starr makes an offer to Deanna.
  • Ep. #10918
    Ep. #10918
    Episode 187
    Nora asks Matthew about where he wants to go with the truth. Dorian confronts Echo. Bo and Clint argue over Clint's crimes. Natalie lashes out at Ford. Tess wants Niki to reemerge.
  • Ep. #10917
    Ep. #10917
    Episode 186
    Marty wants to know more about what John would have done if things were different. Rama and Nigel talk about their love for Phyllis Rose.
  • Ep. #10916
    Ep. #10916
    Episode 185
    Tomas finds Téa going through his things. Tess tries to make sure that Viki doesn't get the custody of Ryder. Viki learns about Shane being bullied.
  • Ep. #10915
    Ep. #10915
    Episode 184
    Viki and Charlie bid farewell to each other. Starr wants to know more from James after a meeting with Deanna. Gigi and Rex have to decide on what to do about their son.
  • Ep. #10914
    Ep. #10914
    Episode 183
    Charlie tells Viki that he's in love with Echo. Clint tells Kelly that the flash drive contains proof that Aubrey and Cutter are lovers. Starr is surprised to learn about Langston's plans to leave Llanview.
  • Ep. #10913
    Ep. #10913
    Episode 182
    Rama continues making Vimal think she's pregnant. Natalie returns John's ring. Aubrey witnesses another moment of Joey being jealous about Kelly. Ford wants Cutter to get away from Tess. Markko pays Llaview a visit.
  • Ep. #10912
    Ep. #10912
    Episode 181
    Dorian and David come back. Cutter and Tess share a kiss in the steam room. Marty taunts Natalie and John about their ruined future.
  • Ep. #10911
    Ep. #10911
    Episode 180
    Bo shows support for Rex. Starr tries to reassure Blair about being a good mother. Viki and Echo argue.
  • Ep. #10910
    Ep. #10910
    Episode 179
    Blair tells Starr that she hit Jack. Natalie and Clint bond. Shaun and Téa connect over Danielle and Destiny.
  • Ep. #10909
    Ep. #10909
    Episode 178
    Gigi and Rex find their son about jump from a school roof. Starr finds Marty with Hope. Téa confronts John.
  • Ep. #10908
    Ep. #10908
    Episode 177
    Shane prepares to jump off the Llanview High roof following another bullying moment. James tells Deanna that he loves Starr. Nora and Bo refuse to believe what Clint says. Starr tells Blair about Jack bullying Shane. Viki is shocked by Charlie and Echo.
  • Ep. #10907
    Ep. #10907
    Episode 176
    Shane is further bullied as Jack posts a naked photo of Shane on MyFace. James catches Deanna about to be involved in a porn movie. Viki is devastated when she sees the picture of Echo and Charlie kissing.
  • Ep. #10906
    Ep. #10906
    Episode 175
    Tess is convinced that she will get the custody of Ryder along with Ford. James talks to Starr about dating Deanna. Echo tells Rex about Shane being bullied for months.
  • Ep. #10905
    Ep. #10905
    Episode 174
    Tess learns from Ford about the judge making a decision in Ryder's custody case. Aubrey tries to make Joey trust her more.
  • Ep. #10904
    Ep. #10904
    Episode 173
    Natalie and Brody reconnect. Jessica and Ryder reunite. Deanna is charmed by an adult film producer.
  • Ep. #10903
    Ep. #10903
    Episode 172
    Clint gets arrested as a suspect in Eddie's murder. Kassandra Kavanaugh makes an appearance at the gym.
  • Ep. #10902
    Ep. #10902
    Episode 171
    Viki is asked top be Dorian's matron of honor. Cutter lies to Aubrey regarding Tess.
  • Ep. #10901
    Ep. #10901
    Episode 170
    Nigel is put under questioning for Clint's illegal activities. A girl named Deanna sets her sights on Starr and James. Nora and Rex work on the murder investigation.
  • Ep. #10900
    Ep. #10900
    Episode 169
    Shane continues being bullied by Jack and his followers. Natalie is angry at John for his attitude. James wants to find a job on MyFace.
  • Ep. #10899
    Ep. #10899
    Episode 168
    The affair between Echo and Charlie continues. Tess takes a picture of a kiss between Charlie and Echo. Joey learns from Kelly that Ford and Aubrey used to date.
  • Ep. #10898
    Ep. #10898
    Episode 167
    David confronts Clint with a gun. Tess sets her sights on Cutter. Joey is suspicious of Aubrey's actions. Dorian and David make love. Rex wants to prove Clint is Eddie's murderer.
  • Ep. #10897
    Ep. #10897
    Episode 166
    Cutter and Dorian get kinky. Bo arrests Clint.
  • Ep. #10896
    Ep. #10896
    Episode 165
    Rama decides to expose Aubrey. Dorian comforts Langston.
  • Ep. #10895
    Ep. #10895
    Episode 164
    James stands by Starr. Blair almost learns of Tomas' wound. Natalie and Viki talk about Brody and John. Kelly tries to break up the tension between Brody and John. Jack decides to find a way to humiliate Shane.
  • Ep. #10894
    Ep. #10894
    Episode 163
    James and Starr learn about Todd getting shot. Tomas hides his injury from Blair. Todd is taken into surgery. Alex turns out to be working with Clint, as Bo confronts Alex. Nigel tries to make an appeal to Clint.
  • Ep. #10893
    Ep. #10893
    Episode 162
    Charlie won't leave Viki but wants to continue the affair with Echo. Dorian issues a warning to Viki regarding Charlie. Brody and John work together to find Todd's shooter. Langston breaks up with Ford.
  • Ep. #10892
    Ep. #10892
    Episode 161
    John and Todd get gunned down. Dorian is angry at Charlie for cheating on Viki. Bo and Rex continue searching for David.
  • Ep. #10891
    Ep. #10891
    Episode 160
    Tomas asks Blair out on a date. Todd is overjoyed with John's hurt. Natalie breaks down in front of Brody.
  • Ep. #10890
    Ep. #10890
    Episode 159
    Téa wants Thomas to stay away from Blair. Joey talks to Clint about his suspicions regarding Eddie's murder. Natalie learns that John fired Gigi.
  • Ep. #10889
    Ep. #10889
    Episode 158
    Dorian tries to prove that she's over David by kissing Cutter. Joey breaks into a safe. Gigi finds John drinking early in the morning.
  • Ep. #10888
    Ep. #10888
    Episode 157
    Viki interrupts Marty's confession to John. Todd is worried that he might lose the people he loves. Langston and Starr bond. Cristian warns Blair to be cautious of Tomas.
  • Ep. #10887
    Ep. #10887
    Episode 156
    Téa is confused about Todd's recent actions. Viki tries to make an ally. Marty receives a visit from John.
  • Ep. #10886
    Ep. #10886
    Episode 155
    Starr and Danielle remember the events of the previous night. Nate and James try to convince Danielle to go home. Todd threatens Inez. Gigi comforts Rex while Bo is devastated at Rex's betrayal.
  • Ep. #10885
    Ep. #10885
    Episode 154
    Rex tells Bo about David Vickers and Bo is furious with Rex for keeping it from him. Nora tries to get Matthew to see the truth about Clint. Cutter tries to comfort Dorian. Jessica drops the bomb on her parents that she is married to Ford and that they can't commit her.moreless
  • Ep. #10884
    Ep. #10884
    Episode 153
    Rex confesses to Gigi about the wherabouts of David Vickers and heads to tell Bo. Vimal retracts his statement about Clint. Kelly and John wake up in bed together again. Clint invites Joey and Aubrey to move in with him.
  • Ep. #10883
    Ep. #10883
    Episode 152
    Brody and Langston are too late to stop Jessica and Ford from getting married. Brody then tries to get through to Jessica. Blair learns that Tomas is Tea's brother. Starr and James come clean about their feelings.
  • Ep. #10882
    Ep. #10882
    Episode 151
    Joey attacks John. Kelly and Joey argue over John and Kelly sleeping together. Langston and Brody rush to Las Vegas to stop Ford and Tess from getting hitched.
  • Ep. #10881
    Ep. #10881
    Episode 150
    Echo dispenses advice to John. Kelly tries to make peace with Natalie. Tomas and Téa turn out to be brother and sister.
  • Ep. #10880
    Ep. #10880
    Episode 149
    Blair runs into Tomas. James tells Starr about helping Danielle and Nate hide at Viki's cabin. Tess and Ford rush to get married in Vegas.
  • Ep. #10879
    Ep. #10879
    Episode 148
    Jack turns out to be the one bullying Shane. Clint tries to dare Rex to tell Bo the truth about David. Langston gives info on Tess to Brody.
  • Ep. #10878
    Ep. #10878
    Episode 147
    Brody learns about Tess' return. Tess plans to marry Ford. Langston and Starr realize Ford is with Tess. Natalie learns about John sleeping with Kelly. Dorian throws accusations at Echo. Rex threatens Clint to reveal the truth to Bo.
  • Ep. #10877
    Ep. #10877
    Episode 146
    Rex confronts Clint. Charlie is worried about his cheating. Natalie sees John and Kelly together.
  • Ep. #10876
    Ep. #10876
    Episode 145
    Aubrey and Joey consummate their marriage. Tess lets Ford in on her plan. Kelly and John get in trouble.
  • Ep. #10875
    Ep. #10875
    Episode 144
    Natalie and Brody talk about the lies they told. Todd catches Danielle and Nate. Ford meets Tess for the first time.
  • Ep. #10874
    Ep. #10874
    Episode 143
    Brody and Ford face off about the baby. John and Kelly drown their sorrows together. Natalie tells Viki that Liam is Brody's son. Jessica tries to keep Tess out of her head.
  • Ep. #10873
    Ep. #10873
    Episode 142
    Tess makes a comeback. Viki and Rex worry about Charlie and him possibly falling off the wagon. Dani and Nate fill Ford in on Jessica's baby's paternity.
  • Ep. #10872
    Ep. #10872
    Episode 141
    Jessica learns about Natalie and Brody having a one-night stand. Aubrey wants to marry Joey as soon as possible.
  • Ep. #10871
    Ep. #10871
    Episode 140
    John is shocked when the truth comes out about Natalie and Brody. Clint tells Kelly about Aubrey and Cutter. Langston informs Ford about Starr and Cole breaking up.
  • Ep. #10870
    Ep. #10870
    Episode 139
    Vimal makes a shocking announcement by saying that he switched Rex's DNA results. Charlie orders a drink. James and Michelle get closer.
  • Ep. #10869
    Ep. #10869
    Episode 138
    Clint and Bo fight. Cutter and Aubrey have to work on the footage Clint has of them. Blair questions Thomas. Viki and Charlie don't agree where Echo is concerned.
  • Ep. #10868
    Ep. #10868
    Episode 137
    Rama helps Vimal plot revenge against Clint. Bo threatens to reveal the truth about Clint's misdeeds to the entire family. Aubrey and Cutter are worried that Clint found out the truth.
  • Ep. #10867
    Ep. #10867
    Episode 136
    Brody tells Natalie that they should come clean with Jessica and John before Marty does so. Starr comes to a realization regarding her love life. Ford is determined to get a job.
  • Ep. #10866
    Ep. #10866
    Episode 135
    Brody and John prepare for their upcoming nuptials with Jessica and Natalie. Vimal decides to stand up to Clint after meeting Todd.
  • Ep. #10865
    Ep. #10865
    Episode 134
    Bo lets Rex know what Clint did. Rex lies to Dorian claiming that Clint isn't his father. Brody is troubled when Bo and John inform him about what Clint has done. Clint plants a camera in Aubrey's room. Joey learns that Kelly likes him but then walks in on her kissing Cutter. Dorian urges Kelly to reveal her feelings for Joey.moreless
  • Ep. #10864
    Ep. #10864
    Episode 133
    Echo learns that Shane is being bullied, but she promises that she won't say anything to Gigi and Rex. Clint prevents Aubrey from revealing the truth. Rex tells Echo that he wants to do another DNA test, and she tries to talk him out of it. Natalie and John agree to have a double wedding with Brody and Jessica. Starr sparks a memory in Marty when she comes to see her.moreless
  • Ep. #10863
    Ep. #10863
    Episode 132
    Echo finds a bullying message on Shane's MyFace page. Blair talks to Todd about the artist who did her portrait.
  • Ep. #10862
    Ep. #10862
    Episode 131
    Aubrey threatens Clint. Rex finds out that Dorian wants him to investigate Clint. Bo confronts Clint about what he did with Ford.
  • Ep. #10861
    Ep. #10861
    Episode 130
    Natalie and Jessica name their babies. Kelly is caught snooping through Cutter's room. Clint comes up with two possible options for Joey's future.
  • Ep. #10860
    Ep. #10860
    Episode 129
    Viki and Dorian decide to work together on getting rid of Echo. Gigi and Rex learn about Shane's problems at school. Kelly makes plans on how to get the dirt on Aubrey.
  • Ep. #10859
    Ep. #10859
    Episode 128
    Cristian finds out about the man Layla slept with. Starr is surprised when Todd approves of her relationship with James. Shaun agrees to help Darren get back with Destiny. Clint realizes that Inez is wearing a wire. Tomas makes an admission to Blair.
  • Ep. #10858
    Ep. #10858
    Episode 127
    Tomas makes an appearance. Bo comes up with a plan to trap Clint. Starr isn't happy to see James with Michelle.
  • Ep. #10857
    Ep. #10857
    Episode 126
    Kelly questions Ford about Aubrey and Cutter. Bo accuses Clint of trying to destroy his marriage to Nora. Vimal confesses the truth about his misdeeds ordered by Clint.
  • Ep. #10856
    Ep. #10856
    Episode 125
    Cutter plants a kiss on Kelly. Dorian forces Ford to admit his fling with Aubrey to Langston. Aubrey has to hide her true feelings for Joey. Bo confronts Clint. Inez is put under arrest. She explains just how much Clint is involved in the entire thing.
  • Ep. #10855
    Ep. #10855
    Episode 124
    Kelly finds Cutter in the steam room. Inez admits to Nora and Bo that she didn't have sex with Bo. Marty is taken to St. Ann's for her behavior. Rex informs Kelly that Aubrey and Cutter are siblings.
  • Ep. #10854
    Ep. #10854
    Episode 123
    Roxy confronts Marty, while Marty continues to lose her mind. Rex questions Clint about Inez.
  • Ep. #10853
    Ep. #10853
    Episode 122
    Inez quits her job. Todd and Téa have their suspicions regarding Nate and Inez. Téa is convinced Inez shot Eddie.
  • Ep. #10852
    Ep. #10852
    Episode 121
    Blair tries to get Cristian to help her. Dorian wants Kelly to continue her investigation of Aubrey. Téa tries to get Nate to admit the truth.
  • Ep. #10851
    Ep. #10851
    Episode 120
    Joey comes to Aubrey's defense when Kelly shows the French magazine to him. Later, Joey almost catches Aubrey with Cutter and asks her about the guy in the photo. Echo witnesses Rex and Charlie bonding. Marty claims to John that "they" have their baby now. John rushes Natalie, Marty and the baby to the hospital and asks for a psych evaluation for Marty.moreless
  • Ep. #10850
    Ep. #10850
    Episode 119
    Jessica gives birth to a baby boy. Kelly and Rex find an incriminating photo of Aubrey. Marty is forced to deliver Natalie's baby. Charlie fights the urge to drink. Kelly tries to warn Joey that Aubrey isn't as faithful as he may think. Echo sees Dorian at an AA meeting.
  • Ep. #10849
    Ep. #10849
    Episode 118
    Dorian comes to a realization regarding Echo. Natalie begs Marty not to leave as she goes into labor. Téa believes Inez killed Eddie. Jessica refuses to have a C-section.
  • Ep. #10848
    Ep. #10848
    Episode 117
    Blair finally opens the box that Eli left her with Cristian and is surprised to see a painting of herself but dated from 2003. David tries to tell Dorian the truth on the phone but Dorian hangs up on him. James tells Starr that he has to start seeing other people. Bo questions Inez if they really slept together. Tea pulls a trick in court to throw suspicion off of Nate. Natalie has taken Marty to the Buchanan lodge and plans to leave Marty there when she has a labor pain.moreless
  • Ep. #10847
    Ep. #10847
    Episode 116
    David manages to convince a guard to let him use his phone. Starr confides in Langston about what happened after she shared a kiss with James, while James talks about the same thing with Ford. Both Ford and Langston give their own thoughts on the relationship. Nora slaps Inez. Bo has his suspicions regarding Inez after a talk with Rex. Cristian and Blair wake up next to each other.moreless
  • Ep. #10846
    Ep. #10846
    Episode 115
    Marty ends up getting hurt after a fight with Natalie. David is caught while trying to escape from prison. Dorian gets sad when she realizes how much she misses David. Matthew asks Nora some very alarming questions. Viki tries to give Dorian advice regarding David. Nora refuses to answer Bo's phone call. Rex feels guilt over not telling Bo about David.moreless
  • Ep. #10845
    Ep. #10845
    Episode 114
    Marty does her best to ruin the wedding. Kelly gets drunk and talks to Rex about the magazine. Cutter and Aubrey talk. Cristian is confused when a man answers Layla's phone. John and Brody rush Jessica to the emergency room.
  • Ep. #10844
    Ep. #10844
    Episode 113
    Blair and Cristian get closer. Marty tries to ruin Natalie and John's day. Nate receives interesting visitors on New Year's Eve. Langston chooses to keep Starr company over spending time with Ford. Aubrey tries to hide something from Kelly. Joey and Kelly keep getting closer. Starr and James kiss while attending a party together.moreless
  • Ep. #10843
    Ep. #10843
    Episode 112
    Cristian is worried that Layla may not be faithful. Rex peeks at Aubrey's room, while Aubrey is confronted by personal demons. Kelly and Joey get closer. Clint feels guilt over having causes problems between Charlie and Viki. Nora refuses to accept Bo's apology. Marty decides to tell Jessica the truth.
  • Ep. #10842
    Ep. #10842
    Episode 111
    Darren tries to reunite Destiny with her parents. Clint continues to keep Inez under his thumb. Matthew confronts Bo about Inez. After Lamaze class, John asks Natalie to marry him right away. Rex agrees to look into Aubrey's past.
  • Ep. #10841
    Ep. #10841
    Episode 110
    Dorian puts her plan to keep Echo away from Charlie and locks Echo on the roof of her house. James and Ford head to be with Starr and Langston on Christmas Eve. Natalie and John announce their engagement. Kelly asks Rex to investigate Aubrey.
  • Ep. #10840
    Ep. #10840
    Episode 109
    Jessica catches Aubrey in a lie about a phonecall. Joey and Aubrey decorate the Christmas tree at Llanfair. Viki fills in Dorian about Echo's alcoholism. Marty agrees to not tell John about Natalie's DNA test. John arrests Nate.
  • Ep. #10839
    Ep. #10839
    Episode 108
    John questions Ford about Eddie's death and Langston lies and says that she was with Ford all night at the hospital. Bo is about to tell Nora about he and Inez when Clint interrupts and feigns surprise when he finds out about everything. Viki confronts Echo about lying to her about why Echo rushed off to see Charlie. Viki puts Echo on notice.moreless
  • Ep. #10838
    Ep. #10838
    Episode 107
    Inez is shocked when Clint tells her that one or two of her sons were seen leaving Eddie's motel room. Clint will keep quiet if Inez keeps to her story that she slept with Bo even though she didn't. Nora stumbles out of the woods and Bo takes her to the hospital. Nora tells Bo that she believes that Inez put Eddie up to keeping her hostage. James tells John about going to Eddie's room. Todd tells Blair that he didn't kill Eddie. Matthew tells Nate about Inez being a homewrecker.moreless
  • Ep. #10837
    Ep. #10837
    Episode 106
    Dorian walks in on Viki leaving a message for Charlie and they discuss Charlie and Echo. Viki agrees to accept Dorian's help to get rid of Echo. Rex tells Bo that Nora was in the car with him and Bo heads off to find Nora. At the crash site, Nora finally appears out of the woods and embraces Bo. James and Starr discuss Eddie's death and James feels that he has to go to the police. Matthew tells Destiny about what he saw with his dad and Echo. Clint informs Inez that Eddie is dead. John almost accuses Todd of killing Eddie because of the cufflink that they found. After John leaves, Blair wants to know what's going on, since she knows that the cufflink is Todd's.moreless
  • Ep. #10836
    Ep. #10836
    Episode 105
    Blair goes to Todd and Tea to talk about the box that Eli left her. Aubrey catches Joey and Kelly in a compromising position. Vicki confronts Echo about kissing Charlie, but Echo is interrupted by a call from Gigi about Rex. Later at the hospital, Charlie and Echo are worried about Rex, when Charlie realizes that Echo is drinking secretly. Rex is going to be okay, but has to tell Bo about Nora being in the car. John and Natalie arrive on the scene of Eddie's murder. James is grilled by Starr about Eddie and they are interrrupted by Bo with the news of Eddie's death. John finds a cufflink in the Eddie's motel room with the monogram of TM and heads to confront Todd.moreless
  • Ep. #10835
    Ep. #10835
    Episode 104
    Kelly fills Dorian and Blair in on Joey's engagement and they try to convince her to fill Joey in on her feelings. Joey tells Jessica about Aubrey. Bo wakes up in Inez's apartment and Inez tells him that they slept together. Ford, Langston and Starr worry about what James is hiding regarding Eddie. Nate stands over Eddie's body and leaves the Minuteman motel and later Brody is called to the scene. Rex wakes up alone after the car crash and gets a hold of Gigi who finds him and calls an ambulance. When Rex mutters Nora's name, Gigi is confused.moreless
  • Ep. #10834
    Ep. #10834
    Episode 103
    John proposes to Natalie and after some hesitation, she accepts his proposal but tells him that she wants to keep it a secret for right now. Matthew sees Inez and Bo kissing and heads out in a rush in his car. Inez can't go through with sleeping with a drugged Bo. At the gym, Ford and Eddie get into a fight in which Ford gets hurt. Eddie declares that he's not going anywhere. James steals Eddie's gun from his bag. Rex breaks into Eddie's room and finds Nora and frees her and they head to the police station and unfortunately, they swerve into Matthew's direction. Later, Eddie's body appears dead!moreless
  • Ep. #10833
    Ep. #10833
    Episode 102
    Natalie is surprised when John proposes. Inez drugs Bo. James manages to get his hands on Eddie's gun.
  • Ep. #10832
    Ep. #10832
    Episode 101
    Cristian gives Ford some lessons in box. Eddie issues a threat to Nora. Matthew decides to tell Bo the truth about Clint.
  • Ep. #10831
    Ep. #10831
    Episode 100
    Matthew gives Clint a shock. Kelly tells Joey that she has decided to reunite with Kevin. Nora attempts to escape from Eddie.
  • Ep. #10830
    Ep. #10830
    Episode 99
    Dorian isn't happy when she sees Ford with Aubrey. Rex has a confrontation with Natalie over the test results he found. Dorian tells Viki about seeing Charlie and Echo kissing.
  • Ep. #10829
    Ep. #10829
    Episode 98
    Rex finds Natalie's test results at Marty's place. Eddie taunts Nora. Bo is confused about the text he receives from Nora. Kelly decides to talk to Joey about her feelings. Aubrey tells Joey that she can't marry him. Charlie asks Echo to keep the fact that they kiss from Viki.
  • Ep. #10828
    Ep. #10828
    Episode 97
    Nora finds herself in an extremely dangerous situation with Eddie. Dorian witnesses Charlie and Echo sharing a kiss. Joey introduces Aubrey as his fiancee. Rex is confused about Marty's strange behavior.
  • Ep. #10827
    Ep. #10827
    Episode 96
    Marty tries to give John the DNA results as a present. Starr confronts Todd about tricking her into signing the restraining order against Marty. Later, Starr and Marty discuss the order and Marty flies off the handle blaming Starr for Cole's downfall. Nora and Viki commiserate over the women that are trying to ruin their relationships. Dorian invites Echo to brunch so she can try to get her drunk and get information out of her. Clint gives money to Eddie for his to do an errand for him. Later, Nora seems to be in trouble when a masked glove clamps over her mouth.moreless
  • Ep. #10826
    Ep. #10826
    Episode 95
    Inez agrees to seduce Bo for Clint in order to get rid of Eddie. Todd finds out about Eddie's remarks to Danielle and heads off to warn him to stay away. Bo and Nora continue to argue about Inez when Bo drops the bomb that he is not the one who cheats, bringing up Nora's past. Joey is happy to see Kelly and they makes plans to meet for lunch the following day.moreless
  • Ep. #10825
    Ep. #10825
    Episode 94
    Nora reacts strongly when Inez continues to come to Bo for help with Eddie. Clint reminds Inez to not discuss his offer to her about sleeping with Bo. Todd and James talk about Starr and James' relationship with Eddie. Danielle meets Eddie and Nate punches him when his father gets out of line. Joey leaves Aubrey at the hotel and returns to Llanfair to find Kelly waiting for him.moreless
  • Ep. #10824
    Ep. #10824
    Episode 93
    Kelly engages in a conversation with a stranger of a plane bound for Llanview and later Joey picks up the stranger, Aubrey, at the airport. Natalie and John discuss marriage after Joey brings it up to them.
  • Ep. #10823
    Ep. #10823
    Episode 92
    Joey Buchanan returns to town. Danielle tries to convince Destiny not to divorce her parents. Eddie comes to the Cramer's Thanksgiving.
  • Ep. #10822
    Ep. #10822
    Episode 91
    Matthew realizes how far Clint's deception went. Roxy evicts Echo. Echo, Rex and Charlie have lunch together.
  • Ep. #10821
    Ep. #10821
    Episode 90
    Todd has Marty barred from seeing Hope. Jessica and Brody find out about the results of the paternity test. Marty manages to get Natalie's paternity results.
  • Ep. #10820
    Ep. #10820
    Episode 89
    Viki confronts Clint about what she found out, while Echo almost tells Charlie the truth. Rex finds himself in the middle as everyone tries to find out who his father is. Langston tells Ford that she won't have sex with him. Brody tells Natalie that it is in her best intention to stop Marty. The DNA results from Jessica and Natalie arrive. Todd visits Marty to talk about Hope. Blair flirts with Ford. Gigi and Rex make love.moreless
  • Ep. #10819
    Ep. #10819
    Episode 88
    Kelly and Kevin meet up in London. Blair receives a mysterious box from John. Brody threatens to have Marty fired from her job. Clint intends to tamper with the DNA results at the lab. Viki and Dorian come to a conclusion that Clint has deceived Rex.
  • Ep. #10818
    Ep. #10818
    Episode 87
    Bo sees Nora and Inez in an argument. Clint gives Inez a necklace. Matthew sees Dorian trying to break into Clint's drawer. Rex, Clint, Charlie and Echo take the DNA test. Vivian informs Natalie that Marty stole the records, while Marty poses as Natalie on a phone call with the DNA lab. Destiny finds out how her mother died and makes plans for her future away from her parents. Todd goes to see Greg's sentencing. Marty has to decide if she wants to show Brody's psychiatric records to Jessica.moreless
  • Ep. #10817
    Ep. #10817
    Episode 86
    Kelly decides to head to London to see Joey. Marty figures out that Brody may be the father of Natalie's baby and taunts Natalie with the possibility of blowing Natalie out of the water. Bo threatens Eddie. Inez and Nora fight over Bo. Charlie tells Echo that he wants Rex to be his son. Dorian confronts Clint and surmises that Clint is Rex's father. Rex declares that he doesn't want to do the paternity test.moreless
  • Ep. #10816
    Ep. #10816
    Episode 85
    Kelly calls Joey in London and leaves a message telling him that she loves him. Langston tells Blair that she is giving Ford another shot. Eddie tells Ford that Ford will never be a one woman man. James comforts Starr in her time of need. Rex walks in as Echo announces that she is his mother and he demands to know who his father is. After Echo announces that Charlie is Rex's father, Viki questions whether it could be Clint and proposes a DNA test for all parties involved.moreless
  • Ep. #10815
    Ep. #10815
    Episode 84
    James refuses to go to bed with Starr. Langston and Ford reconnect. John refuses to listen to Marty. Kelly admits something to Rex. Echo reveals that she is Rex's mother.
  • Ep. #10814
    Ep. #10814
    Episode 83
    Todd and Téa welcome guests to their party. Marty gets proof against Natalie. Clint reveals the truth to Echo, then threatens her. Starr and James kiss.
  • Ep. #10813
    Ep. #10813
    Episode 82
    Before being transferred to Statesville, Cole says his final goodbyes. Meanwhile, Markko bids farewell too, as he heads to live in Los Angeles. Kelly and Rex decide to attend Téa's party together. Gigi punches Adriana. Layla has to make a tough choice between her personal life and career. John questions Natalie about her amniocentesis. Inez and Nate are stunned when they learn about Eddie being in town.moreless
  • Ep. #10812
    Ep. #10812
    Episode 81
    Adriana gives news to Cristian and Layla. Cole ends things with Starr, and is sentenced to 10 years in prison. Marty reveals the truth about Natalie to John. Dorian hires a trainer for Kelly.
  • Ep. #10811
    Ep. #10811
    Episode 80
    Téa, Danielle and Todd invite people to Téa's party. Dorian wants to have a meeting with the Cramer women. James and Ford want to get rid of their father's presence. Kelly admits that she has a crush on Rex. Viki breaks the news to Rex about the letters. Charlie argues with Viki over the possibility of him being Rex's father. Rex wants to know exactly how Echo knows his real parents. Nora wants Inez to invite Clint to Téa's party. Todd tries to warn Nora about Inez.moreless
  • Ep. #10810
    Ep. #10810
    Episode 79
    Marty finds an interesting piece of information to use against Natalie. Echo reveals a piece of her past. Ford and James are shocked when they learn about the return of their father.
  • Ep. #10809
    Ep. #10809
    Episode 78
    James admits to his brother that he's in love with Starr. Todd and Téa make love for the first time since their rescue.
  • Ep. #10808
    Ep. #10808
    Episode 77
    Starr tries to comfort Cole. Téa breaks down upon seeing the urn that was meant to have her ashes. Shaun and Greg discuss about Charlene.
  • Ep. #10807
    Ep. #10807
    Episode 76
    Echo tries to gather information about Rex from Roxy. Cole, Starr and James attempt to fool the police. Cristian and Gigi learn about the chance to go to Paris together.
  • Ep. #10806
    Ep. #10806
    Episode 75
    Starr, Cole and Hope have a big reunion. Marty is angry at Natalie for exposing Cole, and she gets physical. Viki and Rex confront Echo about the necklace.
  • Ep. #10805
    Ep. #10805
    Episode 74
    Charlie is frustrated when he learns that Viki won't back down on having Echo's past investigated. Clint interferes with Rex's ongoing investigation. Natalie informs Marty about the evidence gathered against her son. Téa and Todd manage to make it out alive. James comes to Starr's rescue.
  • Ep. #10804
    Ep. #10804
    Episode 73
    Marty is admitted to the police for killing Eli, while Natalie learns that it was Cole who shot him. Todd and Téa finally reunite. Ford receives a grim diagnose. Langston tells Cole that she's convinced Hannah is holding Starr and Hope hostage. Hannah forces James and Starr to dig their own graves.moreless
  • Ep. #10803
    Ep. #10803
    Episode 72
    Blair and Téa find themselves trapped in the same place as Todd and John. Todd fights to save John's life, while Bo and the rest of the policemen search for survivors after the explosion. Marty is arrested, having been covering for her son.
  • Ep. #10802
    Ep. #10802
    Episode 71
    Greg shocks everyone by admitting that he killed Destiny's mother. John stops Eli, but the explosion leaves several people in danger. Cole takes matters into his own hands by shooting Eli. Hannah reveals the truth to James.
  • Ep. #10801
    Ep. #10801
    Episode 70
    Greg's big secret finally comes out in the open. Eli faces off with various people, while Blair gets a big surprise.
  • Ep. #10800
    Ep. #10800
    Episode 69
    Destiny has a birthday party. Eli and Todd make terms for a ransom drop. Greg makes another confession to Natalie.
  • Ep. #10799
    Ep. #10799
    Episode 68
    Starr has a dream about Cole and James. Langston sees Ford with Hannah, while Ford tries to get information out of Hannah.
  • Ep. #10798
    Ep. #10798
    Episode 67
    Rex continues investigating Echo, while Echo bonds with Roxy. James is convinced that Hannah is somehow involved in Starr's disappearance.
  • Ep. #10797
    Ep. #10797
    Episode 66
    Téa and Danielle have a bittersweet reunion. Starr tries to escape from Hannah. Eli injects Greg with a mysterious substance. James shares his suspicions with Ford. Clint and his thugs visit Ford. Jessica goes through a paternity test.
  • Ep. #10796
    Ep. #10796
    Episode 65
    Téa is shocked when Eli explains just how he tricked her into believing she had cancer, and how he had Greg do his dirty business. Greg's family visits him. Hannah decides to keep Starr and Hope away from others. Danielle finds her mother.
  • Ep. #10795
    Ep. #10795
    Episode 64
    Eli tries to contact Blair. Natalie tries to find out if Téa is really alive. Hannah surprises Starr.
  • Ep. #10794
    Ep. #10794
    Episode 63
    Markko comforts Langston, and Ford sees them together. Kelly gives Rex the permission to use the resources of The Sun. Echo visits Dorian. Jessica admits the truth to her parents regarding the possible paternity of her baby. Cole wants to sue James. Hannah confesses to withholding the truth regarding Hope and Starr.moreless
  • Ep. #10793
    Ep. #10793
    Episode 62
    Marty lets it slip about Greg's visit to Natalie. Todd informs Blair about Starr and Hope being kidnapped. Téa runs into Eli, while Eli manhandles Danielle. Starr manages to escape from Eli. Marty comforts her son.
  • Ep. #10792
    Ep. #10792
    Episode 61
    Echo offers a friendship to Clint. Viki talks to Rex and Natalie regarding her suspicions of Echo. Danielle approaches her mother's room. Téa is having difficulty trusting people. Inez doesn't show up at Rodi's. Greg admits to Natalie that Téa isn't dead. Eli takes Danielle, Starr and Hope to Cherryvale. Todd and John find Hope's babysitter dead.moreless
  • Ep. #10791
    Ep. #10791
    Episode 60
    Greg finally awakes in the ICU, and is only able to tell one word. Danielle doesn't believe Todd when he tells her that Eli shot Ross. Viki learns that Echo came to Llanview in search for a job at The Banner. Danielle finds herself in harms way. John tells Todd that he trusts him.moreless
  • Ep. #10790
    Ep. #10790
    Episode 59
    Inez gives Ford some good news. John questions Nate about Danielle's whereabouts. Charlie warns Echo that he won't let her interfere in his marriage. Eli, Ross and Todd fight for survival as they battle. Starr comes across Eli after he runs away.
  • Ep. #10789
    Ep. #10789
    Episode 58
    Ford thinks about confessing James' secret to Brody. Cole calls it quits with Starr. Natalie finds James' necklace. Ross and Eli fight, and one brother ends up getting shot. Marty is convinced Brody is hiding something. Several people learn that Eli is alive. Hannah and Cole get closer.
  • Ep. #10788
    Ep. #10788
    Episode 57
    Cole learns that Starr is working with James. James confesses to Ford that he's helping hide Danielle from Ross. Jessica is faced with a health difficulty. John informs Greg's mother about his deal with Eli. Todd learns that Eli is alive. Ross locates his brother. Brody tries to find out more about Danielle's disappearance.moreless
  • Ep. #10787
    Ep. #10787
    Episode 56
    Viki finds herself being suspicious after Echo's return to Llanview. Ross wants to take Danielle back to Tahiti, only to find her gone. Todd claims Téa told him, and Blair wonders if it's just a fantasy. Darren comforts Destiny. John finds Greg with a fatal wound after his struggle with Eli.moreless
  • Ep. #10786
    Ep. #10786
    Episode 55
    Todd asks Viki to help him out. Charlie is surprised when a woman from his past comes to visit - and it's Echo DiSavoy! Natalie and John become suspicious of Greg due to his recent behavior.
  • Ep. #10785
    Ep. #10785
    Episode 54
    James wants Ford to get a job at the country club. Starr confides in Langston about her problems with Cole. Danielle's custody trial reaches a conclusion.
  • Ep. #10784
    Ep. #10784
    Episode 53
    Destiny wants to know who Danielle wants to live with. Todd is angry at Greg for testifying in court that Téa wanted Ross to have the custody of Danielle. Natalie and Clint talk about her relationship with John. Rex lies to Bo. Bo is suspicious of Clint's actions regarding James. Inez lets Nora know that Clint gave the grant to James. Rex and Natalie feel guilty about lying.moreless
  • Ep. #10783
    Ep. #10783
    Episode 52
    Nate goes to James asking for help. Cole tells Starr that Hannah is now living with his mother. Brody tells Jessica that he is still having great difficulty dealing with the possibility that her baby isn't his. Natalie is asked to be Jessica's maid of honor. Todd wants Greg to testify that Téa's wish was for Danielle to remain with him, but Greg decides to go the other way by saying that she wanted Ross to raise Dani.moreless
  • Ep. #10782
    Ep. #10782
    Episode 51
    Old lovers Markko and Langston reconnect after not seeing each other for a few months. Langston learns about Markko's father undergoing surgery. Danielle is convinced that Todd wants to run away with her. Marty advises Cole to give Hannah some space. Ford doesn't want James to learn what happened that made him lose his job. Starr confides in her mother regarding her feelings for James.moreless
  • Ep. #10781
    Ep. #10781
    Episode 50
    Langston and Markko accidentally meet after not seeing each other for weeks. Clint helps out James with his college problems. Destiny confronts Greg. Téa wonders about Todd and Danielle.
  • Ep. #10780
    Ep. #10780
    Episode 49
    Gigi is worried when her college grant doesn't come through. Inez agrees to go out with Clint. Langston confides in Dorian about her boyfriend troubles.
  • Ep. #10779
    Ep. #10779
    Episode 48
    Matthew catches Rex as he's browsing through Clint's files. Marty takes the stand in court. Gigi confronts Kelly about her interest in her boyfriend.
  • Ep. #10778
    Ep. #10778
    Episode 47
    Blair, Todd and Ross take the stand in court, as Danielle and Destiny eavesdrop. James and Starr share a kiss at the park. Langston is worried about what she did to Ford. Gigi gets the grant from Llanview U. Rex snoops through Clint's files.
  • Ep. #10777
    Ep. #10777
    Episode 46
    Starr tries to encourage James. Natalie and John are suspicious of Ross' actions. Danielle and Destiny find a way to sneak into the courtroom for the revealing of the contents of Téa's will. Ford feels the consequences of Langston's actions. Greg is filled with guilt over not being able to tell people that Téa is still alive.moreless
  • Ep. #10776
    Ep. #10776
    Episode 45
    The Dean of Llanview university ends up having incriminating photos of Ford and Langston in her hands, and Langston is the behind it. James tells Starr about Langston and Ford reuniting. Natalie and John learn news about Eli. Danielle confides in Nate. Todd's threat to Ross is recorded.
  • Ep. #10775
    Ep. #10775
    Episode 44
    John orders a cop to start following Ross. Brody and Jessica make plans for the future together. Natalie informs John about the DNA results. James tries to reassure Cole. Gigi is suspicious of the fact that Kelly is hanging around Rex so much. Langston wants Ford to prove that he is a changed man.moreless
  • Ep. #10774
    Ep. #10774
    Episode 43
    Nora and Bo manage to upset Dorian, who then goes crazy on Kelly. Clint and Inez are joined by Bo and Nora. John confronts Ross. Blair wants her wish fulfilled. Eli tells Greg more about his plan to have plastic surgery to make himself look like his brother. Todd is convinced that Ross and Eli were behind creating Téa's will. Natalie and John try to find more evidence.moreless
  • Ep. #10773
    Ep. #10773
    Episode 42
    Todd wants answers from Ross regarding his brother's plans. Téa's will reveals that Ross is Danielle's legal guardian. Kelly wants to hire Rex to help out her mother. Clint and Inez discuss about the Buchanans, and the subject of Nora comes up. Cristian agrees to try and do the long distance relationship with Layla. Kelly drags Dorian to a meeting with Nora and Bo. Greg diagnoses Eli's condition as a subdural hematoma. Gigi decides to take Cristian's art class.moreless
  • Ep. #10772
    Ep. #10772
    Episode 41
    Cristian is determined to get married as soon as possible. John is troubled by Eli even after his death. Danielle shows Todd the cryptic message she receives. Greg is flabbergasted at learning that Eli is still alive. Dr. Wright questions Destiny and Darren about sex. Jessica is worried that Brody is done with her for good.moreless
  • Ep. #10771
    Ep. #10771
    Episode 40
    Todd tells Danielle that he lied to her about Ross. Cole demands that James leaves Starr alone. Greg is shocked at what he learns.
  • Ep. #10770
    Ep. #10770
    Episode 39
    Natalie learns that Brody might not be the father of Jessica's baby. Greg receives a suspicious message. Nate and Matthew fight for Danielle's attention. Brody confronts Ford, and Langston is disgusted by Ford's actions.
  • Ep. #10769
    Ep. #10769
    Episode 38
    Natalie is about to tell John the truth about her baby when Marty interrupts. John fills Marty in on the whole Eli ordeal. Greg is about to tell Todd about his role in Tea's illness, but gets a text message telling him not to say another word. Later, Todd asks Marty for help in dealing with the loss of Tea. Langston is surprised that Ford has decided not to teach her class so he can pursue her. Jessica tells Brody the truth about her and Ford. Brody heads straight to the university and punches Ford.moreless
  • Ep. #10768
    Ep. #10768
    Episode 37
    Blair returns home and fills Kelly in on the truth about why Eli killed Melinda. Later, Kelly prepares to spread her mother's ashes and shares a warm moment with Rex. Rex helps Gigi prepare to start college. Todd informs Jack and Dani about Eli's death. Greg finds out about Eli's death and heads straight over to Todd's. Natalie is plagued by her guilt and wonders if she should tell John the truth. Jessica and Brody see the sonogram of their baby and seeing Brody so excited about it, Jessica has to confess the truth to him.moreless
  • Ep. #10767
    Ep. #10767
    Episode 36
    Starr tells her father that she intends to plan a memorial service for Téa. Kelly and Rex bond as friends. Natalie is worried that John might realize her baby might not be his.
  • Ep. #10766
    Ep. #10766
    Episode 35
    A fire erupts in Tahiti. John tries to find Blair and Eli. Viki learns Jessica at the hospital, where Jessica is less than honest.
  • Ep. #10765
    Ep. #10765
    Episode 34
    Starr learns that her mother is in serious danger. Marty visits Hannah. Eli and Blair struggle to beat each other.
  • Ep. #10764
    Ep. #10764
    Episode 33
    Blair faces Eli with a gun. Starr and Langston learn that Ford will be their new teacher. James and Ford work on their brotherly relationship.
  • Ep. #10763
    Ep. #10763
    Episode 32
    Kelly, John and Rex learn that Ross is still alive. Back in Tahiti, Blair marries Eli but then hears interesting news from Kelly when she answers a phone belonging to Ross. Blair confronts Eli about being married before while Ross is arrested after telling the police that he is Eli. Clint taunts Dorian about David leaving her. Destiny warns Matthew about becoming an evil Buchanan. Cristian and Layla surprise each other with heartfelt gifts and Layla is offered a job in Paris.moreless
  • Ep. #10762
    Ep. #10762
    Episode 31
    Blair finds a gun in Tahiti and Eli plays it off that the gun belongs to Ross. Ross arrives and is devastated to learn about Téa's fatal illness. Ross convinves Blair and Eli to go through with their wedding. Todd and Dani arrive in St. Kitts to hear from Greg that Tea died the previous night.moreless
  • Ep. #10761
    Ep. #10761
    Episode 30
    Jessica digs into Ford's medical history to make sure her baby will be born healthy. John informs Marty about Natalie being pregnant. Starr and Langston discuss James. Cole pays Hannah a visit. David finds out that Clint is the one who had him imprisoned in Morocco.
  • Ep. #10760
    Ep. #10760
    Episode 29
    David finds himself experiencing deja vu. John tells Ford and Kelly that Eli managed to escape. Shaun decides to bring Téa to Danielle and Todd.
  • Ep. #10759
    Ep. #10759
    Episode 28
    Shaun is kidnapped. David and Dorian's wedding comes to a halt. Brody and John are worried about Blair's life.
  • Ep. #10758
    Ep. #10758
    Episode 27
    Shaun reminds Danielle that her mother doesn't want to be found. Kelly wants Ford's help against Eli, while John gets an arrest warrant for him. Blair decides to leave with Eli. Cole wants James far away from Starr.
  • Ep. #10757
    Ep. #10757
    Episode 26
    Blair convinces Danielle to go to the double wedding. Once Danielle arrives at the country club, she confronts Shaun about why he won't tell her where her mother is. Inez unknowlingly leads Ford to Eli and Ford recants his statement about Eli. John arrests Kelly in front of Eli to throw Eli off of their trail. Nora, Bo and John rush to gather evidence against Eli. Eli comes to Blair and mentions that their plans are changing.moreless
  • Ep. #10756
    Ep. #10756
    Episode 25
    Ford fills John in his past with Eli and Kelly wants justice. Inez wants Eli to help out Ford, unaware of their involvement with each other. Dorian and Blair don't like the fact that James is trying to date Langston. Bo asks David to be his best man. David puts doubts in Nora's ear about Bo having Inez as his assistant. Cole tries to defend Hannah in front of Starr.moreless
  • Ep. #10755
    Ep. #10755
    Episode 24
    Dorian and David decide to have a double wedding with Blair and Eli. Brody walks in on Jessica making an interesting phone call.
  • Ep. #10754
    Ep. #10754
    Episode 23
    Téa confides in Greg. Todd decides that he has to find Tea before she passes. Starr is frustrated over Langston deciding to go out with James. John questions Ford after hearing Hannah's story about what really happened with Eli and Ford. David and Dorian finally declare their love for each other and he shocks her by asking her to marry him.moreless
  • Ep. #10753
    Ep. #10753
    Episode 22
    An argument between Dorian and David leads to something more. Hannah admits to John that she fears nobody trusts her. Greg informs Eli that his plan regarding Téa is going as they hoped, while Danielle and Todd have to adjust to a life without Téa. Jessica wants to find out if she had sex with Ford, and Ford learns about Jessica's pregnancy. Viki tells Natalie that she's happy about her pregnancy.moreless
  • Ep. #10752
    Ep. #10752
    Episode 21
    James asks Langston out on a date. John confronts Eli about his involvement in Hannah's attempt to commit suicide. Eli reminds Hannah of what is at stake if she talks too much.
  • Ep. #10751
    Ep. #10751
    Episode 20
    Todd is having difficulty dealing with what happened to Téa. Starr asks Langston for advice on how to handle her attraction to James.
  • Ep. #10750
    Ep. #10750
    Episode 19
    Natalie and Brody discuss the pregnancy. Todd and Danielle bid farewell to a dying Téa. Charlie and Viki return home after their vacation. Eli destroys the file containing info on Bennett Thompson. Kelly finds herself in a very dangerous situation.
  • Ep. #10749
    Ep. #10749
    Episode 18
    Natalie informs Brody about her pregnancy. Inez reveals to Nate that Ford and James are his brothers. Blair accepts Téa's idea to have her as Danielle's guardian. Eli has the Bennett Thompson file. Layla rushes her boyfriend to the hospital.
  • Ep. #10748
    Ep. #10748
    Episode 17
    Eli attacks Cristian. James is convinced he has something special going on with Starr. Téa informs Danielle and Todd about having only a few weeks left to live.
  • Ep. #10747
    Ep. #10747
    Episode 16
    Téa's health continues taking a turn for the worse. Inez is hired as Bo's assistant. Layla doesn't know that the key to Eli's demise is in her hands.
  • Ep. #10746
    Ep. #10746
    Episode 15
    Cole finds Hannah unconscious and the doctors pull her through her "suidcide" attempt. David and Dorian continue to try to make each other jealous. Langston fills Starr in on Ford's STD scare. Eli threatens Ford again. Kelly fills Blair in on the investigation of Eli and Blair accuses Kelly of being jealous of her relationship. Natalie tells John that she is pregnant.moreless
  • Ep. #10745
    Ep. #10745
    Episode 14
    Cole is worried about something happening to Hannah. Eli leaves Hannah for dead. John talks to Brody about Eli being a suspect. David and Dorian continue playing games. Téa starts hallucinating.
  • Ep. #10744
    Ep. #10744
    Episode 13
    Natalie doesn't know what to do in her situation. Jack tries to warn his mother about Eli. John shares his suspicions regarding Eli with Blair. Eli forces Hannah to swallow the pills. Starr informs Cole about Téa's critical condition. Téa decides not to go through with her wedding to Todd.
  • Ep. #10743
    Ep. #10743
    Episode 12
    Kelly wants to know who John thinks Bennett Thompson really is, but John won't go into it until Kelly realizes herself that John suspects Eli. Jack asks Todd to stop Blair from marrying Eli, but Todd won't get involved. Jack makes a plea to his mother not to marry Eli. Clint gets the longer end of the deal when he agrees to fake being Dorian's boyfriend in front of David. Hannah begs Ford to help her beat Eli at his own game. Eli shows up and threatens to kill Hannah. Ford tries to tell Cole about Eli, but backs out at the last minute.moreless
  • Ep. #10742
    Ep. #10742
    Episode 11
    Kelly fills John in on what happened Boston, and her description leads John to think of Eli as a suspect. Jessica informs her family about her pregnancy, while Natalie continues claiming she's just feeling sick. Clint wants David to reveal where Kim is. Dorian and David continue playing over MyFace, both claiming that they found someone new. Dorian uses Clint's presence by saying that he is her new man. Brody gets down on one knee and proposes to Jessica, and she happily accepts. John tries to get Natalie to open up to him, but she won't say anything. She tells Kelly that she needs to have an abortion. Eli threatens to kill Cole if Hannah ever tries to contact someone again. Ford opens up to Langston, and later learns that his STD test came back negative. Eli tries to get Blair to marry him as soon as possible. Ford goes to visit Hannah. Inez confides in Bo about her family problems.moreless
  • Ep. #10741
    Ep. #10741
    Episode 10
    Nate makes an apology to Bo for the things he had done in the past, and Bo offers to help him out. Inez tries to make amends with Ford, but he doesn't trust any word she says. On her way back home, Bo pulls over Inez. Todd has a change of heart during Cole's hearing - he decides to go easy on him. Rex's investigation leads to a dead end. Hannah attempts to make contact with Cole but Eli intervenes with another threat.moreless
  • Ep. #10740
    Ep. #10740
    Episode 9
    Eli manages to trick Blair into thinking he was in New York buying her an engagement ring. Téa and Todd enjoy traveling through New York with Danielle and Nate. Cole tells Starr that he almost ended up between the sheets with Hannah. Kelly and Rex find a file left for them. Hannah dreams of Cole visiting her at the mental institution.moreless
  • Ep. #10739
    Ep. #10739
    Episode 8
    Eli tries to put Rex on a wrong lead while investigating Kelly's case. Blair is forced to intervene between Dorian and David. Blair plans to surprise her fiance. Natalie is at a blank as to what to do with her pregnancy, and Gigi warns her not to make any rash decisions. Blair plans to surprise Eli. Cristian, Layla and Lisa decide to honor Evangeline's wish to pull the plug on her life, and watch as she passes away.moreless
  • Ep. #10738
    Ep. #10738
    Episode 7
    Dorian tries to have her revenge on Charlie over the net, but Kelly wants her to confront her feelings for David. David interrupts a date between Destiny and Darren and begins talking about his feelings. Natalie is just about to tell John that she slept with Brody when Jessica reveals that she's carrying Brody's child. Brody celebrates while Natalie decides to keep her pregnancy a secret, and she has a tough time listening to baby talk. Rex finds himself getting drugged. Eli refuses to help Lisa resolve the situation with Evangeline's living will. Layla realizes that it will be a tough battle to end her sister's life. Lisa surprises her by saying that she's ready to give up her daughter.moreless
  • Ep. #10737
    Ep. #10737
    Episode 6
    Kelly promises to help Jessica find out if her child is Ford's. Nate is confused when Inez seems to be taking James' and Ford's side in the entire ordeal. Inez pays James a visit and tries to apologize for being a rotten mother. Jessica overhears Kelly telling Ford about Jessica having Hepatitis C and Ford having to get tested. She realizes this is a perfect way to find out if Ford is the father of Jessica's baby. Danielle refuses to deal with the fact that there is no cure for her mother's illness. Greg urges her to go spend more time with Téa. Natalie confides in Gigi about John possibly not being the father of her baby. Brody and John bond as friends.moreless
  • Ep. #10736
    Ep. #10736
    Episode 5
    Téa and Todd break the news to Danielle about their upcoming wedding. Jessica is worried that her baby might be Ford's, and Natalie worries that hers might be Brody's. Both sisters lie to each other regarding their prognosis. Danielle is angry when Greg tells her there is no cure for Téa's illness. Viki and Charlie decide to leave for a vacation. Jessica confides in Kelly about her child possibly not being Brody's. Eli is worried when John continues trying to find Bennett Thompson. Gigi learns that she has been accepted into Llanview University.moreless
  • Ep. #10735
    Ep. #10735
    Episode 4
    Natalie and Jessica are shocked when the reason for their sickness is revealed as pregnancy. Viki and Charlie admit to David and Dorian that they faked being romantically interested in them. Langston and Starr reconnect as friends. Layla is faced with a tough decision regarding her sister's life. Lisa tells Layla that she won't allow her to kill her sister, but Cristian thinks it's the right thing to do. Eli is nervous when he finds out Kelly is determined to find her mother's murderer, Bennett Thompson. He receives a call from Lisa trying to find Bennett.moreless
  • Ep. #10734
    Ep. #10734
    Episode 3
    Langston decides to stay out of Dorian's business when she sees her kissing Charlie. Dorian finds David and Viki in bed together. Charlie tells Viki that their plan might not be getting along as they hoped. Lisa gets rid of Evangeline's living will. Starr promises to Cole that won't go see James again. Langston listens as Cole and Starr attempt to convince Markko that Langston will always love him and that he needs to stay in Llanview. Natalie and Jessica are still confused about their sudden health problems.moreless
  • Ep. #10733
    Ep. #10733
    Episode 2
    David is extremely confused when Viki continues putting the moves on him. She claims she doesn't like Charlie anymore and that she's tired of his flirting with Dorian. Layla is at odds with her mother over what to do regarding Evangeline's state. Eli is furious when he finds out that Ross isn't dead. Cole learns that Starr went to see James. Inez is revealed to be Ford's and James' mother.moreless
  • Ep. #10732
    Ep. #10732
    Episode 1
    Viki and Charlie continue working on their plan to connect David and Dorian. Téa accepts Todd's marriage proposal, but Todd refuses to do a double wedding with Blair and Eli. Ford and James mention the mother that abandoned them when they were little. Markko departs to UCLA as he shares one last kiss with Langston. Destiny makes Matthew promise to be nice to Nate and Danielle, or she'll reveal what he did to them. Rex works on Kelly's case.moreless